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Of Dads and Daughters by Katie G.

In a  mystical  land  where  dragons  are  common  

and most  everyone  has  a  fairy-­‐god  mother  there   lived  a  princess.    When  her  sixteenth  birthday  was   celebrated  her  queen  mother  and  king  father  gave   her  a  very  precious  gift.    It  was  one  of  the  most   precious  gifts  they  could  of  entrusted  her  with:  her   ?irst  kiss.    Her  father  told  but  one  thing  when  he   presented  it  to  her  and  that  was,  “Dearest  Daughter,   save  your  kiss;  don’t  give  it  to  anybody,  but  rather,   guard  it  as  your  most  precious  possession,  save  it   for  the  one  man  whom  you  truly  love  and  can  fully   care  for  you.”    Two  years  past  and  it  was  time  for  the   daughter  to  leave  the  protection  of  her  father  and   marry.    She  remembered  her  father’s  advice  and   waited  for  the  right  man.    One  day  a  young  noble   visited  the  castle.    Though  he  looked  very  much  like   any  other  young  man,  the  princess  eventually  came   to  love  him  for  his  noble  character.    The  day  came   when  he  told  her  he  loved  her.    They  were  happily   married  with  the  blessing  of  the  king,  and  the   princess  was  forever  grateful  she  had  followed  her   father’s  advice.    She  saved  her  kiss  for  her  husband.   My  dad  closed  the  book  and  smiled  at  me  across  the   table.  I  pushed  the  remains  of  my  chocolate  cheese   cake  away  and  smiled  back.    What  I  have  just   described  is  a  date  I  went  on  with  my  dad  when  I   was  twelve.    My  relationship  with  my  dad  is  the   most  important  human  relationship  in  my  life.    I   love  going  on  walks  with  him  in  the  peak  of  fall   when  the  colors  are  all  a?ire,  I  love  sitting  by  the  ?ire   and  sipping  hot  chocolate  with  him  in  the  long   winter  evenings  and  going  on  dates  like  the  one   described  above. Now  that  I  am  older  people  often  ask  me  if  I  have  a   boyfriend,  I  love  being  able  to  say  that  my  dad  takes   the  place  of  a  boyfriend  in  my  life.    If  I  did  not  have   such  a  special  relationship  with  my  dad  I  probably   would  be  chasing  after  other  guys  trying  to  ?ill  that   void  that  my  dad  currently  ?ills.    I  know  some  girls  in  

the States  who  are  always  talking  about  boys,  it’s  all  they   ever  think  of!    The  bible  says  we  should  treat  other  guys  as   brothers.    (1  Timothy  5:  1b-­‐2).    If  you  treat  your  dad  with   respect  and  form  a  relationship  with  him    and  treat  other   guys  as  brothers  in  Christ  you  will  not  have  to  go  through   all  of  the  breaking-­‐up  and  boyfriend  drama  plus  you  will   have  a  more  than  ful?illing  relationship  with  your  dad. Take  time  to  water  your  relationship  with  your  dad.    Don’t   let  it  get  choked  by  other  priorities  in  your  life;  your   relationship  with  him  should  be  your  main  priority  after   God.    Learn  his  love  language  whether  it  is  giving  gifts,  time   spent,  serving  ,  affection  or  words  of  encouragement.     “Even  though  this  world  isn’t  perfect  like  the  fairy  tale   world  in  the  story  it  still  applies  to  our  world,”  said  my  dad   as  he  took  a  lavender  jewelry  bag  out  of  his  pocket.  “Will   you  save  your  ?irst  kiss  for  one  man;  a  man  who  will  be   your  provider  and guardian  when  you  leave  our  home?” “Yes!”  I  breathed. “Here  is  a  necklace  for  you  to  remember  your  promise  by.”   said  my  dad  as  he  clasped  a  silver  chain  with  a  box  that opened  and  closed  around  my  neck.    I  still  have  that   necklace  and  even  though  the  lid  on  the  box  is  loose  and  I   am  afraid  to  wear  it  in  case  it  should  break  I  still  cherish   that  memory.    I  hope  you  have  your  own  memories  with   your  dad.

