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ISSUE 2 Black Friday By: Chloe Singleton Black Friday: the one day of the year that shoppers everywhere go crazy about amazing deals. From waiting in mile long lines, to fighting over the last Barbie Doll, Black Friday is a shopaholic‟s favorite holiday. Every year after Thanksgiving Day, shoppers take part in Black Friday. People begin their preparations for Christmas by purchasing presents; from clothes and accessories to television sets and toys. However, it is called Black Friday for a reason. Despite being a day of excitement for great sales, malls, stores and plazas become total madness. Senior, Jordan Mallon says, “I remember my sophomore year I had to stand in line for four hours to buy an iPod Touch for $100… but it was worth it.” Mallon also brags, “Last Black Friday I went to Wal-Mart and bought a waffle maker for two dollars!” But other than atrociously long lines, reports of violence have occurred on past Black Fridays. In 2011 a woman had used pepper spray to keep other shoppers away from an x-box controller that was on sale. Even though there are tremendous savings, shoppers beware. Popular stores that have a reputation of big sales include WalMart, Best Buy, Target, Toys-R-Us, Macy‟s, JC Penny and Meijer. Senior, Hannah Hale exclaims, “My Black Friday was great last year. My family bought a 50% off flat screen TV from Target, and I got a new leather jacket for nine bucks.” This year, some phone companies are also taking part in Black Friday: for example, Sprint is hosting a sale on their Galaxy S III for $49.99, saving a total of $150! If you are looking for earlier Black Friday specials, they can be found on No matter what it is you are shopping for, you are bound to come across something you love that is definitely in your budget. Black Friday is a day of going out with friends or family and beginning your Holiday Season off the right way.

Popular Black Friday Stores Opening at Midnight Wal-Mart Best Buy Target Game Stop Old Navy Aeropostale American Eagle Bath and Body Works

November, 2012 November elections: Romney, Obama showdown By: John Bennett

The votes are in: Obama

wins! At least according to Norwood High School. In a recent poll of Norwood High School students, Obama won by a 12% margin. While students appear to have it figured out, many might be driven by emotion rather than fact. When talking about the election and politics in general, the first thing to consider is each candidate‟s ideology. According to social studies teacher Rick Robisch, “The main difference between the two ideologies is what they believe the Government‟s role

is. Republicans believe that the federal government should have less say in the economy and more say in the social aspects of people‟s lives and giving more power to states. Democrats prefer more Federal Government control over the economy and less control in social issues.” The two candidates squared off for debates on these very issues. Primary issues of debate were the national deficit, the unemployment rate, health care, Social Security and Medicare. Analysts overwhelmingly agreeded that Romney won the first debate, though his intention

to cut funding to PBS has been highly critcized, especially making fun of the fact that he is firing Sesame Street. The second debate went over almost every issue with the country for this election. But one clear thing was how contentious the feeling in the room was and that Obama made a big comeback from the first debate with his aggressiveness. Despite both of these candidates stating their intentions for the economy, the president actually has no direct control over the economy.

The president‟s main power comes from his ability to use the bully pulpit and speak to the people. Congress has control to make laws regarding the economy. Social studies teacher Rebecca Salyers advises students to become more informed and avoid biased sources such as Fox and MSNBC. Instead it‟s usually better to do your own research, such as on government websites. Finally, just because you cannot vote there is no reason to not get involved in the election. You can do something as simple as petition, attend a political rally, or watch a debate.

Students Weigh In Norwood Students were asked which candidate they would vote for.

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No Rest for the weary: As fall sports wind down, winter sports pick up By: Hannah Hale Say goodbye to soccer, volleyball and football because the fall „12 season is coming to an end for your Norwood teams. The 2012-2013 winter athletes have something to live up to due to the fact that Norwood‟s fall season turned out to be very successful. There are brand new changes taking place for the Lady Indians basketball team this upcoming season. The girls are receiving a new head coach, coach Gwynn. Keith Gwynn has a lot of experience in coaching and playing the game. Gywnn is originally from Philadelphia and where he coached for select basketball organizations such as Mid Atlantic, which is a high ranked basketball association. Gwynn has already taken the girls to Wilmington College for basketball camp where the team was a strong contender in the competition. Senior Kristina Wolf is excited for the change and states, “With our new coaching staff we are expecting to improve and take our game to a new

level. This is my last year with this team, and I hope to leave with a winning record.” The boy‟s first home basketball game is against Taylor on Nov. 30. Coach Kevin Schulte is returning to hopefully dominate the new league. The team should have strong leadership and experience with seniors Max Schneider and Gabe Rice, and juniors Andrew Conover and Jared Peters. The overall record last year for the boys was 9-12. The SBAAC brings with it new excitement and hopes for our boys this season. The wrestling team is excited to get back out on the mats. Their schedule is packed with new opponents and old rivals. Several wrestlers achieved great accomplishments, inc luding one member advancing to the district tournament. With several returning members, Norwood‟s wrestling team should be ready to take on any challenger. Our sw imming teams, both boys and girls, are expected to make a big splash in the SBAAC. Norwood High School is one of the

