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2018-2019 Report of Giving

Contents Annual Report of Giving 2018-19

1 Welcome from the Principal 2 Notre Dame Vignette 4 L’Esprit de Françoise Award 6 Center for Women's Leadership Construction Update 8 Celebrating our 2018-1019 Donors 9 Financial Highlights 10 11th Annual Women of Impact 12 ND Reads: Legacy Matters 14 Mary Beth Riley International Service or Study Award 16 1851 Legacy Society 17 Endowment Giving 18 Alumnae Giving 22 Class of 2019 Highlights 24 Annual Giving 38 ThirtyOne Women 40 IMPACT ND & Sister Circles 41 Tribute Gifts 43 In Memoriam 44 Ways to Give


from the Principal

Dear Notre Dame Community, In the fall edition of Notre Notes, I wrote about how our faculty and staff had started the year reflecting on how the decisions we make as individuals, and collectively, create legacy that will affect the future in front of us. An example, the impact of housing policy established in the 1930’s assured a segregation in America that continues to challenge our notions of equality. Our ND Reads book, The Color of Law, brought that reality clearly to our conversations and evoked questions about what we are doing today, collectively, that will affect generations to come. In this 2018-2019 annual report, there are stories of a unique legacy that is positive and good. It is a legacy of support that allows Notre Dame San Jose to educate emerging young women leaders for justice and leadership in the world. It is a year-overyear legacy of hope. •

Stories of supporters that deserve to be told, like the Kirklands. Jim and D’Arcy represent so many families who recognize the power – individually and collectively – of a Notre Dame education and make the decision over-and-over again to support this school.

Stories of women who inspire, like Kim Rivera and Rita Beamish '70. Both of these women set forth high standards, professional expectations that call for integrity and inspire the young women behind them to emulate and grow their compassionate brand of leadership.

Stories of alumna who serve, like Sister Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN. After a storied career in education and diocesan leadership, Sister Rosalie recently joined the Notre Dame Board of Directors. Her commitment to this institution knows no bounds.

These are stories of a legacy of good. Our families, community and alumnae assure that goodness will prevail here. Happy reading!

Mary Beth Riley, Principal

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2015-2016 | 2

Annual Giving A Lifet ime of Service Notre Dame Vignette - Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN '52 When World War II ended, the United States was in better

For the first few years of her ministry, Sister Rosalie taught

shape, economically, than any other country in the

elementary school and also served as principal and

world. And in the late 40's and early 50's the Valley of

superior for the convent. After several years at Saint Lucy

Heart's Delight was on its way to becoming Silicon Valley.

Parish in Campbell, she went on to do retreat work at

The San Jose Municipal Airport began operations, the

the House of Prayer in Carmel. In 1979, she was asked to

population boomed by nearly 30% and IBM opened its

go to Rome to coordinate operations for the SNDdeN

first West Coast Research Laboratory. For Rosalie Pizzo

Generalate where she would stay for three years. During

'52, those years were all about attending Catholic school

this time, Pope John Paul II was in the early months of his

and listening to God's call. Rosalie grew up in downtown

26-year reign as head of the Catholic church. In Rome,

San Jose with three sisters and a brother and attended

Sister Rosalie was responsible for keeping the five-wing

Sacred Heart School before Notre Dame High School.

home base of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

"San Jose was a little town where you knew everybody

running smoothly. "We had 30 to 35 women religious from

and San Francisco was the big city," shares Sister Rosalie. Even then, Notre Dame believed in experiential field trips. "A couple times a year the


20 different countries

In religious life, one never really retires from ministry but simply transitions into something new.


on sabbatical there each year, along with community members and members of our government group."

students would all take the bus to San Francisco to see

During her time in Rome, Pope John Paul II was shot in an

the opera."

assassination attempt. If you ever have the opportunity

Mostly because she loved Sister Winifred Marie, Sister

to sit with Sister Rosalie for a nice long chat, be sure to ask

Rosalie enjoyed Latin. "She was so dear and laughed

her about this time in her life.

at all of our little tricks. Sister Marie Celene was the

Upon her return, she worked to build the educational

chemistry teacher and she told our graduating class

component of the social justice program for the Diocese

of 100 students that ten percent should enter religious

of San Jose. She also served as a pastoral associate

life." At the tender age of only 17, Rosalie did just that,

for Saint Joseph in Cupertino and as a member of the

entering the order of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Provincial Team of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

along with nine of her classmates.

In 1990 her circuitous journey brought her back to Saint

Above: Sister Rosalie teaching elementary school, with Pope John Paul II and right, with her family 2 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Life in 1952 Lucy Parish where she worked one-on-one with people in all stages of life, from the most joyful moments to the most painful, helping some discern their place in the church and some cope with loss. With a dedicated team, Sister Rosalie coordinated

average income in the US was


per year

the RCIA process through which couples deepened gas was

their relationship with God and learned about the


Catholic faith. "Ministry is very reciprocal. I have

per gallon

gained so many graces from working with different people. I still regularly get together with the couples I worked with through the RCIA Program." In 2011, Sister Rosalie tried to retire for the first time but was asked by Bishop Patrick McGrath to serve as delegate to the religious, a position she held until 2019 when she tried to retire for the second time. The second retirement was to be short-lived as well. At the request of Principal Mary Beth Riley, Sister Rosalie joined the Notre Dame Board of Directors in 2019.

San Jose's population was about

you could buy a pound of ground beef for



a first class postage stamp cost an average house cost about


and the average rent was


Below: Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1952. That same year she answered God's call and entered the order of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. In June 2019, she helped break ground on Notre Dame's Center for Women's Leadership.

"We are so happy that Rosalie has joined Notre Dame's board of directors," shared Mary Beth. "She could certainly embrace her retirement and, well, retire, but that is not Rosalie's style. She has had a commitment to service that shines through all of the work she has done in her career. Now, she brings her love and commitment to Notre Dame full circle. From being a young teenage girl in the 50's and walking to her school on 2nd and Reed, she now, as a board member, helps shape the future sustainability of the place that nurtured and inspired her. What a gift!" Sister Rosalie truly cares deeply for people. It's clear that will never change. "In religious life one never really retires from ministry but simply transitions into something new."

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 3

Support for Today & t he Future Jim & D'Arcy Kirkland, 2019 L'Esprit de Françoise Award Recipients You probably know them as the life of the party at

giving back from a young age. He witnessed first-hand

Notre Dame events. You can find them cracking crab

the power of financial assistance when it enabled him

and jokes at our annual Crab Fest, socializing and

to attend Georgetown University. From there he went

raising their paddles at our auction, listening intently

on to obtain a law degree from Harvard University in

to our Women of Impact honorees and sipping soup

Boston, where he met D’Arcy.

in solidarity and support of justice immersion. D’Arcy and Jim Kirkland are at the heart of the Notre Dame community. What you might not realize is the depth of their commitment. Since joining our community in 2006, their presence has

D’Arcy grew up in

When you see the Notre Dame philosophy work through your own child, it’s important to support that. It doesn’t happen on its own.

been unmistakably felt - on campus and beyond. But long before D’Arcy and Jim became the famed dynamic duo as we know them today, they began to develop values the way many of us do: by watching their parents. “We both had great role models," shared Jim. "Our parents had a big hand in shaping who we are.” Jim and D’Arcy were both raised by altruistic mothers backed by unfalteringly supportive fathers. Jim, raised alongside a brother and six sisters, recognized the importance of

Past Recipients

2008 - Cindy Gavin ’70 Pond & Randall Pond 2009 - Mary Ellen Nolan ’53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni 2010 - Kathleen Yates & Peter Troop 2011 - Mary Birmingham ’56 Emery †

4 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Michigan with two sisters and attended Western Michigan University for her undergraduate degree. After meeting Jim, they moved to Washington, D.C.,

where she pursued a master’s in business administration from The George Washington University. The two learned from their parents that giving back is just what you do - using all of the resources available to you, not just financial, but your time, abilities, and knowledge to support an institution to the fullest. But their growth didn’t stop there. When strategic, logical Jim met energetic, dedicated D’Arcy, something magical happened. “I’m the emotion and Jim’s the logic,” remarks D’Arcy, who, despite being a life force of the capital campaign, admits she couldn’t have done it without the support of her husband. As successful as they are separately, it took them coming together to form the unstoppable team that raised a beautiful family and eventually became the energy behind our capital campaign. While their daughters Jen (‘10) and Maddie (‘12) ultimately chose Notre Dame, Jim and D’Arcy were drawn by the school’s compelling philosophy: the powerful coalescence of women’s leadership, socio-

2012 - Cindy & Mike Manley

2016 - Laura Aceves ’56 Liccardo & Sal Liccardo

2013 - Margaret Gretz ’52 Normandin & Louis Normandin 2017 - Rita Pursley '57 Pacheco † 2014 - Ann "Rooney" Pfaff ’56 Blach 2015 - Suzanne Donovan ’53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese

2018 - Marylou Schoone

economic and ethnic diversity, and unique downtown location. As parents, they saw the profound effect the school had on their daughters and the daughters of their friends. “We’ve met twelve years of Notre Dame parents who all tell the same story: our girl was quiet and shy and has now completely come out of her shell!” Jim reminisces. “We saw that with our own daughters, too.” “When you see the Notre Dame philosophy work through your own child, it’s important to support that. It doesn’t happen on its own,” D’Arcy continues. As a parent, D’Arcy also gained a unique insight into how Notre Dame needed to grow. She recognized Notre Dame would be better equipped to serve future generations of young women if it provided dedicated spaces in which students are able to explore and excel in their interests, independently or alongside those who share in them. “Every girl has her niche,” notes Jim and, after watching their two unique daughters find and flourish in their passions, he and D’Arcy wanted to ensure that legacy of Notre Dame continued to thrive. So, when Mary Beth Riley asked D’Arcy to chair the capital campaign to fund construction of the Center for Women’s Leadership, she ecstatically agreed. Truthfully, Jim and D’Arcy will never witness the full effect of their efforts. Not only will the Center for Women’s Leadership and the leaders it produces outlive them, their legacy will too. They didn’t just rally temporary support for the capital campaign - they helped build a network that will continue to support the school and its students for years to come. Because as important as fundraising is, the needs of a school don’t disappear in the face of a major project like the capital campaign. Before the Center

Top: Jen '10, D'Arcy, Jim & Maddie '12 Kirkland at the 2019 Women of Impact event Bottom: D'Arcy & Jim as newlyweds

for Women’s Leadership was even a twinkle in Mary Beth Riley’s eye, the dynamic duo was supporting Notre Dame on the ground, and their efforts continue to be felt every single day. They are adamant that “it really falls to the people who have the financial resources to give extra support… but it’s not just about money. It’s also about giving your time, knowledge and talents to an organization.” The two have taken that philosophy to heart: in addition to her role as a controller for small startups in the valley, D'Arcy served on the Notre Dame Board of Directors from 2012 to 2018 and has been a ThirtyOne Women supporter from the start of the program. And who could forget the Mother/Daughter Mad Hatter Tea Party of 2011, for which she personally baked more than 500 cookies! Jim serves as general counsel for tech companies but makes it a priority to support the robotics team and ImpactND. Despite the pair being busy with full-time jobs and other projects, they rarely miss a Notre Dame event. “They’re fun!” Jim chuckles, when asked why Notre Dame events continue to take precedence in the couple’s lives. “It’s a great group of people - a community. Many of them are among our best friends. They're good people.” We hope they never miss a chance to crack crab with us. Our community wouldn’t be the same without them. Thank you, D’Arcy and Jim!

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 5




linear feet of storm piping


cubic yards of concrete


Did you know?



alumnae parents




total donors



current parents




The first cast iron crane was constructed in 1834. And in 1851, the same year Notre Dame was founded, hand-powered cranes finally began running on steam power — the first step toward a truly hydraulic crane.

219 100+



pages of blueprints

people involved in planning over

6 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019





FALL 2020

27,938 square feet of metal decking




tons of steel






skilled tradespeople on site

1,800 brick pavers

The finished site will include a Women of Impact Plaza of bricks. We invite you to honor a woman who has influenced you by purchasing an engraved brick in her name. Your contribution will pave the way for future generations of women leaders and leave a lasting legacy. Visit our website at or use the envelope included in this publication.


Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 7

Celebrat ing Our Donors As the calendar year comes to a close, we paused to celebrate our lead donors. We are thankful to the many individuals and organizations listed in this publication that celebrates gifts received in the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Top row, left to right: Nicola Tan '03, Dena & Clark Donahue (Allison '11); Mackenzie Wall, Maddie Kirkland '12, D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland (Jen '10 & Maddie '12), Cherie Mettier Middle row, left to right: Terry Krivan '60, Sister Rosalie Pizzo '52 SNDdeN, Arlene Herrick '63; Eva Condron-Wells '89; Vicki & Tom Gemetti (Emily '23) Bottom row, left to right: Rebecca Turner & Eric Soule (Madison '16); Dean Mulla & Marta Mulla-Carrillo (Adriana '12 & Sumaya '14); Kathy O'Shea '65 Muller & Peter Muller

26 NotreDame DameHigh San School Jose | |Report ofof Giving 2015-2016 8 | |Notre Report Giving 2018-2019

Money Mat ters Total Revenue $22,855,257 Tuition & Fees $12,339,151 Contributions & Fundraising $9,159,102 Fees & Other Income $1,357,004

Total Development Revenue $9,159,102 Annual Fund & Tuition Assistance $798,360

Total Expenses $13,092,564 School Programs $9,362,413 Tuition Assistance $1,209,628

Events $388,577 Capital Campaign $7,590,155 Other Gifts $85,790 Endowment $296,220

Administration $2,520,523

Notre Dame SanSchool Jose ||Report Notre Dame High ReportofofGiving Giving2015-2016 2018-2019| |27 9

Living Lives of Curiosity & Passion Women of Impact Event Honors Kim Rivera & Rita Beamish '70 A sellout crowd, excited to hear from two notable

In her toast to our alumna honoree, Emily Tieu '20

leaders in our community, greeted this year’s Women

noted a few of Rita's accomplishments. "Ever observant

of Impact honorees. Developed to spotlight women

and tenacious, Rita chronicled the stories, people,

who have made significant contributions to society, the

and events shaping American news: writing on

Women of Impact Luncheon also generates awareness

geopolitical issues, the environment, and financial

of the need to provide opportunities for young women

policy; reporting on international affairs and national

outside the scope of traditional education.

crises like September 11th; interviewing newsmakers

Since 1851, Notre Dame has been committed to

like the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and presidential

empowering and emboldening young women to choose challenging career paths and become pacesetters. This year's honorees

exemplify that commitment. After graduating from Notre Dame High School, Rita Beamish '70 went on to earn degrees from Santa Clara University and Columbia University.

candidates; and critically covering the White House on the Washington beat. Through it all, Rita endeavors to see the truth prevail and

When I look at the students at Notre Dame all I see is talent and potential waiting to be unleashed on the world. But what does talent need? Talent needs help. It needs support. It needs encouragement and oxygen to thrive and flourish.

