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Business Features Of Customer Interaction Application

Notchitup Business Features: In today's business world everyone wants to expand their marketing reach through smartphones. Notchitup has the capability to fulfill this requirement with their special inbuilt features, some of which are :

Customization: It offers a personalized experience to the customers. This feature also helps you present a snapshot of your organization’s product and service line in a crisp and easier way.

Media : Boost your company’s market appeal by sharing your achievements, sponsorships, recognition facts and mentions in the media. A picture is worth a thousand words means it says everything. Connect Automobile Owners : Notchitup is a typically Automobile Sales Software which assists to link automobile owners & Potential customers. This application allows access to receive regular feeds for service records on their phones.

Events: If events and campaigns are two of the strongest marketing tools for your product and services offerings, Notchitup is one of the best Customer Interaction Application in the market. With this feature, customers continue to get regular updates on upcoming events and can register by saving the date, and get timely reminders for the event.

Agenda: Notchitup provides the space for your event agenda clearly specifying every action to be held. This will help & allow the attendees plan their schedule and organise themselves. By Uploading the agenda of your event before time in detail this will help your audience make an informed decision to attend the events.

Polling: The Polling feature is an significant tool for gauging maximum customer engagement during an event. It is an online and real-time based tool that helps to capture the maximum customer span of attention and interest. Registration: The registration features saves time, fully automate manual tasks, helps attendees do their registrations on their smartphones in a pre designed registration form and also delivers a confirmation. This not only minimizes the planning procedure, but facilitates the save the date feature also.

Speakers : It is significant feature for an event and this Notchitup “Speaker� feature works to your advantage.

Webinars : The webinar feature on Notchitup allows your customers to experience the webinars at a later time despite being away from their computers. Quiz : Quiz feature and is an effective avenue for customers to stay engaged and win fabulous prizes and this will help to boost app interaction. Meeting Tool : This feature can sync the phone’s calendar to block the time and date and provide reminders at preset frequencies.

News & Social : This feature to keep your customers updated on the news and happenings from across your organization and also this feature will help them stay updated on campaigns and the latest news from the industry as well.

Business features of crm app  
Business features of crm app  

In today's business world everyone wants to expand their marketing reach through smartphones. Notchitup has the capability to fulfill this r...