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Spring 2016

Yamaha has been a strong supporter of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association and would like to thank all teachers for their dedication to the arts and music education. Yamaha continues to support music festivals, music education and art foundations and is proud to have Yamaha pianos featured at international piano competitions, played by top artists and found in top institutions and concert halls around the world.

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Flex eExams Music without borders CONSERVATORY CANADA™ has pushed the frontiers of innovation and is employing a unique technology that enables us to reach out to music students all over Canada. Not only can we connect with students across the country, but we are willing to connect with them ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! At CONSERVATORY CANADA™ we will enable students to take exams whenever they are ready with our new Flex eExams. To find out more, contact our office.

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from your NOTES Editor! This year, ORMTA will be celebrating eighty years of excellence at the 2016 Convention which will be taking place on July 22nd and 23rd at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham. Please come along and enjoy professional development, exhibitors, trade show presentations, silent auction, entertainment, great venue, delicious meals, and friendly fellowship. We are delighted to welcome Kimberly Barber, Professor at Wilfred Laurier University, Dr. Christopher Foley, Collaborative Pianist, and Dr. Jennifer Snow, Professor at UCLA as our competitions adjudicators. As well as adjudicating our Provincial

Student Competitions and Young Artist Competition, they will present the following workshops:

forms. Please note that registration may also be done ONLINE – visit convention2016 for details.

Kimberly Barber –“What Every Musician Needs To Know About The Body” Chris Foley – “High-Tech (and Low-Tech) Workflows to Help You Manage a Studio” Jennifer Snow –“ Nurturing the Future Generation: Innovation in Music Teaching”

Be sure to check out what ORMTA Branches were up to during Canada Music Week – see pages 25 and 26.

There will be a Pre-Convention session on Thursday afternoon, July 21, “When the piano sings!” presented by clinician Martha Hill Duncan. Go to page 18 of this issue and you will find a complete listing of events, the Convention schedule and registration

You will find important information relating to this year’s Annual General Meeting, starting on page 29 Happy teaching everyone – I look forward to hearing from you all throughout the year! Patrick McCormick Editor

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NOTES Spring 2016


From the President

What is your teaching style? This loaded question came up yesterday at my teacher’s

Now I’m not naive to think that there are not some

club meeting. I have been meeting up with this same

common traits involved in my teaching approach - some

group of music teacher friends (and ORMTA colleagues)

of my students call them “Frank-isms”:)! But I have

every month for close to twenty years now. We talk

figured out over the years that I can’t teach everyone a

about everything - our families, our lives, and of course,

Sonatina, or train their wrist to move a particular way, or


even teach them how to read music.

Somehow the issue of teaching style came up. “Are you

So how did I get to the point where I feel comfortable to

a strict teacher?” “What do you let your students get

teach any type of student who might come my way? One

away with?” “Will you not allow your students to play

word (or acronym)…ORMTA! Being an ORMTA member

particular repertoire if they have not first perfected certain

has allowed me to attend workshops and learn new

physiological elements in their playing style?”

approaches to teaching. ORMTA has provided me with opportunities to network with my colleagues and share

All these questions got me to think about who I am as a

ideas and experiences. ORMTA has basically given me

teacher? I know this sounds quite existentialist. But I think

the confidence to be the teacher that I want to be.

that there’s a lot of merit to this. We’re so busy outputting encouragement and explanations that it’s easy to forget

So if you’re eager to get out of your teaching comfort

to try to envision what the student observes.

zone, use ORMTA to help you do this. Attend your branch meetings and workshops. Attend our Provincial

Well after completing this mental exercise, I have

Convention in Chatham this July. Use ORMTA’s members

concluded that I do not have one teaching style, I have

forum to chat with other members.

thirty one! Why thirty one? Because I presently have thirtyone students. They are all so unique. Some of them are

As we busily use the spring to get our students prepared

kids, some are adults. Some play just for fun, some have

for performances, auditions and exams, let us also use

aspirations of a career in music. Some have disabilities

this time to celebrate new beginnings, new ideas and new

and disorders. Some are aural learners, some visual, some


analytical. With such a wide array of people to work with, how can I say I just have one style of teaching?

Wishing you all Happy Teaching! Frank Horvat


NOTES Spring 2016

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From the Branches On January 30, we are happy to co-host with Newmarket and area branch a workshop entitled “To Rotate or not to Rotate: That is the Question” with clinician Dr. Michael Esch. With much anticipation our Student Elevation Day will take place on Feb. 27. Michael Berkovsky will be our adjudicator. Students receiving an A+ or A standing will receive gift certificates to our local music store. The weekend will begin with a Friday night workshop on “Tone production and Tension Free Playing”. Plans are being made for our Branch Competition in April. On May 7, we have the privilege of having Dr. Thomas Green present two morning workshops entitled “Prodigies in Paris”, Legendary Pianist from the Studio of Antoine Marmontel (1816-1898) and “Exploring Effective Fingering”, Strategies and Solutions for a Secure and Expressive Performance. In the afternoon Dr. Green will work with students in a masterclass format. BARRIE Barrie Branch hosted one of our best attended meetings ever this fall! We are encouraging new membership through productive and informative meetings geared towards the needs of our teachers and their students. In that same manner, we would like to extend our welcome to our new members, Kristine Molinaro and Julia Jacklein. We had a tremendous turn out to our Canada Music Week Awards Recital this year. Our membership came together on Nov. 21 to support our students through a celebration of all things Canadian and Music! Awards are given out to those students who achieved the highest RCM marks in their respective discipline both Practical and Theory. We had a lovely Christmas Meeting and Social on Nov. 16th. The meeting began with an informative presentation by Darlene Irwin on the new RCM technique. As a branch we decided to “Branch-Out” and host three Composition Workshops for students with Frances Mae Balodis. Designed to make composing fun for all ages, and levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Rudiments) we wanted to aid our students in their compositional creative endeavours. Our January meeting included a special guest, William Evans of Evans Enterprises Inc., Chartered Professional Accountant. He gave an informative presentation on “Tax Tips for Self Employed Individuals” to our members. This was another incentive for teachers to realize the benefits of coming out to meetings and enjoying our membership.