few schools in the area with a swimming pool of its own. Although the swimming team has no league to compete in this year, the team will compete in invitationals. Senior Cori Miracle would like to improve her time in the events such as the 100 meter backstroke and 100 meter freestyle. Their schedule includes meets with Kings, Mason, New Richmond, and Purcell Marion High Schools. Norwood‟s Academic team is sure to outwit all of their challengers. A-Team did not perform as they would have liked last year, finishing fourth out of five teams in the league. A-Team coach, Brad Hunt, is expecting a different result for the 2012-2013 season. Hunt exclaims that the team this year is “stacked” with senior captains Greg Bauer, Melinda Harlow, and Caleb Schirmer returning to the team. Hunt goes on to say that the team this year has a lot of experience and should be

better than the previous year. The coach of the bowling team, Brad Nice, was awarded Winter Sports Coach of the Year for Norwood High School. Nice is expecting many seniors back to contribute to a hopeful season. Seniors Amy Wiles , Lindy Lathem, Justin Borgemenke and Theresa Hajjar are returning to the sport to become leaders on the team. Wiles states, “For my senior year I hope to bowl an average of 250 and hopefully our team finishes first in the league.” This is Wiles‟s third year on the Norwood bowling team, and she is exc ited to start her last season. Norw ood‟s w inter athletic teams have big shoes to fill to match the success of the fall teams. Each team has the experience, talent and determination to be just as prosperous, if not more. Come out and support your winter teams this 2012-2013 winter season.

INDIAN Not your average science class: „a class all about you‟ By: Elizabeth Isaac Bones, muscles, and organs are all over the place! There‟s no need to be alarmed; this isn‟t a crime scene, it‟s anatomy class with Mrs. Hadaway. Anatomy is a full-year class and counts as one science credit. It is good preparation for anyone who plans to get involved in health care, but every student should take it at

some point in their high school career. Why? “It‟s the only class about you,” Hadaway explains. She recommends juniors and seniors take the class; sophomores tend to have a harder time with it but can take it as well. Anyone can do well in this class if they study and take good notes. There are various fun opportunities to look forward to in anatomy class. Students will have the chance to see a live sur-

Mrs. Hadaway (right) helps Justin Breadon to dissect a chicken wing in order to teach him about muscles. Paige Rudd and Paige Elliot (left) are also participating in the dissection.

There’s no substitute for Zimmerman! By: Addy Bryant Just like any other day, you walk into c lass instinctively glancing towards the teacher. However…a surprise to you, they have been replaced by a tall, curly, dark-haired lady. There‟s no need to fear; it‟s only Mrs. Zimmerman. Sue Zimmerman has taught at Norwood Schools for 35 years. Her specialty is English, ranging from middle school aged students to high schoolers. She has also taught other classes like Issues and Answers where students debate current issues and learn about leadership roles. Zimmerman s ubs for English, history, and science. She‟s most familiar with English and science related subjects, but also says, “science women do some neat things.” Zimmerman has some very fond memories of the classroom. One time while telling a boy to sit down, she shares, he threatened to take her teaching license away. She responded s imply with the state-

ment that she‟s retired. Subbing isn‟t the only way that Zimmerman is active in the High School. She also invites students to her house for lunch after Playhouse in the Park field trips. Zimmerman says that unfortunately most people come for the cookies instead of the play. She was the first to take her students on the field trip and “over the years it grew into a bigger thing,” she says. The popular sub is known for her typically sarcastic demeanor, and it‟s no secret that students love her. In fact, she has taught most of her student‟s mom‟s and dad‟s. The most amusing part of her subbing experience is watching students debate over the rumor of her fake finger. Zimmerman has a long history with Norwood and is a dedicated substitute. Next time you see her; feel free to say “hey”. If you‟re lucky enough, maybe you‟ll get a homemade, delicious cookie out of it.

