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2016-2017 Report of Giving



Annual Report of Giving 2016-17

from the Principal

1 Welcome from the Principal

Dear Notre Dame Community,

2 Notre Dame Vignette

In this annual edition of Ora et Labora, we honor

4 Day Worker Stories Project Recognized Nationally

2017 school year as we share some news of the

and thank you for your support in the 2016current year. The flow is like a Celtic infinite knot that has no clear beginning or ending point. The

6 11th Annual ND Reads - Lessons from Little Rock

support from last year flows into the goodness of this year. Your generosity today assures

8 L’Esprit de Françoise Award 10 Building a Library in West Bengal 12 9th Annual Women of Impact 14 Class of 2017 Highlights 17 Financial Highlights 18 1851 Legacy Society 19 Endowment Giving 20 Lifetime Giving 21 Annual Giving 34 Alumnae Giving 38 ThirtyOne Women 40 IMPACT ND & Sister Circles

the impact of a Notre Dame education tomorrow. And that education grows in opportunity every year for the 635 students who gather in sisterhood. You will see evidence as you read about innovative learning and projects, service outreach that changes lives across continents and a student and adult community who reflect on race and membership in 2017. A Notre Dame education is relevant, challenging and forming women who will be leaders. Community support makes this education possible. You support teachers in their professional development. That is a sound investment because our Notre Dame faculty go above and beyond. They engage regionally and nationally and are recognized for their expertise at conferences and professional gatherings. You support programs that allow students to benefit from experiential learning that takes them outside the traditional campus to challenge and apply their learning. Community support enables us to level socioeconomic disparity and offer a Notre Dame education to a diverse population of young women. They, in turn, bring their gifts and perspective forward and enhance the learning of their classmates. It is an infinite loop that keeps this 166-year tradition moving forward. We are grateful. We are also focused on building the future of Notre Dame. We trust the support of this community will be behind us, with us, and pulling us forward. Ora et Labora,

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Mary Beth Riley, Principal

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2015-2016 | 2

Annual Giving Notre Dame Vignett e

"We had just begun our three days of all-school

a community chorus, she performs regularly at

retreat when we were told a classmate, Karen

various events. She also travels, visiting family and

High School Life in a Time of National Change

Nelson, had been severely injured in a car accident."

friends around the country.

The 1960s were a time of great social, economic and

opportunities and friendships

Dame community reeled from the loss, they learned

political change across the United States. Battles

that are still strong today.

for equal rights for African Americans and women

"Notre Dame was the best

were well underway and resistance to the Vietnam War was brewing. As John F. Kennedy took the oath of office on January 20, 1961, Americans believed they were on the cusp of a golden age. As Norine DeGregori '65 began her Notre Dame education a few months later, she was also experiencing the beginning of great change. Norine was born in Gustine, a small farming town in California's central valley in 1947. "Gustine was a nice little farming community," shares Norine. "It was a place where you knew who

Karen passed away two days later. As the Notre the president had been shot. "We were all in shock," explains Norine. "We went to St. Mary's for mass and in the middle of the service were told he was gone. I

choice for us. It was also

remember hearing the doors to the church open and

conveniently located across

close several times. People who had heard the news

the street from St. Mary's

just wandered in looking for answers and a place to

where my little sister could

pray." For Norine, the ND community and the country,

attend elementary school."

the following months were filled with sadness and

"I loved science and took all

despair. Individual moments of joy, including the San

the science and math classes

Francisco Giant's wins over the Dodgers and the first

offered, as well as four years of Latin," explains Norine. "In my freshman year

With Vatican II and our Notre Dame education, we felt empowered to work more actively for change.

gave out homemade fudge or caramel apples at Halloween." Soon after graduating from Our Lady of Miracles, where she spent her elementary school years, she and her mom and sister Lorene '72 moved to San Jose. Life in the city would bring new

I also joined Notre Dame's competitive choir and began performing in the musicals we produced

every year." In the early 60s Notre Dame students were building their own sets as they do today!

Beetles performance at Candlestick, stand out in sharp contrast. Senior year brought additional joy and accomplishments, including a role in The Sound of Music and confirmation that her voice and views as

Norine loves to visit with her grandnephews in Michigan

a young woman were being heard. "With Vatican II and our ND education, we felt empowered to work more actively for change. In Civics we looked at the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther

Norine began her junior year with friends that had

King Jr.'s efforts including the march from Selma to

become sisters and excitement for the coming year.

Montgomery and the increasing violence. I wrote to Robert F. Kennedy, who was a senator at the time, about my concerns and the need for action." His reply, signed personally, was a bit of a surprise and

Life in 1965

further emboldened her. San Jose's population was about

minimum wage workers made



per hour

gas was


per gallon

Norine developed her lifelong love of music performing with the Notre Dame choir and as part of the annual musicals

2 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

you could buy a gallon of milk for


After graduation, Norine continued her education at San Jose State University, majoring in medical technology and minoring in chemistry. At a time when less than 8% of women graduated from college, Norine excelled, becoming a board-


certified medical technologist. At Santa Clara Valley

would buy you an average new car

Medical Center she focused on virology, detecting virus in clinical specimens and HIV testing, where she worked for 38 years before retiring in 2008. an average house cost about


Today the love of music and performing she developed at Notre Dame still plays an important role in her life. As a member of the Fun Times Singers,

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 3

Day Worker Stories Project

The final project includes both Spanish and English versions so it can be shared with a wider audience.

Award-Winning Innovative Teaching

Señor Nielsen's student project was recently

Innovation at Notre Dame goes far beyond

exposing them to new backgrounds, perspectives

the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign

the latest technology or software program. It

and stories. "Empathy must include standing in

Languages (ACTFL) at their national convention

is a culture, a way of thinking, that exemplifies

solidarity with others in order to better understand

in Nashville. "The honor for the program attests

a collaborative and transformative learning

them and their perspectives," explains Señor

to the breadth and depth, the impact, and the

community. Bayard Nielsen's Spanish III Honors

Nielsen. "Only through understanding other

integration into curriculum of this community-

project, Day Worker Stories, is a prime example.

people and seeing them as individuals rather

engagement experience as well as the quality of

After a semester of design thinking, peer review and experiential learning, students use public

recognized as a globally engaged program by

Empathy must include standing in solidarity with others in order to better understand them and their perspectives.

than groups can we

the community partner relationship," said Beckie

truly incorporate their

Rankin, chair of the ACTFL's Global Engagement

needs into policy-



With the funds from a 2017 Margot Stern Strom

After spending the

Innovation Grant, which is awarded to teachers

Señor Nielsen and Kerensa Fu '20 Below - Cover and excerpt from the 2016-2017 book

hopeful for the future. I improved my language skills listening to and understanding them and, more important, how to be an advocate for others whose voices are often not heard."

transportation to visit the Day Workers Center in

day at the center, students use the remainder of

who think outside the box, solve problems and

Mountain View where they connect on a very

the year to create a compilation of biographies,

inspire students, Señor Nielsen was able to

The project has also been awarded the

personal level with the men and women who

superhero comics and multimedia clips. The stories

professionally print and share copies of the student

Microsoft/Krause Center for Innovation Award,

make use of its services. They conduct interviews

focus on the lives of the day workers, describing

compilations and develop a website to help

which honors exemplary, innovative teacher-

in Spanish, learn their stories and, through this

their identity, culture, beliefs and hopes for the

additional schools implement similar projects.

student collaborative projects that fully integrate

immersive experience, begin to understand the

future in order to provide insight into the many

journeys the day workers have taken to get to

different stories and backgrounds that shape the

"In class we had already read stories of people


local community. The day workers are portrayed

Participating in this project allows students to

as superheroes to combat negative stereotypes

interact with others outside their normal bubbles,

often associated with day workers and immigrants.

coming from Latin America to work in the United States, but hadn't actually talked to them or heard their personal stories," shares a student. "It was really powerful to speak with people who have

technology. Students use voice and video apps to record interviews, doctapus and Google apps to transcribe, share and edit the resulting documents, and Google Slides, MS Word, Issuu and Blurb to create and publish the final project.

been through so much and are so humble and

Students conducting interview at the Day Workers Center 4 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

You can view the digital book or purchase copies online at

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 5

Annual Giving 11 t h Annual N D Reads

basic tool of all interaction and if we all invest in

Lessons From Little Rock Becomes Lessons for Notre Dame in 2017 Although segregation in schools was outlawed by

In 9th grade English classes, students explored issues

the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954, it would be another

of identity and how it influences choices. They

three years before the Little Rock Nine became

also discussed being an upstander in the face of

the first black students to attend all-white Central

injustice, something Dr. Roberts did as a teenager.

High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Terrence

In U.S. History, juniors connected the book to their

Roberts was one of those nine students and his book, Lessons From Little Rock, takes readers through that rocky first year of desegregation. As the 11th annual ND Reads selection, Lessons From Little


study of immigration as they explored themes of inclusion and exclusion and how

In America, we have not yet lived up to the promise of providing opportunity for each and every one of us to realize our inherent potential, but we do have the capacity to do so.

Rock has been integrated throughout the curriculum and provided the Notre Dame community with an opportunity to engage in important conversations around diversity and what it truly means to be inclusive. Dr. Roberts' personal account of injustice, bigotry and racism brought deeper understanding of the concepts at the core of Notre Dame's Education for Justice & Leadership program, which forms our young women for compassionate and socially-just leadership.


they relate to the American dream. Dr. Roberts visited campus for an assembly and evening author talk open to the

community. He encouraged students and adults alike to develop a strong sense of self in order to allow for more meaningful and open discussion. "In America, we have not yet lived up to the promise of providing opportunity for each and every one of us to realize our inherent potential, but we have the capacity to do so," shares Dr. Roberts. "It is imperative that you know who you are. Self is the

true self-reflection and growth, we will be a better school, a better community and a better nation." Roberts cautions that "we have so much to do, we can't talk about progress yet." Speaking of the level of fear he faced during that tumultuous year, he says, "I came out of that maelstrom more resolved than ever to continue to fight for justice and equality for all oppressed people in this country. In writing about the lessons I learned in Little Rock, I wish to inspire others to learn or re-learn those same lessons and, hopefully, to provide some reason for optimism as we move into the ensuing decades of this twenty-first century." Students were inspired by Dr. Roberts, who personalized an important part of American history. "Dr. Roberts is a living reminder that despite how archaic it may seem, segregation was a common occurrence not long ago," said Isha Trivedi '18. "His experience forces us to contend with our past and reminds us that the legacy of slavery still plagues us today. His story is one of perseverance, nonviolence and determination that all can learn from." As with other ND Reads books that have taken us to India, Rwanda, El Salvador and the streets of Los Angeles to develop a deeper understanding of history and social issues, Lessons From Little Rock inspired thoughtful contemplation, brought to life through the author's visit. From top - Terrence Roberts with National Guardsmen Dr. Roberts spoke with community members in an evening presentation and with students during the day

Past N D Reads Selections

The Little Rock Nine 6 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

2008 - Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin

2012 - Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario

2015 - La Verdad by Mary Jo Ignoffo & Lucia Cerna

2009 - Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas

2013 - I'm Not Leaving by Carl Wilkins

2016 - The Odyssey of KP2 by Terrie M. Williams

2010 - The Distant Land of My Fathers by Bo Caldwell

2014 - Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle, S. J.

2017 - Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen

2011 - A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 7

L’Esprit de Françoise Award Rita Pursley ’57 Pacheco

of Apostles, Mother Butler and Presentation High

vision for me than I had for myself,” shares Rita

School. With the family settled in Cupertino, Rita

Pursley '57 Pacheco. But that was not always the

finally felt she was making friends and, being shy,

case. In fact, she was not very happy when her

wasn’t thrilled by the idea of leaving her school

father first told her that she would attend Notre

and new friends. Rita says it was awkward to go to

Dame High School instead of the local public

a school where she “didn’t know one single soul,”

school. After spending her elementary school

but it didn’t take long for her to form friendships

years moving from school to school, Rita was

that would last a lifetime. "Notre Dame girls were

wary of another move where she would have to

always friendly. And there was no nastiness or

She would soon discover that Notre Dame would offer her the life-long friendships she had been seeking. In search of a

Program. Justice immersion is particularly close to her heart because she believes that young

“I am grateful to my dad for having a greater

make new friends.

Women, and the Justice Immersion

arrogance. Everyone

was inclusive. We were

Notre Dame girls were always friendly. And there was no nastiness or arrogance. Everyone was inclusive. We were all Notre Dame girls.

climate that

all Notre Dame girls." After graduation, Rita studied business and eventually followed her father’s lead, becoming a successful businesswoman in her

would accommodate her mother’s rheumatoid

own right. When Rita recalls her time as a student

arthritis, the Pursley family moved from Indiana

at Notre Dame, it is the bonds of sisterhood with

to Canada to Michigan to Arizona to Redding,

other young women that stand out for her. She

California before arriving in the Santa Clara

also has a deep appreciation for the connections

Valley in 1947. Money was tight when they first

she has made with others through her association

arrived in Cupertino so Rita and four of her

with the school. It is those relationships and the

siblings attended public school while her dad

mission to teach young women “what they

worked in the construction industry and earned a

need to know for life” that have inspired Rita to

reputation as a quality builder. He was involved in

make Notre Dame a philanthropic priority over

the construction of many local Catholic churches

the years. Rita continues to support her alma

and schools including St. Martin of Tours, Queen

mater through gifts to the annual fund, ThirtyOne

people should have the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures as part of their learning. She enjoys traveling with her own family including her five sons and thirteen grandchildren. Together, they have toured Europe and gone on safari in Africa. Beyond her financial support for the school, Rita’s legacy includes her granddaughter, Abby, a member of the Class of 2019. As the mother of five boys, Rita says it is very special that her granddaughter can experience a Notre Dame education and the friendships that come with it. The first time she entered Manley Hall, Rita says she was transported back to her days as a student. “Seeing that same statue of St. Julie Billiart that graced the halls from 1953 to 1957 is a flashback to my days at Notre Dame.” Rita’s generosity and respect for the education she received are extraordinary. When asked why she is so supportive, Rita says that giving back to Notre Dame is “an honor and a way to say thank you for all that she has received.” With deep appreciation and gratitude, Notre Dame thanks you, Rita, for your

Past Recipients 2008 - Cindy Gavin ’70 Pond & Randall Pond 2009 - Mary Ellen Nolan ’53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni 2010 - Kathleen Yates & Peter Troop 8 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

life-long friendship and generous support. You are still a “Notre Dame

2011 - Mary Birmingham ’56 Emery 2012 - Cindy & Mike Manley 2013 - Margaret Gretz ’52 Normandin & Louis Normandin 2014 - Ann Rooney Pfaff ’56 Blach

2015 - Suzanne Donovan ’53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese 2016 - Laura Aceves ’56 Liccardo & Sal Liccardo


From top - Notre Dame graduation photo Rita, son Tim and his wife Adrianne and their daughter Abby '19 Rita and her five sons and their families have traveled the world together Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 9

Building a Library in West Bengal Dipashreya Sur '18 - 2017 International Service or Study Scholarship Recipient Dipashreya Sur's years at Notre Dame, spent

"Currently, only one out of nine children in India

learning about women of impact and global

finish school and graduate from college, explains

issues, inspired her to bring about change in a

Dipashreya. "The problem with education in

community far away but close to her heart, a

less developed countries, like India, is not only

small, rural, remote community in West Bengal,

a lack of funding for education, but also a lack

India, where her uncle teaches English at a local

of infrastructure. While basic education may be

high school. Her desire to improve the educational opportunities for students in India through the construction of a new library at

mandatory, the quality

of the education is

Notre Dame’s emphasis on female empowerment and women’s leadership has helped me realize the true potential that not only I have, but all girls have, to change the world.

