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Once again, as we rush headlong into the Holiday Season, with promise of family, frenzy, fun and fatigue, we relish the feeling of good will that pervades our community. In the spirit of love, I would like to share some of the things that I love about Norwich in general, and the Norwich Women’s’ Club in particular.

 I love that going to Dan & Whit’s almost guarantees that I will meet friends and acquaintances, and come home filled with new information about what is going on in town.  I love that we don’t have to wait on line for multiple hours to vote at Tracy Hall, and don’t need to come armed with an ID card.  I love that the Women’s Club has provided me with almost as many friends as our children and grandchildren have on Facebook.

NWC Holiday Party Thursday 12/6/12 5pm-7pm Norwich Historical Society 277 Main Street Coffee at the Norwich Inn Monday 1/7/13 10am-11am NWC Board Meeting Schedule Norwich Public Library Monday 6:30 pm 01/14/13 02/11/13 03/11/13 04/08/13 05/13/13

 I love that the Women’s Club, the Library, the Bookstore and the Historical Society have such a mutually supportive relationship.  I love that the Women’s Club has so many talented women who can run successful fundraisers such as the Nearly New Sale, and the Spring Gala, making it look easy (which it really isn’t), and always smiling and having fun.  I love the feeling of pride that comes from knowing how much the Club does for our community; community grants, scholarships, free summer concerts, candidates’ nights (when we have candidates), the summer garden and more.  I love that the Women’s Club doesn’t rest on its laurels but is always looking to reach out to the community in new ways. The morning coffee and conversations and the anticipated evening wine and nibbles are good examples of new initiatives.  I love that so many people have said that they plan to be at our Holiday Party on Thursday night, December 6, from 5 to 7 at the Historical Society.


Coffee at the Norwich Inn on Monday, January 7th 10-11am.

Ideas? We hope to include in the new NWC telephone directory a small section called "Tips for living in Norwich!" Do you have your special tricks? Like using red pepper under the porch to stop skunks from hiding there. Let me know! I'm sure there are many ideas floating around. You can email me at Thanks! Alison

December 2012 Newsletter  


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