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Between design & culture. Born in Cameroon, developped in France and inspired by Japan, noumbissidesign is a creative studio where cultures interweave to nourish creativity.

Young, dynamic and ethical, noumbissidesign carries values of up-cycling, eco-friendly, fair trade and transmission to the youth. The artisanal production of our pieces makes them unique, fierce and bold.

We aim to promote a pan-African lifestyle like the Japanese Zazen Please feel free to email us here for or the French Art de vivre, juggling more informations or any inquiries. between traditional forms and #WeDesignInAfrica contemporary uses.

Aku•Ako’s empowering universe. A concept inspired by Akuaba dolls from Ghana mixed with the subtle features of Kokeshi dolls from Japan and celebrating the modern woman.

emotional support. The desire was to give to these dolls their original vocation back ; be a presence for girls and women, inspire them, help them flourish and emancipate.

Beyond their aesthetic similarities, Akuaba and Kokeshi also share strong values such as femininity, inter-generational transmission and

In order to do that, we infused our dolls with personalities, stories and experiences, before giving them the name Aku•Ako.

5 personalities Aku•Ako is a family of quintuplets with strong, positive personalities who encourage women to be bold and to reinvent themselves. As compagnons on the path for personal developpement, they unveil their values to inspire each woman in her quest for fulfillment.





Physically identical but having lived different experiences in different environments, which influences their way of thinking and seeing the world, the mystery around the birth of these five characters remains very thick. Adopt those who inspire you the most !







Aku•Ako, wooden dolls. Cute and inspiring, the Aku•Ako sisters are always adorning more and more products from different collections. Revalorization of industrial waste, the Aku•Ako Wooden Dolls collection aims to respect the environment. You will find statuettes, earrings, lucky charms ... Entirely handmade, each object is an unique piece.

Aku•Ako, cotton dolls. The Aku•Ako Cotton Dolls Collection is printed with AATCC certified water-based ink on 100% Natural Fiber, Organic Cotton. You will find cushions, bags, sleep masks, furoshikis ... Finitions by hand. For more details on each of our products, do not hesitate to visit the online store !

HIGOMA, tradition & modernity. ‘When the drums speak, even the kings are silent.’ drums), crafted in Cameroon for your house. Speakers are made in a craftsmen village on the outskirts of the capital of Cameroon. These men and women are brought together to shape wood and other These are Bluetooth audio speakers local materials with a specialty for shaped like djembes (speaking each one of them. Inspired by this African quote revealing the importance of rythme on this continent, HiGOMA Speaking Drums bring African culture into your daily life.

HIGOMA, Speaking Drums. Designed & manufactured in Cameroon | Benefits from the cameroonian djembe maker’s know-how for the dÊveloppement of the product. Charm & craftsmanship | Raw material obtained and transformed by Cameroonian craftsmen, chosen for their know-how and will for excellence. Natural & Ethical | Iroko wood treated with shea butter from Cameroonian forests. Locally manufactured and equitable wages.

Mbenguiste, Ambianceur, Kongosseur...? Characteristics Speakers : 4” PP Full range 70~17kHz | 88 dB | 600g Mini amp : Yamaha YDA138(D3) | 2 canaux stéréo | 10W x2 | Rendement max 88% (8Ω, 10W) | 103dB, casque 95dB | 350g Connectors : Alimentation secteur | Connecteurs d’enceintes | RCA femelles | Jack femelle 3.5mm (casque audio) | Stéréo mini (audio in) | Alimentation USB | Câbles nécessaires fournis.

Kit Directeur Général | Système complet pour une expérience optimale | Mini ampli + enceintes X2 + caisson de basses. 445€ | Kit Mbenguiste | Mini ampli + enceintes X2. 295€ | Kit Ambianceur | Mini ampli + enceinte. 210€ | Kit Kongosseur Enceinte seule | (À brancher sur votre home cinéma ou votre chaîne hi-fi) . 95€

About Simon, the designer The missing link between traditionalism and Afrofuturism~

Birth date : Birth place :

27 novembre 1987 Cameroon

Foundation of studio : 2014 “We all know about Italian, Japanese, Working Place : Douala, Paris, Tokyo Scandinavian or American design… Award : Africa Design Award 2016, Personally, I wanted to know what best product for HiGOMA design was in Africa, how would have evolved the shapes, the uses Main exhibitions : SaloneSatellite and the traditional techniques if 2018 | Paris Design Week 2017 this huge fracture in our histories | Labo International 2016 | Labo never occurred, if Africa’s timeline Ethnik 2015 | African & Afro Caribean had followed its linear course, if the Design Diaspora 2014 & 2013 cultural exchanges have been done in a peaceful way. Because I wanted Featured in : African Generation, to answer those questions, I created the power of design. Langage du noumbissidesign.” sud Editions. facebook | instagram | behance @noumbissidesign

Profile for Simon Constantin

Noumbissidesign Pressbook 2019  

Noumbissidesign Pressbook 2019  


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