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Improving Your HP Mini 110 Laptop Battery Performance Essentially, an HP Mini 110 laptop requires an original HP Mini 110 battery for the best performance. Laptop batteries are manufactured from various chemical compounds which vary among all the different types of laptops in the market. Specifically, the HP Mini laptop battery may either be 3-cell or 6-cell. The two have different features such as weight and running time. For instance, the HP Mini 110 6-cell one weighs about 375 grams and has a dimension of 123.95mm x 46.41mm x 28.50mm. It has a battery voltage of 10.8V and a capacity of 5200mAh. The battery is a Li-ion type and is black in colour.

With proper care and maintenance, the Mini 110 battery ought to serve for a minimum of five years. Normally, after purchasing the battery in its discharge condition, ensure that you charge it to its full capacity before you start using it.

An HP Mini 110 adapter allows you to recharge the laptop battery to ensure that its maximum power output is maintained whenever you are using the laptop. The original high performing AC adapter is often part of a new HP Mini 110 laptop package. It has a power output capacity of 30W, 19V and 1.58 Amps current flow. It has an input power specification of 50/60Hz with a voltage of between 100 to 240 volts. If you are an HP enthusiast and you want to buy a new HP adapter or you wish to replace an existing one then remember to put into consideration all the above distinct features.

Under optimal circumstances, the HP battery for Mini 110 runs for more than 5 hours before it seeks out for recharge. It has a one year warranty, preferably if chased from among the most legitimate online laptop and electronic accessories such as Amazon or Ebay. The battery’s running time is determined by the kind of function that you are engaging your laptop with. However, the HP Mini 110 battery often suffer from running time reduction if you start a habit of charging it before it is almost completely discharged.

Recommended HP Mini 110 battery care practices - Never leave your battery plugged into an electric outlet long after you have completed using your machine. This is in fact a common mistake made by individuals especially those who use their laptops as desktop replacements. Leaving the HP Mini 110 adapter plugged into a power socket maintains an air

of electricity (what is normally known as “drought”) which has serious consequences such as causing damage to the interior components of the HP charger rendering it useless.

- It is wise to regularly clean the battery’s parts especially the metal parts using alcohol and a cotton swab to ensure a better connection between HP laptop and the battery. Remember to continuously exercise your battery i.e. do not leave it dormant for a considerably long period of time. To maximise the battery’s performance, it is imperative to maintain the battery healthy by fully charging it and then using it without the charger connected to it until it is fully discharged to zero on a regular basis.

- Never leave the battery exposed to very temperatures for a prolonged period of time. An extended exposure to heat such as inside a hot car is likely to accelerate the deterioration of the lithium ion battery cells.


HP laptop battery calibration is also important. It should however be

done based on the results shown in HP Support Manual. Under normal usage, it is necessary to calibrate the battery at least once every 2-3 months. But if your battery is rarely discharged, then the calibration ought to be done once a month instead.

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Improving your hp mini 110 laptop battery performance nbca 1123  

Essentially, an HP Mini 110 laptop requires an original HP Mini 110 battery for the best performance. Laptop batteries are ......http://www....

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