gery at the Christ Hospital, see the best bone models that money can buy, go to a cadaver lab at UC, and talk to Tri -health doctors about their professions. Two live surgery field trips are available each year but only five students are selected to go to each. Junior Sydney Sloan was one of the students who saw the surgery and enjoyed the experience. “It gave me perspective of what would happen if I became a doctor,” she explains. Her outlook can be applied to the rest of the class as well, knowing the skeletal system like the back of your hand can almost make you feel like an MD. Hadaway says that out of all the class activities the cadaver lab is her favorite because students can see a real body up close. However, this experience the isn‟t for the faint of heart. She also enjoys the visits

from the Tri-Health doctors, because it helps teens learn how to speak to doctors and at the same time, helps doctors learn how to talk to teens in a way that is easy to understand. While anatomy class can easily be the most fun class of the day for some students, it can be a nightmare for others. Squeamish people will have a hard time watching some of the videos or looking at pictures. At one point the class watches a segment from senior Cora Miracle‟s knee surgery, and to some that can be quite sickening. People with a bad memory will have a harder time in this class than most considering that memorization of bones and muscles is very important. Organization is another key factor to success, and it is important to keep all notes in order. Students who don‟t study, tend to space out

Jared Davis is seen above cutting open a chicken

or are unorganized would not find anatomy to be the best fit for them. It is important for students to realize what they are getting into before they sign up for this class, though

most students won‟t have a problem with it.

Thanksgiving Woes: turkey packs on the pounds By: David Torres

Thanksgiving: a day for laughter, fun and giving thanks. Unfortunately, it is also a day for overeating for many Americans across the nation. According to the news website Examiner, the average Thanksgiving meal is around 3,500 calories. That is just about a pound of body weight. During Thanksgiving the issue isn‟t the quality of the food but the quantity. A study published in the Nutrition Journal stated that the weight gain was just above one pound for college students. Even though that might not sound like much, many people don‟t lose the

weight as they do little activity over the holidays. Another study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found that Americans overall weight gain to be an average of 0.4 to 1.8 pounds. Many people link this to the autumn season‟s cold weather, which leads to less exercise and more indoor activities. Another issue is that gaining too much weight, in a short period of time may also cause long-term health issues especially if the gain weight is never lost. The study also found that people who were already overweight were more likely to gain five more pound compared to those who were not overweight. One thing you could

do to avoid overeating is to eat breakfast. Avoid the turkey skin because it has more calories than the turkey breast. Other strategies are to avoid seconds, drink plenty of water instead of the sugary drinks with empty calories and most importantly don‟t have more than one big thanksgiving meal. Eating twice would push your calorie intake off the charts. But you can still enjoy food in moderation. According to a study by US News, small portions of food every four hours maintains your metabolism and if you did starve yourself then you are more likely to over eat at the dining table!

From possessive nouns to push ups By: Matt Brown Joining the military is a huge life step for a high school graduate. The military teaches kids how to be disciplined and respectful while learning skills needed to survive in the military. The military isn‟t for everyone; it‟s mainly for high schoolers who want to fight for their country and be recognized as one of the country‟s many heroes. If a student decides not to go into the military solely because they want to go to college, the military also provides four year scholarships where a student can receive the education they were seeking

and then more. When a student has a question about the military at Norwood, they can always go to counselor Tom Muenchen‟s office for help. Muenchen usually helps 3-4 students per year who decide to join the military. Over the last four years he has talked to about 11 students about joining the armed forces. He also believes that the military is a great option for students that want to protect our country. Muenchen says, “I would advise anyone interested to take time out of their day and go talk to as many people as possible.” In January Muenchen plans to go to the main marine island on Parris Is-

land, North Carolina. He‟ll spend four days to personally see what the marines go through. The military has many different branches so that it can fit to anybody‟s wants. All of the branches also have reserves that a person can go into. One of the many choices a person has is the Air Force. The Air Force is the aerial warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven American uniformed services. It is also a part of the United States Army. Another branch that is a good choice to enter is the Marine Corps. It is part of the U. S Navy, often working closely with U.S.

Naval Forces for training. and transportation. However, the Marine Corps is a separate branch. The one branch everyone thinks about when military comes to mind is The United States Army. It is the largest, oldest of all the branches. It takes care of all the land military operations. Last but not least, the U. S Navy which handles all the water based operations. Any student who has questions about the U.S military can ask a teacher for a blue slip to meet with Muenchen who will answer any military questions. .

The military has four main branches. Check with the guidance office to see which branch might work for you.

