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Beauty Through the Ages How societies perception of what’s attractive and what’s not has changed from decade to decade.

The Tanning Craze

By: Addy Bryant Ever skim through your history book and snicker at the out dated pictures of women in flowing dresses? Believe it or not, theses ladies were usually considered the most attractive of their day. How did we get from Elizabeth Taylor to Kim Kardashian? Over time, like everything else, the image of beauty has changed. Today’s hotties wouldn’t be deemed nearly as attractive to previous decades.

It wasn't until the 1920's that tanning became a new fad. While traveling on her yacht, fashion designer and icon Coco Chanel developed a tan and since then the trend has been modeled by countless girls. Before the 1920’s a tan was undesirable. Darkened skin meant that a person was a laborer and worked outside in the hot sun all day long. Ladies desired to look like they had better things to do than hard work and thus wore long sleeves and large hats to shield themselves from the suns rays. Nowadays girls aim to do the op-

posite. Lying out in the sun or using tanning beds is a common practice that has become an issue among skin care specialist. Tanning beds have been linked to causing skin cancer and strong opinions have developed over techniques to get tan. While some celebrities spend hours lying out, others like Nichole Kidman are against tanning and flaunt their pale skin colour.

Size Matters The perfect hourglass shape is nearly every girls dream. Even slumber party Barbie came with a scale set

Fashion Icons of the Decades JEAN HARLOW


















Who’s the most attractive fashion icon? We asked and you answered.

Angelina Jolie Marilyn Monroe

Farrah Fawcett Twiggy Jean Harlow

permanently at 110 pounds and a book entitled How to Loose Weight with the simple instructions “Don’t eat.” Some girls will go to extremes to gain a slim waist. Anorexia, bulimia, diet pills, and excess exercising have all been used to try and shed off the pounds. Nearly every women’s magazine features a new diet and low calorie food recipes and there isn’t a single Disney princess without an hourglass figure. Our culture has become obsessed with the idea of thinness, especially when the obesity rate is rising. A plump figure used to be a sign of being able to afford plenty of food up until, of course, the roaring twenties. A stereotypical 20’s flapper was rail thin. A desire for a rail thin figure disappeared though and wasn’t seen again until the 1960’s when models like Twiggy became popular.

Making Up a Pretty Face Whether it was watching your mother put it on or playing with it yourself, if you’re like any average girl you’ve experienced make-up since you were a child. Cosmetics have a long, and sometimes deadly, history. The age at which girls start wearing make-up has been lowering and it’s not uncommon to see little thirteen year olds with lip gloss and light eye shadow. Some strongly oppose wearing make-up while others say it only improves their already natural features.

There is no doubt that over the age’s people’s idea of what’s hot and what’s not has changed. The lengths that some women go to just to look gorgeous is astounding. Botox, dieting, uses chemicals on the skin and hair; none of these methods are necessarily permanent. And are they really worth it? Decades from now people may look at our current day beauty trends with amusement or even disgust. Society’s perception of attractiveness is always evolving, but luckily for most people beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s guaranteed with so many different personal tastes out there that someone somewhere finds you beautiful.

The worlds ultimate fashion icon. Since the 1960’s there has always been a constant role model for young girls. She was most girls’ first toy and hours could be spent styling her hair or deciding which outfit would look best. Who was this famous and sometime infamous girl? Barbie, of course. Today Barbie has the perfect hourglass figure, an even tan, crystal blue eyes, and blonde locks that flow past her shoulders. But this hasn’t always been the case. Barbie’s look has changed with every passing decade. When Barbie came out in 1959 she had pale white skin, red lips, thin blonde hair, and eyes with a lazily sexy sort of look. Through the 1960’s Barbie developed a tan, straighter hair, lighter make-up, and a curvier figure. Most people would assume that Barbie’s waist had gotten smaller and smaller. But this isn’t the case. Barbie traditionally has an “upside down triangle” torso. Her waist was the smallest part of her and as you moved up the area below the breast was the largest. In the 2000’s change was made to give her a more natural figure. Her hips were widened and her buttocks became more prominent. Barbie’s current day figure is more common among women, though arguably more provocative, than the waistline she had before. For some little girls, Barbie is the ideal women. Growing up to have her figure is the dangerous goal of a few. For others, though, she is simply a source of entertainment and girlish fantasies.

Benefits of team sports By: Jake Faulkner Sports are a very beneficial way for teens to stay healthy. They have been proven to help mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Teens who participate in sports have said they lived a happier life according to high school studies across the country. Both males and females who participate in team sports will tell you that it has helped them in some way in their life. According to studies at the university of Florida’s studies show that teens who participate in sports are more likely to graduate high school and psychologically feel better about themselves. Sports help teens grow as individuals and help people learn how to work together with people on the same team.

Physically: Physically it definitely helps a teenager stay in shape. Teens need approximately an hour of exercise at least 3 days a week according to numerous studies have

shown that in order to stay healthy and be in good shape. An athlete who plays football and basketball at Norwood High School will receive approximately 12 hours a week. No matter what the sport physical activity is required that helps you stay in shape. Whether it’s getting stronger, building up stamina or endurance, losing weight it helps athletes reach their full potential.

