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University of Nottingham Ningbo China 2019 Portfolio



Service Design Individual

A service and a community-based App which offer a safer experience of staying in the hotel for woman travelling alone and empower them to deal with the fear of crime through psychological techniques. 8.1-10.1.2019



Stakeholder Map

Inspiration: Post-Feminism


female business travellers believe they face great risks on the road.


83% 86%

Y. Tasker and D. Negra

Stakeholder Map helped to focus on female, hotels and public. All these three aspects contribute to female safety and female status in society.

Different from Feminism, PostFeminism is more positive. It calls for characteristics and diversity of woman who are confident, independent and can help each other.

I interviewed four female having frequent business trips. All of them pointed out fear of safety and hidden camera problems. I also made a "Fear Map" to understand fear emotion.

I use fists to symbol my idea which is to empower the woman face the challenge bravely and try to change their emotions to a better situation.


have experienced fear and anxiety while travelling for business.

"We're the woman standing for each other."



report an influence on booking behaviors, such as hotel and flight.


female says safety concerns have impacted their productivity on business trip. (Hotel Business Report, 2018)


User Journey in hotel

Fear Level



Get to the room

Get into the room

Time in the room

Touch Points Booking online by Apps and websites

Pain Points


Do not know how to select safe and good hotels

Provide ways to know more about hotel rooms

Receptionist Get room card

Wait for a long time Easy to be watched by strange people

Confidential and quicker check-in for customers and hotel

Receptionist Instructions in aisle

Easy to be traced. Feel scared of unfamiliar place

Female companion or helpers can guide them to room quicker

Room card Signs in aisle

Easy to be watched if back to others Worries about safety

Provide ways to make room safer when entering


Can not find hidden camera and safe hazards

Provide tools to check Check rooms strictly and regularly

Market Research & Artist Reference

I had some reference from commertial APP products and other designers' work.

APP1 Tourlina Tourlina make connection between female travellers offering accompanying trip. But difficult to build trust in limited time.

APP2 Live360 Live360 monitors your location all the time. However, it may be not intuitive enough to release their anxiety and it is at risk of abuse.


Easy to forget something Wait for a long time

Self-helping checkout and things checking

Radostina Georgieva Sketchy style illustrations which are more like freehand drawing make people feel released and different from commercial products.

Jesse Lindhorst

Mr.chiang Receptionists Porter

Arnas Goldberg Gradient color of the app makes the soft and gentle feeling for female. The color change represents the emotional flowing. Color is a powerful point for me to combine it into the visual style.

The bright color and soft geometry offer a gentle and comfortable feeling which also inspire me.

Illustrations show the characteristics of target users and offer dignity and self-belonging which are novel and attractive. It is also an opportunity for me to combine graphic elements into my idea.

Development Idea Generation


Color change with time

Color Change

Nancy A. Curry Coloring-in Reduces Anxiety

Change from black to bright, just like from fear to relax.

Encourage users to focus on this task and calm down like meditation

Solovoyage Hans Rosling Factfulness

User Experience

Rosling's speech reveals that Social Media likely use hierarchy to mislead people.

Ben Martin Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Change patterns of thinking or behavior behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel.

I drew the wireframe by hand with logic which is clear and easy to flow. I then did the prototype with consideration of user experience and working flow. Watch the video of how it works. https://www. youtube.com/watch? v=piHBxDXFTgY&feat ure=youtu.be

Hi-Fi Prototype

Solovoyage Solovoyage is a localised Female Community to provide empowering tools and safer hotel experience service for anxiety and fear relief. Users can use Tips & Guide, Confidential Check-in, Hidden Camera Checking, Coloring-in tool and Making friends with trust to encourage independence and bravery. The color of the App will change gradually from dark to bright to guide the change of users' emotions.

Hi-Fi Prototype User Testing

Service Blueprint

What to test ? Users' feeling of: Visual Style User Experience Color Change of APP Color-in Activity Emotion Change

I tested the Hi-Fi prototype with female users living in one hotel near our university and collected feedback for further refinement. Testing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMFjdB2xNSE&feature=youtu.be


Most users like the looser graphic style and color-in activity. They said the user experience is easy to follow and coloring-in makes them focus on the task at that time. However, the impact of color change on their emotions is not workable and most of them do not feel it. This should be more workable and be tested in the future.

Female issue is a complex social problem and relate to various kinds of aspects with lots of considerations. My attempt is possibly not perfect but shows my care for the psychology of my target users. What I have learned is that more critical and analytical process should be taken when solving complex social point. It still needs some steps to make sure it would not be misused resulting in even worse emotions.

Fallen Leaves

Service Design Individual

A future service design offering euthanasia and memorial functions to enable users to get access to euthanasia and have eternal spiritual treasure. 6.1-7.27.2019

In 2070, people would have an average life of 150 years with replaceable 3D printed tissues and organs. Chronic disease and mental pains would trigger more motivations of euthanasia.


Should we introduce legal euthanasia ?

