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Nossal News Sir Gustav Nossal Boulevard, Monash University, 100 Clyde Road Berwick VIC 3806 PO Box 1036 Narre Warren VIC 3805 Phone 03 8762 4600 Email

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Dear Parents and Students, Welcome to term three and the first electronic Nossal High School Newsletter. We had intended to send our newsletters by email much earlier than this but with the delay in moving into the buildings and the lack of a computer network we deferred it until now. Eventually most of our home – school communication will be done electronically as it will more efficient and more environmentally friendly. We know that every parent had an email address at enrolment – the challenge will be to ensure that out database is up to date and kept up to date, so please inform us if you have changed your email address, and when you do so in future. We welcome the following new members of staff to Nossal this term – Ms Leanne Ansalde (Food Technology teacher) Ms Maree Pennant (Laboratory technician) and Ms Natalie Reid (Choral teacher) We have also opened up several new areas of the school for classes and recreation – three

science rooms, the 2D art spaces, the Food Technology classroom, the Staffroom, and another learning community (which houses table tennis tables for team and recreational use) The Student Leadership Team will set up an office in the Learning Community and oversee the borrowing of sporting equipment and the maintenance of the area as a student recreational space. The Jean Russell Centre was officially opened on Wednesday by Peter Greenwell the Regional Director of Education, in the presence of Dr Jean Russell and many current and past Victorian educational leaders. This centre (situated above the admin area of the school) will provide professional development programs for teachers across the region, bringing many visitors to Nossal and making us a key centre for teacher learning as well as student learning. There are many advantages for us in hosting such a facility – not the least of which is our ability to access and use the additional spaces ourselves, for

our students, staff and the wider community. Semester one reports were mailed to all parents on Monday so if you have not received yours please contact us immediately. Thanks to Mr Witt, Mrs Kluckow and Ms Meath for their excellent work in creating and orchestrating the reporting system for Nossal, and the teachers for their hard work in completing the assessment and reporting program for semester one. Please read through the reports carefully, and contact us should you have any concerns or wish to discuss or follow up on any aspect of the reports. I read through all the reports last week and on the whole was very impressed by the levels of performance and outcomes for most students. All teachers have detailed improvement strategies and made recommendations for further progress – please ensure that these suggestions are understood and acted upon. I will be asking the tutorial teachers to spend some time with their

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students working on their responses to the reports so that they take an active role in developing an individual learning plan for semester two, and I intend to have the students contributing their own assessment to future reports. Planning for 2011 is proceeding apace and we will begin advertising for another 15 or so staff shortly. You have received an invitation to the Senior School Subject Selection evening and I strongly encourage each student to ensure that they attend with one parent so they can make the most appropriate informed decision about possible subject choices and pathways for next year. This will be followed up with individual course counseling and advice so that we can ensure we offer the best possible programs to ensure ongoing success. School Council have arranged to provide light refreshments and tours of the school on this evening too so I encourage you to visit the school and get your child to show you around the new facilities and meet the parent representatives on your school council. Monash Berwick is holding its annual open day on Saturday July 31st. from 10 am to 4 pm, and invite any interested Nossal families to attend. Nossal will be open and offering tours of the school at that time so families are also invited to come and view the facilities (family and friends welcome). Student volunteers will lead tours at this time. Unfortunately Ms Meath and I will not be able to attend as we will be at the Asia Pacific International Conference on Gifted Education in Sydney at the time – where we will be presenting a

session about Nossal High School. The builders have now officially moved offsite and most things are complete, although there are a number of new building gremlins, and some defects that are still being resolved. The Stage Two tender (the gym, lecture theatre and performing arts building) looks to be resolved and we have made some adjustments to the scope of the program to enable building to commence. This will require a further allocation of government funds for a third stage (oval and landscaping) in the 2011 budget, so the oval is unlikely to be built until later in 2011. The timeline for Stage Two will now need to be renegotiated, and I am hoping it will be completed by the end of term one 2011. Offers for Year 9 places for 2011 will be made early in August, and I have been receiving lots of enquiries about possible vacancies in Year 10. If there is a possibility that your child may not be attending next year – please let me know as soon as possible so we can determine whether we will have any spaces available. The New Inventors (ABC TV) have been in touch with the school and are wanting to feature student inventors on an upcoming episode so if there are any students who think they may have an invention that they would like to present on national TV – please see me. Applications need to go in by the end of next week for consideration. Aus Air – the Tooradin Flying School are offering Nossal students the chance to gain their pilot's licence and to learn to fly. Students can obtain a Pilot's