Mentally: Mentally team sports help almost as much if not more as physical fitness. The term “Student Athlete” describes how team sports help players perfectly. Athletes work harder in the classroom in order to be eligible or in order to get into college. Athletes at Norwood High School are required to have a 2.0 to be eligible and some sports require an even higher grade point average for the student to play. Sports help push student athletes be successful. It helps athletes under go more pressure which will help them in the real world. They realize if they make a mistake they possibly will get punished but they have to

keep playing like it never happened. It teaches them self determination, and what it takes to win and be successful and to never give up.

Socially: Socially sports really help a teen. Being around your teammates a lot, you build stronger relationships. Athletes are around other players almost every day because of practices or games, and you get to know each other better. They learn how to work together as a team to accomplish a goal that was set. Athletes learn what other players on the team like or dislike. The value of teamwork is very important in your life. It helps to work with others in a job scenario or out in the real world which is a beneficial tool in the real world. At times players get angry but players have to be able to control their aggression and turn it into working harder the next play. Socially team sports teach players many life lessons.

Emotionally: Emotionally players are helped tremendously. Athletes have to deal with the pain of a loss occasionally and know what it feels like to win. The desire to win or succeed doesn’t go away. Players always push themselves and set higher goals each day to be successful. This desire just doesn’t occur on the field or court it carries over to real life scenarios. People always want to be successful no matter where they are and the pain of losing or not accomplishing what your goal was still hurts. Athletes deal with the pressure of making a mistake and having to move on.

Norwood Weighs In

Norwood Football allows players to stay in great shape, and allows you to have fun at the same time.

50 students and faculty at Norwood High School were surveyed and averaged about 18 hours a week of exercise. With all the different sports and activities Norwood has to offer its almost difficult not to be active. “Team sports definitely help make people more mentally tough. It helps players learn how to overcome odds, make quick decisions, and really helps the community and keeps them involved. It’s a way to show off your school PRIDE” Says Kevin Schulte Norwood’s head basketball coach.

There are numerous team sports that can help you get in shape and help you stay healthy. Football, basketball, soccer, track, volleyball, wrestling, swimming, and the list continues. Almost every team sport in Norwood will help you stay in great shape.

Football: This summer football will be preparing a lot for their season. Coaches and players will have two-a-days in august and will be having weights and conditioning to prepare for the fall season. It takes a lot of dedication to go through the summer workouts and practices but it all pays off. It is a great way to stay healthy and stay in shape

Soccer: Soccer will have captains practices every day of the week and coach practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the whole summer. Soccer players have to go through a lot of conditioning over the summer to get in prime shape for there season.

How have sports affected your life? Junior DJ Britt: “Sports have helped me acquire all the friends I have today, and it helps me stay in shape.” Sophomore Bo Harkins: “Keeps me fit, and it gives me something to do.”

Basketball: Over the summer basketball will be having weights and open gyms every day to prepare for their season. They will have conditioning before the season starts and are looking forward to a great season. Basketball is a also a fun way to stay in shape.

Junior Destiny Bridges: “They make feel like a better and stronger person.”.

Volleyball: Volleyball players have a camp over the summer, and will have conditioning throughout the whole summer. Players have to be very dedicated. It is a good way to stay in shape.

Cross Country: Cross Country runs over the summer and through the fall and no doubt keeps you in great shape. People who participate run miles across the city to different places. Players who participate have fun and get a good exercise in the process.

Junior Jake Boling: “Helps me show my Norwood PRIDE!”

Cheerleading: Cheerleaders have practices through the whole summer. Whether they are tumbling or practicing cheers, it is a fun way to support the Indians and stay in shape.

Marching Band: The band attends band camp over the summer and gets a great workout through the summer and fall. Walking for 2 hours a day carrying an instrument may seem easy but its more difficult than you would think. Marching band helps you stay in shape.

Baseball is a great way to stay fit. It’s a fun sport and keeps you in shape!

Inside the mind of a bully What are they really thinking? Bullying is a huge problem in high schools all over the world. Bullies may find it humorous to make fun of people for the way they look, they act, their race, sexual preference or all of the above. It’s sad to know that people are being intentionally hurt by their classmates for not being like the rest of the crowd. Many bullying cases are brought to our attention everyday on the news. The stories tell of the victims who take the drastic measure because they didn’t feel like the belonged with everyone else, when really that’s not the case. Many people may think the victims of bullying shouldn’t listen to what others have said but when they are being bullied everyday it’s hard to turn your back on the hurtful words they hear. In a random survey of Norwood students, kids listed tons of hurtful names they have been called numerous times from elementary all the way to high school. Students report being called fat, ugly, whore, slut, the ‘B’ word, shorty, amazon, ditzy, trashy, worthless, pathetic, stupid, dumb, and ignorant. The words that were said the

most were faggot and retard. It’s hard to understand how a word can affect people to such a degree, even if it’s just a “joke” being said to a best friend. The word “faggot” is a common slang name against homosexual males. The word faggot can make someone seem like opposed to lives their life what is extremely surprising is that even those who are supportive of the gay community sometimes joke with hateful terms. The other word that seemed to be said a lot was “retard”. That word can be hurtful to those who are close with anyone who is mentally handicapped or it could hurt the feelings of someone who is. The word retard or retarded was originally the word we used to explain our special needs students, so saying retard as an insult to another person could hurt someone’s feelings more than anyone would think. Watch what’s being said because even words that aren’t meant to be hurtful towards another person can be. “A lot of bullies bully due to stress at home, or being bullied when

they were younger so they take it out on the people they see everyday ay school”, says social worker Joann Payne. Payne says There are cases where a bully is just bulling someone for no reason, and someone could have triggered them to bully so they bully back and forth. A lot of the times being different is a huge reason why people get bullied because marching to the own beat of your drum is “weird”. Over the years bullying has changed in different ways. Old television shows showed bullies stealing lunch money, kids being thrown in lockers, given swirls, and weddgies. Now we see more of the the students in our schools being picked on by their looks, and anything that has to do with their personality. Being bullied isn’t funny like it used to be in movies or shows like Max Keble’s: Big

