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Call for: Journalists and Video-editors

European Youth Parliament Sweden

Editorial team: Célia Poncelin (FR) Erdem Osman Topçu (TR) Fahad Saher Fahad (NL) – Ed. Assistant

The 10th National Session of EYP Sweden “Bridging the divide between me & Europe, Europe & I” Website: Deadline: 3rd of December, 2013, 23:59 CET.

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Call for Journalists and Video-editors Media Team Vision Dear fellow EYPer, EYP Sweden is now happy to launch the call for Journalists and Video-editors to the 10th National Session of EYP Sweden. The session is presided by Zahra Runderkamp (NL), and edited by Célia Poncelin (FR), Erdem Osman Topçu (TR) and Fahad Saher Fahad (NL, ed. Assistant). They are now looking for multi-talented, responsible, creative and competent members to join their Media Team. The city of Gothenburg, situated on the West coast, will be hosting this event. “Bridging the divide between me & Europe, Europe & I” is the theme of the 10th National Session of EYP Sweden, which aims to raise awareness of European issues, encourages an active European citizenship, intercultural dialogue and a diversity of ideas and practices among young people. The session takes place January 31st – February 3rd, 2014. As the session officially kicks-off on the 31st of January, officials are kindly requested to arrive one day prior to this, that is the 30th of January to provide ample time for officials’ teambuilding and training. Additionally, in order to secure a professional and experienced international Media Team, we will offer up to 50 euros in travel compensation to each international journalist attending the session and up to 100 euros for the video-editor, to be received upon presentation of receipts at the session. It goes without saying that there will be no participation fees for international guests and that all expenses during the session will be covered by EYP Sweden. The editorial team has provided a vision for the session that you can read here:

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What are we looking for? Creativity in all aspects of the Pressroom, Multi-talented journalists, Relevant skills and competences of several aspects of journalism, Journalists who can distinguish themselves in terms of versatility, Journalists ready to work hard and hold some both individual as well as common responsibilities.

What do we want to achieve? The ideal team would have ability to work towards a common vision by redirecting individual accomplishments towards collective objectives. Key words: Interacting, Focusing, Inspiring. Vision •

2 workshops

European Youth Parliament (EYP) Sweden

Two workshops of 45 minutes are given throughout the session. The content of the workshop is laid out by the journalists beforehand and will split the delegates into different groups according to their preferences. The aim is to encourage delegates to destroy the box (rather than thinking outside of it) and to have an cultural, inspirational, and/or academic interaction about topics. •

Open space interaction

We would like to use the open space that will be given to us to encourage interaction among the participants of the session. It’ll be up to the Media Team to come up with some ideas about how we want to increase the interaction in common spaces during breaks. Our philosophy includes keeping the journalists highly active and visible around and during the course of the session. We like to think that our pressroom should be open to everyone at any given time to visit and inspire us when the opportunity presents itself. Moreover, we fundamentally believe that having not only the Media Team, but all participant groups, intermingling with each other differentiates the good sessions from the excellent ones. •

Two issues

We aim to publish two issues during the session. The first general topic is yet to be defined by the Media Team. Our vision includes laying an inspirational emphasis for this issue rather than publishing long and academic articles. We intend to devote the second issue to the memorable moments of the session. •

Three videos

The selected video-editor will be responsible for the vision of the video content. •

Social Media

A continuously updated Facebook page will be primarily used to share our articles, photos, and videos from the session. We also intend to launch a basic session blog where all the articles are uploaded and shared with a broad audience. How are we going to achieve this? Our vision for the Media Team is a realistic one. We like to believe that quality beats quantity. Ideally, we want to stimulate the quality of the personal input of the journalists as much as possible. The Media Team will be provided with a framework where each member will be responsible for the realisation of his or her own personal projects. In order to realise this, the journalists will receive the open space and freedom to create and further develop their own original projects and ideas during the session. We consider that our role as editors will be to set up a framework for the entire Media Team next to the guidance and assistance we will provide. Ultimately, all content will be created with the Media Team as a whole. With hope that we receive your application! Yours faithfully, Hugo Dürr and Maya Moss Head Organisers

Zahra Runderkamp President

Noura Berrouba EYP Sweden

10th National Session of EYP Sweden: Call for Journalists and Video-editors  

EYP Sweden is now happy to launch the call for Journalists and Video-editors to the 10th National Session of EYP Sweden. The session is pres...