certificate at age 15 – although can train earlier than that. The Flying School is offering introductory flights for interested students (and parents) and possibly transport from Nossal to Tooradin for flying lessons if there are a number of students interested. Contact Ausair direct on 59983711; or see me for a brochure. Staff and parents would also be welcome. With the federal election looming, the Australian Education Union (AEU) have organized a Public Education Forum at Ringwood Secondary College from 4-6 pm on August 3. The AEU President and a panel of election candidates from the ALP, Greens and Liberals will present their plans for public education. Questions from the floor will be welcome and the forum is open to all – children also welcome. Ring 94172822 for more information or to RSVP if interested. I was pleased to be informed that the Region have allocated some funds for Nossal to assist with the employment of a Music Director for next year so that we can begin to build our music program. Our Choral teacher will be offering to organize choirs for interested students at lunchtimes on Friday, and many of our students are already excellent musicians so we are really looking forward to Nossal becoming a musical force. We are desperately in need of a keyboard or piano, eventually we hope to have a baby grand piano but might have to do some serious fundraising first. I had hoped that we could find someone with an unwanted instrument that we could have or borrow, or perhaps someone with sponsorship or

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philanthropic connections who may be able to assist us. Please contact me if you have any thoughts or suggestions or even better – a spare instrument! Mr Roger Page Principal

Upcoming Dates Term 3 August 6 Senior School Subject Information Night 9 State wide pupil free day 16-21 Science Week 17 Nossal House Music- Parents & Students 18 School Council Meeting September 14 Nossal House Debate- Parents & Students 15 School Council Meeting 17 Student/Teacher Debate

Senior School Subject Selection Information Evening At Nossal High School our Senior Curriculum begins in Year 10. We invite our students to select subjects that will challenge and engage them in preparation for their future. One of the most important decisions students make at school will be their choice of subjects throughout their SeniorYears. Our Senior Curriculum is designed to build on the foundation of Year 9. Each student's selection should be approached thoroughly and thoughtfully and so we take this opportunity to invite you to a VCE Subject Information Evening on Wednesday August 6th, 2010. To meet the needs of the school community there will be two identical sessions. All students must attend one session and if possible with only one parent/guardian in attendance. Venue: Lecture Theatre G343, Building 901, Monash University Session 1 - 6.00-7.00pm Session 2 – 7.30-8.30pm Book online at: On this evening students will receive their Nossal Senior School Course Guide which has been designed to inform students and parents of the range, content and intended outcomes of the studies on offer to students in Year 10 in 2011. On the evening, students will have the opportunity to listen to teaching staff discuss possible pathways that will inform and support student subject choices forYear 10. Ms Toni E. Meath Assistant Principal

Nossal House Music Evening Our inaugural House Music Competition will take place on Tuesday 17th August. All students are expected to attend. Please keep this night free and support your son or daughter's House in their quest for most outstanding Music Performance. Time 7-9pm Venue: Berwick Church of Christ Hall Cost: $5 per person (Nossal students: free)

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Japanese Language Assistant We are looking for a host family for accommodation for a Japanese Language Assistant from 7th August 4th September. This would entail providing a room and meals for 4 weeks. If we have enough interest we can share the Assistant between families. The Language Assistant will be working with our students studying Japanese on a voluntary basis. If you can assist (even, if only for one week) please contact Ms Meath on 0457512223. Ms Toni E. Meath Assistant Principal

Student Leadership and Wellbeing SRC Recognition Awards I am pleased to announce that Nossal High School has been selected as a finalist in the state wide Student Council Representative (SRC Awards), for the category of Informed Representation. Winners will be announced in early August.

TheTableTennis area and borrowing sporting equipment The Student Executive Council met last week to discuss the protocols associated with students using the Table Tennis tables at recess and lunchtime. After brain storming ideas, the group reached a consensus regarding how this could run as a student led program. Members of the Student Executive are rostered on to oversee this area, and lend out table tennis and other sporting equipment to students. The Student Executive asks students to respect this area and encourages all students to enjoy this newly created recreational space, especially during the cold and wet months. The Student Executive Council would like to thank Mr. Jason Bell our maintenance man, Ms. Veale and also many student helpers for their assistance in assembling the tables.