Move, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, The Proud Family, That’s so Raven, Lizzie McGuire, & Unfabulous. It was a joke in

In this day and age bullying is taken very seriously due to all the harm people can do to themselves from committing suicide, self-injury, and they could end up getting very depressed andbecome a completely different person and use addicting substances to “help” their pain. Jokes about bullying but you do see a lot of movies coming out showing the dangers of someone being a bully for example Odd

Girl Out, and Cyber Bully

are to major a popular ones right now. So in just a couple of years bullying has changed, from something physical to more of a emotional under the radar type of bullying. If you ever hear of anyone being bullied or you are being bullied yourself never be scared to tell someone you need help because you could be saving someone's life. Lets work together to stop bullying because it effect more people than you would think it could.

“Bullying effects me everyday. Just those shows and movies because I’m different doesn’t mean and it sometimes it would teach how to over- I’m a freak… I’m come bullying. just me.”

“I’ve been called and it really effects me because I know I am no where near one but people still think it, it really hurts my feelings.” -Junior, Jordan Mallon.

“People always call me

“ A lot of people tell me I look like a grandma or a cash register because of me have an under bite and that really effects me because my underbite makes me, me. That’s just how I look, it makes me feel self conscious would people say something about it”Junior, Kayla Krieger.

fat but my motto is let the hatters hate, I don’t let it get to me” -Junior, Patrick Mattingly. “People always mock my religion and I take my religion very seriously so it hurts my feelings.” Junior, Brooke Helton.

“I get called fat and sometimes chunky. It really effects me sometimes it makes me cry. No one deserves to be hurt by the words of others. We are all beautiful in someway.” - Senior, Ty Bennett.

A random survey that shows the percentage of Norwood students that have been bullied and who haven’t.

Photo by: Erick Semel

Day of Silence Erick Semel, one of our students here at Norwood High school, participated in a day of silence. On this day actions spoke much louder than words. Semel is an openly bisexual student here at Norwood and sometimes his sexual preference causes him to be bullied. “It bothers me when people call me gay or fag when they are being serious and trying to hurt my feelings. It’s different when my friends call me those names because they aren't trying to be hurtful,” says Semel. Semel’s idol is Lady Gaga because she believes that everyone is beautiful no matter what.

Erick Semel showing off his idols Lady Gaga shirt that says, “Born This Way”.

What do you think about when you hear about violence in schools? Typically, when teens think of violence in schools, they think of name-calling or drama as a problem. Although these things affect many students, they’re not the only type of violence that exists. What many people don’t consider is the amount of cyber bullying, fights and school shootings that go on at many schools across the country.

As technology advances, so does the cyber world. Numerous teens have cell phones and have heard about sites such as Facebook and Twitter and are quite familiar with what their friends are saying online. A cyber bully is an overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. Teens often cyber bully to make themselves feel good. When teens cyber bully they often think that others will read and/or comment on what they have harshly said about someone else. Many do it for laughs and to humor themselves. (There can be many forms of cyber bullying such as spreading rumors via internet, email, or through a text message to multiple people, sexting or sending explicit images of someone, even hacking someone’s profile pretending to be them can a form of bullying). Another form of cyber bullying can be sending mean messages and threatening someone over the phone. Like all types of violence, they should not occur and should be avoided. Cyber bullying is not seen as a major problem in schools, but what goes on outside of school with a student just may follow them back into their classroom.

By: Sierra Dawson

When a fight breaks out, bystanders surround to see the action Cyber bullying goes on daily as stuwithout knowing the power they have dents make fun of differences between themselves and the victim not knowing even if they don’t know the people involved. Last year in the auditorium, their situation or background. Cyber bullies feel the need to speak bad about you may remember witnessing these others for the attention, which can have actions. A film was shown to the harsh consequences for those who ex- freshmen (sophomore class) about the power of a bystander. perience the bullying. Cyber bullying can be avoided just by not saying anything that can be perceived in the Parents of the children wrong way. watched to see if their child would defend the victim even if they didn’t know them. The film showed how random strangers watch as others are bullied or picked on without doing anything. The bystanders get the urge to speak up and defend the stranger but often many students watch and feels bad for the victim. Although this may not be the case for many students, some of the bystanders stood up for the strangers revealing that what they were doing is actually Altercations such as fights wrong. happen because “he said, she said” incidents. When asked why teens fight, Social Worker Mrs. Payne supposed that, “Teens fight to protect their power. Often teens do not Many students have heard about the know other ways to settle a conrecent shooting at Chardon High flict.” While avoiding bullying can School in Northern Ohio. On Febrube hard, it’s not impossible. When ary 27, 2012 T.J Lane allegedly someone you know is involved in a brought a 22-caliber pistol to his high fight, there is often a friend there school and began to open fire on stucheering them on. Peers encourage dents that were patiently waiting in fights as entertainment, drama and Chardon High School’s cafeteria. A revenge. Payne also went on to say lot of people think that it was a result that, “It’s (fighting) is a self-esteem of bullying. But was it? The 17-yearissue.” Many say that while others old sophomore shot 10 bullets, killing tempt them, they often walk away three and harming many students as from situations that may escalade they fled the scene into open classinto other altercations. rooms.

