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Spring 2012

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D ear R e a d e r , I created nourish so that you may become aware of the opportunities you have to heal yourself. Nourishment comes from within. Diets may work temporarily, but until you see yourself for what you’re worth, the food on your plate is secondary. We want to see you live better because a better you makes a better us. The world needs you. You are here for a reason and I know that together we can cultivate a better tomorrow for us by nourishing a better you today. When you nourish yourself first, your family is happier and our community thrives. I look forward to meeting you wherever our paths may cross.

Love always, Dina

Dina Wilson

nourish magazine is an online publication on a mission to provide you with thought-provoking information and resources that can help you explore available options for personal, family, and community wellness.

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The publisher of nourish magazine, Generation Greener, LLC, encourages you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being based on balanced research you have done in conjunction with advice from certified and experienced healthcare providers.

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Spring 2012

The information provided in nourish is not intended as medical advice and should not replace your professional relationship and one-to-one conversations with qualified medical professionals. The articles and advertisements provided here are based upon the opinions of their respective authors and are not necessarily endorsed by this publication.

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Spring 2012

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Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition by: Ling Wong

Many expecting and new moms find one of the biggest challenges is sustaining their energy throughout the day. Pregnancy, with its tremendous physical demand on the body and the hormonal fluctuation, often causes fatigue. As for new moms, adjusting to a new routine and having to conduct their lives and take care of a newborn, often on very little sleep, can be a very taxing experience. Since caffeine and most supplements are not recommended while pregnant or nursing, it is even more challenging to maintain optimum energy level for pregnant women and new moms. For my prenatal and postpartum clients, I recommend these three principles for boosting their energy levels:


Create Sustained Energy

To maintain good energy level without spikes and crashes, it is important to eat well. Avoid foods that cause big fluctuations in blood sugar level. Eat meals with low glycemic load by combining whole grains with a moderate amount of “good fat” and protein. Glycemic load is a measurement of how fast the digested carbohydrates, in the form of sugar, pass through the intestinal wall into the blood stream. The lower the glycemic load, the slower this process is, and the better it is for maintaining healthy blood sugar level.  Avoid processed, packaged foods as much as possible.  Avoid sugar and caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, yerba mate, soft drink) – they cause big fluctuations in blood sugar level – you may get a pickme-up fast, but you will also crash very quickly, leaving you with even less energy than before. 

Spring 2012

   


Eat foods rich in B vitamins (whole grain, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast) – B vitamins are essential in the body’s energy production process. Eat foods rich in enzymes or probiotics (raw foods, yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi) – they facilitate digestion and absorption of nutrients. Eat nutrient-dense foods – think “Big Bangs For Your Calories Buck” – e.g. leafy greens such as collard, kale, and sea vegetables. Experiment with different types and amounts of protein food, and see what works best for you – some people do well with small amount while others need more. Some people can thrive on plant protein; some people perform much better with some animal protein in their diet. Drink water, stay hydrated – chronic under-hydration can cause fatigue. Coconut water, with its wealth of electrolytes and minerals, is a great way to boost hydration.

Reduce Your Toxic Load

Your body has to expend a lot of energy in processing and eliminating environmental toxins that you ingest or come into contact with. The fewer toxic substances you put into your body, the less energy your body has to spend on processing and eliminating them, leaving you more energy to do other things that matter. Pregnant and nursing women should not go through aggressive detox programs or use detox herbs. However, it is always recommended that you reduce your toxic exposure not only for your own well-being, but also for the health of your baby. Many toxins can pass through the placenta or make their way into breast milk. 

Gentle detox o Use foods that support body’s detox organs – lemon juice with warm water, leafy green vegetables, berries o Encourage elimination through skin (the largest organ for elimination) – sweating and dry brushing. If you are pregnant, pay attention to your heart rate when exercising, and avoid using sauna as overheating can cause damage to the fetus.

Spring 2012

Buy and eat organic foods as much as possible to reduce exposure to pesticides and herbicides – review the “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen” lists. Wash and scrub your produce thoroughly to remove any traces of chemicals.  Avoid processed, packaged foods – chemical ingredients, artificial sweeteners, trans-fat – these are things that your body doesn’t recognize as food, and will treat as toxins.  Avoid household and personal products with a lot of chemicals – try to use natural and organic products as much as possible. 


