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Issue 33 April 2014





Marlene Cobb


The Harsh Realities of Earth Existence

Marilyn Dyke


Overnighter - a Lai poem

Margie Kivel


Power of Choice

Gwen Randall-Young


Are You Ready to Dive In?

Linda Adsetts


5 Signs You' re on the Fence

Jennifer Hoffman


Star in Your Own Life Story

Lisa Schell



Margie Kivel



Gail Siler PhD



Vera Enshaw


A Journey Through the Elder Futhark - Ostara - Goddess of Spring

Phil Nielsen


Sometimes Questions are More Important than Answers

Brian Thompson


Monthly Astro Tid-Bit - April 2014



Crystal Forecast - April 2014



Earth Crystals - Crystals for Aries

Phil Nielsen


Health Benefits of Pineapple



Essential Oil - For the Pain of it All

Vera Enshaw


Rune of the Month - Wunjo

Phil Nielsen


Power Animal - Hedgehog

Michelle Hayes


Health Benefits of Asparagus



Oracle Cards

Marlene Cobb


Channel -New Beginning Blossom

Michelle Hayes


Angel Message for April 2014

Marlene Cobb

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start planting

the seeds of the

dreams and plans you

germinated and


during the

winter months



April showers bring May flowers! This quote comes to me as I sit down to write this welcome. It is like I am back to my elementary school days. I can recall making daffodils using egg cartons, pipe cleaners and construction paper. The completed daffodils were stapled to a board with the above quote in big letters, raindrops sprinkled the flowers (also made from construction paper in various blues), and grass below (tissue paper was used for this) finished off the diorama. I am not sure that my education was accurate, given I lived in the Okanagan, and daffodils were probably finished blooming long before the end of April. Funny how certain things stick with me from my school days and how I apply them in life. I am not talking math, reading, science or history here. April showers‌ spring cleaning‌ what is it about crisp fresh air that has me opening all the windows for a good airing out? I also do a good cleaning, never mind I just did a thorough cleaning in December in preparation for the holidays, and to bring in the New Year right. No matter, the time has come to reduce, reuse or recycle clothing from last year; will my favorite flip flops make it another year? May flowers? Given where I live, the flowers have been gracing us with their presence since February. I have been enjoying them in all their glory, as each presents its face to the world. April is the month when I clean up my balcony and prep it so it is ready to receive the flowers I will bring home this year to enjoy. Before the end of April my balcony will have the beginning blooms of what promises (and this is predicated on me watering them regularly) to be a colorful spring and summer. April, the month my flip flops come out, my toes get pampered with bright colors, and I breathe in the new! It is the month to start planting the seeds of all the dreams and plans I nurtured during the winter months. What fruit will they bear in the coming months as I start a new cycle towards winter? How much fun can I have from now until the end of December 2014? What can I achieve? April showers may bring May flowers, but I feel April brings us the first month of a new adventure! One that if we take a few moments, to plant the seeds we germinated during the past winter, will see us enjoying the birth, then growth and harvest in the coming months!

April‌ what seeds are you planting and nurturing?

Blessings for bumper crop Marlene


Marlene Cobb

This month I am delving into a topic that is rather a slippery slope. It is so prevalent in our society today that I am not sure if I should even concern myself with it or not. Yet I am, because it does not serve us to be judged or to judge. In life each day we are judged by what we wear, how we look – too skinny – too fat- too tall – too short- too old – too young, what we do for a living, what we drive, how we spend our time, how we spend our money. We are judged by family, friends and strangers. We judge ourselves! It is like judging is the new cool! Throwing our opinions into the ring, seeing who can toss the farthest, be heard the loudest, and get the most laughs. From a societal aspect, we use what we are taught, and some of our traits are built in at an early age, or we adapt to how life is treating us and it becomes a habit. Case in point if you are always being criticized, you probably have learned the adage, cut down before being cut down. It has become a vicious circle, and the only way to stop it is to start with ourselves, by being aware of when we are judging and looking at it as a red flag. A red flag to look within ourselves and determine what mirror is reflecting those thoughts back at us. All judging serves to do is keep us in separation, us against them.


We judge others for the same things we are being judged for. Oh, we try to hide it behind discernment or observation, yet the simple truth is, when we put our own projections behind a simple observation, it becomes a judgment. Typically, observation looks like, “he has long hair”; judgment looks like, “he needs a haircut”. Judgment is what we add to our observations, when we make comparisons between how things or people are, to how we think they ought to be. HOW WE think they ought to be is the key factor. Being on the receiving end of judgment brings forth many emotions and questions. Typically, the tone of the person is condescending, they are almost angry at you for doing the action or having the thought. Sometimes the tone is an “I told you so” tone. Depending on what is being judged, we feel anger, hurt, unworthy. This either has us freezing up or lashing back in defense. Once the emotion settles down we start questioning our thoughts, beliefs, or actions. We all are guilty of judging something or someone, yet we dislike being judged or criticized. If the judgment is in fact truth and we can own it (awareness that it is true), it becomes a tool for shifting that aspect of self and growth. It is really hard to accept judgment or criticism graciously, yet, when we can open up to accepting and acknowledging our own truths, it makes it easier. All judgment boils down to our own insecurities. When we judge ourselves, we are doing it from a place of projection of what we think others will think of us. When we judge others, it is from a place of projecting what we think onto others. How assured are we with ourselves? How comfortable are we in our own skin? How happy are we? In a perfect world all of us could go about living our lives exactly as we wanted and others would not get involved in our business. Live and let live, besides who am I to judge why another person does what they do. If (and we do) critique ourselves all the time, is that not enough? Too often in life we are bombarded with what we should or should not like, do, or be. Take the person who we observed to have long hair. Observations are a good thing, they get us engaged with what is going on around us and lead us to seek answers for why something is as it is. I knew of a person who for no medical, or psychological reason lost their hair. Pretty much they had hair one day then were totally bald within a matter of days. This person was bald for 6 years, faced all kinds of comments and judgments about why they went bald. Miraculously their hair grew back! They did not cut their hair for 5 years, just let it grow. The trauma behind losing their hair was so strong they were afraid to get anywhere near scissors. Hence, they

were then judged for having hair that was too long, straggly looking and un-kept, with many comments of “you need a haircut”, “get a haircut” and because we are such a gentle society, there were names (hippy, freak, and bum) attached to those statements. If for one moment, the people slinging the judgments around had stopped and thought what it would feel like if they were in that person’s shoes, or asked the simple question “is there a reason for growing your hair long?”, compassion would have prevailed. With that compassion they might have been able to support and help this person. Too often we act first and learn later. If we were to slow down and learn first, then act, there would be less judging going on. Next time you start to pass judgment (red flags are feeling angry, frustrated, dismissive, complaining or gossiping about someone or something) stop for a moment and ask yourself a few questions. Why am I judging? Do I understand the situation? Can I find out more about what they are going through? Am I being self-centered? Can I put myself in their shoes for a moment? Are my expectations unrealistic? Do I feel superior? Have I been in a situation similar to this? Am I being closed off to learning something new? Once you have asked those questions ask yourself; how can I help? What does this person need? Often all they need is someone to listen to them, a friend, someone who accepts them for who they are. Maybe they would like some advice or a hug. If you are judging you cannot help them. In a world that speaks of unity and peace, judging keeps us separate. I personally try to own my statements, and when I catch myself judging, try to see it from the other person’s perspective. It is not an easy road to travel, it takes diligence on my part, and frankly some days, judging gets the better of me. I do know that I am happier for taking the road less travelled. There is more to see on this road, for it is not clogged, my fellow travel mates are acceptance, curiosity and empathy. Oh sure, there are times when I don’t agree with something or it does not resonate with me. Through allowing differences, I grow and learn beyond my small spectrum. Peace on earth begins with each of us. Let’s start to kick judgment to the curb and see how far we can go. Remember observation is our best companion and lets us know what is. Judgment is when we embellish observation with our own agendas.

