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(2009-2010) HEAD OFFICE 5, A-4 Dreams apartment Abulfazal enclave Jamia nagar New Delhi-25 E-mail-

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Hon’ble Members, Your executive committee takes pleasure in presenting Annual Report for the year ending 31st March 2010 along with audited Annual accounts for the year ended on that date. During the year under review, the following are our achievements.

Shafiqur Rahman Khan President

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VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR PARO WOMEN The principle of gender equality has been basic to Indian thinking over century. It was fully realised that the progress of the nation was integrally linked with the status of women and for that advancement of women was placed at the center stage of Indian planning and polity. Keeping this very fact in mind, our society is trying to give special emphasis on equipping the women of weaker sections with income generating skills. As per the local needs and locally available resources, our society is making its best to equip the people living below poverty line, in particular the womenfolk with the productive skills. Acting on this line our society holds regular camps in the villages and district headquarters with the help of experts, technicians, instructor and other NGOs. Under this initiative 12 people of Panchayats were given training of Mushroom farming at Mewat. A three day instruction camp on dairy farming was also organized many Panchayat of Mewat, from 8th Sep. to 10th of Sep., 2009 for the benefit of Swarojgaris. Also a vocational training center for girls and women folk. This centre has been run under the name of Here, training of

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knitting, weaving, embroidery, appliquĂŠ, etc. has been given. At this center Girls and women coming from Muslim minorities and other backward classes were the main beneficiaries. They are trained free of cost. All the cost has been born by the EMPOWER PEOPLE, itself. At the center, 53 girls (unmarried) and 32 women (married) have got the vocational course completed till now. ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION AWARENESS PROGRAMME

Environmental education refers to the awareness of physical and cultural environment and

perceives its

relevance for real life situation. The problems and issues are to be identified.




environment are to be improved in view of sustainable development. It is practically impossible to list all the factors that pollute and degrade our

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environment and nature. One comes across pollution almost at every step in life. Our society categorized some important factors, by which our environment is more affected and need for working to protect environment are following: -

1. Human Population Explosion, 2. Advancement of Technology 3. Pollution due to the use of Pesticides 4. Chlorofluorocarbon Problem 5. Biodiversity in nature 6. Oil spills and damaging ecosystem 7. Toxic Time Bombs and water pollution 8. Radiation hazards and Ecological balance 9. Multinationals and Environment 10. Integrated approach for white and green revolution. To protect environment our society starting intervention programmes in many panchayats of Mewat and Jind district of Haryana and Gaya District of Bihar. For this, our society organizes social & cultural activities, wall writing, banners and distribution of advertisement goods.

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Culture is a mirror of the society. Heart of human being and the Cultural show is a truth, which is played in our life by the organization. Our organization is working to uplift and providing popularity to the cultural show at Dobhi in Gaya district between SC/ST & OBCs communities to preserve their culture.

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Programmes Specific Cases, Meetings and Seminar Anti-Bride trafficking The idea is the result of the feed back from the concerned groups of the target community. The local CBOs like youth clubs, grassroots NGOs, local women and network, micro enterprise groups and its network, rural volunteers, students, teachers are involved in all stages of project implementation and follow up initiatives. They will provide services in many ways for saving the paro women. The community based organizations and people in general will also contribute for empowerment and sustainability of girls in community. So community participation of the proposed initiatives has been ensured. Thus educating has also ensured the sustainability of the paro women and empowerment of local women, target community people in general. Through transfer of knowledge and information the capacity, skills and capability of the target people has been strengthened to combat the disease, eliminate injustice towards women and girls, and eliminate social stigma and making aware others independently. 10 Girls were rescued and re-married from various part of Haryana.