She is an accomplished journalist, author, editor and educator whose extensive portfolio includes two decades with the Associated Press as a White House political, environmental and investigative reporter.

humanity revealed." "I accept this award as a tribute to mainstream journalism," shared Rita. "I accept it as an affirmation that traditional, ethical journalism is still recognized and valued in this country." She stressed the importance of being thoughtful news

consumers in a complex world and encouraged attendees to seek out reliable sources. Rita embodies the intellectual curiosity and passion for life cultivated

Although female journalists were few, it never occurred

in a Notre Dame education.

to Rita that she could not fulfill her dreams. Speaking

Although not a Notre Dame graduate, Kim Rivera

of her high school, she says, "It was an atmosphere of

has also lived a life of intellectual curiosity and

possibilities without any limits to the paths we might

determination. Kim was raised by a single mother who

pursue. Leadership was encouraged and mentored. At

grew up extremely poor in rural Puerto Rico in the

that particular time in history, they had us thinking we

40's. But, unlike most women in that era and facing

could save the world. Looking back I can see that the

those circumstances, her mother joined the military, a

Sisters of Notre Dame were actually fearless leaders."

decision that allowed her to earn a college degree. "She was an original," shared Kim. "A feminist. Someone

Past Honorees

Belva Davis Shirley Minardi ’50 Lewis †

Judge LaDoris Hazzard Cordell Rose Pierro '63 Simmons

Martha Kanter Carol Bartz Ann "Rooney" Pfaff ’56 Blach Lily Sanchez ’51 Tenes

Julie Riera Matsushima Marie Mackey ’67 Huhtala

Lisa Sobrato Sonsini Kelly Powell '88 Bruno

Charmaine Warmenhoven Geralynn Patellaro ’74

Sister Simone Campbell Marilyn Orlando ’60 Dorsa

Teveia Barnes Shirlee DiNapoli '46 Schiro

Irene Dalis † Mary Quilici ’75 Aumack

10 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

who encouraged me to pursue my goals and my dreams and do whatever it took to make it happen. To challenge the conventional, to do the unexpected and to focus on the voices around me that told me I could succeed." Although she lost her mother as a teenager, Kim embraced the encouragement of her mother to cultivate her mind, pursue her education, chart her own career path and to approach life with an attitude of service. Determined, Kim pursued her quest for knowledge, attending Duke University and Harvard Law School and eventually finding her path to practicing corporate law for several Fortune 500 companies. Today, as chief legal officer and president of strategy and business management at HP, her love of the law informs reallife solutions for real-world problems, ensuring ethical, human-centered operations and transformative results. Kim’s professional contributions amplify her belief that innovation and inclusion go hand-in-hand. She has championed business efforts to ensure the representation of women and underrepresented minorities in HP's legal operations. Her work with organizations like the California Latino Community Foundation and the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity aims to create an inclusive landscape for the diverse leaders of today and tomorrow and she believes strongly in the importance of supporting and encouraging others. "Talent doesn't have a gender, it doesn't have a race, it doesn't have an ethnicity, it doesn't have an orientation," shared Kim in closing. "Talent is everywhere around us waiting for us to help it rise to its highest potential. When I look at the students at Notre Dame all I see is talent and potential waiting to be unleashed on the world. But what does talent need? Talent needs help. It needs support. It needs encouragement and oxygen to thrive and flourish." We look forward to announcing our 2020 honorees in the spring. Save the date and join us on October 16, 2020 for our 12th Annual Women of Impact Luncheon!

Top: Srija Ponna '20, Kim Rivera & May Nagao '22 Middle: Kaili Mikami '22, Rita Beamish '70 & Gabriella Schwarz '22 Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 11

Annual Giving ND Reads: Legacy Matt ers

Reaching Out by Francisco Jiménez & The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

Notre Dame's ND Reads program, now in its 13th

identify with facing challenges and seeking inclusion.

year, brings the community together for learning and

He also talked about the differences found in the pace

conversation around issues and topics that affect

and rhythm of Mexico versus that of the Bay Area where

our local and global community. This year's theme

people often don't take the time to see or actively listen

aligned closely with our Education for Justice &

to each other. "It's important to slow down and take

Leadership program and concepts of solidarity, personal

the time to listen to one another and share our stories.

responsibility and advocacy. As a community we asked

It makes us better individuals and builds a stronger

ourselves a question, "What is the legacy of our individual and collective choices?" In addition to making us more thoughtful about the actions we take, diving into the question can help us understand how past decisions have impacted today's world. To help guide our


It's important to slow down and take the time to listen to one another and share our stories. It makes us better individuals and builds a stronger community.

Rothstein and invited both authors to join us on campus.

discussed themes of belonging and ways

conversation, we read Reaching Out by Francisco Jiménez and The Color of Law by Richard

In classes, students

to strengthen our Notre Dame community through sharing our own stories. In Reaching Out, Dr. Jiménez recounted

his experiences with cultural barriers and how he was helped by others along the way. His journey taught us

Reaching Out is an autobiographical novel that shares

about building bridges of understanding and how to

a personal account of the challenges faced by an

work collectively with diverse communities. "Through

immigrant farm worker and his family from the fields of

Reaching Out," shared Tia Quon '22, "we learned to truly

the central valley to the halls of Santa Clara University.

understand how our everyday actions can create a

Dr. Jiménez spoke of the importance of understanding

sense of community at Notre Dame."

our individual and collective identity. "We are all

While Reaching Out prompted a conscious look

immigrants or come from immigrants," Dr. Jiménez

forward, The Color of Law helped our Notre Dame

told students. "Through sharing our stories we find the

community understand the legacy left by the laws

connections and the similiariities we share. It helps us

and policy decisions passed by local, state and federal

connect." Although not everyone shares the exact story

governments. More than looking at how the constitution

of being a migrant farm worker from Mexico, many

written by our forefathers can be interpreted today, our

Past N D Reads Select ions 2008 - Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin

2012 - Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario

2016 - The Odyssey of KP2 by Terrie M. Williams

2009 - Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas

2013 - I'm Not Leaving by Carl Wilkins

2017 - Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen

2010 - The Distant Land of My Fathers by Bo Caldwell

2014 - Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle, S. J.

2017 - Lessons From Little Rock by Terrence Roberts

2011 - A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

2015 - La Verdad by Mary Jo Ignoffo & Lucia Cerna

2018 - The Monk of Mokha by Dave Eggers

12 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

community looked at how the choices made a decade ago impact the individual, our families and the neighborhoods we live in. The complex topic of segregation, and whether its root causes stem from individual prejudices or the actions of government, was studied through humanities classes by juniors and seniors. According to Mr. Rothstein, the government's efforts were "primarily designed to provide housing to white, middle-class, lower-middleclass families." African-Americans and other people of color were left out of the new suburban communities — and pushed instead into urban housing projects. He notes that the Federal Housing Administration, which was established in 1934, furthered the segregation efforts by refusing to insure mortgages in and near African-American neighborhoods — a policy known as red-lining. At the same time, the FHA was subsidizing builders who were mass-producing entire subdivisions for whites — with the requirement that none of the homes be sold to African-Americans. These decades-old housing policies have had a lasting effect on American society and the distribution of assets and wealth. "The segregation of our metropolitan areas today leads to stagnant inequality. Families are much less able to be upwardly mobile when they're living in segregated neighborhoods where opportunity is absent. If we want greater equality in this society, we need to take steps to desegregate." In closing, Mr. Rothstein was asked by a student if he was hopeful that change could happen. His answer? An emphatic "yes" because young people, like Notre Dame's students, who study concepts of exclusion and the importance of standing in solidarity also learn about the importance of advocating for change.

Top: Dr. Francisco Jiménez speaking at the student assembly Middle: Tia Quon '22, Dr. Jimenez, Maya Diaz '21, Principal Mary Beth Riley Bottom: Richard Rothstein signing books for students

Notre Notre Dame Dame San San Jose Jose| Report | Report of of Giving Giving 2018-2019 2017-2018| |137

Just ice Begins Wi th Children

Cecily de Leon '20 & Shreya Garg '20 - International Service or Study Scholarship Recipients Cecily de Leon and Shreya Garg, who will graduate

sophomore year, I conducted my own service

with their Class of 2020 Notre Dame sisters in June,

project in India where I raised money to purchase

have spent the last four years learning about the

120 mattresses for kids previously sleeping on rotting

impact women have made, and continue to make,

sheets. I knew I wanted to do something similar after

around the world and the issues that face our global community. The impetus, location and details of the service projects they undertook may have been different, but both sought to help children

in impoverished areas of developing countries after

junior year." To fund their projects, Cecily

After taking classes like Global Studies and Advanced Placement World History (WHAP), both of which illuminated the importance of action in addressing global crises, I developed an interest in socio-economic justice.

studying humanities across the curriculum.

and Shreya applied for the Mary Beth Riley International Study or Service Scholarship, a fund encouraging students to bring their

skills and knowledge to all corners of the globe. "I took action on the research I had done for my Peace & Social Justice assignment by

"The idea for my project started with the Peace &

applying for the Mary Beth Riley Award and carrying

Social Justice class I took during my junior year,"

out a project to help teach children in an orphanage

shares Cecily. "My teacher gave us an assignment to

in the Philippines," shares Cecily.

research a specific social injustice that was significant

According to UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s

to us. I chose to research the child abandonment crisis in the Philippines and learned that approximately 1.8 million children in the Philippines are abandoned or neglected."

Emergency Fund), there are roughly 153 million orphans worldwide. Every day, an estimated 5,700 more children become orphans. Children are often relinquished to the care of orphanages as a result of

For Shreya, the catalyst came from her social studies

war, natural disasters, poverty, disease, stigma and

classes. "After taking classes like Global Studies and

medical needs that cannot be met by the family.

Advanced Placement World History (WHAP), both

Both Cecily and Shreya worked with established

of which illuminated the importance of action in

organizations for their projects, but found the

addressing global crises, I developed an interest

conditions very different.

in socio-economic justice. The summer after my

Past Recipients 2008 - Sejal Hathi ’09 Angelica Teng ’09 Hanna Kim ’09 India 2009 - Rosemary Hua ’10 Ghana 2010 - Vanessa Vaughn ’11 Nicaragua

14 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

2011 - Hannah Rosenblum ’12 Israel 2012 - Alyssa Vu ’13 Vietnam 2013 - Xerna Lorenzo ’14 Kathmandu, Nepal 2014 - Christina Cherekdjian ’15 Armenia

2015 - Shanti Gurbuxani ’16 India 2016 - Samantha Rojas ’17 Mexico 2017 - Dipashreya Sur ’18 India 2018 - Fatima Yousef '19 Cambodia

Shreya worked with school-age children and teens who live at the orphanage under poor conditions with few resources. "Bangalore, India is ranked #40 in the world for worst air pollution. Homeless and low-income children often grow up with chronic cough or lung disease, ending up with costly medical expenses and a decreased ability to attend school," explains Shreya. "For my project, I worked with an orphanage in India – the Madhu Mansion Charitable Trust – with 80 kids. Using the grant, I purchased ceiling fans to use as a ventilation system since they had cracked windows and were susceptible to the poor air quality. Since the children were going to school without any supplies, I also got them backpacks, water bottles and notebooks as well as cooking supplies." Cecily worked with Saint Rita's Orphanage in Paranaque City, Philippines. The orphanage, founded in 1964, is run by the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters and works to place children with adoptive families. "I started locally by collecting art supplies donated by friends and family," explains Cecily. "For eight days over the summer, I worked at Saint Rita’s Orphanage in the Philippines with two- to six-year-olds. There, I spent my days looking after the children and teaching art and English." Having experienced first-hand the socioeconomic injustices faced by so many children across the globe, these two young women understand the short-term assistance that is needed as well as the systemic change that must happen. "It's important that individuals patronize businesses that do not use child labor," explains Shreya. "A lot of transnational corporations move to developing countries where labor laws are lax so they can utilize child labor which results in higher levels of poverty. It's also important to advocate for stricter labor laws, consume sustainable resources and, of course, donate when you can."

Top: Cecily '20 teaching children at Saint Rita's Orphanage Middle: Shreya '20 with children at the Madhu Mansion Charitable Trust

Samantha surrounded by her students

Bottom: Cecily de Leon '20, Shreya Garg '20 Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 15

1851 Legacy Society

1851 Legacy Society The 1851 Legacy Society recognizes, honors and pays tribute to all donors who include Notre Dame San Jose in their estate plan. Anonymous Mary Quilici '75 Aumack & Douglass Aumack Constance Percy '55 Baker-Enzensperger † & Kent Enzensperger † Dorothy Ucovich '43 Banker † Conny & Terry Barton Margaret Nicora Bellany † Jo Pisturino '49 Bertaccini & Edward Bertaccini Annette Bertram † Michaela Brody & Paul Benke Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni Mary & Gene Campion Mary Jo Avilla '58 Carroll & Donald Carroll Anne & James Cashman Gina Cassinelli Tina & William Chang Emily Lippolis '51 Corral Suzanne Donovan '53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese Marilou Figone '60 Cristina Patricia Murphy '62 Crowder & David Crowder Patricia Feasby '65 Diamond & Robert Diamond Patti Donovan & Joe Donovan † Shirley Paganini '61 Dorsa Nancy Doyle & Francis Doyle, Esq. † Josephine Cribari Dunkin † & Thomas Dunkin † Joan Leahy '47 Egan † Mary Birmingham '56 Emery, J.D. † Annette Medina '69 Fagundes & Edmundo Fagundes Charlene Johnson '60 Figone Sue & Charles Foltz Janice Fox Josephine Francesconi '40 † Faye Beechie '60 Fyock & Bob Roulo Fyock Julianna Barcelona '58 Gargone & Salvadore Gargone

Mary & Jack Keenan D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland Teresa Schaub '60 Krivan & William Krivan Helen Carrera '34 Larrus † & Emile Larrus † Laura Aceves '56 Liccardo & Salvador Liccardo Diane Malane '65 † Lucinda & Charles Manley Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy & John McCarthy, Sr. Catherine McCosker '35 † Virginia McCosker '32 † Pauline Ruiz '30 Mieuli † Ann Wade '60 Mootz & Allan Mootz † Peg Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin Eva Prudhomme '39 Orton M.C. Pardini Shervin Parvini, D.C. Anita Finke '68 Pennington Helen Cribari '26 Pettit † Cindy Gavin '70 Pond & Randall Pond Patricia Puentes '79 & Ricardo Campo Mary Beth Riley Gay Leal '47 Rodrigues † & Rod Rodrigues Elizabeth Ryan '31 † Janice Perlenda '44 Salberg & Joe Salberg † Bobbie Sanfilippo † Kathleen & Mark Santora Marie Zaro '42 Schmitt † & John Schmitt † Marylou Schoone Ann & Greg Scileppi Mary Catherine Sheridan '71 Timi Del Conte Sobrato & John M. Sobrato Patty Hayes '74 Stuart Roseanna Torretto '61 Debra & Dan Weed Mary Reithenberg '34 Westgate † & Edward Westgate Mary Castro '62 Wilson & Joseph Wilson Carolyn Perry '62 Winter † & William Winter Bernadette & Daniel Yang

Rosanne Battaion '74 Harris & Richard Harris

Kathy Yates & Peter Troop

Arlene Pieracci '63 Herrick & Michael Herrick

Patricia Sullivan '65 Zatkin & Sheldon Zatkin

Monica Hojda '69 Karen Freeland '69 Jennings

| Notre Dame Jose | Report of Giving 2017-2018 16 20 | Notre Dame SanSan Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

† deceased

General Endowment Jessica K. Angelo '05

Constance Percy '55 BakerEnzensperger † & Kent Enzensperger † Corazon & Michael Kalt Anna Selva '58 Sordello

Memorial Tribute Endowment Gifts Anonymous Barbara Ferrari '57 Azevedo Anne Mary Grimaldi '49 Biagini California Emerging Technology Fund Mary Jo Avilla '58 Carroll & Donald Carroll Mary Zuccaro '68 Charvat Diane & Theodore Danen Patricia Fraga '55 DiNapoli † & Ben DiNapoli Joyce Jaca '59 Duino Grace Rowan '45 Garcia & Justin Garcia Mary Mũnoz '56 Garcia & Joseph Garcia Martha Giannini '60 Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa Julie Haff Arlene Pieracci '63 Herrick & Michael Herrick Mary Lou Kendall

Top 10

Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni Endowment for Scholarships

D’Arcy & Jim Kirkland Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. '55 Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy & John McCarthy, Sr.

Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni

Lynda Sanfilippo '61 Moudakas Karen Duffey '63 Mullaly

Joanne Ellen Erba Endowed Scholarship

Paula & Paul Muntean, Jr.