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Serafina Christine



Marilyn Dyke


This client came into a life as a young (18) male on a battlefield in France. Everyone dying around him, he was very scared and didn’t want to be there, didn’t understand. He and his brother lived in on a farm in England. They both signed up together to fight in the war (WW1) They didn’t really understand what they were doing, but felt it was the right thing to do and he was going to do his part, “We’re all in it together.” Realizing we were probably at the day of the soldier’s death I asked the client to go back a couple of years before this but they went back to another life as a male elder in a village. It’s very dry and he goes on a journey to find land with more water for his village to move to. He is unsuccessful and dies with some of the others in the village as others have gone to look now. After the elder’s death the client finds themselves on what they called their home planet looking up at the stars. They know they’re supposed to be going somewhere- to earth to help. At first they describe themselves as a furry humanoid type person. There are male and female beings on the planet, the client is male. He’s wearing black shoes, fur clothes to keep them warm. They don’t need to eat anything on this planet though, they live by energy that they absorb. They are explorers of the universe, they watch other planets and see many things. The client tells me that this time they’re going to earth “Where there are people that are supposed to be like us but they have these body things.” Do you have physical bodies I ask? “No we just are, we see each other, we are separate, but together.” Then the client realizes they are practicing for their earth trip by wearing the furs to get used to being contained in something small. To travel to earth they don’t need anything they “just go” Is it instant? “No we just get there and then we’re supposed to travel around and not interfere and if we can we are to help out and to teach them. Earth is very beautiful to them, but it’s a weird place. Why? I ask. “They’re separate, they don’t know what each other is thinking, it’s weird (client shudders). Are any of the earth people aware of you? “Some, but the others think they’re weird. Supposedly we can help them.” Suddenly the client sees something that is appalling to them and they’re shuddering again. “Oh! There’s killing ewe! It’s so negative!”

What are you going to do, I ask? “I’m going to become a baby, I have to help them…. What?? I can’t feel anything? I can’t feel anything, I must be in, I’m a baby, it’s so weird.” Are you in the womb or are you born? “In the womb. I’m starting to feel the body. It’s so small.” What happens when the baby is born? “I have to learn I can’t fly anymore, I can’t seem to do anything.” Did you know it would be like this? “No, nobody knew (suddenly realizes they are alone) …where is everybody else?? There’s nobody here. This is weird.” Did anybody tell you what it would be like before you incarnated? “No.”

How do you feel? “It’s cold, I can’t feel anybody. I can’t feel energy, I’m stuck. Before we could all feel each other.” Had you made plans to all incarnate near each other? “No, we didn’t think.” Was anyone helping you with this project? “We were all on our own.” You just thought this would be a good idea? “Well the master said to go.” Who is the master? “You don’t know the master?” No. “He’s part of everything.” Is the master on a different level than you? “Yes, we all come from the master.” Is this source or another being? “Another being next to source.” Does this being live on your planet where you came from? “We don’t really have planets we go from place to place.” Does this master being go from place to place with you? “ Well he’s everywhere.” So the master told you to come to earth? “Well they wanted to know if we would come.” You weren’t given any idea of what the situation would be? “We never asked.” What is your job in this life? “To help raise vibration.” How are you going to do that? “By being examples. We have to live this life. To help others raise their vibration. But it’s hard because others don’t understand, they think you’re crazy.”

As you age in this body what do you do? “I loose touch, I’m suppose to help but I don’t’ know how. There’s no power, you can’t just put your hands on somebody and heal, we’re separate.” So how do you make people better? “I Wanted to but didn’t know how.” What sort of work did you do? “Work? I want to touch people to make them better. Everyone just wants to kill and have power.” I asked the client to go to the last day of this life (as the baby) and it’s the life in the trenches of World War One. “ I’m in the trenches, everyone killing each other all around, why are we here, I just don’t know. Continued on next page 11

Marilyn Dyke Oh, my hand is gone.” What happened? “I don’t know it got blown off, I’m bleeding everywhere. I’m fading.” The Higher Consciousness later said they died from loss of blood. What did you learn in that life? “We were supposed to help them but we became like them there was no difference. It was pointless. I don’t know, why did we come?” Are you disappointed? “Yes, I don’t understand, we were supposed to help them but we couldn’t do anything and then became caught up in it.” The purpose in that life was to help earth beings. Did you make a difference even a small one? “No.” They were there to set an example and they came in with no understanding or preparation for the job they thought they could do in one short lifetime. Just being and holding that energy was really all that was asked of them in the soldier’s life. When I asked the Higher Consciousness why the client was shown this life it said it was because the client needs to know life is never pointless, just enjoy life and feel it and be happy. This client just has to be and they will know what to do. Then I asked, is the client one of the first wave of volunteers? “ Yes but much earlier.” Was that the first wave then, around 19 00? “ Yes 19 00 - 19 10 about there.”

“The key to

growth is the introduction of

higher dimensions of

consciousness into our

awareness.” Lao Tzu

As you can see these Volunteers have been coming to help earth for a very long time. It’s hard to fathom the incredible disappointment, awe, and revulsion that is felt by these souls when they arrive. Some volunteers have had several lives on earth and you would hope they remember and understand earth life after an experience or two, but more often than not the memories become dim or are erased once they incarnate. Often all they know is that they simply want to help. If you think you’re a volunteer and you’re feeling the disappointment, shock and the longing for “home” please look at the bigger picture over time and know how much has changed even in the last 10 - 20 years. You truly have made an incredible difference, and you are helping in ways you can’t begin to imagine while here.

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Margie Kivel

a Lai poem Was time on her side when she sat astride the moon on its awkward glide, while towing the tide too soon? Twas easy to chide, from the other side, her swoon. She stayed with her dream – impossible scheme come true. Appearances deem she parlayed the dream and grew a bright stream of bream to swim the moonbeam gone blue. Margie Kivel


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb Š


Help Send Rev. Hope to “Heal the Waters"

In honor of earth day, I felt it would be nice to support one of our authors, Rev. Hope. Water is an important part of our daily life, without it our world and life would end. “The Daughters of Mu Kauai retreat 2014 will initiate the healing energies necessary for healing the waters of the world. It is my honor to be included in this sacred ceremony, and I humbly turn to my community for help in funding this life changing experience. In Gratitude ~Rev. Hope” By supporting Hope in manifesting this journey, all of us will be present energetically and be participating on a small energetic level. Here are a few ways we can each be a part of this sacred ceremony. Donate the price of a cup of coffee, purchase a raffle ticket from her site (draws happen each Sunday and tickets are $ 1.00 each), Hope is also selling crystals and jewelry with all proceeds going towards her trip (you get a new treasure, Hope gets funding.) Get a reading from Hope (they are marvelous, I have had one and can vouch for them!) Hope uses Skype so no matter where in the world you are this is a great option. Together we can make a difference! Please join me this Earth Day in making a donation, towards making a difference!


Gwen Randall-Young

We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.

~ Thomas Merton~


We create our lives through choice. Even if we have not chosen a particular event or outcome, we do choose the way we respond. If life is a canvas, choice is our paintbrush. True, our choices may be colored by past conditioning or present beliefs. They may be influenced by expectations or reactions of others. However, allowing those influences is a choice in itself. One might argue that some of those influences are unconscious, but becoming conscious is also a choice. We have this one lifetime as the person we are, and what we create for ourselves as we journey through it is up to us.

Certain characteristics of our life and circumstances are part of the raw materials we have to work with. Our intelligence, aptitudes, the physical and emotional environment in which we are raised may help or hinder us. Once we reach adulthood, it is really our own choice as to how we interpret our background and circumstances. We may see these as a crutch, a springboard, or an excuse. Regardless of what may have happened in the past, we are both responsible and accountable for our future. We are making choices every day, big ones and small ones, and they are the seeds of our future. Choosing to honor one’s soul, to know oneself, and being true to that self, will create a different life than remaining unconscious, living to please or impress others, or remaining in the same unappealing job, relationship or geographical area just because it seems easier.

we seem to be getting and inner push to move that way, then we can assume we are being given some guidance. This is not to say that following that guidance will lead to the results we desire, but rather it may lead to the results we need. The journey of life is much more interesting when we co-create with the universe. It is like a dance: sometimes we lead, and other times we allow the universe to lead. The inner urgings indicate the universe is trying to lead. If we stubbornly insist on leading we may miss out on something delightful just up ahead. This is why choice is so important. This is also why conscious choice is critical. We must be conscious of what our choices are creating for us. We must also be conscious of what we may be denying ourselves if we choose to ignore our intuitive voice. Developing the ability to tune into that intuitive guidance is something we all can do. We get intuitive messages all day long. It is like the print message that runs at the bottom of the television screen during a program. We can either read it, or ignore it, but the message still keeps running. Our intuitive messages are like signposts along the roadway. They give us ideas, options and truths. It is up to us to notice them. We have the choice to follow them, or not. That is what makes our lives either an endless, boring highway, or a creative adventure. It is our choice.