Ask the Ash:


Your questions answered by none other than Zach Ashford Dear The Ash, I have a few classes where this really stinky kid sits next to me. I’m not a rude person, but I can’t stan d the stench any longer. How do I nicely tell this person that they need a bath? S incerely, Oops I S mell it Again Dear Oops I Smell it Again, Being nice is a very hard thing to do, trust me; I‟m not very good at it. But when it comes to someone smelling bad, it‟s never good to be rude. If you‟re close to this person or you‟ve known them awhile, crack a joke about their B.O. Just be sure not offend them. If you‟re not so friendly with one another, bring in a bottle of perfume or cologne and secretly spray it behind their back. If you get caught spraying them, say that you thought they‟d enjoy the new fragrance and offer them the entire bottle. With a little bit of luck, it‟ll last them the whole s chool year, and your problems are solved. Just remember you can‟t force them to take a shower… Well technically you can, but you may run into some legal issues and it‟s probably not worth the trouble. If worse comes to worst, just don‟t shower for a few days and out stink them. M aybe they‟ll think it‟s themselves and finally take a bath. Whatever you do, don‟t be rude. Peace, Love, and Showers, „The Ash‟

Dear Zach, The person I’m crushing on always flirts with my friend instead of me. He only gives me attention when she isn’t around. How do I get him to notice me while hanging out with my friend? Uncertain S econd Choice Dear Uncertain Second Choice, Never be someone's second choice. We all deserve better than that. If the person you wanted didn‟t want you the first time, they don‟t deserve a second chance. But if you ignore my warnings and pursue the love of this person anyway; just be yourself. Get a tattoo to impress them and buy them a flower. That‟s what I‟d do. But then again, I‟m not the most romantic guy. Just be completely honest with the person, and tell them how you feel. It‟s better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. If you and this person really do turn into something, don‟t take a s econd of it for granted. My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost two and a half years ; I don‟t regret a second of it. Sure, we have our ups and downs, but in the end, it‟s worth it. If you really feel like you two could have something special, don‟t blow it… avoid nervous vomiting, stuttering, and awkwardness at all costs. Also, be sure to shower, buy some cologne or something, brush your hair, and use mouth wash; guys don‟t find yellow teeth attractive. M ay the Force be with you, „The Ash‟

Match the person with the last played artist on their ipod. 1.

Hannah Hale 2. Zach Ashford 3. Ms. Salyers 4. Stephanie Croucher 5. Ms. Dickens 6. Ms. Harkins A. SilverStein B. Eminem C. Adele D. Taylor Swift E. Trace Adkins F. Rascal Flats

Bilbo Baggins makes it to the big screen By: Kayla Bennett Have you ever read The Lord of the Rings? If you have, then this is the movie for you. The Hobbit will be released on Dec. 14 and is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It follows Bilbo Baggins on a hazardous journey with Gandalf the Grey. Starring in this movie are actors such as Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood and Ryan Cage. Director Peter Jackson, who has been recording movies since the age of 8, is wellknown for his attention to details. He has also directed all of the Lord of the Rings films. Senior Katie Daniel said The Hobbit seems appealing because, “The fact it‟s a prequel of Lord of the Rings, and the overall fantasy aspect.” Freshman Katie Faulkner wants to see it for the suspense. In this prequel Bilbo Baggins is swept out his door and taken into a dangerous and grand adventure through the Lonely Mountains, where he has to fight against all forms of enemies and outside forces, including a creature named Gollum, from whom Bilbo wins a magical ring in a suspensefilled contest.

Suspense is a fitting word to describe this prequel. Sophomore Elijah Bolin said he would go see this movie because, “it looks and sounds interesting.” When asked about The Hobbit almost all students mentioned the series of Lord of the Rings including senior Kyle McDonald, Jade Ly, and Daniel who are very excited to see the film. Many students also mentioned Orlando Bloom, who has starred in Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. While in high school, Bloom participated in high school plays and performed in local theaters. At the age of 16, he moved to London and joined the National Youth Theatre. Today he is one of the most sought-after actors in the movie industry. Students have high expectations for The Hobbit, since it is a prequel to Lord of the Rings. Many students also expect a suspense-filled, interesting movie. The Hobbit is expected to appeal to teens and adults, especially ones that are familiar with The Lord of the Rings.

How has your taste in music changed over time? “I have embraced an incredibly diverse collection of music since my teen years: show tunes, rap (Eminem is a genius), country, classical, pop...if I like the beat or the message, I load it. -Social Worker Ms. Payne

“I like to listen to all music as long as it doesn‟t annoy me so I guess you could says my taste hasn‟t really changed so much.” -Sophomore Alli Rutherford

“I never listened to classical when I was a teenager. I only started to listen to and appreciate classical music when I started commuting to Norwood in 1995. I listened to Elvis and his English counterpart Cliff Richards, and of course the Beatles. -Math teacher Ms. Koller

“I float between the Beatles, Dave Matthews, Weezer, Blink 182 and a sprinkling of Phish… any classic rock will always work for me!” -Band director Mr. Bauer

“I used to be interested in a lot of country but not any more. But now I‟m more interested in dance/pop music because it‟s more entertaining.” -Sophomore Kennedi Leever

“I listened to a lot of country but now I‟m more into pop and other exciting types of music.” -Sophomore Hayley Hedges

Answers: 1.D 2.A 3.B 4.F 5.C 6. E

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