Prankrishna High

far from adequate. With the basic needs of children often not met, children do not have a fighting

Dipashreya held a book drive at Covington Elementary School in the bay area. An active Girl Scout since the age of five, Dipashreya credits her many years in that organization and her high school education for making her the young woman of impact she is today. "My Notre Dame education played a pivotal role in my project. From taking courses such as Global Studies and Peace and Social Justice, I have learned the true value of social justice and the need for more global citizens. My teachers and peers have supported me and inspired me to take action in my

chance at breaking


the cycle of poverty,

The completion of her library project

disease, abuse, war, and so much more. My aim

earned Dipashreya a Girl Scout Gold

for the library was not to simply provide necessary

Award, the highest achievement

resources for the school, but also to build a

within the organization and a trip

and knowledge to all corners of the globe. “This

community of active learners and hope."

to represent her Girl Scout council

award is funded through a generous gift from an

The school, with 250 students in 5th through

at the 54th Girl Scouts National

alumna family and has allowed students to travel

10th grade, is in such a rural location that it

the world and bring about real change in the

cannot even be found on Google Maps, which

communities they visit. Though students are given

makes obtaining adequate learning materials a

the choice between using the funds to study

challenge. In addition to funding and organizing

dedicate the finished library.

abroad or for service, each recipient has chosen

the construction, she wanted to make sure the

"Notre Dame’s emphasis on female

the latter,” Mrs. Riley shares.

new facility was filled with books written in both

empowerment and women’s

English and Bengali. To accomplish her goal,

leadership has helped me realize the

School motivated her to apply for the Mary Beth Riley International Service or Study Scholarship, a fund encouraging students to bring their skills

Convention in Columbus, Ohio this fall. Over Thanksgiving break she will be traveling to India to officially

true potential that not only I have, but all girls have, to change the world."

Past Recipients

2016 - Samantha Rojas ’17 Mexico 2015 - Shanti Gurbuxani ’16 India 2014 - Christina Cherekdjian ’15 Armenia 2013 - Xerna Lorenzo ’14 Kathmandu, Nepal

10 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

As the tenth student to receive the Service or Study Scholarship, Dipashreya joins a list of young

2012 - Alyssa Vu ’13 Vietnam 2011 - Hannah Rosenblum ’12 Israel 2010 - Vanessa Vaughn ’11 Nicaragua 2009 - Rosemary Hua ’10 Ghana

2008 - Sejal Hathi ’09 Angelica Teng ’09 Hanna Kim ’09 India

Notre Dame women who have impacted communities around the world, from India to Mexico, Ghana, Vietnam, Israel and Armenia before graduating high school.

From top - Dipashreya Sur Construction of the library Finished Matangini Hazra Library

Samantha surrounded by her students Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 11

9t h Annual Women of Impact Honors Lisa Sobrato Sonsini & Kelly Powell '88 Bruno

allowed us to be women athletes, leaders and

women who have inspired them and propelled

scholars and made us believe we could do it

them on their way to becoming women of

all. That optimism in the power of women was so

impact. In turn, Lisa Sobrato Sonsini and Kelly


Powell '88 Bruno inspired students and the more

Kelly stays in regular contact with her Class of 1988 Notre Dame sisters, many of whom

In her introduction of Kelly Bruno, delivered in

joined her at the luncheon. As CEO of the

the form of a toast, associated student body

National Health Foundation, she believes it is the

president Sapna Ramappa '18 said, "Kelly

responsibility of all women to support each other

embodies the future of a Notre Dame education where women lead the way with bold ideas and dynamic change for the common good."

and help pave the

While there are many things in the world right now that seem dark and overwhelming, the light and potential of the young women at Notre Dame are truly a reason for hope and celebration.

Throughout her 20-year

way for those who will follow. Lisa Sobrato Sonsini also believes in the

her grandmother, Ann Sobrato, with having the

achieve equality for all. Raised by a single mother

most influence on who she has become and the

who lived with the effects of a childhood bout with

path she has taken.

polio and walked with crutches her entire life, Kelly

"My grandmother, Ann Sobrato, taught me to

school years, and her mother, with making her who she is today. "I played basketball, volleyball and softball at Notre Dame," shared Kelly. "Notre Dame

developing apartment houses and warehouses

In closing, Lisa shared her optimism for the future.

a man's profession, my grandmother was also quite devoted to serving her community." By the mid 80's, she was being called the 'mother of Silicon Valley.'

"While there are many things in the world right now that seem dark and overwhelming, the light and potential of the young women at Notre Dame are truly a reason for hope and celebration. It was

Inspired by her grandmother, Lisa established the

breathtaking to see the power of the possible in the

Sobrato Family Foundation. "My grandmother was

faces of the students."

the inspiration for centralizing our giving which

The proceeds from this impactful event help Notre

allowed three generations to experience the joy of giving together around the causes and issues we all believed in. She was passionate about many things but she was a true woman of impact because she actually did something about those passions." Lisa believes Notre Dame values align well with those her grandmother held dear — perserverence; possessing a nurturing spirit with an

Dame continue to cultivate dynamic women leaders who are agents of positive change in their local and global communities — women like Lisa and Kelly. We look forward to announcing the 2018 Women of Impact honorees in the spring and encourage you to save the date of October 12, 2018 for our 10th annual Women of Impact Luncheon.

Although she is

advocated for the less fortunate and worked to

the all-girls, Catholic environment of her high

drive to give back; and vision.


inspired daily by her family and friends, she credits

and never missed a basketball game." Kelly credits

invested in local property. "She was a pioneer —

power of women's

career in social work and healthcare, Kelly has

shares that "my mother was a very strong woman

innate sense of being fair and just; confidence; a

and building on spec. A highly successful woman in

This year our honorees shared stories of the

than 750 guests attending the sold-out luncheon.

Francisco restaurant and Atherton property, Ann

believe in myself, to trust my intuition, and to never give up — leadership traits that have carried me through to who I am today," shared Lisa. A true pioneer and early woman of impact, Ann Sobrato began her career in real estate after suddenly becoming a widow in 1952. With the proceeds from the sale of the family's San

Past Honorees Martha Kanter Ann Rooney Pfaff ’56 Blach

Carol Bartz Lily Sanchez ’51 Tenes

Belva Davis Shirley Minardi ’50 Lewis †

Sister Simone Campbell Marilyn Orlando ’60 Dorsa

Charmaine Warmenhoven Geralynn Patellaro ’74

Irene Dalis † Mary Quilici ’75 Aumack

Julie Riera Matsushima Marie Mackey ’67 Huhtala

Judge LaDoris Hazzard Cordell Rose Pierro '63 Simmons

12 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Sapna Ramappa '18, Lisa Sobrato Sonsini, Kelly Powell '88 Bruno, Mariana Haro '19 and Mary Frances Keller '18 Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 13



in Math

in Writing


in Critical Reading


660 680 ND Upper Quartile

ND Upper Quartile

600 ND Mean 485 CA Mean 482 Nat'l Mean

584 ND Mean 500 CA Mean 508 Nat'l Mean

598 ND Mean 491 CA Mean 494 Nat'l Mean

ND Upper Quartile

ACT composite

27.6 ND Mean 22.6 CA Mean 20.8 Nat'l Mean

14 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017



of the students in the Class of 2017 matriculated to one of the Princeton Review’s Best 381 Colleges

for the Class of 2017:

• Chemistry/Biology/BioChem • Engineering • Business/Economics • Computer Science • Psychology • Nursing • Environmental Science





Class of 2017 Highlights

Most popular majors

offered in scholarships Students were accepted to an average of 5.7 colleges last year.

• Political Science/International Affairs




college within California

61% Private 28% UC/CSU 5.5% CC or Gap 5% Out of State Public 0.5% International 22% of Class of 2017

matriculated to highly selective colleges (accepting 33% of students or less) up from 18% for the Class of 2016




out-of-state colleges

The Class of 2017

on average served



of required service hours for an



Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 15

Money Matt ers Total Revenue $15,673,955 Tuition & Fees $10,812,506 Contributions & Fundraising $1,815,615

Total Development Revenue $1,815,615

Fees & Other Income $3,045,834

Annual Fund $707,869 Events $331,425

Total Expenses $11,809,296 School Programs $8,548,056 Tuition Assistance $996,234

Tuition Assistance & Scholarships $491,991 Other Gifts $219,702 Endowment $64,628

Development $927,692 General & Administrative $1,337,314

26 | Notre Dame High 16 San Jose School | Report | Report of Giving of Giving 2015-2016 2016-2017

Notre Notre Dame Dame High San School Jose | Report of Giving 2015-2016 2016-2017 | 27 17

Endowment Giving

The 1851 Legacy Society recognizes, honors and pays tribute to all donors who include Notre Dame San Jose in their estate plan.

Mary & Jack Keenan

Alma Acosta

Laura Aceves '56 Liccardo & Salvador Liccardo

Endowment gifts are permanent funds in which the principal is held in perpetuity. The investment income provides a long-term source of financial support for generations to come.

D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland Teresa Schaub '60 Krivan & William Krivan Helen Carrera '34 Larrus † & Emile Larrus †

Mary Quilici '75 Aumack & Douglass Aumack

Diane Malane '65 †

Constance Percy '55 Baker-Enzensperger † & Kent Enzensperger

Lucinda & Charles Manley Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy & John McCarthy, Sr.

Conny & Terry Barton

Catherine McCosker '35 †

Margaret Nicora Bellany †

Virginia McCosker '32 †

Josephine Pisturino '49 Bertaccini & Edward Bertaccini

Pauline Ruiz '30 Mieuli †

Annette Bertram †

Ann Wade '60 Mootz & Allan Mootz †

Michaela Brody & Paul Benke

Margaret Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni

Eva Prudhomme '39 Orton

Mary & Gene Campion

M.C. Pardini

Mary Jo Avilla '58 Carroll & Donald Carroll

Shervin Parvini, D.C.

Anne & James Cashman

Anita Finke '68 Pennington

Gina Cassinelli

Helen Cribari '26 Pettit †

Tina & William Chang

Cindy Gavin '70 Pond & Randall Pond

Amelia Lippolis '51 Corral

Patricia Puentes '79 & Ricardo Campo

Suzanne Donovan '53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese

Gay Leal '47 Rodrigues † & Rod Rodrigues

Patricia Murphy '62 Crowder & David Crowder

Elizabeth Ryan '31 †

Patricia Feasby '65 Diamond & Robert Diamond

Janice Perlenda '44 Salberg & Joe Salberg †

Lynn Pasquinelli '70 Bonacorsi & Michael Bonacorsi

Patti Donovan & Joe Donovan †

Bobbie Sanfilippo †

Nancy Bretz

Shirley Paganini '61 Dorsa

Kathleen & Mark Santora

Nancy Doyle & Francis Doyle, Esq. †

Marie Zaro '42 Schmitt † & John Schmitt

Mary Jo Avilla '58 Carroll & Donald Carroll

Josephine Dunkin & Thomas Dunkin †

Marylou Schoone

Joann Cuneo-Daw & Jack Daw

Joan Leahy '47 Egan †

Ann & Greg Scileppi

Diane & Theodore Danen

Mary Birmingham '56 Emery, J.D. †

Mary Catherine Sheridan '71

Cathy De Maria

Annette Medina '69 Fagundes & Edmundo Fagundes

Timi Del Conte Sobrato & John Sobrato

Charlene Johnson '60 Figone

Patricia Hayes '74 Stuart

Janice Tupaj-Farthing & Howard Farthing

Sue & Charles Foltz

Roseanna Torretto '61

Janice Fox

Kathy Yates & Peter Troop

Josephine Francesconi '40 †

Debra & Dan Weed

Faye Beechie '60 Fyock & Bob Roulo Fyock

Mary Reithenberg '34 Westgate † & Edward Westgate

Julianna Barcelona '58 Gargone & Salvadore Gargone

Mary Castro '62 Wilson & Joseph Wilson

Rosanne Battaion '74 Harris & Richard Harris

Bernadette & Daniel Yang

Arlene Pieracci '63 Herrick & Michael Herrick

Patricia Sullivan '65 Zatkin & Sheldon Zatkin

General Endowment Elvira Ferrara '57 Girolami & Aldo Girolami Diane Malane '65 † Josephine '40 Francesconi †

Memorial Tribute Endowment Gifts Stacey Acton Marcia Antipa Josephine Pisturino '49 Bertaccini & Edward Bertaccini Ann "Rooney" Pfaff '56 Blach Yvonne & Frank Bonacorsi

Patricia Maher '55 Filice & Bruney Filice † Kathleen Geraci '76 Foley & Matthew Foley

Victor LoBue

Elizabeth Griffin Endowment Scholarship

Monica May

Helen Ansted & William Harrington

Jing Liao & Henian Liu

Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy & John McCarthy, Sr. Michele & Larry McEvoy Cathi & Marty Mickow Marie Nottoli '43 Patellaro Pauline Lepera '62 Price Donna McGann '55 Romano & William Romano, Jr. Helen Ross Donna & John Rossi, Jr. Carole Schmitt Ken Schmitt Marylou Schoone Karen Storey & Steven Tedesco Frank Turner Denise Walthers David Welch Donna Woodcock '63

Andrea & Patrick Caldwell Beverley & Tony Dunn Gretchen & Patrick Ekerdt Molly Ekerdt Peggy Ekerdt Patricia Maher '55 Filice Kathleen Geraci '76 Foley & Matthew Foley Mary Munoz '56 Garcia & Joseph Garcia Valerie Jonas Notre Dame High School - San Jose MaryEllis & Matthew Petrosian Maeve Riley '02 Heidi Rolfson & Patrick Goddi Elaine Romas Marylou Schoone Karen & John Swanson

Ann Pfaff '56 Blach Scholarship Endowment Fund

Allison Lawrence Endowed Scholarship

The Blach Family Foundation, Ann “Rooney” Pfaff '56 Blach

Mary & Henry Thornton

Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni Endowment for Scholarships Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni

Brenda Gabatino '95

Joanne Ellen Erba Endowed Scholarship

Melinda George '77

Nancy Erba & Mike Lewis

Endowment Giving

1851 Legacy Society

1851 Legacy Society

Normandin Scholarship Endowment Margaret Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Debra & Dan Weed Scholarship Endowment Debra & Dan Weed

Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa Evelyn Gilley '55 Gilberg & Richard Gilberg

Monica Hojda '69

Cheryl & John Harrah † deceased

18 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 19

Annual Giving The following circles recognize alumnae, parents, employees and friends for their support over the past year.

