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My name is Imanina and I run Not Only Polka Dots; a fun and colourful stationery brand with the aim of adding some colour to your everyday! All of our products are handmade or at least hand finished. Why handmade? It’s all about the details. Everything down to the stitching has been carefully selected to ensure you get the best quality product. We want all of our products to be well designed, super cute but also super useful. So go grab a cuppa, have a browse, and hopefully you’ll find something you love!

This is me, Imanina, the face behind the brand and this is Tiffin, the best studio dog you could ask for!

Contact me

Feel free to get in touch! and also on Facebook and Instagram: @notonlypolkadots 2


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Quick T&Cs

Our minimum order is £125. Shipping is £9.50. Carriage paid is £200. International orders are also accepted. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal and is required in full before an order can be started. /





Details Notebooks come in two sizes A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) & A5 (14.8 x 21 cm). They also come with a choice of lined, plain, graph or dotted pages. The covers are printed onto either 250gsm or 200gsm smooth card and the pages are 100gsm paper. There are a total of 48 pages in each notebook. Notebooks are hand-stitched using a matching coloured thread which adds quality and gives it a sturdy finish. All notebooks are also trimmed to size by hand so dimensions may vary by a 1mm or so. All notebooks are individually packaged in cello bags and have a sticker indicating page finish.

Notebooks /


cactus notebook NB-CAC

bee notebook NB-BEE

banana notebook NB-BAN

watermelon notebook NB-WAT

pineapple notebook NB-PIN

umbrella notebook NB-UMB



flamingo notebook NB-FLM

parrot notebook NB-PAR

plant notebook NB-PLT


lemon notebook NB-LEM

cupcake notebook NB-CKE

blossom notebook NB-BSM

squash notebook NB-SQH

beer notebook NB-BER

hummingbird notebook NB-HUM

avocado notebook NB-AVO Add A6 or A5 to end of code to specify size and L, P, G, or D (Lined, Plain, Graph or Dotted) for page finish. E.g. NB-CAC-A6-L or NB-WAT-A5-P /


Weekly Planners




Weekly pocket planners are A6 in size (10.5 x 14.8 cm). Like the notebooks, they’re also hand stitched and trimmed to size by hand. The covers are printed onto 300gsm card and pages are 100gsm paper. A PVC sleeve also encases the cover for added protection. Comes in 13 week (3 month), 26 week (6 month) or 52 week (12 month) versions. They contain the following pages: • Monthly view (month per page) • Weekly view (week per two pages) • Mini sections for to-dos and notes in the weekly view • Birthdays & Events • 12 month yearly view (6 months per page) • A few extra note pages • Contact info on back page

Weekly Planners /


lemon weekly planner WP-LEM

plant weekly planner WP-PLT

blossom weekly planner WP-BSM

avocado weekly planner WP-AVO

squash weekly planner WP-SQH

cupcake weekly planner WP-CKE

cactus weekly planner WP-CAC

flamingo weekly planner WP-FLM

Add 13, 26 or 52 to end of code to specify number of weeks. E.g. WP-AVO-13 or WP-CKE-52 10


Weekly Planners /


Travel Planners




Travel pocket planners are A6 in size (10.5 x 14.8 cm). Again, they’re also hand stitched and trimmed to size by hand. The covers are printed onto 300gsm card and pages are 160gsm paper. A PVC sleeve also encases the cover for added protection. Comes in 1 week, 2 week, 3 week or 4 week versions. They contain the following pages: • • • • • • • • • • •

Destination World Map Travel Info Undated Calendar Accommodation Packing List Must Do Budget Itinerary Dotted Diary Pages Contact Info

Also includes a mini envelope inside the front cover and a waxed cotton cord acts as a simple closure.

Travel Planners /


green travel planner TP-GRN

yellow travel planner TP-YLW

blue travel planner TP-BLU

pink travel planner TP-PNK

Add 1, 2, 3 or 4 to end of code to specify number of weeks. E.g. TP-BLU-1 or TP-YLW-4 14


Travel Planners /






Clipboards measure 12 x 17 cm. This is slighly larger than A6 and fits an A6 pad of paper perfectly. A small 20 page to-do list pad is included with each clipboard. Also included is a removable silver wire binder clip. The clipboard is made from 3mm laser cut birch plywood.

parrot clipboard CB-PAR

The pattern is printed onto waterproof self adhesive matt white vinyl. The backs of the clipboard are printed with a plain colour. The edges are hand painted with a matching colour.

cupcake clipboard CB-CKE

umbrella clipboard CB-UMB

lemon clipboard CB-LEM

squash clipboard CB-SQH

plant clipboard CB-PLT

catus clipboard CB-CAC

blossom clipboard CB-BSM

Clipboards /






Calendars are available in two formats - as a mini A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) desk calendar or as an A4 (21 x 29.7cm) desk pad calendar. Each can be started from any month (January and September being the most popular). The mini desk calendar is printed onto 220 gsm linen card. A mini easel is also inlcuded that acts as a stand. The A4 version is printed onto 200 gsm card with a 2mm greyboard backing. It’s perfect bound for easy to tear out pages. There are three design versions to choose from for each size.

