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This Chapter is dedicated and named in honor of Sergeant First Class Allen C. Johnson from Los Molinos, California, his wife, two children and parents. Allen was an SF Medic serving with the 7th Special Forces Group in Afghanistan, when he gave “The Last Full Measure of Devotion” on 26 April 2005. SFC Johnson was awarded the Bronze Star with “V” device for Valor for his heroic actions on that date.

Officers President Scott Masterson Vice President Max Hemping Secretary Jim Wipf Treasurer Bob Maraviov Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Sorensen Chaplain Don Mangrum

Spring Newsletter–2011 Chapter President’s Column Ladies and Gentlemen On April 9 2011 I was sworn in to serve as the new President of Chapter 89 of the Special Forces Association. I will be replacing John E. Cleckner who has served two terms as the President of this Chapter, has served as the Chapter Secretary, and was one of its founding members. John is also a very active Veterans Advocate in Northern California. John has set a very high standard for anyone following him in the position of President, and I intend to do everything in my power to live up to those standards.

This Chapter has a very dedicated and talented core of members which routinely participate in the Chapter functions many of which are community oriented. I know that members that live far from the flagpole are no less talented. I hope to get them to become more active and to increase their involvement in Chapter activities if not in the area of Redding Ca. certainly in their own home communities. We have some very challenging times facing us but as a team, the members of this Chapter should be able to meet these challenges. I hope to be in contact with all of our members and I welcome any ideas to further expand the membership and to develop more social and community activities.

Participation in this Chapter and this Association is not primarily about Community Projects and Veterans affairs but it’s about reestablishing the with Newly elected leadership team: (L-R) Bob Maraviov, Jim Wipf, Scott Masterson and Max Hemping. relationships those men that we One of the problems that are facing this Chapter is once stood shoulder to shoulder with in more the ever increasing fuel prices. This is a significant trying and far more dangerous times. Members of Special Forces are a peculiar breed of soldier and problem due to the vast area covered by this men, who when faced with difficult and hazardous Chapter and the distances that the members must situations seem to consistently excel above all others travel to attend the Chapter meetings and functions. in overcoming these problems. Speaking for myself I In an effort to increase member participation and the find the reconnection with these types of individuals recruitment of new members, I am presently working very comforting and very enjoyable. It is this function on a new business meeting schedule that will involve of the participation in this Association which I hope quarterly meetings instead of the monthly schedule to expand. which we have been maintaining. In conjunction with this schedule change I hope to increase the I encourage all members local and distant to feel social activities between these meetings in an effort free to contact me via E-mail, phone, or snail mail to engage more participation by current members if you so choose, with your requests and/or ideas. and hopefully encourage separated, retired, and Raymond S. Masterson active members of Special Forces in our area to join. President This is an effort that was initiated while John was still SFA Chapter 89 President and will continue to be developed.

Chapter 89 Activities and events for the last Quarter: GM&B meeting –(12 Feb 2011): Eleven Chapter members, and spouses (a total of fifteen) gathered at the Maraviov Team House. The meeting was highlighted by the presentations of the previously announced 2010 Chapter Awards, by Chapter president John Cleckner to: Mark King: SFA Chapter 89 Member of the Year-2010. (Note: Jim Wipf received the award on behalf of Mark. The award was later presented to Mark at a CNAA dinner meeting in Reno)

Jenny Johnson: SFA Chapter 89 Associate Member of the Year2010. Bryan Furman: Bryan was presented with two well deserved, and long overdue, Certificates of Appreciation for all that he has done, and continues to do for the Chapter.

Jenny Johnson receiving the Associate Member of the Year Award from John Cleckner, Sr

Jim Wipf (left) presents the Chapter MOY Award to Mark King in Reno, Nevada

Bryan Furman receives TWO Chapter Certificates of Appreciation from John Cleckner.


Special Forces Association Chapter LXXXIX (89)

Chapter 89 Activities and events for the last Quarter: GM&B meeting-(12 March 2011): Cancelled due to severe weather.

GM&B meeting-(9 April 2011): GM&B meeting-(9 April 2011): Six Chapter members, spouses, and significant others gathered at the Maraviov Team House. The meeting was highlighted by the conduct of the biennial Chapter elections. The Chapter officers elected to serve for the next two years by acclamation are: President: …………… Scott Masterson Vice President: ……… Max Hemping Secretary: …………… Jim Wipf Treasurer: …………… Bob Maraviov

The following Chapter members were nominated to appointed leadership team positions. However, they have not yet been officially appointed by Scott Masterson, the new Chapter president. They are: Sergeant at Arms: ….. Jim Sorensen Chaplain: …………… Don Mangrum. It is expected that the official appointments will be made at the GM&B meeting on 14 May 2011.

