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Design with nature

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Design with nature With Amerind Natural Timber Veneers, good design comes naturally. The timeless, natural beauty and warmth of timber in our veneers is the inspiration you’ll need to create stunning interior joinery and furniture for commercial and residential applications. Amerind is passionate about natural timber veneers. Veneers make a real contribution to the environment. You can still maintain the natural beauty of timber in your designs with less impact on our forests. Since 1970 we have been selecting timber from responsibly managed forests around the world to carefully craft our unique collection of veneers, many of which are FSC certified. Our extensive global network coupled with local branches means we can source, manufacture and deliver the world’s finest timber veneers in whatever colour, marking structure pattern and grain you specify. Amerind Natural Timber Veneers collection. The inspiration you’ll need for design that is in harmony with nature.

Photo: James Penlidis Veneer: Zebrano Cover: Redheart Eucalypt 3

Novotel Langley, Perth Veneer: New Guinea Rosewood

The source of inspiration

• corporate boardrooms

Amerind Natural Timber Veneers are created from a wide range of timber species sourced worldwide from responsibly managed forests in Australia, Africa, Europe and U.S.A.

Natural variations

Express yourself

• natural variations of colour, grain and markings found in real timber • distinctive look and feel

Visual effects

• veneers matched to create sequential patterns

A variety of visual effects can be achieved by varying the way that the veneers are matched.

• panels that coordinate with colour, texture and pattern of other decorative elements

Beautiful interiors Portside, QLD Veneer: Vogue Grey Ash

Amerind Natural Timber Veneers have been specified for some of Australia’s most stylish and creative commercial and residential interiors. The most specified applications include: • commercial and residential furniture • kitchen and bathroom cabinets • office and retail fitouts • restaurant walls, bars and table tops • foyers and reception areas

Photo: Tyrone Branician Veneer: Figured Makore 4

Part of their charm as a natural product is that even veneers from the same timber species can vary greatly in colour and markings. As a consequence, any samples supplied are an indication only of the general character of the chosen species and you should ask your representative for a batch control sample.

Natural timber veneers enable you to express the individuality of nature in your next project with:

Station Pier Melbourne Veneer: Hoop Pine

• partitions

For design integrity of your project, you should talk with your Amerind representative covering all aspects of veneer specifications prior to any production scheduling.

UV resistance All natural timber veneers will tend to change colour in the presence of light. This is part of a natural process and not a defect in the veneers chosen. Where veneers are exposed to strong light sources and sunlight, it is advisable to use a UV inhibitor or over stain in the coating to help minimise colour changes over time.

Photo: Trevor Mein Veneer: Stringybark

A cut above the rest

Mounting on substrates

As Australia’s largest manufacturer of veneer panels, we bring unrivalled technical expertise to the complex process of manufacturing Amerind Natural Timber Veneers. Understanding how a veneer is created will help you select the appropriate species for your project. Types of veneers The method by which veneers are sliced from the log defines their general appearance or structure.

Rotary peeled The log is centrally fixed to a lathe and a sharp blade peels a continuous slice of veneer along the entire length, giving a bold, widely varying pattern.

Quarter cut Veneers cut from the quarter cut segment of the log produce a fairly straight (parallel) grain structure.

Crown cut Veneers cut from this section of a log are known as ‘crowns’ or ‘flowers’ and have some straight grain sections on either side. As the cut moves towards the centre of the log, the crown becomes narrower and finer, and the straight grain section wider apart.

Once they have been sliced and dried, a number of veneer leaves are then joined into a single sheet size before being bonded in a hot press to a suitable substrate. Commonly used substrates include: • Standard Particleboard • Moisture Resistant Particleboard • Standard MDF • Moisture Resistant MDF • Plywood • EO and FSC approved MDF and Plywood • 1.5mm Veneer Ply is also available for applications requiring bending

Veneer matching A variety of visual effects can be achieved by varying the way that veneer is processed.

Book matched Adjacent leaves are opened like a book so that each leaf is a mirror image of the one next to it.


Slip matched The veneers are laid side by side facing the same way. The result is the same grain pattern being repeated across the width of the panel.

Random matched Leaves are laid in a random fashion to disperse grain characteristics across and along the sheet. (Generally aligned with species inclusive of heavy features)

Reverse slip matched Alternate leaves are turned end to end, resulting in crowns being balanced at each end of the panel.

Choosing a panel grade Depending on the application, you may be able to vary the quality of the veneer or other backing on the panel. Common panel grades include: G2S (Good two sides) The same first grade veneer on both sides of the panel. Example: Doors, open shelving where a first grade appearance is required on both faces.

DGB (Down graded back) The same species on both sides but downgraded quality on the back veneer. Example: Doors, end panels, drawer fronts, internal cabinetry where the internal appearance is of lesser importance. BAMO (Back at manufacturer’s option) First grade specified veneer used on face, any other veneer on the back. Example: Wall panels, ceiling panels or panels where

generally only the face is shown and a lesser quality veneer is used to balance the back. L1S (Laminate one side) First grade specified veneer used on face, high pressure laminate specified by customer on the back. Example: Doors, end panels, drawer fronts, internal cabinetry or applications where the internal appearance is of lesser importance.

Specified veneer used on face but with no backing veneer or laminate. This is never recommended for pressed veneer panels and usually only used with 3.6mm ply that is subsequently used as a door skin and laminated to a substrate.