Nancy Erba & Mike Lewis

Dona Gonzales '71 Naysnerski & Barry Naysnerski Peg Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Elizabeth Griffin Endowed Scholarship

Bev Deaver '67 Pachner & Ned Pachner

Sarah & Jim DiMatteo John Griffin

Celeste Pagliarulo, SNDdeN

Maeve S. Riley '02

Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN '52

Mary Beth Riley

Saundra Badalamente '64 Rinde & David Rinde

Rene Lepiane Memorial Scholarship

Genevieve & Richard Rolla

Kristen & Jayant Sanders

Marilyn Enos '54 Sampair Gayle Sanfilippo '52 †

Alison Lawrence Endowed Scholarship

San Jose IBM Quarter Century Club Ken J. Schmitt

Ruth & Joseph Lawrence

Marylou Schoone

Anne Mugnolo '04 Ward & James Ward

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Schwilk Barbara Simmons & James Bathgate

Normandin Scholarship Endowment

Constance Minardi '42 Turner Yvonne & Joseph Vanni Anne Mugnolo '04 Ward & James Ward

Peg Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Barbara Meyers '49 Wilson & Ernie Wilson

Nancy Welch Endowed Scholarship

Donna M. Woodcock '63

Suzanne M. Welch '64

Mary Morettini '48 Zanger

Ann Pfaff '56 Blach Scholarship Endowment Fund The Blach Family Foundation, Ann “Rooney” Pfaff '56 Blach

Catholic High School in the state of California for the past three years




Endowment gifts are permanent funds in which the principal is held in perpetuity. The investment income provides a long-term source of financial support for generations to come.

Endowment Giving

Endowment Giving


of community service with local agencies




equivalent in feminine products DONATED OVER 3 YEARS THROUGH THE

Sister Project IN SUPPORT OF


Notre Dame | Report of Giving 2017-2018 | 21 Notre Dame SanSan JoseJose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 17

Alumnae Giving

Alumnae Giving Class of 1939

Eva Prudhomme Orton Marie Hayes Schutz

Class of 1942

Constance Minardi Turner

Class of 1945

Shirley Ryan Fox Grace Rowan Garcia Louise Budros Tighe Barbara Rodenborn Toyne

Class of 1946

Geraldine Zaro Johnson Shirlee DiNapoli Schiro

Class of 1947

Ann Carmel Badalamente, SNDdeN

Class of 1948

Mary Morettini Zanger

Class of 1949

Jo Pisturino Bertaccini Anne Mary Grimaldi Biagini Janet Seidl Caputo Carmel Giacalone Carpenter Amelia Catalano Moore Barbara Meyers Wilson

Class of 1950

Georgia Barber Barnett Dorothy Musso Nuti Patricia McKenzie O'Donnell Joyce Steiner Towner

Class of 1951

Emily Lippolis Corral Patricia Priddy Oliver Lily Sanchez Tenes

Class of 1952

Darlene Young Kotey Mary Anna Watanabe Matsumoto Peg Gretz Normandin Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN

18 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Gayle Sanfilippo †

Joan Dalton Buckley Marilyn Enos Sampair

Patricia DeMarlo Joyce Ann Cordone Duffy Julianna Barcelona Gargone Barbara Levin Harper Loretta LeDoux McCoy Patricia Sunseri Schott Dottie Fontana Smith Anna Selva Sordello Eileen Sweeney Barbara Scandizzo Walsh Gloria Cesena Wardenburg

Class of 1955

Class of 1959

Class of 1953

Yvonne Bondi, SNDdeN Mary Ellen Nolan Bruni Suzanne Donovan Cortese Nancy Bucher O'Brien Mariam Smith Wyman

Class of 1954

Constance Percy BakerEnzensperger † Patricia Fraga DiNapoli † Pat Maher Filice Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. Donna McGann Romano Joanne Hayes Schott

Class of 1956

Donna Gargone Darst Joyce Jaca Duino Loreene Pardini Giansiracusa Nancy Free Martin Elaine Chiappe Roccio Louise Ferrari Watkins

Class of 1960

Ann "Rooney" Pfaff Blach Claire South Casey Barbara Frick Donnelly Mary Mũnoz Garcia Michelle Hogan Laura Aceves Liccardo Diana Torres Maddox Lillian Bianchi Miotto Joyce Terra Seeger

Judith Sepeda Cigan Marilou Figone Cristina Marilyn Orlando Dorsa Martha Giannini Barbara Baggese Gibson Terry Schaub Krivan Mary Tanda Lanier Annette Ditto Milionis Ann Wade Mootz Judy Ferrari O'Brien

Class of 1957

Class of 1961

Michelle Cantando Ahearn Barbara Ferrari Azevedo Margaret Buckley Bradley Patricia Romani Cachopo Rosalie Pusateri Eskew Patricia Sullivan Hastings Julieanne Haakinson Mazurek Anne Marie Carnevale Zoccali

Class of 1958

Mary Jo Avilla Carroll Joanne Filice Cunningham

Judith Fumia Buldo Shirley Paganini Dorsa Judith Kayser Fitzgerald Elizabeth Reedy Hamann Star Kettman Iverson Loydene Barcelona Kiley Mary Ann Kelly McCarthy Lynda Sanfilippo Moudakas Nancy O'Shea, SNDdeN Bernice Ferrara Seimas Roseanna Torretto

Patricia Murphy Crowder Eleanor Elrod Maria Lena Trione Gallo Rita Barton Karr Eileen Finke Mignosa Kathy Terranova Noether Pauline Lepera Price Jennifer Finkas Sparacino Joan Thomas Tramel Barbara Ramos Westover Carolyn Perry Winter â€

Class of 1963

Arlene Pieracci Herrick Katherine Bosso Hough Sharon Parsons Lane Karen Duffey Mullaly Rosemarie Fasano Pozzi Mary Anne Lorentz Ravizza Rose Pierro Simmons Barbara Gaitan Tortorici Catherine Waldron, SNDdeN Donna Woodcock

Class of 1964

Margaret Chiappe Bailey Alvira DeMaria Chargin Karen Minardi DeMonner Joanne Banker Hames Saundra Badalamente Rinde Maureen Jones Standifer Suzanne Welch

Class of 1965

Patricia Rubino Brunetti JoAnn Coleman Cymanski Norine De Gregori Carol McKillip Nickie Moreno Kathy O'Shea Muller Louise O'Reilly, SNDdeN Mary Boland Ratner

Bernadette Cunha Slayton Andrea Finke Westberg Patricia Sullivan Zatkin

Class of 1966

Linda McMullen Bearie Julie Nelsen Brazill Elaine Bruni Kathleen Zoccoli Corbal Veronica Perry De Mello Leonette Paradiso Francia Mary O'Shea Friedrich Colleen Sullivan Labozetta Anonymous Brigid Voss Barbara Platt Willenborg Frances Marshall Wincek

Class of 1967

Caroline Perrotti Caracciolo Anita Speciale D'Alessio Mary Dias Anne Doeltz Farrell Sheila O'Connell Kennedy Bev Deaver Pachner Eleanor Palacios Marilyn Perry, Ph.D. Patty Romantino Territo â€

Class of 1968

Mary South Certa Mary Zuccaro Charvat Charlotte Doudell Mary Lu Ferrara Anita Finke Pennington

Class of 1969

Eileen O'Shea Beamer Erin Hoenes Coolman Christine Martino Di Salvo Annette Medina Fagundes Monica Hojda Karen Martin Jackson Donna Ferreira Smith

Class of 1970

Lynn Pasquinelli Bonacorsi Pilar Jaime Morales Cindy Gavin Pond

Class of 1971

Dona Gonzales Naysnerski Mary Catherine Sheridan

Class of 1972

Celeste Martin Melehan Gail Skinner

Alumnae Giving

Class of 1962

Class of 1973

Monica Medina Lane, Ph.D. Teresa Rebeiro Saba, M.D. Silvana Volpe, M.D.

Class of 1974

Lisa Martin Adamson Michele Joesten Bo Shinita Beckum Bryson Denise Ybarra Casey Stefani Fontana Geralynn Patellaro Frugoli Margo Joesten Gorini Rosanne Battaion Harris Annmarie Voss Hendryx Lee Ann Howard Kaupp Janette Valderrama Perla Lee Ann Pasquinelli Raftopoulos Patty Hayes Stuart Jane McCluskey Vaillancourt

Class of 1975

Mary Quilici Aumack Maria Norma Martinez-Palmer, Ed.D. Marilyn Moreno, Esq.

Class of 1976

Kathleen Canepa Rosanne Cortese Compitello Kathleen Geraci Foley Patricia Nannini

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 19

Alumnae Giving

Annual Giving Class of 1977

Mary F. Fortune, Ed.D. Mindy George

Class of 1978

Marianne Ambrosini

Class of 1979

Loriann Gillette Kerry Slattery Moore

Class of 1980

Leslie Alvarez Holthouse

Class of 1981

Jill Ferrari Maultsby

Class of 1982 Rose Que Lue

Class of 1983

Suzanne Allison Erin Menard Gibson Christina Lee

Class of 1985

Maria Gerst Sonya Navarro Licea Paulette Kempe Roseberry Lisa Gonzales White

Class of 1986

Stacy Anne Harwood Melissa Ople Hopkins Julia Luk

Class of 1987

Jeannine Bell Demerris Brooks-Immel Allene Salcedo Burdette Leslie Keirns Gupta Bridget O'Brien-Reyes Jina Aschoff Rogers Susie Casey Schinski Laura Washington Katie Heagerty Zazueta

20 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Class of 1988

Connie Bustillo Cynthia Castro Sweet Melinda Postle Thompson

Class of 1989

Yesenia Cardona Eva Condron-Wells Anna Fox Denise A. Garcia Tina Golaw Michele Ople Elaine Paplos, Esq. Sonia Rebelo

Class of 1990

Lisa Simon Dang Monica Gomez Gisela Gonzalez Noelia Gonzalez Christine Cabeca Johnston Maria Danen Moore

Class of 1991

Joan Ouano Benitez Mona Faraj Boomer Janel Angulo Caruz Lisa Quintero Jensen Aileen Matudio Cindy Moraes Shaw Peggy Wang Sascha Stankovich Warner

Class of 1992

Patricia Ericson Heather Pedigo Hurley Lila Lam Amy McEntee MacFadden Lori Castillo Martinez Anita Sifuentes Sandoval Andrea Flores Shelton

Class of 1993

Sondra Naczkowski Bazzoti Anne Ravizza Natalie Archuleta Wise

Class of 1994

Malisha P. Kumar Adrianna Rivas Masuko Emma Reyes-Ramirez Saundra McClendon Riley Elizabeth Moreno Robb Christine Oberholzer Skizas Abby Soriano-Lentz

Class of 1995

Megan Doyle Angela Fagundes Langlands Teresa Martinez Gonzales

Class of 1996

Joanne Hsia Chao Wendy Dunn Jamie Horejs Faber Felicity Jimenez-Howard Janel Moreno Cristina Schwartz

Class of 1997

Christine Frey Christine Mugnolo

Class of 1998

Jennifer Young King Elizabeth Cepeda Wright, Ph.D.

Class of 1999

Anonymous Mayra Flores DeMarcotte Jenny Hsia Christine Leman Kacirek AiQuynh Nguyen Casey Merchant Weber

Class of 2000

Cara Cavigliano Borromei Gina Damiano Licinia McMorrow Iberri Nicole Gorin Padia Melinda Tran

Class of 2002

Stephanie Benke McLoughlin Maeve Riley Victoria Vu

Class of 2005

Class of 2012

Jessica Angelo Sara Hire

Class of 2006

Caitlin Amarillas Rachel Wang Martinez Vivian Nguyen Tracyanne Saunders

Ashley Barmore Arroyo Monique Balcazar Stephanie Accorinti Forster Gezche Palapuz Graves Jackie Jenzen Leah Judge Coreen Salamanca Ketterer Kailin Tuscano Kwan Juleantonette Lopez Tara Betz Peacock Veronica Galarza Rios Rachel Ruiz Laura Seaman Nicola Tan Christia-Marie Mendoza Vasquez Janice Viloria Eillen Peralta Voellinger Megan Wong Kati Wu Lezell Yap Diangco

Class of 2004

Angela Peralta Vanessa Souza Anne Mugnolo Ward




Class of 2013 Kendra Glenn

Class of 2007

Class of 2003

Chelsey Beck Katherine Hastings Madeleine Kirkland Rebecca Lynch Laura Pandori Hannah Toloui

Class of 2014

Jackie Farrales Danika Gurley Danielle Vidal

Sarah Martinez Avalos Kaela Crowley Audrey Kane

Class of 2008

Alumnae Giving

Leah Boyer Jeanna Hooper Murray Angelica Ramos-Allen Katie Feetham Sanwick

Class of 2015

Jency Butler Rebecca Lee Li

Class of 2009

Meaghan Amarillas Carly Hudson Ariel Macias Lauren Rommel

Class of 2010

Christine Abrahamians Allison Kerkhoff Michele Pashby Julia Regalbuto

Class of 2016

Snigdha Banda Danica Crowley

Class of 2018

Jessica Glenn Jennifer Kirkland

Sophia Akitt Caroline Connell Daenerys Pineda

Class of 2011

Michele Coddington Quynh-Chi Ho Brianna Krong Caitlin Sims Kaitlyn Stauber Sarah Wallis


Class of 2019

Zaynab At-taras Alexia Moustakas Sabrina Naguib Molly Robinson


Class of 2001

came to campus last year to speak with students as part of Notre Dame's Career & Life Success Program

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 21

Congratulat ions to Notre Dame's Newest Alumnae!

CLASS of 2019







of seniors were accepted to colleges and universities

offered in scholarships to 153 students

65 % 35 %


college within California

attending out-of-state or

international colleges 22 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

153 6,268

students in the Class of 2019 served

hours of community service with local and global organizations

Most popular majors for the Class of 2019:

• Psychology/Cognitive Science/ Neuroscience • Chemistry/Biology/BioChem • Business/Economics • Computer Science • Nursing • Political Science/International Affairs • Engineering • Arts (Visual/Performing) • Environmental Science

90 71%

of the students in the Class of 2019 are matriculating to one of the Princeton Review’s

Best 382 Colleges



Graduates matriculated to schools that are:

50% Private 36% UC/CSU 6% CC or Gap 5% Out of State Public 3% International



of graduates matriculate to highly selective colleges


in Evidence Based

Reading & Writing

710 ND Upper Quartile



ND Mean

ND Upper Quartile

30 AP & Honors classes



ND Mean


Nat'l Mean

adjusted to 2017 base scoring

(accepting 33% of students or less)

93% ND pass rate

take one or more of


Nat'l Mean

in Math


of all students


NOTRE DAME 3.1 3.0 California

United States

for Advanced Placement tests for all students Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 23

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Notre Dame thankfully recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their support of our students and programs in the 2018-19 fiscal year. 545 Group Laurie Abad Michiru & Makoto Abe Ly & Sam Ablao Lalitha Abraham & Vinoo Nedungadan Christine E. Abrahamians '15 Lisa Martin '74 Adamson Laura & Victor Adint Rebecca & Porferio Agbuya, Jr. Christian Aguaristi Kazuko & Michael Agueros Shellie & James Aguilar Michelle Cantando '57 Ahearn & Dennis Ahearn Renata & Carl Ahlers Brooke Ahrens Cheryl & Tim Ainoa Elise & Thomas Ajawara Sophia Akitt '18 Mari & William Albanese Wendy & David Albert Sandra & Javier Alcala Jacquelyn Alderete Colleen & Stan Alger Rukhsana & Salman Ali Rebecca & Rex Allison III Suzanne Allison '83 & John Nigro Mary & Stephen Almassy Katherine & Edgar Almazol Jennifer & Michael Altieri Azza Alul & Nabil Masri Tamara Alvarado & Pedro Perez Ada Luz & Walter Alvarenga Guadalupe Alvarez & Francisco Herrera

24 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Denise & Jeffrey Alvord

Kristin & Brett Baker

Meaghan Amarillas '09

Roberta Baker

Siji & Tony Ambalathingal

Sarah & Jonathan Baker

Marianne Ambrosini '78 Kathleen Shea Anderson

Constance Percy '55 BakerEnzensperger †& Kent Enzensperger †

Laureen & Keith Anderson

Priyanka Balachandran & Sajeev Pillai

Lisa & Curtis Anderson

Grace Balba & Benjamin Jue

Lisa & Steven Anderson

Monique Balcazar '03 & David Vega

Arlene & Pablito Ang

Leticia Baldevarona

Jessica K. Angelo '05

Iraida & Hubert Balinbin

Wendy & Robert Angus

Diana-Lynn Ballenger Inderhees & Gregg Inderhees

Sumera Anjum & Faisal Hanif Anonymous Helen Ansted & William Harrington Tamara Anthony

