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Inspiring Mums and Daughters Saturday 25th March 2017 1pm to 5pm


Welcome Welcome to our first Inspiring Mums and Daughters event!


Immediately after the inaugural three day Inspiring Females conference, I was struck by a number of comments from Mums of girls who had been involved, who said how they wished they could have had such an opportunity.

Welcome – 3 Programme – 4

We are delighted to provide both a tailored event for you both, but also to build on the spirit of the conference and provide a taste of what we offer the girls on this day. ‘Inspire, educate, empower’ are our aims for everyone involved in the Inspiring Females programme, and my wish is to extend this to the Mums in our community.

Guest biographies – 6

I don’t need to say how important Mums are, and I know all too well the demands on us on a daily basis. So, I hope you can begin your Mothers’ Day weekend by us providing some affirmation and endorsement for Mums, and a chance for you both to refresh, reboot, and hopefully laugh – together! Thank you to all of our guests who have volunteered their time for today’s event – and of course thank you to our amazing steering group of girls who have helped to promote and shape this event specially for you. Kirsty von Malaisé Headmistress and Mum


Inspiring Mums and Daughters programme 1pm to 1.05pm Welcome to Inspiring Mums and Daughters Lecture Theatre Kirsty von Malaisé 1.05pm to 1.40pm Lecture Theatre Mums and daughters panel chat with Q&A

Workshop 1 (50 mins) – 1.40pm to 2.30pm Emotional Buoyancy Room L12 Amanda Reynolds Do you ever wonder how some mums (and daughters!) appear so strong and can shake off any challenge with ease? In this session, Amanda will share with you how you can become more resilient, build new strategies to face life’s low points and feel much stronger. Come along to this workshop, with the ultimate goal of developing an Emotional Buoyancy Plan for both of you. For mums and daughters

The needs of a mum and a daughter Room L10 Muur Roberts

Talking Tech with your Daughter – social media Room L9 Fee Kempton

This workshop focusses on the needs of mothers and daughters, giving both an insight into each other’s needs and how to meet them without getting into the ‘problem zone’.

This workshop will explore how the world of social media for teens has changed in the last two years and how this has resulted in many mums feeling detached from their daughters’ online lives.

The session will look at what behaviour is and our acceptance levels of each other’s behaviour. You will both learn how to create messages to show appreciation, talk more openly about ourselves and our needs, and hopefully develop an even closer and more open mum and daughter relationship.

We will look at the range of social media apps on the market for teens, how some apps can help your daughter to ‘shine online’ and which apps to be more wary of. There will also be lots of time to experiment with Snapchat and Instagram so please come with these downloaded on your phone or a tablet – there will be a follow-up task to help you practice with your daughter after the session.

For mums and daughters

FOR MUMS ONLY – bring a tablet or smart phone with Snapchat and Instagram downloaded – daughters can choose to join one of the other two sessions available.

Please note, this programme is subject to change based on numbers of attendees and demand for sessions.


Workshop 2 (45 mins) – 2.30pm to 3.15pm Mother’s day creative writing memento Room L9 Kirsty von Malaisé Create your own poem or letter about your mum/daughter, either having fun working together, or creating your pieces separately to share at the end of the session. There will be lots of choice and inspiration, and you will hopefully have a lovely memento to take home with you. For mums and daughters

Top Tips on making your passion your profession… and have time to be a Mum! Room L10 Siobhan Eke Being a mum is a demanding job, but some women miss the myriad of benefits that ‘working’ brings to this world too. So why not think about creating a role you enjoy and allows you to be Mum still? In this workshop, Siobhan will share ways to go about making this happen – ideal for mums now, or for daughters to consider for their future. For mums and daughters

Forrest Yoga Lecture Theatre Amanda Clinch Forrest yoga is a living, breathing forever evolving system of yoga that is continuously moving, learning, creating and uniting other rituals and ceremonies together. It helps you to connect to yourself, those around you and to something bigger than all of us. For mums and daughters MAX. OF 20 FOR THIS SESSION Comfortable clothing recommended

Workshop 3 (45 mins) – 3.15pm to 4pm Laughter yoga with ‘Tina Bradshaw’ Room L12 Beverley Bishop

Meditation Lecture Theatre Cathy Cookson

Laughter Yoga is a fun, friendly and fabulous way of relieving stress and increasing energy. It tones up those abdominal muscles and is a great physical workout. Ten minutes of laughing is as effective as an hour of aerobic activity! It combines yogic breathing with simple exercises which simulate laughter – so it’s easy to laugh even if you’re feeling down or in a bad mood.

Cathy is the owner of ‘The Green Room Therapy’ and will be joining us and hosting a Wellbeing Meditation Workshop where you will both be able to take some time out and learn how to calm, centre and connect.

Laughter Yoga is based on the principal that your body doesn’t know the difference between fake

and genuine laughter. As long as you are willing to laugh you will get the same psychological and physiological benefits of laughter. Laughter Yoga is now widely accepted by the medical and scientific world and many organisations are using Laughter Yoga to enhance the well-being of the people they work with.

For mums and daughters Comfortable clothing recommended

You’ll leave this workshop feeling energized and rejuvenated. For mums and daughters

4pm to 5pm Closing note followed by Afternoon tea Eaton Grove Hall


Guest biographies

Amanda Reynolds Director Blend Associates Ltd

Muur Roberts Practical Parenting Skills

Amanda Clinch Forrest Yoga teacher

Amanda Reynolds is the founder of BLEND Associates Ltd which offers executive coaching, business mentoring and strategic thinking.

Muur became the first P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) Instructor in East Anglia in 2012, and has since been teaching P.E.T. to small groups and via 1:1 tuition. She is also trained to teach Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T.) for those wishing to have a more effective way to manage a teacher-student relationship.

Amanda is a Forrest yoga teacher and bodyworker in Norwich who teaches from her home studio and also at The Yoga Tree.

Amanda has worked across large public sector organisations in senior and board level leadership roles for 28 years. She is a regular blogger on diversity, strategy, business development, coaching and leadership and is a Certified ILM Level 7 Executive Mentor and Coach.

“I am inspired by the song ‘Wide open spaces’ by the Dixie Chicks.”

She has also used these skills-sets for eight years at a large Secondary School, where she supported 11 to 16 year old students with special educational needs and EAL students.

She specialises in Forrest yoga, one of the few practices to be developed by a woman (Ana Forrest). Two weeks ago, Amanda enjoyed meeting with our Inspiring Females steering group to share more details about this unique workshop.

Cathy Cookson The Green Room Therapy Cathy Cookson is the owner of The Green Room Therapy. Having worked in the Corporate field for many years, Cathy retrained in her mid 30’s at the University of East Anglia. She is now blessed to work from her own private practice in Brundall, meeting people everyday who, through a variety of techniques, become authentically empowered and connected.


Bev Bishop Laughter yoga specialist

Siobhan Eke Genki

Fee Kempton Norwich High School

Bev Bishop is a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, laughter yoga specialist and performance artist.

Siobhan Eke is an educational entrepreneur, driven by her creative spirit and passion for innovation. Siobhan has been a driving force behind the Inspiring Females programme and is passionate about helping girls discover their potential and helping them in achieving their ambitions.

Fee is an extremely busy mother with a wonderfully full life. She is a Consultant Teacher and also the Head of Year 8 at Norwich High School for Girls.

She runs her own practice in Cromer and works in a number of schools offering support to young people experiencing emotional difficulties. As a laughter yoga specialist she runs workshops throughout the country, raising awareness of the importance of laughter for health and wellbeing. She frequently combines her skill as a therapist and performance artist by running workshops as a ‘character’, bringing fun and creativity into sessions, releasing inhibitions and encouraging us to bring playfulness in our day to day living.

“My children inspire me – we still laugh and are playful together even though they are both adults. They make me cry with laughter. I also like the inspirational quote “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human race.” by Victor Hugo”

Siobhan’s life has been an adventure; a Norfolk girl from a small town, she became the first ever radio producer for MTV in Japan. She was also international manager for a famous Japanese rock band in the United States, director at a large London advertising agency and a radio / event producer working with names such as Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Jay Z. What united all of her positions was a passion for the subject she was working in and an innate need and ability to drive change where change was needed.

“I am inspired by the book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho – and I love the track ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow.”


She currently teaches Computing to girls from Year 7 upwards a fantastic experience, allowing her to witness the next generation of techpreneurs and creative programmers in action. Fee is studying for her Masters in Educational Research at Cambridge University in the little bit of spare time she has. “I’ve recently seen ‘Hidden Figures’ - what an incredible film! I’ve told all my classes to see it, if not for the three inspirational female engineers who helped to change history, for the opportunity to see the computer that takes up a whole room and is programmed using punched pieces of card!”

Inspiring Mums and Daughters Saturday 25th March 2017 1pm to 5pm

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