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page 4// what is the nottingham zine fair anyway? page 5// what the hell is a zine and who makes the event? page 6// who will be there? page 7// what will be happening? page 8// zine bio's page 10// the wanderlings interview page 14// Project Zine


WHAT IS THE NOTTINGHAM ZINE FAIR ANYWAY? The Nottingham Zine Fair is all about celebrating and engaging with zines. Presented by Raw Print, it is an event that brings together the excitement and variety zines has to offer by showcasing not just zines from established companies and people from around the globe but also the zines made by Nottingham Trent University students, zine’s with oodles of fun and creativity. On the day, Saturday 26th May to be exact, you can browse and buy such zines, have a drink or two, a bite to eat, a dance along to the live music and get involved in the various workshops and entertainment - best of all, it is free.


PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL A ZINE IS? Zines are generally an informal magazine or fanzine that are produced inexpensively. They can focus upon anything like music, art, food, technology etc. What makes them differ to normal magazines are how they are produced and how niche their content is.

WHO MAKES THE EVENT AND WHY WHY WHY? The event is presented by ‘Raw Print’ a creative company who decided that their love for zines should be shared with others through such an event. The event’s branding and content is conjured up by many individuals, the majority of which are from Nottingham Trent University. The event’s purpose it purely to get zines noticed.


The Nottingham Zine Fair isn’t just an event where you can browse and buy zines, there will be so much more on offer to keep you entertained. During the day there will be scheduled zine discussions, print screening workshops and zine-making events.

Music Schedule 12-2pm Josef DJ set 2-4pm Wanderlings DJ 4-6pm TJ Set 8 - 8:45pm Bitter Strings 9-9:45pm Wanderlings Live 9:45 - Late DJ Mix

Throughout the day we have DJ’s to help set the tone for socialising and shopping! When the clock turns 8pm Nottingham Zine Fair ends and the after party begins until the late hours. The Wanderlings will help shake up the atmosphere with a live performance who follow emerging DJ ‘s Bitter Strings.

The Wanderlings interview on page 8

the music, workshops and discussions




the zines and the Distros

We have some fantastic brands, zines and companies attending this year’s Nottingham Zine Fair so there will be something for everyone! Here is the list so far... Ben Gore Bethan Mure Dispatch Four Beat Walk It’s a Cat Band Zine Kay Van-Bellen Lick Magazine Marching Stars Distro MiMM N/A Not Your Problem OWT Creative Risk and Consequence Rum Lad The End is A † Hand UFN Ultra Horse Vapid Media Wasted Hours Wells About Town Zeene Zelda Zine

We also have brand new zines being showcased at the Nottingham Zine Fair, produced by Nottingham Trent Students: A Liquid Affair Apocalypse This Arabesque B is for Bikeshed Blink Brian the Gnome Compendium Fable Gnaw Hippo Milk is Pink Hipstr Lead Lick it Little Quirks Neck of the Woods Paper Poppycock Pranksta Reward if Found Rockabye Space Spit or Swallow SWALK The Bucket List Upbeat Downer Venus + Penis Victim Violet Wish You Were Here



to view all of the zine bio's go to our website: A LIQUID AFFAIR, @aliquidaffair A cocktail fanzine that is putting the drink back into drinking! We are all about beautiful illustrations, delicious drinks and the eclectic culture behind them. B IS FOR, @official_b_zine We are “B is For….” A zine dedicated to all things beginning with B. Our first issue surrounds bras and we are working with Oxfam in order to create the Big Bra Hunt at Nottingham Zine Fair on 26th May! Let your bra make a difference and donate! BIKESHED, An independent zine focusing on the British youth culture within schools and what went on behind the back of the bike shed. First crushes, bunking lessons, passing notes and crimping our hair, here at Bikeshed we want to re-live your years at school. 8

FABLE, A literary zine that feeds your appetite for dark storytelling and beautiful artwork. Fable is a zine that celebrates the art of storytelling, in our first issue we take an old tale and translate it into a poem. For interviews check out the Fable website. RETURN IF FOUND, @rif_zine This zine is a voyeuristic indulgence of secretive characters which satirises the social media saturated world we live in. An amalgamation of fashion, music, interiors, art and opinionated articles; Issue 1: The Teen Spirit Issue delves into the world of a Nirvana obsessed teenaged girl. SWALK, @swalkzine A letter is not just a form of communication but it’s an exchange of love, an exchange of an experience, news or information, its special, its personal and it an expression of love and interest that is Sealed With A Loving Kiss. Our Zine is going to attempt to re-live the long lost ink to paper and communicate to readers the importance of letters.



Our headlining band performing at the nottingham zine fair spills all, excuse the language they are boys arfter all...


When did the band form? We formed Wanderlings roughly late last summer, pieced together from the remnants of our previous band Infinity Hertz. What did you all do before you pursued Wanderlings? Myself (James), Richie and Richardsen were working on Infinity Hertz, which ultimately evolved into Wanderlings after I broke all of my fingers and we lost a key member, Malcolm Quilt. Sam was a good friend of Richie’s and mine and so when we needed a drummer, he was the obvious choice. We stumbled upon Josue in a one of his own exhibitions whilst he was teetering on a plinth and howling at the moon. We love your band name, how did you come up with it? We are unwavering admirers of Stan Brakhage, his film ‘wonderings’ always stuck by us. You describe your music as ‘dreamy/shoegaze/ pop’ - Sounds pretty cool to me but what does it mean? We’ve always been pretty uncomfortable trying to describe our sound, but this was just what seemed kind of a near match... Our stuff does generally tend to be quite dreamy, both in terms of production and meaning, there’s really infinite possibilities in dreams, y’know? But we love irresistable melodies, which I suppose is where the Pop sensibility comes in. No matter how badly produced something is, if it’s got a great melody, correct weight and vibe, it’s bliss. Whether it’s recorded on a £1 tape recorder or at Hansa, production is kinda irrelevant to us.

