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SYDNEY - Issue 35

| MARCH / APRIl 2011

The Times They are A-Changin’ Angry Anderson

Flood Cover – Insurers are Treading Water Russell Chegwyn

Publisher’s Guest: Dr. Geoffrey Lee

Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program Goes Worldwide


GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 速

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 速




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A Pharmacist Reaches out to the Overweight: The Tony Ferguson Story Larry Woldenberg

14 Publisher’s Guest Dr. Geoffrey Lee Liberal Party Candidate for the State Seat of Parramatta


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Political Agenda Socialising Mateship Charlie Lynn

The Times They are A-Changin’ Angry Anderson



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Commercial Building Insurance and how Average and Co-Insurance Clauses Affect a Claim John May


7 Ways to Increase Website Conversion Scott Tyler


Congratulations, You’re a Career Adviser John Watters

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New Development Set to Eclipse Benchmarks


Connect 2011 - Crown Plaza Norwest, Sydney Hills Business Chamber and Telstra G.Carlo Fogarin


Panthers Announce New Stadium Naming Rights Sponsor – “Centrebet Stadium Penrith” Shannon Donato


How to Safely Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home or Workplace Areas Bruce Gow


Bring your business to life with Solid Ink Colour David Borg



If You Love Your Business Set It Free John Hagerty


2011 – A Great Year to Develop Your Staff

Managed Security and Backup Steve Sebbes

Business Advice Is Your Business Worth Protecting? Darryn Fellowes

Flood Cover – Insurers are Treading Water Russell Chegwyn

Accessing Government Grants Rick Eardley

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

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Lifestyle Are You Safe to Buy a Diamond Online? Robert Cliff

There’s More Sizzling than just the Temperature at Leonay Emu Sports Club Larry Woldenberg

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Editor’s letter

Dmitry Greku - Editor and Publisher - GWP Magazines®

Lost Out of Action and Environmentally Unfriendly Cows We all had the chance to see leading federal and state politicians work hard to fight natural disasters, support communities and help broken communities to recover. I cannot deny these facts. This is what they are hired to do. I still would like to have a clear view of some issues which came to my attention in the last couple of months.

Australian cows’ farts are an environmental issue for the whole world – here is a refreshing carbon tax for you. They changed the “Home Insulation Safety Plan – Think Change” to the worst, but now they will give us a new “revolutionary” NBN which is 24 times more expensive but 10 times slower than in South Korea*.

What’s next, dear government comrades? What’s next? This could be quite funny if it weren’t so sad.

e | *The Australian, February 9, 2011

For example, why was one of the Labor federal ministers and a proud front bencher The Hon (the honourable) Chris Bowen MP having a comfortable vacation at Norfolk Island during the worst days of the flood crisis? The first reasonable idea which came to my mind was that the Federal Disaster Control Centre is now located on a Resort Island and our head politicians are all on the island to manage the disaster activities from a secure location. But no, most of them were at the disaster zone. He was probably lost. This condition is very common for the honourable members of the current government. Another possible scenario is that The Hon Chris Bowen’s duty on the island was to organise a red carpet welcoming for the newly arriving boat people. After all he is the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. A bunch of disorientated individuals in power is a disaster for a country and its people. This is a fact and it doesn’t matter what country. No natural disaster relief fund – new extra tax is a solution.

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®


A Pharmacist Reaches out to the Overweight: The Tony Ferguson Story By Larry Woldenberg I couldn’t help but be impressed by the story of Gerard: “There was a simple moment at work that made me realise just what I had achieved. I remember picking up this 30 kilo bag of cement and thinking ‘Wow, I’ve lost this in weight. It felt fantastic.’”


GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

With stories such as Gerard’s and over 700,000 consumers using the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program, my editor and I decided to visit Tony’s headquarters in Penrith to see what all the commotion was about. This is Tony’s story.

Like many of our cover story personalities, Tony was born in a small country town - in this case, Gulargambone. The Aboriginal name means “watering hole for many galahs”. It’s situated along the Castlereagh Highway, 115 kilometres north of Dubbo. As with other country towns, it was threatened

great australian BUSINESS PEOPLE

Nathan Smith

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 速


by a loss of its youth to the Big Smoke with the downturn in the economy along with banks closing and businesses leaving. By the year 2000 even the Post Office was going, but then the locals fought back forming their own Corporation and instituted the first community-owned Post Office.