Padmaja & Ramesh Banda Snigdha Banda '16 Clarissa Barela & Greg Ortiz


Rebecca & Andy Barfknecht

Sonia Arguin-Duenas & Norberto Duenas

Carrie & Aaron Barger Laura Barker

Melissa & Gregory Armanini

Georgia Barber '50 Barnett

Ewa & Luis Arreola

Christy G. Barrese

Sonya & Chris Arriola

James Barrese

Ashley Barmore '03 Arroyo

Aracely & Henry Barrientos

ASG Foundation

Alicia & Brian Barron

Mary & Jim Ashby

Mary Ann & Demetrious Barrous

Anita Asher

Todd Barthelme

Uma & Rahul Asthana

Cornelia & Terence Barton


Nashili Basathia

Athena Camps, LLC

Ushadevi Baskaran & Eswaran Srinivasan

Zaynab At-taras '19 Jeff Atwood Pamela & Stanford Atwood Sabrina Atwood Mary Quilici '75 Aumack & Douglass Aumack Sarah Martinez '14 Avalos Nishma & Kamal Avlani Dolors Ayala & David Whittum Barbara Ferrari '57 Azevedo Kathryn & Greg Azevedo Rajwinder & Navdeep Baath Patricia & Victor Backer Ann Carmel Badalamente, SNDdeN '47 Jody & Nima Badiei Margaret Chiappe '64 Bailey Angie & Greg Bakeis

Amy Battisti Sarah Bauer-Mokaves & Prachan Mokaves Julie Baughman Elizabeth Baumuller Jennifer B. Bautista Pamela & Irwin Bautista Bay Sales, Inc. Zainab & Amir Bayati Sondra Naczkowski '93 Bazzoti Eileen O'Shea '69 Beamer & Lyndall Beamer Patrice & Chris Beard Linda McMullen '66 Bearie Andrea Beasley-Jolly & Chivago Jolly Chelsey L. Beck '12

LeeAnn Boennighausen

Theresa & Daniel Bell

Lerma & Ronilo Boja

Maria & Eric Bellafronto

Lynn Pasquinelli '70 Bonacorsi & Michael Bonacorsi

Barbara Brown

Joan Ouano '91 Benitez & Hector Benitez

Shelley Bond

Randy Brown

Yvonne J. Bondi, SNDdeN '53

Penelope Bruce & Robert Manetta

Linda Berger & Lawrence Soares

Cathy Bonnici

Sheila Bernus Dowd

Celine Bonutto & Arvind Srinivasan

Patricia Rubino '65 Brunetti & Michael Brunetti

Jo Pisturino '49 Bertaccini & Edward Bertaccini

Mona Faraj '91 Boomer & Richard Boomer

Michele Bertolone & Andrew Shebanow

Katharina Borchert

Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni

Andrea & Louis Borges

Shinita Beckum '74 Bryson

Rachael Bertone

Steve Borkenhagen

Christina & Tom Brzica

Miroslawa Betlej & Roman Lewkow

Cara Cavigliano '00 Borromei & AJ Borromei

Jamie & Neal Buckendahl

Robert Bezanson Anju & Raj Bhatia

Amy & Mark Boucher

Joan Dalton '54 Buckley & Chuck Buckley

Tarika Bheda

Rania & Sami Boulos

Michelle Buckowski

Anne Mary Grimaldi '49 Biagini

Theresa & Claudio Bui

Monika Bickert

Ushakiran Boyanapalli & Vijaykumar Rajendrarao

Maria Biggs

Jean & James Boyden

Allene Salcedo '87 Burdette

Asha Bijj & Silesh Bijjahalli

Leah A. Boyer '01

Marie Annette Burkart, SNDdeN

Theresia & Heinz Binder

John Bracco, Jr.

Nancy & Brian Burke

Susan Bishop

Shirley & John Bracco, Sr.

Selvina & Robert Burns

Ann "Rooney" Pfaff '56 Blach

Margaret Buckley '57 Bradley & William Bradley

Greg Burrell

James Bratton

Susan & Darren Busing

Julie Nelsen '66 Brazill

Connie Bustillo '88 & David Chapman

Susan Brennan

Jency Butler '08

Jency Breska

Cecille & Ricsie Cabales

Denise Bridgeman

Elizabeth & Brian Cabral

Michaela Brody & Paul Benke

Patricia Romani '57 Cachopo & Ronald Cachopo

Joylyn Belli

Blach Family Foundation Margie & Michael Blach Deana & Robert Blackburn Susan & Piers Blewett Michele Joesten '74 Bo Joanne Boaler & Colin Haysman Maribelle & Teddy Bobila Leslie & Kevin Bock

Dana Brody-Brown & Shannon Brown

Demerris Brooks-Immel '87 & Jeremy Immel Francine & Aubrey Brown

Elaine M. Bruni '66

Annual Giving

Jeannine Bell '87

Judith Fumia '61 Buldo

Ruth Burson & Terence Ryan

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 25

Annual Giving

Andrea & Pat Caldwell

Catering For All Occasions

Kari Climer

Lina Calia

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose

Lisa Coddington

Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County

Melanie Coffin

Rosa & Raymond Ceja

Tammy Coleman

California Emerging Technology Fund Charmaine Callaghan Campbell Foundation Raquel Candelas & Jorge Haro Kathleen Canepa '76 Emily Cantey

Cell Lab Tech, Inc. Diane & Richard Cerra

Michele Coddington '11 Ellen Cohen Rajka & Denis Colic Ella Colic '20

Immaculate & Cornell Cantos

Mary South '68 Certa & Diego Certa

Janet Seidl '49 Caputo & Richard Caputo

Gloria Chacon Leslie Chamberlain

Caroline Perrotti '67 Caracciolo & Stephen Caracciolo

Kara & Cliff Chambers Shannon Chan & Jimmy Yu

Rosanne Cortese '76 Compitello & Robert Compitello

Denise & Kevin Cardona

Jody & Curtis Chang

Eva Condron-Wells '89 & Rob Wells

Yesenia Cardona '89

Doris Chang & Wen-wei Lee

Fabienne & Thomas Conlan

Stephanie & Randy Carles

John Chang

Andrea & Mark Connell

Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation

Rose Chang & Phillip Jung

Caroline Connell '18

Joanne Hsia '96 Chao & Yeong Chao

Charlotte & Kenneth Carlson

Michelle & Anthony Contos

Isabelle Chappuis & Duc Nguyen

Stacey & Scott Carlson

Antoinette Cook

Peggy Carlson-Bowen

Alvira DeMaria '64 Chargin & John Chargin

Gene Cook

Jan Carlson-Williams & Robert Williams

Lisa Charpontier

Carmel Giacalone '49 Carpenter & Donald Carpenter

Mary Zuccaro '68 Charvat

Erin Hoenes '69 Coolman

Susarah & Allen Carpio

Warni & Erik Chee

Gea Carr

Amy Chen

Magdalena Carrasco & Francisco Garcia

Elaine Chen & Geoffrey Lee

Catherine Carrillo

Wan Chen & Zhiqiang Zheng

Marta Carrillo & Dean Mulla Olga Carrillo & Miguel Ledesma

Archana & Gautam Chaudhary

Peggy Chen & Ben Yang Leann Cherkasky-Makhni & Deepinder Makhni

Lorraine & Joseph Combs Margo Shrack Combs Community Counseling Service Co., LLC

Ira Cook, Jr. Julia Cooper Kathleen Zoccoli '66 Corbal Machelnil Cormier Nancy & Michael Cornelison Thida Cornes & Castor Fu Emily Lippolis '51 Corral Suzanne Donovan '53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese Rita Cortez & Fred Sharkey

Mary Jo Avilla '58 Carroll & Donald Carroll

Su-Chen Chien & Jiann-Jeng Duh

Krista & Nathan Carter

Brenna Chow & Jonathan Moore

Janet Murray Costigan & Peter Costigan

Danielle & Peter Christian

Maya & Joe Courtright

Jennifer Chue & Kevin Peterson

Elizabeth & Bradley Cox

Jiyoun Chun & Seungryul Choi

Evelyn Crane-Oliver

Rhonda & Chris Ciechanowski

Joanne & Patrick Crinion

Judith Sepeda '60 Cigan & Dennis Cigan

Marilou Figone '60 Cristina

Karyn Cilker Jillian Cintas

Patricia Murphy '62 Crowder & David Crowder

Helen & David Clark

Anne Crowley

Pat & Mike Cleary

Carla & Brian Crowley

Linda Cleveland

Danica M. Crowley '16

Janel Angulo '91 Caruz & Virgilio Caruz Ronald Case Claire South '56 Casey Denise Ybarra '74 Casey & James Casey Anne & James Cashman Karen & Michael Cassin Gina Cassinelli Carmen & Al Castellano Maria & Sinbad Castillo Cynthia Castro '88 Sweet

26 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Linda Chin & John Parissenti

Tamara & Pietro Costa

Jennifer & James Crotty, M.D.

Mayra Flores '99 DeMarcotte & Joshua DeMarcotte

Shirley Paganini '61 Dorsa

Mariel Cruz Margaret & Frank Cucuzza

Patricia DeMarlo '58

Megan Doyle '95 & Kevin Iadonato

Pat & John Culhane

Karen Minardi '64 DeMonner & Ron DeMonner

Nancy Doyle

Lisa DeMotta

Virginia Drake & Courtland Saunders

Christine Culine Dragana Culjkovic & Davide Concion Trisha & Cory Cullen Michael Cully

Allison Dent Draper & Jeffrey Goldfien Rajbansi & Rahul Deokar

Kristy Culp Leonard & Dennis Leonard

Matthew Derwis & Mark Martinez

Joanne Filice '58 Cunningham & Gerald Cunningham

Rucha & Chintan Desai Madhuri Deshpande & Puneet Batta

Leslie & James Cunningham

Eran DeSilva & Brad Craycroft

JoAnn Coleman '65 Cymanski & Ron Cymanski

Christine Martino '69 Di Salvo & Joseph Di Salvo

Veronica & Jeff Dabak

Melvin Di Salvo

Sharen Dains

Mary L. Dias '67

Anita Speciale '67 D'Alessio & Joseph D'Alessio

Elvia & Miguel Diaz

Gina E. Damiano '00

Helen Dietz & David Mimeles

Ulysses Dana

Sarah & Jim DiMatteo

Diane & Theodore Danen

Deirdra & Jason DiNapoli

Chau Dang & Bao Vu

Gretchen & Matthew DiNapoli

Lisa Simon '90 Dang

Jennifer & J. Philip DiNapoli

Debbie & David Danitz

Patricia Fraga '55 DiNapoli †& Ben DiNapoli

Mary Danna

Karen Diaz

Donna Gargone '59 Darst & Frank Darst

Anicea & Paul Dines

Angela & Todd Davidson

Nga Dinh & Minh Trung Pham

Phyllis & Bill Davidson

Joseph DiSalvo

Sandra Davies & Daniel Wallace

Jennifer Dittmer

Wendy & Bud Davis

Rowena Dizon-Burger & Harley Burger

Norine E. De Gregori '65

Sheri & Willie Dizon

Cathy & Joe De Maria

Tina Doan & Tim Vu

Veronica Perry '66 De Mello

Stacy & Richard Dobner

Claudia & J. Augusto De Oliveira

Michele Don Durbin & Kenneth Durbin

Rou & Abraham de Waal

Dena & Clark Donahue

Debra & James Del Biaggio

Linda & Lance Donahue

William Del Biaggio

Ellen Donlin

Chimalma & Daniel del Rio

Barbara Frick '56 Donnelly

SinĂŠad Delaney Dyer & Jonathon Dyer

Patti Donovan

Maria Delgado

Deanna & Mike Dorner

Dell Computers

Marilyn Orlando '60 Dorsa & Frank Dorsa

Kathren & John DeLucchi

Cindy Dinh & Mike Nguyen

Arathi & Rangan Doreswamy

Charlotte A. Doudell '68

Celeste Drake drewANDbarb Joanna & Barry Drogy Phyllis & Bob DuBois Joyce Ann Cordone '58 Duffy Lisa & Walter Duflock Joyce Jaca '59 Duino

Annual Giving

Kaela Crowley '14

Cynthia & Matthew Duncan Kathy & Tom Dunlap Beverley & Tony Dunn Wendy E. Dunn '96 Lorraine & Dave Easter Lisa & Greg Eckstrom Victoria & John Edmonds Michalene Edwards Sue & Norman Edwards Barbara Eggleston & Richard Rawson Shannan Egli-Williams Elco Electric Inc. Karyl Eldridge Rania Elkeeb & Heshaam Fallah Sarah Ellis Beth & Gus Elmer IV Eleanor A. Elrod '62 Eyman Eltilib & Musaab At-Taras Mary England & Jim Ciarico Envy Plumbing Donovan Erba Nancy Erba & Mike Lewis Patricia Ericson '92 Alma Escanuela Coral Escobar & Alejandro Marquez Rosalie Pusateri '57 Eskew & William Eskew Jenelle Esplana Gonzalez & Sal Gonzalez Leila Estaki & Hamid Rategh Alex Esteverana Sandra Estrella

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 27

Annual Giving

Tori & Mark Evashenk

Shirley Ryan '45 Fox

Melanie & Robert Gaudinez

Jamie Horejs '96 Faber

Jennifer Fraisl

Gretchen & Eric Gelke


Kelly & Alan Frame

Vicki & Tom Gemetti

Kristine & Iannelsonn Fadrigon

Leonette Paradiso '66 Francia

Mindy George '77

Annette Medina '69 Fagundes & Edmundo Fagundes

Francis Robert Smith Trust

Noelle George

Eileen & Ulysses Francisco

Elizabeth & Morgan Gerhart

Sylvia Faraj

Tommy Francois

Trent Geronimo

Jackie F. Farrales '07

Christine L. Frey '97

Maria Gerst '85 & Ryan Rosenberg

Anne Doeltz '67 Farrell & Thomas Farrell

Jolene & William Frey

Lynne & Thomas Gerula

Deborah Felder-Levy & David Levy

Angelica Frias-Lopez & Thomas Lopez

Gehan Ghanem & Amr El-Arabaty

Alice & Robert Fenton

Martha Giannini '60

Melissa & Thomas Fenton

Mary O'Shea '66 Friedrich & Michael Friedrich

Lavita & Francis Fernandes

Mary Friel

Barbara Baggese '60 Gibson

Melanie & Mark Fernandes

Jane Frommer, Ph.D. & Stephen Boyer

Catherine & Todd Fernandez

Erin Menard '83 Gibson & Steven Gibson

Mary Lu Ferrara '68 & Larry Knuston

Geralynn Patellaro '74 Frugoli & Terry Frugoli

Molly Fezell

Kate & John Fry

Tammie & Greg Giles

Pat Maher '55 Filice & Bruney Filice â€

Rebekah & Colby Frye

Loriann Gillette '79

Carla Filipe Bleh

Belinda Fu

Kathleen & John Giubileo

Kathy & William Findley

John Fu

Girls' Middle School

Melissa Findley

Paul Fu

Stacy & Robert Gleixner

Jane Finette

Laura Fujieda & Terrence Barwegen

Ana Melara Glenn & Gary Glenn

Annette & Werner Finsterbusch

Melissa & Michael Fuller

Jessica P. Glenn '10

Judith Kayser '61 Fitzgerald & Daniel Fitzgerald

Takako & Eiichi Funatsu

Kendra Glenn '13

Allison & Jonathan Fung

Richa Goel

Pamela Fitzgerald

Pilar Furlong

Tina Golaw '89

Tanisha Fitzgerald-Williams & Tony Williams

Marissa & Reynaldo Gacad

Aronie & Jeff Golez

Rishali & Ketan Gadkari

Susan & Oliver Flach

Monica Gomez '90 & Damian Trujillo

Pinky Gala

Irene & C. Jim Floyd

Yun Gong & Larry Liu

Maria Lena Trione '62 Gallo & Joseph Gallo

Jennifer & Anthony Gonnella

Yuan Gao & Ming Zhang

Noelia Gonzalez '90

Kathleen Geraci '76 Foley & Matthew Foley Sue & Charles Foltz

Cheryl Garcia

Marie & Joseph Fontana

Denise A. Garcia '89

Stefani Fontana '74

Grace Rowan '45 Garcia & Justin Garcia

Dianne & David Foote Cindra Ford & Sean Grace Stephanie Accorinti '03 Forster

Mary MĹŠnoz '56 Garcia & Joseph Garcia

Mary F. Fortune, Ed.D. '77

Susana Garcia

Jill & Steven Foster

Garden City Construction

Anna K. Fox '89 & Eric King

Julianna Barcelona '58 Gargone & Salvadore Gargone

Elizabeth Fox & Daniel Sooter Janice Fox Mary Ellen & Michael Fox, Sr.