It’s a selfesteem issue.

But was it? The 17-year-old sophomore shot 10 bullets, killing three and harming many students as they fled the scene into open classrooms. No one really knew what happened or who was involved at the time. All they knew was that someone had gotten into their school and began to open fire. Witnesses say that he was a quiet boy, but he had friends; while others disagree saying that he had been picked on numerous times. So why did he target the three individuals that he did? Why did they lose their lives? Statistics show that those who are pinpointed and victimized, usually react by harming those who have bullied them. School shootings are among the many reasons teens don’t feel safe at their school. A statistic from the Student Research Center showed that 31% percent of students in high school don’t feel safe coming to school. Should that be the case? Even though school shootings have become a problem, school fights are becoming an ongoing problem in the education system as well.

1 in 4 children are bullied 160,000 children miss school a year out of the fear of being bullied

Violence exists in schools all over but the major problems regarding violence are cyber bullying, fights and school shootings. Experiencing violence is not always easy. If you or anyone you know has ever experienced things that they don’t agree with, they should talk with someone. After a survey was conducted by random students of Norwood High School, students responded very differently. While some students say that the most violent act in school is misbehavior in class, majority voted for cyber bullying. When asked, many students said that bullying always occurs via the internet. Students say that principals and parents do all they can to prevent some bullying, but it is not always stopped. Students think that just because things happen outside of school that there are no punishments done once you return. What many don’t know is that if you fight, bully, or do anything that is not allowed to be done at school when you get out of school, that you can still receive from punishments in Norwood. Whether these actions are done by the law or your school that is up to where and where the events happen.

Suicide because of incidents at school has become one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 14.

Destroying Expectations By: Matt Brown During your childhood did you ever dream of becoming a professional sports athlete? To be the next Jerry rice, or Joe Montana? Did your parents ever tell you by hard work and determination you can achieve anything you put your mind to? Playing for your hometown football team might just make that dream become a reality. Or it could also be where broken dreams begin. Every year, just over 1.1 million high school students strap on pads on hit the gridiron. Out of the millions of kids that love to be under the lights on Friday night, only 8 in 10,000 kids make it to the big time. This number may scare seniors with dreams of going all the way but the main obstacle of this is because of life choices. Seniors choose not to follow their childhood dream, and go onto be doctors, lawyers, or other careers. Even if a kid’s childhood dream never comes true,

there are still huge benefits to playing football in high school. The chances of a NFL dream coming true in college is a lot better chance because 1 in 50 college players out of college get drafted. Dreams of the NFL may just come true if the kids give it everything they have. Never quit through the blood, sweat, and tears Some kid’s world revolves around sports. Maybe because they lost a parent or they just want something they can do so that they don’t need to think about bad things happening around them. This is ultimately where the NFL dream comes from. There are kids wanting to better themselves because or a situation at home, or they want to be better than their parents.

Tank Carder; Hospital bed to Shoulder Pads Tank Carder, the former middle linebacker for the University Texas Christian. Tank was an

accomplished BMX rider when he was a child. But eight years ago his life changed. Tank was on his way to baseball practice when a piece of the car he was driving in broke, resulting in Tank going through the window. Tank was in the hospital for 38 days. He broke his back in two places. The car crash also broke all his ribs, and punctured both his lungs and diaphragm. The ambulance that took Tank to the hospital to the hospital thought for sure he wasn’t going to make it. Tank had to walk around in a back brace for almost 6 months. When he healed, He started playing football and eventually ended up at TCU as their middle linebacker. The amazing thing is that today Tank is supposed to be in a wheelchair but countless hours of physical therapy and never losing hope he made it through. Tanks senior year of college


“It's all about exposure ... Some guys don't get as much as others. They just need an opportunity. It's just one of those things. Sometimes you have flash players and other times guys are under the radar.”- Tank Carder

TCU made it to the rose bowl against the Wisconsin Badgers. The game was back and forth but TCU came out on top. And that was also tanks last game as a senior. Tank was named MVP of the rose bowl for the 2011 year.

Michael Oher; From Rags to Riches Michael Oher, now an offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, once a kid with a crack-addicted mother living in public housing in Memphis, likely seemed deeply haunted. He didn't talk much and he didn't want to rehash his past, so he just didn't. In the movie The Blind Side, this told the story of how Oher came to live with the wealthy Tuohy family. He began in the devastation struck city of Memphis, Tennessee. When the Baltimore Ravens selected him. The 6 ft 4, 315 pound Outside tackle

“Don't ever allow yourself to feel trapped by your choices. Take a look at yourself. You are a unique person created for a specific purpose. Your gifts matter. Your story matters. Your dreams matter. You matter.” -Michael Oher

from the University of Mississippi Was now apart of the NFL. His biggest dream came true at that moment. His family was in shock when they heard his name sound. The room burst out with screams followed by his mother crying

Mohamed Sanu; A prank goes a long way Mohamed Sanu was like any other college graduate waiting for that one call that would change their lives forever. For Sanu he thought he had gotten a NFL offer so he called and told his agent. His whole family was ecstatic, but sadly Sanu got prank called. So Instantly his family thought that his dream was destroyed. The next night he spent it just watching the rest of the draft when, He got a call from a number he didn’t know so he picked it up. The call was from the Cincinnati Bengals. They drafted Sanu in the third round of the 2011 draft.