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HONOUR KILLINGS We believe that honor killing is the menace produced out of socio-economic, cultural and Political factors and which has got approval from the social morality. And remedy to the problem is also based on the above four pillars. Under preventive programme, our organization is exploring the civic sense by underlining the Panchayats and Social Pressure Groups. Our goal is to create civic sensitivity against

the menace. It is a male dominated society where every year thousands of lives are sacrificed irrespective of caste, subcast (Gotras), creed, religion, or the social status of the family. People kill their own clan or kin for their false “Pride” and “honour”. It has become a grave yard due to all these killings. In all these the castes who consider themselves regional or very faithful are Jat, Tyagi, Rajput, and Gujjars. For the past one decade they are going through a phase of Cultural duality. There traditional value system is such that determine their eating habits, Sex and marriages rules etc. Same is the case with dalits and backward caste people. Whole social life is surrounded by and revolves around all these traditional beliefs and values. The source of all this is developed over a time and influenced slowly and slowly and socially these things were approved by the society. We are working for prevention of ‘honor killings’ in Patiala (Punjab), Jind, Sonepat & Kurukshetra in Haryana, Muzaffarnagar and Merath in Uttar Pradesh. 7 Love marriages were organized in various courts by our organization

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Anti-Pornography MMS scandals seem to have become a way of life. They are the essential spice added to the world of pornography paving way for more serious crimes and destroying innocent lives. Can we conclude that an MMS scandal is worse than rape? Has become the most sellable commodity t o d a y… w h a t ’ s m o r e … t h e m o r e controversial, the better. Man seems to have become a playboy at the hands of technology and women have become commodities for sale. If one was to think about chastity, it’s a long forlorn tale. The rise in camera phones has also seen the rise in mms scandals. Now what leaves us wondering is the fact if it is the Indian male who has opened up to the realm of visual sex that has ripened the cherry or is it the hunger to satisfy something that was concealed since ages? Our organization is working on this issue on specific complaints. This year Tree cases in Himachal Pradesh were solved.

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A Workshop with Delhi Police on “child trafficking: prevention and Role of Police”

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AIDS/HIV India is sitting on an HIV/AIDS “time-bomb” and the epidemic could soon become like it in Africa unless immediate steps are taken to accelerate efforts to stem it. This is the warning from the head of an international survey agency. “The HIV/ AIDS deadly disease in India is extremely grave. It ticking time bomb. The epidemic is rising rapidly and could soon get out of control, unless the response was scaled up massively.”


The trajectory of the epidemic in India is the same as that in Africa and though the current level of the epidemic here may be 10 to 15 years behind that in Africa, it may not be long before it catches up. The catastrophic situation being faced in Botswana and other parts of Southern Africa “is just a vision of the future” that India could face. In Bihar and Jharkhand, for instance, no one knows how many persons are affected.

Your society accepted the need participating of community and social workers for minimize this problem. Without participating and involvement of the corporate sector, the NGOs and community-based organizations the Government would not be able to tackle the problem all by itself and more effectively in anti-AIDS programmes. Your organization has outlined an integrated intervention Programme, to be run in Gaya and chatra districts of Bihar and Jharkhand project areas. The PROJECT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE of your organization, with consistent advices and excursion of the apex institutions nation wide. If people fear discrimination, they are likely to shy away from blood tests that are the only way to discover their HIV status. They will be reluctant to seek help and adopt preventive measures. All this increases the chances of the infection being passed on to others. Our Government practices to awareness people about HIV/AIDS

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through print & Tele media and own health care center, but not proper success to attain. Under the Action Plan the following areas will be covered.

AIDS- The Invisible Inferno The Human Immunodeficiency Virus The Clinical Features Pediatric AIDS Pathology of AIDS Spectrum of Infections Cancers- The Added Agony AIDS-Related Complex (ARC)- An Early Clue Diagnostic Approach Treatment Prevention-Only Sure Cure

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LITERACY PROGRAMME Literacy and population size essentially are the basic ingredients for development. Economic development is closely associated with poverty reduction. Human development is the end-economic growth. Literacy and education have a direct role in human development and are instrumental in facilitating other achievements. The significant effects of primary education on reduction in poverty and improvement in income distribution, improvement in health and nutritional status of the population growth, and positive association with adoption of family planning methods and its positive relationship with general social, political and economic development and overall quality of life are well recognised. Women have to be integrated in the mainstream society as by and large in India they do not enjoy equal status with men and still have to fight their way through if they want to achieve social or economic advancement. For these causes your society working for the education for all men, women, girls and boys children. Society wants to sure primary education for them. Under the direction of society many education centre runs in the 20 Panchayats of Mewat district of Haryana and Gaya District of Bihar.

