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December Quqrter St lves Comporolive Morkel Anolysis.


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nqlionql REAL ESTATE Northlink

Hello qnd welcome to our Quqrlerlv Updole on lhe Sl lves morketploce. Welcome to 2010!!

lo be quite o yeor for fhe locql reol estote mqrket with oclivity olreody looking brighl. As lhe property cycle moves info ils next phose with volues increosing, we It is shoping up

con definitely expect to see on exciling yeor for properly owners in Sl lves. The Firsl Home Buyer's Boosl brought mony new properly owners inlo lhe morket ploce in 2009. lt hos now ended yel lhe originol First Homeowners gront of $7000 still remoins.

Todoy Northlink First Notionql is recognised os induslry leoders in Reol Estote Soles ond Properiy Monogement. The compony's strong commilment to honesty, integrity qnd professionolism combined wilh its ocknowledged history of success qssists in ils mission to build o brond which sels o new induslry benchmork.

comporotive morkel report will keep you up lo dole with your oreo ond you will receive q new St lves Morkel report every quorler lo ensure Linking the North Shore you ore kept fully This

informed obout relevont morket


Brenlon Green 0438 贸73 858

Recenl Sl lves StotĂ?slics - December Quorler How many homes were sold in St lves during the last quarter?


How many properties were listed for Auction during the last quarter?


What was the Auction Glearance Rate?


What was the Average Days on Market?


Average Price Discounting


What was the Lowest Sale Price?


What was the Highest Sale Price?


Present Quarter Median Sale Price


Last Quarter Median Sale Price


Gapital Growth ln Median Price(% Ghange)


what is your

proper\t worth? When the time comes to sell your home, one of the most important decisions to make is the price to ask for your property. A realistic marketing strategy will assure you of two things:

. Obtaining your asking price or very close to it; and

. Making the sale sooner Using the information provided in this quarterly market analysis, coupled with the expert local knowledge from NoÉhlink First National, you'll be able to form an estimated judgement as to the realistic price range for your property when the time comes to sell your most prized asset. The sale price of your home should be based on prices achieved recently for similar properties within your neighbourhood, such as the following.

Mosl Recenl Sqles in St Ives Property I Cates Place

Sale Date

Sale Price Summary

lgth Feb, 2010


5 bed, 2 bath,2 car,516sqm

147 Killeaton Street


$1,000,000 +

4 bed, 2 bath,2 car,96lsqm

20 Cates Place

16th Feb, 2010


4 bed, 2bath,2 car,854sqm

43 Douglas Street

12th Feb, 2010


5 bed,3 bath, 2car,1l00sqm

3/3 Kanoona Ave

11th Feb, 2010


3 Bed,2 Bath,2car, l456sqm

30 Milburn Place

8th Feb, 2010


3bed,1 bath, 1 car,920sqm

35 Waterhouse Ave



Sbed, 3 bath, 2 car, 1040sqm

166 Killeaton Street

29th Jan, 2010


4 bed, 2bath,1 car,93lsqm

4/15 Eastern Arterial


Jan, 2010


3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, 2439sqm

3 Awatea Road


Jan, 2010


6 bed,4 bath, 2car, l665sqm

18 Eucalyptus St

lgth Dec, 2009


4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, 700sqm

75 Athena Ave

18th Dec,2009


4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, 940sqm

1/15 Eastern Arterial

17th Dec,2009


3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car,2439sqm

2 Kapiti Street

1st Dec, 2009


5 bed, 3 bath, 2 car,926sqm

60 Killeaton Street

1st Dec, 2009


4 bed, 3 bath, 2 car,1260sqm

95 Warrimoo Ave

27th Nov,2009


4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, 927sqm

30 Timbarra Rd

25th Nov,2009


3 bed, 1 bath, 2 car,934sqm

18/2 Stanley St

25th Nov,2009


3 bed, 2bath,2 car,4600sqm


24th Nov,2009


4 bed, 2 bath,2 car,l000sqm



4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car,960sqm

Warrimoo Ave

10 Barra Brui Gr

Feb, 2010

Feb, 2010


All care is taken to provide accurate data. All information is sourced from Australian Property Monitors. This market place report contains properties sold by Northlink First National and other agencies*

Mosl Recenl Sqles in Sl Ives

Itfl,¡*Ð* ril.ri ', 't"E:' ,


147 Killeaton St

20 Cates PIace

30 Milburn Pl

3 Awatea Rd

2 Kapiti St

35'Waterhouse Ave

166 Killeaton St

4/15 Eastern AÉerial

l/15 Eastern Arterial

60 Killeaton St


30 Timbarra Rd

l8/2 Stanley St

11 Warrimoo Ave

Cates Place

75 Athena Ave

95 Warrimoo Ave

3/3 Kanoona Ave

18 Eucalyptus St

Barra Brui Gr

Choose the WINNING team who have the runs on the boar{ as well as the SOLD stickers! Propefties in St. Ives are being tightly held, this provides a secure investment proposition for any prospective purchaser looking to buy on the NoÉh Shore while confirming St. Ives is a unique market, one that has a long history of growth... In many instances it is greatly unaffected by outside influences. As with any business transaction a point of difference, knowledge, enthusiasm and an experienced agent are the key components to achieving not just a successful result... However a GREAT RESULT!!

If you would like the best outcome when it comes to selling your most prized asset, contact Paul Diks - NSW Salesperson of the Year & Brenton Green - NSW Salesperson Rookie of the Year for a confidential discussion

about your next step.

We look forward to being of seruice to you soon.

Kind Regards, Brenton Green Sales & Property Mgt. Consultant //Sl/ SalæF"rryq Pooû¿ of tlo (rar

Sales and Marketing Manager To2

t% l/adarulQ ot,Çalæ Pøþnua"

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Residential Market Statistics

December CMA  

Residential Market Statistics