Since then things have turned around with a new multi-purposed health service, attractive murals in the shop windows depicting local history, re-bitumening the main street, planting new trees and introducing recycling. Perhaps it was this fierce independent spirit that fostered the pioneering spirit in Tony?

But then we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Tony’s father married into the Catholic faith. As a result his Presbyterian grandfather cut the family out of the Will, but left money for Tony and his sister’s education. The small stipend enabled Tony to attend and board at Waverly College where he got his HSC. He followed this by studying Pharmacy at Sydney University in 1961. During this period Tony was apprenticed at a retail pharmacy but became dissatisfied with the business and left to work for a succession of drug companies after graduation. However, his outspoken nature made this a bad fit as well, so he left the industry altogether to work for Pepsi Cola. He then witnessed how Pepsi managed their advertising and public relations to combat the international behemoth Coca Cola. This helped Tony gain a knowledge of marketing as well as learning to think outside the square. Both qualities were to serve his future endeavours in the field of weightloss. After 6 months he became disillusioned with the tough nature of retail business and decided to return to pharmacy. As fate had it, a Penrith pharmacist he interviewed with offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse. The owner was going through a tough time with his spouse and wanted time off to repair his marriage. So he offered Tony that if he couldn’t repair the marriage, he’d himself finance Tony to take over the business.

June 2008, Tony with Robyn Sonter, Events Co-Ordinator and Successful Weightloss Customer

Tony accepted and after it became apparent that the problems with the marriage couldn’t be resolved, the unfortunate pharmacist sold Tony the business. The year was 1972.

January 2010, Tony on set filming for the summer 2010 TV Campaign

10 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

great australian BUSINESS PEOPLE

2011 Limited Edition Cookbook, featuring 60 of Tony’s delicious recipes

From there things seemed normal enough as Tony operated the Penrith pharmacy quite successfully through 2002. Then came a sudden change as a large discount pharmacy moved into Penrith just a few metres from Tony’s store. “At this point I was forced to think outside the square in order to survive, since we were up to our necks in bank debt,” Tony related. “Fortunately for me, my daughter had just taken up the study of nutrition and was badgering me to change my diet. This stirred my interest and I started noticing the overweight condition of my customers who kept returning for prescriptions for diabetes, arthritis, abnormal blood pressure, cholesterol and depression. “I basically became obsessed with the idea of helping these people lose weight. With the tremendous growth of takeaway and

snack foods, obesity was not only affecting individuals but was also becoming a huge cost to the Community,” Tony added. For the first time since 1995 the 20078 National Health Survey measured the height, weight, hip and waist circumference of respondents aged 5 or more. The survey found that 42% of adult males and 31% of adult females were overweight. It also found that 25% of children aged 5-17 were overweight or obese. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council: With respect to children, the most important long term consequence of childhood is its persistence into adulthood…Obese children and adolescents also suffer from an increase in medical conditions including Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, heat intolerance, breathlessness on exertion, tiredness and flat feet.

The study went on to point out how loss of self-esteem and unhealthy dietary practices for weight control were becoming serious issues particularly for older girls. In a 2008 Access Economics Report it was found that 3.71 million Australians are obese with a current estimated cost to the nation of $58 billion. This includes $8.3 billion in financial costs and $49.9 billion in the value of lost wellbeing which accounts for years of healthy life lost through disability and/or premature death. So in 2002 Tony was somewhat ahead of his time in realising the extent of the problem. As a consequence, he had a hard time getting other pharmacists on board. “What was apparent to me was the fact that as pharmacists we were reacting to doctors with prescriptions instead of being pro-active

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®


and dispensing lifestyle advice. When I approached the Pharmacy Guild with these considerations no one wanted to listen,” he recalled.

well established and the mail order business was taking off. So we expanded our advertising. I even took on an ad agency which produced a TV commercial.

“So my next step was sampling weight loss products. I investigated 4 companies and settled on Optifast with its meal replacement program. The product didn’t taste very good but it worked. I got 9 other pharmacists to trial the product and they all ended up giving it away.

“We first tried local TV. Our sales kept rocketing, so we soon could afford Metro TV and, finally, national TV. By then the mail order business dwarfed the Penrith pharmacy.