Our Branch has decided to put together a Teacher Recital on May 28th. We are kindly asking those who attend to support our scholarship funds in memory of long time Barrie Branch ORMTA members, Jane Blackvocal, Maude Fleming–theory and Joyce Langford–piano. Many congratulations are extended to Pamela Cioroch, while a student of Cheryl Graham, was awarded First Place in the 2015 Carol Klose Hal Leonard Composition Competition, Collegiate Level. Her piece Tobermory Toccata , (which was performed at our Canada Music Week Recital last year), will be published by the Hal Leonard Publishing Co. Her performance of this work can be viewed on Hal Leonard’s YouTube channel.

In late October, Hannah Greiner organized a fabulous Halloween recital for our students at the Dunfield Retirement Residence. The students dressed up and performed in their costumes, making for some playful entertainment for the residents in attendance. This recital was so popular, Hannah quickly organized another at The Grenadier Residence. Our fall auditions and scholarship recital were held at the Glenview Presbyterian Church this year. This new space gave our scholarship recital performers the chance to play in a bigger hall and better accommodated our large audience. Our recital adjudicator Peteris Zarins gave our students wonderful feedback and was a joy to work with. This session we were pleased to give a total of $1735.00 in scholarships to our deserving students. We celebrated Canada Music Week with a composition masterclass, organized by Alice Dearden and led by our very own provincial president and composer extraordinaire Frank Horvat. Frank gave the students practical feedback and new directions to consider. Our 2016 year began with a general meeting where we were invited to address the winter kinks through an Alexander Technique workshop with Alison Taylor. She demonstrated how we can all use this technique to be more aware of our body alignment and potential strains while performing, teaching and in daily life. Our executive team of fall 2015 was lacking a treasurer so we were very pleased when, at our Winter GM, Sheila Miller volunteered for the position. We are extremely grateful to Sheila as well as Hannah Greiner, who will take on the position of auditions and recitals coordinator, and Alexandra Weiss, who will assist with our newsletter.

– Sarah Lawton

– Liz Craig



The Central Toronto Branch has had an exciting fall term. We kicked off the teaching year with a fall general meeting which was held in the home of Majorie Francoz. We were excited to award Marjorie with an Honorary Branch Membership for her 50 years of involvement in our organization. Goodies and coffee followed, along with a presentation from David Story on improvisation through the ages including wonderful insights into Bach and Mozart’s “licks” as well as jazz and pop improvisation and arranging ideas to incorporate into our teaching.

Hallowe’en Recital (October, 25th), Rotary Burlington Fall Music Festival week (November 2nd -14th), Grand Festival Gala Concert (November 21st) Canada Music Week Recital (November 22nd) and Christmas Student Recitals (December 9th) were events that the students of Hamilton-Halton branch Members looked forward to. These music festivities provided enhancement of music education / professional development (through adjudications and masterclasses held in RBFMF and NATS Festival) – all within the first semester of the 2015 school year.

A few weeks later, our branch hosted ORMTA Young Artist winner, Johann Derecho, who gave an inspiring performance to an appreciative audience at the Canadian Music Centre.

In 2016 New Year - February to May - our Branch continues to maintain its very engaging, entertaining, and educational atmosphere. In keeping with ORMTA’s motto “Excellence in Music Education” the annual

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NOTES Spring 2016


From the Branches Following the September meeting at her home, Sharon Johnston shared a harp lesson with branch teachers. Teachers later enjoyed lunch on Goderich Beach where they visited the summer’s collection of Inuksuit.

original compositions with one another and branch teachers. We are optimistic that our music students, who are often separated by long drives and winter weather, will continue to enjoy sharing music through technology. – Lisa Stewart KITCHENER WATERLOO

First Class Honours Recital and Awards Presentation is scheduled on Sunday, February 7th. Our Branch acknowledges once again those students who have achieved 80% and over in their Practical / Theory Exams as mentored by our very dedicated Member Teachers. We thank those parents who see the values and benefits of a music education. In the 2015 Honours Roll List the following categories were well represented: 158 students names appears in piano classical and contemporary idoms, Levels Preparatory A Licentiate: 84 students in Voice, Preparatory - Level 9: 5 students Instrumental, Sax, level 1 - 8 & Guitar, Levels 1 - 4: 1 student Pedagogy Intermediate level - Practical and Written: 41 students in Theory, Harmony, Basic - Advance; History, Levels 1 - 3; Analysis; Counterpoint. Fifteen students (of which four names appear to receive both awards) were selected to receive Branch and Scholarship Awards. Pop, Jazz & Jeans Recital returns for a second year on March 5th. Our showcasing of “... Excellence” continues on May 1st, 6th, and 15th with Southern Zone Competitions hosted by Niagara ORMTA, Advanced Student Recital Level 8 and up, Piano Masterclass with Alexei Gulenco at McMaster University for Levels 9 and up respectively. General Meeting on February 22nd, AGM on May 27th keep Members updated on “Business”. Although death brings immense sadness to families and friends of ORMTA Members who transition out ..., it allows for a reflection and celebration of those individual’s lives. Erla Jerome (D: October 15/15); taught Voice and Piano for 50+ years; was a Member of the Caledonia and District Music Teachers Association, and H-H; Lyla Elstone (D: January 30, 2016); taught Piano & Rudiments. In their respective roles as dedicated Music Educators, Erla and Lyla will be fondly remembered by their peers and students for their service and stewardship in their communities.

In October our branch sponsored an interactive teachers’ workshop entitled “A New Kind of Teaching for the New Kind of Learner” presented by Jennifer Knelman, instructor for University of Guelph. Teacher feedback was very positive.

Our December meeting was held at the Brussels library, which Laura Gray closed by facilitating a Holiday “Rhythmic Cup Exploration Group”. Our teachers enjoyed the challenges and fun of singing seasonal songs while tapping, reaching, clapping and passing cups to reinforce various rhythmic concepts. Technological teaching studio initiative: In 2014 Hanover-Walkerton Branch launched a video-sharing/musical pen pal site we named “ORMTA Students Share”. The objective was to link music students from our huge branch area of Mid-Western Ontario to share their music on-line. Students of various disciplines share solo, and duet performances and

– Kamara Hennessey HANOVER-WALKERTON Extended learning continues for HanoverWalkerton branch teachers.


