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Household atmosphere light

Glucose meter for midlife people


Microphone for Mobile

Electric sharpener

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The University of Nottingham Ningbo China


Yingrui WANG

Product Design Interaction Design

Micriphone with mobile A microphone with mobile for singing lover and amateur singing broadcasters

Product Design 6 weeks project Autumn 2018 Individual



Research Why for Amateur Boradcasters? As of June 2018, there are 343 million of broadcasters onine, accounting for 45.6% of the total number of internet users.

343 Million

Why not design an singing microphone for amateur broadcasters like us? Female broadcasters occupy an absolute advantage with 70.88% to that of male.

Fashion People The majority of broadcasters are part-time whose proportion to full time broadcasters is 7:3


White-collar Market Research

Amateur female singing broadcasters aged 20-35 who sing for entertainment or afterwork. Singing is their habit and also the way for them to increase social contact.

Brainstorming Questionnaire


Factors that custmers mostly consider are functionality and visual feeling it conveys. Special appearance feeling would be more appealing.


Differences between

Professtional Broadcasters and Amateur Broadcasters

· Inconvenient microphone stander · Want Bluetooth function

· Large numbers of cable · Want Bluetooth function · Good appearance


Sound Quality

User Needs

· Heavy stander to take · Good appearance of stander

Battery Life · Forget to charge the microphone sometimes · Different feeling from traditional microphone


Professional Broadcaster

Amateur Broadcaster

Use professional equipment such as microphone stander and bop net. The equipment will occupy the space.

Do not use professional equipment which are heavy and expensive. They prefer tiny devices with suitable functions.

Keyword: Lovely Songs & Gorgeous





Front view

Since the microphone product is holded by females hands, the ergonomics data should be considered to make the holding comfortable. According to ergonomic, the best size of the diameter of the microphone is from 3.5-4.3cm.

Appearance is inspired from the bird Oriole who can sing lovely songs. This implies that people who use this microphone can sing beautiful songs by using this microphone.



50th Percentile

Grip breadth, inside diameter


Population Percentiles 5th






Bush, M. P, (2012) Ergonomics. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group

Holding Gesture 1

Holding Gesture 2

Final Design

User Interaction

Material & Manufacture Net

30° Angle Microphone Head

Stainless Steel · Die Casting Spray Paint · Welding

Concise Interface

Condenser Cartridge Al Alloy · Die Casting Voice Broadcast

Back Cover

Al Alloy · Metal Powder Injection Molding · Anodizing

PCB Singing Broadcast

Battery Desktop Charger

ABS · Injection Molding Spray Paint · Snap-Fit

Charging Coil Oriole Feeling Texture

Stander+Desktop Charger

Free Time Entertainment

Story Board Therefore, she decides to use the new product: Oriole Microphone

Lily goes home at 18:30, tired She wants to sing songs to release stress

However, professional equipment is heavty and expensice which is not suitable After using it, Lily can put it on the desktop charger to charge the microphone easily.

By using Oriole microphone, Lily can do voice broadcast and also singing broadcast by using the microphone in different way

The angle of microphone head is 30° which faces towards the mouth to get more sound

Use Oriole Microphone and start your journey of singing beautiful songs as Oriole birds.

Electrical Sharpener An electrical sharpener for white-collar and officer to reduce working stress using product samantics.

Product Design 4 weeks project Spring 2019 Individual




Market Research

Users Need

Competitor Analysis Portable


Product Samantics


Target User

Hand Size

24-30 years old Female White-Collar Worker who use pencil frequently



Button to open the trash box

Most of the sharpeners in the market are for students and kids. The market of mature people has been ignored.

Powerful Functions

Guiding Light

Thickness adjustment


Three thickness choice

The white space is product which is both portable and mature.

Suit the environment

Product Samantics

Mind Map

Interview Contrast color Clean feeling

The feeling that I want to express is to release the stress of the female office workers giving them energy and at the same time encouraging precise and efficient work.