One way to ascertain where we may be neglecting our power of choice is to look at any areas of life we seem to complain about. Another way is to look at what we wish for, or dream about. If we have not created the life we want, it may be time to make some choices. Of course, it is not always easy to make those choices. Fear of change is common. People may not like their present circumstances, but fear that if they make the change, they might somehow end up with something worse. They also struggle over whether they are making the right choice. This suggests they may not trust themselves or the universe. A trustworthy guide, or compass, is our intuition. If we feel drawn in a certain direction, and

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit


Linda Adsetts

Spring is here! The daffodils are blooming in my garden and the buds are formed on the honeysuckle that attracts the hummingbirds to my small patio. My cells are smiling as I write that. I had so much pleasure last year observing the hummingbirds feed on the honeysuckle and then bathe in the fountain below it. The young ones would sit on the top tier, letting the water spray them. The older ones were not quite as adventurous and they would flit in and out quickly. Spring is a time of seeing the seeds that we have planted begin to show themselves. Winter was a time of reflection and inner work for me and it culminated in a three day Access Consciousness ESB Class. ESB, which is stands for Energetic Synthesis Of Being. We are energetic beings. Often we forget that and we allow ourselves to be entrained to the stories of this reality that tells us


that we are simply human. We are not more than that. We cannot access more than what is in front of us. Our culture does not particularly invite inquiry and when we begin to ask a question or two or three, as children we are frequently not encouraged. Some of us shut ourselves down and some refuse to be shut down and some wake up enough, at some point along the way and begin to ask questions again. Without questions the status quo will be maintained. Questions shake, rattle and roll lives, relationships, governments, systems and everything is changed by question. The three day class, I took, encouraged me to be in question, as much as I would allow myself. I had spent a fair chunk of money for this class and I chose to be in a very allowing place! Three full days of being in the question creates a lot of space in person’s brain. At the end of it I was feeling very spacious. When my husband asked me what it was all about, I had no answer for him. I could not articulate the experience to him, in a way that he would have understood. You had to be there or have been at a similar class to understand. So weeks later and I am beginning to integrate the experience. The winter rains nourished the daffodils and this class nourished my being. Now, I am reaching for the sunshine, allowing my being to simply be, in all of its magnificence without regard for status quo. Who am I kidding? I would love for that last sentence to be true, but like all of us I am on a journey that is evolving. I haven’t got it all figured out but the difference is that I am more comfortable with that now, than ever before. I know that when I ask a question it will be answered, in some way or another. I know that questioning my beliefs and my thoughts will bring me more clarity and greater expansiveness. I know that I am not my thoughts or my beliefs. I know that I have more awareness than I give myself credit for. I know that my awareness has answers for me and questioning opens me up to the infinite possibilities that are available to me. The facilitator of the ESB Class, in an unusual choice for him worked on a client after the first day. She had called and he chose to facilitate a session with her. She lives in the same town as I do. I returned home to a message to call her. We had met at some local networking events. She wanted to learn Access Consciousness Bars. I could never have imagined that weaving of possibilities and yet there it was. I had been asking for more clients. I was in the question about what that might look like. I had

no particular way in which that might happen. I was willing to take action. I just never thought that would mean taking an ESB Class. When you follow the energy of what feels light for you then give yourself a gift. There is something there for you and it isn’t the end result of anything but merely another step on our journey. You never know where it will lead. The possibilities are endless. Spring feels like possibilities to me. I forget what is in my garden and I am gifted with shoots peeping through that will be a delightful surprise to me. Warm weather beckons me outdoors into the sunshine and adventures waiting to be explored. What else is possible for me? If I can allow myself to always be in the question and never be invested in the way that the answer shows up, because it is always a delightful surprise, when I follow the energies-the light energies. And that is your journey dear ones. Follow your bliss, your joy and it will never steer you wrong. If it feels light it is for you. We also encourage you to allow everyone that you know to follow that also. There is no need for you to fix anybody. You may walk the path together for time, be it short or longer but we ask you to allow for the possibility that may not happen. Paths can diverge, sometimes merging again and sometimes not. You don’t have to know everything. It will spoil the surprise. Here is something that will not spoil the surprise. You can never get it wrong and you are never done. There are many lifetimes awaiting you. This one is merely another one that is your playground to explore being human and all that entails. You may only choose to experience a few aspects of it, you may be tweaking aspects of it and you may dive in with abandon, wanting, like that young hummingbird to bathe in all of it. We have no expectations of you and we only encourage you to be as joyous as is possible in each moment that presents itself. Yes-it is easier said than done but it is a good and valuable goal for all of you. Joy is encoded in your being and it is waiting for you to reveal it to your world. Now you get to choose-are you diving in? Flitting in and out? Moment by moment it is your choice. Go For Your Joy! Linda and The Group

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The expression ‘on the fence’ is used to describe a situation where we are undecided, unsure, confused, or simply overwhelmed by a situation and we’re paralyzed or stuck and can’t make a decision. So we sit on the fence, not making a choice for anything. It’s sometimes easier to be on the fence than it is to be in unknown (or known territory). We get into this type of situation when we definitely don’t want one choice but aren’t sure about another one, are afraid to move either way because we don’t want to do something wrong we’re still upset, angry, or singed from a recent bad experience and don’t want to repeat it or we’re just plain angry and this is how we show the world that we’re not going to participate any more. The good part of being on the fence is we are aware of all of the potential scenarios, at least from a distance. The bad part of being on the fence is that we are standing perfectly still, not making a choice in either direction and we feel stuck. We know we’re stuck and we feel bad about it but we just can’t make up our minds about which way to turn. Does this describe something in your life? How do you know if you are on the fence? Here are five signs that may describe a ‘fence sitting’ situation in your life: 1. You feel really stuck and you know it, but you also feel powerless in the face of what you see are the potential choices in front of you. And you don’t want anyone to know is that you are really afraid to make a choice, so you are pretending that you are taking your time in assessing all of your options. 2. You have already done your best and tried your hardest, and your life is still a mess. So you aren’t going to do anything and see what happens next. Since you aren’t able to make a positive difference in your life by trying hard, you’re going to not try at all and see if that works out better for you.

3. The most recent disappointment in your life is still fresh in your memory. You have tried to laugh it off but you are really feeling bad about it. No one knows how much it has shaken your confidence, in yourself and in your abilities, and you don’t trust yourself any more. 4. None of the options you are seeing in front of you are appealing and they all require too much effort, won’t deliver the outcome you want, and you are having a hard time believing that any one of them could have a positive or desired outcome. 5. You want someone else to make the choice for you, or wait until you have to make a choice because you think that the situation will work itself out and then the best and most obvious choice will present itself to you and you wont’ have to make a choice because only one choice will be available. If any of these situations describe what you are feeling right now, don’t feel bad. We often find ourselves on the fence when we’re faced with an important choice or when we are afraid to make a decision. Being on the fence isn’t the problem, it’s the paralysis and fear that we suffer from when we’re on the fence, which lead to a lack of confidence and fear. Then when we finally have to make a choice, usually because we have waited so long that we can no longer avoid it, the choice is fear-based and powerless, and our results reflect that. The best way to get off of the fence is to choose from the outcome, not from the choice. We usually don’t know what the outcome will be and since we’re scared, all choices are terrifying. But if we focus on the outcome we want, we’ll start attracting the energy that outcome requires and the choice which matches that outcome will become more clear. It’s possible too that the choice which matches the outcome we want isn’t even one of the choices we’re considering, so getting into the energy of our outcome helps create that energy in our choices. Then we raise the frequency of our perspective, shift the vibration and attract a higher potential outcome because we’re no longer in fear or afraid of making the wrong choice. Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to


Lisa Schell

Write your own script, be the star in your own movie! Live the life you desire. What If Your Life Were A Movie? Imagine sitting in a movie theatre. You’re watching the opening credits and you’re about to be introduced to the main star and the story line. The main star enters and much to your surprise it’s you! This is a story from your life.

The opening scene opens up to the audience to the current challenge you’re facing. It may be your career, your love life or yourself. Perhaps it’s a dream that goes unfulfilled or a personal problem that is on your mind a lot. If the movie about you was considered on the same path as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”, would the audience want to stand up and cheer? Would they be impressed by your character? Would they be bored, frustrated or even want to walk out of the theatre and demand a refund?

Asking yourself “What if my life was a movie?” could cause your entire life to change. I will share with you an 8 step process, a movie making analogy, in order to transform your life and step into your starring role as the inspired lead character in your own life story. Being a star means having the self-confidence to establish your own standards of success and then create a life script according to these values. Lessons learned from The Wizard of Oz on the journey down the yellow brick road: In order to resolve a conflict or overcome the challenge Dorothy must face certain aspects of herself. Her journey will present her with a variety of opportunities where she can chose to face her fears and self-doubts, examine her beliefs, and connect with what’s in her heart or stay stuck in her Act I challenge.


