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Charlotte is a growing, mid-sized city seeking a unique identity of its own. In answering that challenge, these Charlotte-centric bottle openers, magnets, and pins feature tongue-in-cheek humor and a simplistic graphic approach. Each design contains an inside joke about this bustling town: from dispelling that myth that no one here is from Charlotte, to shaming the recent urban center strip mall (the Epicentre), to mocking our oldfashioned, outdated nickname, “Queen City”. Bottle Openers (2.25”) - Come equipped with a heavy duty aluminum backing for opening favorite bottled beverages in style. $3.00 Magnets (2.25”) - The perfect accessory for your fridge. $3.00 Pins (1.25”) - These little guys make a great statement on a blazer or backpack. $1.00


GOURMET PAPER & VINTAGE FABRIC POCKET MIRRORS These perfect little, handmade, pocket mirrors measure 2.25� and are covered with handpicked specialty papers (sealed with a layer of mylar for protection). Affordable and stylish, they make a great gifts or party favors. Slip it in your pocket, throw it in a purse, leave it on your vanity, or keep one on your desk at work. $3.00

I HEART LISTS “I Heart Lists” consists of nine list tablets for the lover of list-making. Each list is bound matchbook style, with a foot and a half of accordion folded paper inside. Users are encouraged to give the lists in place of greeting / thank you cards, keep one on in their pocket, use one for note passing at work, and even leave one on the nightstand. All lists come packaged neatly in a 3” x 4” muslin drawstring bag. $7.50

CARD-AGAINS - UPCYCLED VINTAGE POSTCARDS Card-Agains are made from recycled and used postcards from the 1900s-1980s. The postcards are machine sewn (with red stitching) to a piece of brown recycled cardstock, and accompanied by a recycled envelope. There are five different greetings: “This card reminded me of you, probably because it’s old and smells funny,” “I feel used,” “This is totally recarded,” “For the recard, this is recycled,” and “I bought this from a used card salesman.” $3.00

Not Made In China - Look Book  

If you’re strapped for cash or looking for a unique gift, then you’ll find more than enough affordable swag, and so much more to laugh over,...

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