“But there was a reason for this. The only way to treat obesity is with counseling. I ended up employing a naturopath to do one-on-one counseling and we advertised the service in local media. By 2003 we were selling so much Optifast that the parent company offered me a position on their Melbourne Advisory Committee along with nurses and endocrinologists. “By now it was an obsession with me and I became a guru in weightloss programming, training others in public relations. Around this time the Today Tonight Show challenged me to provide 20 people willing to go on their show about the product. That was easy enough and within 48 hours of airing nationwide every pharmacy in the country sold out of Optifast.

ancillary activities like taking medical histories, weekly weigh-ins, consultations, etc. We also put in a Call Centre in our own headquarters with trained nutritionists who could answer questions. “I then employed local area marketing and just as I had experienced in Penrith, sales took off. By April there were 10 additional stores with the program and by July it was

“With our proven track record, I decided to approach various retail pharmacy groups. But they, too, weren’t interested. After all Type 2 diabetes patients often require a lot of insulin. What would happen to insulin sales? It seemed like making people healthy wasn’t good for business. “But there was one group, Terry White, that actually sent their Merchandise Manager to our store. He introduced himself as Sean Fallon and asked if he could watch our counter’s activities for a short time. He was so sure that the visit would quickly conclude that he instructed the taxi for the airport to stay with the meter running. Turns out the taxi bill came to $300! Not only was Sean fascinated by all the turnover, but he became an advocate to Terry White on our behalf and eventually quit and went to work with us.

“I even had one customer drive all the way from Brisbane to my pharmacy just to procure some product. Unfortunately, we, too, sold out. But we arranged to mail him product as soon as it arrived. “The parent company got their supplies from Germany, so it wasn’t long before the demand emptied their warehouse as well. This put us in a real pickle with irate customers clamouring for more product. So I went to Optifast and demanded they redress the problem, but I was turned down because of the high cost of airfreighting from Europe.

Consultant Vicky Houlder B. Sc., Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program, Rose Hill Town Centre

“This was too much for me, so I began looking for an alternative. I then located a manufacturer in Brisbane who could produce a similar product with an even better taste. So at this point I put my name on the product. We ended up selling tons. So I went back and asked for a discount. But the owner wouldn’t budge on price.

“As a result of his glowing report we were invited to the Head Office in Brisbane. Shortly thereafter we met with the Terry White Board of Directors and struck a deal to put our product into 10 of their Brisbane/Gold Coast stores on a trial basis. I remember it because it began on Boxing Day in 2005.

“Feeling put out, I again looked elsewhere and came up with another producer who operated out of Gladesville and could manufacture an improved product with an even better taste. Now we were becoming

“Not only did I then need to train Terry White personnel from a Brisbane hotel room, but I also had to arrange for the fixtures in the 10 stores so there were proper consultation rooms from which to conduct the necessary

12 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

installed in the rest of the chain’s 99 stores. “We used Symbion as our exclusive wholesale distributor. Today there are over 160 Terry White stores selling our Program and Products. These days we are also able to use independent pharmacists in towns where there are no Terry White pharmacies as we dodn’t want people missing out. Consequently, there are now over 90 independents carrying our product. But we also make sure there’s no interference with any Terry White store.

great australian BUSINESS PEOPLE

“In the first 18 months the yearly sales volume per Terry White store went sky high with our program. Pharmacies around the world sell about $35,000 annually per store in weightloss products. We were selling more than 20 times that amount per store. The difference is in customer service.

online Forums, product development, mail order, counseling, training programs, educational activities, etc., Tony employs over 200 people locally as well including dieticians and physiologists to continually fine-tune the Program and better service his clientele.

“In fact, our success has bred over 27 copycat products, but none of them offer counseling. So no one comes near to our volume. Jenny Craig and Weigh Watchers all offer advice, but Terry White and our independents are the only pharmacies doing so even with all our advertised success.

“I’ve always tried to be honest with people,” Tony adds. “Integrity pays off in the long run.”

