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New Features in OS X Mountain Lion...........................................1 OVERVIEW

What Will the New iPhone Be Like?..............................................2 OVERVIEW

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII..................................................3 OVERVIEW

Galaxy SIII — Ready For Battle.....................................................4 OVERVIEW

NEW Mac Pro.................................................................................5 OVERVIEW

iOS 6 Features.................................................................................6 NEWS

Apple vs Samsung Court Case.......................................................7 How to Sound Like


‘Anonymous’ Hacking Group (MAC)............................................8 REVIEW

Avast! 7 Review...............................................................................9 REVIEW

Logic Pro 9 Review....................................................................... 10

New Features in OS X Mountain Lion The new operating system from Apple, named the OS

X Mountain Lion, promises to be


allows you to send unlimited messages to any Mac or iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running on iOS 5.

the most advanced desktop OS in the world. There are a lot of new features that are likely to be included in the new OS including iCloud, Messages, Reminders, Notes and The Notification Centre to name a few. Other popular features and applications include Share Sheets, Game Centre, Tweeter, Airplay Mirroring, Gate Keeper and a host of other features available on the iPad. The new OS is looking more like an iPhone in terms of interface, it has dropped the Mac term and is known just as OS X.

Reminder Feature The Reminder feature helps you not to forget any of your commitments and all you need to do is make a to-do list and keep adding, because this feature can remind more than one on the list.

Notification Centre The Notification

Centre comes in handy

for keeping track of everything that is happening


including incoming messages, emails, friend

One of the most exciting features is the iCloud

popping up all the time in your Mac in one place.

feature, which allows you to set up the feature on your Mac after you have signed in with your Apple

requests, status updates and many more that is And the Mountain Lion video converter allows you to import videos from a variety of sources and view


them directly on your Mac. These are a few of


features that make the new Mountain Lion worth

the great new features but there are plenty more while!

The Messages feature is similar to iChat and


What Will the New iPhone Be Like?


The majority of the human population now owns

metal part of the chip. These new nano SIM cards

mobile phones and handset manufacturing has

are of the dimension of 12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67 mm which

become a multibillion dollar industry. And in the

is much lesser than that of earlier micro SIM cards.

recent years the smart phones have come to

The association with this technology implies that

dominate this industry and become a necessity in our

the new iPhone will be significantly thinner than its

lives. It is impossible to think of a day without your


Smartphone because it has become able to perform tasks that we never had expected from a phone in the

Another feature likely to be incorporated into the new

past. And the iPhone from Apple is the undisputed

model is the NFC chip which allows the transmission

leader in this segment with having revolutionised

of data between two NFC enabled devices within

the concept of Smartphones. The latest generation

a certain range. This will enable the usage of the

of iPhone is the iPhone 5 which is expected to be

Passbook technology that is targeted directly against

unveiled in Mid September.

the Google Wallet payment service. This new application is being expected to be integrated into

3A lot of speculation is going on about the possible

the new operating system from Apple, the iOS 6. The

new features to be expected in the latest offering

new iPhone is also speculated to support the LTE

iPhone 5 vs Samsung III enable higher data technologyGalaxy which will not only

from Apple Corporation. It has been reported that the new iPhone will be compatible with the nano

transfer speed but also the FaceTime application.

SIM card technology where the SIM cards require much less space because they consist of only the

The world of Smartphones is evolving fast with a slew of new models and upgrades... And this battle has got just hotter with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and the latest iPhone from Apple, the iPhone 5, due to release in September. Both the competitors have packed in some really mean stuff in the form of powerful hard ware and updated software and a slew of applications. So it is going to be really tough to pick ant from the two since they both got reviews from the critics.


iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII


The world of Smartphones is

The new iPhone 5 has

will include Wi-Fi Connectivity, 3G

evolving fast with a slew of new

incorporated certain upgrades

Connectivity with possible support

models and upgrades... And this

and updates over its earlier

for LTE Technology, Bluetooth, and

battle has got just hotter with the

models. According to the unofficial

Autofocus 8 MP Camera with dual

release of Samsung’s Galaxy SIII

preliminary specifications from

LED Flash, HD Video Recording

and the latest iPhone from Apple,

the industry insiders, its specs

and HDMI output, 3D Display and

the iPhone 5, due to release in

will include iOS 6 Operating

built in GPS connectivity among

September. Both the competitors

system, 1.4 GHz Apple Dual


have packed in some really mean

Core Processor and 1 GB RAM

stuff in the form of powerful hard

that will ensure faster application

ware and updated software and

speed. On the display front it

a slew of applications. So it is

sports a 4.0 inches OLED Screen

going to be really tough to pick ant

Display with a Screen Resolution

from the two since they both got

of 960 x 640 pixels. It will also be

reviews from the critics.