Nourish and Strengthen the Nervous System

Although pregnant and nursing moms should avoid many herbs, there are a few which herbalists have used for centuries on pregnant and nursing women. Always consult a qualified herbalist before using any herbs. Use nettle to replenish your energy Use herbs and essential oils to aid relaxation – e.g. chamomile and lemon balm tea, lavender oil  Avoid caffeine  If you use a calcium supplement, take it in the evening with dinner – calcium has a soothing effect on the nervous system  

handcrafted - organic - fairtrade tea formulated by a certified herbalist and mother

Spring 2012

Join us at our 2nd Annual FALL MOUNTAIN WELLNESS RETREAT as we take a break from our busy lives. Your retreat includes: • 2 nights in comfortable, shared accommodations • 5 whole food meals (complete with recipes and discussion of nutritional benefits) • Workshops on de-cluttering your life and eating for energy • Yoga sessions

Friday, September 28 - 5:00 PM Sunday September 30 - 11:00 AM Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, NY For more information or to register email Alyson:

• Guided meditation • Qi Gong • Cooking experiences • Scenic, guided hike • Labyrinth walking ritual • Massage sessions (for an additional fee)

Karen, Alyson, and Maria are Certified Holistic Health Coaches who have a passion for nutrition and the whole person approach to health.

• Time to share, laugh and rest!

Spring 2012

Reverse Roommate Syndrome 4 Steps to Renewing Your Relationship with your Mate by: Carla Hugo

When did your mate become your roommate? When did paying bills, carpooling, and putting away laundry take precedence over late night talks, back rubs and seated dinners? Whether you are married or in a committed relationship, the path of love is one that calls for awareness and nurturing. The shiny newness of a partnership or marriage often wears away in time. When married couples become parents, their relationship is re-defined, and what was once a glowing romance can fade into a tedious life with a roommate. Most couples begin parenthood with the intention to let their marriage be the source of love that overflows into their new family. But, when that cherubic face arrives, all the love and attention pours the baby’s way! What causes you to feel separate from your mate? Oftentimes it’s the demanding “to do’s” of home life, careers and parenting. A negative spiral of blame, guilt and resentment begins. These are stories that live on in your mind. What if you could end the repetitive stories of who did what and what’s not good enough? Choose to be in the moment and be with your feelings, rather than your thoughts. You will shift into the emotional realm of feltperception. Rather than stay stuck, keep your emotions and energy moving. Initiate the shift from stories in your head to feelings in your heart by choosing to forgive. Forgiveness begins by putting an end to finger pointing. Let go of guilt, another story in your head. Forgive yourself. The forgiveness process is a means to a clean slate your marriage. Get ready to embrace the steps to reverse roommate syndrome in your marriage.

Spring 2012

1. Become Aware To keep the unique emotional connection of your marriage vibrant, you must have your eyes wide open. Step outside your numbing routine and examine how you are feeling in your partnership. Do you feel isolated, exhausted, or lonely? What are your desires? What are you missing? What do you want more of? Take time to be with these questions and make note of the answers that come to you. Become aware. Often times, the to- do’s of life become blinders, preventing you from truly being with your mate. Awareness is a critical first step in reversing roommate syndrome.

2. What you appreciate, appreciates Think of a financial investment account growing – appreciating. Decide now to stop criticizing, ignoring or gossiping with your friends about your frustrations with your mate. Make a shift to appreciation. Now that you are more aware of what you want, become aware of your mate’s qualities that you admire. Notice his smiling eyes, her sense of humor. Write down what you appreciate about your mate. Appreciation is a highly powerful acknowledgment that will shift both your feelings and your partner's feelings. Gratitude will fill your heart and your partner will feel loved and honored by your expression of appreciation.

Spring 2012

3. Get Physical! Spending time with your partner in close physical contact is the greatest differentiating factor between having a roommate and having a spouse or love partner. With heavy competition from parenting and work, couples cast off physical intimacy as frivolous. It ranks low on the to-do list. Elevate physical intimacy to a form of communication. It is a unique means of communicating with the one you chose to share your life and love with. After all, what makes your mate not your roommate? You get to touch them! Have an intention of reaching over and placing your hand on your spouse’s thigh when in the car. Reach under the table and grab their hand while dining. Offer spontaneous embraces. Stand still and be in the presence of your mate, rather than rushing on to the next item on your list. When you demonstrate your physical connection with your mate, you are nourishing the entire family with love.

4. Love Yourself First! How do you amp up your love for your mate? Love yourself! In order to give, you must have resources. Do you love your body, your actions and words? If there was a speaker that amplified your self-talk, would you allow your children to listen? Are your words gentle or harsh? Do you take great care of yourself by fueling your body with nutritious food? Self-care is the greatest gift you can give to your family. Start speaking lovingly to yourself. Appreciate all that you are. Embrace yourself as perfect and whole just as you are. Fill up with love, to you, from you. Only when you are whole, can your marriage or love partnership launch out of roommate syndrome and into the intimate connection you desire.

Spring 2012

Caption Contest

We asked, “What’s a good caption for this picture? And you responded! Here are our favorites ...