“Even today universities with programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing lack any mandatory study of nutrition. At undergraduate level you either study it separately or wait and specifically study nutrition at post graduate level. This is one reason our medical profession is so reactive to symptoms rather than focused on prevention,” Tony concludes. Today there are over 250 national outlets for Tony Ferguson products and every one has at least 3 trained people in place meaning there are 750 being employed in the Program. To keep things running including

We asked Tony what would he advise to any small business owner just starting out? “Stand in the customer’s shoes. Make sure you communicate effectively and learn to read body language,” he replied. “If you’re passionate about your idea, don’t give up. “Just as John Laws says: ‘Keep the Dream alive.’” Now Tony is setting his sights on other shores as well. New Zealand’s Life Pharmacy group has 26 outlets with his Program. South Africa’s Dischem Pharmacies has over 40 outlets and England’s Boots Pharmacies has 1700 outlets.

lives of over 700,000 people and counting? Truly a commendable achievement. G

Who else besides Tony Ferguson do you know who has made such an impact on the

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®


Publisher’s GUEST

Publisher’s Guest

Dr. Geoffrey Lee

Liberal Party Candidate for the State Seat of Parramatta with Dmitry Greku, Publisher/Editor, GWP Magazines

Awarded a Doctorate in Business Management 2006 from Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Geoffrey also holds a Master of Business Administration (2001) from the same institution. Geoffrey’s undergraduate degree is in Applied Science (Horticulture) from Hawkesbury Agricultural College in 1989. In addition, he holds a Certificate in Workplace Training and Assessment (2003) and a Certificate in Marketing (1990).

Geoffrey recently has been selected as the Liberal Party candidate for the State seat of Parramatta. DG: The NSW Premier at the beginning of her election campaign announced the failure of her government to run our State economy and said “Sorry”. Is this “Sorry” enough for people of NSW and what would you like to say before they go to vote booths? GL: Well, they’re good at being sorry aren’t they? Bob Carr said sorry, Morris Iemma said sorry, Nathan Rees said sorry, now Kristina Keneally is saying sorry. It’s a disgrace that the centrepiece of Labor’s campaign is mocking the intelligence of the people in NSW. Kristina Keneally has simply taken Bob Carr’s idea...pretty much word for word. Hearing “Sorry” is nice although, frankly, the Labor Party should be sorry. They’ve had 16 years to do something, anything, for NSW and instead we’ve gone backwards. Public transport is a mess, health is in disarray, infrastructure has crumbled and is almost non-existent. In every way, this Labor Government has failed the people of NSW and Parramatta. Saying sorry on one hand and then asking us to just re-elect them in the next breath is just another example of the Labor Party thinking they can treat us like fools. I think the people of Western Sydney are a lot smarter than the Labor Party gives us credit for though. DG: A lot of taxpayers money is wasted on projects which are supposed to support the business community. Do you plan to call

14 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

Publisher’s GUEST

for a revision of these types of government initiatives? GL: Parramatta’s business community makes a huge contribution to the economy of NSW and I think Parramatta can lead NSW out of the economic rot of the last 16 years. It is critical for the people who run these businesses to have a say in government initiatives that are designed to help them. No one knows business in Parramatta like the business people of Parramatta and I’m committed to listening to them and representing them. But they are also fed up with all the broken promises. We need to get the process right which is why we will establish Infrastructure NSW to properly assess projects to ensure when we announce a project the business community can be confident that it will be built on time and on budget. DG: What will be your priorities when you go to the government? GL: Well first of all, I’ve got a big battle on my hands to win Parramatta. It’s been held by the Labor Party for many years. I’m hoping the people of Parramatta will agree that they’ve had more than enough time to show Western Sydney that they’re interested. Showing up with 6 weeks before the election and saying “we care” just shows that they don’t think much of us. If on March 26 the people of Parramatta elect me, my priorities are clear: 1. Greater share of services, infrastructure and investment. Greater because Parramatta is the economic gateway to GWS and should be recognised as such. 2. Encourage and attract both public

and private investment into the area to create more jobs. This will ensure people can live and work in the area - not spend hours travelling to and from work on congested roads and crowded trains and buses. Businesses are affected just as much from road congestion. I know one local business owner whose staff have to leave Parramatta at 5:30am to get to Sydney for 8.00am appointments – it costs them over $100,000 in overtime each year just because the Labor Government has done nothing about the roads. 3. More support for business. I will focus on making it easier for employers to do business by cutting red tape with our policy of one-on-one-off for new regulations. We have committed to creating 100,000 new jobs across the state through cutting payroll tax and will establish a new Small Business Commissioner. I ran a successful small business for many years and would love the opportunity to be the champion for the small business community. Making Parramatta the economic hub for business will bring opportunities for all businesses. DG: Why did you choose Parramatta region? GL: I am passionate about Parramatta and Western Sydney. Parramatta is such an exciting place and offers enormous opportunity for businesses, communities and families.