28 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Selina Garrison Maureen & Ronald Gass

Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa

Barbara & Dale Gilbert

Gisela Gonzalez '90 Elizabeth Goodley & Ruben Espinosa Denise & Scott Gordon Cheri Gorini Margo Joesten '74 Gorini & Richard Gorini Rachel Gorini Fatima Gouda & Hatem Fahmi Madhavi & Hrishikesh Gowaiker Linda & Howard Graham Robert Grassilli Gezche Palapuz '03 Graves

Victoria Harrison & Peter Ullmann

Monica Hojda '69

Laura & Peter Gremett

Anne & Steven Hartman

Elizabeth Holley

Greystone Plastering

Stacy Anne Harwood '86

DeEnna & Ronald Holohan, Jr.

John Griffin

Katherine M. Hastings '12

Leslie Alvarez '80 Holthouse

Susan Griffin Kristine & Christopher Grim

Patricia Sullivan '57 Hastings & Thomas Hastings

LeighAnne Holtzman & Manoj Kumaran

Sharon & Robert Grover

Deanna Haugaard

Heather & Chuck Hong

Susan Grover

Christina Hawkins

Karen & Gerald Hopkins

Laura & David Grybos

Carole Hayworth & Fernando Rock

Hopkins & Carley, A Law Corporation

Lilly & Fernando Guadarrama

Toni & John Heagerty

Melissa Ople '86 Hopkins

Rebecca Guerra

Hedge Trackers, LLC

Nadine & William Hopps

Angelina & Saverio Guerrera

Greg Hedman

Tammie & Brian Hoshino

Gina & Manny Guerrero III

Vidya & Ramachandra Hegde

Theodore Guglin, Jr.

Beverly & Ove Heigre

Katherine Bosso '63 Hough & Paul Hough, Sr.

Marcella & Gary Gulmon

Margaret & Fred Heiman

Dorothy House

Leslie Keirns '87 Gupta & Sandeep Gupta

Brigitte & Christopher Heiser

Maria Hozbor

Neha & Naresh Gupta

Emma Henderson

Jenny Y. Hsia '99

Danika C. Gurley '07

Rebecca Hendricks & Theodore Key

Jean Hu

Neelima & Rama Gurram

Cindy & David Hendrickson

Amy & Ray Huang

Maya Gutierrez ‘22

Xiaoyan Huang

Ruben Gutierrez

Annmarie Voss '74 Hendryx & Jacob Hendryx

Rosalie Gutierrez Ledesma & Juan Ledesma

Mischa Hepner

Carly Hudson '09

Heritage Bank of Commerce

Elma & Matthew Humphreys

Julie Haff

Heritage Education, Inc.

Elana Hall

Kristen & Jeff Hernandez

Heather Pedigo '92 Hurley & Sean Hurley

Jennifer & Matthew Hall

Terri & Martin Hernandez

Suzanne & Darren Hutchins

Steve Hallgrimson

Karen Herr

Linda & Brian Hutchins-Knowles

Elizabeth Reedy '61 Hamann

Denise & Marcos Herrera

Joanne Banker '64 Hames & Mark Hames

Arlene Pieracci '63 Herrick & Michael Herrick

Mary Hyginus-Joseph & Kazimieras Joseph

Nicole Hancock

Linda Herschbach

Liza & Steven Hanks

Carolyn Herzog & Kirk Skinner

Saskia Hanselaar Choudry

Sara E. Hire '05

Kelly & Douglas Hansen

John Hirokawa

Lisa & Jay Hanson

Quynh-Chi D. Ho '11

Wendy & Steven Hanssen

Thuy Ho & Huan Nguyen

Ruma & M. Zahurul Haque

Joseph Hoang

Jason Harms

Josephine Hobbs & Travis Bond

Barbara Levin '58 Harper & Douglas Harper, M.D.

Nanci & Martin Hochroth

Noreen & Miles Harrington III

Cheryl Hodgin Marshall & Paul Marshall

Julia Harris & Anastasios Anastasakos

Margaret M. Hoffman, SNDdeN

Rosanne Battaion '74 Harris & Richard Harris

Kathleen Hogan Michelle Hogan '56

Annual Giving

Laura & Peter Greenland

Loreen & Dan Huddleston

Licinia McMorrow '00 Iberri & David Iberri, M.D. Mary Jo & Patrick Ignoffo Diana Iniguez & Johan Torres Nancy Isaac Star Kettman '61 Iverson & Wynn Iverson J. Philip & Jennifer DiNapoli Foundation Jack B. Keenan, Inc. Karen Martin '69 Jackson Shruti & Upesh Jain Linda & Stephen James Jenny Jarder-Palteng & Jovie Palteng Kimbrae Jasper

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 29

Annual Giving

Lisa Quintero '91 Jensen

Theresa & Jon Kempe

Sonia & Sundeep Kumar

Jackie Jenzen '03

Mary Lou Kendall

Kailin Tuscano '03 Kwan & Kelly Kwan

Uma Jeyapalan & Senthil Sankarappan

Sheila O'Connell '67 Kennedy & T.A.J. Kennedy

Ana & Gerry Labonville

Marek Jeziorek Laura & Jaime Jimenez

Allison E. Kerkhoff '15

Lisamarie Ladd

Felicity Jimenez-Howard '96 & Joshua Howard

Coreen Salamanca '03 Ketterer & William Ketterer

Nayo & Tim LaFreniere

Christopher Johnson

Laleta & Kevin Khan

Geraldine Zaro '46 Johnson

Sabiha & Shakir Khan

Desiree LaGrone-Maggiore & Vince Maggiore

Jing †& Jerry Johnson

Shehnaz Khan & Ahsan Shaikh, M.D.

Mitra & Ali Lahidji

Kent Johnson

Rachel & Ahmed Khattab

Jackie Lai & Yung Chen

Melissa & Matthew Johnson

Shalini & Anurag Khemka

Hong Lam & Tommy Le

Regina & Chris Johnson

Susan Kidd

Lila Lam '92 & David Chu

Timothy Johnson

Mari Kikoshima

Jessica & Brian Lambert

Christine Cabeca '90 Johnston

Karen & Jerry Lane

Janice & James Jones

Loydene Barcelona '61 Kiley & Michael Kiley

Twinkle Jose Moothedan & Antony Jayaraj Alappat

Catherine Kilkenny

Monica Medina '73 Lane, Ph.D. & Geoff Lane

Kim-Lien Kim & Chanh Tran

Sharon Parsons '63 Lane

Lincy & Mathew Joseph

Youngmin Kim & Ho Lee

Jatinder & Avtar Judge

Jennifer Young '98 King & James King

Angela Fagundes '95 Langlands & Robert Langlands

Leah L. Judge '03

Pat & James King

Mary Tanda '60 Lanier

Ritipal & Priti Pal Juneja

D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland

Sandra Lanoie

Christine Leman '99 Kacirek & Michael Kacirek

Jennifer O. Kirkland '10

Paul Lapke

Madeleine M. Kirkland '12

Zuemy Lara

Kaiser Permanente

Kelly Kline & Chris Ayers

Lark Avenue Car Wash

Kathryn Kale & James Routh

Robyn & Mark Klitgaard

Cyrille & Jean Marc Laurent

Corazon & Michael Kalt

Margaret & Christopher Knox

Law Offices of Elise M. Mitchell, P.C

Audrey Kane '14

Tina Kobetsky

Ruth & Joseph Lawrence

Helen & Stuart Kane

Michael Kodres

Lisa & Alex Laymon

Marufa Kaniz & Mohammed Yousuf

Carolyn & Chris Koehle

Martha & Sam Lazarakis

Rita Barton '62 Karr

Sharon Kojima & Jamey Graham

Annie & Ha Le

Priti Kartik & Kartik Venkataraman

Swetha Kosaraju & Srinivas Dandamudi

April Le ‘22

Nirupama & Venugopal Kasula

Darlene Young '52 Kotey & Frank Kotey

Mariana & Randall Leberknight

Kierstin & Dan Kataoka

Sarah Krasin

Jennifer & Anthony Lecheler

Lori & Robert Katcher

Swathi & Mohan Krishnan

Molly & Nick Lecheler

Lee Ann Howard '74 Kaupp

Terry Schaub '60 Krivan & William Krivan

Susan Ledezma & Rodrigo Navarro

Baljinder Kaur & Vikram Singh

Brianna Krong '11

Angie & Steve Lee

Hiroe & Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Nicole & Mark Krotoski

Christina Lee '83 & Christopher Yien

Sandy & David Kawamoto

Susan Krumplitsch

Janet & Gary Lee, M.D.

Susan Kay

Richard Kulle

Monet Lee & Martin Badrock

Mary & Jack Keenan

Malisha P. Kumar '94

Seungmin Lee & Sangjin Oh

Anisya Kegulskaya & Maxim Paklin

Ruma & Amit Kumar

Susan & Jim Lee

Sue & Tim Kehl

Shyamala & Krishna Kumar

Joan & Dan Leehane

Sandhya Kella & Rajesh Koilada

Siriruch & Derek Kumar

Kathryn & Timothy Leehane

30 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Colleen Sullivan '66 Labozetta

Avis LaGrone

Diana Torres '56 Maddox

Beverly & Phil Lenihan Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation

Sucharita Madhukar & Prakash Arunkundrum

Christine & Mark Leonard

Marinette Madrid & David Correia

Aileen M. O. Matudio '91

Deborah & Jerome Lettow

Geraldine & Marco Magarelli

Darcy Levee & Emerick Oshiro

Sandy Mahler

Jill Ferrari '81 Maultsby & Steve Maultsby

Qin Li & Ali Uyanik

Huynh Mai & Brian Nguyen

Olga & Harry Mavrogenes

Rebecca Lee '08 Li & Patrick Li

Elisa & Anand Malani

Margaret & John Mawhinney

Jiani Liao

Leena Malaviya & Dinesh Vallabhdas

Danuta & Janusz Liberkowski

Julie Malech

Deborah Maxwell, M.D. & John Scerbak, M.D

Laura Aceves '56 Liccardo & Salvador Liccardo

Zarin & Bashir Malekzada

Sonya Navarro '85 Licea & Jose Licea

Lucinda & Charles Manley

Lori & Alexander Limberis

Claudia Mann

Lily Lim-Tsao & Paul Tsao

Kristie & Robert Manning

Pamela & David Lindsay

Cecilia & Juan Miguel Mantecon

Cathy Lipe

MAP Royalty, Inc.

Katherine Lipps

Marilyn E. Moreno, Attorney at Law

Lisa Lira

Michelle Mariscal

Hongping Liu & Michael Porter

Lourdes & Miguel Marquez

Madeleine & Kevin Lloyd

Veronica Marquez

Caitlin Amarillas '06

Larry Marsalli â€

Ana Lopez

Elsy & Ricardo Martelli

Juleantonette R. Lopez '03

Brianna Martin

W. Joyce Lopez, Ed.D. & Ron Lopez

Elizabeth & Benjamin Martin

Melinda & Gerald Lopopolo Kristina Loquist & Hans Holtan

Nancy Free '59 Martin & Gregory Martin

Ravinder & Rajinder Lota

Lorena & Robert Martinez

Louis Tieu, DDS, MD

Lori Castillo '92 Martinez & David Martinez

Linda & Mark Lozano Rose Que '82 Lue & Andrew Lue Pamela & Emmanuel Lugos Julia Luk '86 & Philip Chan Lynne Lukenbill Delila Linda & Jose Luna Julie & Ha Luong Rebecca N. Lynch '12 Mabel B. Wright Education Fund MJ & Jun Macahiya, Jr. Amy McEntee '92 MacFadden Alexandra Mach & Laurent Moll Ariel Macias '09 Melva Mack Stephanie Mackey & Charles Balquist

Sowjanya Mallepudi & Krishna Ponna

Rachel Martinez '06 Teresa Martinez Gonzales '95 & Roger Martinez Maria Norma Martinez-Palmer, Ed.D. '75 & James Palmer

Mary Anna Watanabe '52 Matsumoto & Franklin Matsumoto Julie & Melvyn Matsushima

Monica May Mona & Wesley Mayder

Annual Giving

Sharon & Brooks Leman

Bethany Mayer & Dale Jantzen Tracey & John Maytum Julieanne Haakinson '57 Mazurek & Robert Mazurek Charlene McAulay Nancy McCarron, SNDdeN Eileen McCarthy, SNDdeN Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. '55 Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy & John McCarthy, Sr. Patricia & Jason McClellandr Shyrl & Patrick McCormick Loretta LeDoux '58 McCoy & James McCoy Barbara L. McCreight Ann McEntee Mariann & William McGee Laura & Marc McGeever Michelle & Ryan McGovern Helen McKenna Carol J. McKillip '65 Mary McLane

Marvell Semiconductor Inc.

Stephanie Benke '02 McLoughlin & Patrick McLoughlin

Lisianne Marzani-Goldman & Todd Goldman

Anne & Sean McMahon Maureen McMahon & Elie Semaan

Alyse & Martin Mason

Sandy McMaster

Loretta & Bob Mason

Donna & Jeff McMillan

Adrianna Rivas '94 Masuko & Richard Masuko

Claudia McTaggart, SNDdeN

Janette Mata-Rios & Javier Contreras

Carmen Medina

Mary & Edward Matlack

Anya Mehta ‘22

Karen Meckstroth

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 31

Annual Giving

Melissa & John Meighan III

Jennifer & Christopher Morris

Cecilia Nazareta

Ana Melara Glenn & Gary Glenn

Kathy & Patrick Morris

Margaret & William Neighbors III

Celeste Martin '72 Melehan & Joe Melehan

Lynda Sanfilippo '61 Moudakas

Hemalatha & Ramakrishna Nekkanti

Kimberly & Lawrence Moulton

Madhu Menaka & Kiran Sreenivasamurthy

Colette & Thomas Mount

Veronica Salgado Nelson & Robert Nelson

Nihad Mourad

Lourdez Nevarez & Martin Gonzalez

Doug Mendoza

Alexia N. Moustakas '19

Cynthia & Robert Newberry

Yvonne & Aristides Moustakas

Newberry Family Foundation

Adiba Mudarris & Rafiq Shaikh

Rosario Newell

Christine E. Mugnolo '97

Elizabeth Newman & Stephen Hrinya

Katherine & Gerald Mugnolo

Alice Ng & Stan Chow

Deepa & Debanjan Mukherjee

Chester Ng

Smitha & Anil Mukundan

Grace & Edward Ng

Kimberly & Michael Mulcahy

Karen Ng

Karen Duffey '63 Mullaly

Stanley Ng

Ella & David Mullenex

Tammy Ng

Duane Marie & Peter Muller, Jr.

Anne & Minh Nguyen

Elizabeth & Daniel Muller

Annie Nguyen & Peter Hoang

Kathy O'Shea '65 Muller & Peter Muller

AiQuynh D. Nguyen '99

Keren & Jeffrey Muller

Franklin Nguyen

Muller Family Foundation

Hang Nguyen & Hiep Tran

Berly & Jose Muncada

Helen & PhuNguyen Nguyen

Susan & Robert Munne

Huynh Mai & Brian Nguyen

Rhonda & C. Patrick Munnerlyn

Jenny & Paul Nguyen

Paula & Paul Muntean, Jr.