When Dorothy hits her head and passes out, her house lands in the Wizard of Oz. Her new challenge is to figure out how to get back home to Kansas. According to Froyd, the characters in our dreams are a manifestation of some aspect of our selves. If we’re to look at everything that transpires in Oz from this perspective, then everyone and everything is in our manifestation. Throughout the film, Dorothy must constantly deal with the witch who provides her the opportunity to face her greatest fears instead of running away. Glenda, the good witch, represents Dorothy’s inner wisdom. Glenda puts the ruby slippers on Dorothy which empowers her to deal with her fears. The yellow brick road symbolizes her spiritual path to enlightenment. Along the way she meets the scarecrow, the tin woodsmen, and the lion. These characters represent the disempowered parts of herself: her need to be courageous, keep a positive mind set, and to find her true heart’s desire. Our job is to take the steps down that path with faith even if we don’t know the outcome. After meeting the scarecrow, she comes to a fork in the road but doesn’t know which path to follow. The scarecrow tells her either path is fine. In other words, there is no wrong pathway to choose. Every path offers its own set of growth opportunity. She then meets the tin woodsmen who felt he didn’t have a heart and the lion felt like a coward. Towards the end of the movie, the wicked witch paints the sky. This symbolizes Dorothy’s needs to learn to let go. Not everything in her life if fully in her control and to allow the Divine to step in. The wicked witch casts a spell on Dorothy and her friends just as they’re about to reach the Emerald City and they pass out in a field of poppies. This represents Dorothy’s desire to give up just as she’s about to cross the finish line. But her wise inner director, Glenda is there to remind her of the importance of reaching her Act III. She casts a counter spell to wake them up and put them back on track. The tornado was the big incident that caused her to question what her calling is in life. Tired of her dusty old farm in Kansas, she asks herself whether there is more to life than this. She was looking outside herself for all the answers, as she journeyed down the yellow brick road. The answers were always within her soul.

When Dorothy misses the balloon ride home to Kansas, she thinks she’s stuck in Oz forever but the Wizard of Oz tells Dorothy that she’s always had the ruby slippers and the power to return home. In this case, home represents a fully integrated self that stands up to challenges, conquers fear, is able to conquer her inner critic and reconnect with her love for her family and friends. By clicking her ruby slippers three times, and repeating her mantra “there’s no place like home”, she wakes up in her bed in Kansas with all her friends and family by her side. 8 Steps to Creating a Life Script According to Your Values: 1. The identification of your core challenge, and the courage to go on a journey and begin writing a new life’s script. 2. The willingness to work on yourself and develop your character. 3. Listening to the guidance from your wise “inner director”. 4. Accountability in taking the lead in your life. 5. Supporting players to accompany you on your journey. 6. A clear vision. 7. The courage to remove blockages that no longer serve you. 8. Going with the flow and trusting that you will receive your Act III resolution. We are all in Earth University with a great many opportunities for all kinds of learning. We are given sufficient paradise, problems, opportunities, and variety in order to grow ourselves into whatever we are to become. We are here to be stewards of this earth instead of bad mal-users. Our soul’s journey is a huge educational process that never ends. Imagine, Believe & Enjoy, Lisa Lisa Schell, Transformational and Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer

A Clear Pathway To You

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I am the star in my own movie. I am also the author and the director. I create wonderful roles for myself. Louise Hay



Margie Kivel

Life lies muffled within the woods, beneath collapsing snow – the time between shapes of food and hunger.

Melting has begun, but night’s arctic chill freeze-frames the soft dripping of day. Wedged into ridges of bark by teamwork tapping, a nut cache maps out bird memories. I stir among dreams of trees, and like the acorns, prepare for opening.

The last day of winter will birth another spring within my heart – I await your arrival to show me who I am, your breath blowing life again. Margie Kivel Photo: ©Brenda McEachern Leslie


Gail Siler, PhD

‘Once Upon a time and long long ago…’ That phrase still makes me tingly and gets me excited to go on a wondrous adventure into a fairy tale. I think my favorite fairy tale of all time is Sleeping Beauty. Because my father was a musician, I became acquainted with Sleeping Beauty through Tchaikovsky’s music of the same name. For Christmas in grade 5 I was given a book and record set with her story narrated and set to music. I can still recall lying on the floor on my belly, with my chin on my hands and my ear plastered to the speaker. Over and over I listened to the exquisite music and narration of what happened to Princess Aurora.


I felt like I was there at the Princess’s christening celebration when Flora, Fauna and Merryweather - her three fairy godmothers - gave their gifts to her. The fear engendered by the spectacular and unwanted appearance of the wicked fairy Maleficent as she delivered her gift was almost palpable. Beware the spinning wheel! I conjured up all these images in great detail lying there on the living room floor in front of the record player. Then, you know the story! We grow up and we get a life, and we don’t believe in Fairy tales anymore. That’s little girl stuff. We’re big now and we know better. And a little bit of magic dies in us as we adopt the belief that big girls don’t believe in fairy stories. I went there too as I headed off to New York City and became a swinging single, and life happened and off I went white water rafting through my amazing adventures. But a few years ago something happened and I was drawn back into fairy tales by none other than the Fairy Godmother, herself. It might have happened because I began to wonder about Fairy Godmothers. Specifically, what is their role in the stories? Maybe it was because I was getting to be what I suspected was their age. My pressing question was “What’s in it for them?” WHY were they helping the Princesses?

The Power of Fairy Tales to Help Us Remember The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale became a trail of breadcrumbs that I followed. Eventually my trail turned into a literal trail of stones that lead me on an amazing journey of exploration into the inner realms and memory banks of humanity. I was on a search for the essence, the truth behind these amazing stories. I even connected with my own Godmother who prepared me to enter these realms and bring back what I have come to believe is the original story behind our Prince and Princess fairy tales. My journey and my findings I have shared in my book, Decoding the Butterfly


What I found out was a shock to me. First off, our Fairy Godmother isn’t a ‘was, she’s an ‘is!’ She is real! The really big news is this: We really do have a Fairy Godmother, Virginia! Not only that, but she was tickled pink to tell me how she got to be who she is and why she’s been here all these years helping princesses to awaken and helping princes to fight the demons in order to awaken their princesses. Really! That’s the good news. The bad news is we grew up and stopped believing in magic and so we couldn’t hear our fairy godmothers’ urgings to awaken.

Magic wands and remembering This is a good place to explain a few more details. Magic isn’t magic, its stuff that happens in the other realm or

dimensions that humans can’t yet see because of our slower energy vibration. It’s like the sounds that only dogs can here but humans can’t. So Virginia, Santa Clause AND magic exist! Really powerful magic! But we have to raise our energy back to the time when we were children and had such open energy. Or put another way, simply raise our energy enough to be able to enter the fairy tale kingdom, which put another way (I’m doing ‘put another way’ a lot today!) means enter the spaces and dimensions where beings with faster energy frequency live. The doorway? Open our heart and believe. Because the doorway into our right brain, our spiritual invisible Self) is reached through our open heart. And in that space we know all, see all, and are all. Oh yes, and that’s where the true magic lives. But in the meantime whilst we have been dreaming our lives here in the busy ‘to do’ realm of the left brain, our fairy godmothers have been busy. They represent the wisdom of the right brain, the all knowingness. Yep, Fairy Godmothers have been representing the Goddess and the feminine aspect of Source in a way that we could understand. They have been telling and retelling us something really important. REMEMBER. That’s what they whisper. The story of humanity and what became of us before we became ‘dumbed down’ and largely lost to our right brain selves. That story has been preserved by our Fairy Godmothers and fairy tales. They have been telling these stories in books, songs, stories, dance, all form of art - all through the ages. They are waiting for Sleeping beauty in each of us to awaken. OK, so who then is Sleeping Beauty? She is our inner feminine self who was put to sleep by someone equally as nasty as Maleficent. That time is over and simply put, its wake up time. Fairy tales are here to remind us of our true Origins. Fairy Godmothers hold the space and remind us of our wholeness, something we misplaced along the way. Our Fairy Godmothers don’t use left brain factual logical evidence. They speak directly to our right brain and spiritual side in a way that we get automatically. When we have enough energy available, we can actually hear them. The package of words associated with each story is just a way of getting us to go into the land of Wonder and Imagination, which is where our authentic Spiritual powers live. Once there, we begin to remember who we really are and why we came here. And guess what? Fairy Godmothers are US when we awaken and remember ourselves! Isn’t that a perfect ending and a wonderful beginning to a new story?

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Vera Enshaw


When I started this series of articles I was very excited at the prospect of sharing with you a wonderful experience. I think the time has come to do that. Don’t you? We are going to step away from the ordinary towards the extra-ordinary…… For this experience you will need time and space. Read the article and then make an appointment with your Self in order to actually do the work. I invite you to take at least an hour. The actual time will depending on how deep you go. Gift yourself the extended time. The weather is getting warmer and this is an ideal excuse to get outside and spend time in nature. Know that the place you choose, inside or outside, is the perfect spot for your experience.