NOTES Spring 2016

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We were proud to host the engaging Young Artist recital of Johann Derecho in October, organized with the enthusiasm of Edith Covach, to a well-attended and supportive audience of teachers, students, family, friends, and associates. Paul Coates’ idea to provide a review writing contest open to all student attendees was new and fun, and Susan Robinson volunteered to coordinate this opportunity. Two student winners were acknowledged with a prize, although all went away from the recital feeling inspired. An exciting “monster-marathon-of-a-day” full of multiple Musical Masquerade recitals, with over 100 student performers was organized by Donna Mak. It was fun and successful for all - taking place right on Hallowe’en Day in October this year. Even teachers had fun donning costumes, and the audience had chances to win prize draws. Of course, every student performer also loved the treat bags they each received! Canada Music Week events consisted of morning and afternoon master classes to students by clinician Amber Morphy. In the late afternoon, a recital featuring some of Canada’s finest composers and original student compositions, continued to be successful again this year. Joanne Bender, Ilva Gierman, and Jane Trafford made a great team for organizing and executing the event, and are both congratulated for receiving the William Andrews CMW award for the K-W branch this year as well as thanked again for all their time and efforts. K-W branch members enjoyed a few more social outings since our September paint nite; we went to a craft show and had fun seeing (and purchasing!) many creative and original

From the Branches season. Rachel Jantzi, Elizabeth Sutherland, Julie Evans, and Carolyn Johnston are warmly congratulated on the arrivals of Kaylee Anne Jantzi, Daniel Peter Sutherland, Alaiya Bryn Evans, and Sadie Elise Johnston. We just know they are going to become awesome future members of the ORMTA family in due time! In all our happily crazy busy musical lives, K-W ORMTA branch being “productive” might just be an understatement! – Donna Mak Canadian works of art and music-themed items (plus gourmet food gifts). The Music Club, organized by Susan Robinson, was graciously hosted by Sandra and Matthew Gartshore at their home in the fall. We performed solos and duets on piano, cello, and violin, making a fun morning get-together. In December we had a big Holiday Lunch buffet where we “Branched Out” with current, new, and prospective members. Surprising the public with a small-scale “flash mob” sung to the revised lyrics of “Jingle Bells” written by Donna Mak, we distributed K-W ORMTA candy canes to the restaurant staff and their patrons, who were all delighted with the experience. (How coincidentally funny it was to see just a few days afterwards, PM Justin Trudeau and other famous celebrities showing their versions of “Jingle Bells” across world media too!)

NORTH BAY Our first meeting of the 2015—2016 season took place on Friday, September 11th at the home of branch member Catherine Trenker. In addition to our usual business, Dr. Mark Swain, a local chiropractor gave a presentation on the subject of posture including advice on how we can improve our spinal health.

“Music Lessons from an Adult Learner’s Perspective”

Our first workshop, a composition workshop, given by branch member Frances Balodis was held over three weekends beginning October 3 and concluding November 7. Our October meeting, hosted by member Beth Chartrand at her home, included a presentation by Gunars Balodis, a North Bay Branch auxiliary member who spoke to us on the topic of

We launched our “Community Grand Piano Project” on November 21st at our annual “Honour Recital”. We are hoping, through our efforts and with the help of members of the community, to raise sufficient funds to purchase a grand piano for the use of our students in recitals and examinations. In addition, the instrument would be available for

Our branch general meetings have also been enjoying the variety of speakers and guest presentations invited by the President to appear, which have been connecting the community not just in music but in the related arts as well. For example, members have been mesmerized by the elegance of tai chi artistry; energized with hands-on drumming experiences; and enlightened by many members themselves excited for opportunities to share their knowledge of other instruments. We are constantly discovering that we can relate and bond with each other in more ways than one, and that everyone has something to offer if they wish! We are looking forward now to a Pop Music Recital, with thanks and appreciation to organizers Ivana Jokic, Carol-Ditner Wilson, and Edith Covach. In addition to the fun of students performing and the acceptability - in fact, invitation - to wear jeans to this particular event, a jeans donation collection will be taking place. All jeans that members, students, and families can donate will be brought to Pop Recital day in February, and will be kindly taken to oneROOF by Carol, so someone directly in our city who needs them will be able to make good use of them. I would like to make one further special mention: that not one - but four (that’s more than a hat trick!) - of our branch members were blessed with newborns to their family this The definitive information source for Ontario Registered Music Teachers

NOTES Spring 2016


From the Branches

outside community musical groups and would be housed at Christ Church Anglican. We enjoyed a luncheon meeting on December 4th at a local restaurant. The following day, we presented our “Candy Cane Recital” which is our annual pre Christmas event. We are pleased to welcome Amy Stevenson who is now an active member of the North Bay Branch ORMTA. She is a teacher of History, Singing and Theory. RCM Theory exams were held December 11 and 12 with practical exams taking place January 18 and 19. Thanks to the efforts of our RCM representative Cynthia Roveda assisted by member Marlene Little on January 18th, everything went smoothly. Our first meeting of 2016 took place at the studio of Brian McDowell on January 9. Our vice president, Cynthia Roveda who is a registered holistic nutritionist, gave the first of a two-part presentation on nutrition that was very well received. This season, in addition to our branch website , branch member Jessica Wadley in her role as branch publicity person, set up a North Bay Branch Facebook page. We are using this to create a ‘living’ history of our activities. In order to preserve our early history as a branch, Brian McDowell has completed the task of scanning all of our previous branch scrapbooks to .pdf documents. These books tell our story in pictures and words from 1947 when our branch was formed to 2006. – Brian McDowell OTTAWA Happy New Year! January 2016 has already come and gone - and time will continue to pass quicker than ever as we prepare our students for spring festivals and examinations.


NOTES Spring 2016

The Ottawa region experienced a fabulous fall and early winter of activities and the spring months promised only more enjoyment and professional development for both teachers and students alike. Our Canada Music Week recital took place on November 22nd at the Orleans United Church. It was a most enjoyable event, in which 42 performers, featuring piano, voice and violin, showcased their Canadian repertoire beautifully. Each performer received a certificate of participation as well as cupcakes prepared by Danielle Jersak. Many thanks to Tania Granata for hosting such a professional and inspirational event to celebrate our Canadian composers. We started January with the National Arts Centre’s TUNETOWN event, where 22 ORMTA students performed works for piano, voice and harp as part of our new relationship and partnership with the NAC. A memorable moment was made when Yuko Soncini-Koizumi’s students played an 8-hand variation of “Happy Birthday”, after which they got up from the piano, stood around our ORMTA banner and shouted, “Happy 80th Birthday, ORMTA!”, causing us to reflect upon the impact our organization has made over the past 80 years. Both NAC organizers and the general public commented on the talent, preparation and excellence of the students performing. February will bring with it our Variety Show, First Class Honours Recital, and a Piano Masterclass with David Jalbert at the University of Ottawa. On February 22nd, Robert Dvorkin will be our Information Sharing Session guest, sharing his expertise on the Taubman Approach - which can result in a near-tension-free experience at the keyboard, and lead the way to a virtuoso technique. In March, we look forward to a Vocal Masterclass with Christiane Riel, organized by Katarina Jovic and held at Ottawa U on the 6th, as well as an Adult Student Recital, organized by Ioulia Brechun, which will be held at City View United Church on the 19th. As always, we are thrilled to have such a valuable and appreciated group of teachers within our branch - many thanks to all our volunteers and membership for their ongoing support. Wishing all teachers across Canada an enjoyable and successful spring! – LaDawn Ouellette