Kim Nguyen & Andy Pham

Laura & Matthew Murphy

Queen Nguyen

Mary Catherine & Mike Murphy

Quyen Nguyen & Viet Pham

Jeanna Hooper '01 Murray

Sophia Nguyen & Paul Tran

Judy & William Murray

Teresa Nguyen & Anthony Tran

Swarna Muruganand & Karthikeyan Kannappan

Theresa Nguyen & Brian Phan

Sachi & Seitaro Nagao

Thuy Nguyen & Thanh Dinh

Sabrina Naguib '19

Tiffany Nguyen

Lakshmi & Jay Nair

Trang Nguyen & On Tran

Lekha & Reggie Nair

Trine & Thinh Nguyen

Pooja & Pradeep Nair

Vivian V. Nguyen '03

Seema Nair

Bayard Nielsen

Gwen & Robert Nakamae

Kathy Terranova '62 Noether & James Noether

Linda Meneses Bahira Metwally & Salman Asadullah Eleanor & Mike Meyers Teresita & Paul Mezzetta Margaret & Sergio Michel Eileen Finke '62 Mignosa Rebecca Mikolajczyk Elizabeth & Dragan Milanovich Annette Ditto '60 Milionis & Chris Milionis Alison Millar & Mark Gosling Jill & Chuck Miller Anne & Steve Milligan Bertha Minnihan Lillian Bianchi '56 Miotto, A.I.A. Evangeline & Arnold Mirador Neeti Mittal & Alok Garg Carol Mizgorski Wenling Mo & Zhiping Yang Shirley & Miljenko Modric Molex, LLC Amelia Catalano '49 Moore & Brinton Moore Kerry Slattery '79 Moore & Kenneth Moore Maria Danen '90 Moore & Stephen Moore Roberta Moore Ann Wade '60 Mootz Doreen & Colin Morales Maria & Jose Morales Pilar Jaime '70 Morales & Victor Morales Ana Morante & Andrej Cvitanic Christina & Chris Morello Janel B. Moreno '96 Marilyn Moreno '75 & Roy Henninger Nickie M. Moreno '65 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

32 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Margaret & Kapil Nanda

Thu Linh Nguyen, D.D.S. & Tuong Tran

Gigi & Dean Navales

Peg Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Dona Gonzales '71 Naysnerski & Barry Naysnerski

Normandin Chrysler Jeep Notre Dame High School - Belmont

Gina & Erwin Nazareno

Laney & Darin Nott

Patricia C. Nannini '76

Ratna † & Narender Oruganti

Tina Paulson

Nancy O'Shea, SNDdeN '61

Tara Betz '03 Peacock

Jessica & Vincent Nowinski

Dana & Rob Otto

Sheryl & Ron Pelzel

Dorothy Musso '50 Nuti & Albert Nuti

Adrianne & Tim Pacheco

M. Emilia Peña-Bobst & Kevin Bobst

Maria & Mats Oberg

Bev Deaver '67 Pachner & Ned Pachner

Ying-te Peng & Sou-Yen Yeh

Tara & Burton Padget

Jeanne & Patrick O'Brien

Anita Finke '68 Pennington

Nicole Gorin '00 Padia & Garret Padia

Nancy Bucher '53 O'Brien & Pat O'Brien

Esther Peralez-Dieckmann

Alicia & Ricardo Padilla

Angela C. Peralta '04

Bridget O'Brien-Reyes '87 & Martin Reyes

Celeste Pagliarulo, SNDdeN

Grace Perez & Marvin Ruiz

Ruita & Vasant Pai

Sandra & Alejandro Perez

Francesca & Harrison Paist

Cecilia Perkins

Monica & Allan Pal Catherine & James Palacios

Janette Valderrama '74 Perla & Ben Perla

Eleanor C. Palacios '67

Margaret & Richard Perrin

Emily Palit

Marilyn L. Perry, Ph.D. '67

Mary Ann Palko-Lacerda

Julie & Glenn Petermann

Samina & Mohammad Faruq Palla

Pamela & Michael Peterson

Guadalupe & Roberto Pallais

MaryEllis & Matthew Petrosian

Rajashree Pandari & Kiran Lakshminarayana

Nicole Pfaff

Judy Ferrari '60 O'Brien & William O'Brien

Katherine O'Doherty Trish & Andrew O'Donnell Patricia McKenzie '50 O'Donnell & Daniel O'Donnell Hiroko Odaka & Ray Fujii Suzanne Oehler Office of Councilmember Peralez Jeanette & Brendan O'Flaherty Marie O'Flaherty Cynthia & Ramon Olavarria Virginia & Fred Olenak Rebecca & Shawn Oles Daniel Olesen Carla & Mario Oliveira Patricia Priddy '51 Oliver & Joseph Oliver Pierluigi Oliverio Corina Olmos Jennifer & Eric Olsen Margot Olsen Amy & Shaun Olson Mary & Patrick O'Meara Michele J. Ople '89 Cheryl & Lawrence Oreglia Louise A. O'Reilly, SNDdeN '65 Katherine & Jeff Orloff Eileen Ormiston & Neil Burnet Mari & Thomas Ormiston Hilary Orr Valerie & Tim Orsley Glori Ortiz & Juan Gomez Eva Prudhomme '39 Orton

Peninsula Crane and Rigging

Catherine & David Pandori

Pfahnl & Hunt Accountancy Corporation

Laura E. Pandori '12

Jenny Pham & Donald Bittel, Jr.

Reshma & Sunil Pandya

Ngoc Pham & Thuan Vu

Lorna † & Edward Panelli

Tien Pham

Denise & Roger Pang

Sarika & Anand Phatak

Paper & Type

Laura Phelps

Elaine A. Paplos, Esq. '89

Daenerys I. Pineda '18

Reina Paran

Sara Pinkel & Casey Wimsatt

Hyo & Jin Park

Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN '52

Eileen & Tom Parks

Maria Placer & Jurgen Krehnke

Christine & Gary Pashby

Wendy Plasencia

Michele A. Pashby '15

Cindy Gavin '70 Pond & Randall Pond

Monica & Paul Pashby

Katie Pope

Tia & Andy Pashby

Vicky & Zachary Portera

Bina & Prakash Patel Kala & Ashvin Patel

Rosemarie Fasano '63 Pozzi & Michael Pozzi

Kusum & Ratilal Patel

Seena Prashanth & Prashanth Kumar

Mrudula & Amit Patel

Pauline Lepera '62 Price

Rachana & Amit Patel

Tammy & Gregory Pryor

Reeya D. Patel '20

Karina Punu

Rupa & Divyesh Patel

Betsy Purner & Guillermo Portillo

Trupti & Harnish Patel

DeAnna & Sridhar Pursai

Bepsy Paul & Joby Sebastian


Annual Giving

Adriana Novoa-Chavez & Paul Chavez

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 33

Annual Giving

Susan & Daniel Pyne III

Julia A. Regalbuto '15

Maria Theresa & Michael Romero

Maria & Armando Quesada

Marilyn Regan

Janice & Joe Rommel

Kathleen & Martin Quiazon

Annabelle Resch

Lauren Rommel '09

Erica & Michael Quinonez

Barbara Reuwee

Paulette Kempe '85 Roseberry

Angelica Quinonez

Rebecca Reuwee

Joanne Rosendin

Joy & Anthony Quiroz

Rosendin Electric

Dana & Ala Qumsieh

Emma Reyes-Ramirez '94 & Joseph Ramirez

Elena & Danut Radu

Sylvie & Stephen Ribbs

Carmen & D. Rex Rousselot

Laura & Richter Rafey

Ken Rice

Lynne & Gary Rovai

Robert Raffo

Lynn & Michael Rice

Amarys & Michael Rovero

Lee Ann Pasquinelli '74 Raftopoulos & Harry Raftopoulos

Suzanne Rice & Neil McCarthy

Marita Ruiz

Helena Richards

Rachel M. Ruiz '03

Gita Rahardja & Andre Santoso

Monica & Mark Richards

Lan & Lorne Rundquist

Asharani & Nagarajan Rajan

Donna & Wayne Richardson

Patricia Rupel

Sarasvani Ramadoss & Sriram Chandramouli

Kamryn E. Richardson '20

Aby & Mike Ryan

Fangyun & Rainer Richter

Arathy Ramanujam & Srikanth Dasaradhi

Mary & Donald Ryan

Marcia & Chris Riedel

Wendy & John Ryan, Jr.

Sandra & David Ramer

Maeve S. Riley '02 Mary Beth Riley

Teresa Rebeiro '73 Saba & George Saba

Rose & Brian Ramirez

Jessica Rose-Tracy & John Tracy

Saundra McClendon '94 Riley & Curtis Riley, Jr.

Carol & Murphy Sabatino, Jr.

Angelica Ramos-Allen '01 & Peter Allen

Saundra Badalamente '64 Rinde & David Rinde

Megha & Ravindra Sadaphule

Cheryl Rando

Selma Rios & Hugo Dominguez

Frank Rando

Veronica Galarza '03 Rios

Sheri & Louis Rangel, Jr.

Suzanne Saint John-Crane & David Crane

Elizabeth Moreno '94 Robb

Rupa Rao & Craig Forbell

Lori & Nathan Saito

Melissa Robertson

Sandhya & Avinash Rao

Virginia & Reynaldo Sajor

Cindy & Ellen Robinson

Ruchika & Ashish Rastogi

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Molly G. Robinson '19

Amy & Adwait Ratnaparkhi

Sonoko Sakakibara & David Young

Elaine Chiappe '59 Roccio

Mary Boland '65 Ratner & Martin Ratner

Nenita & Freddie Salom

Shobana & Charles Rocque

Nikki & Gary Rauscher

Marilyn Enos '54 Sampair

Diana & Martin Rodriguez

Charlotte Raveneau

San Jose Downtown Foundation

Elizabeth & Ivan Rodriguez

Lakshmi Ravi & Sachidanand Vrindavanam

San Jose IBM Quarter Century Club

Leslie & Jason Rodriguez

San Jose State University

Anne Ravizza '93

Michelle & Richard Rodriguez

San Pedro Square Market

Jina Aschoff '87 Rogers & Michael Rogers

Kristen & Jayant Sanders

Jayalakshmi Ramkumar & Ramkumar Vadivelu

Mary Anne Lorentz '63 Ravizza & Norman Ravizza Ravizza Family Foundation Mahira & Junaid Razzak Sonia Rebelo '89 & Andy Volk Catherine & Charles Reed Edenley & Thomas Reed Deborah & Michael Regalbuto

34 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Sacred Heart Nativity Schools Meeta Saggi & Anurag Kakaria

Ann & Garry Rogerson

Anita Sifuentes Sandoval '92 & Jacob Sandoval

Heidi Rolfson & Patrick Goddi

April & Alexander Sandoval

Genevieve & Richard Rolla

Mary & John Sandoval

Dana Romalis & Joshua Berkenwald

Gayle Sanfilippo '52 â€

Brea & Richard Romero

Mary Ann & Daniel Sanidad

Donna McGann '55 Romano & William Romano, Jr.

Elizabeth Santana & Ivan Rodriguez Christine Santelli & R. Matthew Fruin

Catherine Sharer de Gocobachi & Paulo Hernandez-Gocobachi

Leslie & David Smearden

Cindy & Joel Santos Shayne & Michael Santos

Mamta & Ravindra Sharma

Annabelle & Mark Smith

Katie Feetham '01 Sanwick & Luke Sanwick

Katherine & Steven Sharp

Donna Ferreira '69 Smith

Cindy Moraes '91 Shaw & Clifford Shaw

Dottie Fontana '58 Smith & James Smith

Catherine Shearley & Stephen Murphy

Elaine & James Smith

Kathie & Mike Sheehy

Lauren & Joshua Smith

Monaaz & Zarir Sarkari Artemisa Saucedo Joanne & Daniel Saucedo Tracyanne Saunders '06 Kristin Savini Deidre Savino & Edwin Maurer Kristine & Benjo Sayno Deanna & Pete Scanlan Colleen Scanlan-Everett & Rodney Everett Donna & Ray Scarabosio

Andrea Flores '92 Shelton & Matthew Shelton Lorraine & Charles Shepherd Marina & Patrick Sheppard Mary Catherine Sheridan '71 Akiko Sherry Pooja Shetty & Sameer Mehta

Amanda & Christopher Smith

Glenna Smith Michele & Patrick Smith Zenobia & John Smith Mary & Jeffrey Smoker Stephanie Snow & Brian Schwarz Natalie & Stephen Snyder Timi Del Conte Sobrato & John M. Sobrato

Denise Scheaffer

Roopa Shetty & Ganesha Tekkatte

Susie Casey '87 Schinski & David Schinski

Cynthia Shiba & Eric Yokota Cari Shim & Daniel McLaughlin

Shirlee DiNapoli '46 Schiro

Carol Shoup, SNDdeN

Ken J. Schmitt

Nidhi & Rajeev Shrivastava

Kathleen & Patrick Schneider

Shikha & Sarvesh Shrivastava

Lisa Sobrato Sonsini & Matthew Sonsini

Leah & Sean Schnoor

Tricia & Gordon Shukwit

Mary Ann & John Sorci

Marylou Schoone

Lisa & Frank Siegenthaler

Anna Selva '58 Sordello

Joanne Hayes '55 Schott

Marlyn & Armando Sigua, Jr.

Martha & Neal Sorensen

Patricia Sunseri '58 Schott & Stephen Schott

Silicon Valley Mechanical

Abby Soriano-Lentz '94

Barbara Simmons & James Bathgate

Silvana Sotelo

Marie Hayes '39 Schutz

Julie & Derek Sousa

Beth Schwartz & Owen O'Malley

Rose Pierro '63 Simmons & John Simmons

Cristina Schwartz '96

Kathy Simpson Caitlin Sims '11

Vanessa N. Souza '04

Joann & Douglas Schwilk Jo Scott & Carl McGrew

Eileen & Kelly Sims

Elena & Craig Scull

Suja Simson & John Jabamani

Kathleen Scullin

Tanuja Singh & Akhil Aggrawal

SDS NexGen Partners

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Christina & Scott Seaman

Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur Base Communities

Laura C. Seaman '03 Joyce Terra '56 Seeger Sylvia & Paul Seidel

Sisters of Notre Dame Generalate - MA SJ Leadership Coach, LLC

Dremeco Seifert

Gail M. Skinner '72

Bernice Ferrara '61 Seimas & Leland Seimas

Christine Oberholzer '94 Skizas Emma Slade & Dennis Coonan

Prabha Seshadri & Narendra Nayak

Bernadette Cunha '65 Slayton

Radhika & Krishna Shankar

Small Steps Foundation

Annual Giving

Kathleen & Mark Santora

Jeannie & Paul Sohn Lorena & RubĂŠn Solorio, Jr. Collette & Sung Son Sonitrol of Silicon Valley

Diana & Richard Southern Jennifer Finkas '62 Sparacino Kurt Specht Kristine & Robert Spencer Sreevani Sreejith Kanchana Sridhar & Sridhar Lakshmanamurthy Shruti P. Sridhar '20 Shalu & Sanjay Srinivasan Pushpa & Hari Srivastava Pamela Stacks Maureen Jones '64 Standifer Stanford Live Kaitlyn Stauber '11 Ann & Dominick Stea

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 35

Annual Giving

Stella B. Gross Charitable Trust

Jill Thompson & Anthony Eulo

Christine Tyler & Andres Gutierrez

Stellar Soft Solutions, Inc.