sporting a thinner and lighter body because of the nano SIM card technology. Other standard perks


Galaxy SIII — Ready For Battle


The Samsung has armed its flagship Smartphone

connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G

v4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich and Quad core 1.4

Field technology. It also packs a HDMI port and

GHz CORTEX A9 processor for sheer power. On

applications such as Document Editor.

model; Galaxy

SII, with Android Operating System

the display front it sports a crisp 4.8 inches Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen display. Among other

data transfer LTE technology, GPS support and Near

Let the battle for the best smartphone, commence.

features it sports a 8 MP camera, and lots of


NEW Mac Pro


A pple is set to release the new

Mac Pro is whether the upgrade

The major changes in the new

Mac Pro sometime in 2013. The

is going to be worthy of the extra

Mac Pro concerns primarily the

older version has been immensely


processors and the storage

popular because of its awesome

space. The new version will give

performance and user-friendly

The current Mac Pro runs on

the buyer an option of having up

features. There is some amount of

the Nehalem architecture, which

to 12 cores in the desktop. The

excitement and speculation going

Intel first released in 2008. Its

storage space will also expand

on among the Mac enthusiasts.

Graphics cards are generally HD

with the inclusion of solid-state

This is because the model has not

5770 and HD 5870 from AMD and

hard drives. There is not going to

seen any major upgrades in the

dates back to 2010. These are

be any significant improvement in

last two years. However, many

still going strong and are more

the RAM speed or the SATA drive.

are skeptical about the ability of

than capable for most functions.

The overall performance of the

the new model to outperform the

Even though the old Mac Pro

desktop is not going to improve

older version. Mac Pro’s core

lacks certain recent technologies

much. Thus, there is very little

customer base consists of audio

such as Thunderbolt and USB 3.0,

logic behind any decision of going

and video professionals. The new

but these features are missing in

for an upgrade. At least the current

model needs to retain the high

desktops from a number of other

upgrade does not entail for a new

performance capabilities of the old

brands, as well.


version. The main question in the mind of the owner of the current


iOS 6 Features


The iOS from Apple has been widely popular. It has

This enables the driver to give commands to the

been one of the strong points of the iPhone. iOS 6 is

phone without removing their gaze from the road.

the latest version of this mobile platform. It’s release

There is also an improved call rejection and reminder

created quite a flutter among the iPhone enthusiasts.

application. Another smart new addition is the Do

It has packed in a number of features, which were

Not Disturb application. It allows the user to ignore

missing in the earlier versions. One of these eagerly

calls when they wish. The phone receives the call but

awaited features is the FaceTime over 3G. In the

does not let the caller know through any ringtones.

earlier versions, this facility was available only via

However, if the phone receives three calls from the

Wi-Fi. This time its enables the users to have video

same number in five minutes then the phone deems

chats while on the move. They do not need to look for

it important and let the owner know.

a Wi-Fi hotspot every time they wish to have a video chat. This feature was sorely missing in the earlier

One of the most important changes is on the social


media front. The new iOS 6 fully integrates the Facebook. It keeps the user updated about any

The Siri application has seen much advancement in

happenings on the social media front. There is also

the new version. It can answer queries about movie

the strengthened apple browser called the Safari.

theatres, give the user latest sports scores and many

These exciting new changes make the iOS 6 really

more. It has become the top choice to the leading

worthy of an upgrade for every iPhone user.

automakers because of the eye-free technology.


Apple vs Samsung ­­­ Court Case


The litigation battle going on between the apple Inc

iPhone has attained iconic status in the Smartphone

and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd can beat any thriller

industry. However, Samsung has made giant strides

any day. The two companies are fitting court battles

and has become the main promoter of the android

in more than 11 countries across the world. Apple Inc

platform developed by Google Inc. In the current

has filled a number of lawsuits against the Samsung

financial year Samsung has become the leading

Electronics Co Ltd for infringing upon its patented

producer of Smartphones around the world and is

technologies. Apple Inc has a long history of filling

leading in most markets.

lawsuits against its major business rivals regarding the abuse of intellectual property rights. It has fought

Apple accuses Samsung of stealing the various

against tech giants such Microsoft and Motorola Inc

technologies from its iPhone and incorporating them

in the past. It’s present infatuation regarding filing

in their Android phones. They have also accused

court cases seems to be concentrated towards

Samsung of infringing upon the intellectual property


rights for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, a recent ruling in US has ruled that this Tablet does not

Apple and Samsung are currently the main rivals

infringe upon the technology of the Apple iPad. There

in the Smartphone industry. These two companies

have been ups and downs for both sides. This battle

account for an overwhelming market share in this

will determine the future of the Smartphone and the

segment. Critics and law experts believe this to be

Tablet industry.

one of the leading causes of this ongoing legal battle.


