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Volte-faced: Hard leather jackets to sweet silks. Ostentation of youth to earnestness of adulthood.

This story starts in 2008, when Nour studded her first leather jacket. What started out for her as an avocation, creating personalized jackets for friends and family – quickly transformed into success. Boutiques from Paris to the Middle East began requesting her limited-edition designs and the brand was born.

Not one to rest on her bespoke laurels, the Nour Hammour ready-to-wear collection gives young ladies around the world the chance to glint, wink, shimmer and shine. Nour Hammour captures the Parisian aesthetic of the minimalist silhouette draped in a decadent palette of embellishments. Shimmering crystals, lustrous metals, indulgent furs – we genuflect before the Altar of Glam. The 2012 pre-fall collection advances a pragmatic yet quixotic modus operandi of day to night dressing codes. The debut line is characterized by intelligent tailoring and opulent jewelling. At a stroke, Nour Hammour is the revelation of Right Bank sensibility contrasted by our love of opulent accoutrements.

ALTERNATE NAME Short Shearling Coat BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE Consectandus vellus The stand-up collar slants downward into the off-center zip placket while buckles and welt pockets accent the front.

USUALLY FOUND From Chamonix Chalets to Mongolian mineral mines, paying no attention to the gentlemanly advances of après heli-skiing suitor. OBSERVATIONAL TIPS Up the creep factor by booking a table a cote d'Eden's star table or secure voisin status with a ski-in chalet.

MOTTO Do your damnedest in an ostentatious manner all the time. - George Patton IPOD REPLAY “We Are Young” by Fun

volte-faced: hard leather sweet silks ostentation of youth earnestness of adulthood.


ELL IN LOVE WITH A RENCH BOY Alternate Name Cropped Swing Coat Binomial Nomenclature Consectandus oscillatio

The cashmere cropped swing coat with bracelet sleeves lightens up your winter wardrobe with a ladylike élan. Swarovski crystals and studding and a demi zip add extra panache. HABITAT MOTTO Amidst Le Nôtre's Parisian I call everyone 'Darling' masterpiece, from l'Arc du because I can't remember their Carrousel to Jeu de Paume. names. - Zsa Zsa Gabor OBSERVATIONAL TIP Perch yourself at teahouses in IPOD REPLAY the VIème Arrondissement or” Baby, It's Cold Outside” by amongst faux-hunt Louis XV Doris Day antiquities at Biron market.


This long, leather and dyed shearling coat radiates heat as well as winter sophistication. The oversized hood lends additional warmth, while a sturdy zipper keeps out the cold.

Usually found Bone-chilling temperatures of the Red Square variety, habitually eating royal caviar with one hand and sending Cyrillic text to her hockey player boyfriend(s) on the other. Observational tips Hold loose diamonds in an outstretched hand and stand very, very still.

Motto It is not possible to eat me without insisting that I sing praises of my devourer? - Fyodor Dostoyevsky iPod Replay "All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u.


ALTERNATE NAME Structured Leather Moto Jacket BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE Exstructa moto

Metallic hardware fortifies the sleek lines of the leather moto jacket. A stand-up collar with strap is punctuated with embellishments from fur to studs and rhinestones. USUALLY FOUND Coming to a screeching motorcycle halt on metropolitan sidewalks occupied by pedestrians and terrace cafes, followed by a slowmotion dismount and helmet removal hair flip. OBSERVATIONAL TIPS Ought to possess an acute eye, a sharp reflex and a lead foot. MOTTO I don't say we all ought to misbehave, but we ought to look as if we could. - Orson Welles IPOD REPLAY “April 29, 1992� Sublime



Alternate Name ! Leather Utility Jacket ! Binomial Nomenclature ! Utilitas tunicas !

Long sleeved leather and wool utility jacket is designed with a sturdy snap closures and a stand-up collar. Four pockets adorn the front and an adjustable waist allows for either a relaxed leather jacket or a cinched peplum effect. The shoulders are accented with snap epaulettes.! ! ! ! ! ! !! USUALLY FOUND ! !! Glamping in a yurt or avoiding aquatic romantic disasters. ! OBSERVATIONAL TIPS!! Best observed from a distance. One is advised to spy with a pair of wildlife binoculars or a spotting scope.! MOTTO ! ! ! !! If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. ! – Katharine Hepburn ! IPOD REPLAY! ! !! “Roady” by Fat Freddy's Drop !

Alternate Name ! Structured Leather Perfecto " Binomial Nomenclature !" Exstructa otcefrep " Streamlined and structured, this perfecto variation gives a fresh perspective to our classic allseason essential. The off-center placket zips up to the notched collar, detailed with a sleek diagonal strap that snaps into place, offering extra protection. On-seam pockets sit at the sides and epaulettes snap over the shoulders. " !