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Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch presents:

Exploring History 3: with the YOUTUBE Genertion with Joe Ringhofer

Christ Church 1700 Mazo Cres., Mississauga, ON August 22-23, 9-12 August 24, 9-2 Contact: Virginia Taylor 416-742-6429; to register. $190.00 earlybird July 15, 2015 $200.00 late registration & at the door (fees include lunch on Wednesday)

Exploring History 3 with the YouTube Generation This course will focus on the new REVISED HISTORY 3 curriculum outlined in the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition. On Wednesday there will be short Q and A on the new Theory Syllabus. Whether you teach history formally or not, you will come away from this seminar with fresh insights into the music of the Romantic and Modern Eras. Join us for three fun-filled sessions as we unravel the music, magic and mayhem that is music history. Joe Ringhofer 2016

DREAM: A Digital Wonderland for Teachers


Dr. Joseph Ferretti

The ORMTA community was saddened to hear of the passing of Past ORMTA President, Bill Vaisey, last October in Peterborough. Born and educated in Toronto, Bill served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He studied music in post-war England and Italy. He became a teacher who made a significant contribution to music education for the blind and visually challenged as the National Music Consultant for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (19671988). He taught at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto for 60 years, adjudicated practical exams and served as President of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (1976-1978) and was a devoted member and volunteer within ORMTA’s Central Toronto Branch. He was a faithful member of Timothy Eaton Memorial United Church, close to his Toronto apartment where he just happened to be Glenn Gould’s neighbour. His work touched the lives of many to the good. Bill had an infectious quality to his laugh, warming character in his smile and the lightness of great wit. Bill relished life’s many dimensions and shared them with family and friends alike. We know he is at peace, but we will miss him profoundly nonetheless.

Helping Teachers and Their Students Since 1956

The internet and app stores offer a vast sea of resources that can effectively enhance our teaching. At times, these seas can seem a bit too vast, and full of treacherous waves. If this is the case for you, DREAM is your place! Researchers at Queen’s University, Concordia University and the Royal Conservatory of Music have created DREAM to serve as a helpful resource for teachers. DREAM (Digital Resource Exchange About Music) offers teachers a more efficient and refined system in which to navigate the world of available digital resources. Go to www. to discover an invaluable new resource for teachers. In a recent Notes article entitled “Technology Top Ten” (Fall 2015), Jodie Compeau credits DREAM for some of her discoveries. She goes on to even include the DREAM site itself in her list of technology favourites. DREAM is a virtual space for discovering and downloading the best available digital music resources. Dr. Rena Upitis of Queen’s University, and DREAM Project Director, sums it up: “The real strength of DREAM is that the resources are of high quality and relevance to music teachers. So, for example, teachers often spend precious time sorting through a whole page of YouTube recordings just to find one good one to share – DREAM has done that work for them already.” Take ear-training apps: many of these could handily create extra ear-training practice for students that spend a lot of time in transit. One look at all





of the ear training apps in an app store can lead to plenty of head scratching however. A quick survey of these apps on DREAM, complete with comments and ratings by other teachers, could help a teacher make an informed purchase or suggestion. This might not only save time, but also a bit of money. I now have some favorite resources for my iPad. For example, Wessar’s SightRead4Piano is a wonderful supplementary sight-reading resource that I found to be worth the investment. And, although there are many ear-training apps out there, few are as thorough or offer as many playback exercises as ABRSM’s Aural Trainer, or the full version of Pitch Improver. In addition to a full array of standard repertoire, a lot of contemporary Canadian repertoire videos are also neatly situated in DREAM, where the category will continue to grow. With a free DREAM account, you can comment on and submit resources yourself. This feature fulfills all of DREAM’s dreams: to facilitate an exchange of information that is free from the constraints of distance or time, transforming the way teachers learn so that they can focus more on their teaching. Joseph Ferretti is a pianist, teacher, RCM examiner, and festival and competition adjudicator. In addition to maintaining a studio in Toronto, where he is an active ORMTA member, Dr. Ferretti has taught piano in the Faculty of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University since 2003.


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REVIEWS KEYBOARD ACCOMPANIMENT SERIES Author: Gayle MacAulay Dunsmoor Reviewed by Kathy Schmidt, ORMTA Thunder Bay,ON This is an excellent series that has 4 books that are best used sequentially if a student/teacher has not had any previous experience with harmonizing a melody. However, if the student/ teacher has had previous experience, the first couple of books could be skipped. But in skipping these books, one would have to figure out what some of the author’s short hand refers to. The entire series has 19 keyboard accompaniment objectives that will help the student to achieve a well-rounded musical education assisting them in “real life” piano playing. By the end of the series the student will have developed the freedom to express themselves in their own accompaniment style as well as in the style of any particular genre. The student will also learn enough harmony to better understand the theoretical requirements for any Conservatory of Music examination system years ahead of writing. The author has exercises for over 40 different styles/genres of music. This is a fantastic series that could be used in conjunction with programs such as Conservatory Canada’s Contemporary Idiom.

