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Furniture Design MA Final Project-’Butler’ To what extent can wardrobes’ design be informed by changes in people’s clothing habits? We all wear clothes everyday. I have given birth to a deconstructed wardrobe that will relieve your morning stress, enhance your bedroom interior and give more soul to your identity. My MA thesis argued how the design of our wardrobes today is not corresponding to our huge clothing consumption, leading to the rise of storage and organization problems. I have created a completely new concept: Butler. Butler, is a collection of four family members, acting as friendly butlers. Their names are George, Mary, Charlie and Molly.

George is the man of the house. He has the biggest storage responsibility, storing the majority of hanging items. He also has the privilege of managing lingerie.

Then there is Mary. She is lovely. She controls everything (although George thinks that he does). She takes care of all the accessories, and most importantly shoes.

Their children, Charlie and Molly both have supporting roles. Charlie helps everyone in the house match their whole outfit. He has an innate sense of style and has the capacity to hold and display single items of clothing, so that you don’t leave the house feeling stressed. He is an angel. Finally Molly deals with all the finishing touches and manages your hair, make-up, jewellery, hair bands and spectacles.

By very deliberately offering only a limited amount of storage space, you will soon become aware of the clothes you don’t wear very much. Butler has a backdrop to help you take photographs to use for internet selling of your things. There is also a container for those items exiting the home on their happy journey to the charity shop, Ebay, or just to the laundry room. Their characters and personality have been influenced by research into familiarity, nostalgia and memory reflected in the surface finishes used, in the detailing and hardware. They are designed to be manufactured, initially, in batches using standard woodworking facilities. They look forward to meeting you!

Personal Project-’The Empty Packs Chair’

This personal project was targeting waste materials and sustainable issues. Under the category of ‘eco-friendly’ furniture, and with around 119 cigarette packs consumed per person yearly, ‘the empty packs’ chair came to life.

Collecting the empty cigarette packs (Marlboro, Gitanes, Rothmans, etc.), they were assembled to form blocks serving as the seat and back of a ‘chair’. With the packs standing vertically, the product was sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person without damaging the form. Louis XIII chair was picked as a frame, going back to its bulky form and 90 degrees back angle. The chair was then tested among people, gathering opinions and suggestions in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Finalist at Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club Pitching Festival-‘Prototype’

Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club is a non-governmental organization founded in 2013 aiming to nurture entrepreneurial culture in Lebanon, with a particular interest in Tripoli. I have participated in the Startup Seeds Program (March 2016), where TEC conducted a bootcamp concerning business plan essentials in order to get to a final Pitching Festival with an innovative business idea-‘Prototype’ was one of the ten finalists.

‘Prototype’ startup idea is a furniture design studio/workshop, where unwanted furniture are hacked and transformed into pieces that answer clients’ contemporary needs and lifestyle.

An old Art Deco chair was chopped into its basic components (seat, back and stiles) and, by adding very little materials to it, was transformed into a bench for reading/drinking coffee, working using one’s laptop, waiting, etc. ‘Prototype’ was exhibited at Safadi Cultural Center during the Pitching Festival, and was later painted -as shown in the picture below- showing its main components.

Design Proposal for The Chamber of Commerce, Tripoli-’The Swivel Cane’

‘The Swivel Cane’ consisted of the traditional Lebanese cane chair found in all old coffee shops of Tripoli. In the course of preparing a design Commerce in Tripoli, the design was traditional handicraft of Tripoli’s typical office chair is highlighting existing furniture so that they can

proposal for a training room in the Chamber of generated on the computer. The blend between the carpenters, along with the swivel base of a the concept and the need for hacking the more suit our modern needs.

Interior Architecture & Design BFA Final Project-’Celsius’ Resto-Pub The final BA project’s brief was to design the interior of a resto-pub, with a given empty plan. ‘Celsius’ is the name of my resto-pub, inspired and set around the cold ambiance theme.

Section AA

Section BB

Section CC

Section DD

Tunnel and barrel vault constitute the main architecture of the resto-pub referring to the interior of ice caverns, in addition to round shapes of glass waste piled together and forming icicles hung from the ceiling. Stalactites and stalagmites meet and cover the existing columns. The tables’ bases used are shaped like stalagmites; cold colours are applied, with blue lighting inside the walls’ elliptical holes.