First of all, go to the place that you have selected and get settled, making yourself as comfortable as possible. Go through a complete body relaxation. Breathe in and out, focusing on your breath. As you become more and more relaxed, begin to visualize a forest. There are open spaces between the trees, and sun light dapples the ground. A path invites you to enter the forest. You walk along it, noticing the light underbrush, and the beautiful green moss on the forest floor. You feel the urge to sit and lower yourself to the ground at the base of one of the larger trees, then lean back against the trunk. Breathe in the scent of the trees, the warm, loamy scent of the soil that you are sitting on. Close your eyes to become more aware of all that is around you. After several more breaths, begin to notice the sounds of the forest: birds chirping, the intermittent hum of insects. You hear a soft rustling off to your left. You turn your head carefully so as not to startle whatever creature has made the noise. You are amazed to see a small fawn lying concealed in the underbrush. It regards you with large eyes, but makes no movement. Look closely at the fawn. Pay attention to its coat, to the way the hairs lie on it, the colours. Breathe in the scent of it. Notice the ears, the eyes, the nose. Slender legs are tucked in under the body so you can hardly see the tiny hooves. In your heart mind, become aware of the consciousness of the deer. Ask to be connected to the consciousness of Deer. Trust that you will be connected. Nothing is required of you except your willingness to be open. You are asking from a place of love and respect and Deer consciousness will know this. Breathe slowly in and out until you feel that the connection has been made. Continue to breathe as you relax into the consciousness of the fawn. Allow yourself to be the fawn. Feel the blood pumping through the veins, feel the heart beating. Feel the warmth of the ground beneath it through the skin. Sense the forest/air/energy all around and about. Be gentle in your presence. Be grateful. Spend time in the awareness of being fawn, being deer. Whisper thank you and begin to pull back to your Self. Begin to become aware again of your surroundings, of your space, of your body. Take enough time to come back into yourself fully while still holding onto the magic. When you are completely back you may want to write of your experience.

If you wish to share your experience with me, I would love to hear from you. Until next month….Namasté

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Phil Nielsen


Othala Ostara Monday was the beginning of each year' s most joyous holiday. It marked the beginning of the new growth of the plants and trees. Festivities began on the first full moon of the vernal equinox when the spirit of the goddess Ostara returned to revive the earth after the long cold winter. Her companion was the Moon Hare who hid eggs, symbols of rebirth, for the young sons and daughters of Midgard, themselves synonymous with new life, to find in the fields of the first crops. Children collected the eggs and coloured them, mostly red, the colour of life. For more generations than their skalds knew, the Germanic peoples of Northern Europe had celebrated Ostara’s arrival in festivals of gratitude for her yearly generosity. Her Ostramonath was not only a happy festival, but among the most important as well. A time came however, when the purveyors of a new religion visited the Northlands and achieved political power by converting the chieftains to the ways of their medieval church militant. Suddenly all the old gods and goddesses were being condemned and their worship was banned under pain of death. Despite these Dark Age measures, the popularity of Ostramonath could not be suppressed. The church then decided to appropriate its symbols and set up an alternative, Easter Sunday, when the traditional celebration was officially allowed. However, this was not a time to celebrate a " pagan witch" but a time of the resurrection of Jesus. In the process of religious transformation, the moon hare became trivialized to the Easter bunny and the creature’s hidden annual symbols of rebirth were reduced to the subjects of a juvenile egg hunt. The reappearance of life was no longer associated with Ostara, the mother of all, but instead attributed to Christ crucified. Thus, in a sadly debased form, Ostramonath, unlike most Norse ceremonies, still survives. On a material level, Ostara' s rune, which is now better known as Othala, describes valuable personal possessions, especially real estate, buildings, legacies,

wills, or inheritances. It may also refer to inheritances of a another kind; the common legacy of a particular culture to which we belong or the unique genetic traits of the people from which we are descended. The structure that her glyph most often defines is the home, commonly our most important investment but, at the same time, something we often pass down to future generations. These extra materialist considerations lead to another aspect of her rune: ancestry, that which we inherit beyond money, property, and physical possessions. Her rune addresses the value of blood. The wealth implied by Ostara is usually the kind that may be received and handed down, but not cashed in, bartered, or sold. Ostara reminds us of our traditions, origins, even karma, the inheritance of the past that creates our sense of identity and place in this world. Reversed, Ostara' s rune does not necessarily mean the loss of important possessions or disenchantment with our cultural backgrounds. It does signify that we can expect no help from our clan, tribe, culture, or our family. We are abandoned, left to our own resources without the possibility of outside help. It stresses our self reliance but warns that we are in danger of becoming greedy and materialistic and thus must restore a more balanced relationship between our financial and spiritual values. Ostara’s place in the Norse zodiac is from May 29 to June 14, within Gemini, known as Sessrumnir in Folkvanger, or the Field of the Folk, which empathizes her stress on shared cultural and racial values. Her colour is yellow for the vernal sunlight bestowed on the world each year. Ostara’s " gemstone" is the mineral, petrified wood, symbol of the eternal character of life, which she personifies. Wow! I can' t believe it has been two years since we started this journey learning about the 24 gods and goddesses of the Aesir, Aysnir, and Vanir and the runes that represent them. I am deeply indebted to Mr. Frank Joseph and his wonderfully well written and informative book, Gods of the Runes. I will continue to refer to his book as well as other ones, but starting next month, we will get into reading runes and the different casts, etc. I hope you will all continue with me on my journey and together we will discover the meaning of the runes. Contact Phil at


if you ask the right questions, you’ll find answers that otherwise were obscured to you.

4. what am i resisting? 5. what am i ignoring or putting off?

introspective questions point to conclusions that may be obvious to others, yet remain difficult to reveal to ourselves.

6. what could i be putting more effort, energy, and focus into? 7. how might i be needlessly wasting money?

chances are, you already know what you need to do, but your lens is foggy and needs to be wiped clean.

8. where do i spend my time?

take the intuitive, instinctual approach.

9 . what am i doing with the spare hours in my day?

so rather than grumble and complain about what you have not, or why certain things in your life, " always seem to happen to poor ol’ me”, go inward and ask yourself the following...

10. are my days efficient and productive? 11. how do i react to events that are outside of my control?

(proceed with caution, personal epiphanies await)

13. am i giving my body its necessary physical requirements? proper nutrition, energy and exercise?

1. what could realistically be the cause of my struggle?

14. what do i consume too much of? what might i rely on far too much?

12. do i listen and think before i speak or reply?

2. what do i know, but refuse to acknowledge or admit? 15. do i give myself time to sit in silence and reflect? 3. what am i not doing, but those who are happy or successful are?

16. how do i fill my mind? with books, wisdom and education, or gossip, drama and distraction?


17. am i guilty of constantly comparing myself to others? 18. do i believe that everyone can’t walk the same path, at exactly the same time? 19 . do i believe i have something special and amazing to offer and give to the world? 20. do i continue to expand my awareness and learn new things?

28. do i firmly believe my past still limits what i can achieve today? or am i holding on to an excuse, something to point to other than myself, to hold accountable for my struggles and suffering? 29 . do i believe a person’s past problems can be overcome? 30. do i believe all of these are just behaviours, and that all are able to be changed?

22. do i have a creative outlet? how do i express myself?

now don’t be too hard on yourself, we’re all imperfect, each a lifelong work in progress. this internal research isn’t intended to place blame, but to pull back the black curtains to reveal your true potential.

23. do i tend to focus more on problems themselves, or on finding solutions?

everyday is a new beginning. are you ready to initiate change?

24. what is the energy i bring to things, to projects, and to others? what is my vibe?

bt 03.27.2014

21. am i more focussed on a steadfast goal, rather than just doing and enjoying work i love?

25. am i open, or closed? do i smile more than i frown? 26. am i more apt to love, or to hate? 27. what is my life story i continue to tell and identify with?



Sunday Sun-Day

Monday Moon-day

Month at a Glance 6 Watch for opportunities to come your way

7 Mercury moves to Aries – get ready to rumble ; -)

13 No aspects all day

14 Watch “Foot in Mouth” Pluto SR Extreme Energetic Day – hold on to your hat

Meditation a must today – look to make the changes within

20 Another incredibly energetic day – don’t get caught up

21 voc 4:21pm to 9 :18pm

27 voc 4:02am

28 Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Taurus at 11:14pm

Passion not anger Use this day to pay it forward … no strings attached

Watch your inside voice

Tuesday Mars-day 1 Overly Opportunistic Good day to meditate

8 Continue to watch your temper – you may be stuffing down too much – and the kettle is about to boil over 15 Early morning voc Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Libra at 0:42am

22 Connect to your passion not frustration

29 Meditation a must today Go to the park, the beach and hug a tree

Wednesday Mercury-Day 2 Unexpected changes that may bring some hard work, don’t be afraid to speak your mind 9 All work and no play …

16 Watch that kettle doesn’t boil over “verbally” today

23 voc 9 :10am to 11:55 Mercury moves to Taurus – Looks like a little bit of a frustrating day – don’t forget to breathe 30 voc 8:53am to 1:56pm Very nice day for communication. Tell someone how much you love them – they need to know