MELODY ADVENTURES, A piano keyboard method Author: Gayle MacAulay Dunsmoor Reviewed by Kathy Schmidt , ORMTA Thunder Bay, ON This method series is made up of a Primer A and B designed for students with no prior piano or keyboard training. Two characters Melody and Jay along with some animal friends take the student through an engaging musical journey. These two books would have to be supplemented with other method materials since there is usually only 1-2 original pieces per concept. The concepts are introduced in a good pedagogical order, but really quickly with a fast transition to reading off staff to the grand staff. Therefore, I would recommend these for an older beginner (7-9 year old). Once a concept is introduced there is an expectation that the student can build upon it quickly. The teacher would need to develop all the pre-teaching activities and exercises ahead of lessons in the book to adequately prepare the student for the concepts. All the pieces come with wonderfully composed pieces and teacher duet/accompaniments that have great harmony and colour choices in the writing. Each book also has a lot of explanations on the pages and some reference charts in the back regarding signs and symbols, games, terms and abbreviations. The books are available in colour or black and white The Basics A and B books is a series that encourages “a practical understanding of harmony that progresses concurrently with technical, interpretive, sight-reading and performance skills.” Some of the pieces in this series are reminiscent of the old Leila Fletcher series. The student should be at a Grade 1-2 level of playing to be able to successfully enjoy these books. Book 1 and 2 of the series are very well put together with lots of exercises and well written pieces to reinforce concepts. As a teacher, I would be inclined to use both of these with the Basics A and B. By the end of book 2 the student will have played in all the Major and Minor Keys required for Conservatory Grades 1 and 2 and will have also learned some basic pedalling technique. Students will also begin learning how to harmonize simple melodies based upon primary chords and their progressions.


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Stentor A2 Artwork



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Orchestral Stringed Instruments

Distributed in Canada Exclusively by: Counterpoint Musical Services Call for the location of a retailer near you 1-800-690-0515

Est. 1895

Financial Reports 14

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The definitive information source for Ontario Registered Music Teachers

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Financial Reports 16

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The definitive information source for Ontario Registered Music Teachers

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2016 ORMTA Convention HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES, CHATHAM & JOHN D. BRADLEY CHATHAM-KENT CONVENTION CENTRE Adjacent to the Chatham-Kent John D. Bradley Convention Centre, this contemporary lodging includes modern rooms with flat-screen TVs and desks, plus minifridges and coffeemakers. Kids 19 and under stay free with an adult and there’s free Wi-Fi in every room, as well as a choice of hard and soft pillows. Suites add separate living spaces, kitchenettes and dining tables. The facility offers a free breakfast bar, an indoor saltwater pool and an exercise room, as well as a video game arcade and parking. To learn more about the event and to book, modify, or cancel a reservation, please visit

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS AND SUITES 575 Richmond Street Chatham, Ontario N7M 1R2 TEL: 519-351-1100 FAX: 519-436-5560 Refer to group code ORM to receive the convention rate of $129. Convention rate available until June 20, 2016 subject to availability.

Call for Hosting the 2018 ORMTA Convention ORMTA Provincial Council is sending out a call to all branches to consider hosting the 2018 Provincial Convention. Discuss ideas with your members, choose a theme, choose a logo, the possibilities are limitless. Think outside of the box! Information and application forms are now available online at We look forward to hearing from you! Application forms must be submitted by July 1, 2016.


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2016 ORMTA Convention Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 Pre-Convention Session Thursday, July 21 John D. Bradley Centre, 565 Richmond St., Chatham ON Chatham-Kent ORMTA Branch is excited to be hosting ORMTA Provincial Convention 2016 at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham, where we will be celebrating eighty years of excellence! We are delighted to welcome Kimberly Barber, Professor at Wilfred Laurier University, Dr. Christopher Foley, Collaborative Pianist, and Dr. Jennifer Snow, Professor at UCLA as our competitions adjudicators. As well as adjudicating our Provincial Student Competitions and Young Artist Competition, they will present the following workshops: Kimberly Barber –“What Every Musician Needs To Know About The Body” Chris Foley – “High-Tech (and Low-Tech) Workflows to Help You Manage a Studio” Jennifer Snow –“ Nurturing the Future Generation: Innovation in Music Teaching” Looking to add to your convention experience. We are very pleased to offer a Pre-Convention session on Thursday afternoon, July 21, “When the piano sings!” presented by clinician Martha Hill Duncan. Also on Thursday, we will have the opportunity to visit a local award-winning winery, Early Acres, 3 km northeast of Chatham, for wine tasting and a tour of the vineyards. Following the tour, a Meet and Greet will be held at the Holiday Inn Express from 8 PM to 10 PM. Come and enjoy professional development, exhibitors, trade show presentations, silent auction, entertainment, great venue, delicious meals, and friendly fellowship. The John D. Bradley Convention Centre is located at 565 Richmond Street in Chatham, where all convention events will be held. Right next door at 575 Richmond Street is the Holiday Inn Express, where we will welcome everyone to the Meet and Greet on Thursday evening. Closing ceremonies and a reception will follow the Young Artist Competition on Saturday afternoon. Chatham-Kent ORMTA Branch looks forward to welcoming you to Provincial Convention 2016 in July! Charline Farrell, ORMTA Convention Chair Elizabeth Tithecott, Provincial Council Convention Liaison

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2016 ORMTA Convention Schedule Thursday, July 21 Meeting Room 1A 1:00 - 4:00 pm Meeting Room 2 9:00 -12:00 Noon Meeting Room 2 1:00 - 5:00 pm Early Acres Winery 6:00 – 7:30 pm Holiday Inn Express 8:00 - 10:00 pm

Pre-Convention Session- Western Zone “When the Piano Sings!” Clinician – Martha Hill Duncan Executive Meeting Council Meeting Wine tasting and tour Meet and Greet

Friday, July 22

Ballroom A 8:00 - 6:00 pm Exhibitor’s Hall Open Meeting Room 1A 9:00 - 10:30 am “What Every Musician Needs To Know About the Body” Clinician – Kimberly Barber Ballroom A 10:30 - 11:00 am Coffee Break Meeting Room 1A 11:00 - 12:00 Noon “High-Tech (and Low-Tech) Workflows to Help You Manage a Studio” Clinician – Dr. Chris Foley Meeting Room 1A 12:00 – 1:50 pm Prov. Competition Rehearsals 12:00 - 12:15 pm Break Ballroom A 12:15 - 1:30 pm Buffet Lunch Meeting Room 1A 2:00 - 4:15 pm Prov. Instrumental Competition Ballroom A 4:15 - 4:45 pm Coffee Break Meeting Room 1A 4:45 - 5:45 pm Provincial Vocal Competition Ballroom B&C 7:00 pm Gala Banquet