Ruth Ann McNees & Douglas Clark

Kristine & Kenneth Ho

Kathy O'Shea '65 Muller & Peter Muller

Suzanne & Darren Hutchins

Laura & Matthew Murphy

Diana-Lynn Ballenger Inderhees & Gregg Inderhees

Jennifer & Eric Olsen

D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland

St. Julie Billiart Circle $25,000 & Above

Laura Aceves '56 Liccardo & Salvador Liccardo

Josie & Geoffrey Fox

Notre Dame thankfully recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their lifetime support of our students and programs.

Gina Cassinelli

$250,000.00 +

Stella B. Gross Charitable Trust

Ann "Rooney" Pfaff '56 Blach The Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation Lucinda & Charles Manley Margaret Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin Cindy Gavin '70 Pond & Randall Pond Bobbie Sanfilippo † Philip S. Sanfilippo Trust

Suzanne Donovan '53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese Mary Emmanuel Donnelly, SND † Mary Birmingham '56 Emery, J.D. † Mary & Jack Keenan

Kathy O'Shea '65 Muller & Peter Muller

Marylou Schoone Katherine & Steven Sharp

Patricia Sunseri '58 Schott & Stephen Schott

Cindy Gavin '70 Pond & Randall Pond

Kathleen & Jeffrey Whitmer

The Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation

The Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation

Monica & Myron Wong Theresa & John Vidal

Timi Del Conte Sobrato & John Sobrato 

Azita Yavari & Sayed Rokni

$100,000.00 +

Barry Swenson Builder

Julie & Steven Smith

Françoise Blin de Bourdon Circle $10,000 - $24,999

Charmaine & Dan Warmenhoven

Ora Et Labora Circle $5,000 - $9,999 Melissa & Gregory Armanini

Helen & Stuart Kane Desiree LaGrone - LaMaggiore & Vince Maggiore Martha & Sam Lazarakis Quinn Letan & Mike Nguyen Pamela & Emmanuel Lugos Mabel B. Wright Education Fund Geraldine & Marco Magarelli Doug Mendoza Deepa & Debanjan Mukherjee Elizabeth & Daniel Muller Maria Nelia & Terence Messersmith Tammy Ng

Elizabeth Wells Aguilar & Alejandro Aguilar

Christy Barrese

Margaret Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Pamela Anderson-Brulé & Pierre Brulé

James Barrese

Jessica & Vincent Nowinski

Joylyn Belli

Rita Pursley '57 Pacheco

Janice & Thomas Berthold

Rupa & Divyesh Patel

Alice Branch-Young & James Young

MaryEllis & Matthew Petrosian

MaryEllen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni

Susan † & Robert Raffo

Theresa & Claudio Bui

Diann & John Ryan

Elizabeth & Brian Cabral

Maria & Andres Serrano

Andrea & Patrick Caldwell

Tricia & Gordon Shukwit

Gina Cassinelli

Sisters of Notre Dame Generalate – Massachusetts

The Blach Family Foundation, Ann “Rooney” Pfaff '56 Blach Joanne Boaler & Colin Haysman Karen & John Boncher Marta Carrillo & Dean Mulla Jennifer & J. Philip DiNapoli Foundation Marilyn Orlando '60 Dorsa & Frank Dorsa Nancy Erba & Mike Lewis Catherine & Todd Fernandez Elvira Ferrara '57 Girolami & Aldo Girolami Kathleen & John Giubileo Mary & Jack Keenan D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland Ana & Gerard Labonville Annie & Ha Le Laura Aceves '56 Liccardo & Salvador Liccardo Cathy Baker Lipe

20 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Wendy & John Ryan, Jr.

Marylou Schoone

D.H. Smith Co., Inc.

Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni

Patricia & Andrew O'Donnell

The Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation

Timi Del Conte Sobrato & John Sobrato

Annette Bertram †

Thu Linh Nguyen, D.D.S. & Tuong Tran

The Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County

Annual Giving

Lifetime Giving

Lifetime Giving

Mary Beth Riley

Sorci Family Foundation

Elisabeth Coddington

Kristine & Robert Spencer

Rajka & Denis Colic

Stella B. Gross Charitable Trust

Thida Cornes & Castor Fu Rebecca Dishotsky & Kirk Everett

Hema Sukumar & Rajmohan Rajamariappan

Beverley & Tony Dunn

Nacy & Bailey Szeto

Jill & Steven Foster

Nicola Tan '03

Elizabeth & Morgan Gerhart

Rebecca Turner & Erik Soule

Elizabeth Giraldo & Charles Le Borgne

Judy Vadasz

Jennifer & Matthew Hall

Kim Vu & Peter Williams

Hedge Trackers, LLC

Laura & Patrick Ward

Heritage Bank of Commerce

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 21

Irene & C. Jim Floyd

Lisa Martin '74 Adamson

Claudia Galvan de Skelton & Thomas Skelton

Veronica Salgado Nelson & Robert Nelson

S. Lynn Taylor & David Merchant

Maribeth Benham

Elizabeth & Bradley Cox

Chie & Louis Tieu

Linda Berger & Lawrence Soares

Jennifer & James Crotty, M.D.

Bayard Nielsen

Kristina Truong & Paul Zucker

Lidia Bernardo

Carla & Brian Crowley

Jane McCluskey '74 Vaillancourt

Lisa & Steve Berry

Trisha & Cory Cullen

Elizabeth Goodley & Ruben Espinosa

Judy Ferrari '60 O'Brien & William O'Brien

Colleen & Stan Alger Mary Quilici '75 Aumack & Douglass Aumack

Marcella & Gary Gulmon

Katherine & Jeff Orloff

An Tam Vu

Michele Bertolone & Andrew Shebanow

Leslie & James Cunningham

Denise & Scott Gordon

Michele '89 Ople

Susan Votaw

Susan & Dean Dapkus

Sydney & Brian Hackworth

Mari & Thomas Ormiston

Laura Washington '87

Miroslawa Betlej & Roman Lewkow Tara Betz '03

Angela & Todd Davidson

Dolores Ayala & David Whittum

Liza & Steven Hanks

Nancy O'Shea, SND '61

LeeAnn & Wayne Yasukawa

Simmi & Sanjiv Bhargava

Natalie De Leon '03

Kathryn & Greg Azevedo

Brigitte & Christopher Heiser

Monica & Paul Pashby

Daphne Yeh & Felix Chung

Anju & Raj Bhatia

Claudia & J. Augusto De Oliveira

Sarah Jones '01 Bantz

Heather & Chuck Hong

Kala & Ashvin Patel

Doris & Tse-Yu Yeh

Karen & Gerald Hopkins

Marilyn Perry, Ph.D. '67

Chimalma & Daniel del Rio

Conny & Terry Barton

Chaya Yerrapragada & Pratap Chillakanti

Bina & Rajesh Bhatt Monika Bickert

Tammie & Brian Hoshino

Tammy Pryor & Gregory Pryor

Lilith Del Rosario & Arden Pineda

Joan Ouano '91 Benitez & Hector Benitez

Bishop-Wisecarver Group

DeAnna & Sridhar Pursai

Allison Dent Draper & Jeffrey Goldfien

Lisa & Deron Jackson

Kathryn Heagerty '87 Zazueta & Tomas Zazueta

Eloise Bouye

Deana & Robert Blackburn

Monica & Mark Richards

Kathryn & Peter Diemer

Brenda & Karl Braitberg

LeeAnn Boennighausen

Patricia Ericson '92 Johnson & Kent Johnson

Helen Dietz & David Mimeles

Susan Brennan

John Bracco, Jr.

Juliette Ju & Haibin Liu

Leslie & Jason Rodriguez

Sandra & David Dilling

Michaela Brody & Paul Benke

Susan & George Kay †

Rowena Dizon-Burger & Harley Burger

Susan & Darren Busing

Patricia Rubino '65 Brunetti & Michael Brunetti

Margaret & Christopher Knox

Justina Aschoff '87 Rogers & Michael Rogers

Stephanie Accorinti '03

Penelope Bruce & Robert Manetta

Jenny Do & Hau Long

Renee & Angel Aguayo

Dena & Clark Donahue

Connie Bustillo '88 & David Chapman

Ruma & Amit Kumar

Donna McGann '55 Romano & William Romano, Jr.

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose Charmaine Callaghan

Maria & Sinbad Castillo

Lynne Lampros

Sheri & Ranjit Rozario

Mary & Stephen Almassy Katherine & Edgar Almazol

Wan Chen & Zhiqiang Zheng

Lisa & Alex Laymon

Gaby & David Alvarez

Jan Carlson-Williams & Robert Williams

Ella Colic '20

Sharon Leman, M.L.A. & Brooks Leman

Siji & Tony Ambalathingal

Anne & James Cashman

Anderson Brulé Architects, Inc.

Catering For All Occasions

Arlene & Pablito Ang

Sarah Chaffin & Pasquale Passaro

Helen Ansted & William Harrington

Shannon Chan & Jimmy Yu

Sonia Arguin-Duenas & Norberto Duenas

Jody & Curtis Chang

Ashley Barmore '03 Arroyo

Archana Chaudhary

Mary & Jim Ashby

Anne Doeltz '67 Farrell & Thomas Farrell

Warni & Erik Chee

Kristin & Brett Baker

Deborah Felder-Levy & David Levy

Su-Chen Chien & Jiann-Jeng Duh

Monique Balcazar '03 & David Vega

Melissa & Thomas Fenton

Julie & Ian Choe

Alicia & Brian Barron

Melissa & Steven Findley

Danielle & Peter Christian

Jude Barry

Anna Fox '89

Phuong Chu & Son Le

Nashili Basathia

Junalyn & Roland Francisco

Stephen Ciabattoni

Candie & Mark Beers

Lorraine & Joseph Combs

Geralynn Patellaro '74 Frugoli & Terry Frugoli

Maria & Eric Bellafronto

Nancy & Michael Cornelison

Ann & Anthony Fuell

Bellarmine College Preparatory Alum Mother Extended Network

Suzanne Donovan '53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese

Laura Fujikawa & Leonid Gelman

Laura & Victor Adint Kazuko & Michael Agueros

Rosanne Cortese '76 Compitello & Robert Compitello

Rebekah & Colby Frye

Susan Krumplitsch

Cindy & Ellen Robinson

Martha Ryan & Neal Sorensen Christine Santelli & R. Matthew Fruin Denise Scheaffer

Kristy & Dennis Leonard

Leah & Sean Schnoor

Rita Cortez & Fred Sharkey

Jing Liao & Henian Liu

Marina & Patrick Sheppard

Eran DeSilva & Brad Craycroft

Lori & Alexander Limberis

Cynthia Shiba & Eric Yokota

Sandra Davies & Daniel Wallace

Kristin & Brian Link

Sheela Shreedharan & Manoj Gopalan

Norine De Gregori '65

W. Joyce Lopez, Ed.D. & Ron Lopez

Sheri & Willie Dizon

Diane Malane '65 †

Lisa & Walter Duflock

Lynn & Michael Mendenhall

Victoria & John Edmonds

Lillian Bianchi '56 Miotto, A.I.A.

Melanie & Mark Fernandes

Eva & Dan Miranda

Molly Fezell

Marilyn Moreno, Esq. '75 & Roy Henninger

Patricia Maher '55 Filice & Bruney Filice † Annette Finsterbusch

22 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Nickie Moreno '65 Maggie & Dennis Nale

Rose Pierro '63 Simmons & John Simmons Suja Simson & John Jabamani Lauren & Joshua Smith Michele & Patrick Smith Natalie & Stephen Snyder Patricia Hayes '74 Stuart Kalpana Subramanian & Ganesan Venkataraman

Downtown Club $1,000 - $2,499 Lisa & Greg Agnelli

Anwesa Chatterjee & Manish Garg

Tamara & Jeffrey Current, A.I.A.

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Regent's Circle $2,500 - $4,999

Arathi & Rangan Doreswamy Nancy Doyle & Francis Doyle, Esq. † Cynthia & Matthew Duncan Lisa & Greg Eckstrom Barbara Eggleston & Richard Rawson Coral Escobar & Alejandro Marquez Leila Estaki & Hamid Rategh Annette Medina '69 Fagundes & Edmundo Fagundes

Denise Garcia '89

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 23

Vivian Nguyen '06

Rachel Ruiz '03

Carol & Gwilu Stevens

Susan & Henry Walaszczyk

Rosalie Gutierrez Ledesma & Juan Ledesma

Laney Nott

Maria & Gregory Rusboldt

Dionne & Robert Stuhr

Lisa & James Walstrum, Jr.

Hiroko Odaka & Ray Fujii

Lori & Nathan Saito

Yogesh & Supriya Suki

Alexandra Stankovich '91 Warner

Angie & Steve Lee

Jeanette & Brendan O'Flaherty

April & Alexander Sandoval

Monet Lee & Martin Badrock

Cynthia & Ramon Olavarria

Priya Sarojini & Sreekumar Natarajan

Saraswathi Suresh & Suresh Padmanabhan

Debra & Dan Weed

Deepika Goyal & Henryk Pawlowicz Linda & Howard Graham

Kathryn & Timothy Leehane

Daniel Olesen

Jane & Jesse Takahashi

Catherine & Eric Weirshauser

Kristine & Christopher Grim

Christine & Mark Leonard

Antonia & Luis Ornelas

Susan Casey '87 Schinski & David Schinski

Padma Talisetti & Prasad Katta

David Welch

Ruma & M. Zahurul Haque

Kristina Loquist & Hans Holtan

Narender Oruganti

Joanne Hayes '55 Schott

Anuja & Rajnish Thapar

Benedicta & James Werle

Anne & Steven Hartman

Farah & Samar Lotia

John Oswalt

Laura Seaman '03

Margaret & Raymond Thiercof

Jodi Williams

Greg Hedman

Julia Luk '86 & Philip Chan

Ruita & Vasant Pai

Sunita & Naresh Sehgal

Viju & George Thomas

Colleen & John Winchester III

Vidya & Ramachandra Hegde

Melva Mack

Monica & Allan Pal

Cindy & David Hendrickson

Reshma & Sunil Pandya

Geetha Thothadri & Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Carolyn Perry '62 Winter & William Winter

Julie & Jordan Herget

Sucharita Madhukar & Prakash Arunkundrum

Bernice Ferrara '61 Seimas & Leland Seimas

Robyn & Eric Tillman

Megan Wong '03

Kristen & Jeff Hernandez

Elisa & Anand Malani

Catherine Sharer de Gocobachi & Paulo Hernandez-Gocobachi

Roseanna Torretto '61

Bhuvana & Sanjeev Malik

Elsie & Tuan Tran

Kathryn Wu '03

Kimi & Tadashi Higa

Kristie & Robert Manning

Cynthia Moraes '91 Shaw & Clifford Shaw

Wendy Wong & David Rowe

Linda Herschbach

Roopa & Paras Trivedi

Kin-Ching Wu

DeEnna & Ronald Holohan, Jr.