LeGrand; Nothing is impossible On Oct. 16, 2010 Eric LeGrand ran onto the field as a defensive tackle for Rutgers University, but he never walked off the field. During the game LeGrand attempted to tackle an opposing player and they collided causing his back to break, breaking 2 of his vertebrae’s paralyzing him from the next down, Instantly ending his career and crushing his dreams to go to the NFL. But Eric’s dream become closer then ever when on May 2,2012 he received a call from his former coach saying that he has received a offer of an NFL contract from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“All our dreams can come true, If we have the courage to pursue them.”Walt Disney


"I believe I will walk again. I do. When that happens, I already know what I'm going to do. I'll go to Giants Stadium and find the exact spot in the field where I went down. I'll lie there for a second. And then I'll get up on my own power and walk away."Eric LeGrand

Some kids dream of becoming what Michael did. Michael was that chosen few that gets to the NFL. That 0.08% out of 10,000 that actually makes it to the big time like Michael did. Kids all over the country are giving everything they have to just get a shot at becoming the next big player. Kids give up anything and sometimes they have to give up the things that mean the most to them in life, that’s the cost for a kid to follow his Broken Dream.

'I'm going to be a Bengal!' I'm excited. It's a great feeling. I've never felt like this ever in my life.''-Mohamed Sanu

Cancer’s Effects On Everyone By: Paige Elliott

How being there for someone could mean the world to them.

People may wonder, what exactly is cancer? Cancer is the broad name for many diseases. It starts when cells start to grow out of control. When they grow out of control, they do not die off like normal cells do. Instead they stay living and reproduce more cells. The cancer cells, overproduced cells, invade tissue and grow out of control causing cancer.

Reactions and Inspiration

they feel about themselves. When going through these hard times people going through the treatments need a strong team like close family and friends, to heavily rely on for strength.

Finding the right words Finding the right words might be hard to do. You don’t want to be offensive or hurt anyone’s feelings. The wrong thing to do when trying to find the right words is tell them they that they are “dying” but how they look good while doing it. According to CNN Health, “Banish the following from your vocabulary: terminal, incurable, hopeless, and salvage.” It is not “good cancer etiquette.” Those can be very hurtful words to someone going through what could possibly be one of the worst times they are possibly going to go through. CNN health said that many patients like to receive “Thinking of You” cards and simple compliments that do not take it too far. If you can’t think of the right words to say, stop and think to yourself, “What would I want someone to say to me? Am I taking it too far?” It is okay to stop and think before you speak so that the feelings are not hurt.

As a victim of cancer, many times you must go through chemotherapy and radiation. As people go through the various ways of fighting cancer, they tend to lose hair. According to Medical News Today, there were many reports that people who lost there hair would get funny looks from people at everyday places like the supermarket. Even though they would get these looks, they could always go to their family or spouses for inspiration. “Family and good friends don’t care about your body image. They just want you Coping with Cancer to be there,” says an anonymous cancer survivor. As well as dealCoping with cancer is not an ing with the diagnosis and treat- Norwood raises awareness. Norwood high school ments of cancer, they also have raised money to help the St. Jude benefit in memory easy thing to do. It’s not something of Jenny Huber. that anyone can get over right away. to find ways to cope with how It takes a long time for it to settle in. their body is changing and how

Cancer does not discriminate. It can effect anyone no matter the age race or what gender that may be.

Some say that it almost feels unreal at the moment like “No it can’t be, not me.” They might go somewhere else for a second opinion, but even that second opinion says they have cancer. What should they do from there? The emotions of the patient will send them on a rollercoaster from depression, fear, sadness, anger, and many other emotions. A good way to help someone cope with the new diagnosis is to always go with them to appointments so they know they have someone there that cares for them. Other good ways are to cope is to express your feelings, take care of yourself, exercise if and when possible, and reach out to others for advice and help. Those are simple ways to help keep the scary new diagnosis off of their mind.

changed everything when my grandma died from cancer,” says junior Paige Rudd. When you go through the change of someone passing on or dealing with cancer you may go through many emotions. Emotions range from anger to depression to even shock. If you didn’t get to say what you wanted to say before someone you cared about passed, what would it be? “If I could say one more thing to her it would be that I love her and she was truly my best friend and hero,” says Rudd “I’d say this because I never got to say my final goodbye to her.” Take the time to cherish every moment you spend with someone dealing with such a disease. It means a lot to them as it does to you.

Dealing With a Lose Losing a loved one is never easy. Just when everything could be great, it can all change in the matter of seconds. Dealing with the lose of someone you love and care about is not easy, it can affect you in many different ways. “It Posters in the lobby. They were hung to show awareness of patients and the ones who have battled cancer.