Bible Verses on...Forgiveness “In Him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace...” -Ephesians 1:7 “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him, and if he sins against you seven times in the day, and turns to you seven times, saying, 'I repent,' you must forgive him." -Luke 17:3b-4

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” -1 John 1:9

“And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” -Mark 11:25

“Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.” -Colossians 3:12-13

Heart of Worship by Michaela F.

Puny Picture

this....God: the  Creator  of  the  whole   world,  the  One  who  spoke  everything  and  everyone   into  being,  the  One  who  parted  the  Red  Sea  for  the   Israelites  and  then  closed  it  on  the  Egyptian  army,   the  One  who  made  it  possible  for  a  really  old  lady   to  have  a  baby,  the  One  who  watched  as  His  one   and  only  son  was  horribly  mocked  and  cruci?ied   and  then  raised  him  from  the  dead.  Then,  there’s   us.  We  live  like  we  are  the  only  ones  on  the  planet   that  matter,  always  trying  to  make  our  wardrobe  ?it   the  standard  of  the  latest  style,  wasting  our  money   on  a  million  little  things  we  end  up  stuf?ing  under   our  bed.  We  make  ourselves  seem  pretty  big  and   important,  but  if  we  go  back  to  the  picture  of  our   amazing  God,  we  realize  that  we  are  so  puny.   Honestly  I  have  no  idea  how  in  the  world  we  get   the  privilege  to  be  in  a  relationship  with  such  an   awesome,  loving,  and  powerful  God.  We  don’t   deserve  it,  not  even  remotely.  Romans  3:23  says   “For  all  have  sinned  and  fall  short  of  the  glory  of   God”  (NIV).  We  are  absolutely  undeserving  and   there  is  no  way  we  could  ever  earn  the  right   because  we  are  so  downright  human  and   imperfect.  But  for  some  reason  that  no  one  on  this   earth  will  ever  be  able  to  explain,  He  chose  to  make   us  His  children.  He  chose  to  redeem  us  from  our   fallen  state  and  love  us.  He  also  gave  us  the  choice   of  whether  to  surrender  our  lives  to  His  control  or   to  live  for  ourselves.  He  loves  us  completely  and   perfectly  even  though  we  are  specks  of  dust  on  a   planet  the  size  of  a  grape.

I heard  a  sermon  recently  and  the  pastor   talked  about  the  power  of  God.  He  mentioned   a  verse  from  Daniel  that  really  hit  the  nail  on   the  head.  It  is  Daniel  4:34-­‐35  and  it  says  “His   dominion  is  an  eternal  dominion;  his   kingdom  endures  from  generation  to   generation.  All  the  peoples  of  the  earth  are   regarded  as  nothing.  He  does  as  he   pleases  with  the  powers  of  heaven  and  the   peoples  of  the  earth.  No  one  can  hold  back   his  hand  or  say  to  him:  “What  have  you   done?”  (NIV).  This  really  de?ines  how  small   we  are  in  the  big  picture.  The  verse  says  that   even  ALL  the  people  in  the  whole  world   together  with  all  the  angels  in  heaven,  we   still  amount  to  NOTHING  compared  to  God   and  His  power.  It  says  that  even  all  those   billions  and  billions  of  people,  we  can  do   absolutely  nothing  to  change  the  will  of  God.   That  is  how  much  power  we  have,  none.   Sometimes  we  get  in  in  our  heads  that  we  are   somehow  helping  God  out.  We  are  sacri?icing   for  Him  and  doing  all  this  good  stuff  for  Him   and  the  list  goes  on  and  on.  But  get  real!  God   doesn’t  need  anything  from  us.  He  has  it  all   under  His  control.  The  reason  we  are   supposed  to  do  what  He  commands  is   because  He  chooses  to  give  us  the  privilege  of   being  part  of  His  master  plan.  When  we  ask   God  to  show  up  in  the  midst  of  what  we  are   trying  to  do  for  Him  like  telling  someone  else   the  gospel  or  speaking,  we  should  think  of  it   as  the  opposite.  It  is  God  who  is  using  us,  not   we  who  are  using  Him.  That  realization   changes  everything.  It  is  a  lot  like  the  familiar   analogy  “It’s  God’s  party;  we  were  invited   merely  as  guests.”  When  we  remember  how   puny  we  are  compared  to  God’s  power  and   love,  it  is  then  that  we  can  really  live  for  Him   because  we  realize  it  is  NOT  about  us.  That  is   what  living  for  Jesus  is  all  about. Check  out  Isaiah  40  for  more  verses  on  how   small  we  are  compared  to  God’s  greatness.