“Farmacy vs. Pharmacy” Winning caption submitted by Alvaro Matta Others we liked: “Prevention vs. Prescriptions” submitted by: Mary Jane “Doctor Bills? or Grocery Bills?” submitted by: Britin “Your Health or Pharmaceutical Wealth?” submitted by: Claudia “Let Seasonal Food be Your Medicine” submitted by: Mary Spring Spring 2012


Meet Daniel Cohen

Daniel’s journey began when he was 13 years old. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy and being the brother of a twin who was involved in all kinds of sports and social activities made it very hard for him to compete. The physical challenges he faced and medications that he was on at the time were killing his spirit. He came up with every excuse in the book to just lay around and do nothing. When he found himself weighing 210 pounds with high cholesterol and acid reflux he realized something had to be done! He read everything he could get his hands on about diet and nutrition, studied all of the exercise books, and with the help of his father started an exercise regime.

Favorite kitchen tool: fork Favorite meal: salmon Favorite pantry item: almond butter Favorite SpringTime vegetables: asparagus and spinach Favorite quote: “When the world says, ‘Give Up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.” - author unknown

Favorite book to recommend to people: Your Best Life Now by: Joel Osteen

Spring 2012

He focused all of his energy into reaching his new goal and in the end lost 80 pounds. He reduced his cholesterol from 290 to 150! Three years after that he took his new lifestyle a step further and began looking into natural ways to manage Epilepsy and deal with the harsh effects of the medications. After much research and a lot of trial and error, he was able to find a nutritional method that worked for him and today suffers fewer and less severe seizures. Daniel obtained his degrees from The Global Institute for Alternative Medicine in 2002 and from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2010. He is now a motivational mindset coach who spends his days working with physically challenged and able bodied men, women and children to help them overcome what is stopping them from reaching their goals, accomplishing their dreams and living the life they always wanted. He does this through motivational breakthrough sessions, customized meal plans and motivational guides.

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Home A Lesson in Learning to Listen to Your Intuition by: MaryJo Briggs

Intuition is often referred to as that sixth sense, a hunch. It’s those gut feelings that make you pause. Whatever we chose to call it, intuition plays a part in our daily decisions. But in our hectic modern day world, intuition has become the forgotten sense for many. You can, however develop your intuition and draw out your natural inner wisdom which will open you up to new possibilities.

I like to think of intuition as the language of the soul. But intuition starts off as a whisper, and you must allow yourself to hear it. It took me the last ten years to develop the strong intuition I now enjoy and live by.

Spring 2012

My yellow brick road had a lot of twists and turns, but ultimately it led me home, to my soul’s deepest desire. Before I learned how to listen to my soul’s calling I had my entire life planned out. I was going to become a lawyer, live in a big city, marry my career and live happily ever after. It was my perfect plan! I can admit now that it was a plan based out of fear. I lacked trust in my own abilities and believed that becoming a lawyer would remedy all fear giving me power and control. Boy was I wrong! Every time I went to apply for law school, something inside me said no. So instead of law school, I went to graduate school with the idea that I’d become a counselor. My first job was as a senior investigator proving or disproving sexual abuse cases. All logic and reason would lend most women (and men) not to take on that sort of responsibility. Visiting cockroach-infested homes with lice ridden and abused children being raised by dysfunctional and often victimized mothers was not an easy job at all. A steady diet of this sort of work can wear at even the strongest individual. Yet my

intuition led me to take that job. Logically it didn’t make sense and to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure I could do the job. But my gut told me the position was the perfect one for me! The power in this job, for me at least, was that it afforded me the opportunity to heal my own life, a life of victimization and abuse. I never set out to heal my own life when I took that job. I was hardly aware of all that I had endured. But somehow my intuition led me to where I needed to be. In a magical way, my intuition allowed me to hone in on the predator instincts of the offenders. I naturally found loopholes in their stories but more importantly, I found myself reading their energy with almost little or no effort on my part. At the time I had no idea that it was my sixth sense at work. I just thought I was good! However, fourteen years and hundreds of investigations later involving public figures, boy scout leaders, and homicidal mothers, my gut began to churn. My job as an investigator was killing me, sucking the life out of me. I had spent countless hours doing the math to determine how I might be able to resign.

Spring 2012

After a nasty divorce which forced me to be the sole provider for my three boys, money was tight and I had barely enough to pay my bills. To most, leaving a job with guaranteed benefits and a great paycheck didn’t make any sense at all. And in this economy, most people thought I was crazy to resign! Yet I wanted and needed a change. In the space of a quiet mind, I recalled years earlier when I was able to successfully use the law of attraction to overcome my bulimia and binge eating. I imagined that if it worked for bulimia it might work for everything else. And it did! As I focused on what I wanted and released what no longer served me, I witnessed amazing changes in my life. I took a big leap of faith and followed my intuition when I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition without knowing how I’d pay for tuition or the travel expenses required at the time. A hunch told me I should enroll. About one week after enrolling, I learned of the Megabus and was able to secure $1 bus tickets to and from Manhattan! My money and travel concerns were solved without worry. While at nutrition school I met women who wanted to heal their relationship with food and I began coaching them to

heal their lives, making more than eight times my hourly salary at my previous investigator’s job. That enabled me to pay off my school tuition and make a difference in the lives of others, which felt great!

beyond my wildest dreams and nothing my rational mind would have ever believed possible.

