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Furniture Design Mohamad Shabarek Nour Hashem Juana Cadavid

Crib for an Adoption Agency •Age: 0-1 years •Inspiration: Carrousel •Cribs for a nursery in an adoption agency.


Side View

Top View

Front View

Final Crib Rotating system included.


Measurements of a circled crib • • • • • •

Diameter: 116 cm Space between each bar: 7.3 cm Height: 193 cm from the floor to the base of the crib Mattress: Height: 127 cm Diameter: 106 cm

Mortise and Tenon joints • One of the most basic and widely used joints in furniture making is the mortise-and-tenon. This joint can be used to join the rails and stiles on frame-and-panel doors, the aprons to the legs of tables, and the rails to the posts or legs of chairs. Because of the deep penetration of the tenon into the mortise, wood parts can be supported securely, even without the benefit of glue. There are many variations to the mortise-and-tenon. The tenon can be stopped or continue through a board, and it can be reinforced with pins or wedges.

Carrousel presentation final  

Olga's project baby crib FDA