Parramatta needs vision and planning. That is what I am committed to delivering for the people if I am elected. We already have a dynamic CBD, restaurant and entertainment hub, iconic parks and historical attractions, a university and TAFE, and Australia’s second largest legal as well as its largest health precinct. We need to spread the word and enhance all the wonderful features Parramatta holds in its hands right now. We need a blue print to map the next 10-20 years of planned growth to accommodate the estimated 30,000 new jobs that will be created in the area. In 1992 I sold my own home and purchased commercial land in Parramatta for a garden centre, indoor plant hire and landscaping business. Through hard work, my business received the Parramatta Regional Award for Service Excellence. I decided I wanted to have an impact more than my own bottom line. I enjoy learning and could see the satisfaction my teachers had when they saw the ‘light globe” go on when we learned. So I sold my business in 2000 and went back to study. I achieved an MBA and worked as a TAFE teacher at Liverpool until 2004 when I joined the University of Western Sydney (UWS) as a lecturer in Business. In 2006 I achieved a Doctorate in Business and was appointed Associate Dean Engagement.

Parramatta has such a supportive business environment. It is a great place to start, run and grow your business.

I love to go fishing when I find the time, snowboard and spend time with close friends and family.

The lack of vision over nearly two decades has resulted in the lack of unity within the Parramatta business and general community.

I am passionate about Western Sydney and have spent most of my life in the area, living, working and enjoying the community.

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®


Political Agenda

The Hon. Charlie Lynn - Member of the Legislative Council

Socialising Mateship Invoking ‘mateship’ as a class divider for a new tax is a desperate political act. It surely is a new low-water mark for spin doctors, political parasites and leadership pretenders.

Adversity has underpinned the development of our Australian character since Federation. Mates working together to survive developed powerful bonds based on self-sacrifice and mutual respect. The Australian Nation was only 13 years old when our troops landed at Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915. It was to become our baptism as a nation. In the adversity of ‘the war to end all wars’ General Sir John Monash emerged as the greatest Australian leader of all time. Sixtyfour Australians were awarded the highest military honour for valour – the Victoria Cross. We were no longer regarded as a Pacific appendage of Great Britain. We were ANZACs. We paid a heavy price for that proud and enduring title. Around 60,000 were killed and more than 150,000 badly wounded. As a small nation of less than five million we could ill-afford to lose a generation of our finest. A little more than a decade later adversity struck again in the form of the Great Depression. The dreams and aspirations of our forebears were often reduced to subsistence levels. For many the provision of a daily meal for a hungry family was their primary objective. Within the next decade a Second World War was declared. Once again Australians answered the call and names such as Tobruk, El Alamein, Benghazi, Kokoda and Milne Bay were added to our ANZAC honour roll.

16 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

Australians were the first to defeat the seemingly invincible Japanese army in the jungles of Papua and New Guinea. General Sir Thomas Blamey became the first and only Australian promoted to Field Marshall and 20 more Australians were awarded the Victoria Cross. Between Federation and the end of WWII Australian pioneers explored and settled our remote and inhospitable interior. Explorers, settlers, farmers, miners and entrepreneurs risked all to build a nation. They stood side by side when confronted

This was evident in our response to the recent floods. The spirit of mateship was not dead as many had feared. It was just dormant. Ordinary Australians answered the call and selflessly risked life and limb to save strangers. Mop and bucket brigades mobilised. Community volunteers offered safe haven, food and shelter. People donated trucks, earthmoving equipment and trade skills to help the helpless. Donors around the country dug deep as they always have. But rather than inspire us to do more the

Those who have experienced the horrors of war, the isolation of the outback and the desperation of flood, fire and drought understand the spirit of mateship. by flood, fire and drought. Their stories, recorded by Lawson, Patterson and a host of bush poets, balladeers and writers, are now a treasured part of our heritage. Those who have experienced the horrors of war, the isolation of the outback and the desperation of flood, fire and drought understand the spirit of mateship. It’s simply the act of lending a hand to somebody in need or in danger without concern for your own safety or well being. The character of mateship has been diminished as we become more urbanised, prosperous, and seemingly safe from external threat. Modern usage - ‘Maaate’ (I’m about to put the bite on you) and ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi’ are shallow manifestations of the term. Real mates don’t chant.

