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Chapter one;     ! I  never  believed  that  I  was  beautiful  I   wasn’t  even  presentable  .  I  turned  16   an  hour  ago.  It  felt  different  in  some   sort  of  way,  I  felt  more  mature  and   grown  up.  And  most  importantly,  I  felt   more  independent.  It  was  tradition  in   our  family,  that  as  soon  as  you  would   turn  16,  you  would  cut  off  the  tips  of   your  hair.  I  already  messed  up  the   tradition  because  it  has  been  an  hour   since  I  turned  16.  I  always  mess  things   up  I  could  never  get  things  right,  ever.  I   decided  to  cut  my  hair  anyway,  so  I   walked  into  the  room  where  the  thing  I   hated  most  was.  A  mirror.  I  don’t  like   them.  I  have  always  hated  them.  My   mother  always  said  that  I  have  a   ‘problem’  because  I  hate  mirrors.  They  

just represented  vanity  in  my  opinion.   Many  people  would  still  believe  I  am   afraid  of  them,  but  I  am  not.  I  looked  at   myself  in  the  mirror.  I  wanted  to  look   away  but  I  couldn’t.  there  it  is,  the   vanity  is  starting  to  get  to  me.  I  felt  my   eyes  from  my  reElection  stare  into  my   soul.  My  eyes  are  as  green  as  emeralds.   My  parents  would  always  tell  me  that   before  they  ‘left’.  My  hair  was  a   mixture  of  2  shades  of  brown.  I  am   quite  tall  and  really  pale  but  I  didn’t   have  clear  skin.  My  hair  reached  to  my   mid-­‐back.  I  also  have  freckles  across   my  nose  and  cheeks.  They  look   hideous.  My  long,  dark  eyelashes  really   deEined  my  eyes.  I  would  say  the  only   thing  I  liked  about  my  self  were  my   eyes.  My  parents  always  told  me  that   my  eyes  were  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind.  I  have  

always loved  the  way  they  looked.   Eventually  I  started  to  cut  off  my  hair.   It  now  reached  to  my  shoulders.  “It’s   different  now”  I  said  myself  as  I  looked   into  the  mirror.   ! I  am  not  really  interesting.  I  am   worthless  and  I  always  mess  things  up   for  me  and  other  people  possibly.  I  was   alone.  I  ,  well  not  everyone  who  is  still   alive,  lives  on  this  land  here.  I  had  no   one.  They  brought  me  in  here  because   they  told  me  that  I  was  ‘special’.  I   didn’t  know  why  until  my  previous   birthday.  My  parents  ‘left’  me  at  the   age  of  7.  I  was  terriEied.  “  The  world   out  there  is  chaos”.  My  mother  told  me   before  she  ‘left’.  “  You  will  not  be  able   to  survive  a  minute  out  there,  stay  safe   here.  With  us”  they  told  me.  I  thought  

about escaping  once,  but  I  had  failed  to   do  so.  It  wasn’t  that  easy  as  you  might   think.  There  were  guards  everywhere   around  this  land.  Since  then,  I  wasn’t   even  allowed  to  think  about  escaping,   but  to  be  honest,  that’s  all  I  ever   wonder  about.  My  life  is  full  of   problems.  The  biggest  on  is  I  am  not   17  yet.  I  am  not  legally  an  adult.  In  my   land,  to  become  a  legal  adult,  you  must   be  17  and  above.  I  had  just  turned  16,   now  I  have  to  wait  on  more  year.    Why   do  you  have  to  wait  one  more  year?   You  may  ask.  It’s  because  at  that  age,  I   will  be  able  to  reveal  who  I  really  am.  “   One  choice  deEines  you”.  I  have  been   told.  “You  see  this  one  choice,  only  this   one,  makes  you.  It  decides  who  you   really  are  ”    ‘they’  said.  When  I  am  17,  I   will  be  able  to  go  on  my  quest.  On  my  

way there,  my  actions,  my  reactions,   my  bravery  are  the  things  I  will  be   judged  on.  I  am  really  scared  but  I  seek   to  know  what  my  future  holds.  I  have   to  and  I  will  Eind  out  soon.  If  not   sooner,  than  later.  So  now  that  you   know  my  story,  you  will  reach  the   point  of  knowing  that  my  life  is  a   complete  mess.  I  never  get  anything  I   want.  Its  not  as  easy  as  you  might   think,  living  without  parents  is  the   hardest  thing  I  ever  had  to  do.  Having   my  parents  around  is  all  I  could  ask  for   right  now.     ! Now,  that  I  really  I  cant  do  anything   about  my  age  nor  my  parents  besides   wait  for  a  miracle  or  something  like   that,  I  decided  to  get  out  of  the  house   for  a  while.  I  always  used  to  go  and  sit  