Student Wellbeing Remember that there is also someone who can listen and assist you. These include, friends, parents, tutorial teachers, classroom teachers, The Director of Student Wellbeing- Mr. Haworth, Ms. Meath- Assistant Principal and Mr. Page – our Principal. Do you know the following phone numbers? Kids help line 1800 551800 Beyond Blue info line 1300 224636. Mr. Haworth Director of Student Wellbeing and Leadership

State Wide Pupil Free Day Monday 9th August All Government Schools receive training on the rollout of the Ultranet

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ICT Nossal News At present our network is being built by our contracting company – Generation e. Their engineers and our technician Mark Kelly are close to completing all our system implementation and commissioning. Clearly, it has taken a lot of hard work on the part of our ICT team to coordinate the various aspects of the network build and the installation of the interactive whiteboards throughout the campus. Our ICT leaders have commenced trialing an email and cloud computing facility that is being considered for Nossal students use, thank you leaders and I hope to hear your assessment soon. We also have been hard at work coordinating the laptop program with Computelec. They are supplying the very latest units for our students and I have ensured that Office ProPlus 2010 , Win7,Inspiration 9, WolframMathematica, Teamboard, Easiteach, Audacity, maths 300 and other Resource centre links will be in the image. It is expected that the laptops will arrive for student distribution in the week following the 9th August, all going to schedule. Obviously the ICT team must ensure that the units are fully functional and linked to our network before they are released. I must thank the students and parents for their patience in this lengthy process for both the network and the laptops rollout. Obviously, it is important that my team are proactively seeking high levels of performance and support from our contractors in order to facilitate reliable learning pathways for our students. We will provide regular updates on our progress this term. Ms Sheryl Thompson Director of e-Learning

Administration News Education Maintenance Allowance- Semester 2 Application forms for the Semester 2 Education Maintenance allowance are now available. If you DID NOT CLAIM in Semester 1, and now have a current healthcare or concession card, you may be eligible for the Semester 2 portion of the allowance. Please obtain an EMA form from the office and submit with your card by no later than FRIDAY AUGUST 6TH. We must sight the original card and take a photocopy to lodge with your application. If you made a claim in Semester 1 and your card has been updated, please forward to the office to be sighted and copied to ensure you are able to claim the 2nd portion of the EMA. Concession & Healthcare cards MUST BE VALID ON OR BEFORE JULY 12, 2010 Cards issued after this date are not eligible to claim. You do not need to submit a new claim if the card you used in Semester 1 expires after July 12, 2010. Please contact Tracey DiLollo on 8762 4600 or if you have any questions regarding the EMA application process. Ms Gayl Shute Business Manager

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Nossal School Council Report- July 2010 This is our first report to you the parent community on the activities and actions of the School Council. As you should be aware, all government schools in Victoria are governed by a school council. The school council is a legal entity in its own right. It consists of elected parent representatives, elected DEECD members (including the Principal), student members and community members. Currently the members are:





Mr Gavin Swayn

Mr Roger Page

Ms Michelle Nguyen

Professor Leon Pitterman Monash University

Mrs Deborah Pike

Mr Wayne Haworth

Mr Brandon Jo

Chisholm TAFE Representative TBC

Mrs Toni McKern

Ms Judie Mitchell

Mr Michael Georgiou

Ms Kellan Wakeman

Additionally, Ms Gayl Shute acts as the meeting recorder and Ms Toni Meath attends and inputs as an observer.


