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Manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Intermediates & Formulations

Andhra Pradesh, India

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Established in 2001, at Hyderabad International quality standards Technically sound infrastructure Stringent quality checks Specialized R & D unit Export to Asia, America, Africa & others

Andhra Pradesh, India

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Total customer satisfaction Pure & precise pH value Top notch quality products Customization & Timeliness Comprehensive technical support Highly motivated & trained workforce


Andhra Pradesh, India

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Semi Finished Formulations Pharma Intermediates Chemical Intermediates

Andhra Pradesh, India

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 端 端 端

Antimigraine Antiparkinsoniam Analgesic

Andhra Pradesh, India

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 端 端 端 端

Antineoplastik Antihypertensive Nootropic Antiobesity

Andhra Pradesh, India

Semi Finished Formulations 端 端 端 端

Dexlonsoprozole Pellets Pellets Capsules Lonsoprozole Pellets Capsules Omeprozole Pellets Capsules

Andhra Pradesh, India

Pharma Intermediates 端 端

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Semi Finished Formulations

Andhra Pradesh, India

Chemical Intermediates 端 端

Drug Intermediates Chemicals under Development

Contact Us Nosch Labs Private Limited Mr. Dvvvs Reddy Flat No: 404 to 406, Vijay Sai Towers Opposite To BJP Office, Kukatpally Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh - 500072, India

Nosch Labs Private Limited,Andhra Pradesh,India