Margaret & John Mawhinney

Sheree Tung & John Kesapradist

Meifang Xu & Peter Martin

Xiaoyan Huang

Maureen McMahon & Elie Semaan

Loreen & Dan Huddleston

Nidhi & Rajeev Shrivastava

Junko & Hiroshi Yamauchi

Celeste Martin '72 Melehan & Joe Melehan

Janice Tupaj-Farthing & Howard Farthing

Lisa & Frank Siegenthaler

Karen & Michael Van der Zweep

Tanuja Singh & Akhil Aggrawal

Catherine Villarreal

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Joanne Vliet & William Hughes

Julie & Derek Sousa

Eillen Voellinger '03

Kurt Specht

Brigid Voss '66

Anusha Srinivasan

Kiyoe Wakabayashi & James Schneider

Margo Joesten '74 Gorini & Richard Gorini

Diana Iniguez & Johan Torres Lisa Quintero '91 Jensen Kimberly & Albert Johnson Phyllis & David Johnson Leah Judge '03 Marufa Kaniz & Mohammed Yousuf Coreen Ketterer '03 Catherine Kilkenny Dori Yob Kilmer & Joseph Kilmer †Kim-Lien Kim & Chanh Tran Robyn & Mark Klitgaard Swathi & Mohan Krishnan Teresa Schaub '60 Krivan & William Krivan Nicole & Mark Krotoski Siriruch & Derek Kumar Kailin Tuscano '03 Kwan & Kelly Kwan Nayo & Tim LaFreniere Avis LaGrone Kanchana Sridhar & Sridhar Lakshmanamurthy

Bertha Minnihan Rahima Mohammed & Mohiuddin Mazumder Maria Danen '90 Moore & Stephen Moore Ana Morante & Andrej Cvitanic Jennifer & Christopher Morris Kimberly & Lawrence Moulton Smitha & Anil Mukundan Blythe Murphy Margaret Nabors Dalia & Hatem Naguib Seema Nair Elizabeth Newman & Stephen Hrinya Andrea Nguyen '03 Emerald Nguyen '03 Hang Nguyen & Hiep Tran Charlene & Quang Nguyen Thuy Nguyen & Thanh Dinh Trang Nguyen & On Tran

Cynthia & Michael Panelli Reina Paran Neema & Jayesh Parikh Christine & Gary Pashby Rachana & Amit Patel Bepsy Paul & Joby Sebastian M. Emilia PeĂąa-Bobst & Kevin Bobst Julie & Glenn Petermann Idara Phillips '97 Stacie & Richard Pittenger Kathleen & Martin Quiazon Shanti Raghavan & Shunmugavel Rajarathinam Sarasvani Ramadoss & Sriram Chandramouli

Roopa Shetty & Ganesha Tekkatte Hiromi & Keisuke Shimizu

Joanabel P. Sta Maria

Tania & Mark Weidick

Ann & George Yang Lezell Yap Diangco '03 Ramamani & Rao Yeleswarapu Rommel Zeledon Anne Marie Carnevale '57 Zoccali Lin Zou & Wenbin Wei


Maria & Humberto Ramirez Sandhya Rao Nikki & Gary Rauscher Mahira & Junaid Razzak Maeve Riley '02 Robin & Denny Riley Laurette & Stuardo Robles Joe Rodriguez Michelle & Richard Rodriguez Heidi Rolfson & Patrick Goddi Brea & Richard Romero Jessica Rose-Tracy & John Tracy Carmen & D. Rex Rousselot

Annual Giving

Sandra Lanoie

Monica Gomez '90 & Damian Trujillo



Annual Giving

Alicia & Eugene Gleixner

Catholic High School in Santa Clara County



Sacrament of Confirmation

with the ND faith community

served at 88 agencies

24 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017



Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 25

Suzanne Mooring '55 Barnes & Roy Barnes

Lerma & Ronilo Boja

Carolyn Can & Hai Trinh

Chelsea Chen '16

Gay Crawford

Beverly Falbo '51 Bologna

Raquel Candelas & Jorge Haro

Jessica Chen & Jaime Anaya

Karyn Crawford '09

Immaculate & Cornell Cantos

Leann Cherkasky-Makhni & Deepinder Makhni

Tanis Crosby

Janet Seidl '49 Caputo & Richard Caputo

Marian Chiang & Gen Wei Zhuo

Kaela Crowley '14

Caroline Perrotti '67 Caracciolo & Stephen Caracciolo

Amy Chou '08

Juracia & Kyle Carbajal

Carlson Chung

Stephanie & Randy Carles

Chelsea Chung '16

Charlotte & Kenneth Carlson

Rhonda & Chris Ciechanowski

Ann Carmel, SND

Mary Ciesinski-Stoker '04

Leah Boyer '01

Jeannette Carmody

Sandra & Paul Boyer

Mischele Ritchison '65 Carpenter

Judith Sepeda '60 Cigan & Dennis Cigan

Allison Abbott-Kline & Norman Kline

Diana & Antonio Andrade

Laura Barros '15

Yvonne & Frank Bonacorsi

Jessica Angelo '05

Michele & Dan Barsanti

S. & L. Ablao

Wendy & Robert Angus

Kelsey Barton '13

Lesli Ackerman

Sumera Anjum & Faisal Hanif

Petra Barton '09

Lynn Pasquinelli '70 Bonacorsi & Michael Bonacorsi

Stacey Acton

Tamara Anthony

Brian Adams

Marcia Antipa

Ushadevi Baskaran & Eswaran Srinivasan

Yvonne Bondi, SND '53

Rebecca & Porferio Agbuya, Jr.

Rosemary Arce '74

Anabel & Eduardo Basurto

Megan Aguilar '16

Shellye Archambeau

Pamela & Irwin Bautista

Mona Faraj '91 Boomer & Richard Boomer

Shellie & James Aguilar

Liberty & Nelson Arquiza

Claudia Aguilera & Ezequiel Cardona

Lynnelle Arquiza '16

Eileen O'Shea '69 Beamer & Lyndall Beamer

Maria Borci & Ferdinand Paragas Andrea & Louis Borges

Brooke Ahrens

Maria Gil & Javier Arreola

Rita Beamish '70 & Paul Costello

Shami Ahuja & Suresh Basireddy

Philomena Pizzo '42 Arrigo

Ewa & Luis Arreola

Karen & Richard Ajluni

Rajalakshmi Ramadoss & Jagdish Arumugam

Diana & Dale Akitt

Uma & Rahul Asthana

Kristina Alaniz & Stephen Burich

Zaynab Attaras

Mari & William Albanese Vanessa Aldama '16

Araceli Austria & Mauricio Julian

Donna Alger

Alejandra Velasquez & Carlos Avendano

Rukhsana & Salman Ali

Barbara Ferrari '57 Azevedo

Patricia Romanello '53 Alphonse & Harold Alphonse

Safia & Syed Babar

Colleen & Robert Altendorf

Jody & Nima Badiei

Madison Altendorf '07

Margaret Chiappe '64 Bailey

Kathleen O'Toole '58 Baciocco & E. Baciocco

Ada Luz & Walter Alvarenga

Caroline Lee Baker

Laura & Antonio Alvarez

Roberta Baker

Lana Alvarez Marco Alvarez

Nirmala Balachandra & Balu Ramappa

Margaret Alvernaz '43 Amaral & Robert Amaral

Priyanka Balachandran & Sajeev Pillai

Sheila & Phillip Amaya

Samantha Balan '04

Maryel & Virgilio Ambat, Jr. Marianne Ambrosini '78

Indhu Balraj & Visu Rajamannar

Mary Beth & Jeffrey Anderson

Padmaja & Ramesh Banda Snigdha Banda '16

Lisa & Steven Anderson

Geetika & Sanjay Bansal Jocelyn Barker, Ph.D. '04

26 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Patrice & Chris Beard Andrea Beasley-Jolly & Chivago Jolly Jeannine Bell '87 Maria & Laureano Benitez, Jr.

Barbara & Chuck Bonini

Sarah Botsch-McGuinn & William Botsch IV

Jane Frommer, Ph.D. & Stephen Boyer

Josephine Pisturino '49 Bertaccini & Edward Bertaccini

Shirley & John Bracco, Sr.

Madhuri & Vinayak Bhat

Terry Brennan

Madhurvanti & Shreeram Bhide

Nancy Bretz

Anne Mary Grimaldi '49 Biagini

Francine & Aubrey Brown

Kimberly & David BickMaurischat Sanusha Bijj '12 Asha Bijj & Silesh Bijjahalli Theresia & Heinz Binder Nancy Bishop Susan Bishop Jenny Pham & Donald Bittel, Jr. Margie & Michael Blach Caroline Blackburn '16 Rebecca Gilbreth Blanco '01 Amarys & Michael Rovero Maribelle & Teddy Bobila Leslie & Kevin Bock

Evelyn Brady '56 Marie Andrade '57 Brasil

Denise Bridgeman Randy Brown Nicole & Phil Brumm Patricia Brummett Elaine Bruni '66 Susan Buckley Janine Buellesbach Kim Dung Hoang & Thinh Bui Viet-Hong Bui, M.D. & Ha Vu Judith Fumia '61 Buldo & Tony Buldo Ruth Burson & Terence Ryan Rosemary Busch Gail & Ray Calabrese California Coast District – National Forensic League Lemyr & Robert Caligan

Brenna Chow & Jonathan Moore

Kari Climer

Olga Carrillo & Miguel Ledesma

Nicole Coddington '09

Mary Jo Avilla '58 Carroll & Donald Carroll

Margo Shrack Combs

Elizabeth Carrow Nichole Carrubba Krista & Nathan Carter Janel Angulo '91 Caruz & Vern Caruz Elsa & Robert Carvalho Claire South '56 Casey Donna Cavaille '70 Xochitl Cazador '92 Rosa & Raymond Ceja Mary South '68 Certa & Diego Certa Doris Chang & Wen-wei Lee Faith Chang John Chang Patricia Murphy '51 Chargin Alice Chau & Kevin Chung Anasazi Chavez '10 Adriana Novoa-Chavez & Paul Chavez Stephanie Chavoya '14

Maxine Lannin '43 Cohen Hannah Comiskey

Joanne & Patrick Crinion Danica Crowley '16 Margaret & Frank Cucuzza Maura Cuffie '08 Christine Culine Michael Cully Joann Cuneo-Daw & Jack Daw Alexandra Cunningham '08 Joanne Filice '58 Cunningham & Gerald Cunningham JoAnn Coleman '65 Cymanski & Ron Cymanski Diana Dahlin Harriet Dailey '46 Gina Damiano '00

Lauren Compitello '16

Susan Haas '65 Dan & Daniel Dan

Eva Condron-Wells '89 & Rob Wells

Diane & Theodore Danen

Fabienne & Thomas Conlan Andrea & Mark Connell Christina Connell '16 Ira Cook, Jr.

Nhu-Diem Dang & Tri Doan Deborah & David Danitz J. Esther & Michel Dareau Donna Gargone '59 Darst

Mary Ann Connor '62 Delameter SinĂŠad Delaney Dyer & Jonathon Dyer Karen Minardi '64 DeMonner & Ron DeMonner Lisa DeMotta Rajbansi & Rahul Deokar Isha & Nishigandha Deokule Cristina Hernandez '84 DeRuiter Rucha & Chintan Desai Alana Diaz '16 Frederick Diaz Diane DiCarolis Kristin & Ken Dickens Lorraine & Mike DiIorio Anicea & Paul Dines Christine Martino '69 DiSalvo & Joseph DiSalvo Kayla Dizon '08 Raquel & Oscar Dizon Stacy & Richard Dobner Kathleen & Allen Doerksen Maria Dolores & Alvin Talla Brigitte & Eric Donkers Ellen Donlin

Georgianna Coonis, SND

Swapnanjali Dash & Achyuta Acharya

Julia Cooper

Phyllis & Bill Davidson

Patti Donovan

Kathleen Zoccoli '66 Corbal

Michelle & Leo Davila

Deanna & Mike Dorner

Amelia Lippolis '51 Corral

Cassidy Davis

Shirley Paganini '61 Dorsa

Amy & Stephen Corral

Adriana & Francisco de Anda

Charlotte Doudell '68

Janet Murray Costigan & Peter Costigan

Maria & Marlon De Leon

Megan Doyle '95 & Kevin Iadonato

Jacqueline & Todd Courtney

Nishantha & Namal de Silva

Pattie & Dave Cortese

Maya & Joe Courtright

Cathy De Maria Jennifer Deal

Leticia Cowan

Josephine Rizzo '49 DeFranco

Emily Cox '15

Deborah deLambert

Evelyn Crane-Oliver

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Susan Anderson & Richard Friend Ravel Under $999

Barbara Frick '56 Donnelly

Joan Dove

Tara Doyle '99 & Robert Eicher Virginia Drake & Courtland Saunders Sheryl O'Hara '74 Driskell Joanna & Barry Drogy

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 27

Pamela Fitzgerald

Lisa Duerre

Susan & Oliver Flach

Melanie Duffin

Elvira & Arman Flaviano

Julianna Barcelona '58 Gargone & Salvadore Gargone

Gwyne & Thomas Grubb

Joanna & Christopher Hersey

Licinia McMorrow '00 Iberri & David Iberri, M.D.

