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Letter from the Editor The first month back to university after a long summer holiday can always feel a little heavy. You’ve got professors talking about the new syllabus, when you’re still thinking beach and sunglasses. This is where we come in; we’re here to inspire, to help you plan your new year, to make sure you make the right choices. This issue is filled with pages of advice and inspiration coming directly from your resident students. With that said, it is time to announce that Escapade is taking another step forward by inviting on a representative from the male campus, Mohammed Al Banna, to the team. We promised growth, and here it is. Noor Al Fardan

Editor in Chief Escapade



Maryam Almusoori


Ghaya AlHabtoor Fatima AlBanna Nouf Farid AlBastaki


William McCarthy

Aisha Bin Tarraf Hanan Al Fardan Maryam Ali Maryam Jaffar Mohammed Al Banna Sara Al Madani Shoaq Al Fardan

Suggestions, opinions, contributions and letters ti the editor are always welcome.

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History in the Making

By Maryam Al Musoori

Zayed University does not settle for anything but the best, and with the opening of the new Abu Dhabi campus, it was no exception. From the programs, to the architecture, to the indoor fountains, the Abu Dhabi campus will put Zayed University on the map. - 18.8-hectare (188 thousand square meters) site in Khalifa city. - Consists of three main campuses, covering 28 buildings.

- Buildings contain a convention centre that accommodates 1000 people, a sports complex, residential buildings and a children’s education centre. - An aluminum feature roof, designed by German Architect Hadi Teherani, is constructed to emphasize innovation and sustainability by merging traditional and modern architectural styles.

- The roof covers the central campus buildings and surrounds an open central space, which can be used to host outdoor events for over 1,500 people. - The new site offers separate male and female campuses each with its own dining halls, classrooms, and other facilities. - The ground holds an initial capacity of 6,000 students.

University Of Opportunities A sophomore’s advice to the freshmen By the end of the summer holiday, I was already very eager to get back to university. It might be a bit shocking to most of you, questioning why someone would be excited for university.

By Mohammed Al Banna

Well, I’ll let you in on my secret, and tell you how I make sure to enjoy my time at university.

nts eve pen f o er eo umb that ar hance : n r e a e i ter, eld at c per unt Vol semes s are h is a gre and ex d n e h Eac activiti s. This ledge zone a kw r r t and luntee in kno omfor en wo a h o c to v ou to g e your rself w y for outsid apt you e enc you ad ers. t u h db e s: help ith ot ent in min who ar l, w v E g t n e el in uts s Pla n even peopl ou? W 00 ty p al trip i a s 0 y d r t 3 n n e p o i l y o v f l G : ni he ’re te to ati nd rips ly the u educ cally a They : eed sted to roxima and we ain T d n e m . w l v l e tere re app mpus ind a s sua er a fe ized lo e year o parnvo e of th elp you n U i I t h t a f n a h t c t a e h l tt es ill Ge is on toge are org ughou anyone ead al ther ents on you w e inter will y your re s i t a h r o t t t o h s T e tha ad thr almos re you s out! enj stud in tha the sam rsity i gs t . Th a o is e g thin fit and versity and t v h r i n t i e i n abr pen to ake su on’t m c e rt i U w s h d o n n t e e d p i i e p u o M t v e u b i l t are ate in. o you d gro u. Zay for sup ents w ng ctiv nvo rs a d s o o yea any a n get i d on l n u y t s a ticip mails as know ing s a m u ca e s t r e a a o r e e t c f a the s yo re lo reat also motiva and id and is s club that a s it is g after e t d t n an u pria eve with pus. Pl our CV eir appro h t y is cam d it to s it cause. a d ! a n d to uatio goo grad

There is much more that you can do to have a great time at university while keeping up with your studies. It all depends on how you manage your time and knowing what you want to do.


We are in a university that shows great pride whenever its students work on achieving something. Don’t make a habit of just attending your class, sitting in the atrium waiting for your next class, and then leave.

Use your time wisely and take advantage of the fact that you are part of a university that is known for its opportunities.

1 Start with what

Ask yourself: What subject area interests me? What skills do I have? What are my strengths and weaknesses?

your options and discuss 7 Explore them with your family 8 Narrow your major choices the pros and cons for the remain9 List ing majors 10 Make your decision!