Raising MKs Overseas A Mom’s Perspective by Ann  Cochrum  


we began the preparation of moving

overseas for a long term assignment, the term TCK (third culture kid) began to surface. At first, I ignored it. We had been on overseas missions trips and on an overseas internship with both kids before and it hadn’t seemed relevant. But now, I was being told that this move would have some kind of unique impact on our kids in terms of their identity and how they related to the world. WHOA, was this going to be okay? What kind of long term impact was this going to have? This area became another of the many things that we entrusted to our faithful God as we responded to his call on our lives. As we moved to Asia and raised our kids in that context for the next 12 years, there was definitely a process of letting go of the plans I had for them based on my own growing up experiences and embracing the plans that He had for them. Bottom line, I had to choose to trust Him with their lives. • •

Where I grew up watching American football, they grew up watching International football (soccer) Where I grew up walking, riding my bike and driving 7 minutes to school, they took public transportation (bus and subway) which took up to an hour to get to school. Where I spent summer vacations on a farm, they spent vacations on exotic beaches.

• •

Where I was surrounded by English and mostly white Americans, they were surrounded by many languages and were in the minority as a white face. Where the only religious buildings I saw were churches, they saw temples, mosques, churches and spirit houses. Where I never needed a passport, they never thought twice about going through immigration. I am convinced that God considered Travis and Amy in every move that we made! All along the way He would assure me of the specific good plans he had for them and that he was using their experiences to shape them into who He wanted them to be. Now we are back in America and Travis and Amy are both in college. Upon reflection, this is how I would summarize raising them overseas: The hardest part: knowing that I can never fully understand their experience of growing up as a TCK. I actually have to remind myself that they see and experience the world differently as a result of it. The best part: watching God provide, protect and use their time overseas to shape them into the delightful people that they are today. I know that His plan will continue to unfold for them and it will reflect their unique heritage.

I will rise

No more cries.

One day I will fly away. One day I will find my way.

Love will always be growing. Peace like a dove overflowing. written by Rebecca M.

by Travis C.

This past  summer  was  my  sister,  Amy’s,  birthday.  So,  naturally,  to  celebrate   life,  we  put  it  in  danger  by  going  skydiving.  It  was  a  blast!  There  was  very   little  safety  training  (as  in  none)  and  then  they  just  pretty  much  shoved  you   and  your  tandem  instructor  out  of  a  plane  at  15,000  feet.  My  top  3  takeaways   from  skydiving    

Know what risks to take and when. There is  a  balance  between   “Do  not  put  the  Lord  your  God  to  the  test”  (Matt  4:7)  and  “Our  God  is  in   heaven;  he  does  whatever  pleases  him…trust  in  the  Lord.”  (Ps  115).  It  is   sometimes  hard  for  me  to  push  myself  to  take  risks  and  I  can  easily  fall  prey   to  living  in  fear  –  and  “do  not  be  afraid”  is  the  most  repeated  command  in  the   Bible.  The  world  is  not  a  safe  place,  so  you  will  have  to  take  risk.  Therefore,   pray  before  you  take  risks  and  ask  for  guidance.  Was  skydiving  a  necessary   risk?  Probably  not,  but  I  thought  it  was  worth  taking  for  bonding  with  Amy   and  the  experience.

Sometimes all you can do is trust. I had  never  jumped  before.  I   did  not  know  how  to  work  a  parachute,  and  did  not  know  how  to  read  an   altimeter,  so  all  I  could  do  was  sit  back  and  trust  that  my  jump-­‐master  knew   what  he  was  doing  (and  he  did  –  he  has  over  19,000  jumps,  one  of  the  most   experienced  in  the  world).  The  other  half  of  this  is  putting  your  trust  in   something  trustworthy  –  just  because  you  have  faith  in  a  lie  won’t  make  it   true.  In  the  same  way,  God  knows  what  I  need  way  better  than  I  do  and  He  is   de?initely  trustworthy.