(L-R) Bob, overwhelmed; John, relieved; and Scott, wondering what he has just taken on.

Max Hemping (left), the new Chapter VP consulting with Bob “Beady Eyes” Maraviov.

Spring 2011 Newsletter


Chapter 89 Activities and events for the last Quarter:

With a great sigh of relief… John signs over the Chapter. Realization hits Bob … “I’ve just volunteered to do WHAT for two more years??!!”

(L-R) Carrie, Mike, John, Doris, Becky, Jack and “Static” in early April. 4

Special Forces Association Chapter LXXXIX (89)

Chapter 89 Activities and events for the last Quarter:

The new Chapter VP and President doing some forward planning.

(L-R) Bob, Mike, John and Jack in early April. Who is standing on “tippy toes”?

John and Scott agreeing that it all seems to go better with a “brew”.

Bob explains the “ground rules” to the new Chapter VP-Max.

Jim Sorensen and Jack Bowles in a deep concentration and scheming mode? Spring 2011 Newsletter


Chapter 89 Activities and events for the last Quarter: Allen C. Johnson Scholarship yard sale fund raiser: This annual fund raiser managed by Jenny Johnson and supported by a number of Chapter members is in the books for this year. The set up and preparation for the yard sale was conducted by: Scott Masterson; Bob Maraviov; Gary Maraviov; Mark Maraviov; John & Doris Cleckner; Bryan Furman; Max Hemping and Jenny Johnson. Of special note during the preparation was the earning of a couple of new nicknames for a select few Chapter members. However, to protect the embarrassed, those names will not be shared …… yet!!! The first sales phase was conducted 31 March--3 April 2011. Jenny’s always dependable and ever present local supporters, Ty and Cyndi, were in attendance. Chapter members: John & Doris Cleckner; Jim Sorensen; Max (“Cat-Man”) Hemping; Manuela

Davenport; Bob & Kathy Maraviov; Gary Maraviov; Scott (“Is this Friday??”) Masterson and Jim Wipf and Marlie Byrd assisted during this period. The second and final sales phase was handled by Jenny and her local crew 9-10 April 2011. This was the weekend of the Chapter’s GM&B meeting and elections. Bob, Scott and Max later traveled to Jenny’s to assist with the cleanup and storage. However, according to Bob, almost the entire cleanup had already been accomplished by Jenny and the local crew before they arrived. All that was left was the movement and storage of the “flying shelter” which had been donated by Bryan Furman.

Scott, Marlie and Gary searching for treasures at Jenny’s yard sale

Scott arriving at Jenny’s uttering those unforgettable words: “Is today Friday??”

Bryan’s infamous “flying” shelter after arrival at Jenny’s. 6

Special Forces Association Chapter LXXXIX (89)

Chapter 89 Activities and events for the last Quarter: SFA/ROTC Presentations: Northwestern Nevada: The presentation schedule remains unchanged as has previously been reported. Brad Hines, Mark King and Jim Wipf will be making eleven presentations at the local High School JROTC units; 10-26 May 2011. Brad, Mark and Jim will also be presenting the 82nd Airborne Division Association Awards as well at a number of the programs. All three are also members of the Cal-Nevada All Airborne Chapter. Northern California: As most of you are aware, the NJROTC Unit at Enterprise High School, Redding, California was terminated last school year. That event created a serious dilemma for the Chapter. Not only was the only local JROTC possibility lost, but,

the only appropriate venue for the presentation of the “Everett ‘Sam’ Houston Memorial Leadership Excellence Award” was gone as well. After a number of unsuccessful months searching for another appropriate venue, and just as we were about to ‘throw in the towel”, Bob Maraviov discovered a possible solution… a newly established US Army ROTC unit at Simpson University in Redding, California. On the 13th of April 2011, Scott Masterson, the newly elected Chapter president made the Chapter’s first presentation at the Simpson University ROTC. I am including Scott’s After Action Report of that first presentation as I believe it speaks to the matter much better than any second hand report could do.

