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2015 IIDPaCT RePOfT: ParTnerSHIPHIGHLIGHTS A few accomplishments by Nourish student interns and partner organizations working together abroad.

Georgia Tech, UGA and Hope College students partnered with Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme to build a ferrocement tank at a local school.


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UCLA and UC-Santa Cruz sent six interns and invested $6,000 with ByoEarth and Guatemala City to develop sustainable agricultural practices.

Eight Syracuse University students worked alongside Global Health Network in Uganda to promote and preserve health care practices.


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Two students from Rice University partnered with Project Amazonas to develop a local solar infrastructure and ease access to water resources.

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College of Charleston - R.I.P.E. (Repurposing Imperfect Produce Effectively) R.I.P.E. was created and pitched at Summer Institute �015. The students of College of Charleston partner with local farmers to reduce food waste within the community. Through the obtainment of low-cost produce (that otherwise goes uneaten due to its appearance), the students create healthy juices to sell to the local community.

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San Diego State University - Kind Campaign Students at San Diego State University provide handmade, one-of-a-kind bracelets for a donation ranging between $3 and $10. A customer receives two of these bracelets with the donation - one for his or herself, the other for a stranger that they witness completing a kind act. This campaign is a way to spread kindness and awareness through generous acts and fashionable rewards.


9 Countries 27 Partnerships 60 chapters $108,000 invesTed 1 NOUrISH MOvement




2015 Impact Report  

Summer 2015 was a major accomplishment for the Nourish movement. Students on 60 campuses and community leaders in 28 partner communities ben...

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