Perspective is important. I was  surprised  because  I  expected   skydiving  to  be  more  intense  than  it  actually  was.  I  think  I  was  more  scared   jumping  off  the  40ish  foot  bridge  at  men’s  retreat  last  year.  Why?  Because  of   my  reference  frame.  When  I  jumped  off  the  bridge,  I  could  clearly  see  the   water  rushing  at  me  very  quickly  and  knew  that  pain  was  coming.  But  in   jumping  out  of  the  plane,  the  ground  was  so  far  away  that  you  couldn’t  really   tell  how  fast  you  were  falling  (except  for  the  wind  that  almost  tore  off  my   face).

taken with permissions from:

by Courtney R.

I was curled up in my bed on a rainy, cold afternoon editing this month s issue when Taylor Swift s hit single, Tim McGraw, started playing. At ďŹ rst the country melody just made me smile and snuggle deeper in my bed, but when the chorus came I really started to the think about they lyrics. Part of the chorus goes, When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me. I don t know about you, but I hope that when I enter someone s thoughts, Tim McGraw does not accompany me. I d much rather it be Jesus. 2 Corinthians 2:15 says, For we are the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. and Philippians 2:14-15 says, Do all things without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world. As Christians we should be the fragrant aroma and shining lights of Christ. Others should see Jesus through our actions. Does that mean we have to be perfect all the time? Of course not! God doesn t expect us to be perfect or identical to Him. As creations we can t be exact replicas of our Creator, but we are expected to imitate Him (Ephesians 5:1). The dictionary deďŹ nes imitate to take or follow as a model . Thus, we re to model God s behavior. The word model is an action; it s not passive. Too often Christians are passive in their faith, including myself. It s so much easier to just believe in God and act like everyone else. But the Bible says that even the demons believe in God (James 2:19). The next verse challenges those with passive faith, calling them foolish to think that faith can stand by itself free of works. Faith is completed by works (James 2:22). If we are truly walking with God, we will grow and produce fruit. By spending time with us, others should be able to taste that fruit and see Jesus. They should be able to smell His sweet fragrance and be drawn to His dazzling light. In His word (Galatians 5:22-23), God gives a list of fruits that should be growing in our hearts if we truly are walking with Him. Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-control. These fruits should come naturally as you walk with God. If you immerse yourself in God s word and pray on a daily basis, your relationship with God will only get stronger and you ll produce these fruits. In this coming year let this be your goal: walk with the Lord in a way that everyone around you will be able to smell and see Him. As Christians, we represent our faith and our God. Represent them both well. When people think Jesus, hope they ll think of you.

It’s important to have quiet times on a daily basis. Besides reading the Bible and praying, a good Truth-filled book is a great way to learn more about God and enhance your quiet times. Here are two great choices!

Crazy Love

by Francis Chan

This book has

become quite popular since it came out a few years ago. It is known for it's poignant and controversial views on Christian faith. This book gives you many things to wrestle with and causes you to look at your faith in God with a new perspective. This book is challenging but it changes your life in a way you can't forget! The author uses mostly God's Word with a few real life stories mixed in to make his point which makes it a very interesting read. You will not regret reading this book!


by Natalie Lloyd


Paperdoll is like having a cup of peppermint tea in a cozy teahouse on rainy day with your best friend. Natalie leads you through the story of the woman at the well in John 4 with wit, grace, and wisdom. She encourages girls of all ages to break free from being a two-dimensional paperdoll and transform into a three-dimensional girl living freely and fully in God. Each chapter focuses on a certain aspect of breaking from your paper self including love, worship, depression, grief, beauty, dating, and money. From hot pink cover to cover, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you want to be challenged in your faith and inspired to truly live, read this book; it will rock your paper world.

Reviews by Michaela F. and Courtney R.

What did you think? send all comments to: notofthisworld.r “It’s not my ability, but my response to God’s ability, that counts.” -Corrie Ten Boom

Happy New Year!

January 2011  

The January 2011 issue of Not of this World, an online magazine for MK girls by MK girls

January 2011  

The January 2011 issue of Not of this World, an online magazine for MK girls by MK girls