Scott’s AAR: Synopsis: A brief note about the venue. Simpson University is a Christian University, and fully accredited in the State of Calif. Unlike the initial reports we received the ROTC program is not a Chaplains program. It is a normal ROTC program. The ROTC program at this University has existed just slightly more than one year. On April 8 2011 I received a call from a Major Walling who commands the Simpson University ROTC Program. He advised me that he had been out of town and had just been advised of our interest in presenting an award to a deserving cadet. He apologized for the short notice but asked if it was possible to present the award on Wed. the 13 of April. Due to the short notification few notices were sent to members and those locally were tied up with other projects. On April 13th I arrived at the Gymnasium at the appointed time, approx. 1010 hr., and was greeted by a member of the ROTC Staff. My seating was reserved and I was directed to the front row where I was seated stage center. The Gymnasium was full and the ceremony began right on time. Numerous awards and Scholarships were given and speeches were very limited. Ours was the second to the last award.

The ceremony was fast, efficient, and lasted little more than one hour. All of the awards had a couple of things in common, to include the awards for athletics. They all required a high GPA and leadership ability. The cadet chosen by the staff was a Cadet Joshua Corson. He is a Junior at the University, well known for his performance in the ROTC Program, he is also well known for his ability on the Baseball team and he maintains a 3.7 GPA. He had the highest scores in both the academic and physical arenas in the Simpson University ROTC program and is rated as number four in the ROTC Battalion. This includes the ROTC students at Simpson University, UC Davis, and Sacramento State University. This program appears to have very strong support from both the faculty and the student body. After presenting the award there was a great deal of applause and half the people attending gave a standing applause. Following the ceremony several Faculty members introduced themselves and thanked me for presenting the award. The President of the University also located me and introduced himself and expressed his appreciation. Scott

Editor’s note: A big “tip of the beret” is due: Bob Maraviov, for developing the lead; John Cleckner for pursuing and following up with Simpson ROTC; and Scott Masterson for finalizing and making the inaugural presentation. The Chapter’s SFA/ROTC Program is once again established in the Redding area. Well done and thanks.

Spring 2011 Newsletter


Upcoming Chapter Events & Activities: Allen C. Johnson Memorial Scholarships: Jenny Johnson has reported that the scholarships are to be awarded on 7 June 2011(Time TBA) at Los Molinos High School. Three (3) $500.00 scholarships are to be awarded this year. Seven applications are currently in hand so the scholarship selection committee will be busy. The scholarship committee has been scheduled to meet on 14 May at the Maraviov Team House. The time for the scholarship committee to meet was previously set for 1200 hours. One hour before the scheduled 1300 Chapter GM&B

meeting. With seven applications to be considered there is a good possibility that the meet time might be moved up. By the time that you have this Newsletter in hand the scholarship committee should have been notified via email or phone. Funds for the scholarships are again provided via Jenny’s yard sales fund raising efforts and another generous donation of $1000.00 from “VETS” which was facilitated by John Cleckner.

Allen’s Annual Memorial Services: This year’s memorial service for Allen is scheduled for the 28th of May at the Los Molinos cemetery. Max Hemping, who is chairing this year’s event, has requested that all who plan to attend to please be present NLT 1200. The services are again scheduled to be presided over by the Chapter Chaplain Don Mangrum. Although the memorial is still in a downsized mode, it has been expanded beyond last year’s after consultation between Max and Jenny. (Those who have participated regularly will understand that time has not necessarily made the loss any easier.)

As shared previously, Max and Carmen Hemping have very graciously volunteered to sponsor and host a Chapter gathering at their home after the memorial. More specifics will no doubt be made available at the next Chapter GM&B meeting in May. A ‘heads up” as to how many are planning to attend would no doubt be appreciated. Many thanks,again,to Max, Carmen and other members of their family for hosting the gathering after the memorial.

Away from the Flagpole: Tornadoes across the south: As most of you are aware by now, the south was visited by some devastating storms which spawned a number of tornadoes. One of the areas seriously affected was the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg area. The Chapter has a number of members and/or family members residing in that area. Although all have not provided feedback or status updates, it does appear from what can be gathered that our Chapter members survived the terrible storms. Here is what has been reported by or through Chapter members: Kathy Navarro has reported through John Cleckner that all in the Navarro family are OK. She reports that they were out at the SFA grounds attending a 7th Group picnic when the bad weather started

to hit. The tornadoes skipped around Yadkin & Reilly Roads and also the Cottonade subdivision, as well as all around Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. Power was knocked out all over post. Brad Hines had earlier shared a map with the Chapter, which had been provided by his son Brady who still resides in the area. Although Brady’s home remained unscathed, it is reported that the area near him was seriously hit. The path of the tornado reportedly came within 200 yards of Brady’s home. Jenny Johnson shared that she had heard from Vanessa. Vanessa and the kids are all okay. The tornado reportedly came no closer than twenty miles to their area.