Related to my hobby

Looks cool Functional

Reduce stress while promoting efficiency

Release Stress

Precise Work

Clean & Abstract

High efficiency promotes low pressure work

Angular Abstract



Mind Map starts from how to release the stress of female office workers. It can be concluded that "Nature", "Keep Pet" can be stress releasing words and "Abstract" and "Geometry" can be precise words.

Fashion feeling Release my stress

Angular Abstract




Side View

Final Design integrates both the feeling of duck pet and mountain geometry to release a kind of feeling of gorgeous and clean.

Back View

Front View

Testing the hole

Final Design

Pull to open the trash bin

Place "Tablepet" sharpener on your office desk to enjoy your high-efficiency work and low pressure feeling

Push to open the battery box

Turn the head to play with

Material & Manufacture Head

ABS Matte · Plastic Injection Molding

Trash Bin

PMMA · Injection Molding

Battery Box

ABS Matte Plastic · Injection Molding


PC · Stainless Steel

Inner Shell

ABS Plastic · Injection Molding


Stainless Steel · Die Casting

Gear & Screw

Stainless Steel · Die Casting Injection molding is widely used and ABS plastic can be easily treated into nice finish and surface

"Tablepet" sharpener is going to break the impression of tradition sharpener and at the same time encouraging efficient work while releasing stress of white-collar workers

Household Atmosphere Light An atmosphere light aimed at encouraging family dinner together nowadays with combination of bamboo weaving technique.

Interactive Design 4 weeks project Spring 2019 Individual



Research Questionnaire

What is happening?

Never ďźž 6 times

Why having family dinner together is still important today?

1-2 times

3-4 times

Eat outside Busy work Far from home

Family Benefits

Think trouble


Stress relief

Adjust mood

A large number of families just have one meal together at home in five days a week. It is so serious that many people are losing the chance of being together with people they love.

Having dinner together with families is not only a meal but a space for communication. Expressing yourself in a meal is one of the few times where people are happy and forget their working burden for a while. Therefore, having dinner together is much more important than before.

More than 30% of the people only have less than two family dinners in each week.

The hinder factors are: Too busy to go home Eat outside, consider eatting at home is not convenient

· Busy with work 10 hours a day · Eat outside or take-out





Eat outside

Increase home atmosphere

Phone TV

· Offer him a good experience with attractice light · Encourage him to chat with their families to release stress and pour out

Phone call notification

· Busy with work 8 hours a day · Like social life, party lover

Make family dishes easier


Interactive & playful to encourage joining in

Making dinner is troublesome Desire family dinner with parents

No communication

· Use social APP and no talking with families during dinner










Reasons why he buys this product

Elizabeth 28 HR Busy


k & Fe el



T h in


L ik

Having dinner alone with pressure in my head

S ay & D o


Reasons why she buys this product · Encourage her to forget about her work and other social App to enjoy the time with families · Give her an opportunies to talk with her families to release her stress in heart.


Does not join in



Does not go home

Possible Solution People nowadays would likely to addict into phone and TV during family dinner. For good behaviors, people may chat with families or praise the dishes to make family dinner warm.

United family dinner Feel better after communication

· Less communication with family

I will spend the dinner time using social APP on phone and reply to friends. Phone is always with my family dinner.

I often watch TV during family dinner. The TV show is too interesting that I rarely say something to my family.

Empathy Map

Peter 31 Programmer

Weak family dinner Less communication

I often talk with my family and chat. Sometimes, I will also praise the dishes cooked by my mom.

I will cook the dishes and also use some romantic products to make it more peaceful, such as music.



What would you do during family dinner?

Problem Definition



My families usually I really prefer romantic praise my delicious dinner feeling. dishes

Open light for warmer and relaxed environment. Annoyed when calling my husband


Final Design




Evaluation Emotional Cards


· Pat it to open the light · Pat it for a second time to open the accompanying light



“Kindness" · Two people pat it together to open the both the light · Use APP functions to change light special effects which cannot be used in single-Mode

APP Design

"WITHYOU" household atmosphere light is an interactive product being here to encourage family dinner and family communication in fast lifestyle.