The function of the Council is to: ? establish the broad direction and vision of the school, ? develop policies, ? ensure goods, equipment, services and facilities are provided to meet the programs, raise funds for school related purposes, and ? regulate the general oversight of the school facilities and grounds (inc cleaning and use) As with the school, the functionality, responsibility and directions of the school council have been evolving over the first semester. We hold regular full Council monthly meetings as well as attend in between, a subcommittee (working group) meeting. The current sub-committees are “Finance and Facilities” and the “Education”. School Council is an open meeting and parents are welcome to attend as observers, but please ring in advance so that we know you are coming. We have a vacancy with respect to parent members as Mrs Claire Robertson has recently resigned. This will be in a co-opted position until the end of this year. If you are interested please contact either myself or Roger Page. I would like to provide an avenue to keep you informed of any important issues affecting the school and at the same time allowing for your input, feedback and/or concerns related to the school operations. Hence we will provide regular updates and input to the school newsletter. As well, I am happy to receive emails at the following address if there are concerns that you would like us to consider. I look forward to meeting you soon. Gavin Swayn School Council President

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On Thursday, 4th August, all Nossal students will participate in the Australian Maths Competition. The competition challenges and encourages students to learn and understand mathematics. Hundreds of thousands of students from Australia and other countries participate in the event each year. Students have been provided with practice papers to help them prepare for the competition and if they would like any assistance they can see their Maths teachers. Ms Michelle Desaulniers Mathematics

The science department is in need of plastic containers for classes. If you have any spare containers like ice-cream containers, take-away containers please recycle them to the school. All donated containers are to be given to the science teachers directly by the students. Thank you. Mr Rian LaBrooy Science







Nossal Sports News Cross Country On Monday 21st June, 8 Nossal High School students travelled to Lardner Park to compete at the Zone Cross Country Competition. All students represented the school with great sportsmanship, enthusiasm and determination. Each competed in their allocated age group running up and down hills and around lakes. The final results from the day were: 15yrs Girls 3000m Sachini Kaluarachchi 17th Nishani Bandaraanyake 51st Hannah Xu 55th Amanda Huynh 63rd Sonita In 70th Anisha Balakrishnan 72nd

14yrs Girls 3000m Ruihong Lu 69th

15yrs Boys 3000m Jack Marquardt 38th

Congratulations to all students involved and thank you to Linda Osborne for attending the day. On Tuesday 13th July, Sachini Kaluarachchi made Nossal history by becoming our first student competing at the State Cross Country Championships. She was competing against 100 other student from all around Victoria in her 15 year old age group. Sachini once again demonstrated her endurance by finishing 64th in the state of Victoria. Well done Sachini!

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Nossal Sports News cont. Australian Open Congratulations to Max Dicker for being selected to be a part of the 2011 Australian Tennis Open at Melbourne Park. He has been chosen to be a ball boy and assist at the Open. Max will have an opportunity to experience one of Australia's biggest events and be seen all around the world. We wish him all the best of luck and will be watching our television sets closely next summer.

Interschool Sport Term 3 Interschool Sport is closely approaching us with sporting teams getting ready for Intermediate Basketball, Table Tennis and Hockey on Thursday 29th July. Once again there was an over whelming number of students who signed up for each sport and teams are currently being finalised. Good luck to all those selected and we look forward to another great opportunity to succeed outside of the classroom. Miss Shelley Veale Sports Coordinator

2010 Active Girls Breakfast Unfortunately we have had to cancel our excursion to the Active Girls Breakfast on Friday 30th July. Due to popular demand this event sold out well before the booking cut off date and many schools missed out, including Nossal High School. The girls selected for this excursion will be first priority for this annual event in 2011. Ms Toni E. Meath Assistant Principal

Student Reflection On the 23rd of May, I went to St Margaret's Grammar Interschool Showjumping day at Ayr Hill in Berwick with my horse, Dylan. At the showjumping day there was three different types of events. In the first event Dylan and I didn't place but had a good clear round. In the second event, the jumps were slightly higher and you went against the clock. Warming up for this event, Dylan slipped. However, we continued in the second event and went clear with no time penalties and had a heap of fun. Warming up for the third event it became obvious that Dylan had injured a muscle and could not continue. Despite the injury, Dylan and I had a great day and we finished in the top 13 out 36 competitors. I was proud to be the first student from Nossal High to compete in an equestrian event. Ryan Gorick

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Writer in Residence: Archie Fusillo

Archie Fusillo at Nossal High School Archie Fusillo is an Australian author of books for children and young adults. His acclaimed novels include “THE DONS”, “SPARRING WITH SHADOWS” and “AN EARFUL OF STATIC”. He will be a “Writer-in-residence at Nossal High School on:


Wednesday 25 August 2010

9am- 1.20pm Activities: 1 lecture, 2 workshops

Nossal newsletter July 23 2010  

Nossal newsletter July 23 2010