Chapter member to be promoted: Proud father John Cleckner, Sr. has shared that he had been informed by son and Chapter member, John E. Cleckner II (AKA Deuce & Cleck II) that he had made the promotion list for Major in the Air Force. His promotion list number is number 88. As the Air Force is

reported to be promoting about ten promotable Captains per month, it is expected that “Deuce” will be a Major by this time next year. Congratulations Captain (P) Cleckner!! The question that remains unclear is… WHEN & WHERE is the promotion party???

82nd Airborne Division Association Convention in Reno: As a few members of the Chapter have served in various Airborne Divisions as well as Special Forces, the following notice is being included in the Chapter’s Newsletter. The convention, being hosted by the Cal-Nevada All Airborne Chapter, is scheduled for the


Special Forces Association Chapter LXXXIX (89)

period 3-8 August 2011. As already mentioned, SFA Chapter 89 members Brad Hines, Mark King and Jim Wipf are also members of the CNAA. Should anyone be interested and/or need further information, please contact Jim Wipf.

Chapter members “Happenings & Other News” this past quarter: Is it a bird?? Is it a plane? No… It’s the Chapter’s President, Scott Masterson terrifying eagles and boring holes in the sky over Northern California. Scott has recently taken possession of and is learning to “master” his own personal airplane… albeit, not the earlier one which was reported in the Winter Newsletter. That plane is a long story which Scott will have to share with you in person or via email. Scott has shared that he is currently learning to fly IFR (I fly roads). Fly safe “Junior Birdman”… The Chapter needs you!!! Chapter member John Nieland (Marion, IA) recently traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for a week or two of ‘Fun in the Sun” with a friend of his and Jim Wipf. By all reports, a good time was had by all… However, how much golf can one handle without even just a little bit of fishing?? Then again, almost anyplace or anything is better than Iowa in late spring. Jim Wipf has reported that in mid-April he and his 14 year old grandson, Eamon, traveled to Collins Lake, California for a few days of trophy trout & bass fishing. Although the trout and bass (trophy or otherwise) were not willing participants…. there was more than enough rain and wind. The highlight of the trip was a stop at Beale AFB on the return trip to Reno. Eamon was very excited about being able to observe (up close) the taking off and landing of about a half dozen U-2’s. Some of the larger UAV’s were also on site. Mike Walker was back in the area for a few days in early April. John and Doris Cleckner, Bob Maraviov, and Jack & Becky Bowles were able spend a brief time with he and Carrie. Mike was home for a few days before moving on to his new assignment. Fortunately, (hopefully) an area of the globe that is a bit safer than his previous AO. It’s been intimated that in the future we might even be able to see Mike a bit more frequently than has been possible in the past. Come on home Mike… Your Secretary position is awaiting you! “Da Mayor”, Ken Delfino is evidently continuing to fulfill his mayoral responsibilities and duties in Colfax, California. He must really be

busy as we have seen so little of him since the election. Come on back… Ken. We miss you. We’ll even add some very nice new raffle prizes!! Bryan Furman has reported that the shelter which he had earlier donated for Jenny’s yard sales had taken an early morning trip before it could be delivered to Los Molinos. Perhaps, it was showing resistance and/or reluctance to leaving the coast?? Bryan reports that he and Carolyn were awakened at about 0115 this past Valentine’s Day by a huge noise and gusty winds. As the noise lasted only for a few seconds, and believing that it was nothing serious, they ignored it and went back to sleep. At about 0130, the Furman’s phone rang... Their neighbors were asking for help to take down the 20’ X 10’ shelter that was knocking against their home with the gusty winds. It seems that the Furman’s shelter had “flown” into the neighbor’s yard. It took about 15 minutes to disassemble and relocate the shelter back to the Furman’s. Unbelievably, the shelter was undamaged. Evidently a gust of wind had lifted the shelter straight up, missing the Furman’s home 4 feet away and the 16’ evergreen hedge about 8 feet north, caught a southwest wind, cleared a woodpile and then clipping the top of a 6’ property fence about 60’ away, landed against the neighbors house. Thus, the legend of the “Flying Shelter” was created. An intriguing adventure and story... however, I’m not yet certain that I’m ready to believe that the next storm picked up and carried the shelter all the way to Los Molinos?? John Cleckner reported that he had received a very nice “Thank You” note from Ms Dee Ray, General Sacolick’s private secretary. John, who had believed that Ms Ray had been exceptionally helpful in assisting him and his family during the recent DMOR event, had sent a nice plaque (made by Da Mayor of course) to Ms Ray. She was expressing her sincere “Thank You” for the unexpected plaque and recognition.