How to Sound Like ‘Anonymous’ Hacking Group (MAC) HOW-TO

Many of you may know of the

they are so hard to track. One

say, and then input your message.

hacking group ‘Anonymous’. They

of the things they do to cover

So if you wanted to ‘Hello

have fought in protests to save

themselves up is change there

Everyone’. You would write it like

the internet, and stopping internet

voice. If you have every seen an a


censorship. The call themselves

Anonymous video online, you will

hacktivists, as they hack into

notice they use a computerised

government websites, such as


‘ say Hello Everyone ‘ It is extremely simple, and sounds

the FBI, or release personal information from companies

So how do they get this voice?

exactly like Anonymous! You are

that they disapprove. They are

Of course, different people use

now one step further to making

extremely powerful when it comes

different ways. However we found

your own Anonymous videos and

to internet freedom.

this was the easiest method.

messages! You can use this to scare your friends, or get your

Anonymous are, of course,

All you have to do is open up

remaining unknown. Thats why

terminal on your MAC, and type

message across!


Avast! 7 Review


Avast is one of the most

and it is easily installable as well.

can use this software to remove

famous anti-viruses in the market.

This software gives you not only

the malware. This software is the

However, this antivirus was once

safety for your computer, but also

first complete version antivirus

only compatible with the Windows

for your web browser.

software from the house of Avast!

PC. But, now, the Avast! 7 is in

for Mac computers and it is getting

the market and so, one can use

The software comes with different

updated every day when you

the great virus protection from

antivirus shields for your Mac/

install it in your PC. So, you can

Avast in his/her Mac or PC as well.

PC, like: File System Shield that

be assured about the fact that

This is undoubtedly amongst the

takes care of the security of your

this software will provide the best

best anti-viruses for Mac/PC. It

Mac’s/PC’s memory and external

possible protection to your Mac

provides all kind of security from

hard drives, the Mail Shield that

or PC. Avast! is an award winning

viruses as well as other forms of

takes care of your e-mails and the

antivirus and it offers best quality

malwares. This software is easy to

Web Shield that helps to scan the

protection to your Mac with the

use for your Mac/PC. It is not at all

websites the you are browsing. It

Avast! 7. This is the Mac edition.

complicated and also the software

gives prompt suggestions to you

works very fast to locate the

in case of any malware detection,

problems in your Mac. It doesn’t

and in the case of detecting the

take a long to set up its features

malware on your Mac/PC; you


Logic Pro 9 Review


Logic Pro 9 is the latest offering

contents including six Jam Packs

the different elements to produce

from Logic Studio and retains its

that includes the Voice Package, 6

various results.

fantastic feature stuffed design.

GB of surround sound music beds

It is perhaps the best DAW with

and 16 GB of sound effects.

The new Pro 9 also contains a sleek swipe Comping system that

all round capabilities currently available in the market. It has a

The graphics interface of the

allows the transfer of existing

number of time saving features

Logic Pro 9 sports minor tweaks

comps to another track. Flex Time

and a massive content library. The

that make it even more intuitive

is another useful tool that allows

studio features up to date and is

and easy to use. It also supports

the creation and management

a good value for money. The new

recording, editing and mixing

of transient markers and Flex

version has capabilities similar

in surround sound. It allows for

markers. The Impulse Response

to the older ones. Therefore, it is

sharing with networked Macs

Utility allows for the recording

possible to enjoy about 255 audio

to share the extra load, and

of the user’s own sounds and

tracks, 255 software instrument

possesses conversion software

generating new spaces and

tracks and 99 external MIDI

for changing the format of the

effects. The Logic Pro 9 is a

tracks. There are also over 70

recorded songs. The Amp

feature rich tool that will appeal to

effects plug-ins, a bundle of soft

designer plug-in is one visually

all those who have used its earlier

synths including the ones found in

appealing addition to the Logic


the GarageBand and over 4500

Pro 9. It contains over 200 presets

presets. There are additional

that allows for mix and match with


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