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noga : shimshon portfolio


Outdoor cooking system The system includes three different objects, fitted one on top of the other. The base bottom part is a windshield made of spring stainless steel with fitted alcohol stove inside. On top of the windshield sits an aluminum light weight pot with non-stick coating and a collapsible handle. The lid of the pot is a flexible silicon bottle shaped to be versatile so that it can be used as water container during day walk, kettle at dinner and a warm friend at night. All the materials, silicon rubber, spring stainless steel and aluminum, were selected to produce a lightweight set that folds inward for utmost saving of packaging space. Studio B2 : second year


Portable speaker based on information streaming technology. “Sonja” is assembled from a ceramic body and a wooden embroidery hoop that covers the membrane. The hoop can be removed and placed back to adopt the “Sonja” to individual personalized taste by embroidering one’s own unique original patterns. Studio B1 : second year

cockoo Doorbell

This design of mine is inspired by an idea for combining the adult world of porcelain-miniaturized ballerina ornaments with wind-up children toys. By turning a key on the outside, the bell on the inside sets in motion. The metal ring spins and hits the cymbal while the legs swing back and forth making a rattle sound, trrrrrrrr‌‌ Studio B1 : second year


Keyhole assist In collaboration with GeronTech - The Israeli Center for Assistive Technology & Aging The “Loocka” is designed for elderly people, disabled and practically anyone who has difficulty with the accurate hand movements of inserting a key into the keyhole. The pushing motion of the key towards the “Loocka” “walls” slides and guides the key straight into the keyhole slot. As results of the pushing motion the inner ring spins inside the frame in the right direction and appropriate force to enable the key to open the lock. The “Loocka” is designed to be cheap and affordable for all. For clear and good visibility the “Loocka” is painted with night-glow color and has a unique adhesive, which allows long tuning time and extra strong fixing Inclusive design : second year

Invitation to the exabition “Sitting low, Seeing far� : The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Centipede stool The stool was made during a two day seminar that took place at the Dead Sea. It was built by using only on-location found materials, low-tech tools and cold fittings. Low tech design seminar : second year

Pka’at (pupa) The project deals with creation as an obsessive and therapeutic doing. By binding and coiling all kinds of leftover, broken, forgotten and disused objects found at home, I made a series of transitional objects. Material as an allegory : second year

Rocking stool

Welding assignment

Metal technologies : second year


Wood joints assignment For this assignment I mixed acrylic color with Carpenter’s glue to highlight the joints. While turning the glued object on the lathe, joints changed their form and red lined pattern, drawings like, revealed itself on the surface. Wood technologies : second year

Family of objects Form, function & structure : first year

Deconstruction Form, function & structure : first year

Man and wheel fusion Form, function & structure : first year

Fragile Home -package and poster 2-D basics : first year



noga : shimshon +972.504.488890 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem

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