A man living in 2070

Speculative Persona Kind

Dignity! Freedom!




Cherish Life !

Peaceful death Record memory Help others


8% (Statista, 2018)

53% of people would like to consider euthanasia.


66% of people would break laws to help loved one to have euthanasia.


77% (Dignitas, 2017)

77% of people would like to have euthanasia legally in China.

JIANG Jingxing Ageďźš109 Location: China Have one 3D-printed Liver Have ideas of euthanasia

Goals: Die as his own wishes Leave something special to his family Donate his 3D printed liver to someone Do not want to be a burden to his family

Frustration: Fears of no methods of euthanasia Fears of the reliability of the service Fears of service being too complex Fears of no supporters and helpers

Summaryďźš Make a future story and speculate users' needs in the future help me understand users and the service.


User Journey Map Stages



Several evaluation services to make sure users want to have euthanasia

Sign up

Popularize,interface Searching

Evaluation 1

Sign up and login

Being tested on interface

Draw a death plan

Use Bequests Function

Use Memorial Function

Input on interface


Evaluation 2

Offer choices, Supporters

Start the plan

Face to face talk on interface

Online Interface



Expecting Comforting Anxious

Pain Point

No opportunity to approach and hard to tell others

Uncertain reliability. No idea about service content


Make service easy to understand and approach

Make processes easy to follow. Reduce doubt of the users


Receive souvenir & Dedications

Helpers and supporters

Home delivery

Manual Service

Related Products




Deep Thinking

No idea about their desire for euthanasia

Be friendly and list all questions and then offer feedbacks

Too much to record, need classsification. and customisation.

Uncertain reliability. Do not know how to donate organs

Do not understand euthanasia. Too many choices

Need deep thinking. May rethink their ideas. Need support to release anxiety

No experience. May be nervous and anxious.

Need appropriate and valuable souvenirs .

Classify the memorial content and make it easy to input and check

Make a twoway connection between users and organ receivers

Offer automatic help to answer users' questions

Offer professional feedback and analysis to confirm their mind

Use new way of euthanasia. Use supporters to help

Offer souvenirs to have interaction with their families

Development Inspiration

Logo Development

User Testing

Anthony Dunne 《Speculative Everything》

Fallen Leaves

Tagore 《Stray Birds》 Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like an autumn leaf.


The final concept is chosen by asking for feedback. The final logo was gentle and relaxed.

Deciding to design an interface, wireframe helped to make clear of the logic of the interface and prepared to be tested in User Testing.

I printed out the draft and interviewed three interviewees and asked for feedbacks of wireframe experience and logo. I then wrote suggestions on the gingko leaves to have a selection and did refinement.

Final Design

Fallen Leaves

AR Interface for future Memorial

Record you story, wishes,memory and secrets


Donate your 3D-printed organ to people who need


Start Euthanasia by your own wish


aves e L ice n v r e l e l S Fa asia n a h t re Eu


Plan your Methods of Burial by your own wish


Dedicate you "Life Souvenir" to families and friends

Final Design


JIANG has ideas of euthanasia after deep thinking.

JIANG gets access to the AR interface and starts the evaluation process.

JIANG starts Memorial function to record life, stories, wishes, and secrets.

JIANG finds a receiver to donate his 3D-Printed Liver by using Bequest function.

JIANG makes his own choice of euthanasia and Methods of Burial by using other functions.

Before getting euthanasia, JIANG must have another evaluation for confirmation.

The service is accessible to JIANG now. He has his favorite drink with euthanasia tablet.

JIANG's 3D-Printed organ is then donated to LEE. LEE can start a new life.

In this service, stakeholders are the euthanasia users, the organ receivers, users' family members and their friends. Dedications: Life Souvenir

I took a real picture of a Chinese old couple and made them the character of life souvenirs, such as name cards, the memory book and posters. There are also euthanasia accessories such as drinking cups and euthanasia powder with Fallen Leaves logo.

JIANG is then buried as his wishes which is Tree Burial in a remote forest.

JIANG's daughter gets his Dedications. She must unlock the Dedications by passwords.

She gets other souvenirs, such as books, posters and name cards of his father's memory.


Product Interaction Individual

An interactive and tangible glucometer aimed at reducing psychological disorder of mid-aged diabetes patients. 3.1-5.1.2019

Research Background

Diabetes Patients

30-64 years old

65-79 years old

Reasons for mid-aged patients depression?


Financial Stress





Other Responsibility


Diabetes has already been one of the most serious human threats for both elderly people and mid-aged people. There are 425 millions of diabetes patients over the world and the horrible rising trend of mid-aged patients is 34.2% of increase over 27 years. (WHO,2018)

I am anxious 31%

Around 31% of mid-aged diabetes patients have depression and psychological disorders. (American Diabetes Association,2009)

All the glucometer now are invasive with bad performances.




Market Research

Health Condition

Work Stress



Users Research

Mid-aged patients are under these five mountains at this special age leading to depression. I usually feel depressed because I have to support my family and undertake my job. I can find no one to tell when my diabetes gets worse.