Sick and Distressed: It has been reported earlier that Don Magnum’s wife, Claire Mangrum, had fallen and injured herself… thus, why Don had to miss the April meeting. As there has been no further update, we can only wish /hope that she has experienced an uneventful and full recovery.

Jenny Johnson, who has been dealing with an ongoing health issue and aggravation earlier in the year, seemed to be doing a “bit” better at the yard sale. Although not totally over it (she stated that she thought that there had been a relapse), she was continuing to prove that nothing could keep her down for long.

John Cleckner, Sr. has shared with the Chapter that Jack Bowles had informed him that some of his earlier medical issues had returned. Reportedly, Jack has had more surgery and is currently being evaluated for further treatment.

On a more somber, poignant and timely note… As I sit here trying to wrap up this newsletter, I am reminded that it has been almost six years to the day that we lost SFC Allen C. Johnson. Time is often credited with being an effective healing factor. However, I am fairly certain that a number of Chapter members and other life’s travelers would quickly assert and share that time as a healer does not necessarily make that loss any easier.

The Chapter sends its condolences, sympathies, and shared sorrow to Marlie Byrd for the recent tragedy in her family in Wendover, Nevada. Words cannot make it any easier; however the Chapter does extend its best wishes to you and your family in attempting to get beyond the event.

The Chapter membership sends its best wishes and hopes for good health and a more enjoyable experience to all that have been affected in whatever manner during this past period. Spring 2011 Newsletter


Final Thoughts to Ponder Newsletter support: With the geographic dispersion that this Chapter experiences it is becoming more challenging to report and share the various chapter member activities and happenings. If that type of information and updates are not provided, the Chapter can neither highlight nor share what’s going on with its membership. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated by the newsletter staff. Thanks. John Cleckner (Past Chapter President): As reported earlier herein by the new Chapter President, Scott Masterson; John Cleckner, one of the Chapter’s charter members, has recently stepped back from the public mantle of Chapter

leadership. Although relatively new to the Chapter myself, I doubt that few would dispute just how critically important John’s vision for the Chapter, his SF & SFA experience, and his direction and leadership has been to the success, prestige and reputation of this young and still evolving SFA Chapter. John, I harbor no doubt that all of the membership joins me in an expression of deepest and most sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for this Chapter and the local veteran community. Your and Doris’s total commitment to the Chapter has been invaluable. I would like to add my personal, THANK YOU, in addition to that of the general membership for all that you have done. Those of us on the Chapter Leadership Team know quite well that it has not always been an easy task for you.

This edition of the Chapter Newsletter will close with the sharing of an analogy and tribute that I believe is very apropos to John and all

those who have served… especially in Special Forces. (This was first printed in the Soldiers magazine a number of years ago.)


The Chapter continues to have four members yet serving in harm’s way: two on active duty and two as contractors. May we never fail to remember and honor them and the others yet serving in the GWOT May God, the Creator, the Great Spirit, or whomever you place your faith and trust continue to bless and protect them

DE OPPRESSO LIBER and Fratres Aeterni For the Chapter President Jim Wipf (M-1645-L) SFA Chapter 89 Secretary This will be mailed as a “hard copy” to all Chapter members and to SFA National.


Special Forces Association Chapter LXXXIX (89)

Chapter Member Birth Date & Wedding Anniversaries: Recently Celebrated & this upcoming Quarter: Note that the dates are now reconfigured and included to insure that the newsletter is received (when possible) before the anniversaries.

Wedding Anniversaries


27 May.................... Wes Fowler 5 Jun.................... Allen C. Johnson 6 Jul.................... Ken Delfino 7 Jul.................... Cliff Neill 19 Jul.................... Ken Holmes

19 Jun................ Max & Carmen Hemping

Thank You to our Sponsors

Spring 2011 Newsletter


Thank you to our sponsors:

Special Forces Association Chapter 89 Scott Masterson Chapter President 2370 Ellendale Rd Reno, NV 89503-1510


Special Forces Association Chapter LXXXIX (89)


Treasurer Bob Maraviov President Scott Masterson Officers Vice President Max Hemping This Chapter is dedicated and named in honor of Sergean...

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