Saturday, July 23 Ballroom A 8:00 - 6:00 pm Ballroom B&C 8:00 - 9:00 am Ballroom A 9:00 - 9:15 am Ballroom B&C 9:15 - 10:30 am Ballroom A 10:30 -10:45am Meeting Room 1A 10:45 - 11:45 am Meeting Room 1A 11:45 – 2:00 pm Ballroom A 11:45 - 12:15 pm Ballroom B&C 12:15 - 1:30 pm Ballroom A 1:30 - 2:00 pm Meeting Room 1A 2:15 – 4:30 pm 5:00 pm

Exhibitor’s Hall Open RCM-Sponsored Breakfast Presentation: 2016 Theory Syllabus Break AGM (members only) Coffee Break Clinician – Dr. Jennifer Snow – “Nurturing the Future Generation: Innovation in Music Teaching” Young Artist Rehearsal Break Awards Luncheon Break (Silent Auction) Young Artist Competition Awards Ceremony and Reception

Schedule Subject to Change 20

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Convention Registration Form “A”


Registration may also be done online. Visit The definitive information source for Ontario Registered Music Teachers

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Convention Registration Form “B�

Registration may also be done online. Visit 22

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Dr. Jennifer Snow Dr. Jennifer Snow is an established educator and performer. She has held the positions of Vice President, Teacher Education and Chief Academic Officer, Examinations for the Royal Conservatory of Music and Senior Vice President of Education with Chromatik. She consults with a range of organizations on curriculum design, teacher education, and interdisciplinary education. A passionate educator, Jennifer was previously on the keyboard faculty at the renowned UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music where she taught piano, collaborative piano, and pedagogy. Jennifer is a frequent speaker and invited clinician who has presented at a wide range of conferences including Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP), European Piano Teachers Association, NGCAE, NATS, National and International College Music Society, World Piano Pedagogy Conference, Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations (CFMTA), International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research Music Pedagogy, the International Society of Music Education (ISME), and numerous state and provincial music teacher conferences. She has served on the editorial board for American Music Teacher magazine, Royal Conservatory Advisory committee, and the CFMTA International Research Advisory Committee. She is a member of the AHRC Research Network on music learning and technology in the U.K. Currently, she is President of the California Professional Music Teachers Association (CAMPT). In addition to her deep commitment to education, Jennifer is a versatile performer who has appeared as a collaborative pianist throughout Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Kimberly Barber Canadian mezzo-soprano Kimberly Barber’s eclectic and varied career combines not only the standard repertoire sung on some of the great opera house and concert stages of the world for the last 30 years, but also contemporary and baroque works with smaller, experimental companies. She is a champion of the music of our time, frequently giving world and Canadian premieres of new music. Her operatic repertoire encompasses more than 40 roles, many of them from twentieth century or lesser-known works, and her concert repertoire stems from every genre. She has recorded for Deutsche Grammophon, CBC Records, Naxos and Dutton Classics. Her wide-ranging career as an operatic performer, concert, recital and recording artist in Europe, Asia and North America and the breadth of her pedagogical experience qualify her ideally to train emerging vocal artists who hope to excel at an international level. In demand as a guest lecturer, panellist, consultant and pedagogue, Kimberly Barber gives master classes and workshops around the world at universities, conservatories and Young Artist Programs. She adjudicates widely, and is frequently called upon to serve on advisory panels for the arts. In May 2005 she was the live colour commentator for CBC Radio’s coverage of the Montreal International Voice Competition. An Associate Professor of Voice at Wilfrid Laurier University since 2002, she acts as Administrative Coordinator for their Opera Program. Her research interests are centred on the Art of Practice, body-mapping and effective use of the body in vocal pedagogy, as well as the innovative use of e-portfolios in the voice studio to document and reinforce vocal development and effective practice. Now licensed as an Andover Educator®, she teaches Body Mapping to Musicians in workshop settings, privately, and as a cornerstone of her pedagogical model in the voice studio.

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Dr. Christopher Foley Christopher Foley is a pianist dedicated to the fields of teaching, chamber music, art song, opera, and contemporary music. At the Eastman School of Music, he received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in 1994, majoring in Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music as a student of Jean Barr and David Burge. He is on the faculty of the Royal Conservatory of Music, where he teaches piano and vocal literature. He also currently serves as Senior Examiner and Adjudicator Certification Program Specialist for RCM Examinations. For the Royal Conservatory’s 2015 Piano Syllabus, he appeared as both performer and Artistic Advisor for the recordings, and was a contributor for the technical requirements and repertoire revisions. Prior to his appointment at The Royal Conservatory, he taught at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Academy of Music. As pianist and repetiteur for Tapestry Opera, he has been involved with numerous productions, as well as being on the creative team for Tapestry’s unique Composer/Librettist and Director/Musical Director laboratories. In 2010 he was the that company’s first Leadership Legacy Intern, where he created the Tapestry Songbook, a workshop and recital program aimed at educating emerging singers and pianists in the new opera development process. At the 2012 Honens International Piano Competition, he provided the color commentary for CBC’s live global webcast of the final concerto round. As author of the Collaborative Piano Blog, he writes about issues of importance to the collaborative pianist, as well as current musical events in Toronto and elsewhere. Dr. Foley has recently appeared as pianist and coach for the singers featured on the Bravo!Canada reality show Bathroom Divas.

Martha Hill Duncan Martha Hill Duncan is an award-winning composer, choral conductor and piano teacher. A transplanted Texan, she received a vocal diploma from the Houston High School for Performing and Visual Arts and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with studies in composition and piano. After immigrating to Canada, she continued her musical studies with Dr. Samuel Dolin in Toronto. Martha is known for her piano and vocal compositions with many of these works appearing in the Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada Conservatory, Canadian National Conservatory of Music and Contemporary Showcase syllabi and publications. Several of her vocal and choral works honour her adopted country of Canada. Her opera, Searching the Painted Sky, with Waterloo librettist Janet Windeler Ryan was premiered by The El Paso Youth Opera in New York City in January 2014 and in Toronto, July 2015. Martha is a founding member of Red Leaf Pianoworks a crossCanada composers’ collective and websource for new piano repertoire and conducts the Kingston women’s choir She Sings! She is also a piano examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music, and is a frequent clinician and adjudicator. She enjoys sharing her musical experience, insights and challenges with students, fellow teachers and composer colleagues. She lives in Kingston, Ontario with her husband Martin, an astrophysicist. They have two grown children - Alex, a mathematician, and Claire, a singer and voice over artist. For more information, visit


