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Props help the Audience GET IT!

Because people learn in a variety of ways, these sight & sound props Rock! The right prop, used at the right time in the right manor helps the audience GET IT! Here are some ideas you can use. Hat Rack The speaker, Tom Hobbs, placed a hat on it and then began to talk to it as a character. It became a non-imposing item on the stage until he referred to it as his dad who had passed. Tom could see tears in the eyes of people in the audience as they was their own father on stage. Hockey Goalie Stick Tommy Maloney uses one. It is part of the presentation where he is talking about watching his son in the stands as he plays hockey. He speaks about divorce and how to build lasting bonds with your children. Five Months Pregnant Carry Oliver Lemmon, standing in her fifth month of pregnancy in front of an audience, spoke about starting, planning and marketing a small business. Feeding Tube Speaker Darcy Keith used one that goes up the nose and down the throat to the stomach. She asked the audience for volunteers to try the tube, but didn始t actually have them try it. This is what Darcy had to endure when she suffered a traumatic bran injury and had to be fed. Large Black Leather Portfolio Case This one was like artists and architects us. The speaker, whose name I can始t recall, spoke about his advertising business and how print ads had to send the same message as radio and tv ads. He went on and on, giving an excellent talk, and switching the hand that held the case. Everyone kept waiting for him to open the case and display examples. He never lost the attention of the audience. In fact, it grew and grew. He closed his speech having never opened the case. It was great!

Thunder Maker Susan Bender Phelps uses one to tell the hackneyed story about how Mentoring got its name, from Odysseus始s friend, Mentor. But that始s not the end of the story. Athena and Zeus had to step in . . . Susan uses the thunder to signal 驶divine intervention始. Then she uses it judiciously a number of times in the presentation to draw attention to a brilliant idea from the audience.

Props Help the Audience GET IT - Some Idesa!  
Props Help the Audience GET IT - Some Idesa!  

People process information in different ways. Props can help the audience understand your message.