Calendars /


A4 desk calendar ver 1 CAL-A4-1

A6 desk calendar ver 1 CAL-A6-1

A4 desk calendar ver 2 CAL-A4-2

A6 desk calendar ver 2 CAL-A6-2

A4 desk calendar ver 3 A6 desk calendar ver 3 CAL-A4-3 CAL-A6-3 Add month abbreviation to end of code to specify starting month. E.g. CAL-A4-1-JAN or CAL-A6-3-SEP 20


Calendars /


Pencil Sets




Pencils are HB and hexagonal shaped. They measure approximately 17.5 cm in length. The packaging also doubles up as a bookmark and measures 5 x 21 cm and printed onto silk card. Each pencil is hand painted. Custom colours and themes can also be requested for an additional cost.

colour block pencil set PS-CLR

watermelon pencil set PS-WAT

flamingo pencil set PS-FLM

cactus pencil set PS-CAC

lemon pencil set PS-LEM

cupcake pencil set PS-CKE

blossom pencil set PS-BSM

Pencil Sets /


Greeting Cards



Details All cards are A6 in size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) and come supplied with a coloured or kraft envelope. They’re also indiviually packaged in cello bags for protection. Cards are trimmed to size by hand so dimensions may vary ever so slightly. Cards are printed onto either 300gsm smooth card or 250gsm linen card and a small logo is printed on the back. Custom designs or wording can also be requested.

two peas love card LC-PEAS

get snuggly love card LC-SNUG

turtles love card LC-TRTL

travel love card LC-TRVL

umbrella love card LC-UMBR

Gin & Tea birthday card BC-GINT

Greeting Cards /


cat balloon birthday card BC-CATB

boxer dog birthday card BC-BOXD

labrador birthday card BC-LABR


party alpaca birthday card BC-ALPC

jack russell birthday card BC-JRUS

bulldog birthday card BC-BDOG


party cat birthday card BC-PCAT

sausage dog birthday card BC-SDOG

staffy birthday card BC-STAF

Greeting Cards

german shepherd birthday card BC-GSD

ice cream 1 birthday card BC-ICE1

ice cream 2 birthday card BC-ICE2 /


Suggested ‘Starter Pack’



Purchasing for the first time? Why not give our ‘Starter Pack’ a trial. Consisting of a mixture of our best sellers all for £150 (total RRP £354). We have a lot of choice (which we are proud to offer!) however, we know sometimes having more choice makes it harder to decide! So this starter pack makes the decision making process a little bit easier. It consists of: • 14 x A6 notebooks (4 x cactus, 4 x bees, 3 x banana, 3 x watermelon) with a mixture of page finishes. • 10 x A5 notebooks (5 x lemon, 5 x parrot) with a mixture of page finishes. • 8 x 13 week / 3 month weekly planners ( 2 x avocado, 2 x squash, 2 x blossom, 2 x cupcake) • 8 x pencil sets (4 x cactus, 4 x colour block) • 5 x A4 desk calendars (version 2, September start) • 6 x clipboards (3 x flamingo, 3 x lemon) /


Terms & Conditions Questions

If you have any questions or need more information, email Imanina at who will be more than happy to help.

Minimum orders

There is a minimum order of £125. There are no restriction on number of products or designs within this.

Shipping charges

UK shipping is a flat rate cost of £9.50. Orders over £200 qualify for free shipping.

Ordering + payment

To place an order, email Imanina at hello@notonlypolkadots. stating the product codes and quantities you require. Be sure to also include your store name, mailing address, phone number, email address and date order is needed by. Once an order is placed, you’ll then receive an invoice and an estimated shipping date. Full payment is required before an order is started. Payment can be done via bank transfer (BACS) or PayPal. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Processing times

The time it takes to make an order will of course be dependent on the amount of items ordered and when you will need the order by, although it’s often under 3 weeks. This can be discussed at time of order. Bear in mind that all products are handmade or at least hand finished. If you have a tight deadline, let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate. 30


Cancellation, returns + exchanges

Cancellations must be within 24 hours or before the order has been started. As everything is made to order, transactions are non refundable unless faulty. Great care is taken to package all items to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition. However, if anything does arrive damaged, let me know as soon as you receive the item and a replacement can be arranged.

Products & Packaging

A lot of thought goes into sourcing the materials for all products. Where possible, materials are sourced locally and are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. We also endeavour to use recyclable and biodegradable packaging as much we can too.


Samples can be purchased for 25% off retail price + P&P.

International Orders

I also accept international orders. Shipping costs depend on weight. To give you an example of costs: To the USA/Canada, prices start at £30 To Europe, prices start at £15 And for everywhere else, prices start at £30 For international orders over £200, I’m happy to offer a 10% discount on shipping. There may also be additional custom/import fees that need to be added onto international orders which the customer would be responsible for. /

31 32


Not Only Polka Dots Wholesale catalogue  
Not Only Polka Dots Wholesale catalogue