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Traditional Seating Project By: Hala El-Lakkis & Noura Aji

Furniture Design II FDA Spring 2013 Interior Masters II-B

The Celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday Country: Syria

Event: Mawlid “Birth of the Prophet” is the observance of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which occurs in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar The term Mawlid is also used in some parts of the world, such as Egypt, as a generic term for the birthday celebrations of other historical religious leaders. In Syria specifically , men gather around in mosques or religious places to celebrate the birth of the prophet. The celebration begins with a prayer , then a group of 5 to 6 men play their instruments while saying praises to the prophet. This goes on for an hour or two , then lunch and desert are served to all the guests who are part of this celebration.

Concept and Initial Sketches Sketches showing the different patterns to be used

Purpose of design: chairs for the musicians Inspirational images of typical Syrian furniture made out of mosaics

Technical Drawings Front View

Back View

Technical Drawings

Side View

Top View

Technical Drawings Joints used

Materials Wood


Leather cushion with the mosaics pattern printed


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Traditional Seating-Cultural