Wanderlings continued... We think Wanderlings remind us of lazy summer days abroad, where is your favourite place in the world? We love the European continent, but I just think that you could be anywhere in the world and as long as you were with generative, responsive people and doing what you want to do, then you’re onto something. Playing shows in New York is amazing, but then again so is being in some small hovel in Nottingham. Life’s too short to be wishing that you’re somewhere else, jus’ spin wildly and see where the pieces land. What bands or artists get your creative juices flowing or in other words completely inspire you? There’s no particular bands that we are drawn to, more a case of idividual songs or little flavours from everything around us. We all draw from a wide spectrum, from Len Lye to Ariel Pink to Nan Goldin, there are just some things that we just subconsciously connect with, I think it’s the primitive emotion and slightly fucked up methods. Do you think your band can be compared to anyone else? Personally, I don’t, but i’m sure others will provide any similarities/comparisons for us!


What are the top three tracks that get you through the day at the moment? Well, here’s the last three on my iTunes... Harlem Gay Human Bones, John Fogerty - Centerfield (Someone needs to help me, I can’t stop listening to this shit), Splashh - Feels Like You Assuming you like to read a magazine every now and again which do you turn to? I’m a total bitch for a good magazine, so i’ll just try and buy as many as i can possibly afford. Usually I tend to go for a few of this bunch, in no particular order; TANK, Frog, V, Man About Town, VICE, I.D, Fortean Times, Sight And Sound, Metal, BJP, STOOL PIGEON, DAZED & CONFUSE, NME (If i’m feeling saucy), LOUD & QUIET and a billion more that i’m sure i’ve forgotten. Magazines are the beszt. Lastly, what does the future hold for the Wanderlings? Mindblowing Albums, World Tours, and our own range of personalised beerhats. Hopefully.



Apart from providing some entertaining interviews, trivia and guide to the zine fair, one of the intentions behind this little zine was to showcase zines made by Nottingham Trent University students. Part of their second semester projects was to make their very own independent publication, something I too was part of. This was such a fantastic and open brief which led us off into different directions, themes and interests, from Hollywood rodents to the adventures of Brian the Gnome, they’re all going to be at the Nottingham Zine Fair, brushing corners with other more established zines. As great as this major project was it wasn’t without its difficulties; features to graphics, creative direction to editing, photography to interviews, zine promotion to marketing, teaser films to online competitions, every aspect had to be considered. So, what does it take to produce a successful niche publication? Well, to help us realise this we had the privilege of meeting some people in the know-how as guest lecturers on our course. Alex Zamora from Feverzine, Adam Thompson from Wink Creative (Monocle magazine), Louise Nottage from Eon, Alex Moshakis from It’s Nice That magazine, Steve Marshall from Stack magazine and last year Amelia from Amelia’s magazine. This varied bunch of industry creative’s which I’d like to refer to as the fashion equivalent to the Avengers Assemble – let’s call them the Inventors Ensemble, discussed press releases, marketing, collaborations, the market place, copywriting and distribution so, we 14 was clued up on what path we should take.

The Nottingham Zine Fair would never have existed if it wasn’t for Raw print, a zine obsessed group including Matt Gill, our course leader. I spoke to Matt to get more of an understanding of why he began Raw Print and to find his take on the world of zines. What made you start Raw print? Well basically early last year when I was planning the zine project I contacted the London Zine Symposium about having a table again at their fair to showcase our students work and they said they were not allowing Uni groups so I thought “well we will just do own zine fair!” and it grew from there. allows people to develop their own voice

How beneficial do you think projects like our zine project is for aspiring creatives? Very beneficial as it allows people to develop their own voice and creative style and the project has had such a positive response the last 2 years we’ve been doing it that I also think there is a real need for this kind of creative outlet. Also it brings people together and creates communities, which is good.

Why do you think zines, since their creation have stuck around until today and show no intention of decreasing in popularity? Because it’s DIY and anyone can do it. Fundamentally it’s about nonconformity which is very appealing as we spend so much of our lives being governed by rules and people telling us what to do. What is it you love about zines? I love the variety and immediacy of them. Also the aesthetic of them is incredibly pleasing to me generally. A lot of zines display a real consideration of the paper stock and printing methods which can make them more tactile. Ultimately I guess the thing that really draws me to them is that they are so individual, unique and they give you an insight into someone else’s world. (Back to article) I can honestly say that this project has opened our eyes to the possibilities of creation and how far one idea, big or small, can take us. We can now say that we have made and managed a magazine and not many people our age can say that. Mass production and corporate business have given people the courage and inspiration to start their own publication; do something with their own voice and principles despite the obstacles of production and distribution cost - that is something to celebrate.

Nottingham Zine Fair Zine  

Issue one of the Nottingham Zine Fair programme. Date: 26th May 12-6pm after party 8pm-late Visit our website: nottinghamzinefair.tumblr....

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