Melinda Postle '88 Thompson

Leticia & Ernesto Ulloa

Phyllis Stewart-Pires & Craig Pires

Kristen Thornton

Shihying & Edward Uytingco

Heidi & Michael Stonehocker

Jane McCluskey '74 Vaillancourt

Mary Lou & Ron Strong

Geetha Thothadri & Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Patty Hayes '74 Stuart

Kieu Tien & Duy Le

Heather & Damion Valentine

Kalpana Subramanian & Ganesan Venkataraman

Chie & Louis Tieu

Anne Van Camp

Gail & Bruce Tifft

Karen & Michael Van der Zweep

Hema Sukumar & Rajmohan Rajamariappan

Louise Budros '45 Tighe

Rosemary Van Lare

Robyn & Eric Tillman

Sabitha Sukumar & Sukumar Subburayan

Yvonne & Joseph Vanni

Le Tisdale-Perez

Lori Vann-Mewes

Kieran Sullivan & William Fowler

Susan Tjoflat

Saeeda & Ahmed Vanya


Sarah Vargas-Hurlston & Rene VargasVoracek

Sullivan Family Charitable Fund Girija & Sivaramakrishnan Sundaram Sumana & Balmiki Sur Kathryn Sure & Douglas O'Neal Saraswathi Suresh & Suresh Padmanabhan Eileen Sweeney '58 Megan & Adam Swift Stefanie Sylvester Natasza & Dariusz Szatkowski Nacy & Bailey Szeto Blanca & Anthony Tabares, Jr. Jane & Jesse Takahashi Maria Dolores & Alvin Talla Nicola R. Tan '03 Eileen Tanghal Sandy Tarango Diana & George Taylor S. Lynn Taylor & David Merchant Ewa & Bart Teciorowski Lily Sanchez '51 Tenes & Rudy Tenes Patricia & R. Alexander Tennant Patty Romantino '67 Territo †& Charles Territo Marrianne & Michael Terry Neeta & Madhukar Thakur Anuja & Rajnish Thapar Margaret & Raymond Thiercof Andrea & Joseph Thomas Nicki Thomas, S.N.J.M. Jessica & Jason Thompson

36 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Kandra & Ben Tobin IV Barbara & Jaime Tolentino

Irma Valencia

Andrea & Manny Toloui

Christia-Marie Mendoza '03 Vasquez & Roderick Vasquez

Hannah Toloui '12

Theresa & Nathan Vasquez

Rosa & Juan Torres

Priyanka & Vinay Vazirani

Roseanna F. Torretto '61

Shivani V. Vazirani '20

Cynthia & Sean Torsney

Alejandra Velasquez & Carlos Avendano

Barbara Gaitan '63 Tortorici & Jim Tortorici Joyce Steiner '50 Towner Leonor Townes Barbara Rodenborn '45 Toyne Hong Tram & Tuan Nguyen Joan Thomas '62 Tramel Chelsea Tran ‘21 Elsie & Tuan Tran Lien Tran & Mark Le Melinda N. Tran '00 & Cuong Huang Diane & Ben Tripousis Roopa & Paras Trivedi Laura Trovato Elaine Troyan Erika Truong Kristina Truong & Paul Zucker Yimiao Tsai & Hsinho Wu Sheree Tung & John Kesapradist Wani Tunggal Tracie Tunnell Jan Tupaj-Farthing & Howard Farthing Constance Minardi '42 Turner Rebecca Turner & Erik Soule

Sandhya Velayudhan & Suresh Payankannur Shalini Venkatesh & William DuMonthier Danielle M. Vidal '07 Theresa & John Vidal Lisa & Stephen Vierra Marisela Villa Catherine Villarreal Alona & Arthur Villasol Janice A. Viloria '03 Marjorie & Joel Visaya Sujaya Viswanathan & Shyam Gopal Joanne Vliet & William Hughes Yen Vo & Thoi Nguyen Eillen Peralta '03 Voellinger Silvana Volpe '73 & John Warren Toni von Dohren Brigid S. Voss '66 Susan Votaw An Tam Vu Dam & Anhvu Vu Jasmine Vu & William Liang Jenny Vu & Billy Chung

Benedicta & James Werle

Nathan Yang

Kelly Vu & Long Tran

Andrea Finke '65 Westberg & Gary Westberg

Lezell S. Yap Diangco '03

Barbara Ramos '62 Westover & Christopher Westover

Azita Yavari & Sayed Rokni

Karen White

Doris & Tse-Yu Yeh

Kim Vu & Peter Williams Lilly Vu & John Ly Victoria T. Vu '02 Vu Huynh Trust Kathy & Joe Vyvijal

Lisa Gonzales '85 White

LeeAnn & Wayne Yasukawa Karen Yavorsky Ramamani & Rao Yeleswarapu

Waite Family Trust

Margaret & Alan Wiley

Kiyoe Wakabayashi & James Schneider

Barbara Platt '66 Willenborg

Chaya Yerrapragada & Pratap Chillakanti

Jodi Williams & Bruce Unger

Dori Yob Kilmer

Susan & Henry Walaszczyk

Kathleen & Jay Williams, Jr.

Jo Ann & Gene Yoneda

Jenifer & Benjamin Waldie

Martha Williams

Tom Yore

Catherine Waldron, SNDdeN '63

Barbara Williamson & Robert Krause

Haifang Yun

Mary & John Walker

Barbara Meyers '49 Wilson & Ernie Wilson

Lisa & Michael Yutrzenka

Valerie & David Wilson

Ramon Zaragoza

Mindy & Gary Walker Alexander Wall Mary Wallis Sarah Wallis '11 Barbara Scandizzo '58 Walsh & John Walsh Lisa & James Walstrum, Jr. Chaoyi Wang & Zhe Zhang Joanne & Andrew Wang Peggy Wang '91 Wennie Wang & Yong Yu Anne Mugnolo '04 Ward & James Ward Laura & Patrick Ward Gloria Cesena '58 Wardenburg & Richard Wardenburg Warmenhoven Family Foundation Sascha Stankovich '91 Warner Laura A. Washington '87 Carla Wasko Louise Ferrari '59 Watkins & John Watkins Robert Watkins Casey Merchant '99 Weber Debra & Dan Weed Catherine & Eric Weirshauser Suzanne M. Welch '64 Elizabeth Wells Aguilar & Alejandro Aguilar Melissa & Andrew Welsh

Francine Wimsatt Frances Marshall '66 Wincek & Patty Perrone Colleen & John Winchester III Lynne Wingrove & Flavio Scarra Carolyn Perry '62 Winter †& William Winter Wireless Communications Alliance Natalie Archuleta '93 Wise & Justin Wise Candese Wong Megan J. Wong '03 Monica & Myron Wong Nancy & Roger Wong Junghae Woo & Sheunghee Park Donna M. Woodcock '63

Annual Giving

Joanna Vu & John Nguyen

Mary Morettini '48 Zanger Lannie Zarate-Reyes & Von Reyes Patricia Sullivan '65 Zatkin & Sheldon Zatkin Kristine & Walter Zavoli Cecily & Fernando Zazueta Katie Heagerty '87 Zazueta & Tomas Zazueta Rommel Zeledon Carrie Zepeda & David Madrid Cindy Zheng & Ted Pan Sylvia Zizumbo Anne Marie Carnevale '57 Zoccali Lin Zou & Wenbin Wei Yani & Macedonio Zuniga Nancy & Larry Zurbrick

Jenny & T. James Woods Elizabeth Cepeda '98 Wright, Ph.D. & Paul Wright Sonia Wright Kati C. Wu '03 Virginia & Tain-Yule Wu Mariam Smith '53 Wyman & Willard Wyman, M.D. XPRIZE Foundation, Inc. Jan Yamauchi & Kenneth Mikami Junko & Hiroshi Yamauchi Ann & George Yang Bernadette & Daniel Yang

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 37

Giving Circles

ThirtyOne Women Mary Quilici '75 Aumack and Maria Bellafronto founded ThirtyOne Women in 2011 as a way to help girls from Our Lady of Grade Nativity School afford a Notre Dame High School education. The concept is simple a group of 30 women committed to giving a fixed amount each month for four years. The outcome - four years of a Notre Dame Catholic education for one young woman who then becomes the center of the circle and the thirtyfirst woman. The money generated by each group of women covers the costs associated with high school education including tuition and other fees.

Robyn Klitgaard Susan Krumplitsch Katherine Lipps Julie Matsushima Michelle McGovern Carol Mizgorski Catherine Pandori Eileen Parks Susan Raffo † Joanne Hayes '55 Schott Catherine Sharer de Gocobachi Timi Del Conte Sobrato Mary Susan Takaichi Melinda Postle '88 Thompson Jan Tupaj-Farthing Rosemary Van Lare Frances Marshall '66 Wincek LeeAnn Yasukawa

Denise Garcia '89 Loreen Huddleston Mary Keenan Jennifer Young '98 King Avis LaGrone Desiree LaGrone-LaMaggiore Stephanie Benke '02 McLoughlin Kathy O'Shea '65 Muller Susan Munne Peg Gretz '52 Normandin Sheryl Pelzel Maria Quesada Susan Raffo † Deborah Regalbuto Mary Beth Riley Janice Rommel Joanne D. Hayes '55 Schott Debra Weed

Circle 5

Circle 6

Circle 7

Anonymous Jennifer Crotty Patti Donovan Tori Evashenk Sue Foltz Jennifer Fraisl Christine Frey '97 Geralynn Patellaro '74 Frugoli Beverly Heigre Linda Herschbach DeEnna Holohan D’Arcy Kirkland

38 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Mary Quilici '75 Aumack Maria Bellafronto Michele Bertolone Michaela Brody Mary Ellen Bruni '53 Theresa Bui Ruth Burson Anne Cashman Helen Dietz Dena Donahue Susan Flach Rebekah Frye

Anonymous Laurie Abate Carmen Barcena-Barba Janice Berthold Ella Colic '20 Rajka Colic Evelyn Crane-Oliver Margaret Cucuzza Eran DeSilva Annette Finsterbusch Elizabeth Goodley Martha Lazarakis

Circle 8

Anonymous Laura Adint Christina Barrese LeeAnn Boennighausen Andrea Caldwell Lisa Coddington Kristy Culp Leonard Norine De Gregori '65 Sheri Dizon Lisa Duflock Beverley Dunn Molly Fezell Pat Maher '55 Filice Marcella Gulmon Liza Hanks Brigitte Heiser Lisa Laymon Lillian Bianchi '56 Miotto Marilyn Moreno '75 Nickie Moreno '65 Judy Ferrari '60 O'Brien Michele J. Ople '89 Nancy O'Shea, SND '61 Marilyn L. Perry, Ph.D. '67 Justina Aschoff '87 Rogers Donna McGann '55 Romano Christine Santelli Denise Scheaffer Jane McCluskey '74 Vaillancourt Laura Washington '87

Circle 9

Anonymous Joan Ouano '91 Benitez Susan Blewett, M.D. Alice Branch-Young Penelope Bruce Linda Chin Karen Minardi '64 DeMonner Christine Martino '69 DiSalvo

Megan E. Doyle '95 Nancy F. Doyle Robin Ferrari Jennifer Hall Mary Hyginus-Joseph Rita R. Barton '62 Karr Melody Lynd, M.D. Ruth Ann McNees Elizabeth Milanovich Ann Wade '60 Mootz Monica Pashby Mary Ann Sanidad Kristin Savini Lisa Sobrato Sonsini Abby Soriano-Lentz '94 Sandy Tarango An Tam Vu Mary Walker Jennifer Woods Nancy Zurbrick

Circle 10

Anonymous Sandra Alcala Sonya Arriola Mary Quilici '75 Aumack Carmen Barcena-Barba Kathleen Zoccoli '66 Corbal Carla Filipe Bleh Jolene Frey Saskia Hanselaar Choudry Leslie Alvarez '80 Holthouse Mary Jo Ignoffo Christine Leman '99 Kacirek Madeleine Kirkland '12 Lorena Delgado Martinez Anne McMahon Jill Miller Anne Milligan Eva Miranda Janel Moreno '96 Veronica Salgado Nelson Laura Pandori '12 Elizabeth Moreno '94 Robb Denise Scheaffer Jill Thompson Susan Tjoflat Irma Valencia Toni von Dohren Sascha Stankovich '91 Warner Lisa Gonzales '85 White Bernadette Yang

Circle 11

Anonymous Wendy Albert Diana-Lynn Ballenger Inderhees Patrice Beard Patricia Rubino '65 Brunetti

Anne Cashman Michele Coddington '11 Marilou Figone '60 Cristina Angela Davidson Linda Donahue Dianne Foote Tina Golaw '89 Susan Griffin Arlene Pieracci '63 Herrick DeEnna Holohan Kathryn Kale Catherine Kilkenny Jennifer Kirkland '10 Kelly Kline Robyn Klitgaard Carol Mizgorski Laney Nott Leslie Rodriguez Natalie Snyder Diana Southern Kristen Thornton Roseanna Torretto '61 Jan Tupaj-Farthing Joanne Vliet Sascha Stankovich '91 Warner

Giving Circles

Wanda Joyce Lopez Geraldine Magarelli Brianna Martin Bertha Minnihan Tammi Miyahara Nickie Moreno '65 Mari Ormiston M. Emilia Peùa-Bobst MaryEllis Petrosian Susan Raffo †Wendy Ryan Leah Schnoor Marylou Schoone Kathie Sheehy Susan Votaw Charmaine Warmenhoven Katie Heagerty '87 Zazueta

Circle 12

Anonymous Meaghan Amarillas '09 Cynthia Castro '88 Sweet Danielle Christian Tammy Coleman Dena Donahue Shirley Paganini '61 Dorsa Annette Medina '69 Fagundes Mary F. Fortune, Ed.D. '77 Christine L. Frey '97 Monica Gomez '90 Barbara Levin '58 Harper Beverly Heigre Cindy Hendrickson D'Arcy Kirkland Avis LaGrone Angela Fagundes '95 Langlands Molly Lecheler Katherine Lipps Caitlin Lollis '06 Amy MacFadden '92 Michelle McGovern Mary O'Meara Catherine Pandori Esther Peralez-Dieckmann Joanne Hayes '55 Schott Rebecca Turner Frances Marshall '66 Wincek

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 39

Giving Circles

Impact N D IMPACT ND, founded by Notre Dame fathers Pat Caldwell (Kelsey ’11), Paul Pashby (Michele ’15), Ashvin Patel (Sonali ’18, Tejal '21) and Pete Scanlan (Shelby ’11), provides a full Notre Dame High School scholarship for four years. The funds from the giving group cover tuition, uniforms, books and fees and support young women who may be the first in their family to graduate from high school.

Akhil Aggrawal

Brian Hoshino

James Aguilar

George Kay †

Stan Alger

Jim Kirkland

Michael Blach

Daniel Muller

Melvin Caldwell

Andy Pashby

Pat Caldwell

Paul Pashby

Joe Dizon †

Ashvin Patel

Jim Floyd

Ratilal Patel

Steven Foster

Matthew Petrosian

Virgil Getto †

Pete Scanlan

Robert Gleixner

Robert Spencer

Gary Gulmon

Joe Zamangi †

William Harrington

Sister Circles Alumnae interested in forming a circle to support a young woman with tuition assistance can join together by making a commitment for four years. The benefit of a Sister Circle is that a circle can be formed with alumnae from a certain class or via peer-to-peer and allows donors to meet with the identified student.