on a  cliff  at  the  end  of  the  border  of   this  land  I  live  on.  I  used  to  go  there   when  I  was  13  or  14,  to  empty  my   head  of  senseless  thoughts  and  to  just   prevent  over  thinking.  I  got  the  idea  of   going  there  again.  It’s  is  my  hide  out   since  I  was  13.   I  regularly  go  there  when  I  am   depressed,  upset  or  when  I  feel  like   crying.  It  just  helps  me  get  away  from   all  that  chaos  and  out  there.  I  am   always  alone.  No  one  ever  knew  that  I   come  here.  No  one  even  knew  that  this   place  even  existed.  That  was  actually   the  best  thing  about  it.  I  usually  liked   being  alone  since  I  was  used  to  it.  I  was   really  hoping  I  could  be  alone  for  today   on  that  cliff.  But  today  wasn’t  that  day.   It  was  the  day  I  hoped  would  never   come.  Someone  found  out  about  my  

hideout! I  freaked  out  and  just  wanted   to  scream  at  the  top  of  my  lungs  but  I   couldn’t.  There  was  a  boy  standing   across  the  other  end  of  the  cliff.  He   was  extremely  attractive.  I  wasn’t   going  to  lie.  I  was  standing  there,   looking  worse  than  ever,  and  it  wasn’t   the  best  way  to  impress  him.  I  was   wearing  old  jeans  that  sagged,  a  worn   out  old  V-­‐neck,  which  was  black.  And   my  hair  was  really  bad.  That  ‘hair  cut’  I   gave  myself  wasn’t  the  best.  Why  do  I   never  get  things  right?  I  looked  simply   terrible.  I  wasn’t  presentable  in   anyway.  I  looked  worse  than  usual.   Surprisingly,  he  started  a  conversation   with  me.  My  mind  was  racing.  I   couldn’t  gather  my  thoughts  together,   what  do  I  even  say?   “  Hi,  there”  he  started  

“Umm, hey”       “You  look  tired”  he  chuckled   “No  I  was  just,  uh  running”  I  lied   “Okay,  what’s  your  name  then?”  he   asked   “Sage”  I  said  simply   “That’s  a  cool  name”  he  complemented   me.   “Thanks,  what’s  yours?”   “Sam”  he  smiled     “That’s  a  great  name  too”  I  half-­‐smiled.     “You’re  new  here  right?”  I  assured     “Yeah,  I  guess.  And  you?”   “No,  I  have  been  here  my  entire  life  I   guess”   “Oh,  so  you  know  what  you  are?”   “No,  I  just  turned  16  today”  I  said   “I  am  16  too!  I  can’t  wait  to  go  on  my   quest”  

“Same here!  So,  how  are  you  liking  the   place  so  far?”     “Not  so  much  to  tell  you  the  truth”     “Well,  I  think  you’ll  Eit  in  just  Eine  then”   I  smiled   “I  hope  so”   “You  will,”  I  smiled    “So  what’s  your  story”  I  asked     “Its  not  the  best,  but  here  goes.  I  was   born  in  America,  Austin  and  I  was   raised  there  too.  My  dad  walked  out  on   us  at  the  age  of  4.  I  was  left  with  my   mom.  My  mom  hated  me  too;  she   couldn’t  afford  living  with  me.    At  the   age  of  8,  she  decided  to  put  me  in  an   orphanage  in  New  York.  I  was   devastated.  How  can  she  leave  me  like   that?”    

I was  now  at  the  moment  where  I   thought  we  were  alike.  I  was  true  ‘till   now  but  he  then  continued.     “Then  this  war  happened  which  as  you   should  know,  caused  chaos  to  happen.   So  by  11,  I  was  asked  to  go  with  2   people  that  I  did  not  know  they  where.   The  orphanage  told  me  that  I  wasn’t   normal  and  locked  me  up  in  a  room  so   I  could  not  associate  with  anyone,  until   these  2  people  came  and  took  me.   Apparently  it  was  not  legal  for  me  to   get  adopted  because  of  my  un-­‐ normality.  I  didn’t  know  why  or  how  I   wasn’t  normal.  So  I  just  went  along   with  it”   “So  you  had  to  travel  for  5  years?”  I   gasped.   “Yeah,  the  orphanage  was  far  from  her.   I  grew  up  on  the  road  I  guess.  It  wasn’t  

easy, that’s  for  sure.  Anyway,  so  on  that   trip  I  took  for  Eive  years,  when  I  turned   13,  they  decided  to  tell  me  every  thing   that  was  going  on.  I  was  really  shocked   and  scared  when  they  told  me.  So   apparently  I  wasn’t  normal  because  I   had  a  scar  on  my  right  arm.  That  was   the  sign  that  they  knew  that  a  person   want  normal,  I  believed  them  even   though  all  this  was  unbelievable  and   hard  for  my  brain  to  process  as  I  was   only  13.  It  was  real.  They  were  not   lying.  My  mother  had  called  me  and   explained  that  she  wanted  me  dead  or   away  from  her.  She  didn’t  want  me  to   even  be  her  son,  and  then  she  dis-­‐ owned  me.  I  was  upset  but  I  didn’t   really  care  anymore  as  she  did  this   because  she  hated  me  and  didn’t  want   to  have  a  freak  for  a  son.  I  understood.  