government adopted a socialist strategy via taxation. They then rubbed our collective nose in it by invoking the principle of robbing the rich to help the poor and dressing it up as a ‘mateship tax’. Mateship is based on adversity, selfsacrifice and mutual respect. It’s a quality that has to be earned not taxed. It is a concept that unites and should never be used as a tool of social division. Governments will do so at their peril. G

Photo: Bob Peters © Sydney Olympic Park Authority 2010. Image courtesy of Sydney Olympic Park Authority

SS2160_GWPHalfPage_V5_out.indd 1

10/02/11 2:15 PM

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Borey Yim Business Banker 02 8815 0532

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GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®


Political Agenda

By Angry Anderson

The Times They are A-Changin’ Here in NSW we are heading into a state election, and as does happen at these times, our thoughts turn to issues past and present that will help us decide which party we will vote for. Currently there are many, many reasons why we should not vote Labor in again - they have, for as long as any of us can remember, slipped further away from being relevant as a government.

way of life to accommodate the wishes of that toothless tiger the United Nations. They will try to change forever the way we live, the way we educate our children, the way we worship our God, the way we work and play.

do God knows what with but never question them on why they don’t address the tragic poverty and genocide in Africa, Burma and a dozen other countries. Oh, but they want us to have a seat on the United Nations Council.

They are already making us feel guilty about who we are and what we stand for the Australian way of life! We have nothing to feel guilty about!

To do what? To be part of the problem instead of doing the right thing and standing up and declaring for all to see that we are part of the solution.

They have proven over and over again that they seriously lack the one vital ingredient to govern - a genuine affection for the people. I believe this is true also of the Federal government, which is why I believe we are in serious trouble. Decisions made today will be the burden we, our children, and our children’s children will have to carry tomorrow, and into our future. I believe, as many of us do, that we will have a Liberal lead government after the next election, both here and hopefully in Canberra. The fact that we live in a time of change is painfully obvious to all and it is time for all of us to be more politically aware than we have ever been before. The actions, or lack thereof, of our State and Federal government will reveal their true nature, so be alert, for we will get the government we deserve according to the way we vote. So, do we want more of the same or do we want change for the better? Do we want vision, or will we settle for second best? Again, if we elect Labor, we will get more of the same. The new policies they want us to embrace are not in the best interests of the Australian people, the Australian way of life or of the future we all should want for our kids. I believe that they will commit us to the new global vision, the new world order. They will erode our

18 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

The Greens - The Watermelon Party - green on the outside but red in the middle! They want us to accept that it is better to throw our hard earned money into the hands of morally corrupt governments than it is to take proper care of our mentally ill or physically handicapped here at home. They want us to accept that we shouldn’t oppose whaling because we don’t want upset trade with Japan. We can’t oppose China over their truly appalling record of abuses of human rights for the same reason.

A vote for Labor is a vote for the Greens and any vote for the Greens is a vote for Labor. The joke going around at the moment is too true to be really funny. The Greens – The Watermelon Party - green on the outside but red in the middle! Don’t get me started. G

They think it’s better to give an undisclosed amount of money to the United Nations to

For your feedback please contact Angry at: e |

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Darryn Fellowes, Wealth Adviser - Skeggs Goldstien

Is Your Business Worth Protecting? For many business owners their business is seen as the sole means of achieving the majority of their financial goals. It can also be seen as a savings, investment and retirement vehicle as well as providing for their ‘day to day’ cash flow needs. So for an asset that provides for your livelihood now and in the future, why is it that many business owners have chosen not to protect potentially their most important asset?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: 1. H  ow would my business survive if a key employee was lost through death or disability? 2. H  ow would my family or estate extract the maximum value for my business if I were to pass away or become disabled?

is otherwise involved in the business. An insurance policy is often used to protect the business from any potential financial loss associated with the occurrence of such an event. The receipt of insurance proceeds allows the business to continue operating by funding, for example, one or more of the following: • the loss of revenue the key person would have otherwise generated; • the additional costs associated with the recruitment and training of a replacement for the key person; • the repayment of borrowed funds especially where guarantees have been provided. Who is a key person? A key person could be a director, partner, employee or any other person who contributes significantly towards the profitability of the business.

should enter into a legally binding agreement, often referred to as a buy/sell agreement. This agreement should cover such issues as: • The events that will trigger the transfer of the business interest • The value (or formula for determining the value) at which the business interest will be transferred • Who will receive the outgoing owner’s business interest • How often the arrangement will be reviewed • How the transfer will be funded. With both Keyperson Insurance and Buy/ Sell Arrangements, it is important to consider the structuring and ownership of the arrangements as there can be significant tax consequences if it is implemented incorrectly. G *1*R  oss Cameron Research: The Australian Small Business Market for Financial Services, July 2008

According to Ross Cameron Research: * • While 53% of small business owners have heard of “key person” cover, only 6% actually have this cover. • While 37% of small business owners have heard of “partnership or buy/sell” cover, only 9% actually have it In our last article we discussed the importance of having a Buy/Sell Agreement and insurance in place when building a successful Business Partnership (this includes partnerships, shares in a company or units in a unit trust). We have outlined below two important aspects being Keyperson and Buy/Sell arrangements. What is Keyperson Insurance? The objective of a key person insurance arrangement is to enable a business to continue operating despite the death or disability of a key individual who works or

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Partnership (Buy/Sell) Insurance Partnership or buy/sell arrangements are used by business owners who want to ensure that upon their departure from the business due to an involuntary event (death, disability, or serious illness): • there is a pre-determined agreed price for their interest of the business • their business interest transfers smoothly to the surviving business owner(s) • the funding is available to fund this transfer. A buy/sell arrangement has two important components to it: • a disposal mechanism (the buy/sell agreement) • a funding mechanism. To formalise the succession plan and provide certainty, the business owners

Skeggs Goldstien Associates located in Norwest Business Park and Chatswood is a wealth management practice specialising in growth, succession and transition planning for small to medium size businesses. To discuss your individual business needs and to find out more about protecting your business, contact Skeggs Goldstien to make an appointment. Skeggs Goldstien Associates p | 1300 753 447 e | w |

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Russell Chegwyn, Managing Director - Chegwyn Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

Flood Cover – Insurers are Treading Water In the aftermath of last month’s devastating flood crisis in Queensland the issue of flood cover under Insurance policies has been placed firmly in the spotlight. Without an industry standard definition relating to Flood, we have seen differing views from Insurers as to what constitutes flood and what is deemed to be storm damage.

While victims of flash-flooding in Toowoomba and Grantham, for instance, are likely to be paid, those affected by inundation from the flood-swollen Bremer and Brisbane rivers face an uphill battle unless they have specific flood cover. Weather-related disasters cost Australia billions of dollars each year. The economic costs are escalating with a great proportion of these costs directly attributable to flooding. Yet despite this trend our insurance system is grossly inadequate to deal with widespread floodrelated devastation. Surely after many prior flood events in this country and the issues relating to coverage the Insurance Industry has an obligation to simplify the definition so that all policies carry the same wording. Customers purchasing a policy deserve the right to have a clear understanding of what they are paying premiums for and the comfort that in the event of a disaster on the scale seen in QLD that their policy will respond. In most cases, particularly with Home & Contents Insurance, customers simply sign up based on price and are not being given the advice that they need. They are supplied with a Financial Services Guide and/or Product Disclosure Statement and most likely will never read it. There

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needs to be more questions and answers provided and the industry as a whole has the obligation to be providing the correct advice to their customers. The good news is that the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) and the Federal Government are now acting on the matter and following a recent meeting in Sydney they have adopted the following 10 point plan: • Standard Definition of Flood • Improved Disclosure • Provision of Adequate Flood Data • Improved Land Use Planning • Improve Community Infrastructure • Education & Financial Literacy campaign • Measure effectiveness of disaster relief payments • Better advice to consumers Looking to the future, apart from customers being able to have Flood Cover included into their policies, the premiums charged by Insurers have to be affordable. Whilst it is understandable that those people in flood prone areas will pay a higher premium, it is no point offering flood cover and then charging a premium that places the coverage outside of the reach of ordinary business owners, families or individuals. One hidden aspect of insurance is that the cost is substantially increased by an inefficient state tax regime which creates a double tax burden. As a result, these products are taxed at the same level as luxuries such as alcohol and tobacco. Creating such costs is a disincentive and falsely suggests insurance is a luxury rather than a necessity. The problem with the way insurance is

taxed has been earmarked for change, yet nothing has been done. As early as 2003, with the collapse of the insurance giant HIH, calls were made to reform state taxation of insurance —yet these calls have been ignored. Is Your Business or Home at Risk? With the unpredictability of Mother Nature, we never know where or when the next disaster will unfold. As such, there has never been a better time to review your Business or Home & Contents insurance policies to ensure that the coverage you are being provided is adequate. Read your policy wordings and if you are unsure of the coverage that is provided, speak with your broker or Insurer and seek clarification in writing. For those people living in flood prone areas, they need to be checking their policy wordings to see if their Insurer provides cover for Flood. If not, they need to change to an Insurer that will offer the cover. Flood cover is available and the excuse that ‘I thought I was covered’ will not wash in the future as the massive media coverage has firmly put the spotlight onto people to check their policy. G