2003 Flames Sister Circle Ashley Barmore '03 Arroyo Monique Balcazar '03

Lisa Quintero '91 Jensen Jackie Jenzen '03 Juleantonette Lopez '03

Natalie A. De Leon '03

Teresa Gonzales '95 Martinez

Stephanie Accorinti ’03 Forster

Bridget O'Brien-Reyes '87

Tara Betz '03 Peacock

Pilar Jaime '70 Morales

Leah Judge '03

Veronica Galarza ’03 Rios

Coreen Salamanca '03 Ketterer

Raquel Ryan ‘11 Isabel Santos '87 Sandoval

Kailin Tuscano '03 Kwan

Dottie Fontana '58 Smith

Andrea Nguyen ‘03

Jennifer Finkas '62 Sparacino

Emerald Nguyen '03 Vivian Nguyen ‘03 Rachel Ruiz '03 Laura Seaman ‘03 Eillen Peralta ‘03 Voellinger Megan Wong ‘03 Kati Wu ‘03 Lezell Yap Diangco ‘03

Sister Circle 2022 Joan Ouano '91 Benitez Cara Cavigliano '00 Borromei

Catherine Villarreal Silvana Volpe, M.D. '73 Laura Washington ‘87 Sylvia Zizumbo

Sister Circle 2023 Sarah Ellis Gisela Gonzalez '90 Stacy Anne Harwood '86 Geraldine Zaro '46 Johnson Notre Dame San Jose Class of 2019

Allene Burdette '87

Bev Deaver '67 Pachner

Notre Dame San Jose Class of 2018

Vanessa N. Souza '04

Rosanne Cortese '76 Compitello Gloria Flores-Cerul '87 Noelia Gonzalez ‘90 Gezche Palapuz '03 Graves Monica Hojda '69

40 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Charissa Ikan-Reyes '04

Eleanor C. Palacios '67

Paige Albers '13 Noelle George

Maria Danen '90 Moore Diane & Theodore Danen

Denise Marsalli '71 Bachur Lisa Martin '74 Adamson

Victoria P. Moore '20 Diane & Theodore Danen

Teveia Barnes Margaret & Fred Heiman

Ameera C. Naguib '12 & John Lund D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland

Patrice Beard Patricia Rupel

Bridget Olsen '13 Margot Olsen

Anne Mary Grimaldi '49 Biagini Anonymous

Jessica Portera '20 Vicky & Zachary Portera Silicon Valley Mechanical

Alexis Carles '17 Stephanie & Randy Carles Andrea & Pat Caldwell’s Wild West Party Cynthia & Robert Newberry Caroline Connell '18 Laura Phelps Christina Connell '16 Laura Phelps Laura A. Danen Dann '88 Diane & Theodore Danen Mary Danna Kathy & Tom Dunlap Lily A. Donahue '20 Linda & Lance Donahue Anna K. Fox '89 Barbara & Dale Gilbert Lydia Garcia '61 Barbara Scandizzo '58 Walsh & John Walsh Melinda George '77 Noelle George Audrey Kane '14 Margaret & John Mawhinney Margaret Kane '11 Margaret & John Mawhinney Sarah E. Kane Margaret & John Mawhinney Andrew Kryder Kathy & Tom Dunlap Sarah Linda Luna '13 Delila Linda & Jose Luna Clara Matlack '19 Mary Lou Kendall Maria K. Mavrogenes '19 Anita Asher Mary Ann & Demetrious Barrous Olga & Harry Mavrogenes Ann McEntee Amy McEntee '92 MacFadden

Shreya Rao '21 Sandhya & Avinash Rao Mallika Ramnath Karpagam Srinivasan & Mr. Sanjay Srinivasan Caitlyn Rock '22 Carole Hayworth & Fernando Rock Shirlee DiNapoli '46 Schiro Matthew Derwis & Mark Martinez Genevieve & Richard Rolla Carol & Murphy Sabatino, Jr. Mary Lou Schoone Katherine & Edgar Almazol Diana-Lynn Ballenger Inderhees & Gregg Inderhees Maria & Eric Bellafronto Jo Pisturino '49 Bertaccini & Edward Bertaccini Michaela Brody & Paul Benke Barbara Brown Mary Ellen Nolan '53 Bruni & Arnold Bruni Andrea & Pat Caldwell Gina Cassinelli Anonymous Ellen Cohen Rosanne Cortese '76 Compitello & Robert Compitello Ira Cook, Jr. Amelia Lippolis '51 Corral Suzanne Donovan '53 Cortese & Dominic Cortese Rita Cortez & Fred Sharkey Patricia Murphy '62 Crowder & David Crowder Margaret & Frank Cucuzza Marilyn Orlando '60 Dorsa & Frank Dorsa Shirley Paganini '61 Dorsa Beverley & Tony Dunn Karyl Eldridge Nancy Erba & Mike Lewis Pat Maher '55 Filice & Bruney Filice †Janice Fox Mary Friel Geralynn Patellaro '74 Frugoli & Terry Frugoli

Lynne & Thomas Gerula Lisianne Marzani-Goldman & Todd Goldman Robert Grassilli Marcella & Gary Gulmon Helen Ansted & William Harrington Karen Herr Susan Kay Rebecca Hendricks & Theodore Key D'Arcy & Jim Kirkland Terry Schaub '60 Krivan & William Krivan Lillian Bianchi '56 Miotto, A.I.A. Ann Wade '60 Mootz Kathy & Patrick Morris Kathy O'Shea '65 Muller & Peter Muller Mary Catherine & Mike Murphy Judy Ferrari '60 O'Brien & William O'Brien Nancy O'Shea, SNDdeN '61 Catherine & David Pandori Eileen & Tom Parks Monica & Paul Pashby MaryEllis & Matthew Petrosian Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN '52 Cindy Gavin '70 Pond & Randall Pond Karina Punu Cindy & Ellen Robinson Donna McGann '55 Romano & William Romano, Jr. Wendy & John Ryan, Jr. Patricia Sunseri '58 Schott & Stephen Schott Christina & Scott Seaman Barbara Simmons & James Bathgate Gail & Bruce Tifft Barbara & Jaime Tolentino Jan Carlson-Williams & Robert Williams Katie Heagerty '87 Zazueta & Tomas Zazueta

Tribute Gifts

In Honor Of...

Alexandria Seelye '10 Paula & Paul Muntean, Jr. Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur who taught at Notre Dame San Jose Ann Carmel Badalamente, SNDdeN '47 Elizabeth J. Stenton '15 Diane & Theodore Danen Julianne Danen '85 Stenton Diane & Theodore Danen Lauri Marsalli '76 Taylor Lisa Martin '74 Adamson Constance Minardi '42 Turner Julie Haff Allison Yee Rebecca Lee '08 Li & Patrick Li

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 41

Tribute Gifts

In Memory Of... Josephine J. Anzalone '52 Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN '52 San Jose IBM Quarter Century Club

Erma Rossi '43 Gonzales Dona Gonzales '71 Naysnerski & Barry Naysnerski

Maureen Foley '56 Ariente Joyce Jaca '59 Duino Peg Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Margaret A. Kelly '36 Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy & John McCarthy, Sr. Peg Gretz '52 Normandin & Lon Normandin

Mary S. Arndt Rebecca Guerra Mary Andrade Avilla '30 Mary Jo Avilla '58 Carroll & Donald Carroll Maria Barrous Olga & Harry Mavrogenes Jeanne M. Benoit Baysinger '40 Diane & Theodore Danen Rose Beasley Constance Minardi '42 Turner Carolyn Lucille Cipolla '49 Brashear Celeste Pagliarulo, SNDdeN Joann & Douglas Schwilk Barbara Meyers '49 Wilson & Ernie Wilson Barbara “Jeanne” Schmitt '44 Cuneo Ken Schmitt Georgia A. Deaver '75 Bev Deaver '67 Pachner & Ned Pachner Patricia Fraga '55 DiNapoli Ben DiNapoli Helen M. Duffey Karen Duffey '63 Mullaly Olivia Ghiorso '35 Ferrari Barbara Ferrari '57 Azevedo Dorothy M. Furne Barbara Simmons & James Bathgate Elizabeth Gerst '87 Maria Gerst '85 Eletta Baldacci '31 Giannini Martha Giannini '60 Joseph Giansiracusa Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa

42 | Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019

Kristin Pieracci '84 Killin Arlene Pieracci '63 Herrick & Michael Herrick Yvonne & Joseph Vanni Allison M. Lawrence '04 Anne Mugnolo '04 Ward & James Ward Mary E. Lima JoAnn Coleman '65 Cymanski & Ron Cymanski

Gayle Sanfilippo '52 Lynda Sanfilippo '61 Moudakas Sal Sanfilippo Gayle Sanfilippo '52 † Rose Rosno '54 Seeger Marilyn Enos '54 Sampair Carolyn Rose '45 Smith Grace Rowan '45 Garcia & Justin Garcia Lorraine Cristina '35 Sunseri Constance Minardi '42 Turner Carol Badalamente '61 Szczepaniak Saundra Badalamente '64 Rinde & David Rinde Patty Romantino '67 Territo Charles Territo

Jacqueline Bessiere '48 Lohr Mary Morettini '48 Zanger

Elizabeth A. Thiercof '95 Anonymous

Larry J. Marsalli Lisa Martin '74 Adamson

Suzanne Armstrong '65 Vierra Patricia Sullivan '65 Zatkin & Sheldon Zatkin

Jack C. McCoy Donna M. Woodcock '63 Marilyn McCarthy '54 McNaughton Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. '55 Beverly Mech Marylou Schoone Notre Dame San Jose Patricia McCarthy '58 Miner Elizabeth McCarthy, Ph.D. '55 Dorothy Sulli '34 Moreno Nicola M. Moreno '65 Jane Cuneo '43 Nannini Patricia '76 Nannini Norma Garcia '58 Nicolette Barbara Scandizzo '58 Walsh & John Walsh Dolores Marie A. Pardini, SNDdeN '56 Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa Mary Mũnoz '56 Garcia & Joseph Garcia Ernesta and Elmo Pardini Loreene Pardini '59 Giansiracusa

Nancy A. Welch Mary Zuccaro '68 Charvat Lenore E. Wilkerson Joan Thomas '62 Tramel

Joann Gargone '59 Bonacorsi Sister of Donna Gargone '59 Darst Sister in law of Julianna Barcelona '58 Gargone

Jean Lorraine Mettler Grandmother of Jennifer O. Kirkland '10 Grandmother of Madeleine M. Kirkland '12

Barbara Driscoll ’49 Campbell Sister of Elizabeth Driscoll '48 Henry

Elinor Minardi Mother of Karen Minardi '64 DeMonner Sister in law of Theresa Minardi '42 Malizia †

Barbara “Jeanne” Schmitt '44 Cuneo Sister in law of Marie Zaro '42 Schmitt † Erma Gonzales Mother of Dona J. Gonzales '71 Naysnerski Sister of Evelyn L. Rossi '40 Uibelhoer † Mary Greenfield Mother of† Amanda M. Greenfield '12 Sister of Hilary Orr, Notre Dame Teacher Carole Carlo '56 Holmes Lena Nottoli '46 Iaconis Sister of Marie Nottoli '43 Patellaro Aunt of Geralynn Patellaro '74 Frugoli Aunt of Linda Patallero '67 Furtado Aunt of Leanne Patellaro '76 Kirby Aunt of Janis L. Patellaro '70 Ann Catherine Keirns '70 Sister of Mary Keirns '74 Sister of Leslie Keirns '87 Gupta Margaret Kelly '36 Sister of Mary Kelly '34 Sheridan † Sister of Helen Kelly '39 Maher † Aunt of Mary Ann Kelly '61 McCarthy Aunt of Mary Catherine Sheridan '71 Aunt of Bridget Kelly '64 Madruga Aunt of Margaret H. Kelly '68 Kristin Pieracci '84 Killin Niece of Arlene Pieracci '63 Herrick Rosemary Linder Grandmother of Rachel Weed '08

Lorna Panelli Grandmother of Elisa R. Panelli '18

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Josephine Pecoraro '49 Papara Gayle Sanfilippo '52 Daughter of Josephine Sanfilippo '36 † Sister of Lynda Sanfilippo '61 Moudakas Sister of Lois Sanfilippo '65 Cook Aunt of Amy Moudakas ’99 Reichert Laura Libby '74 Simmons Mother of Jennifer Simmons '00 Bola Sister of Mary Anne Libby '76 McShea Aunt of Hailey M. Brewster '16 Carolyn Rose '45 Smith Lorraine Cristina '35 Sunseri Mother of Patricia Sunseri '58 Schott Sister in law of Antoinette Sunseri '37 Cristina † Cousin of Constance Minardi '42 Turner Cousin of Shirley Minardi '50 Lewis Patty Romantino '67 Territo Elsie LoBue '54 Van Dorn Sister of Mary Lou Lo Bue '52 Sister of Marie LoBue '59 Caralli Carolyn Perry '62 Winter Sister of Angele Perry '70 Belton Sister of Marie Perry '77 Nelson Paul Wang Grandfather of Katherine Tolentino '07 Grandfather of Rachel Wang Martinez '06

Colleen Malone '49 Marelia Larry J. Marsalli Father of Denise Marsalli '71 Bachur Father of Lauri Marsalli '76 Taylor Mary Crusco '42 Mazotti Pauline Gonzales '48 McGinnis Aileen McGinty '49 Sister of Kathleen McGinty '50 Kay † Sister of Mavourneen C. McGinty, SND '52 Sister of Colleen McGinty '54 Hebert Beverly Mech Mother of Karen Herr, Notre Dame Teacher

Notre Dame San Jose | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 43

Notre Dame Board of Directors 2018-19 Linda McMullen '66 Bearie

Howard Graham

Lorne Rundquist

Demerris Brooks-Immel Dori Yob Kilmer Barbara Simmons There are many ways'87to give to Notre Dame High School and every gift is appreciated! Pat Caldwell, Board Chair

Amit Kumar

John M. Sobrato

Mark Fernandes

Kathleen O'Shea '65 Muller, Past Chair

Nicola Tan '03

Cindy Gavin '70 Pond

Katie Heagerty '87 Zazueta

We invite you to partner with us by making a gift to Notre Dame. Every gift is appreciated and makes a difference to the Mary Danna Celeste Martin '72 Melehan Erik Soule young women who benefit from your generosity. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax ID# 94-1275235 Steve Foster

Jim Woods

Ways to Give Cash Outright gifts of cash are acceptable in any form. Checks should be made payable to “Notre Dame High School.� Gifts by Credit Card Donors wishing to make payments using a credit card may do so online or by calling our development department. Gifts by ACH/EFT Donors wishing to make payments using an Electronic Funds Transfer from a checking or savings account will be contacted to set up a FACTS account after receipt of a completed pledge form. Gifts of Stock, Securities or Personal Property Donating a highly appreciated asset may allow you to avoid a significant portion of your tax liability while still receiving a charitable deduction. The gift of an appreciated asset is also a powerful way to support the mission of Notre Dame High School. How Can I Make a Gift of Appreciated Securities to Notre Dame San Jose? The following information can assist your stock broker or bank in the transfer and delivery of securities: For Donations to Tuition Assistance Security Deposit Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015 Account: 814-017750 Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose For Donations to the Endowment Security Deposit Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015 Account: 814-015848 Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose

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For Donations to the Annual Fund Security Deposit Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015 Account: 814-017749 Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose If you hold the physical securities, you can directly mail or hand deliver the certificate(s) without any endorsement or assignment. Appreciated Securities Please enclose a letter stating the purpose of your gift. And, in a separate envelope, please include a signed stock power form for each gift. Please note that, except for your signature exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate, the stock power form should be blank. You may obtain a stock power form from your banker or broker. Please notify us of all stock or securities gifts. A transfer document only gives the name of the stock and the value per stock. It can take months to discover the name of the donor who actually made the stock gift unless we hear from you first. Employee Matching Gifts Your employer may also match your gifts, thereby doubling your support for the young women at Notre Dame High School. Through a corporate matching gifts program at your workplace you can make your gift go twice as far. Some companies will also match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees and even volunteer hours. Contact your personnel or human resources department and fill out the matching gifts form used to initiate a match.

Memorial & Tribute Donations Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a family member, friend, alumnae, colleague, etc. Often given to celebrate a significant life achievement or anniversary or in lieu of flowers for a funeral service, memorial and tribute gifts are recognized in the annual report and with a letter of acknowledgement to the honoree or their family. Memorial and tribute donations may be made by check or credit card. Vehicle Donation Notre Dame will accept vehicles. To donate, please fill out the form on our website at ways-to-give Contact Information If you have any questions or need additional information about any of these ways to give, please contact the development department. Notre Dame High School 596 South Second Street San Jose, CA 95112 or (408) 294-1113 ext. 2181

Mission Statement Notre Dame High School, in the heart of downtown San Jose since 1851, provides young women an exemplary Catholic, collegepreparatory education to become life-long learners, spiritual seekers, justice advocates and community leaders. We are inspired by Saint Julie Billiart and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. We empower young women and “teach them what they need to know for life.�

Hallmarks of a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community - We proclaim by our lives even more than by our words that God is good. - We honor the dignity and sacredness of each person. - We educate for and act on behalf of justice and peace in the world. - We commit ourselves to community service. - We embrace the gift of diversity. - We create community among those with whom we work and with those we serve. - We develop holistic learning communities which educate for life.

Notre Dame High School | Report of Giving 2018-2019 | 45


596 South 2nd Street San Jose, CA 95112 408-294-1113

Ora et Labora

2018-2019 Report of Giving

Providing a Distinctive Catholic, College-Preparatory Education for Young Women in the Heart of Downtown Since 1851

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Ora et Labora 2018-2019 - Notre Dame High School Annual Report  

We invite you to learn more about Notre Dame High School in the heart of downtown San Jose. Read about our alumnae, academic and co-curricul...

Ora et Labora 2018-2019 - Notre Dame High School Annual Report  

We invite you to learn more about Notre Dame High School in the heart of downtown San Jose. Read about our alumnae, academic and co-curricul...