Habitat !" Urbanite landscapes, most often spotted cutting to the front club/ concert/bathroom lines. " Observational tips !" Hard to spot, best sightings are through the lens of a Canon 1D Mark III and/or a Nikon D3 January, midFebruary, July and September. " Motto" I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it." - Niccolo Machiavelli " iPod Replay !" “Next Girl� by The Black Keys"



USUALLY FOUND Holding up the security line at CDG airport or giving a dissertation on Jeffersonian revolutionist ideals. OBSERVATIONAL TIPS If you insist on approaching this species, hockey gloves and catchers mask are advised.

MOTTO If it was up to me, there wouldn't be no such thing as the establishment. - Jimi Hendrix IPOD REPLAY “030” by The Good The Bad

NOUR NOR NOIR ALTERNATE NAME Relaxed Leather Perfecto BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE Remissioribus otcefrep

Perennial, leather jacket features a large lapel collar and off-center zip closure. Epaulettes accentuate the shoulders, small buckles on each side adjust the size at the waist and zip cuffs add versatility

USUALLY FOUND On air of any television network celebrity styling series, worn by women with a penchant for high waist bell bottoms and oversized vintage sunglasses OBSERVATIONAL TIPS Stream live TV episodes to your iPhone during taxi rides, in line at Colette, or our personal favorite, across the table from your boring dinner date MOTTO Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary. — Oscar Wilde IPOD REPLAY “Indestructible” by Robyn

Alternate Name Fur and Leather Vest Binomial Nomenclature Furrure vestus Luxurious rabbit fur vest comes with removable leather sleeves and a knit lining to optimize winterweather warmth. Angular leather panels elongate the fur vest, adding a touch of minimalism.

Bye, Bye Blackbird


Alternate Name: Circle Neck Blazer Binomial Nomenclature : Circulus vestitus

Lightweight metallic crepe blazer makes for a delicately tailored jacket. Clean lines are softened by a deep curved neckline. Blazer has long sleeves and closes with a single gold.


Studded and jeweled plush wool-cashmere makes an oversized sweater a casual statement piece. The relaxed shoulder seams and uneven back hem proffers a loungey silhouette.

USUALLY FOUND Listening to soundcancelling earphones and spraying her face with Evian at a barometric altimeter of 29.92 inches mercury. OBSERVATIONAL TIPS You have a 30-second opportunity to see her exiting Terminal A to the door of her town car. MOTTO I am not a morning person. I like to sleep in. - Martha Plimpton IPOD REPLAY “Nantes” by Beirut


True decadence in a chemise. The relaxed bodice paired with a fantasy fabric peplum hem creates a feminine and sweet silhouette. Crewneck cut with a hidden back zipper, this wardrobe necessity is made with both long sleeves and as a tank.

USUALLY FOUND Under Opéra Garnier's gilding, watching a Nureyev adaptation from les baignoires. OBSERVATIONAL TIP Through a pair of your pearl encrusted opera glasses. MOTTO Kiss me and you will see how important I am. – Sylvia Plath IPOD REPLAY “Moi, Je Joue” by Bridgitte Bardot


A sophisticated take on a classic shape, the top bestows glam on a casual silhouette. Varying textures such as lace, tonal fantasy fabrics and stud embellishments provide subtle detailing.! USUALLY FOUND ! Briskly walking down fashion editorial office hallway à la Aaron Sorkin, surrounded by a throng of sartorial cabinet members. ! OBSERVATIONAL TIPS ! Be an editor-at-large with a penchant for majestic !robes. ! MOTTO ! I like things that are civilized. ! - Martha Plimpton ! IPOD REPLAY ! “Raphaël” by Carla Bruni !

ALTERNATE NAME Sheer Loose Top BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE Translucidum saraballa

This bracelet-length sheer sheen crew-neck top features a pull-over collar, relaxed shoulder seams and trapeze waist shape. USUALLY FOUND Poised atop a styling chair getting ombréd by her longtime coiffure cum bestie and his three assistants. OBSERVATIONAL TIP Loiter around rue de Rivoli to see her exit from Christophe Robin Salon.

MOTTO The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. - Sydney J. Harris IPOD REPLAY “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li


A camisole that balances sensuality with an edge. This wardrobe staple offers a dropped racer-back and a slight trapeze silhouette. USUALLY FOUND At her own vernissage in Le Marais, surrounded by postsurrealist panels and gallery girls. OBSERVATIONAL TIPS If you muster up the courage for an overture, shy away from “how much for the frame” and “I love your work.”

MOTTO As an unmarried woman, I was thought to be a danger - Grace Kelly IPOD REPLAY “Crystalfilm” by Dragon

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Nour Hammour Pre-Collection  

Volte-faced: Hard leather jackets to sweet silks. Ostentation of youth to earnestness of adulthood.

Nour Hammour Pre-Collection  

Volte-faced: Hard leather jackets to sweet silks. Ostentation of youth to earnestness of adulthood.