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A reason among many… that I cannot become a ‘Guru’. A reason among many… that I cannot become a ‘Guru’. ‘Guru’; what a common term used these days to express expertise upon any subject… physics, economics or management, people in order to establish the ability of profound knowledge upon; (any subject) ascribe the term ‘Guru’ to a person. I believe that real fact behind is not commonly known to people at large and it is therefore that they address any individual borne with virtues or expertise as a ‘Guru’… and due to the common usage of this word several tricks through tricky have gulped the faith of people (under the color of religion & spiritualism). Like a toy rocket cannot contain the fact of an actual one, similarly mere addressability of a Guru cannot suffice to bear the truth it actually beholds.

There was a time when imparting knowledge was the domain of Rishi’s alone… the word ‘rishi’ simply means the one that knows all about the cosmic discipline… ‘rritt’ is the cosmic discipline and the cosmic substance both… and the one that is borne of it is termed as rishi… the moment such individuality shall embark upon sculpturing other souls, it shall acquire the status of being denoted as a ‘Guru’. ‘Guru’ a composition of two words namely; Gu & Ru, The former means the ‘absolute in-depth knowledge’ whereas the latter means ‘one who is borne of it’… Now the former meaning must be understood at length in order to avoid any confusion for all future references… it says ‘absolute indepth knowledge’, even the word absolute was adequate for a mention but this another word helps to identify the essence behind the word ‘absolute’. There is a small gospel in Vedas that mentions ‘rrittam ch sattyam’ which clearly means that the cosmic discipline or the cosmic substance alone is real… in other words… rest all is delusion. When ‘rritt’ alone is the truth then it is for sure that the one who knows about it is the only one who is borne with ‘absolute indepth knowledge’. One must remember that knowing all information or knowledge other than ‘rritt’ is inconclusive information or knowledge… therefore the absolute knowledge is the one upon ‘rritt’ alone… and the one that bears it is the ‘rishi’ and in furtherance of it when such imparts knowledge or sculptures other souls acts in the capacity of a Guru’. Ancient times witnessed a well-structured hierarchy for those who were engaged in the field of disseminating knowledge. At top were ‘rishi’s followed by ‘manishis’ ( the one that shall deeply contemplate upon the knowledge passed on to them by rishis ad make a further elaboration for the benefit of commoners… in a way we can also understand that ‘manisihis’ were the one that crafted a systematized curriculum for the learning of commoners. Then came the rung of ‘Acharya’; the one who shall bear profound knowledge upon subject and shall help seeker further their learning and growth (research). Acharya were the one that were a major link amidst the top rung of the hierarchy in field of learning and the rest beneath… Then at the fourth stage came ‘Upadhyayas’… they were those who were not so profound (in respective knowledge) as Acharyas but were the direct source of learning for students at higher levels… but in general practice even Upadhyayas preferred to be referred as Acharya… The last in the row where a classroom begins were ‘Adhyapaks’… the one that shall study to teach… and teach to enable learning proceed… There is another term called ‘marga darshak’ which means to navigate one on a path… anyone can be a marga darshak irrespective of

his/her foot on which rung of the ladder… it means that all aforesaid terms could share the commonality of being a ‘marga dharshak’… but unfortunately the commonality became replaced by the term ‘Guru’ instead of ‘ marga darshak’… Now for those who may not know… it is necessary to mention that a ‘Guru’, the one that bears absolute knowledge upon ‘rritt’ the cosmic substance or cosmic discipline… can accompany any soul, round the clock, for countless births in case they take its charge… can alter ones destiny (indeed for a large cause alone)… can make changes within the working of nature (that they accomplish at rarest of occasion)… endlessly work for the will of the creator alone… they are jeevan mukta ; unbound of the cycle of birth & can take birth merely to accomplish specific assignments… they never ever try to make anyone happy instead they always endeavor to progress any soul. I had given a program last year by the name ‘avadhoot beesavi sadi ke’ and its recording in Hindi is available at the you tube channel( gospel4learning). There I have made a slight mention upon these facts at a small scale… is yet another platform (under construction) for an adhyapak like me to sustain and propagate… it is therefore that I keep repeating before hundreds and thousands that come across and intend to address me as their guru… a fact that I cannot become a ‘Guru’… Since I do not qualify the eligibility of a Guru… had I not experienced one such ‘Guru’ may be the forces of delusion could have ridden me with their spell and would have confined this seeker as another ‘Guru’… Sincerely speaking I do not want to loose on any count of my eligibility to be a rishi irrespective that it comes to me even after ten thousand births… Dinesh kumar (learning under discipline).

A reason among many… that I cannot become a ‘Guru’.  

A reason among many… that I cannot become a ‘Guru’. ‘Guru’; what a common term used these days to express expertise upon any subject… physic...

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