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“A thriller with a fast-paced cinematic style”

It’s 1900. The era of the silent movie has begun and the silver screen is casting its hypnotic shadow over audiences everywhere. Penny Tredwell, thirteen-year-old owner of The Penny Dreadful, is looking forward to seeing one of the magazine’s spine-tingling tales of terror brought to life by the camera. Filming starts at a remote manor house on Dartmoor and everything goes well at first. But as fiction bleeds into fact, the actors don’t seem to be playing parts any more. The characters have taken them over and the sinister story is becoming reality. The end of the story is dark and dangerous. Is that how Penny’s story will end, too?

£6.99 Cover artwork © Eric Orchard

Shadows of the Silver Screen - Chapter 1  

Chapter One of "Shadows of the Silver Screen" by Christopher Edge, published by Nosy Crow. Buy the book: