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SPRING 2014 #01 of 04 Norwich Lanes magazine for the cute and curious

Norwich Lanes is an area of great historical interest which sits adjacent to the main city

centre. The lanes and alleyways are mainly pedestrianised and play host to some of the most

creative independent retailers, eateries and public houses to be found anywhere in the UK.


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Lauren Gregory Jonty Young Jade Heaviside PHOTOGRAPHY

Steve Hunt Paul Bayfield Charlotte Rutherford Angela Nanka-Bruce WITH EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO

The Norwich BID Committee Visit Norwich The Bridewell Museum HEART Jack Valentine DESIGN


Jayne Raffles Lauren Gregory Paula Sanchez Jonty Young Jade Heaviside Ella Williams James Wingfield Mike Loveday Richard Parker To submit content and for all enquiries please email: #norwichlanes

There’s something to be said when it is the small, independent businesses that come out fighting in the middle of a recession and for the Norwich Lanes, it has been a fight, which we are finally winning. The Norwich Lanes is an area of great historical interest that sits adjacent to the main city centre. It plays host to some of the most creative retailers, eateries and bars anywhere in the UK… and it is a community we are so proud to be a part of. In 2013, we saw new neighbours and friends join our family. Achievements aplenty came with accolades such as the Norwich Art Centre winning the NME Best Small Venue Award, Franks Bar became a runner-up in the Observer Food Monthly 2013 Food awards for

Best Cheap Eats and Philip Browne was voted as one of the Top 25 menswear boutiques outside of London. Thanks to solid support from the Norwich BID and some of our friends (Jack Valentine and Stephen Fry amongst others), 2014 is going to be even bigger and better. We are going to take this very special place, we are going to shout about it… And we are going to be heard. This quarterly newspaper will coincide with the brilliant events we have planned; Norwich Lanes Valentine’s Eve, the Summer Fayre, Lanes Fashion Weekender and the Norwich Fringe Festival. We will aim to cover all aspects of what’s on offer; food, drink, fashion, art, music, culture, history and more. By 2015, there will be few who haven’t heard of the Norwich Lanes. So let’s get shouting about it…


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St Gregory Is Alley

Fabulous Frames

Flint Hair

Flint Hair

Grosvenor Fish Bar

Orange Grove Clinic


SinSins Boutique

Boutique Fusions

Aurum Jewellers

Bridewell Museum

Blossom Records

The Birdcage


The Birdcage

Alls Fair


Clark and Ravenscroft

St Benedicts Street

Clark and Ravenscroft

U and your skin






Grosvenor Fish Bar


ImeldaIs Shoe Boutique

ImeldaIs Shoe Boutique


Jane Richards Interiors

Mustard Coffee Bar

Philip Browne Menswear

Philip Browne Menswear

Philip Browne Menswear


St Gregory Is Antiques and collectables

St Gregory Is Antiques and collectables

The Birdcage




For several decades the mythical figure of Jack Valentine has been knocking on doors in Norwich and Norfolk on February 13th. His sole purpose is to leave gifts for the children of the households and add a little love to the winter months. Our chief reporter caught up with Jack in a secret location to find what makes this elusive man tick.

and the little chatterboxes couldn’t

So Jack, your name hasn’t been mentioned much

My heart beats 10 to the dozen, my

As you can probably tell, we’re extremely excited

over the last few decades. Why is that?

tummy feels it’s tied up in knots and

to have you back. Why the Norwich Lanes?

For sure! It’s been very quiet for a long time now.

a boundless energy takes over me as never

As I’ve said before, the Bridewell Museum were

My initial thought is that with the birth of television

before. It makes me glow.

showing great interest in me. They told the

resist telling the local gulls. Word got to me faster than your modern day social media. That’s quite extraordinary. That must have made you happy. Indeed. When my name is mentioned I feel the full force of love, apparently

The elusive Jack Valentine was caught on CCTV around the Lanes

in the same way other people do.

and the commercialization of Valentine’s Day,

shopkeepers who then took it to the bars and I just

I guess there hasn’t been much call for little old me.

How come our researchers could find no real

knew it was the place for me. Just thinking about

One thing is for sure, it’s great to be back.

evidence of your existence? Not even a drawing.

it makes me feel hot under my well-pressed collar.

What’s worth remembering is that dozens of We’re very pleased you’re back too. So the big

people walk past me every day and for those

Why do you think for those without partners

question is, where have you been?

who don’t believe in me, I simply don’t appear.

Valentine’s should still be a special day?

Funnily enough, I thought you might ask that.

The same goes for my photographs in your

There are just so many different loves that can

Without being too specific, I’ve actually been

newspaper, if your readers don’t believe in me,

easily get overlooked. Love of our family and our

living in a wonderful piece of woodland along

they will sadly see blank pages.

friends should also be celebrated on this special

the North Norfolk coast.

day. Not forgetting the children who flourish from So Jack, you have a very particular style about

such adoration.

That sounds lovely Jack. So how did you fill

you. Can you tell us a little about your look?

your time?

This has in fact been remarked upon before, but

It’s been great meeting you Jack. What are your

I’ve done a lot of walking, mostly with my dear

I have to say it is purely accidental. The majority

plans for the rest of the year?

friend ‘Old Shuck’. We have such a beautiful

of my wardrobe comes from the Victorian era

Obviously the first thing I’ll need is a little rest.

coastline that I feel there could be no better way

when I was at my height. Saying that, I do have

I’ll put my head down for a while and then wake

for me to spend my days.

a penchant for your modern day skinny jeans.

again for the first shoots of spring. After that I’ll get

That sounds delightful. Can you tell us why

I think it’s safe to say you’ve had more Valentine’s

coastline once again. Saying that, don’t be at all

you’ve now chosen to return?

than most. Can you tell us your most memorable?

surprised if I turn up in the Norwich Lanes from

Truth be known, I heard a little whisper from my

There’s been so many. From the top of my head

time to time. I feel the shadows of the streets here

woodland friends that the Bridewell Museum were

I’d say I had a delightful evening of prose with

suit me well.

showing interest in me. It seems that the pigeons

Anna Sewell in the mid 1800s. Others include

in the Norwich Lanes overheard conversations

supper with Edith Cavell and a lakeside walk with

To find out how to meet Jack Valentine, see our

Elizabeth Fry.

event on page 12.

my boots back on and explore our wonderful




THE HISTORY OF VALENTINE’S DAY Who is the mysterious Jack Valentine? You could say that it all started here. The earliest known Valentine was sent in Norfolk in 1477. Not a card, but a letter sent to John Paston from Margery Brews, in which she describes him as ‘my right well beloved Valentine’. Improvements in printing, the postal service and commercial opportunism meant that by Victorian times Valentine’s Day was big business. Shopkeepers crammed windows with gift ideas, and took out adverts in newspapers. As soon as it got dark on Valentines Eve, people began knocking on doors, anonymously leaving gifts. Some practical jokers attached strings to the gifts, and whisked them away from the doorstep. Presents weren’t just for sweethearts, but for children too, some of them finding the anticipation and drama even more exciting than Christmas. We don’t know exactly how the mysterious character of Jack Valentine developed, but no doubt he was born out of the mischief and merry making surrounding Valentines Eve as a kind of hook to hang the tradition on to. Many local people remember the knock on the door on Valentines Eve, and for some families Valentines Eve is still special. As part of the celebrations, The Bridewell Museum will be collecting and recording memories, with the help of the BBC.


WHAT’S ON AT THE BRIDEWELL MUSEUM Did Jack Valentine Knock on Your Door? Sit yourself on our special ‘love seat’ and come and chat to producers from BBC Voices to tell them all about your memories of Valentines. We’ll be romantically reminiscing and would love to hear your story of how this special tradition was celebrated in your street.

Thursday 13th February 2pm – 8pm Friday 14th February 11am – 4pm Saturday 15th February 11am – 4pm …………………………………………………… Not all Red Roses and Chocolates Victorian Valentines went one step further than flowers and chocolates, lavishing gifts on their lovers. Join us as we unveil collections from the Bridewell Museum which would have been given as presents. Clocks, umbrellas, tea caddies, card cases and albums were all shopped for in secret for that special surprise.

Saturday 15th February 11am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 3.30pm Thursday 20th February 11am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 3.30pm Saturday 22nd February 11am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 3.30pm …………………………………………………… Hearts and Crafts at Half term Jack Valentine has left little gifts all around the museum, follow the trail, collect the clues and you could win a prize. Plus, if you’re feeling arty, have a go at making something for the one you love.

Saturday 15th – Saturday 22nd February …………………………………………………… Gift Giving – Just Like Jack! To celebrate the return of Jack Valentine The Bridewell Museum is launching an appeal for gifts for local Looked After Children. Please bring small, unwrapped gifts to the value of £5.00 to the museum, or finish your visit in the museum shop for inspiration and Jack will do the rest! Good ideas for gifts are stationary, art and craft items, and puzzle books. Please make your donations by the 13th February. ……………………………………………………









hey say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well in the Norwich Lanes we have something for everyones appetite. We’ve asked four of our restaurants/ bars to hand-pick their perfect feast… PHOTOGRAPHY







The cocktail: LOVERS TIF Created with milk, vanilla vodka and kahlua. The venue: The Birdcage offers a range of fine spirits, beers, ales and cocktails and hosts an array of events from weekly life-drawing, to live music and disco. Their ballroom is available for private hire (wedding at The Birdcage? Well why not!) and is visually curated quarterly by visiting artists as well as monthly exhibitions in the Bridge corridor. In it’s 8th year of trading, this bohemian blend of all things eclectic has become something of a staple for the independent Norwich scene. The Birdcage also encourage a BYO fish n chips arrangement with the formidable Grosvenor Fish Bar opposite. 01603 633 534




The dish: Mackerel escabeche with fennel, chicory and blood orange salad and toasted sourdough. The venue: Frank’s Bar is a cafe-bar in central Norwich filled with good food, top drinks, marvellous music and general chilled-outness. You can enjoy Frank’s Bar in a range of different ways, be it with a coffee, glass of wine, tasty meal, or cheeky nibbles they’re really quite flexible. Sunday’s at Frank’s Bar are special as well; there is a fantastic Sunday Breakfast menu (served from 10.00 – 6.00) and a classic afternoon film (screened in the back room) along with the usual selection of great coffee, good papers to peruse and general loveliness. 01603 618 902




The dessert: Cheesecake and chocolate marquise. The venue: The building which houses the Iron House began life as a bakery before becoming a pub, ‘The Ironmongers Arms’ in 1869. By 2010 it had sadly fallen in to disrepair. Thankfully the dynamic new owners were there to step in with a complete refurbishment whilst still maintaining the beautiful, original features. The Iron House now offers modern eating and drinking in the heart of Norwich open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 01603 763 388






The main course: Wood fired steak and chips. The venue: The Library bar and grill is the brainchild of local foodies Jayne and Nigel Raffles. Housed in what was Norwich’s old library, directly opposite the Guildhall, it has been lovingly restored with original fittings and grandeur decor. Much of the food is cooked on a specially imported wood fired grill, offering a unique dining experience within Norwich’s restaurant scene. The Library is an ideal party venue seating up to 150 people as well as boasting a private dining room and cocktail bar. 01603 616 606



VALENTINE DECADENCE The Valentine season is all about being spoilt. Luxe lingerie, sexy footwear, extravagant furnishings, sumptuous beauty products; treat the one you love… or even better yourself! 1. L  arge Cushion: ‘Passion 2’ by Black Edition, £80.00 available at Jane Richards Interiors 2. Fifty Shades of Grey, Metal Handcuffs You. Are. Mine. £12.00 3. P  etits Joujoux Massage Candle, £25.00 Both available from Sin Sins 4. S  oothing bath oil, £14.75, or Sensual Jasmine Body Oil, £19.50 available from Neals Yard 5. Vivenne Westwood & Melissa Lady Dragon Lips Shoe in Pearl, £132. Catfish 6. Loake 1880 Chester 2 Brogue in Tan, £205. Available at Sevenwolves


BABY MAKERS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY 01. Delfonics – La La Means I Love You The Delfonics classic from 1968. One of the ultimate love ballads and sampled to dangerous effect on Shaggy’s single mans anthem ‘Bad Man Don’t Cry.’ 02. D’angelo – Lady Modern classic from the crowned prince of nu-soul/R&B. If you’re planning on getting down to anything this valentines eve, you could do a lot worse that pick up a copy of D’angelo’s seminal LP ‘Brown Sugar’. 03. Starvue – Body Fusion Ignoring the scientific interpretation of ‘Body Fusion’ (which I always find pretty off putting to be honest, if you’re going to be

The SHhhh collective sit down with Cambridge based graffiti artist Mr Penfold

What was the last thing, be it movie, song, exhibition or anything else, that inspired you? I was out in Sardinia for SunandBass festival at the start of September, Being out there chilling on the beach and drawing was paradise. Came back with piles of new ideas. 

Firstly, tell us a little about yourself. Hi. I’m Mr Penfold, Born and raised in Cambridge.

Recommend us one good film and one good book.

Currently working out of a nice farm on the

Blow-Up and Albers Colour Theory

outskirts of Cambridge. 5 desert island discs? How would someone else describe your practice?

Calibre – Second Sun, GasLampKilla – Rocky Road

I don’t know. I like to think that people just think

Vol.1, E.S.T – Retrospective – The Very Best of E.S.T,

of me as an artist. I try not to pigeon hole myself

St.Germain – Tourist, Daft Punk – Homework

as any one thing. How do you stay motivated? If you could give advice to a younger self what

My wife, skateboarding, drawing, drinking, listening

would it be?

to music and being around good people.

Take more risks, Make the most of being able to get in trouble and get away with it.

What is your primitive pleasure? I’ve skateboarded for 15 years now, I think it’s

Favourite place you have ever visited and why?

something I’ll be doing till my legs crumble.

I think Sydney was one of the best. They’ve got

such a strong scene and everyone is super

Instagram: @mrpenfold twitter: @misterpenfold

friendly. I’m really into my food and Sydney is awesome for good food and drink. I think I put

fused to someone, you don’t wanna be fused down there), we all know what he’s referring too… this has to be one of the sexiest 2-step jams to grace this earth. 04. Dam Funk – I Wanna Thank U For Steppin’ I think this interpretation of his classic ‘I Wanna Thank U…’ started out as a bit of a Valentine’s in-joke over at Stones Throw hq, but there is no getting away from it, Dam Funk has created a bonafide baby maker. 05. Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime Taken from Erykah’s first LP this one is a dedication to a guys she’s into but doesn’t want to mess up what she’s got going on in her life right now. Instead she’s looking forward to having him in the next lifetime… Good message for anyone in any bad love situations this Valentine’s day. Special mention: Luther Vandross – Never too Much Depending on what you’re up to, this one maybe a bit too up-tempo for Valentine’s Eve… but there’s no doubting this is one of the greatest love songs ever written.

on a good few pounds over there!

WHAT’S GOING ON WITH SHHHH? Here at SHhhh we’ve been busy

material is then used to make

Jobs and Opportunities

designing our new collection.

T-Shirts, sweatshirts and bags.

We’re an open minded bunch and

We have new artists, illustrators

It looks and feels amazing.

are always keen to meet new

and photographers onboard

people, expand the collective

working on the look book which

We will also be adding our new

and bounce ideas around. So if

we’re stoked about.

bamboo tees into the mix this

you have a talent to share with

season. If you haven’t heard

us, a penchant for street wear

One of the focal points for this

about or felt bamboo fibre yet

or would simply fancy working

collection will be the introduction

then you’re missing out. Go to

for SHhhh once or twice a week,

of our new material that’s made

our website and read the post

why not say hello and tell us

by salvaging waste fabric from

all about bamboo.

a little about your self?

our organic cotton production


and blending it with polyester from

Overall we are starting to think

recycled plastic bottles. This

more about how and where our products are made. Putting people

twitter: @shhhhcollective

before profit and balancing



function with form.

POPPY COLE Lose yourself in the secrets of the Lanes and support independence in your city

Poppy Cole graduated from the Norwich University of Arts in 2013. For her final project, she created intricate collages of shops and buildings around the Norwich Lanes with any materials and textures she could get her hands on. Creating new works and recreating existing ones, Poppy’s pieces have wowed the people of Norwich and further afield! To see more of the wonderful work by Poppy, please visit her website

1 in the morning I looked out over the crowd to see 5000 people going totally mental. It was an incredible sight I will never forget. In February, Mick Jones from The Clash and a West London band he works with called The Rotten Hill Gang started recording a series of secret TV shows called Rotten Hill TV at Mick’s

The Jim Jones Revue are one of the loudest, garage rock ‘n’ roll bands on the planet and Mojo Magazine amongst others have called them one of the best live acts around. Lead guitarist Rupert Orton spent his teenage years kicking around the Norwich Lanes. Here he talks to long-time friend, Jonty Young, about his time in the Lanes, life on the road and what’s in store for 2014.

West London studio. Myself and Jim Jones were invited as special guests to play with The Rotten Hill Gang for the first TV show. We played covers of Tin Soldier by The Small Faces and surreally Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli! In August, Mick and The Rotten Hill Gang put together a mini festival, which was a kind of pre-carnival Carnival that The Jim Jones Revue headlined. We rounded off the year with a New Year’s Eve show ay Bowery Electric in New York, which was an unforgettable experience. Your passion for music evolved here in Norwich. So can you tell us about your memories of the So, Rupert, you and The Jim Jones Revue have had

Lanes back in the day?

another busy year in 2013. Tell us about a few of

I have lots of memories of the Norwich Lanes…

your highlights.

I bought my first LPs and 45 singles from Robins

Yeah, lots of great stuff happened in 2013. It’s hard

Records and Ace Records and then Backs, which

to narrow it down to a handful of highlights but

fuelled my addiction to music. In Pottergate, there

here’s what immediately comes to mind… In May

was a guitar shop next to Robin Records opposite

to celebrate the release our single 7 Times Around

Head in The Clouds. I can’t remember what the

The Sun we played a 4 show residency at a tiny

shop was called but the guy that ran it was cool

venue in Hackney called The Sebright Arms. We

enough to let me try out guitars that I obviously

invited a special guest to play with us each night

couldn’t afford to buy. Johnny Ramone had inspired

which included Nick Lowe, Glen Matlock, Emma

me to play guitar after I saw The Ramones play

from Band of Skulls and Hollie Cook. When I first

at the UEA so I became a total teenage Ramones

started playing guitar in Norwich in my bedroom,

disciple and dressed accordingly. When I tried out

I never dreamt one day I’d be playing Anarchy in

guitars the only thing the guitar shop guy asked

the UK with a Sex Pistol!

me to do was take off my studded belt and leather jacket so I didn’t scratch his stock!

In August, The Jim Jones Revue played an amazing French festival called Musicalarue in a small town

You and your family have a close affiliation with

called Luxey, about an hour south of Bordeaux.

the Norwich Arts Centre and The Jim Jones Revue

Basically the whole town is turned into a festival site

played a sell out gig there in 2010. Can you tell us

and we played in what is normally the town square.

a little more about the association?

The square was rammed with people hanging out

My mum was a journalist and ended up working

of trees to get a better view and spilling down the

at Premises (as it was then) doing press, so me,

side streets all dancing. In the middle of our set at

my brother and sister were always in and out of the original building and later when it moved a few doors down St Benedicts Street to its current address. The music I heard and watched at the Norwich Arts Centre helped shape my musical taste… I saw my first shows there seeing authentic American blues artists like Lowell Fulson and Mississippi Slim. This had a very profound effect on me and ultimately led to me setting up my club night Not The Same Blues Crap and booking agency Rockin’ Good News. Outside The Jim Jones Revue I still book American blues acts through my booking agency and invariably there is always a Norwich show at the Norwich Arts Centre. It’s become full circle from when I used to watch bands there to booking them into the venue. Ian Carrell and his team are great.

While I lived in Norwich all the bands I was in P H OTO G L E N N P I N E WWW.G L ENNP I NEP H OTOG RAP H Y.COM

played at Norwich Arts Centre with varying degrees of success… Guy Myhill and John Franklin who worked there at that time were very supportive to me and my mates music efforts. This support also resulted in my first ever record release on Wye Aye Cocker Records with The Fountain of Love. Coming back a few years ago with The Jim Jones Revue to sell out the venue was a special moment for me but also a bit strange to look out from the stage and pretty much know the whole audience. It felt a bit like a rock ‘n’ roll school play! We had a great pre-Christmas together here in the Norwich Lanes as part of your frequent visits. How do you feel it has changed since our teenage years? Lots of the shops have changed of course… Ace Records closed years ago and so did Backs. Paul Mills is now running Soundclash on St Benedicts where I still buy records. The Norwich Arts Centre is still there which I think is great as so many independent music venues are closing. As a kid my abiding memory of Pottergate in the late 70s was all the punks outside the Brown Derby, which was a pretty down at heel boozer. The Brown Derby is now called The Birdcage and I don’t see so many punks drinking cider on the green but the area still has a vibe. After The Jim Jones Revue last played the Norwich Arts Centre we did an after show at The Birdcage, which was a brilliant night. My mum actually wrote a history of St Benedicts while she worked at Premises, which researched the history of the street, the people who lived there and the businesses. It was a fascinating insight into the way a street evolves with businesses coming and going, people moving in and out. A process that is still happening now. One my oldest friends Conor O’Brien has his new hair salon Flint in the Norwich Lanes. Conor used to cut my hair when he worked at Fourth Floor in London and now I frequently visit him at his new salon on St Benedicts. It gives me a great excuse to visit Norwich! It’s been an exciting few years for you and The Jim Jones Revue. What’s in store for 2014? Right now we’re in the US on our 6th North American tour, which has been great so far. We played a sell out show in New York on New Year’s Eve then flew over to LA a few days later to play The Viper Room. We’re now making our way through the mid West playing Detroit & Chicago before heading north to Canada. When we get back we’re going to start work on our 4th studio album, which will take us up to the summer festival season. Depending on when we release the new album we’ll then tour in the autumn and that will definitely include a show in Norwich. I’m really looking forward to that!

You can listen to The Jim Jones Revue and watch their videos via the website You can also find their music on vinyl format at Soundclash Records in the Norwich Lanes


Lucid golden amber with a seductive aroma of apricot and peach. This hop bursting ale has early notes of spice before a glorious affair of grapefruit and orange that pleases the palate. With an inviting citrus flare, the finish lingers longer than a kiss.

With a rich history dating back to 1760, the Lacons name and ales are synonymous with brewing in East Anglia and beyond. From humble beginnings in Great Yarmouth’s famous Rows, Lacons grew over the following centuries and at its peak operated over 300 public houses in East Anglia and London and produced over 80,000 barrels of beer a year. The Norwich Lanes are delighted to have teamed up with Lacons who have brewed up a very special ‘Jack Valentine’ beer. for us. The Lacon’s Jack Valentine Ale is available at the following public houses and bars whilst stocks last: The Norwich Arts Centre, The Reindeer, The Sir Garnet, The Gunton Arms, The Plough, Franks Bar, The Fat Cat and Lenwade House.


yourself IN THE LANES

It’s time to beat away those winter blues with a spot of TLC in the Norwich Lanes.

which can be particularly important if you

There is obviously very little we can do about

methods have documented the links between

the weather but there are several ways to add

our physical bodies, our emotions and

a spring to your step, let alone reduce the

our mind. Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on

stresses and strains that those sharp easterly

Japanese healing art at the forefront of

winds encourage.

exciting new developments in health-care

suffer from the winter blues. We need to really try to embrace each season. If we embrace Winter we will be in-step with the seasons and will be ready to jump into Spring, rather than taking a long while to adjust. – Orange Grove Clinic For over 5 millennia, traditional healing

as wellbeing. We don’t do top ten tips in the Norwich Lanes

– The Shiatsu Centre

as everybody is different. Below you’ll find what the experts say, who you can find on our very

Infuse your body with healthy teas, both

own doorsteps.

topically and by drinking. Various teas have great benefits for the skin. Choose the tea that’s

“Your make up is only as good as the skin

best for your symptoms, or rotate between

underneath, look after it! Never ever use

all of them. Drink 2-3 cups per day. We highly

a foundation that is too dark... it ages the skin.

recommend TeaPigs’ Organic Matcha.

You should always use a bronzer to give you

– U and Your Skin

a healthy glow.” – Jackie Hamilton School Of Beauty Get plenty of sleep. At this challenging time of year we need to try and get into “sleep credit,”



Jack is back – Valentine’s Eve Various stores within the lanes 13th February, 4pm-8pm

Here are just a few key events happening in the Norwich Lanes over the coming months. Each and every one of these venues has much more for your entertainment, so check out their websites for more information.

Hate Mail – An exhibition by Mr. Bingo Flint, St Benedict’s Street 27th March – 26th April Illustrator Mr Bingo was drunk late one night in his studio and tweeted, “I will send a postcard with an offensive message on to the first person who replies to this tweet”. Within the first minute over 50 people replied, desperate to receive some hateful post. Over the last eighteen months Bingo has posted out artistic abuse to hundreds of people. Each wellcrafted piece of slander comes accompanied with an original illustration. They’re insults you wouldn’t dare to utter to your worst enemy in person, but somehow on the back of a vintage postcard, alongside one of Bingo’s masterful illustrations they’re weirdly charming and utterly hilarious. The Hate Mail exhibition at Flint will showcase postcards from Mr Bingo’s now extensive archive.

Enjoy late night shopping with a difference… in-store cocktails, nibbles and DJs whilst you shop. Recipes for love, alternative therapies, Sweets, Lacons Jack Valentine Ale, Discounts, Gifts, Stories at the Bridewell Museum and rumours of a guest appearance from Jack Valentine himself.

Boutique Fusions Opening March 2014

“A shopping destination and experience unlike any other” A brand new department store is due to open in the Norwich Lanes, at 25-27 Bedford Street. Boutique Fusions champions independent retailers from around the UK and beyond; and promises shoppers a unique, memorable experience. An eclectic mix of 40 aspirational independent boutiques provides unparalleled choice; regular in-store events; plus services like a personal shopper; ‘while you wait’ alterations and vehicle loading collection point – are all great reasons to visit. Each independent concession within Boutique Fusions offers something different, with an emphasis on quality. Head here to discover men’s, women’s and children’s fashion; soft furnishings; bespoke handmade furniture; arts; chocolatier; fine food and wine merchant; toys; designer accessories and more. For more information, including opening date and time when announced, follow @BoutiqueFusions


The Selecter OPEN, Castle Meadow 4th April 2-Tone legends The Selecter perform their seminal album Too Much Pressure in its entirety, followed by an extended encore of classic and contemporary hits to celebrate their 35 year-spanning back catalogue. Doors: 7:30pm Price: £16.50 adv

The Nightingales Norwich Arts Centre 9th April

“They’re back and they’re marvelous’” Marc Riley, BBC 6 Music’ The Nightingales were formed by former members of The Prefects following that band’s demise in 1979. The group recorded a bunch of critically acclaimed singles and three albums until they called it a day in the 80s. In 2004, they re-grouped with a few newbies to their line up including Norwich’s very own Fliss Kitson on drums. We are delighted to see them returning to the fine city once again to celebrate the launch of their new album.

DISCO BINGO The Birdcage A monthly event Disco Bingo is exactly what it says on the tin. Hosted by Steffanio and Tiffania – two ultra glamorous disco cats, the evening revolves around 4 bingo games, intertwined with dance offs, conga lines and sing-a-longs. Steffanio & Tiffania are always sure to source the most incredible prizes, from commemorative dog plates to a tropical dream holiday in Marbella. For one night only, the Ballroom of the Birdcage is transformed in to a disco fuelled, bingo playing glittery paradise. There will always be cocktails, party rings, cheese puffs, fizz and all things delicious to keep yourself energised! Bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, aunty and grandma. Lets get fabulous! 13th February, 8pm 7th March, 8pm 11th April, 8pm 2nd May, 8pm To guarantee a spot or book your table email

Bo Nanafana Social Club OPEN, Bank Plain 15th February The Bo Nanafana Social Club returns once more for a night of damn fine music, cabaret and dressing up! The “Slow Boat to China” sets sail from OPEN on Saturday 15th February with a top line up to see you on your way. Tickets are £20 and available online or at OPEN, The Rock Collection and Soundclash in the Norwich Lanes.

Sunday Film Night Frank’s Bar 5pm The perfect way to spend a Sunday! Grab a Bloody Mary and pull up a pew for a free film from 5pm at Frank’s Bar. February’s theme is ‘Bullets for your Valentine’ and March gives us a Hitchcock fest!

WinterFest Raffles Restaurants Until 6th March WINTERFEST is back! Enjoy a delicious two-course lunch or dinner (until 7pm) with a glass of wine for just £12 per person at any Raffles Restaurants in the Norwich Lanes!




A big thank you to

Norwich BID

from everyone in the Lanes for sponsoring Valentine’s Eve

LANES #01 Spring 2014  

Jack is back: An exclusive interview with Jack Valentine

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