Kaiser Permanente

Randy Klein Diane Ferreira '62 Kline

Mary Jo & Patrick Ignoffo

Pallavi & Ramana Kalapatapu

Mary & Mark Gruber

Joan Hickman

Lilly & Fernando Guadarrarma

Kathy Hill

Joan & David Igou

Anne Kangas

Anne Marie KnapenAsnong & Geert Knapen

Ann George

Hien & Phong Ho

Lian & Bruce Imai

Rita Barton '62 Karr

Claudia & Bernhard Knigge

Melinda George '77

Nanzi Guerra

Joseph Hoang

Susan Imai

Theodore Guglin, Jr.

Nanci & Martin Hochroth

Irene & Javier Jacquez

Priti Kartik & Kartik Venkataraman

Tina Kobetsky

Noelle George

Maya Jain '15

Nirupama & Venugopal Kasula

Elizabeth Connor '65 Kodres & Ray Kodres

Catherine James '12

Lori & Robert Katcher

Karina Punu Kodres & Michael Kodres

Maureen & Ronald Gass

Elizabeth Griffin â€

Wendy Dunn '96

Anne Flores '68

Myrna Dunphy

Emily Foley '12

Jennifer & Victor Duong Fariba & Mehdi Ebrahimian

Kathleen Geraci '76 Foley & Matthew Foley

Suzie Edmonds

Sue & Charles Foltz

Jaclyn & Philip George

Emily Gulmon '14

Michalene Edwards

Marie & Joseph Fontana

Julia Gupta '14

Diane Teilh '64 Eichhorn & Charles Eichhorn

Dianne & David Foote

Snehal Ghotge & Vinayak Pandit

Susan Madruga '68 Hodges & Lawrence Hodges

Neha & Naresh Gupta

Eileen Hoefler

Danika Gurley '07

Janet Borruso '60 Hogan

Diane & Michael Eiger

Elizabeth Fox & Daniel Sooter

Neelima & Rama Gurram

Kathleen Hogan

Gretchen & Patrick Ekerdt

Mary Ellen & Michael, Sr.

Irma & Roberto Gutierrez

Michelle Hogan '56

Ruben Gutierrez

Monica Hojda '69

Mary DeVincenzi '81 Jasman

Monica Guzman

Reina & Manuel Hollero

Sheema & Faisal Jeddy

Mohammad Kazemi

Elana Hall

Melissa Ople '86 Hopkins

Julie Jennings

Elizabeth Keenan '09

Darlene Young '52 Kotey & Frank Kotey

Cassandra & Sheldon Hambrick

Nadine & William Hopps

Jacqueline Jenzen '03

Emma Kehl '16

Desta & Steven Krong

Katherine Bosso '63 Hough & Paul Hough, Sr.

Uma Jeyapalan & Senthil Sankarappan

Sandhya Kella & Rajesh Koilada

Catherine Kuebler

Marek Jeziorek

James Hamm

Diane Provasi '68 Hougland & Jerry Hougland

Erin & Steve Keller

Melanie Jimenez '01

Christopher Kelly

Deanna Lewis '56 LaBarbera

Annette & Noel Hancock

Christine & Lew Hsieh

Christopher Johnson

Jessica Kelly '08

Kelly & Douglas Hansen

Janet & Kevin Hsu

Elizabeth & Russell Johnson

Barbara Levin '58 Harper & Douglas Harper, M.D.

Jackie Hua

Geraldine Zaro '46 Johnson

Amy & Ray Huang

Jing & Jerry Johnson

Sheila O'Connell '67 Kennedy & T.A.J. Kennedy

Cheryl & John Harrah

Yayan Huang

Melissa & Dave Johnson

Noreen & Miles Harrington III

Donnalee Huddleston '16

Melissa & Matthew Johnson

Donene Ray '59 Harrison & Arthur Harrison

Lulu & Marciano Huelar

Timothy Johnson

Yvonne Huey

Victoria Harrison & Peter Ullmann

Marie Mackey '67 Huhtala & Eino Huhtala

Christine Cabeca '90 Johnston

Patricia Sullivan '57 Hastings & Thomas Hastings

Theresa Salcedo '65 Hulshof

Mary Ann Frazer '56 Joice

Elma & Matthew Humphreys

Valerie Jonas

Vivian Ficalora '54 Hurley & Michael Hurley

Lincy & Mathew Joseph

Mary Fortune, Ed.D. '77

Molly Ekerdt

Jennifer Fraisl

Peggy Ekerdt

Kelly & Alan Frame

Peter Ellis

Michelle Francois-Walsh & Thomas Walsh III

Christine Ahearn '63 Ellison & Darwin Ellison

Maria & Miguel Fregoso

Eleanor Elrod '62

Claudia French '68

Katherine Elston '10

Christine Frey '97

Stephanie Elston '07

Jolene & William Frey

Mary England & Jim Ciarico

Mary O'Shea '66 Friedrich & Michael Friedrich

Rosalie Pusateri '57 Eskew & William Eskew Victoria & Mark Evashenk

Laura Fujieda & Terrence Barwegen

Sarah & B.J. Fadem

Shirley & Scott Fuller

Kristine & Iannelsonn Fadrigon

Pilar Furlong

Laura Macey & Alejandro Farinas

Brenda Gabatino '95

Diana & Carl Farsai

Florina & Lawrence Gallegos

Elizabeth Fennell Alice & Robert Fenton

Maria Lena Trione '62 Gallo & Joseph Gallo

Tyler Fernandes

Barbara & Erasmo Garcia

Salud & Anthony Fernandez

Grace Rowan '45 Garcia & Justin Garcia

Mary Lu Ferrara '68 & Larry Knuston

Linda Patallero '67 Furtado Hope Gagalang

Debra & Allen Figone

Mary Munoz '56 Garcia & Joseph Garcia

Marlene Zappelli '54 Filice

Mildred & Ruben Garcia

Karen Meier & Steven Fisher

Olga Garcia

Judith Kayser '61 Fitzgerald & Daniel Fitzgerald

Susana Garcia

28 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Martha Giannini '60 Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa Erin Menard '83 Gibson & Steven Gibson Arlene & Emmanuel Gigante Francisco Gil Evelyn Gilley '55 Gilberg & Richard Gilberg Rev. Martin J. Gillespie Loriann Gillette '79 Stacy & Robert Gleixner Ana Melara Glenn & Gary Glenn, O.D. Tina Golaw '89 & John Battin Lourdez Nevarez & Martin Gonzalez Noelia Gonzalez '90 Veera Sandhiparthi & Jeyanthi Gopalan Rachel Goss & Jack Holm Rachelle Grabowski & William Athas Sharon Kojima & Jamey Graham Linda & Paul Graham Christine Lipari '70 Gramlich & Wayne Gramlich Barbary & Anthony Grant Nicole Grant Robert Grassilli Catherine Herrera '74 Greco Laura & Peter Gremett

Joanne Banker '64 Hames & Mark Hames

Beverly & Ove Heigre Margaret & Fred Heiman Elaine Shipley '74 Henderson & Gary Henderson Jennifer & Mathew Henley Ida & Peter Henscheid Kelsey Henscheid '16 Roselyn Hernandez Vern Herr

Linda Hutchins-Knowles Louise Hwang & Mark Mondry Mary Hyginus-Joseph & Kazimieras Joseph Natasha & Michael Hyndman

Shruti & Upesh Jain Kyungsoon Jang & Soon Park

Asha & Anand Kodamanchilli

Lee Ann Howard '74 Kaupp Baljinder Kaur & Vikram Singh

Carolyn & Chris Koehle Swetha Kosaraju & Srinivas Dandamudi

Sandy & David Kawamoto

Leika La Roque '16

Colleen Sullivan '66 Labozetta

Careen Salamanca '03 Ketterer & William Ketterer

Colette Quement '50 Lackovic & Thomas Lackovic Lisamarie Ladd

Sabiha & Shakir Khan

Natalie LaFollette '15

Shehnaz Khan & Ahsan Shaikh

Ali Lahidji

Rachel & Ahmed Khattab

Margaret Lai

Shalini & Anurag Khemka

Lucia & Kuen Lam

Pat & James King

Lila Lam '92

Jennifer Young '98 King

Karen & Jerry Lane

Stacey King '86

Sharon Parsons '63 Lane

Leanne Patellaro '76 Kirby & Robert Kirby

Mary Tanda '60 Lanier

Ritipal & Priti Pal Juneja

Stephanie Herman '93 Kiriluk & Dean Kiriluk

Stephanie LaRocca '08

Andrea Justo '04

Jennifer Kirkland '10

Nutan & Shrikant Kabir

Pravina Venkatesh '87 Kittredge, Ph.D. & Perry Kittredge

Julianne Johnston

Janice & James Jones Jatinder & Avtar Judge Eleanor & Paul Junck

Christine Leman '99 Kacirek & Michael Kacirek

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Jessica Drogy '16

Mitra Lahidji

Laurin LaRocca '10 Cyrille & Jean Marc Laurent Catherine Lavelle Helene & Timothy Lavelle Duy Le

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 29

Jean Lum Hoy & John Scott

Mariana & Randall Leberknight

Sarah Luna '13

Jill Ferrari '81 Maultsby & Steve Maultsby

Annette Ditto '60 Milionis & Chris Milionis

Araceli Munoz & Eduardo Lopez

Katherine Terranova '62 Noether & James Noether

Kiran Palla '10

Janette Valderrama '74 Perla & Ben Perla

Samina & Mohammad Faruq Palla

Amy Luo & Steven Chen

Olga & Harry Mavrogenes

Alyssa Miller '15

Paula & Paul Muntean, Jr.

Jennifer & Anthony Lecheler

Diep Luong & Neil Rufino

Monica May

Jill & Chuck Miller

Margaret Nolin

Christina Lee '83 & Christopher Yien

Julie & Ha Luong

Julieanne Haakinson '57 Mazurek & Robert Mazurek

Katherine Miller

Deepika Nabar & Nabar Aniruddha

Arlene & Johann Nool

Guadalupe & Roberto Pallais

Stefani Miller

Sondra Naczkowski '93

Mark Normandin

Catherine & David Pandori

Heather Mills '90

Ameera Naguib '12

Clotilde & Joseph Nuniz

Laura Pandori '12

Margaret & James Petkiewicz

James Min

Lekha & Reggie Nair

Maria & Mats Oberg

Denise & Roger Pang

Carol & Henrik Petrosian

Neeti Mittal & Alok Garg

Mary Deck '64 Nanawa

Consuelo Foster '50 O'Brien

Nicole Pfaff

Tammi & Randell Miyahara

Margaret & Kapil Nanda

Carol Mizgorski

Carol Navone '63

Bridget '87 O'Brien-Reyes & Martin Reyes

Cecyle Young '50 Pantiga & Manuel Pantiga

Lupe Moncivaiz Warren

Hemalatha & Ramakrishna Nekkanti

Ellen Lee

Thomasene Eklund '50 Luzzatti & Giorgio Luzzatti

Seungmin Lee & Sangjin Oh

Rebecca Lynch '12

Beverly & Phil Lenihan

Suzette & Kenneth Mack

Mary Pizzo '48 Leone & Dominic Leone

Malathi & Jayaram Madireddy

Stacey King '86 & Barry Lepore

Sandy Mahler

Deborah & Jerome Lettow

Sarah Majeski

Maureen McCabe Nancy McCarron, SND Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. '55 Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy & John McCarthy, Sr. Suzanne & Neil McCarthy Shyrl & Patrick McCormick

Wanda & Mark Levy

Leena Malaviya & Dinesh Vallabhdas

Nell Watson '67 Levy

Zarin & Bashir Malekzada

Marie McEnery

Shirley Minardi '50 Lewis â€

Sanjana Malik

Ann McEntee

Audrey Tan & Charles Liang

Sowjanya Mallepudi & Krishna Ponna

Michele & Larry McEvoy

Janelle Lief '14

Aparna & Jagdish Mandla

Bridgit McGarry & John Amarillas

Ruth & Andrew Lief

Linnette & Noel Mangoba

Michelle & Ryan McGovern

Rose Manimtim-Chua & Henry Chua

Helen McKenna

Toni Lewis

Dian Link Katherine Lipps Haidee & Rolando Liwanag, Jr. Alicia Ambrosini '02 Lloyd & Thomas Lloyd Livia Lo '99 Valerie Loboa-Hallmak '61 Victor LoBue Neetu & Rajkishor Lohia Danielle Loi '06 Elizabeth Loi '06 Florence Loi '09 Jennifer Loi '07 Mandee & Daniel Loney Christine Long Elizabeth McAuley '71 Lopez & Daniel Lopez Melinda & Gerald Lopopolo Linda & Mark Lozano Lynne Lukenbill Bernard Lum Hoy

30 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Trishla Mansukhani & Raj Vakil Colleen Malone '49 Marelia & Pete Marelia Karen Robinson '86 Marion & Dennis Marion Benilyn Martin-Salinas & Mike Salinas

John McCoy

Cari Shim & Daniel McLaughlin Gloria McLoughlin Stephanie Benke '02 McLoughlin & Patrick McLoughlin Dale Ann McMahon

Elizabeth & David Monley Amelia Catalano '49 Moore & Brinton Moore Ann Wade '60 Mootz Doreen Morales Christina & Chris Morello Alejandro Moreno Consuelo Moreno '43 Kelsey Morris '16 Edith Mota & Javier Hernandez Kavitha & Kishore Moturi Lynda Sanfilippo '61 Moudakas Marissa Mount '15 Nihad Mourad Yvonne & Aristides Moustakas

Brianna Martin

Margaret Dickerman '42 McSweeney & Robert McSweeney

Lorena & Robert Martinez

Claudia McTaggart, SND

Hector & Martha Martinez

Karen Meckstroth

Lisianne Marzani-Goldman & Todd Goldman

Nathalia Melamed '02 & Michael Melamed

Keren & Jeffrey Muller

Alyse & Martin Mason

Tulin Melton & Anthony Tulin

Sailaja & Prasad Mulukutla

Loretta & Bob Mason

Linda Meneses

Janet Mulvey

Mary & Edward Matlack

Farah Noori '88 Merchant & Faisal Merchant

Berly & Jose Muncada

Cathi & Marty Mickow

Rhonda & C. Patrick Munnerlyn

Julie & Melvyn Matsushima Pamela Sullivan '58 Matteoni & Norman Matteoni

Elizabeth & Dragan Milanovich

Christine Mugnolo '97 Katherine & Gerald Mugnolo Ella & David Mullenex Duane Marie & Peter Muller, Jr.

Susan & Robert Munne

Hilary Nevis '08 Nancy Sautner '55 Newman, R.N. & Ray Newman Louise Cooper '95 Newnan & Ryan Newnan Alice Ng & Stan Chow Annie Nguyen & Peter Hoang

Annette Cefalu '55 Peterson & Don Peterson Sharon & Thomas Peterson

Hyo & Jin Park

Linda & Joseph Pfahnl, C.P.A.

