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Progress Plan: Film name: Double Identity Main Characters: Mother Brother Daughter (Noor) I will be creating this trailer as an educational video to show young adults that many teenagers of there age may go against their family traditions and beliefs because of the benefits they get from living in England, however I will in a way try to get a message across that this shouldn’t happen and these teenagers shouldn’t be worried to tell there family about things that they feel or want to do because its right to tell their family how they feel. Things shouldn’t be hidden away because this can sometimes lead to heavy consequences. My storyline is going to be about a young girl who falls between her religion and the society she lives in. Coming from a very strict religious country to a very free westernized country the girl chooses to go against her religion because of all the benefits she can get from living in England. I will make sure I include the 7 key features that the film needs in order to create the ‘Gritty British Realism’ genre which will include British people, location and environment, relationships and attitudes towards others, interests and hobbies, history and culture, political affairs and finally some crime and punishment. This fits into ‘Gritty British realism’ because having so many benefits compared to in many other countries citizens and especially young people living in the UK can get up to really anything they want as long as crime is not involved. For example teenagers are able to leave home if they do not feel happy and instead of the government getting these teenagers back into their family home rather they help them out and give them shelter and income that they can live on with by themselves. Also because of all the rights people can get from living in this country, teenagers believe that it is acceptable for them to be able to do all they want without having to take permission of their parents as long as they are over the age in which the law says; in this case its around the teen years. In this trailer there will be a mix of different ethnicities to represent that the UK and especially London is now one of the most diverse countries. It will be located in London including a few scenes in a household and the estate it’s situated in, a school and the streets. I will aim to have it in a noisy and busy area so I can show that in the UK it can get very crowded. I will be demonstrating a couple of relationships in the trailer. The teenage girl I have chosen will represent two different characteristics about her identity. There will be a relation between the teenage girl and her family which presents one side of her personality; however she will also be presenting another personality in which she vicissitudes into when leaving the home. This character goes through this lifestyle every day from one personality to another. Her attitude towards her family varies to her attitude outside of the home. This gives her a double identity because the way she performs inside her household is very different to the way she behaves outside her household.

Living in the UK has influenced her to have a different idea on her interests and hobbies. This is because compared to her lifestyle in Saudi Arabia she now feels she is free to do what she likes without having to be restricted by the government or family. Her society teaches her something she has never had thought of before which she finds exciting and because she earns money in exchange of what she does, she finds it worth it.

Project Plan  
Project Plan  

describes my ideas for the film