What Norwood Has Done to Help Throughout the year Norwood has lead the following events to help raise awareness: St. Jude Benefit: Teacher, Stephanie Meyer and her global issues class has led the event in raising money to help St. Jude hospital. Students purchased cookies and flyers for 1 dollar. The flyers could have been decorated in memory of a victim, for a survivor, or someone battling the disease now. All of the money raised benefits St. Jude. Relay for Life: Norwood High School is sponsoring the annual relay for life on May 19. Relay for Life aims to raise awareness with several events. At the beginning there is a survivor’s lap that allows the survivors take the first lap to start off the night. Caregivers are recognized at the half point mark of the lap. After dark, there is a Luminary Ceremony to honor the ones touched by such a disease. Candles are lit inside of a bag with sand and each bag has the name of someone who has lost the battle of cancer on it. Participants walking during the ceremony will walk a lap of silence to honor the lives lost after a hard battle to overcome the cancer. Finally there comes the Fight Back Ceremony. The Fight Back Ceremony is where everyone makes the personal commitment to save lives. They decide to take action and get tested, quit smoking, or talk to officials about cancer. By taking these steps in fighting back, people are personally taking steps to save their own lives as well as others and fight back against something that takes too much from us now. Take action and do what you can to prevent or treat the harmful disease many fear.

NFL Draft 2012 by: Ronnie Williams This quarterback may not be as popular as Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck, but he can be as big of a factor as if those two will be and that person is former Arizona State University quarterback Brock Osweiler. Osweiler is a 6’7” quarterback coming out of Arizona State University after playing his very first full season there Due to his experience at quarterback he will probably be most likely drafted in the middle of the second round or the early third round. He also has a sociology and political science major. From how it all began, Osweiler was born November 22, 1990 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He played and graduated from Flathead High School in 2008. He was named 2008- 09 Gatorade State Player of the Year for Montana. He graduated from high school early and joined the Sun Devils for spring practice in 2009. In his first year as a starting quarterback at he did set a lot of school records. Including the number of completions,

(326) and the number of attempts, (516). He was also the first Sun Devils quarterback to throw 4,000 yards in a season. In 2010 he was also known as the MVP of the 2010 Territorial Cup game. There are still some negatives that take place for him. Good thing is that he is very athletic, a good leader, a natural ball thrower and is very hard to take down. The main negative that really goes against him is not being reliable of protecting the ball from turnovers. Norwood football coach and gym teacher Eric Doll says that he rates Osweiler an eight on a scale of one to ten and predicts Osweiler could end up going to the Raiders because he can be a good backup for starting quarterback Carson Palmer if he is hurt or tends to struggle throughout the season. The thing Doll likes about Osweiler is that “he has good size and a great throwing arm because he can make good throws at the NFL level and see good projector.” Doll says that he isn’t that much of NFL material to be in the NFL due to him “not being a franchise quarterback” but says he can make great impact

based upon his experience. Doll also believes that he could become a Super Bowl champion or winner if he is surrounded by a good team and offensive weapons and if he is capable of having the ability to be a great started throughout his career. Out of all of the great players in the NFL draft, such as Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III or Trent Richardson, Osweiler can one day be noticed as one of those greats if he continues to play hard and succeed in what he does best as himself. He might not be in the top 10 first round draft picks or the top 32 draft picks, but once he gets his chance to play in a game and gets plenty of snaps it can lead to a really good day for his offense and a really bad day for the opponent’s defense.

Osweiler at the 2012 NFL Combine.

From college boy...

to NFL star. Osweiler playing Territorial Cup game in 2010 leading his team to a victory.

Osweiler receives his jersey from Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.

Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III From the start of the college football season to after the NFL Draft of 2012, two very well known players have captured the public’s attention. Both of the players were, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, were drafted as the first and second overall pick on April 26. Luck was chosen first overall by the Indianapolis Colts, and Griffin, who was chosen second overall by the Washington Redskins. Both players tend to be very well draft picks and hopeful to bring their teams a good showing. The Colts hope Luck will be their starter for the 2012-13 season after the departure of longtime quarterback Peyton Manning. There are a lot of good things to say about how Luck’s talent in football. A lot of people say that he has the intangibles to be a franchise

quarterback. It is told that he is tough, durable and willing to step into a throw when pass rushers come to him. He also has the great size ability to take or prevent hard hits. He has very good athletic ability and is able to make plays with his feet. And there aren’t really any weaknesses that go towards him. As for Griffin there will be lots of peer pressure for him of there being a team that has been struggling for quite a while. For Griffin there are some good things too, but some weaknesses take place as well. His athleticism lends him well to be an NFL- type quarterback that can make big plays with his feet, extend plays, make the deep throw and lead team down field. He is also known to be very explosive. He is able to be comfortable enough in pocket to throw in traffic. The only negative that really gets the best of him is his size deficiency. From another point of view based between these two players, Norwood Head Football Coach Chris Majors. Majors believes that either quarterback are really good players, athletic, had

RGIII accepting his freshly mad draft day jersey from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

good college careers and an outstanding work ethic. Majors believe that Robert Griffin III can bring his team back into a winning season because the Redskins have better talent in place than the Colt’s do. He also believes that both quarterbacks can both become franchise quarterbacks for each of there teams. Majors also says that neither one will be a “draft bust” because they both work hard at preparing themselves physically and mentally. Based upon who would most likely reach a Super Bowl first Majors says that,” Robert Griffin III will be the first to lead his team to a Super Bowl because the Redskins head coach Mike Shannahan, who has more experience of winning championships, and as for the Colts because of them not having a coach that has any championship experience. It is said that this year was probably one of he most craziest drafts in history and maybe it will be. In the future, I believe that both quarterbacks look forward to have a very well and successful career.