Monica Ocampo '13

Eileen & Tom Parks

Tina & John Pham

Gladys Ochangco '87 & Benjamin Zulueta

Eugene Pashby

Christine Pidwell

Michele Pashby '15

Dorothy Doheny '49 O'Connor

Tia & Andy Pashby

Tina Pinto & Leslie Fernandes

Catherine & Andrew O'Donnell

Kusum & Ratilal Patel

Patricia McKenzie '50 O'Donnell & Daniel O'Donnell Pamela O'Hara

Charlene Nguyen

Virginia & Fred Olenak

Holly Nguyen '14

Casey Olsen

Huynh Mai Nguyen & Brian Nguyen

Mary & Patrick O'Meara

Kim Nguyen & Steve Do

Cheryl & Lawrence Oreglia

Kimnhung & Ruc Nguyen

Louise O'Reilly, SND '65

Lan Danielle Nguyen '16

Laila Omid '16

Rosalie Pizzo, SND '52

Bina & Prakash Patel

Sam Polverino Vicky & Zack Portera

Janis Patellaro '70

Guillermo Portillo

Marie Nottoli '43 Patellaro

Tiffany Potenciano '08

Margaret & Barry Patrick

Carol Cattivera '65 Powell & Daniel Powell

Brigitte & Jeff Patrignani Lisa Paz-Furtado '93 & Manuel Furtado, Jr.

Pauline Lepera '62 Price Lee Pruett & Natan BenYonatan

Eugenia Isaacson '55 Pearman & Noel Pearman

Tammy & Gregory Pryor

Susan Andrei '64 Peck

Maria & Jose Pulido

Anitha Peddiboyina & Chakradhara Aradhyula

Faiza & Tahir Qader

Hilary Orr

My Linh Nguyen & Hoa Vu

Juliana Orr '14

Nirit Peer

Maria & Armando Quesada

Kate & Nguyen Nguyen

Eva Prudhomme '39 Orton

Karissa Peinado '16

Dinah Quiachon

Phuongha Nguyen & Lien Tran

Uduak Osom-Richardson & John Richardson

Leandra Peloquin

Cecilia Quick '77

Adrianne & Tim Pacheco

Sheryl & Ron Pelzel

Barbara Quigley '71

Quyen Nguyen & Viet Pham

Ying-Te Peng & Sou-Yen Yeh

Lynette Quintero '92

Jodie Penner Anita Finke '68 Pennington

Neveen Radwan & Khaled Fawzi

Kristina Peralta '02

Laura & Richter Rafey

Elizabeth Golaw '88 Perez & Marcy Taylor

Emily & Bert Ragudo

Chi Phan & Vinh Nguyen

Beverly Deaver '67 Pachner & Ned Pachner

Pamela Nicandro-Osorio '97

Tara & Burton Padget

Linda Normandin '59 Nicholson

Alicia & Ricardo Padilla

Donna Nicoletti '59 & Frank Nicoletti Kelly Fisher '99 Noble & David Noble

Theodora Cieszko '63 Page & Paul Page Kathleen Paige '67 Francesca & Harrison Paist Nicole Pal '10

Cecilia Perkins Patricia Head '65 Perkins

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Jasmine & Frank Le

Shirley & Khaled Rabia

Gita Rahardja & Andre Santoso Asharani & Nagarajan Rajan

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 31

Martin Rodriguez

Carole Schmitt

Jaspal Singh & Jagjit Kaur

Ann & Garry Rogerson

Ken Schmitt

Stan Skelton

Sandra & David Ramer

Alic & William Romano, Sr.

Gail Skinner '72

Elaine Romas

Kathleen & Patrick Schneider

Janice & Joe Rommel

Patricia & Thomas Schulte

Lauren Rommel '09

Maria & Joseph Sciamanna

Carol & Tony Rose

Mary Ellen Cauhape '40 Sciarini Carolina & German Scipioni

Cheryl Smith

Emma Reyes-Ramirez '94 & Joseph Ramirez Jayalakshmi Ramkumar & Ramkumar Vadivelu Liana & Joseph Randazzo Tamara & Michael Ranker Elvira Rascov Sarah Rashid & Faisal Masood Maria Raspolic & Ognjen Milic Amy & Adwait Ratnaparkhi Mary Anne Lorentz '63 Ravizza & Norman Ravizza

Helen Ross Elizabeth Rossetti Donna & John Rossi, Jr. Mary Ann Rosso Lan & Lorne Rundquist

Cathleen LaFrank '66 Scott & Dennis Scott Jo Scott & Carl McGrew Christina & Scott Seaman

Chiunghui Tseng & Huanwen Cheng

Kathy & Joe Vyvijal Shannon Vyvijal '15

Natalie Archuleta '93 Wise & Justin Wise

Victorey & Zaidee Tumangan

Leigh Walaszczyk '16

Catherine Wittig

Sumana & Balmiki Sur

Alicia Tunggal

Jenifer & Benjamin Waldie

Nancy & Roger Wong

Brandon Swanson

Alice Delgado '53 Smith

Christina Turner

Mary & John Walker

Martha Wood

Karen & John Swanson

Donna Woodcock '63

Suzanne Imbornone '59 Swanson

Constance Minardi '42 Turner

Mary Wallis

Ann Smith & Peeyush Jain

Denise Walthers

Olivia Woods '15

Terry Sweeney

Frank Turner

Joanne & Andrew Wang

Jaclyn Woodward '14

Cynthia Castro '88 Sweet

Bruce Unger

Chaoyi Wang & Zhe Zhang

Virginia & Tain-Yule Wu

Natasza & Dariusz Szatkowski

Kaz Uyesugi, D.D.S.

Susan Waters '65

Megan Wygant '99

Laureen Watson

Betty Sansone '40 Wynn & Roy Wynn

Christine Oberholzer '94 Skizas

Annabelle & Mark Smith Elaine & James Smith Irene Smith & Ken Schneebeli

Girija Sundaram & Sivaramakrishnan Sundaram

Kristi Cea '89 Tavares

Shihying & Edward Uytingco

Patricia Seawell

Jennifer Fiamingo '94 Smith & Darin Smith

Sylvia & Paul Seidel

Zenobia & John Smith

Diana Taylor

Heather & Damion Valentine

Sandra Sepulveda

Dorothea Smullen

Cynthia & David Temesi

Connie Valenzuela

Prabha Seshadri & Narendra Nayak

Lorena & RubĂŠn Solorio, Jr.

Christine Tengan

Richard Valenzuela

Neeta & Madhukar Thakur

Cassandra Van der Zweep '08

Shannon ShackerleyBennett

Shirley Bigongiari '51 Sondheim & Jay Sondheim

Sudha & Alakh Thakur

Rosemary Van Lare Saeeda & Ahmed Vanya

Rebecca Shaffer '16

Ed Soriano

Jackuline Theagarajan & Eswaran Ramalingam

Sarah Shaffer '14

Abigail Soriano-Lentz '94

Sharon & Harry Vaughn

Arsita Sandhiparthi

Sana Shah

Vanessa Souza '04

Jill Thompson & Anthony Eulo

Isabel Santos '87 Sandoval

Sonia & Sanjit Shah

Jennifer Finkas '62 Sparacino

Mary Ann & Daniel Sanidad

Trupti & Ajit Shah

Samuel Santa Maria

Meeta Saggi & Anurag Kakaria Sonoko Sakakibara & David Young

Alexandra Yasuda

Gail & Floyd Wedel

Karen Yavorsky

Alexandra Wei '15

Ferial Yeganegi, L.M.F.T.

Cristina Weigert & Cesar Crusius

Monica & Tobias Yergin

Melinda Lupretta '63 Wellner & Robert Wellner

Jean Aiello '63 Yeselavage & Raymond Yeselavage

Anne Werner & Brian McGinnis

Lisa & Albert Yi

Richard Wescott

Caitlyn Young '15

Rochelle Vaughn

Mary Young

Mary & Henry Thornton

Margaret O'Brien '74 Whalen & Jeffrey Whalen

Priyanka & Vinay Vazirani

Cindy & John Stahl

Mary Jo Throndson

Karen White

Sabrina Peng & Winson Yu

Swapna Steiger

Gail & Bruce Tifft

Lisa Gonzales '85 White

Radhika & Krishna Shankar

Sandhya Velayudhan & Suresh Payankannur

Grace & James Yuan

Mamta & Ravindra Sharma

Theresa Hogan Stenhouse Heidi & Michael Stonehocker

Kandra & Ben Tobin IV

Ryan Wight

Kathie & Mike Sheehy

Shalini Venkatesh & William DuMonthier

Kayla Zamora '16

Mary Clara Cassidy '61 Santana

Louise Budros '45 Tighe

Diann & Blake Wiggins

Kristine & Walter Zavoli

Mary Catherine Sheridan '71

Karen Storey & Steven Tedesco

Lisa & Stephen Vierra

Jessica Zeta '10

Debbie & Ulysses Villanueva

Cindy Zheng & Teddy Pan

Amanda Williams

Nancy & Larry Zurbrick

Donna & Wayne Richardson

Denise & Alan Straka

Barbara Gaitan '63 Tortorici & Jim Tortorici

Margaret & Claude Wiley

Lynn & Michael Rice

Concepcion Mosqueda '92 Santillana & William Santillana

Barbara & Jaime Tolentino

Pam & David Wilder

Cindy & Joel Santos

Tina & Justin Strout

Joyce Steiner '50 Towner

Marcia & Chris Riedel

Tatiana Shkuratova

Kathryn Feetham '01 Sanwick & Luke Sanwick

Carol Shoup, SND

Rita Sturwold, SND

Nancy & Rufus Tracy III

Yvonne Villanueva & Bruce Vining

Shikha & Sarvesh Shrivastava

Aileen Fuentes '97 Styczynski & Jason Styczynski

Hong Tram & Tuan Nguyen

Sabitha Sukumar & Sukumar Subburayan

Cindy Tran & Than Pham

The Sullivan Family Charitable Fund

Marie Louise Mainero '51 Trowbridge

Gail Ryall '65 Sullivan & Tim Sullivan

Erika Truong

Katherine & Michael Raymundo Julia Regalbuto '15 Deborah & Michael Regalbuto France & Patrick Reilly Celeste Remmert Joan & Gregory Remmert Annabelle & P. Wayne Resch Crisela & Ryan Reynado Mary Evelyn Reynolds '50 Sylvie & Stephen Ribbs Warrene & John Rice

Selma Rios & Hugo Dominguez Carmen Rios & Baltazar Rojas

Toni & Jaime Saldivar

Yolanda & Rick Tawfik

Michael Watson

Nenita & Freddie Salom Rebecca Salvemini Jeannette Francis '51 Sandberg & Albert Sandberg

Monaaz & Zarir Sarkari Claire Saxton

Christie Currie '71 Shiba & Roy Shiba

Zaineb Siddiqee '15 Marlyn & Armando Sigua, Jr.

Camille & Bryan Robertson

Deidre Savino & Edwin Maurer

Larissa Robideaux

Deanna & Pete Scanlan

Lea & Tony Robinson

Shelby Scanlan '15

Elaine Chiappe '59 Roccio

Barbara Simmons & James Bathgate

Grace & Floriano Rodriguez

Colleen Scanlan-Everett & Rodney Everett

Caitlin Sims '11

Marcos Rodriguez

Rebecca Scarra '15

32 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Sandra Uribe Silva & Corky Silva

Eileen & Kelly Sims

Barbara & John Sullivan

Celine Tran '16 Melinda Tran '00

My Truong

Varian Medical Systems

Louise & Stephen Vitale

Barbara Williamson & Robert Krause

Kate Vu & Nguyen Nguyen Lilly Vu & John Ly Stephanie Vu & Thomas Ta Victoria Vu '02

Jessica & James Yturralde, Jr.

Roger Williams Shannan Williams

Dam & Anhvu Vu

Anne Younan

Kathleen & Jay Williams, Jr.

Sujaya Viswanathan & Shyam Gopal Thao Vo & Ke Lam

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Arathy Ramanujam & Srikanth Dasaradhi

Sherry Janich '58 Williams

Ken Wilson Emma Wimsatt '16 Francine Wimsatt Lynne Wingrove & Flavio Scarra

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 33

Individuals who donated to the Alumnae Fund are designated with a •

Patricia McKenzie O'Donnell • Cecyle Young Pantiga • Mary Evelyn Reynolds • Joyce Steiner Towner •

Deanna Lewis LaBarbera Laura Aceves Liccardo Lillian Bianchi Miotto •

Class Of '39

Class Of '51

Barbara Ferrari Azevedo Marie Andrade Brasil • Rosalie Pusateri Eskew • Elvira Ferrara Girolami Patricia Sullivan Hastings • Julieanne Haakinson Mazurek • Rita Pursley Pacheco Anne Marie Carnevale Zoccali

Eva Prudhomme Orton

Class Of '40

Mary Ellen Cauhape Sciarini • Betty Sansone Wynn

Class Of '42

Philomena Pizzo Arrigo Margaret Dickerman McSweeney • Constance Minardi Turner •

Class Of '43

Margaret Alvernaz Amaral Maxine Lannin Cohen • Consuelo Moreno Marie Nottoli Patellaro

Class Of '45

Grace Rowan Garcia • Louise Budros Tighe

Class Of '46

Harriet Dailey Geraldine Zaro Johnson

Class Of '48

Mary Pizzo Leone •

Class Of '49

Josephine Pisturino Bertaccini • Anne Mary Grimaldi Biagini • Janet Seidl Caputo Josephine Rizzo DeFranco Liz Miranda Grim Colleen Malone Marelia • Amelia Catalano Moore Dorothy Doheny O'Connor

Class Of '50

Colette Quement Lackovic Shirley Minardi Lewis † Thomasene Eklund Luzzatti • Consuelo Foster O'Brien

34 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Beverly Falbo Bologna Patricia Murphy Chargin Amelia Lippolis Corral • Jeannette Francis Sandberg Shirley Bigongiari Sondheim Marie Louise Mainero Trowbridge •

Class Of '52

Darlene Young Kotey Margaret Gretz Normandin Rosalie Pizzo, SND

Class Of '53

Patricia Romanello Alphonse • Yvonne Bondi, SND • Mary Ellen Nolan Bruni Suzanne Donovan Cortese Alice Delgado Smith

Class Of '54

Marlene Zappelli Filice • Vivian Ficalora Hurley • Carolan Glans Scanlan

Class Of '55

Suzanne Mooring Barnes • Patricia Maher Filice • Evelyn Gilley Gilberg Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. • Nancy Sautner Newman, R.N. • Eugenia Isaacson Pearman • Annette Cefalu Peterson Donna McGann Romano Joanne Hayes Schott