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Canada Music Week 2015 Branch Reports Debra Wanless and Anne Crosby. The concert was well-attended by approximately 70 enthusiastic family members and friends. The performances were followed by pictures, with many of the students waving Canadian flags and wearing Canadian scarves. The day culminated with a reception to celebrate the students’ performances. The Barrie branch had a tremendous attendance this year at our Canada Music Week Awards Recitals! Each recital began with the singing of our national anthem, then performances from over 50 students, both piano and vocal, were enjoyed. Students were given treat bags of maple leaf candies made from local maple syrup producers with a thank you note attached. Certificates and honorariums were awarded to students who had achieved the highest Royal Conservatory of Music marks in theoretical and practical exams in the past year. Honourable mention certificates and Piano, Theory, and Vocal awards were also given out. Many thanks to our CMW committee of Sarah Lawton and Megan Newcombe who donated much time in organizing this year’s event! The Belleville branch held a Junior Recital and Tea on November 22nd, 2015 at Emmanuel United Church in Foxboro. The recital showcased the musical talents, piano and vocal, of 41 young students and it marked the end of Canada Music Week in the Quinte area for 2015. Many played Canadian repertoire by well-known composers such as Nancy Telfer, Clifford Crawley,

Central Toronto branch held a composition master class with ORMTA’s president, composer Frank Horvat. Students, parents, and teachers appreciated Frank’s insightful and encouraging comments. Etobicoke-Missisauga Branch members supported Contemporary Showcase and celebrated Canada Music Week by participating in this non-competitive festival of Canadian contemporary art music as members of the committee and by volunteering their time during the adjudications. Our students performed contemporary Canadian art music in a masterclass format. During the final recital at the end on Dec. 6, some of the students were recognized for superb performances by receiving awards, while others performed. Hamilton/Halton celebrated Canada Music Week with two wonderful recitals! Over fifty students of voice, piano and guitar, from all levels performed works by Canadian composers, including those of three of our own members. We were also treated to a couple of “own compositions” from young composers. Each recital was opened with a jazzy version of O Canada.

Kingston’s Canada Music Festival featured 46 performers: voice, strings, and piano. Local composers were highlights (Martha Hill Duncan, Beverly Porter, John Burge, James Medd). 23 students were selected for the finale concert and we gave away hockey tickets for our local OHL team. Students and parents appreciated adjudicator Dr. John Burge’s outgoing and positive adjudications! Thanks to Queen’s University and the Queen’s Community Music program for the collaboration and to Kristin Rae for all that she has done to organize this event over the last five years. Congratulations to KitchenerWaterloo branch on receiving a William Andrews award for their Canada Music Week activities!

Kitchener - Waterloo’s Canada music week master classes and recital on Sat. Nov 21st involving 60 students and 10 teachers were a wonderful celebration and a fitting tribute to the many fine composers, performers, teachers, and students who represent Canada. Small non-competitive master classes were conducted by Amber Morphy, followed by a recital featuring works by Canadian composers. Highlights included Canadian flag decorations; histories of the flag and anthems; Karen Rowell’s 2-piano 8-hands arrangement of O Canada performed by four students; composers Boyd McDonald and Joanne Bender speaking about and playing their

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North Bay ‘Honour Recital’

own works; student compositions; a sale/display table of Red Leaf Piano Works; and greetings and pins sent by MP Harold Albrecht, who noted the tremendous value of music. Thanks to conveners Joanne Bender, Ilva Gierman, and Jane Trafford for organizing the day. North Bay branch’s Canada Music Week event was our “Honour Recital” which was held Saturday, November 21.

Sunday November 22nd marked the Ottawa Region branch’s Canada Music Week recital at the Orleans United Church. Forty plus students performed works by Canadian composers and even featured music by local composers Christine Donkin and Claudia CashinMack. The concert was very well attended and the audience enjoyed piano solos, piano duets, and vocal and violin performances. As part of ORMTA Ottawa’s partnership with Ottawa Pianos, store manager Carmen Papalia attended the concert as a special guest. Once the recital was finished, students were presented with certificates of participation as well as beautifully baked and decorated Canada Music Week cupcakes made by Danielle Jersak. Following the concert guests were able to enjoy a lovely reception. Special thanks goes out to council members Danielle Jersak, Meg

Iwaskow, and all the other people who helped make the event a huge success. The Owen Sound branch celebrated with a student recital featuring works from across Canada and by our very own members including Debra Wanless, Jen Smith Lanthier, and Beth Hamilton. Over 25 students participated in the evening, all of whom enjoyed the delicious cake and punch reception. Thanks to all these branches for helping to educate students and parents about the tremendous depth and value of music in our country! If your branch did not have any Canada Music Week events this fall, please consider how you can participate next year, even in a small way. – Alice Dearden, ORMTA Canada Music Week convener

Cynthia Roveda, Vice President, Brian McDowell, President, Mayor Al McDonald holding our Canada Music Week Proclamation, Frances Balodis our North East Zone representative and Gunnars Balodis, auxiliary member of North Bay branch.

The students with the highest mark in each category and each level received trophies to celebrate Canadian music.


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Ottawa Branch

On Sunday, November 1st and Sunday, November 15th, the North York / York Region branch sponsored two special recitals in local Seniors’ Residences. These included piano, voice, strings, and speech arts students, with both young and adult students participating. Their second Canada Music Week event was their special awards for students performing Canadian composers’ works for their Fall Auditions programs.

Celebration Series 2015 Edition ®

The award-winning Celebration Series® revised to inspire today’s students! New repertoire and etudes books feature an outstanding selection of pieces from all style periods, including fresh and exciting compositions by today’s most popular composers to motivate students. Each volume includes CD and digital recordings performed by concert artists that provide a model to which students can aspire. The Celebration Series® includes: k twelve repertoire books (Preparatory A and Preparatory B through Level 10) k ten etudes books (Levels 1 through 10) Updated Technical Requirements for Piano support the requirements of the Piano Syllabus, 2015 Edition. Updated Four Star® Sight Reading and Ear Tests include online ear-training exercises to allow for practice at home.

Find out more at or call 1.800.461.6058 FOLLOW US:


PROXY FORM To be handed to the Secretary or Chair of the Meeting within 48 hours of the Meeting (excluding Saturdays and holidays).