I suffered serious neurological injuries from a car accident and was forced to see many doctors but something told me These were my first few leaps of faith. to listen to my intuition and live from my They might not seem huge, but to a heart. I ended up attending workshops single mom faced with letting go of the and events led by spiritual teachers. familiar based on a hunch, this was Ironically, there were many days where serious. In each of I had been scheduled these experienced to visit my there was one neurologist or In the space of blissful common thread. I chiropractor but uncertainty, I felt at peace. I had to overcome the upon rising in the knew in my gut that all the lower self and morning, I was overcome clinging to called by pieces would fall together and places, things, something greater that with inspired action I could thoughts and people to ditch the doctors achieve whatever my heart that no longer and attend to what served me. Some mattered to me. desired. people thought I had Driving one hour gone crazy. And at each way to see a times I wondered what I was doing but I doctor who wanted to tell me I was still spent time quieting my logical and not well just didn’t seem like a great use rational mind so that my intuition could of my precious time. take center stage. An ego gone wild is Something deep inside told me that NOT a beautiful thing. going to yoga would do more good than These experiences were my first tastes going to see a headache specialist. of higher wisdom. In this space of Relaxing by the pool could help me heal blissful uncertainty I felt at peace. I more than a shot in the back of my neck. knew in my gut that all the pieces would I had several days when I was scheduled fall together and that with inspired to see doctors and I had fully expected action I could achieve whatever my to follow through. But again, something heart desired. Living by intuition inside me prevented me from taking that started to become a way of life for me. long drive to the physician’s office. But what followed next was something Spring 2012

On one of those days, I ended up driving to Lily Dale Assembly in Cassadaga, New York. I learned of a workshop that held the power to transform people on a very deep level. The name of it: “To Touch The Soul.” I woke up late that day and felt paralyzed about having to cancel yet another doctor’s appointment. But my heart wanted to go to this workshop. I paid my $260 and took my place. That’s when I learned the subtitle of the workshop: “On Becoming A Medium.” Oh my God! What had I gotten myself into? This is where I had to put my trust on overdrive. There was absolutely no way I could logically figure out how I’d be able to give a reading with no prior experience. Once I learned that intuition was my built in system and that it was guiding me to make decisions for my highest good, I began to embrace it. I felt like having such a highly intuitive gift was like having an angel on my shoulder guiding me naturally. I gave my first reading that week. I must admit that I felt strange sharing details that made absolutely no sense to me. As I was led through a brief relaxing exercise, I saw a vision of a teacher holding a huge pointer. The pointer transformed into a dentist pick and the classroom became a dentist office containing only one dentist chair. The word wisdom also appeared in my mind. There were about ten people in my group. After I shared what I saw, a Spring 2012

woman in my group stepped forward sharing that her brother was a teacher and he had been nagging her to go to the dentist to have her wisdom teeth checked out. Another time I met a woman and had a vision of a Moroccan blue pillow as I sensed heavy regretful energy. I told the woman that I felt there was some conflict going on in her life and that while she was happy to be exploring her own life’s desires, I sensed there was a conflict of some sort. This was my fourth reading. And this is what the woman told me after I read her. She said, “My husband is home in Morocco and he is upset with me. He doesn’t understand why I am here studying when we have very little money yet I know this is where I belong.” Later that night I went back to my hotel room, mesmerized and energized knowing that I could trust in things unseen and create anything my heart desired. I later enrolled in a formal in-depth channeling course and am currently a registered psychic medium and spiritual counselor. But you don’t have to go this far to use your intuition. Anyone can tap into the all-knowing place called intuition. I like to think of intuition as getting into yourself. But desire alone will not take you to the greatest place of honoring the gift of intuition. It takes a trained mind, one that is committed to the discipline of meditation and single mindedness. Daily

meditative practices will allow you to connect with your inner self and to express what your soul most desires. Incorporate these practices into your day:

1. Relax and meditate regularly – develop a daily meditation practice. There are many online tools for learning how to meditate. 2. Keep a journal - record your mood, observations, dreams, anything! Just keep writing, using your journal as a tool to help you listen to yourself. 3. Practice visualization – create a vision board of your intentions and desires. Take time each day to look at your vision board and see yourself as having accomplished your goals. 4. Sense the energies of people around you – are the people around you emitting positive your negative energy? 5. Become aware of your own energy field – are you emitting positive or negative energy?

Spring 2012

Would you like to have an intuitive reading with MaryJo? Schedule one here.

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