Enjoy what you choose.

Get more from your college experience by doing what you love. It is fine to change your major; it helps you decide on what you like.

Choose a minor if you don’t want to major in one subject.

By Maryam Al Musoori

Zayed University’s Catalog to 2 Check know more about the majors 3 Visit the Colleges 4 Attend majors’ day Work with your adviser to help you 5 set your goals and interests with students already enrolled in 6 Talk the major



eciding what you want to base the rest of your life on is not an easy decision to make, especially for freshmen students. Luckily, at Zayed University students are given two years to familiarize themselves with the different colleges on campus and look into their majors. With some early planning and brainstorming you can map out your choices to lead you in the right direction.

PRECAUTIONS - Don’t let you family or friends decide your major.

- Don’t choose a major because it’s easy.

- Don’t choose your major because your friends choose it. - Dont leaev your decisions until the last minute.


s a h F g n Wi

s e i b m zo fter 3?! a



ed Al Bann

m By Moham


ocked up behind the doors of wing F, we get commented by many. Just picture us as though we were like zombies in horror movies marching towards something, in our case marching towards class. Well, sorry to burst your Hollywood bubble but it’s not really like that. There is much more to it than just meets the eye. The closed doors is somewhat a better tactic, forcing us to face reality and focus in class until 5pm. Certainly, there is much more to what happens behind the doors of Wing F, which I’m sure many of you would love to hear about.

This time last year, we were the first group of male students to enter the doors of Zayed University, and like most people, we didn’t know what to expect. We were nothing more than 150 students when the doors to the atrium opened for us. The campus seemed empty and quiet by the time the female students had left, and to us we saw this as an opportunity to enjoy ourselves. One time we

actually decided to run the whole atrium, from wing to wing, passing through the doors of the classrooms that lead to the courtyard.

By time, we were given the opportunity to form a student council for the male campus, and earning my position as Treasurer was probably one of the highlights of the year for me. Also, a group of us were invited to help organize and volunteer for some events.

Although, being the first group of male students we had a disadvantage of not knowing how everything would work out, but now university has turned into a completely new experience for us. It has given us vision and drive to become active individuals on and off campus. Like the girls, we have each found some kind of addiction on-campus. One of the things on my list is the Oreo Ice Blended from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

This year, I’m happy to see that there is an overflow, or more like a tsunami, of freshmen in Wing F (who I assure you aren’t zombies). We went from a semi-empty wing to one of the busiest wings on the Dubai campus. Now I can proudly say that it is an honor to be part of Zayed University.

i Pads Invading Campus!

By Maryam Jaffar

Fatma Al Mehairi, a Zayed University student, is always seen walking in the Atrium or rushing to attend classes clutching her new iPad. She describes this tablet computer as a “much lighter than a laptop” Al Mehairi is one of many students who has chosen to trade in her laptop for an iPad on campus. Apple’s most famous device has become increasingly popular among students because of its lightweight and portability, thus making it easier to use than a laptop. iPad technology provides its student users access to around 3000 applications, which can easily be used for the completion of school and university assignments. Ms. Al Mehairi stated that her iPad combines the basics of various tools needed for a student in one weightless device. She said that Internet access, checking her email, Blackboard and playing online games has never been this interactive. “I don’t face any trouble carrying my things to and from the car.” Students can also enjoy exploring their iPads on campus during long break hours to keep themselves busy till the start of their next class. Ms. Al Mehairi reported that in class she enjoys following the teachers PowerPoint slides, if available online on Blackboard. She can easily access them and type her notes on the slides to go back and study them for the exams. Although the iPad does have its advantages for students on the go, the laptop still remains the most practical tool to use for work purposes. Fatma Al Mehairi mentions that she depends on her laptop more for heavy university work that requires using programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. While similar applications can be found for the iPad, working with a touch screen and no external keyboard makes it extremely sensitive and less durable than a laptop.


If You’re a


& You Know it Read Along!


nce upon a time, in a far away ‘Happy Land’ lived people who have gotten away from the makebelieve land called ‘Negative Land’, where all the evil thoughts and those who create them lived in. Somewhere in between, there were those who stayed in ‘Reality Land’, which were the wisest of them all. Those who still believed that they could be happy but experienced and wise enough to know that things could sometimes go wrong. I'm sure most of you think that positivity is just another myth that those who seem a part of a cult believe in. Those are just people who are being stupidly optimists. Real optimists are aware that sometimes things could go wrong, but try as much as they can to make the best out of it.