1 of  the  men  told  me  that  she  was  a   muggle  and  I  should  ignore  her.   ”You’re  not  a  freak,  you’re  special,”  He   said  to  me.  I  felt  good  about  myself.  I   decided  to  hate  my  mother  back  but  I   couldn’t.  I  still  loved  her.  It  bothered   me  that  I  cared  so  much  for  a  person   that  hated  me  and  unclaimed  me  as   their  son.”   “Wow”  I  simply  said   “  If  you  don’t  like  me  now,  its  okay.  I   get  it”  he  smiled  looking  hurt.   “  No,  now  I  like  you  even  more,  your   story  is  incredible.  You’re  so  strong”     “Thank  you  sage,  you  didn’t  tell  me   what’s  your  last-­‐“   “  Sage  Lewis”  I  cut  him  off   “  Cool”  he  smiled.   I  was  sat  there  looking  at  the  beautiful   mountain  range  from  a  distance.  This  

world is  very  beautiful,  but  humans   ruined  it.  I  realized  that  Sam  knew   more  than  me.  All  I  knew  is  that  this   was  a  ‘witness  protection  program’.   That’s  all  I  ever  knew.  I  always   wondered  where  I  got  this  scar  from,  it   all  made  sense  now.     “It  all  makes  sense  now”  I  said   “  What  do  you  mean?”   “  All  I  knew  is  they  gathered  all  the   people  that  weren’t  normal  in  this   witness  protection  program  to  protect   them  from  all  that  chaos  out  there.  But   I  never  knew  what  this  scar  meant   until  you  clariEied  it  to  me.  We  all  are   special  and  we  have  special  abilities.   We  are  unique  in  our  own  way  that  no   one  can  even  see  it.  We  are  capable  of   things  not  one  living  soul  out  there  is   capable  of.  So  yes,  we  are  not  freaks  

Sam, we  are  special.  We  have  powers   and  challenges  ahead  of  us  and  I  am  up   for  it”  I  was  regretting  telling  him   about  the  powers,  why  did  I  just  do   that?   “  Wait,  what  powers,”  he  immediately   asked   “Um,  I  don’t  think  it’s  the  right  time  for   you  to  know  since  you’re  new  here  so   leave  that  for  now”  I  half-­‐  smiled.   He  just  nodded.  His  big  brown  eyes   were  so  beautiful.  They  just  shone  all   the  time.  Its  amazing  how  one  feature   about  a  person  can  make  them  so   perfect.  His  dark  brown  hair,  brushed   up  in  a  neat  quaff.  He  was  well  built   and  was  a  little,  well  a  lot  taller  than   me.  Before  I  met  him  I  thought  I  was   tall  for  my  age  but  I  guess  not.  He  was   pale,  very  pale.  He  also  had  freckles  

just like  mine  but  his,  they  looked  like   they  where  neatly  lined  from  one   cheek,  across  his  nose  reaching  the   other  cheek.  His  face  was  so  attractive.   Unlike  me,  my  freckles  where  just   scattered  around  my  face.  He  also  had   long  dark  eyelashes  just  like  mine,  but   his  deEined  his  eyes  more.  I  guess  we   have  the  same  features  but  somehow,   his  were  better  than  mine  will  ever  be.   The  thing  I  hated  about  myself  was,  I   was  very  impatient.  I  wanted  to  know   what  I  was.  This  land  here  protects   people  like  my  self  and  Sam,    but  I   really  want  to  go  out  there.  This  land   was  made  of  an  abandoned  land  by  the   muggles,  so  they  took  it  and  turned   into  a  witness  protection  program   when  they  found  the  Eirst  un-­‐ordinary   person.  We  call  humans  “muggles”.  

They aren’t  allowed  in  here  for  their   and  our  own  safety.  There  is  a  magical   border  that  protects  the  land  from   them  entering.     The  thing  about  the  quest  you  get   when  you’re  17  is;  they  send  you  off  in   the  ‘real  world’  even  though  millions   die  every  day;  they  give  you  a   destination  you  have  to  reach.  Whilst   you  go  there,  you  will  face  lots  of   difEiculties.  It’s  super  hard.  When  you   get  to  your  destination  eventually   because  you  might  die  on  your  way   there,  there  is  a  stool-­‐like-­‐object  which   holds  a  goblet  in  which  holds  your   future.  The  future  you’ll  live  with  until   the  day  you  die.  For  some  it  might  be   great  and  for  some,  not  so  much.   !