Thursday Jupiter-Day 3 Great day for Journaling

10 All day voc until 3:08pm & No aspects all day Meditation a must today – look to make the change you need within 17 voc 0:09 am to 2:44pm You may have a few challenges to deal with today especially if you were not able to keep it under your hat yesterday 24 Best meditation day of the month

Friday Venus-Day 4 Expect a great surprise. Breath some vitality back into your life 11 Watch your love life don’t have

Saturday Saturn-day 5 voc 7:55am to 2:40pm Watch your inside voice and keep it there

18 Connect to your passion & let your insecurities Go – you don’t need them ; -)

19 Communicate … Sun moves to Taurus tonight

25 voc 1:03pm

26 Meditation a must

12 voc at 10:12am Take the day off … no electronics … no phone … no TV

Great upbeat energetic day

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VOC = Void of Course … No impulse purchases or Long term commitments during the void of course, opportunity to look within all times are in Pacific Time

Planets at a Glance Mars, watch squares, conjunctions and oppositions – 7, 14, 20, 27…Use Caution! Be careful of temper tantrums and accidents! RED LIGHT Saturn conjunctions, squares and oppositions – 2, 9 , 17, 23 …You may feel that life is hard work. STEP UP and MEET THE CHALLENGE! Jupiter Squares and Oppositions – 14, 27, 29 … Don’t lose sight of your budget, over-indulging or over-committing, watch that others do not take advantage Venus squares and oppositions –2, 11, 18… Heartache/domestic and security challenges. LOVE and EMBRACE LIFE anyway! Mercury squares and oppositions- 5, 21 …Think before you speak, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY! Double Whammy Days – 10, 2, 14, 27 … take care – take short meditative breaks – remember to breathe. Favorite Meditation or relaxed days –4, 8, 15, 19 , 24, 25 Mercury … moves into Aries April 7th – get ready to action your words … then he quickly moves into Taurus on the 22nd where you get a chance to slow down and ground yourself as well as your words and thoughts Venus … moves to Pisces on the 5th where she loves to float and bathe in the love from the collective waters Mars … he continues in his movement backward in Libra – where you are still trying to balance your actions within Jupiter … is moving forward through Cancer showering us with opportunities and expansion – write down those opportune ideas Saturn … continues his retrograde back through Scorpio

Sun moves into Taurus on the morning of the 19 th … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Taurus’ out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health

and vitality Solar cycles … New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to our sky, both at night dusk - dawn and during the day sunrise - sunset. When we do this we inherently connect to our genetic/collective habits and patterns of our multi-dimensional bodies. Tracking the conditions of our solar and lunar patterns provides insight on the regeneration of our whole being. By tracking this information you awaken to consciousness of patterns and habits that lie deeply within you. This can be easier said than done of course but each time you awaken you get closer to experiencing yourself as a participating co-creator in your life. Eclipses have an effect that lasts over 6 months – you will be personally affected if they are in close contact with your own natal chart. .

The Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse April 15th … at 25 Libra 16’ The Key to this Lunar Eclipse is to create a balance between power and growth as well as action and communication (big grand cross) this balance may come in the form of an unexpected shift of energy or way of thinking. Although this may feel like a harsh combination to deal with … over the next 6 months as you make these inner changes, you will certainly see external benefits in your life as you connect to the Solar Eclipse of the 29 th. This Eclipse is truly about learning how to attract and create action toward your goal list on an internal inner-verse level.

The New Moon - Solar Eclipse April 29 th 8 degrees Taurus 52’ Once you begin to understand the inner changes that need to be made (by the Lunar Eclipse), you will want to externalize the energy. Unlike the Lunar Eclipse, you may not feel understood when you try to put the shift you are experiencing in words. Utilize your ability to attract what you need … BE the Powerhouse – step up to the plate and make the changes in your external world in order to live your best life.

… Make sure your smaller goals align with your larger goals. 39

Combine your Sun (ego/identity/core), Moon (emotions/ Patterns/Habits) and Ascendant (projecting your identity) by reading each sign and combining them into one fabulous guide for the month. Aries (March 21-April 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 26th, 27th The Eclipse is significant for your sign If you want to make changes in your life – now is the time – go for it. Walk, talk and dress the part and it will come. You will find power in the ability to grow your roots (deeply) in order to reach out to the stars.

Taurus Horoscope (April 21-May 21) Confirm your new goals on the 1st and the 2nd as well as the Solar Eclipse on the 28th and 29 th Meditation is key to making real change, if you can’t go to the mountain – bring the mountain into your life spend time each day in a dedicated practice. Your power is in the ability to immerse yourself into other cultures and philosophies and apply them inward toward self-growth. Gemini Horoscope (May 23-June 20) Confirm your new goals on the 3rd and the 4th and again on the 30th It is important to get social and let others know who you are and what your passions hold. Your power is in the ability to have money flow right in, allowing you to share with others, be sure to save a little for a rainy day. Cancer Horoscope (June 21-July 20) Confirm your new goals on the 5th and 6th Growth is inevitable – especially in your career/ reputation. Your power is in the ability to transform by recognizing who/ what you attract into your world. Leo Horoscope (July 21-Aug. 22) Confirm your new goals on the 8th and 9 th Writing and publishing is highlighted. What are you waiting for Shine your Light for all to see (read). Your power is the ability to be (happily) of service to the greater good.


Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Confirm your new goals on the evening on the 10th and the 11th Long term goals are extremely important for you right now, work it out - focus. Your power is the ability to find humor in the moment and help others to connect to a good belly laugh, even if that comes from a dry sense of humor ; -) Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Confirm your new goals on the 13th and the 14th as well as the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th The Eclipse is significant for your sign Inner emotional balance is possible, you need to focus on both sides of the coin. Focus on relationships … which is probably not much of a surprise to you. Your power is in the ability to connect to your roots, combine environment and shadow work to better understand the balance point. Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Confirm your new goals on the 15th (afternoon) and the 16th Service to others is key over the next 6 months. Reap the JoyFul benefits of spontaneously lending a helping hand. Your power is in the ability to communicate to others how they might lift themselves from life’s disappointments.

all in super-focus during this Eclipse process. Your power is in the ability to utilize your personal or intimate relationships in order to further your knowledge about what you need in order to be successful. Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Confirm your new goals on the 22nd Communication and writing is highlighted perhaps even to the extent that you may find it provides new ways to increase your income. Your power is in the ability to utilize your connection to that which is greater than yourself. Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 18-March 20) Confirm your new goals on the 24th and 25th Security, and income (in the same sentence) are highlighted. What do you really need/ want in order to feel like you are in control of your own Destiny. Your power is in the ability to allow sudden and sometimes harsh changes take place, these will propel your income and transform your Career.

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Confirm your new goals on the 17th and 18th Avoid gambling and affairs – this will just get you into trouble ; -). Your power is in the ability to utilize investments and make them grow larger than life … in order to reach long term goals easily and quickly. Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) Confirm your new goals afternoon of 20th and 21st

Home, clan, predetermined patterns and habits, are


Serafina Christine


Among all the rays of probabilities I bring forth to you that which is greatest probability for the masses of awakening humanity to experience this month of March. Each week of this month Sunday to Sunday, beginning Sunday March 30th we call forth the energies emanating at that time to best know how to respond in our lives to those influences surrounding us.

Over-Arching Theme There is one card that has been pulled as the over-arching theme this month. Obsidian, True Self-Reflection. In perfect timing for the Spring-time weather and the shifts that will occur over this month. There is a lot going on internally and thereby externally. The traditional expression of spring clearing is occurring within the minds and spirits of those who read this and others among the populace. Remember that this is the time to allow yourself to go deep inside your soul. Allow yourself to really take a look at all aspects of your life and let those extra layers fall away into nothingness. There is nothing to hold on to. If you can, take time away from the busy doingness of life, and allow yourself to be with yourself. Allow the things that come up for you to come. Allow a further knowing of the Self to occur. It is all up to you. It is all up to your timing. We are clearing away the karmas and samskaras so that we are the path of our Destiny. When we step onto our Destiny we walk from Destiny point to Destiny point, a blank canvas in between. If you are operating with a lot of karmas and samskaras the canvas between Destiny points will not be blank. It will be full of colour as we walk through it. What this means is instead of walking the pre-determined colours we have a canvas to create between Destiny Points. How can we know what we want to create without deep and true self-reflection? Without going beneath the layers of everything else to our soul? Without letting the visions rise up out of ourselves to guide us? Let yourself go deep this month. You are ready. You can handle it. Release the fear. I give you strength.