I, __________________________________________, certify that I am entitled to vote at an ORMTA meeting, and do hereby give my proxy to

____________________________________________, who may or may not be a member entitled to vote at an ORMTA meeting, but with this proxy is entitled to attend and act at the meeting in the manner, to the extent and with the authority conferred by this proxy. This proxy holder shall attend in person, or cause an alternate proxy holder to attend, the meeting in respect of which the proxy is given and shall comply with the directions of the member who appointed the person. This proxy is only valid for the Meeting dated ________________. It may be revoked by the member or the member’s attorney signing a note of revocation up to an including the day of the meeting, and received by the chair of the meeting.

__________________________________________ Signed (by the member or by the member’s attorney)


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ONTARIO REGISTERED MUSIC TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING SATURDAY JULY 23, 2016 Chatham-Kent John D. Bradley Convention Centre, 565 Richmond St., Chatham, ON


6. Election of Zone Representatives

1. Call to Order

7. President’s Report

2. Introduction of Council Members

8. Open Forum

3. Minutes of the last Annual Meeting (July 2015)

9. Results of Voting as Presented by Scrutineers

4. Matters for Voting

10. Announcements

5. Motion to Elect Scrutineers

11. Adjournment

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Nancy Dale, Provincial Treasurer PO Box 1639 Niagara-on-the-Lake ON L0S 1J0

The 2016-17 membership fees have been prepared. The invoices will be generated on the ORMTA website ( in late April. Traditional paper invoices will be mailed for those who do not have an email address or access to a computer. There are three available methods of payment: email transfer, PayPal (debit or credit card) by logging into the ORMTA website or cheques/money orders sent by mail. On January 23, 2016, the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the year 2015 was officially confirmed at 1.7 %. This percentage has been applied to the Provincial and Branch fees. (The 2014 CPI was 1.9 %.) The CFMTA 2016-17 fees will remain at $26.00 per member (optional for RETIRED and SEMI-RETIRED members). Westland Insurance Company rates have increased to $35.00 from $32.40 for the July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017 fiscal year.

ORMTA MEMBERSHIP FEES 2016-17/ Increased by Ontario 2015 CPI 1.7% (Provincial & Branch increase in brackets) ***Notes Magazine optional hard copy $12 annual subscription fee/not included in total Totals include CFMTA & Insurance fees where applicable


Provincial fee


Branch Fee


Special Projects*



54.42 (.91)

35.00 (Optional)

21.51 (.36)

26.00 (Mandatory)





35.00 (Optional)

21.51 (.36)

26.00 (Mandatory)




49.33 (.82)

35.00 (Optional)

18.85 (.32)

26.00* (Optional)




27.84 (.47)

26.00* (Optional)




32.91 (.55)





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35.00 (Optional)

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ORMTA Provincial Council 2015-2016 Executive


Frank Horvat – 503-16 Brookers Lane, Toronto ON M8V 0A5; Phone: 416-503-4789 E Mail: CFMTA Delegate


Elizabeth Tithecott – 34 Gladstone Ave., Chatham, N7L 2C1; Phone: 519-351-6387 E Mail: Convention, Finance Chair


Kathy Schmidt – 588 Riverview Dr.; Thunder Bay; P7C 1R7; Phone: 807-577-6999 E Mail: Professional Development


Sue Jones – 259 Crocus Ave., Ottawa, K1H 6E7; Phone: 613-523-5317 E Mail: Performance Competitions; CFMTA Delegate


Nancy Dale – Box 1639; (58 Shakespeare Ave.); Niagara – on – the - Lake; L0S 1J0 Phone: 905-468-5639 E Mail: NOTES Advertising


Ron Spadafore – Box 635 Timmins, P4N 7G2; Phone: 705-267-1224 Fax: 705-264-0978 E Mail:


(year 2) Susan Robinson - 147 Brookside Cr.; Kitchener, N2N 1H2 Phone: 519-742.4129 E Mail: Young Artist Tour

Zone Representatives

EASTERN (year 3) Judy Home - 4-110 Mary St. West; Whitby; L1N 8M5; Phone: 905-665-8484; Cell: 905-903-8484; E Mail: Bylaws GREATER TORONTO (year 2) Alice Dearden - 2 Norval St., Toronto, M6N 3Z2; Phone: 416-763-0490 E Mail: Canada Music Week/Music Writing Competition (year 2) Irene Fong Leung - Box 23552 Dexter, 5899 Leslie St., Willowdale, M2H 1J0; Phone: 416 496-9680; E Mail: Affiliate Teacher Liaison (year 2) Eric Shaw - 172 Redpath Ave.; Toronto; M4P 2K6; Phone: 416-884-4846 E Mail: Membership NORTH CENTRAL (year 1) Laura Gray - Harriston; Phone: 519-338-5891 E Mail: Advertising NORTH EAST (year 2) Frances Balodis - 1204 Ed Briese Rd. (Ullswater) R. R. #1 Utterson; P0B 1M0; Phone: 705-769-3449; E Mail: Fundraising NORTH WEST OTTAWA REGION

(year 3) Kathy Schmidt - 588 Riverview Dr.; Thunder Bay; P7C 1R7; Phone: 807-577-6999 E Mail: ORMTA Pedagogy Award


(year 2) Jacqueline Huffman-Krisza - 1026 Earl Cres.; Burlington: L7T 3P9; Phone: 905-333-3128; E Mail: College/University Liaison


(year 7) Elizabeth Tithecott - 34 Gladstone Ave., Chatham, N7L 2C1; Phone: 519-351-6387 E Mail: Convention, Finance Chair

(year 2) Tania Granata - 89 Switch Grass; Nepean; K2J 5Z3; Phone: 613-447-2618 E Mail: ORMTA Contribution to Teaching Award (year 1) Olivia Riddell - Ottawa, Tel: (613) 680-2996 E Mail: Affiliate Teacher Liaison

MEMBER AT LARGE (year 3) Ian Green - 214 Huxley Ave. South; Hamilton; L8K 2R3; Phone: 905-483-2776 Email: Communications BOARD OF EXAMINERS Nancy Hughes, Derek Oger, Audrey Jean Wells The definitive information source for Ontario Registered Music Teachers

NOTES Spring 2016


MUSIC Integrate your studies in performance, music history, and theory while exploring the edges of music. Discover music’s relationships to technology, film, gender, and global culture. Each year, thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards are given to new and returning music students!

Debra Wanless Music All Your Creative Teaching Needs Ensembles • Fakebooks • Method Books • Piano Solos Technique Books • Theory & Textbooks

QuenMar Music Gayle Dunsmoor, BCRMT

Create Great Accompaniment with Keyboard Accompaniment Books n Que usi rM Ma



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