Problems of Glumeter: User self-confidence can be compromised through poor feedback interactions. Glucometer only supplies metric data. Absent suggestions. Glucometers often stigmatise users and draw un-solicited attention by family members and co-workers.

Problem Definition Money

I even cry every night for my diabetes because I am under so much pressure. I feel better after talking about it with my best friends.



Loneliness Glumeter Diabetes destroys my life and I am afraid my family will know someday. No one knows my heart. I am sad.

Anxiety Depression

Anxiety and depression are complex issues with various factors, such as loneliness.





Find out proper shape offering comfortable and gentle feelings

The most smooth pebble. Very comfortable.

George 50 Math Teacher Diabetes level Stress condition

Psychological state:

With sharp edges. Not comfortable.

Anxious sometimes Rarely talk about diabetes condition with families

Glucometer Type:

Fewer edges. But the gestures of thumb is good.

Traditional Glumeter

Goal & Fear: Want to control glucose level Fear deteriorated diabetes Fear talking about it with families

Putting pebble on ripple is like throwing a stone into water. This process simulates talking and listening between users and the design.

Too think to grasp. Thinner pebble may be better.

Prototype & Testing

Final Design Functionality

Use low currents to convert Nacl of hypoderm into glucose.

Grasp the pebble and put your finger into the cavity to measure the glucose level.

The number display will show you the result. You will get a slight shaking feedback if your level is good.

Now you have gone home after work. Put the pebble on the "ripple" to charge it wirelessly and transfer the data.

Use the screen on the "ripple" for further functions such as trend chart.

UI Design

Exploded View There are 8 balls on the screen which means that you should measure you glucose level 8 times for one day.

If you finish measurement for 8 times, all 8 balls will become orange. Slide through them to get your trend chart.

You can see your glucose level trend of the day.

Press a certain point to get further information. Such as analysis and suggestions.

Final Design

Story Board

Mature & Calm

Elegant & Smooth

George takes pebble to work everyday

Pebble reminds George of measurement

George grasps the pebble to get measured

The result shows and offers shaking feedback

George takes pebble back to home

George puts pebble on ripple like communication

Talking Listening

George can use functions on screen to get further information George finds that this is his good partner,


Product Design Individual

An atmosphere light aimed at encouraging family dinner together in fast lifestyle with a combination of bamboo weaving technique. 3.1-4.1.2019

Research Why having family dinner together is still important today?

What is happening? Never ďźž 6 times

What would you do during family dinner?

Eat outside

1-2 times Far from home

3-4 times


Busy work

Think trouble

More than 30% of people only have less than two family dinners a week having fewer chances of being with family member together.

I will cook the dishes and also use some romantic products to make it more peaceful, such as music.

(Eartheasy, 2011)

I often watch TV during family dinner. The TV show is so interesting that I rarely say something to my family. Hindering Factors: Too busy to go home Communication

Stress relief

Mood adjustment

Eating outside, considering eating at home is not convenient but a trouble

Less family dinner Less communication

I often talk with my family. Sometimes, I will also praise the dishes cooked by my mom.

I will spend dinner time using the social APP on the phone and chat with friends.

Family Benefits

Problem Definition


People nowadays would likely to be addicted to phones during family dinner. For good behaviors, people may chat with families or praise the dishes to make family dinner warm.

Does not go home


Eat outside

Does not join in

Phone TV

No talking

Phone call notification

Increase home atmosphere

Possible Solution Interactive, joyful and fun

Make family dishes easier


Empathy Map







M y ra fam ise ily my dishes


Personal Characteristic Busy work

Desire family dinner with parents



Making dinner is troublesome

Like social life Party Lover Use social APP and have few talks with families in daily life Reason of buying this product Forget her stress and social APP to enjoy time with family




Say & Do




Jessie 28 HR

Having d in with pre ner a ss ur l e one

T h i n k & F e el

di n n er mily fter a f a d ite e tt e r n U n e l b u n i c a ti o e F mm e co Lik

Prototype & User Testing

Open light for warmer and relaxed environment. Annoyed when calling husband



tic an m o r g Prefer elin dinner fe

Emotional Cards helped to test users' emotions. In the end, 3 emotional cards were chosen.



I use traditional bamboo weaving techniques to create the prototype and use light to simulate the real scenario.

“Sympathy" “Kindness" “Relief"

Final Design Functionality

App Design Use Light Control for more light effects Send advanced family dinner notification




Touch it to open the light Touch it for a second time to open the accompanying light


Two people touch it together to open both of the light on two sides Use APP functions to change light effects which cannot be used in single-Mode

Family dishes advice for easier cooking Check family member's position at anytime

"WITHYOU" household atmosphere light is an interactive product being here to encourage family dinner and family communication in a fast lifestyle.

Profile for Gabriella WANG

Service Design & Interaction Design Portfolio  

My MA application portfolio.

Service Design & Interaction Design Portfolio  

My MA application portfolio.