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March 30th - April 5th Turquoise, Spirit of the Earth As the Earth comes back to life with more buoyancy so do we. The call to stay near to the planet, connecting with her, stays strong. Stays really strong. It is suggested that we all begin doing one thing that will shift our connection to her, creating a wave of change. It doesn' t matter what you choose as long as you feel you can do it, you can make a lifestyle change that will support the Mother and your connection to her. On this note there is a call out to issues with your mother. The Earth is our First Mother, but the woman who gave birth to us is the Mother we formed all our relationships to the Divine Feminine with, aka women. There is a call out here to take a look at the relationship you have with your Mother. How does it play out in other relationships you have? How does it play out with your relationship with Mother Earth? Does it play out at all or not at all? Allow yourself to receive the nurturing that the Earth wants to give us. If you do not allow yourself, in what other aspects of life are you not allowing yourself to receive nurturing? Humans need to be nurtured, loved, accepted, and held. It is part of the drive to connect with ourselves and others. There is a strong sense here to allow yourself to be nurtured by not only others, but yourself and the Planet. A lucky week for many.

April 6th - April 12th Morganite, Equality in Love Such an interesting pink card this is. Morganite is a form of Beryl that is quite a soft pink, almost translucent. It is drawing our attention from the self-care of the bottom three chakras, the very physical realms, to the heart. There in-lies the next step of nurturing: Self-love. Part of the self-love is the balance between the masculine and the feminine aspects of self, and realizing your polarities. Where are you most comfortable on the polarity scale for yourself? Are you most comfortable being seventy-five percent masculine? Or ten percent feminine? Where is your natural and comfortable tendency to naturally BE? Notice how you move in and out of these polarities. Notice who draws what side of you out. Notice how different activities draw different sides out. Where are the wounds? Where is the grace? Where is your love? Is there an aspect of love missing to either side in any scenario? All of you deserves to be loved by you. Every single aspect. The good, the bad, the ugly. All of it. Every breath, every footstep, every pimple and mole, every heartbeat, every hair. You will find from self-love grows respect, worthiness, and joy.


April 13th – April 19 th Celestite, Knowing This feels like a soft, quiet, and gentle week. This feels like a week where the strength of intuition is increased greatly. It feels like, if the week before was chaotic, this week will be soft. A time to relax, a time to let go of the work the mind is doing, and to be. This is a week that calls for relaxation while the deep work continue to occur effortlessly by you. There is a sense that it is the mind that is wise to relax a bit through techniques such as yoga, meditation, tai chi – whatever it is that is your practice to relax your mind. Allow the tension caused by your mind to flow through you and out of you, releasing it back to the Earth. I see that walking barefoot on the Earth will be great for this exercise to occur. This is a week to refresh yourself. If you have been working on projects hard for a while, this is the time to relax them, allow them to be, and come back with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. Revitalize.

April 20th – April 26th Blue Lace Agate, Calm Expression It is through the hue of blue that we find ourselves expressing. We find ourselves having a strong drive to create and to experience our own expression. We find ourselves looking into our self-expression more this week. What is true? What is authentic? Are we being as real as we can possibly be in our expression of Self?

April 27th – May 3rd Petrified Wood, Past Life Embrace I feel a calming this week again, another layer has been let go. I feel that which has been crystallized is released into the Ethers of Love. I feel that we are becoming more and more aware of who we are this week, and honouring who we are. That is one of the key aspects of this week: the honouring of self and thereby the honouring of your ancestry and others. When we are able to truly honour who we are and the ancestry we carry we find that we feel more full and here on this planet. We feel the connection to so much more than ourselves. We are able to respect that which requires and deserves respect, and respectfully change the things that we can. The more we honour ourselves the more we see the gifts that we have been given in this life and our previous lives. The more we are able to truly go into service for others using our gifts, and the more we carry forward the gifts of our ancestors. Light the wood Let the flame spray All its life and sparks All over the aching world Its time to let go of the ache and pain Honour will Release

I feel that this week will bring to the surface words – the way that we speak them, experience them, and know them. I feel that this week will show us how we operate in the realm of words and creativity.

We leave you hoping that these words help your hearts and souls in Divine Timing. May these words become what you need when you read them. <3

Connected closely to the throat chakra is the sacral chakra and our sexuality. Our sexuality is a different aspect of our creativity. They work hand in hand, allowing full expression of each other, or denying expression of each other.

Thank you.

Be aware of this connection as you go through your week, feeling the way that everything is interconnected, and how your expression of self shifts the experiences you have in the world around you.

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Earth Crystals

Photo: ŠMarlene Cobb

All crystals have beneficial properties but each astrological sign has crystals that are said to support those born under that sign. Often one crystal will show up under more than one sign yet offers something totally different. Just as there are many aspects to each astrological sign, each crystal has many aspects that vibrate with different aspects of our body, mind and soul and what works for one person is not necessarily true for the next. Start to collect the crystals associated with your sign and keep them in a small bag you can carry in your pocket. Not all the crystals associated with your sign will resonate with you, as always keep the list for your sign handy and carry around those that do. If a stone does not resonate with you now, still find one that you are attracted to, down the road you might find you are drawn to that one crystal.




Helps Aries when they have lost sight of how to reach their goals. Increases passion and releases internal resistance to letting go. Fosters intuition and creativity.

Assists with meditation. Dissolves energy blocks and at the same time activates, calms and promotes the healthful flow of positive life energy. Drives out negative thoughts and produces cheerfulness.

Garnet Increases self-confidence, supports positive undertakings, help prevent loss of perspective.

Carnelian Helps Aries who are caught up in the goals and schemes, not to forget the here and now. Helps with rest and rejuvenation, by allowing them to take the time to do so.

Jasper Symbolizes power. Endows Aries with follow through and energy. Promotes sexual desire and fertility but also inner peace and harmony. Good stone for those easily distracted. Tempers negative

Other important gemstones are:

Diamond The bright clear light can also reveal their weaknesses and help in the struggle to overcome them. Encourages Aries to strive for higher goals.

Hematite Helps bring Aries down to earth when he reaches to high. Brings him into relationship with reality. Promotes purity and increases physical energy.

Amethyst Opens up Aries and guides him to inner spirituality. Armed with Amethyst and his own will power, Aries can achieve anything they set out to do.




Improves digestion Helps with arthritis symptoms high blood pressure Nausea Constipation Gout

Natural diuretic Anti-Inflammatory Immune system support Natural Detoxification Prevents coughs and colds Lowers risk of macular degeneration

Strengthens bones Promotes healthy gums

Low in calories

High in Bromelain High in Manganese

Great source of Vitamins A &C& beta-carotene


Essential Oilsâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; Vera Enshaw


Spring is coming—at least in my part of the world! With the longer days and warmer temperatures we glory in being outside working in the garden, walking or running in the sun, cleaning and preparing our selves and our spaces for the coming summer. Our bodies appreciate it when we stretch before and after exercise or strenuous yard or house work. Remembering this simple step can make a huge difference in the way we feel the morning after the day before! If you are anything like me, you overdo it sometimes, and don’t always remember to stretch! So what to do when our muscles are aching and we long for relief?

For more information on Young Living Essential oils and blends, please contact me by email at or go to the YL website: Vera

A long, hot bath to loosen those tight muscles is a great way to start. Not too long, and not too hot— just long enough for the water to begin to cool. Several essential oils would be an awesome addition: lavender, Idaho balsam fir, marjoram or basil come to mind. A simple recipe is 3 drops of marjoram and two drops of lemon in the bath (refer to the March 2014 issue of Nourish for how to add the oils to your bath). Young Living has two wonderful massage oils— Ortho Ease™ and Ortho Sport™—already formulated to help relieve muscle aches and pains. Once you are out of the bath you can put these yummy massage oils on the sore spots (this is a good time to have another person do the rubbing!). Either massage them on by themselves, or use a single oil or two first and then seal them with the massage oil. If you don’t have Ortho Ease™ or Ortho Sport™ you can use any organic carrier oil—coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil—even olive oil will do in a pinch. Use Aroma Siez™, Pan Away™, lavender, Idaho balsam fir, basil….even ginger essential oil with its lovely warmth will have a soothing effect on those achy muscles! Then take yourself into a nice warm bed to finish the job.

You can always create your own lovely massage oil blend in advance so that you have it on hand when needed. Go through your Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils, muscle testing for your own personal blend. Take it one step further by creating a delicious massage oil blend for a friend! What a great gift when you get together in the sun, soaking up the light and the love…..

Please remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils, such as Young Living Essential Oils. In my not-so-humble opinion, Young Living Essential Oils are the best oils on the market today!

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Rune of the Month

Joy Happiness The rune for the month of April that I drew is Wunjo. I love this rune as it is a symbol of joy and happiness. In the result position it indicates a positive outcome to whatever is troubling you at this time. Karma is turning in your favour and you are about to “come into yourself” in some way. Be happy! Wunjo is associated with the planet Saturn and shows that joy and fulfillment will be achieved through hard work. This ideology is prevalent throughout Norse belief, anything worth having is worth working hard for. This rune can also represent a joy in one’s work, especially if it is creative or artistic in nature. If paired with Raidho it shows a pleasant journey, if paired with Ansuz, it can mean the receipt of good news and when paired with love related runes, it can indicate deep affection and lasting emotional happiness.

