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Revolution simplification 2012 This project is a conceptual art work, contains a simple vision for the definition of the revolution elements, mainly the protesters and the security men (army and police men) and a comparison between both of them and their elements, tools and weapons. Every element in the design has a meaning, a function and a story, also the arrangement of the elements has a reason and a concept.

The first design “The revolutionists” is simplifying the protesters, their elements, things they used, their ways to spread news.

The second design “the regime protectors” is simplifying the security men (army and police men) their weapons, elements, things they used. By comparing the first and the second design, each column in the first has the complementary in the second design, for example the tear gas bombs has a complementary elements which is “coca-cola bottles and a mixture of yeast and water spray”, in front of the tank there is a motor bike as both are transportation

Nouran Sherif's Portfolio  
Nouran Sherif's Portfolio  

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