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“So far so good... so far so good... so far so good...” How you fall doesn’t matter. It’s how you land!

Friday, Jan. 9th - 7pm - HCC

It’s about a society falling... On the way down it keeps telling itself:

Brought to you by The Sabot Infoshoppe

Writer-director Mathieu Kassovitz butts European urbanity up against American street style as kids clash with cops in suburban Paris. The film follows three young men and their time spent in the French suburban ghetto over a span of twenty-four hours. Vinz, a Jew, Saïd, an Arab, and Hubert, a black boxer, have grown up in the French banlieues where high levels of diversity coupled with the racist and oppressive police force have raised tensions to a critical breaking point. During the riots that took place a night before, a police officer lost his handgun, only to leave it for Vinz to find. Now, Vinz vows to kill a cop if his friend Abdel dies in the hospital, due the beating he received while in police custody. Called “a fatalistic account of society’s decline” by the BBC, the events of the film mirror the ongoing social unrest in the French suburbs which got international attention in 2005 when rioting spread to 274 towns, 9000 vehicles were set on fire (Not including buildings), and over 100 police were injured.



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