Andrew Luck receives his draft day jersey as 1st overall pick from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


Music Piracy: What you did and didn’t know. By: Kayla Abigail Krieger There isn’t one individual that’s reading this who doesn’t listen to music; whether it’s on the radio, CD’s, or downloaded. It’s pretty simple to buy CD’s and to listen to the radio, but sometimes it can be a real hassle to download music. There are so many ways to download music that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s legal and what’s illegal. If you have an android, it’s easy to download music straight from your phone, with just one simple app. And most of the time it’s free! But who’s to say that you downloading music from that app is legal? No one pays attention to that stuff anymore, but “not knowing” doesn’t hold up in a court of law. What is copyright? When someone creates a piece of music, there is a whole system of legal rights and obligations that outline what someone can and can’t do with the material. There is usually more than one owner of a copyright in any given musical track. The composer who wrote the music owns copyright in the musical works. The lyricist who wrote the lyrics owns the copyright in the literary works. The artist who performed the music owns copyright in a sound recording of their live performance. The maker of the recording, the recording company, owns copyright in the sound recording. The RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America is a powerful lobby for the recording indus-

try. Yes, powerful. The RIAA is responsible for carrying out almost all of the lawsuits against music piracy in the United States. The enforcement against music piracy is strict; it may cost violators up to 150 thousand dollars per infringement. That means you could pay

Thinking on the other side of illegally downloading is, the artists, the ones who put out the music. They produce music for you to enjoy and to make themselves known, but they also want the profit. If some of your favorite artists got no profit from the music they’re putting out for their fans to buy because no one is buying it, how will they produce more music? How will they put on their next show? They won’t. They won’t have the money because their fans aren’t giving them money for their hard work. Artists do get a lot of their money from the concerts and shows that they put on, and there are some artists that also do acting, so they get money from that also. But the most important money that artists get is from the songs that they sell. It shows their ratings and how popular their songs, and them as individuals, are getting. Especially new artists, new artists need money to get started. They sell their albums and up to 150 thousand dollars per song the money adds up so they can go on you download illegally. Most people tour and perform live for their fans. think that is unreasonable and also it Of course, artists aren’t the RIAA so may even violate the United States’ they aren’t going to hunt you down constitutional laws and protections and make you pay thousands of dolagainst cruel and unreasonable punish- lars, but that music you enjoy could ment. The RIAA have been accused of stop coming back around. No more bullying many times. Matt Oppennew singles and no more tours. heimer, one of RIAA’s lawyers told the From a $9.99 download, artdefendant in one lawsuit, “You don’t ists only get about 94 cents, that’s want to pay another visit to a dentist less than a 10 percent cut. The record like me,” and he’s probably right. In company takes $5.35 and Apple the same case, Lawrence Lessing said, keeps 3.70 cents. Artists only get 9 “the RIAA insisted it would not settle cents for each individual song the case until it took every penny the downloaded. Musicians need to sell defendant had saved”. 12,399 songs a month to earn a sal-

ary equal to a McDonald’s employee. If they lose one of those songs to an illegal download it won’t affect them extremely, but they need all of the songs sold that they can get. Norwood’s own Don’t Wait Up has been putting out music for their fans to enjoy for about two years. They practice five days a week, maybe less, and work hard to make their music the best they can. Lead singer Michael Padgett says, “It sucks if people don’t buy our music because we have no solid revenue stream from it, but honestly I’d rather have it and actually enjoy it.” He, and other artists, makes music because it makes them feel good. But making music and putting it out for people to hear takes time and money. Most importantly, money. And if that money isn’t there, because of people overusing illegal downloading sites, it ruins their hard work and no one wants to ruin that. People don’t think about the potential consequences when they illegally download music. Sometimes it doesn’t even cross their mind that it’s illegal, they just do it. Remember the next time you click that download button what I’ve told you in these 900+ words. The consequences won’t be just a slap on the wrist.

NORWOOD BAND DON’T WAIT UP PERFORMS FOR FRIENDS. Like many independent bands, members of Don’t Wait Up do it because they enjoy it, but they should be compensated for their talent.

We asked Norwood Students... Do you illegally download music? Yes: 63%

Ash Ketchum: The Story of a Real Master Uncensored Version By Max Schneider When you were younger, did you ever sit in front of the television to watch your favorite cartoon? Did you rush home from school so that you could catch your favorite shows after school? Were trading cards and cartoons your favorite thing? Like many teens now, as children they were very familiar with the widespread phenomenon which is Pokémon. Many people around the world know about the Japanese mega franchise known as Pokémon. Pokémon is a video game, television show, trading card series, and many more. It is the story of a young ten year old boy, Ash Ketchum, who sets out on his journey to become a

1996 Pokémon is created

Pokémon Master. The way to become a Pokémon a master is to capture all eight badges of the Region that you live in. Ketchum is from Pallet Town, a small town located in the Johto Region. In the Pokémon At the beginning of any young boy or girl’s life in the Pokémon world, they are given a young Pokémon that will accompany them among their journey. Ash was given Pikachu as a fluke on the very first day of his journey. On the first day he was allowed to start his journey and leave the home, he woke up late. He had planned to go to Professor Oak to receive a

September 30, 1998 Blue and Red versions are created for Game boy.