Class Of '56

Ann “Rooney” Pfaff Blach • Evelyn Brady Claire South Casey • Barbara Frick Donnelly • Mary Munoz Garcia • Michelle Hogan • Mary Ann Frazer Joice •

Class Of '57

Class Of '58

Kathleen O'Toole Baciocco Mary Jo Avilla Carroll Joanne Filice Cunningham • Julianna Barcelona Gargone Barbara Levin Harper • Pamela Sullivan Matteoni Sherry Janich Williams •

Class Of '59

Donna Gargone Darst Loreene Pardini Giansiracusa Donene Ray Harrison Linda Normandin Nicholson • Donna Nicoletti • Elaine Chiappe Roccio • Suzanne Imbornone Swanson •

Class Of '60

Judith Sepeda Cigan Marilyn Orlando Dorsa Martha Giannini • Janet Borruso Hogan Teresa Schaub Krivan Mary Tanda Lanier • Annette Ditto Milionis • Edith Wade Mootz • Judith Ferrari O'Brien

Class Of '61

Judith Fumia Buldo Shirley Paganini Dorsa Judith Kayser Fitzgerald • Mary Ann Kelly McCarthy

Valerie Loboa-Hallmark • Lynda Sanfilippo Moudakas • Nancy O'Shea, SND • Mary Clara Cassidy Santana • Bernice Ferrara Seimas Roseanna Torretto

Class Of '62

Mary Ann Connor Delameter Eleanor Elrod • Maria Lena Trione Gallo Rita Barton Karr • Diane Ferreira Kline Katherine Terranova Noether • Pauline Lepera Price Jennifer Finkas Sparacino • Carolyn Perry Winter

Class Of '63

Christine Ahearn Ellison Katherine Bosso Hough Sharon Parsons Lane • Carol Navone Theodora Cieszko Page Mary Anne Lorentz Ravizza Rose Pierro Simmons Barbara Gaitan Tortorici • Melinda Lupretta Wellner Donna Woodcock • Jean Aiello Yeselavage

Class Of '64

Margaret Chiappe Bailey • Karen Minardi DeMonner • Diane Teilh Eichhorn • Joanne Banker Hames • Mary Deck Nanawa Susan Andrei Peck •

Class Of '65

Patricia Rubino Brunetti • Mischele Ritchison Carpenter • JoAnn Coleman Cymanski Susan Haas Dan Norine De Gregori Theresa Salcedo Hulshof • Elizabeth Connor Kodres Diane Malane †

Nickie Moreno • Kathy O'Shea Muller Louise O'Reilly, SND Patricia Head Perkins Carol Cattivera Powell Gail Ryall Sullivan Susan Waters

Class Of '66

Elaine Bruni Kathleen Zoccoli Corbal • Mary O'Shea Friedrich Colleen Sullivan Labozetta • Cathleen LaFrank Scott • Brigid Voss

Class Of '67

Caroline Perrotti Caracciolo • Anne Doeltz Farrell Linda Patallero Furtado Marie Mackey Huhtala Sheila O'Connell Kennedy • Nell Watson Levy • Beverly Deaver Pachner • Kathleen Peterson Paige • Marilyn Perry, Ph.D. •

Class Of '68

Janis Patellaro Cindy Gavin Pond •

Class Of '71

Elizabeth McAuley Lopez Barbara Quigley • Mary Catherine Sheridan Christie Currie Shiba

Class Of '72

Celeste Martin Melehan • Gail Skinner •

Class Of '74

Lisa Martin Adamson • Rosemary Arce • Sheryl O'Hara Driskell • Geralynn Patellaro Frugoli • Margo Joesten Gorini • Catherine Herrera Greco Elaine Shipley Henderson Lee Ann Howard Kaupp Janette Valderrama Perla Patricia Hayes Stuart Jane McCluskey Vaillancourt Margaret O'Brien Whalen •

Class Of '75

Mary South Certa • Charlotte Doudell Mary Lu Ferrara Anne Flores Claudia French Susan Madruga Hodges Diane Provasi Hougland • Anita Finke Pennington

Mary Quilici Aumack • Marilyn Moreno, Esq.

Class Of '69

Mary Fortune, Ed.D. Melinda George Cecilia Quick •

Eileen O'Shea Beamer Christine Martino DiSalvo Annette Medina Fagundes Monica Hojda

Class Of '70

Rita Beamish • Lynn Pasquinelli Bonacorsi Donna Feci Cavaille • Christine Lipari Gramlich

Alumnae Giving

Alumnae Giving

Alumnae Giving

Class Of '76

Rosanne Cortese Compitello • Kathleen Geraci Foley • Leanne Patellaro Kirby

Class Of '77

Class Of '78

Marianne Ambrosini

Class Of '79

Loriann Gillette Patricia Puentes

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 35

Mary DeVincenzi Jasman Jill Ferrari Maultsby

Class Of '83

Erin Menard Gibson Christina Lee

Class Of '84

Cristina Hernandez DeRuiter •

Class Of '85

Lisa Gonzales White •

Class Of '86

Melissa Ople Hopkins • Stacey King Julia Luk • Karen Robinson Marion •

Class Of '87

Jeannine Bell • Pravina Venkatesh Kittredge, Ph.D. Gladys Ochangco Bridget O'Brien Reyes • Justina Aschoff Rogers • Isabel Santos Sandoval Susan Casey Schinski • Laura Washington • Katie Heagerty Zazueta •

Class Of '88

Connie Bustillo Farah Noori Merchant • Liz Golaw Perez • Cynthia Castro Sweet •

Class Of '89

Eva Condron-Wells Anna Fox • Denise Garcia • Tina Golaw Michele Ople Kristi Cea Tavares

Class Of '90

Monica Gomez • Noelia Gonzalez • Christine Cabeca Johnston • Heather Quintero Mills • Maria Danen Moore

Class Of '91

Joan Ouano Benitez • Mona Faraj Boomer Janel Angulo Caruz Lisa Quintero Jensen Cynthia Moraes Shaw • Alexandra Stankovich Warner •

Class Of '92

Xochitl Cazador Patricia Ericson Johnson Lila Lam • Lynette Quintero Concepcion Mosqueda Santillana

Class Of '00

Gina Damiano • Licinia McMorrow Iberri Melinda Tran •

Class Of '01

Sarah Jones Bantz • Rebecca Gilbreth Blanco Leah Boyer Melanie Jimenez • Nicole Lecheler Kathryn Feetham Sanwick •

Class Of '02

Stephanie Herman Kiriluk • Sondra Naczkowski Lisa Paz-Furtado Natalie Archuleta Wise

Alicia Ambrosini Lloyd Stephanie Benke McLoughlin Nathalia Brashear Melamed • Kristina Peralta Maeve Riley • Victoria Vu •

Class Of '94

Class Of '03

Class Of '93

Emma Reyes-Ramirez • Christine Oberholzer Skizas • Jennifer Fiamingo Smith Abigail Soriano-Lentz

Christine Frey • Christine Mugnolo • Pamela Nicandro-Osorio • Idara Phillips Aileen Fuentes Styczynski •

Stephanie Accorinti Ashley Barmore Arroyo Monique Balcazar Tara Betz Natalie De Leon Jacqueline Jenzen • Leah Judge Coreen Salamanca Ketterer Kailin Tuscano Kwan Andrea Nguyen Emerald Nguyen Rachel Ruiz Laura Seaman • Nicola Tan Eillen Peralta Voellinger Megan Wong Kathryn Wu Lezell YapDiangco

Class Of '98

Class Of '04

Class Of '95

Megan Doyle Brenda Capito Gabatino Louise Cooper Newnan •

Class Of '96 Wendy Dunn •

Class Of '97

Jennifer Young King •

Class Of '99

Tara Doyle • Christine Leman Kacirek • Livia Lo • Kelly Fisher Noble • Megan Wygant •

Samantha Balan • Jocelyn Barker, Ph.D. Mary Ciesinski-Stoker • Andrea Justo Vanessa Souza •

Class Of '05 Jessica Angelo

Class Of '06 Danielle Loi Elizabeth Loi Vivian Nguyen

Class Of '07

Madison Altendorf • Stephanie Elston Danika Gurley • Jennifer Loi

Class Of '08

Amy Chou Maura Cuffie • Alexandra Cunningham Kayla Dizon Jessica Kelly • Stephanie LaRocca • Hilary Nevis • Tiffany Potenciano Cassandra Van der Zweep

Class Of '09

Petra Barton • Nicole Coddington Karyn Crawford •

Elizabeth Keenan Florence Loi Lauren Rommel

Class Of '10

Anasazi Chavez • Katherine Elston Jennifer Kirkland Laurin LaRocca Nicole Pal • Kiran Palla Jessica Zeta •

Class Of '11 Caitlin Sims

Class Of '12

Sanusha Bijj Emily Foley • Catherine James Rebecca Lynch Ameera Naguib Laura Pandori

Class Of '13

Kelsey Barton Sarah Luna Monica Ocampo •

Class Of '14

Stephanie Chavoya Kaela Crowley • Emily Gulmon Julia Gupta Janelle Lief Holly Nguyen Juliana Orr Sarah Shaffer Jaclyn Woodward

Class Of '15

Laura Barros Emily Cox Maya Jain Natalie LaFollette Alyssa Miller Marissa Mount Michele Pashby Julia Regalbuto Shelby Scanlan Rebecca Scarra Zaineb Siddiqee Shannon Vyvijal Alexandra Wei Olivia Woods Caitlyn Young

Class Of '16

Megan Aguilar Vanessa Aldama Lynnelle Arquiza Snigdha Banda Caroline Blackburn Chelsea Chen Chelsea Chung Lauren Compitello Christina Connell Danica Crowley • Alana Diaz Jessica Drogy Emma Kehl • Kelsey Henscheid Donnalee Huddleston Leika La Roque Kelsey Morris Lan Danielle Nguyen Laila Omid Karissa Peinado Rebecca Shaffer Celine Tran Leigh Walaszczyk Emma Wimsatt Kayla Zamora

Alumnae Giving

Alumnae Giving

Class Of '81





were given opportunities to network with Notre Dame alumnae


alumnae visited campus in 2016-17 for

networking events with current students

36 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 37

Mary Quilici '75 Aumack and Maria Bellafronto founded ThirtyOne Women in 2011 as a way to help girls from Our Lady of Grade Nativity School afford a Notre Dame High School education. The concept is simple - a group of 30 women committed to giving a fixed amount each month for four years. The outcome - four years of a Notre Dame Catholic education for one young woman who then becomes the center of the circle and the thirty-first woman. The money generated by each group of women covers the costs associated with high school education including tuition and other fees. The first two recipients of ThirtyOne Women scholarships, Michelle Ramirez and Yasmen Lopez graduated in June, 2016 and are attending Scripps College and San Jose State University respectively. Circle 3 recipient, Yaneen Marquez, graduated in June, 2017 and is currently attending San Jose State University,

38 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Circle 3

Circle 4

Circle 5

Circle 6

Circle 7

Circle 8

Diana-Lynn Ballenger Inderhees Nina Bruno '47 Boyd Rosemary Busch Andrea Caldwell Xochitl Cazador '92 Elisabeth Coddington Margaret Cucuzza JoAnn Coleman '65 Cymanski Norine De Gregori '65 Sheri Dizon Beverley Dunn Elizabeth Fennell Patricia Maher '55 Filice Elizabeth Griffin † Liza Hanks Elizabeth Connor '65 Kodres Karina Punu Kodres Lisa Laymon Wanda Joyce Lopez Lisianne Marzani-Goldman Anne Milligan Lillian Bianchi '56 Miotto Ruth Puentes '63 Moghadam Nicola Moreno '65 Judy Ferrari '60 O'Brien Nancy O'Shea, SND '61 Rita Pursley '57 Pacheco M. Emilia Peña-Bobst Patricia Puentes '79 Donna McGann '55 Romano

Laurie Abate Colleen Altendorf Helen Ansted Janice Berthold Alice Branch-Young Christine Culine Shirley Paganini '61 Dorsa Sheryl Eldridge Annette '69 Fagundes Elizabeth Fox Jolene Frey Marcella Gulmon Mary Jo Ignoffo Wanda Joyce Lopez Elizabeth Milanovich Margaret Nanda Mary O'Meara Monica Pashby Patricia Puentes '79 Susan Raffo † France Reilly Sorci Family Foundation Theresa Sweeney Mary Susan Takaichi Barbara Tolentino Roseanna Torretto '61 Bernadette Yang Dori Yob Kilmer Nancy Zurbrick

Jennifer Crotty Patti Donovan Victoria Evashenk Sue Foltz Jennifer Fraisl Christine Frey '97 Geralynn Patellaro '74 Frugoli Beverly Heigre Linda Herschbach Deanna Holohan D’Arcy Kirkland Robin Klitgaard Susan Krumplitsch Katherine Lipps Julie Matsushima Michelle McGovern Carol Mizgorski Catherine Pandori Eileen Parks Susan Raffo † Joanne Hayes '55 Schott Catherine Sharer de Gocobachi Timi Del Conte Sobrato Mary Susan Takaichi Melinda Postle '88 Thompson Janice Tupaj-Farthing Rosemary Van Lare Frances Marshall '66 Wincek LeeAnn Yasukawa Lori Limberis

Mary Quilici '75 Aumack Maria Bellafronto Michele Bertolone Michaela Brody Mary Ellen Bruni '53 Theresa Bui Ruth Burson Anne Cashman Helen Dietz Dena Donahue Susan Flach Rebekah Frye Denise Garcia '89 Loreen Huddleston Mary Keenan Jennifer Young '98 King Avis LaGrone Desiree LaGroneLaMaggiore Stephanie Benke '02 McLoughlin Kathy O'Shea '65 Muller Susan Munne Margaret Gretz '52 Normandin Sheryl Pelzel Maria Quesada Susan Raffo † Deborah Regalbuto Mary Beth Riley Janice Rommel Debra Weed

Laurie Abate Carmen Barba-Barcena Janice Berthold Ella Colic '20 Rajka Colic Evelyn Crane-Oliver Margaret Cucuzza Eran DeSilva Annette Finsterbusch Elizabeth Goodley Martha Lazarakis Wanda Joyce Lopez Geraldine Magarelli Brianna Martin Bertha Minnihan Tammi Miyahara Nickie Moreno '65 Mari Ormiston M. Emilia Peña-Bobst MaryEllis Petrosian Susan Raffo † Wendy Ryan Leah Schnoor Marylou Schoone Kathie Sheehy Susan Votaw Charmaine Warmenhoven Kathryn Heagerty '87 Zazueta

Laura Adint Christina Barrese LeeAnn Boennighausen Andrea Caldwell Elisabeth Coddington Norine De Gregori '65 Sheri Dizon Lisa Duflock Beverley Dunn Molly Fezell Patricia Maher '55 Filice Marcella Gulmon Liza Hanks Brigitte Heiser Lisa Laymon Kristy Culp Leonard Lillian Bianchi '56 Miotto Marilyn Moreno '75 Nickie Moreno '65 Judy Ferrari '60 O'Brien Michele '89 Ople Nancy O'Shea, SND '61 Marilyn Perry '67 Justina Aschoff '87 Rogers Donna McGann '55 Romano Denise Scheaffer Jane McCluskey '74 Vaillancourt Laura Washington '87

Giving Circles

Giving Circles

ThirtyOne Women

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 39

IMPACT ND, founded by Notre Dame fathers Pat Caldwell (Kelsey ’11), Paul Pashby (Michele ’15), Ashvin Patel (Sonali ’18) and Pete Scanlan (Shelby ’11), provides a full Notre Dame High School scholarship for four years. The funds from the giving group cover tuition, uniforms, books and fees and support young women who may be the first in their family to graduate from high school.