When reversed, Wunjo indicates the exact opposite, things are slow to develop, a journey could be fraught with problems, there could be dissatisfaction in your job, you may be undergoing a crisis or difficult time, and experiencing a lot of unhappiness in your daily life. It may indicate that now is not a good time for important decisions. Be patient, cautious, and bide your time.

Until next month, Skål, my brothers and sisters

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Michelle Hayes

As I sat down this month to write hedgehog immediately jumped to my mind and my intuitive vision. So as hedgehog gently meanders in the message for us this month is: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Be gentle... Take it easy and slow...Like me meander

through the landscape of your heart. Find the place in it you can rest, relax and let go... The places you can be deep within it... From this place within be!! Being the love you are now and always. From this place you can then be with your illusions and shadows. From this place the answers will well up from this deep place within you to meet the questions you have. From this place of being your perceived illusions will let go of you and your shadows will be integrated into the beingness of your heart.â&#x20AC;? In beingness of our heart to your The hedgehogs

The Beingness of Your Heart

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Associations for Hedgehog Energy Inquisitiveness and Curiosity Vitality Wisdom of the female elders Fertility Intuition Misunderstanding and Defensiveness Protection Understanding weather patterns Perception Enjoyment of life Intelligence Defense against negativity Resourcefulness

Hedgehog reminds you to take the time to enjoy life, no matter what is happening otherwise. It also is the symbol of the Wisdom of the Female Elder, with close ties to Mother Earth; therefore, planting and gardening is very beneficial to you. Hedgehog has a deep connection to the female Goddess energy and allows those who have its totem to connect to that energy. People with a Hedgehog totem often understand weather patterns - they know when it will rain. Hedgehog also teaches how to be on the defense and how to protect yourself. It shows how to protect the soft inside - your inner self. Hedgehog shows how to be gentle, yet protective at the same time. How to build defenses and protective barriers that discourage negative people.



Contains Calcium & Magnesium in the ideal ratio of 2:1 High in Glutathione Inulin rich for digestive tract health Protein rich High in Fiber Low in Sodium

Anti-inflammatory Anti cancer properties Improves blood pressure Improves blood sugar Controls blood fat levels Reduces risk of heart disease Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes Anti-aging qualities Relieves PMS bloating Excellent source of Vitamins A, B, C, K & E Beta-carotene Z inc Manganese Selenium



Oracle cards are a great way to quickly connect with your higher self, angels and guides. First you will need an oracle deck. You can use a Tarot deck as well if you find one you love or are comfortable with them. There are many options out on the market available for purchase, it really comes down to what you are attracted to when choosing a deck. Don’t worry if you have never used a deck before most come with a companion book that gives you the meaning and suggestions for each card. A look at the box will tell you what to find inside. Once you have purchased your deck, take it out of the packaging and look at each individual card. This simple gesture does a couple of things, one it loosens up the cards so they are not sticking to each other, two, it allows your energy imprint to be infused on the cards (each of us has a unique energy imprint), and three it allows you to see each card. You will probably be oohing and awing over the cards as the artwork is very beautiful. Once you have finished going through the deck and getting to know each card, you can hold them over your heart if you wish and say a simple prayer or blessing, asking that all readings with these cards be filled with love and light. Your cards are now ready to use. I will inject here if you wish to allow others to use your cards or not is personal preference. Some people are ok with others touching their decks and others will not allow anyone to touch them. Both methods are acceptable and it really is up to you. If you do allow others to use your deck a simple technique to release their energy is to tap on them three times. Shuffling them infuses them with your energy imprint once again and really if you use your decks often you are aligned with them anyway. Alright we are now ready to pull a card. There are a number of ways you can do this. Let’s keep it simple for now. Holding your deck, ask “what do I need to know right now?” then proceed to shuffle the cards until it feels right to stop or a card comes flying out. Most oracle decks only read the cards right side up. If the deck offers both interpretations pay attention to how the card lands if it flies out of the deck or how you take it from the deck if you are choosing. Once you have a card, don’t rush to the guide book right away, take a moment and look at the card. What do you see? What feeling do you have? Does a thought float through your mind? Notice and if you wish write down these impressions. After you have spent a few minutes with your card then go to the book and see what the meaning says. If it does not feel right you have a couple of options available to you. One is just hold the space as perhaps this is something that will show up today as you venture along. Two if it really feels off ask for clarity and then draw another card. If more than one card wants to come out when you are shuffling, don’t stress, this happens and is meant to be. Read both cards. Pulling a card each day is a great way to start learning your cards, and seeing what comes up for you during your day with particular cards. It is learning your own meanings for the cards when this happens. There are certain cards, for me, if they come up I know to pay attention for a couple of things to come my way during the day or over the next week.


Michelle Hayes

Hello Dear Ones; It is an auspicious time for you. Spring has arrived and new beginning blossom. A new level of awareness buds and grows. Can you feel it? The sprouts in your awareness grow and flourish...Remember your true authentic self is unlimited infinite potential and emanates out to all the multiverse of the universe.. You are the universe itself...You are unfolding always changing and flowing... Infinite potential is what you are. Ever present unfathomable love enfolds you and envelopes you for you are never separate from it ever... Know this... BE IT!!! In infinite love The Angels

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Is 10% what


to you and 90% how you


to it.

Lou Holtz Š


Message from the Angels

April 2014 Hello beautiful earth angels!

This month the gang is singing to me as I check in for the message for April. “You’ve got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative Latch on to the affirmative Don’t mess with Mister In-Between You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum Bring gloom down to the minimum Have faith or pandemonium Liable to walk upon the scene”

We come to you this month with the message to eliminate the negative from your life. Most of it is self-imposed anyway and you would feel so much better if you just tossed it. The more positive you can stay right now, the brighter your life will be. We have heard your prayers for assistance in many areas. Some of you are looking for a life partner to share your journey with, others desire improved health, and still more want money to flow with ease to them. We have heard your prayers for better conditions for earth and its inhabitants and we are working from our end, giving support and understanding as to why some conditions are taking place. Some of the conditions taking place right now are part of a major clearing, and some of them are part of a bigger picture that you cannot see right yet. If something disturbs you send a 62

prayer, it is the best way to send positive energy to the situation. Every prayer is a bright light shining from earth to the universe, which is transmuted back to earth as love energy. Together you are making a difference in the world around you. We applaud you and salute you in your continued efforts towards peace. On a personal level, which each of you has direct access to and which each of you can make a difference in without others influencing, latch onto the affirmative! All things are possible when you affirm the positive. Be positive in what you are seeking. Do not let negative seep in and steal away your true essence. Grumbling about your lack of love, health, or money is only going to keep you stuck in lack. What positive actions can you take towards these desires? Are you looking after yourself? Do you love yourself? Are you able to sustain yourself? Or are you looking to others to bring those things to you? If you are looking to outside sources, the universe, God and we angels included, you are messing with Mr. In-Between. Of course we are here to support you, and to further this support, you need to ensure you are clearly hearing our messages and guidance on action steps to take. Have you been listening to your still, small voice? It is leading you to the path you need to attract what you desire. The next step is for you to take action, we cannot take action for you. It is time to let go of your past relationships, all previously sunk affairs of the heart need to go down with the ship. It does not sail the calm seas of your desire. Affirm without hesitation the qualities you seek in a partner. Affirm healthy lifestyle changes you can make to attract the qualities you want in a partner. Affirm new friends coming into your life. Affirm the love you have for yourself.

role as main health care provider for yourself. Seek medical advice and do not fear knowing what is going on within you. Affirm how abundant you are each and every day. Affirm having enough to see to your needs. Affirm having extra to make a difference, either in your life or that of a loved one. Affirm that you attract financial energy easily and that it flows freely to you. Affirming keeps you moving forward towards your goals and dreams. The more you accentuate the positive in your life the more positive aspects come your way. Find the joy in your desires and spread that into your life. All areas of your life, keep smiling and affirming your gratitude for the love you have, the health you have, the money you have. Have faith that all is exactly as it should be and that you are positively attracting your desires as you think them, speak them and know them in your heart. Ask we angels to help you recognize the negative affirmations you own right now and replace them with positive affirmations. We will lovingly guide you and help you achieve your desires. Follow the small voice that guides you from within, and take action, even small steps lead to big, wonderful, fulfilling, life changes. The changes you are seeking when you send your prayers for a life partner, improved health, or financial ease. Our common desire is to â&#x20AC;&#x153;spread joy to the maximum and bring gloom down to the minimum.â&#x20AC;? Together we make an awesome team. Spread joy and accentuate the positive! In love, your angels

Affirm you are healthier today than you were yesterday. Affirm that new treatments are presented for you to try. Affirm that you are in control of your health and do not give up your


Photo by ŠPhil Nielsen

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