Use Light Control for more light options. Create your favorite light when having family dinner! Check your families position at anytime. Fast and convenient. Your waiting time will not boring.

Press to send family dinner notification to your family member by one press. Various kinds of family dishes suggestions. Cookeing dinner is not that difficult.

Healthcare Glumeter for Midelife People An interactive and tangible glucose meter aimed at reducing psychological problems of midlife diabetes patients.

Interactive Design 8 weeks project Spring 2019 Individual



Research Nowadays, there are 425 millions of diabtes patients over the world with fast increasing rate and estimated number will be 629 millions in 2045. Diabetes has already been one of the most serious human threats.

What are reasons for midlife people depression?

Market Research

Financial Stress Parenting Work Stress

Health Condition

Other Responsibility

Depression Midlife people are under these five mountains at this special age leading to depresssion.

However, diabetes is not only an old age disease. There is a horrible rising trend of midlife people having diabetes in the future with 34.2% of increase rate in 27 years.

According to investigation, around 31% of midlife diabetes patients have depression and psychological problems which is a heated focus point.

Problem definition of Glucose Meter:

¡ User self-confidence can be compromised through poor feedback interactions. ¡ Glumeter only supplies metric data.Suggesions are absent. ¡ Glumeters often stigmatise users and draw unsolicited attention by family members and co-workers.

Interview I usually feel depressed because I have to support my family. I can find no one to tell when my diabetes gets worse.

Problem Definition

Ideation Pasteup Anxiety Depression

Midlife diabetes patients

Hard to say No one to talk

Psychological Problems I even cry every night for my diabetes because I am under so much pressured. I feel better after talking about it with my best friends.

Work Financial

Current problems of glucose meter


Personas I still have some worried time. I am tired every day for my responsibility but no way to be helped and be cured.

George 50 Math Teacher Glucose Type:

Traditional meter

Psychological state:

Anxious sometimes Rarely talk with families Diabetes destroys my life and I am afraid my family will know someday. No one know my heart. I am sad.

Diabetes severity Stress condition


· Want to control glucose level · Fear deteriorated diabetes · Fear talking about it with families

Everyday, he goes to work at 8:30 and teaches classes about 3 hours a day. Due to his diabetes, he has to bring his traditional glumeter to his office. When using glumeter, he finds some place where no one is. He focuses on his glulevel tightly. At home, he hides his worries in his heart and does not want to trouble his families.

Putting pebble on ripple is like throwing a stone into water with ripple growing which simulates the process of you talking about your heart and ripple listening to your stress and worries.



The most smooth pebble. Very comfortable.

Talking Listening With sharp edges. Not comfortable. Can not convey the feeling.

Final Design Fewer edges. But the gesture of thumb is good.

Mature and calmer

Elegant and smooth Thinner pebble may be a better choice.

Functions Use low currents to convert Nacl of hypoderm into glucose. First, when you are at work. Grasp the pebble meter and put your finger into the depression to measure the glucose level.

Second, the number display will show you the result. You will get a slight shaking feedback if your level is good.

Third, now you have gone home after work. Put the pebble meter on the "ripple" to charge it wirelessly and transfer the data.

Forth, use the screen on the "ripple" for further functions.

In office

UI Design At home There are 8 balls on the screen which means that you should measure you glucose level 8 times a day.

If you finish measurement for 8 times, all 8 balls will become orange. Slide through them to get your trend chart.

You can see your glucose level trend of the day.

Press certain point to get further information. Such as analysis and suggestions.

Story Board

George takes pebble to work everyday

Pebble reminds George when measurement is needed.

George grasps the pebble to get measured

The result shows and George gets shaking feedback

George takes pebble to home

George puts pebble on ripple, simulating communication

George can use functions on screen to get further information

George find that this is his good partner, accompanying him

Art Work


"Be creative, humanistic,

empathetic and perspicacious to design what people like and need."

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