Akhil Aggrawal

Brian Hoshino

James Aguilar

George Kay †

Stan Alger

Jim Kirkland

Michael Blach

Daniel Muller

Melvin Caldwell

Andy Pashby

Patrick Caldwell

Paul Pashby

Joe Dizon †

Ashvin Patel

Clifton Floyd

Ratilal Patel

Steven Foster

Matthew Petrosian

Virgil Getto †

Pete Scanlan

Gary Gulmon

Robert Spencer

William Harrington

Joe Zamangi †

Ailla Bishop '17 Nancy Bishop

Ann "Rooney" Pfaff '56 Blach Virginia & Fred Olenak

Christina Burnside

Neetu & Rajkishor Lohia

Ruth Burson

Karissa Peinado '16

Anne & Jim Cashman

Jennifer & Christopher Morris

Maya Courtright

Sister Circles Alumnae interested in forming a circle to support a young woman with tuition assistance can join together by making a commitment for four years. The benefit of a Sister Circle is a circle can be formed with alumnae from a certain class or via peer to peer and it allows one to meet with the identified student.

2003 Flames Giving Circle

Emerald Nguyen

Stephanie Accorinti

Laura Seaman

Ashley Barmore Arroyo

Eillen Peralta Voellinger

Monique Balcazar

Megan Wong

Tara Betz

Kathryn Wu

Natalie De Leon

Lezell Yap Diangco

Leah Judge

Rachel Ruiz

Laila Omid '16

Ellen Donlin

Ilumin Mahal Gacayan '16

Victoria Evashenk Kelsey Morris '16 Karissa Peinado '16

Jim Floyd

Kelsey Henscheid '16

Anna Fox '89

Coreen Salamanca Ketterer

Sister Circle 2021

Laura & Victor Adint

Monica Gomez '90

Kailin Tuscano Kwan

Analia Garay-Ash

Lisa Quintero '91 Jensen

Andrea Nguyen

Catherine Villarreal

Vivian Nguyen

Evelyn Moreno

Susana Garcia

Jan Carlson-Williams & Robert Williams

Justice Immersion Trips Marissa Mount '15

Audrey Kane '14

Margaret & John Mawhinney

Margaret Kane '11

Margaret & John Mawhinney

Sarah Kane

Maya Jain '15 Margaret & John Mawhinney

Jing Liao '17

Sophie Hazi James Pulcrano

Laura Aceves '56 Liccardo & Salvador Liccardo Victor LoBue

Nicole Link '17

Ilumin Mahal Gacayan '16

Clara Oberg '17 Stacey Acton

Catherine Pandori Megan Aguilar '16

Nicole Pfaff

Donnalee Huddleston '16

Kathleen Quiazon

Kayla Zamora '16

Rose Pierro '63 Simmons Michele & Dan Barsanti Gay Crawford Christine Pidwell

Louis Stone-Collogne Maya Jain '15

Rebecca Ternasky Chelsea Chung '16

Aline Tran '17

Derek McCaw

Kirsten Marie Williams '03 Uttich

Julia Regalbuto '15

Jack McCoy

Donna Woodcock '63

Mark McDougall

Jennifer Cobillas '92 Hanson

ND Soccer

Beverly Heigre

ND Student Volunteers

Megan Aguilar '16 Alana Diaz '16

Bayard Nelson

Kristin & Brian Link Dian Link

Leika La Roque '16 Laila Omid '16

Kayla Zamora '16

40 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

Elizabeth Ann Williams '00 John

Leigh Walaszczyk '16

Tribute Gifts

Giving Circles

In Honor Of...

Impact N D

Kim-Lien Kim & Chanh Tran

Jan Carlson-Williams & Robert Williams

Heather Valentine Rebecca Scarra '15 Madison Soule '16

Kelsea Villanueva '17

Debbie & Ulysses Villanueva

Marissa Mount '15

Josephine Pisturino '49 Bertaccini & Edward Bertaccini

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 41

Jody Aoyagi-Bernhard '95 Brenda Capito '95 Gabatino

Connie Percy '55 BakerEnzensperger Patricia Maher '55 Filice & Bruney Filice † Donna McGann '55 Romano & William Romano, Jr.

Bruney Filice Nancy Bretz Evelyn Gilley '55 Gilberg & Richard Gilberg Monica May Helen Ross Marylou Schoone Janice Tupaj-Farthing & Howard Farthing

Joseph Giansiracusa Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa

Elizabeth Griffin Helen Ansted & William Harrington Andrea & Patrick Caldwell Beverley & Tony Dunn Gretchen & Patrick Ekerdt Molly Ekerdt Peggy Ekerdt Patricia Maher '55 Filice Kathleen Geraci '76 Foley & Matthew Foley Mary Munoz '56 Garcia & Joseph Garcia Valerie Jonas Notre Dame High School - San Jose MaryEllis & Matthew Petrosian Maeve Riley '02 Heidi Rolfson & Patrick Goddi Elaine Romas

42 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017

In Memoriam Marylou Schoone Karen & John Swanson

Harriet Dickerman '42 Heard Marcia Antipa

Marylou Schoone Karen Storey & Steven Tedesco Constance Minardi '42 Turner

Anne Holmes '49 Nelson

Mary & Henry Thornton

Patricia Maher '55 Filice & Bruney Filice † Garl Nelson Donna McGann '55 Romano & William Romano, Jr. Denise Walthers

Anne Marie Lopez

Dolores Marie Pardini, SND '56

John Harrah

Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa

Jack McCoy

Elmo Pardini

Donna Woodcock '63

Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa

George Kay Marylou Schoone

Allison Marie Lawrence '04

Virginia Amos '56 Moody

Ernesta Pardini

Ann “Rooney” Pfaff '56 Blach

Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa

Jane Cueno '43 Nannini

Jeff Puckett

Lynn Pasquinelli '70 Bonacorsi & Michael Bonacorsi Yvonne & Frank Bonacorsi Joann Cuneo-Daw & Jack Daw Cathy & Joe De Maria Patricia Maher '55 Filice & Bruney Filice † Kathleen Geraci '76 Foley & Matthew Foley Melinda George '77 Michele & Larry McEvoy Cathi & Marty Mickow Marie Nottoli '43 Patellaro Pauline Lepera '62 Price Donna McGann '55 Romano & William Romano, Jr. Donna & John Rossi, Jr. Carole Schmitt Ken Schmitt

Marylou Schoone

Marie Schmitt Jeff Schmitt

Nancy Welch David Welch

Caroline McKenzie '50 Appling Denise Obenour '62 Bellandi Jody Aoyagi-Bernhard '95 Sister of Tiffany Aoyagi '97

Constance Percy '55 Baker-Enzensperger

Mary Kelly '65 Kliewer

Sister of Catherine Kelly '68 Jessup

Patricia McCarthy '58 Miner

Sister of Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. '55

Virginia Amos '56 Moody

Sister of Kathy Percy '58 Danz

Liz Lenore Morales '93

Janet Perrotta '71 Borello

Salvador Morales

Pearl Guardino '31 Botelho Patricia Cain

Former NDSJ Principal & Teacher

Hazel Burns '52 Chioini Josephine Rizzo '49 DeFranco Anne Pfeiffer '49 Domenichini Joe Faraj

Grandfather of Donnalee Huddleston '16 Kathleen Jones Moritz '60 Sister of Patricia Jones '59 Strout † Sister of Maureen Jones '64 Standifer

Jane Cuneo '43 Nannini

Mother of Janice Nannini '73 Awe Mother of Patricia Nannini '76 Bartholic

Anne Holmes '49 Nelson Diana Nishiura '59

Father of Mona Faraj '91 Boomer Father of Yassamin Faraj '97 Grandfather of Ashley Boomer '20

Jeff Puckett

Bruney Filice

Susan Roy '65

Husband of Patricia Maher '55 Filice Son of Edith Filice '33 Filice Brother-in-law of Edna Fritter '37 Gerrans Grandfather of Stephanie LaRocca '08 Grandfather of Laurin LaRocca '10

Josephine McGinley '36 Giovannoni Elizabeth Griffin

Mother of Mary Beth Riley Grandmother of Maeve Riley '02

Leanne Heine '64 Audrey Jimenez '11 George Kay

Father of Jennifer Kay '02 Father of Elizabeth Kay '07

Joseph Kilmer

Husband of Dori Yob Kilmer, Board Member

In Memoriam

Tribute Gifts

In Memory Of...

Son of Brigitte Heiser, Staff Brother of Abigail Heiser '14

Veronica Kelly '57 Shaughnessy Dorothy Sunseri '59 Sprugasci Patricia Stanley '70

Sister of Carol Stanley '65 Sister of Kathleen Stanley '67 Hughes Sister of Diane Crews '72

Melanie Tang '10 Claire Zanger '43 Tearse

Daughter of Clara Cribari '17 Zanger Sister of Phyllis Zanger '53 Fournier Sister-in-law of Mary Morettini '48 Zanger Great-grandmother of Carlene Zanger '13

Donny Vaillancourt

Stepson of Jane McCluskey '74 Vaillancourt

William Wilkinson

Husband of Frances Lippolis '50 Wilkinson Sister-in-law of Emily Lippolis '51 Corral

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 43

Notre Dame Board of Directors 2017-18 Pat Caldwell

Dori Yob Kilmer

Mission Statement Lorne Rundquist

Sr.There Georgianna Coonis, D'Arcy Kirkland Barbara Simmons are many waysSND to give to Notre Dame High School and every gift is appreciated! Mary Danna

Celeste Martin '72 Melehan

John M. Sobrato

We invite you to partner with us by making a gift to Notre Dame. Every gift is appreciated and makes a difference to the Helen Dietz Kathleen O'Shea '65 Muller, Nicola Tan '03 young women who benefit from your generosity. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Board Chair Mark Fernandes

Tax ID# Ericson 94-1275235 Patricia '92 Johnson

Cindy Gavin '70 Pond

Jim Woods

Katie Heagerty '87 Zazueta

Ways to Give Cash Outright gifts of cash are acceptable in any form. Checks should be made payable to “Notre Dame High School.” Gifts By Credit Card Donors wishing to make payments using a credit card may do so online or by calling our development department. Gifts By ACH/EFT Donors wishing to make payments using an Electronic Funds Transfer from a checking or savings account will be contacted to set up a FACTS account after receipt of a completed pledge form. Gifts of Stock, Securities or Personal Property Donating a highly appreciated asset may allow you to avoid a significant portion of your tax liability while still receiving a charitable deduction. The gift of an appreciated asset is also a powerful way to support the mission of Notre Dame High School. How Can I Make a Gift of Appreciated Securities to Notre Dame San Jose? The following information can assist your stock broker or bank in the transfer and delivery of securities: For Donations to Tuition Assistance Security Deposit Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015 Account: 814-017750 Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose For Donations to the Endowment Security Deposit Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015 Account: 814-015848 Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose

26 | Notre Dame San 44 HighJose School | Report | Report of Giving of Giving 2015-2016 2016-2017

For Donations to the Annual Fund Security Deposit Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015 Account: 814-017749 Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose If you hold the physical securities, you can directly mail or hand deliver the certificate(s) without any endorsement or assignment. Appreciated Securities Please enclose a letter stating the purpose of your gift. And, in a separate envelope, please include a signed stock power form for each gift. Please note that, except for your signature exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate, the stock power form should be blank. You may obtain a stock power form from your banker or broker. Please notify us of all stock or securities gifts. A transfer document only gives the name of the stock and the value per stock. It can take months to discover the name of the donor who actually made the stock gift unless we hear from you first. Employee Matching Gifts Your employer may also match your gifts, thereby doubling your support for the young women at Notre Dame High School. Through a corporate matching gifts program at your workplace you can make your gift go twice as far. Some companies will also match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees and even volunteer hours. Contact your personnel or human resources department and fill out the matching gifts form used to initiate a match.

Memorial & Tribute Donations Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a family member, friend, alumnae, colleague, etc. Often given to celebrate a significant life achievement or anniversary or in lieu of flowers for a funeral service, memorial and tribute gifts are recognized in the annual report and with a letter of acknowledgement to the honoree or their family. Memorial and tribute donations may be made by check or credit card. Vehicle Donation Notre Dame will accept vehicles. To donate, please fill out the form on our website at ways-to-give Contact Information If you have any questions or need additional information about any of these ways to give, please contact the development department. Notre Dame High School 596 South Second Street San Jose, CA 95112 or (408) 294-1113 ext. 2181

Notre Dame High School, in the heart of downtown San Jose since 1851, provides young women an exemplary Catholic and college preparatory education. We do so in the spiritual legacy of Saint Julie Billiart, the foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, embracing the gift of God’s goodness to support the personal journey of each student. This journey occurs in a uniquely compassionate community with meaningful and integrated learning programs that foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, reflection, social awareness and responsibility, and the discovery of each young woman’s voice and leadership capabilities. We bring to life the values stated in The Hallmarks of a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community. - We proclaim by our lives even more than by our words that God is good. - We honor the dignity and sacredness of each person. - We educate for and act on behalf of justice and peace in the world. - We commit ourselves to community service. - We embrace the gift of diversity. - We create community among those with whom we work and with those we serve. - We develop holistic learning communities which educate for life. We honor Saint Julie’s wisdom to “Teach them what they need to know for life.”

Notre Dame High School | Report of Giving 2016-2017 | 45

596 South 2nd Street San Jose, CA 95112 408-294-1113

Ora et Labora

2016-2017 Report of Giving

Providing a Distinctive Catholic, College-Preparatory Education for Young Women in the Heart of Downtown Since 1851

Profile for Notre Dame San Jose

Ora et Labora 2016-2017 Report of Giving  

Ora et Labora 2016-2017 Report of Giving