NB (No back)

10 steps to specifying veneers Here are 10 tips to help you specify and get the natural timber veneer you want for your project. 1 Choose a veneer Make an initial selection from Amerind Natural Timber Veneers collection.

4 Decide how will it be matched Book, slip, random or reverse slip matched?

2 Speak to your Amerind Account Manager Contact your Amerind Account Manager to get a control sample with a specified batch number to ensure we have the quality and quantity your project requires.

5 Choose the grain direction Will the pattern of the veneer run vertically or horizontally? This may affect the cost due to wastage matching and structure.

3 Choose the cut Rotary, quarter or crown?

6 Decide what backing veneer is required to panels G2S, DGB, BAMO, L1S or NB?

7 Select the substrate Standard Particleboard, Moisture Resistant Particleboard, Standard MDF, Moisture Resistant MDF or Plywood? And whether the substrate is E0 or FSC approved.

10 Give delivery details Where do you want the panels delivered and to whom?

8 Specify the panel dimensions Length, width and thickness 9 Advise quantity and timing How many panels and when do you need them on site? 7

Passionate about a perfect finish When you specify from the Amerind Natural Timber Veneers range you know you have the support of Australia’s leading independent marketer, distributor and manufacturer of decorative architectural finishes. Since 1970, Amerind has manufactured a range of products in Australia as well as selecting a portfolio of fine decorative products from overseas including: • High quality timber veneers • Designer laminates • Melamine panels and Colorboard • German engineered laminate and solid timber flooring • Furniture and construction grade timber • Plywood, MDF and commodity board substrates • E0 and FSC approved MDF and plywood substrates

National specifier support Over the years, Amerind has created a national network of support for professionals in architecture, design, domestic and commercial cabinet making and shop fitting. Our team of passionate sales professionals operate from warehouses and offices strategically located in capital cities and regional centres. They provide product, finish and colour advice during project planning while our dedicated distribution centres provide rapid response to customer orders. In addition, product samples, data sheets and information are as close as your computer, telephone and fax.


Our environment Amerind is committed to managing its entire operations in an environmentally responsible manner to ensure the protection of the environment for this and future generations. Responsible forestry and use of forest resources, waste minimisation and pollution prevention are the principles underpinning Amerind’s environmental policy. Amerind is certified to maintain the chain of custody in the manufacturing of FSC certified products.


Image above Wrest Point Casino, Riverview Lounge Café Joiner: Halton Joinery, Tasmania Builder: Fairbrother Construction Veneer: Blackbean Photo: Craig Opie

For everything you need‌ fast At Amerind, we understand you need to get your VENEERS samples and colour reference fast when you are developing concepts for a new project. That’s why our product samples, data sheets and information are as close as your computer, telephone and fax.

Go online

For colour swatches, Material Safety Data Sheets, Product Specifications and order forms for the samples you need, go online at

Order samples

If you know what you need, simply email the name and finish of the samples to au or fax to 1300 850 677

Ask questions

If you have questions about product information, application suitability and distribution timing, please give us a call on 1300 850 477


Amerind Natural Veneers


Sycamore Crown *FSC

Sycamore Figured *FSC

Rock Maple Crown *FSC

White Ash American Crown *FSC

Tasmanian Oak Quarter

Koto Quarter

Radiata Pine Crown

Hoop Pine Quarter

Hoop Pine Crown

Tasmanian Ash Quarter

Blackbutt Quarter

Plantation Oak Quarter

American Oak Crown *FSC

European Beech Crown *FSC

American Cherry Crown *FSC

Silky Oak Quarter

Birdseye Maple Semi Rotary

American Oak Rift *FSC

Anegre Crown *FSC

Anegre Quarter *FSC

Disclaimer: Timber and Veneer products are comprised of natural timbers and will react to environmental conditions including temperature, light and moisture. Changes to surface colour or appearance is a natural characteristic and not a defect. As with any natural timber product, variations may occur between samples, displays or printed materials and the product you ultimately obtain. Timber from the same species but different logs or different parts of the same log may exhibit noticeable differences. Amerind Pty Ltd does not provide any warranty that products supplied will not exhibit such variations as described above. All products are sold under Amerind Pty Ltd’s Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Amerind Natural Veneers

Spotted Gum Crown

Spotted Gum Quarter

Tasmanian Blackwood

Ironbark (Grey) Quarter

Brushbox Quarter

Ofram Random Mismatch

Western Red Cedar Crown

Blackbutt Feature Grade Random Mismatch

American Walnut Quarter *FSC

American Walnut Crown *FSC

Red Heart Eucalypt Crown *FSC

Sapele Crown

Sapele Quarter

Teak Quarter *FSC

Teak Crown *FSC

Khaya Mahogany Crown

Khaya Mahogany Quarter

SPM (Sliced Pacific Maple) Quarter

Makore Crown

Makore Quarter


Amerind Natural Veneers

Amerind Exotic Veneers

Zebrano Quarter

New Guinea Rosewood Crown

New Guinea Rosewood Quarter

Birds Eye Maple


Sydney Bluegum Crown

Sydney Bluegum Quarter

Kwila Quarter

Birds Eye Eucalypt

Elm Burl

Red Gum Figured

Jarrah Crown

Danta Quarter

Madrona Burl

Walnut Cluster

Santos Palisander Crown *FSC

Wenge Quarter *FSC

Wenge Crown *FSC

Walnut Burl

Makassar Ebony


IMAGE TO COME Call 1300 850 477

MAR 10

Fax 1300 850 577

veneers P laminates P plywood P flooring P timber P trade

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