We are  sorted  into  4  groups;  muggles,   which  are  the  powerless,  sometimes   they  do  Eind  the  scar  on  your  hand  but   it  turns  out  to  be  an  accident.  So  they   let  you  go  and  never  allow  you  to   return.  The  second  group;  the   immortals,  these  are  usually  the  most   powerful  of  all,  they  never  loose  their   powers  under  any  circumstances  and   they  never  die.  I’ve  always  wanted  to   be  an  immortal,  it  seems  so  cool,  but  I   spend  my  time  worrying  about  being  a   muggle  or  something  like  that.  The   third  group,  half  bloods.  Now  these  are   super  cool.  They  are  half  gods!  They   are  the  children  of  the  Greek  gods.  The   fourth  group,  wizards  and  witches.   They  have  magical  powers  and  they   live  longer  than  half  bloods  and   muggles.  So  now  I  am  just  pleading  to  

go on  my  quest  because  I  am  dying  to   know  what  I  am.  I  am  still  sitting  on   that  cliff  next  to  Sam  with  all  of  these   crazy  thoughts  running  through  my   head  as  I  stare  into  his  beautiful,  big   brown  eyes  he  stared  back  into  my   soul,  I  felt  tingly  at  his  sight.  I  felt   uncomfortable.  I  guess  he  decided  to   break  the  silence  and  talk  to  me.   “So  umm,  where  are  your  parents?”   “Well,  they  uh  left”   “Oh,  I  am  sorry.  They  died?”   He  asked  looking  really  concerned     “No!”  I  yelled   “They  just  left!”  I  exclaimed     I  felt  my  cheeks  starting  to  heat  up,  my   eyes  starting  to  water  and  the  anger   building  up  and  boiling  inside  of  me.   How  could  he  even  say  something  like   that?  I  have  no  idea  where  my  parents  

are, but  wherever  they  are,  they  are   not  dead!  At  least  I  hope.  He  really  got   me  to  the  thought  of  thinking  they  are   dead.  I  stared  to  get  scared  and  hurt.     “  I  am  really  sorry  I  didn’t  mean  to-­‐“   He  started   “Why  would  you  assume  my  parents   are  dead”  I  cut  him  off.  I  felt  the  tears   drop  out  off  my  eyes,  streaming  down   my  cheeks  and  eventually  I  started   crying  even  harder.     I  cursed  a  little  bit  under  my  breath  so   he  can’t  hear  me.     “  Because  Sage  Lewis,  when  someone   says  someone  else  left,  it  means   they’re  dead!”  he  said  with  his  voice   starting  to  get  louder  as  he  stood  up,   putting  his  hands  in  his  pockets.  I   could  tell  he  was  nervous  at  this  point.    

“Well, your  parents  left  you,  do  you   think  their  dead?”  I  asked  sarcastically   but  I  felt  guilty  immediately  because  I   knew  he  trusted  me  with  his  story;   which  wasn’t  really  nice.  He  has  been   through  more  than  me,  but  on  the   other  hand  how  could  he  say  my   parents  are  dead?   He  just  stared  at  me   “Well,  they  are  not  dead!”  I  said  with  a   calmer  voice  as  I  stood  up.  My  eyes   were  blood-­‐shot  red  by  now.     “I  am  really  sorry,  I  didn’t  mean  to  hurt   you  Sage”   “I  really  don’t  know  who  to  trust   anymore”  I  said  burying  my  head  into   my  arms   “  You  see,  I  never  believed  in  equality   nor  will  I  ever,”  I  said  

“Why so  hard?”  he  asked  chuckling  a   little.   “  This  world  we  live  in,  made  me  loose   my  faith  in  every  thing,  in  love,   equality  and  even  myself,”  I  said   “  Why  are  you  always  so  hard  on   yourself,  if  you’re  too  serious,  life  will   get  tired  of  you”  he  said   I  just  nodded   “  Time  for  dinner”  I  said   “  Okay,  but  will  you  come?”  he  asked   taking  my  hand   “  Sure”  I  smiled   We  went  to  the  main  hall  where  dinner   was  hosted.  We  were  just  talking  about   random  stuff  on  the  way  there.  It  was   actually  nice  having  a  friend  like  Sam.   He  really  cared  about  me  and  treated   me  gently.  He  always  seemed  to  have   everything  in  black,  it  got  me  curious;  

was he  depressed  or  was  I  just  seeing   things?  On  another  not,  we  went  and   sat  together  on  a  dinner  table.   “I  have  an  announcement  to  make”   The  ruler  and  founder  of  our  land   yelled.  I  looked  at  Sam  in  a  sacred-­‐   frightened  way  and  he  looked  like  that   too.   “Don’t  worry  it  is  going  to  be  Eine”   he  told  me  with  a  broken  smile.  

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