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I read God's mind... It just comes to me this way I read god’s mind… it just comes to me this way… These lines… if would have come from a seeker of spiritualism then the subject should not find any substantial reason to raise my eyebrows… interestingly; as I have read it somewhere that these words were said by the greatest scientist of his times and even of this day… Albert Einstein. When asked about the ability that ranked him as genius for number of innovations… Einstein merely remarked thatI simply read God’s mind. The second part of the title ascribes its origin to another Great scientist Nicholas Tesla whose work saw its face in this world much before the ‘Time’… not many people are aware of this great scientist who was the source to a number of innovation that have not come in application even on this day. Once when he was enquired about the extraordinary ability of innovation in the field of science and technology… he remarked that whatever you see as my innovation merely comes to me in the hours of my deep sleep or contemplation. Nicholas Tesla mentioned that all machines that constitute as my innovation appear before me as it is during hours of my deep sleep or contemplation and afterwards I merely follow the image and the details start pouring down…( these are not his exact words but the exact essence behind his mention). These above mentioned words from these two great scientist should forcefully impress two; namely any ardent seeker of meditation and the one that deeply yearns to cherish ones most sought dreams… so much so that they charter their self to think and understand the secret behind. With slight attention to these facts of reading God’s mind or it just comes to me this way… clearly indicates that the knowledge exists elsewhere and this mortal brain is merely an instrument that projects the decoded information. And those who somehow know or learn the manner to connect with that reservoir of knowledge become the epitome of innovation in their respective spheres. Knowingly or unknowingly Einstein and Nicholas Tesla… both were experiencing the dimensions of meditation in their own respective manner. Meditation is a state that enables the infinite store of knowledge borne within the cosmic mind unleashes itself upon the seeker in absolute appropriation of his/her urge and intent. Considering the moments of meditation as stress release therapy or for the sake of Joy is just like cutting the size of Himalayan range to 50 sq meters. Meditation is silencing of all interfering components of our existence including mind, intellect, chitta & ego so that unhindered and chaste broadband connectivity is established amidst this limited self and the limitless. ‘Who am I’ , What am I here for, Where do I come from and Where do I go here from; all these questions that a being must know start tracing their respective answer… the moment ones internal components seize to snowball the turbulence within our awareness new light with all new knowledge start appearing upon the canvas of our insight. Those are the moments of wonder when a being finds all sensory organs having their subtlest origin within the centre of our brain. That clearly means that you can see, smell, hear, touch and move without all physical sensory and activity related organs. All anomalies and dichotomies find their substantive reasonableness. One stops agitating for any reason and count and one shall always agitate for rightful purposes in a manner that harmony remains unscathed at all of its scale. As Lord Jesus Christ said… ‘Me & my father are one’ & Upanishad pronounces ‘Aham Brahamasmi’… a being immersed into the larger existence through the mode of meditation, devotion or service shall find ‘itself’ as one with supreme… though initially the seeker shall trace the aforesaid observation as a forceful reality but with subsequent progress all hypes settle to absolute peace… and the oneness becomes just as ordinary as it is to breathe unnoticeably. But this transformation primarily needs a desire transformed into a true will… i.e. desire2will… Dinesh kumar (learning under discipline).

I read God's mind... It just comes to me this way  

These lines… if would have come from a seeker of spiritualism then the subject should not find any substantial reason to raise my eyebrows…...

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