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Umeå 2014 - EYP Sweden’s 1st Youth Forum

Growth through culture? Umeå Youth Forum will be revolving around the concept of culture as a driving force in development. Culture spans over everything from scenery and cuisine to art and democracy, promotes entrepreneurship, employment and competitiveness. The topics proposed to participants thus aim to explore the wide ranging aspects of culture. ” Big enough to be taken seriously, small enough to make it happen!” Striving for progress, citizens need to become active participants in initiating changes and improvements, rather than being passive bystanders. In the mindset of educating youth to take initiative, delegates in Umeå will be discussing current European affairs to propose actions they themselves can take. Resolutions will thus call for ideas and actions from young people, rather than merely encourage them to conceptualize solutions and then await for governments or EU institutions to take action.



- Organisational excellence, with one goal: make Umeå 2014 the best funded EYP event in Sweden since the IS in 2009. - Midnight sun - Explore how culture determines growth - Develop your intercultural skills - Visit the European Capitol of Culture, Umeå! - Experience and help create a completely unique forum - Better your communication and cooperation skills - Improve your English - Dance in the “Happy” room - Make coffee, and help organise brilliant coffee breaks!

- You! For organisers we have decided to value dedication and enthusiasm over age, so no age limit for those of you applying as orgas. - 120 participants - The European Youth Parliament, Sweden - University students from all over Europe - Maria Manolescu (president), Benjamin Brown (Vice-president), and Christian Macht (editor) Organisers

When? - Arrivals before 12 am on June 11th. - 17th if you want to stay for the Midsummer-style farewell party


Dear future orga, We are very happy that you are considering to apply as an organiser to Umeå Youth Forum (UYF), and we hope that reading a bit more about our plans for the forum will convince you further! Through organising EYP Sweden’s 1st Youth Forum the goal has been to open up EYP for Swedish University students, or generally people that are 18+ and have yet to experience the wonderful world of EYP. The head organisers have, as of May 2013, been working on developing the concept for the Youth Forum; and as you know we settled for Growth Through Culture. This of Europe this year. The activities we plan for the event are (apart from the traditional EYP elements Team Building, Committee Work and General Assembly) a Night of Culture including culture workshops, theatre tutorials, live music and EuroConcert. We are arranging a Brännboll tournament where we plan to have the committees play against each other, we will also host a GloboVillage, clothing, music and language should they wish (only their own creativity can limit them). We are Swedish Midsummer celebrations when the forum is over.

Psyched yet? We know you are! Apply to join us in Umeå as an organiser, and help us realise this! Head Organisers

Organisers 1. 2. 3. 4.

Comfortable with the basic EYP methods and interested in going beyond them; Eager to learn and develop; Easy going but responsible; Responsive and problem-solving induvidials who can take initiative; Experienced of working in teams;

6. 7. 8.

Fixers; needs; On time;

Apply submit it by Sunday the 2nd of Mars at 23:59 CET. The selection panel will consist of the Head organisers (Astrid Vikstrรถm and questions may be asked for the panel to better get to know and understand the applicant. To be able to asure a high level of organisational skills in the team we ask you to provide an EYP referene for us to contact to consult during the selection

About Umeå Umeå is roughly 600 km north of Stockholm and sits on an inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia that separates Sweden and Finland. Travelling this far north in the summer months you are likely to see the midnight sun and Sweden’s north is bathed in almost constant daylight at this time of year. As well as being the European Capital of Culture in 2014, Umeå can also claim to be the northernmost capital of culture, located as it is in northern Sweden, a place of extreme natural beauty and rugged wilderness (and culture, of course).

Night of culture


Among the highlights of the event, a Night of Culture is planned, a night where all of Umeå is invited to join us in celebrating through dance, song, rap, beatbox or whichever artistic expression one preferes. This event is to be co-organised with one of Umeå’s most prominent Culture Organisations for Youth: Hamnmagasinet.

The various culinary traditions of the globe will be explored during GloboVillage - spending dinner learning about the culinary customs of the cultures of the world, through walking from table to table talking to and tasting the food the delegates representing different cultures have brought with them.

Culture workshops

the opportunity to express themselves creatively; the results of this afternoon will be put on display in the Municipal Library after the session, but also available for guests to admire during the GA the last day. These forum elements not only tie back to the overall theme of the session and it’s essential element of co-creation, but also add further dimensions to the notion of learning about culture, and the different aspects thereof, by hands on experience.


Session venues Scandic Hotel Ume책 Syd


Hotel venue

Committee work venue


Welcome to EYP Sweden Decision makers



Welcome! 1000+ members 5 regional committees 4+ annual trainings 1 National Session 4 Regional Sessions 20 + regional events

Q&A Q: When is the deadline to apply?

Q: How do I reach Ume책?

the 2nd of Mars.

either Bromma or Arlanda Airport. For more suggestions, feel free to contact the organisers.

Q: How much will it cost me?

Q: Should I apply? A: Yes.

parts of their travel expenses.

Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Q: What can I apply as? A: You can apply as organiser. A call for individual delegates will be out in the middle of February.

A: Send an email to if your question is concerning the session. Email for any questions about the selection of organisers.


Umeå 2014 - Call for Organisers  

The call for Organisers to Umeå 2014- EYP Sweden's 1st Youth Forum is now out. Josefine Wallenå and Astrid Vikström are Head organising this...