Pokémon that would start his journey as becoming a Pokémon master. Since he ended up being at Professor Oak’s later than everybody else, he did not receive the originally promised Pokémon and was given Pikachu, an electric type Pokémon, because Oak felt bad for him. The original three Pokémon that were given out were Squirtle, a water type, Charmander, a fire type, and Bulbusaur, a grass type. At first, Ash and Pikachu did not get along. Pikachu never listened to Ash and even occasionally shocked him. It was only after they were attacked by a flock of Spearow, a bird-type Pokémon, that Pikachu finally

October 25, 1999 Yellow version is created.

became Ash’s friend. While they were being attacked, Pikachu used all of its strength to send an electric shock throughout the flock. Pikachu is also very stubborn because it never goes in his Pokeball. It is the only Pokémon in the whole Pokémon world that refuses to be retracted into its Pokeball! Throughout Ash’s journey, he makes many new friends. He first becomes friends with Brock, a Gym Leader and Pokémon breeder. He meets Brock when he goes to Pewter City to defeat Brock and gain the gym badge. After Ash finds out Brock’s life is not as easy as it seems, Ash decides to invite Brock to come along with him to

November 21, 1999 Gold and Silver version is created. March 18, 2003 Ruby and Sapphire versions are created for Gameboy Advance. September 9, 2004 FireRed and LeafGreen versions are created.

Fun Facts meet new people and travel around the world. Brock jumped at the opportunity because he knew he would meet new people and experience many new Pokémon. Another of Ash’s friends is Misty. Ash meets Misty while he is fleeing from the giant flock of Spearow. She is fishing for water Pokémon on the side of a river when Ash and Pikachu run into her and take her bike to escape the Spearow. After Pikachu’s electricity destroys the bike, Misty demands that she will not leave until Ash gets her a new bike. Ash never does, so she decides to leave the Gym where she is the Leader and accompany Ash on his journey as well. The Pokémon world is very large. There are many legions incorporated throughout the game and the series. Through the first television series, Ash was exploring the region he was born in, the Kanto Region. The Kanto Region is the setting of multiple Pokémon games as well. Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, Heart Gold and Soul Silver all take place in the Kanto Region. The next region that Ash visits is the Johto Region. This region is actually attached to the Kanto Region and was introduced in the second generation of the video games, Gold, Silver and Crystal. The next regions

May 1, 2005 Emerald version is created.

introduced, brings about new Pokémon that were never seen before. The Hoenn Region is an entirely different landform and was introduced in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The next region is called the Sevii Islands and they are located to the south of the Johto and Kanto Region. During Ash’s visit

When I was

younger I would watch it every Saturday morning.” here, he came across one of the most legendary Pokémon, Deoxys. Ash then goes to the Sinnoh Region. This Region is displayed In Pokémon’s Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum. During Ash’s stay in Sinnoh, he comes across many legendary Pokémon like Palkia, Dialga and Giratina. The last and most recent Pokémon region is called the Unova Region. This is the region where Pokémon: Black and White takes place. This region also displays many new Pokémon. An interesting part of the video game version is that the Pokémon White game displays a more rural and older, where Pokémon Black is dis-

April 22, 2007 Diamond and Pearl versions created for Nintendo DS.

played as more urban and newer. Even though some people see Pokémon as a fad that is long past teenagers, many teenagers still find Pokémon enjoyable. Junior Ronnie Williams remembers the times he watched the television show and played the games and looks back on them fondly. “When I was younger I would watch it every Saturday morning,” states Williams. “My favorite Pokémon was Pikachu because he never gave up. He would get beat up by a bigger Pokémon but would still get up and fight.” Another high school student who thinks fondly of Pokémon is Junior Kayla Thompson. Thompson has been playing the game since she was ten years old and has many favorite Pokémon. “My favorites were Charmander, Squirtle, Rapidash, Zapdos, and Mew. I remember when I was younger, I would watch every single episode.” Pokémon shaped a lot of people’s lives growing up. The show taught that hard work and dedication could make all of your dreams come true. The video games and cards required a more tactical outlook on the game. Players would have to be prepared for battle, and have the best tactical that would earn them a victory. Pokémon molded people’s childhood and is still today very popular. If Pokémon was never a big part of your life, it’s never too late to go among the names of the millions of lives that it affected.

March 22, 2009 Platinum version is created. March 14, 2010 HeartGold and SoulSilver versions are created.

Pokémon was invented by Satoshi Tajiri and is based off real life animals because when he was younger he loved to explore. The highest level you can train your Pokémon to be in the game is to level 100. The Pokémon Ditto, can transform into any Pokémon. No matter what starter Pokémon you choose, your rival will always have your Pokémon's weakness. (i.e. IF you choose fire-type, rival will choose water-type) Pokémon are real.

March 6, 2011 Black and White versions created for Nintendo 3DS.

Reflection: Spring 2012  

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