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To succeed in a number of projects throught life, in several fields that may relate to Communication and Media Sciences, including Public Relations and Advertising or other fields.


- To use the qualifications and skills learned in future work. - Having several experiences that take me to different destinations. - To have some knowledge in a number of fields rather than just Public Relations, which extends my talents and interests.

Value proposition

- Enthusiastic: working on projects right away. - Time management: completing work before or on the due date. - Challenger: trying new things. - Fast learner: acquiring new skills easily. - Being straight to the point. - Eco-friendly: doing specific tasks that can help save the environment.


Family: Within my family, they are always there when needed. My family is very encouraging and supportive to my acheivements and keep motivating me even when things don’t go well. I am known as the time manager, as I always find a way to balance spending time with my family, friends and university work. Friends: Between my friends, I am the game lover and always enjoy coming up with new places to go and things to do. I find myself to be the optimistic one, as when my friends feel down, I try to change their perspective and look at the glass half full rather than empty. My friends know me as the eco-friendly one, that likes finding alternatives to help save the environment, for example carpooling. University professors: In this case I would call them my friends, as I like to go above the teacher-student level, to creating friendships with my teachers. I am known as the quiet one, but speaks when I need to. I also enjoy talking with my professors on a personal level rather than just discussing university work. University classmates: I always find myself helping my classmates with their assignments and enjoy doing so. If someone asks for help, I feel happy to be needed, and gladly help out.


Target Audience

Places of employment that match my skills and personality, whether Public Relation firms or other companies, which challenge and improve my skills.

Key competitors

Students that study Public Relations or Communication and Media Sciences from the same university or others in the UAE. Recent graduates that have similar skills and qualifications.

Key services Creative media services: - Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign - Windows Movie Maker - iMovie - Audacity - Digital Photography

Others: - Microsoft OďŹƒce programs: Word, Excel, Powerpoint - Writng and Speech skills in English and Arabic.


A senior graduating in June 2012 from Zayed University Dubai, with a bachelors degree in Public Relations and Advertising. A positive thinker that finds inspiration from anywhere and anything. Making sure work is done on time and being open-minded to others views and opinions. Staying calm to stressful situations and looking for the best solutions when needed.


- To work on a number of various projects at different times throughout my working years, possibly in different fields, to gain a variety of experiences, which can improve and add more skills. - To start a bracelet collection that is entrepreneural and self-managed, after graduating in June 2012.

Key message: “Keep It Simple�

These are the three words to describe me. Someone who can take complicated tasks to make them simple. By taking on challenging tasks and breaking them down into categories, making it easier to understand. Looking for the easy way to make things simpler in life. Not everything has to be complicated!


Brand personality (branding archetype, tone, look and feel, style)

Keep It Simple

- Colors: Down to earth colors: Black, dark brown, sandy and green. - Fonts: Simple and on the edge: Cambria and Olympus.

-Logo: The logo is my name with a star that replaces the letter “o�, with the motto/slogan under it. The star represents my personality, with the straight edges that emphasize that I am straight to the point. Originally a star is known to be yellow, showing that it is bright, and even though some stars are not always visible at night, they are still there. This describes me as being positive and optimistic. Notice the star having its sharp edges, while the font of my name are not. This is to show that I may be straight to the point, but I go with the flow. I am not strict and am open minded to people’s views and opinions.


Creative Brief  

My goals and dreams

Creative Brief  

My goals and dreams