In the world we live in, people tend to believe that happily ever-after are real and prince charming exists.

Instead of believing that and ending up crushed, you can be wise enough to know that there is nothing called ‘forever’ and prince charming at the end of the day is also human and is capable of making mistakes. Pessimists could go on for hours saying how they feel and counting endless emotions that are the reason behind their anger; yet they are very greedy in showing one of the most meaningful emotions which is ‘being grateful’.

It is never too late to be an optimist and to introduce that aspect into your life. This of course doesn’t happen overnight, you should be able to believe in yourself and the people around you. You should be able to have the power to be courageous, challenge yourself, and to commit to whatever outcome you get after the challenge.

Steps to a wise optimistic mind: 1 Mentally, draw a bubble 2 Draw a small eye-peek hole for reality to shine in every once in a while

3 Put you, and everyone you love in it 4 Make sure the bubble is anti-burst 5 Keep in mind that you have the power, and you can always let someone out of there without popping your bubble

6 Turn the curve on your face straight and smile

*Warning: People from ‘Negative Land’

are on the loose and will find a thousand ways to burst your bubble. Too bad they’ll be left disappointed as you already have connections with ‘Reality Land’! From the land of Happy & Bits Of Reality,

Sara AlMadani


Maitha Demithan By Maryam Ali

Maitha Demithan, a Fine Arts student at Zayed University Dubai, is truly one of the most talented, emerging Emarati artists of our current times. She has found her passion at such a young age and is nourishing her talents by taking hold of every opportunity to learn a new technique or to exhibit and share her visual forms of expression with the world. Having discovered her infatuation with the arts at such a young age, Maitha only found it fit to fuel her passion and aims to learn as much as possible ever since she began in High School and up to this present day at University. Art to Maitha is one of the most essential factors of her life for as she states,


“I cannot imagine life without creating art, for me it is something I can't really live without - or my life would be not as exciting”. The tools in which Maitha chooses to create such expressive art pieces vary depending on the emotion she wishes to express at the time. At certain times she may decide to utilize either paint, pencil, a camera, or a scanner since she does not want to attach herself to a single element and be known solely for that. Whereas her scan works have been the turning point of her artistic career, since she has been using this tool in a way that is new to the Dubai art scene.

Maitha’s inspiration doesn’t come from one particular artist, but she really enjoys the creations of Vincent Van Gogh and the portraits of Gustav Klimt. Moreover, works that express emotions via the use of color and portray the human condition in general is what really speaks to her as an artist.

Having created various pieces, Maitha does not have one specific piece of her own that she considers her favorite. When looking at her innovations she usually likes a certain area of the piece and if she were to combine all these parts from her work then she would come up with her all time favorite. This is merely in her imagination she has not yet attempted to create it.

Maitha sees creating as an activity that accurately allows her to express the emotions she wants to share with the world.

Hard work is one of the most important attributions necessary to feed any talent. What is talent without hard work? -

Umy Elnoomi 2011- Art work by Maitha Demithan


By Nouf Farid AlBastaki

When meeting someone for the first time, it takes about 3 seconds to evaluate him or her. They start evaluating things about your looks, body language and facial expressions and thus create impressions about you. The first interaction is important to either keep or change the impressions made.


Whether it is in your university, job or social life it is important to have a good first impression. Make sure to give it your best because after having a first impression it is difficult to change what someone thinks of you!

Introduce yourself

It is always good to introduce yourself; it’s what breaks the stranger stage. Always start with “hi, I’m (your name).” You do not have to talk about your life story, but basic things about yourself, like your age or nationality.

Your looks

Stuck in awkward silence

The best way to break this is to carry a magazine. Flipping through it and commenting on what’s in it can start a conversation topic. Another way is to find something you both like or enjoy, like watching horror movies or reading books.


You don’t have to be “Kim Kardashian” and dress up with professional makeup all the time, but presenting yourself in an appropriate manner sends good impressions when meeting someone new. We all say, “a picture tells a thousand words” and so does your looks. The way you show yourself to people, reflects on how they think about you as a person. Always dress according to the occasion.

