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I feel so incredibly lucky to live in the Upper Valley where so-called “old fashioned” values prevail. This election season, I have doubled down on my feelings.

Coffee at the Norwich Inn 11/26/12 Monday 10-11am

No matter your political persuasions, I think we can all agree that this election campaign has challenged our notions of civility, democracy, citizen participation, reasonable discourse, and honest debate about the important issues facing our country.

NWC Board Meeting Schedule Norwich Public Library Monday 6:30 pm 11/12/12 01/14/13 02/11/13 03/11/13 04/08/13 05/13/13

As Vermonters we have been spared the spectacle of huge quantities of outside money distorting election campaigns. Throughout so much of the rest of the country the super-pacs seem to have endless dollars to buy negative ads wherever and whenever they wish, often without regard for truthfulness and certainly without donor attribution. Do their dollars trump informed citizen participation? Fortunately for us, here in Vermont, campaign spending doesn’t foreclose opportunities for public-spirited citizens to run for office at comparatively modest cost. Our right to vote has not been threatened by unreasonable restrictions. After hearing stories about voters waiting up to three hours to vote early in Florida, I appreciated that I could just stop in at Tracy Hall, get my absentee ballot, complete it and be back on the road within just a few minutes. The warmth, respect and sense of community we experience in the Upper Valley are exceptional. I take great pride in knowing that the Norwich Women’s Club plays such an important role in maintaining our local values. If only we could export our way of life to other parts of the country. I want to thank all of you for everything you do. Voting is a responsibility and right that we need to protect. Be sure your vote is counted on November 6. Arline

2013 NWC town wide telephone directory coming in March! If your listing in the 2011 directory is correct, great. If not, please let me know what changes should be made. Many seem to have given up landlines, so we're using cell phones if that is the case. If you have new neighbors, whether they have bought or are renting, could you let me know their names, addresses and telephone numbers? With luck, I have already found most of them, but there are probably a few that I haven't! And if you know of any new businesses in town, let me know. Thanks so much, Alison May, Editor

We are offering coffee and conversation with friends old and new at the Norwich Inn – we do hope you will join us on November 26th, from 10am to 11am. This is open to anyone whether or not a member of the Women’s Club, so do bring a friend and encourage any newcomers you know. However, to help us best plan, please RSVP to Sue Spademan, We thank the Inn for their warm welcome.

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