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WATER & SANITATION PRGRAMME The project itself has a clinic and it conducts regular health camps in its operational villages. Through its operational clinic and health camps, the project health team has so far treated 127 patients by free of cost. Its health activities also include school level health check up, through which 179 school children’s health check up was done this financial year. To make the people self-reliant, regular trainings were imparted to traditional practitioners and various herbal plants were planted in village for treatment of common diseases. Under safe drinking water project, our society teaches people about water preservation, safe drinking water and save water resources. In many areas our society working & constructed Latrine construction, watersheds and cattle-sheds to help the people in keeping the village neat and clean with support of community. Our society also provided proper drainage facilities to reduce the stagnation of water. SURVEY & DOCUMENTAITION A Study on the issue of “Sex tourism in Himachal Pradesh” with Shimla centric approach The base line survey with exhaustive questionnaire was conducted among the sex-workers and various people of district. Data for 103 people were collected analyzed and stored in informative way for future reference and uses.

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NATURAL DISASTER Our Society surveyed and identified the poor persons who do not have any resources of income. Relief programme was conducted by the society and relief was provided in form of cash and kind to the poor. Food grains, Blankets and clothes were distributed in the floodaffected areas of Muzaffarpur district. This programme benefited about two hundred beneficiaries. A special committee was set up to look after this programme and future action to be taken. The committee has decided to continue the programme in future.

ACHIEVEMENTS this Year  A documentary film “Dropadi’s Descendant” based on our work produced by Prasar Bharti and Directed by Oindrilla Hazra

 7 Love marriages were organized in various courts by our organization  10 Girls were rescued and re-married from various part of Haryana. a campaign namely Campaign against bride trafficking (http:// in Magadh (Bihar), Chatra (Jharkhand), Mewat, Jind,


kurukshetra (Haryana). Delhi, Karimganj (Aasam), Bagpat, Muzaffarnagar (UP), Kurnul (Andhraperdesh)  Combat Trafficking “manual for social worker” under publication

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Networking / Collaboration partners: 1.

Bal adhikar abhiyan New Delhi


Campaign against child trafficking New Delhi


Jagori Delhi


Shaktishalini Delhi


Sanlaap kolkata


Young Social Scientist Association(Merath)


Chand Minority Welfare Association, Kurnool.


Salethi students association (Karimganj, Aasam)


Swaraj jan vikas sanstha (Chatra, Jharkhand)


Mewat education and awaking society Nuh Haryana


Sajrephool Patiala Punjab

12. Wama-Vahini Nuh Mewat

13.Samadhan South 24 Parganas 13.

West Bengal

International Campaign against honor killings UK

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AUDITORS M/s SANJAY KUMAR JHA & ASSOCIATES, Chartered Accountants, Patna has conducted the audit for the year and are re-eligible to be re-appointed for next year.


Your Executive committee, like to place on record, its sincere appreciation, to all member’s staff members, volunteers, Government official, funding agencies, and stockholders, for their constant guidance and counsel and look forward to their continued support.

We thank our Advisors and stakeholders who have been a source of strengths. Your directions are thankful to all of You and Hon’ble members, for the confidence you have reposed in us. We look forward to your long association with us. The society will always endeavor to perform well and meet the expectations of its large family of stakeholders and people.

Last, but not the least, Your directions wish to once again acknowledge the role of each of our workers/volunteers and thank them for their wholehearted commitment and support. We seek their continued involvement in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the future.

For & on behalf of Executive Committee

Shafiqur Rahman Khan

Annual report 2009 2010