Always remember to be confident and positive when meeting someone new. No one likes to meet a negative person. If the person communicates negatively, having good manners and being polite is better to maintain the attitudes between you and the person.

Compliment the person

A smile introduces friendliness and warmth to the person. It helps breaking the tension when meeting someone for the first time, but having food stuck in your teeth or bad breath is unattractive. Make sure you have floss and/or gum around to deal with this!

Admit it! We all like to be complimented, I mean who doesn’t? Slipping in a quick compliment to the person your meeting creates a good vibe between people.

Avoid short answers

When being asked questions and replying with one-word answers kill the conversation and sends bad impressions to the other person. Your answers shouldn’t be long speeches, but long enough to keep the conversation going.

Smile without food in your teeth!

Equal chances of talking

Some people think it’s a good idea to keep talking when meeting someone, although this isn’t quite correct. It is important to give a chance for the other person to talk as well. When talking the whole time, it makes the person feels unappreciated or uninteresting. It’s all about give and take!


How to get

“Sun-kissed” Not Sun Burnt! By Aisha Bin Tarraf

With Dubai summer comes the time when most of us crave that sun-kissed glow. It definitely does boost up confidence and gets you compliments wherever you go! But before you transform yourself into a mesmerizing golden glowing goddess, here is a word of caution to guide you into safe sun tanning to get sun-kissed, instead of sun burnt!

Even if you try your best to forget that the summer sun in Dubai makes you feel like you’re in an oven, the fact still remains that the sun heat temperature in Dubai is already above 40 degrees. You should always take precautions before you suntan because a healthy tan is a misconception.

Here’s a list of protective armory for you against the sun:

It is advisable to carry your shades, towel, sandals, hat, t-shirt, sun block, Aloe Vera and cocoa butter.

Before you go out in the sun make sure to clean your skin. Remove all traces of makeup, creams and perfume liquids. These products make skin more prone to sunburn.

Apply sunscreen with a low SPF before stepping outdoors.

Risks of overexposure to the sun: Prolonged hours in the sun can lead to aging, as it breaks down the skin’s elastic tissues. Deep wrinkles can set in, along with making the skin dry and rough.

Freckles have the tendency to develop on the face and any exposed areas. Skin that gets sun burnt will cause pain, swelling and redness.

If you have sensitive skin, use hypoallergenic sun care products.

It is advisable to stay out of the sun between 12 in the afternoon to 3 o’clock, as the intensity of the sun is at its peak during this hour. Keep at least a two-day gap between tanning sessions.


Use a good lip screen to protect your lips from getting burnt or chapped.

Don’t forget that too much of everything has its consequences. Tan safely, take precautions, and drive the crowd with envy in your golden glowing sun kissed skin!

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator


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with a teacher


a classmate you don’t like?


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a marked class

ORd be fined by the police?

class an

Would you rather

write a 2000-word essay






o rn


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u rathe

yo Would


present for 30 minutes?


Would you rather

learn less and do well,



learn more and do badly?

By Nouf Farid AlBastaki

Would you rather

get in trouble with the on-campus security

be project partners with a stranger you don’t know


get called off by your professor for being late to class?

Would you rather

eat from Sandela’s


Would you rather

La Vita Café everyday and nothing else?


someone you don’t like?

be t

Wou ld

he m the


you rath e










Would you rather

trip while collecting your diploma


burp while giving a speech during your 16 graduation?

Useless Facts

By Shoaq Al Fardan

Monkeys peel bananas upside down

100 people die choking on ballpoint pens every year

The Spanish word for ‘wife’ also means ‘handcuffs’

Honeybees have hair on their eyes

Apple has more money than the US Government

There is 1 billion seconds in 32 years A group of ferrets is called a ‘business’

Greece has the largest percentage of smokers Ants can survive falling from a skyscraper

Only humans shed emotional tears


Bill Gates’ house was designed using a Mac

The first smiley ever was written in 1982 The umbrella was originally invented to protect people from the sun

Otters sleep holding hands so they do not drift away from each

The message receiving tone on a Nokia is ‘SMS’ in Morse Code

The percentage of people dreaming in black and white started decreasing after the spread of color TV

Astronauts cannot cry in space

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV

By Ghaya Sultan

Maze Spot the 15 diffrences


Hanan Al Fardan

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