The mezzanine floor is shaped like a broken iceberg. A stage is placed in the middle of the space, with a lifting mechanism that takes it up from ground floor to the mezzanine level

Perspective view showing the facade of Celsius. Steel strips forming water ripples are inserted into the vinyl flooring

Perspective view showing the beams connecting the column to the mezzanine, providing its support

BFA Loft Project The loft project was right before the final BA project. The brief was to design a loft, for specific residents. My loft resident is a fashion designer.

The kitchen is placed in the middle of the house, with the living room at its front and a garden at its back. The latter works as a barbecue area; Vitrines for mannequins display are provided into the living space.

Section AA

Section CC

The loft colours are restricted to grey and brown. The floor is mixed between parquet flooring and concrete, dividing the areas of the open space.

Section BB

Section DD

The bedroom is situated on the mezzanine level, right above the office area of the fashion designer.

BFA Hotel Lobby Project The hotel lobby project brief was about picking a specific hotel and trying to change its lobby’s design. I picked ‘the mira’ hotel in Hong Kong.

Wavy and thick gypsum board panels are fixed one behind the other, providing guidance routes from entrances and exits.

Section AA

Section BB

Section CC

Section DD

White marble is used for all countertops, and purple colour is applied on walls and sofa fabrics. Three alcoves are present in the sitting and bar area, which provide some privacy for the hotel residents and visitors.

Live Work Project

Following my post as an interior architect at Inscape furniture showroom, I was responsible of the design and execution of this residence in Sahel Alma, Lebanon-entrance, saloon, living room and dining room. The furniture pieces were mostly locally produced (console, bar, dining room, shelves) in Lebanon. The others were picked from the showroom (imported from Turkey). Wallpaper, curtains and accessories were all picked with the client, completing the interior of the open space.

Fashion Experiments Awareness Awards Competition Set by Associated Weavers, Belgium-’The Tactile Outfit’ Live brief: “Awareness Award” AW is looking for a second life for discarded carpet samples and waste that is doomed for landfill. Help us in fighting waste by designing an original product with it. Sound is the theme required.

The design: I decided to make an outfit for the family members of a visually impaired person.

The black and white contrast, as well as the tactility factor, are important for partially sighted people. A jack plug is added on the back, serving as an extension for headphones, and related to the sound theme.

Recylced Ropes-Fashion Furniture With my MA Furniture Design project title ‘fashion furniture’, and with another live project set by ‘Green Peak Gear’-a Community Interest Company set up to collect and reuse/recycle used climbing gear-, I was trying to look at the structural elements in fashion, that can lead to other opportunities-such as hats, skirt and crinoline. One of the ropes’ hats inspired a ropes’ chair. The hats and skirt were all hand stitched together; the ropes of the chair were connected using a soldering iron.

With the ropes’ dress, it was offering a storage capacity within the clothes. Specific shoes and accessories worn with this particular dress can be stored inside it and used when the dress will be worn.

Crafts & Drawings

Tribal Art

Exhibitions & Collaborations Herman Miller & Italy Summer School at Lagostudio (23-28 June 2014) “Bella!”-positive feedback of my wardrobe’s concept from Daniele Lago, CEO of Lagostudioleading furniture design company in Villa del Conte, Veneto, Italy.

MA Art & Design Practice group exhibition of the ‘Beautiful Waste’ introductory project brief at Herman Miller showroom, London (January 2014).

MA Art & Design Practice final show at Herman Miller showroom, London (January 2015).

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 & May Design Series 2015

Some of the MA Art & Design Pratice final projects were exhibited at May Design Series 2015, and ‘Butler’ was among the pieces!

Meeting at the ‘WorkStation’ in St Johns Lane, Lee Probert, the marketing leader at Herman Miller, trained us for promoting the ‘Kivo’ product around the streets of Clerkenwell.

Upcoming Projects... Interior Design Project in Dam W Farez, Tripoli & New Tribal Art Paintings

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