Chegwyn Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Suite 105, 447 Victoria Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164 p | 02 9604 6166 f | 02 9604 6188

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Rick Eardley, Director - Grants Spectrum Australia

Accessing Government Grants Export Market Development Grant Due to Australia’s international commitments to free trade, there are limitations as to how much assistance the Federal Government can provide. However, within those limitations the Government has set up a scheme that is intended to encourage Australian business to develop their involvement in export markets.

Specialised government assistance is available to companies to invest in research and development activities in developing their innovative technology. Many companies are not even aware that they may be eligible for this assistance. The financial benefit offered by this scheme can be substantial with eligible applicants potentially receiving reimbursements of almost 50% of all expenses incurred on eligible export promotion activities. Like an insurance excess, an applicant company must incur the first $10,000 of eligible expenditure. Subsequent expenditure is potentially eligible for a 50% reimbursement. The financial benefit therefore provides a partial cash reimbursement of your company’s expenditure incurred in order to expand your export activities and grow your business overseas. What’s more, eligible businesses are able to receive the grant up to eight times, with grants potentially available of up to $150,000 per year. The Export Market Development Grant is available for businesses involved in the export of goods and services, intellectual property and know-how, inbound tourism or events and conferences held in Australia for overseas visitors. Essentially, more or less any business which encourages money entering Australia from overseas may be eligible for the Export Market Development Grant.

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Successful applicants will receive grants over the course of two instalments. The first grant is capped at $60,000, the balance, if applicable, is paid at the end of the financial year. Earlier applicants tend to have funds released to them earlier, so submitting your claim as early as possible is highly beneficial. As with all government grants, there are a number of eligibility criteria. Specifically, your company must: • own the product, service or technology you export or are looking to export; • manufacture or assemble the product in Australia or ensure that Australia derives a significant net benefit from the sale of your product through export markets; and • have an annual turnover of less than $50 million. The Export Market Development Grant only has a fixed amount of funding available each year. As the number of applicants each year is notoriously difficult to predict, there is no guarantee that applicants will receive the full amount of reimbursement for which they are potentially eligible. The grant is also based upon a cash accounting recognition of expenditure – expenditure is only eligible if it has been physically paid. Some eligible areas of expenditure as highlighted by Austrade are: Overseas representatives • all reasonable costs that you pay to have an overseas representative act on your behalf on a long-term basis to market/ promote your product Marketing Consultants • the cost of engaging an arms-length consultant to undertake export market research or marketing activities Marketing visits • the cost of travel during the marketing

visit, e.g., airfares, taxi fares, departure taxes, etc. • an allowance of $300 per day while you are overseas to help defray accommodation, entertainment and living expenses. Free samples • the cost of providing free samples of the product you are promoting for export. IP registration and related insurance • the cost of granting, registering or extending rights under foreign laws in relation to eligible intellectual property • the cost of obtaining insurance to protect these rights. Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions • external costs directly related to participating in an international trade fair, seminar, in-store promotion, international forum, private exhibition, or similar activity. Communications • the costs of communications to promote your product, e.g., fax, emails, phone. Please note that some of the eligible activities and criteria have very specific definitions and limitations which the applicant should be aware of and understand before applying. Applicants should also expect to have a detailed review undertaken in each year of their application and should understand that the timing of the grant means that there could be gap of up to a year and a half between their expenditure and the final reimbursement through the grant. G Grants Spectrum Australia e | w |

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John May, State Manager NSW - IC Frith & Associates

Commercial Building Insurance and how Average and Co-Insurance Clauses Affect a Claim One of the most common errors that is made with Property Insurance is that assets are insured for market value or “depreciated value” rather than replacement/indemnity value. Property Insurance is either arranged through a specific events policy such as a “business package”, which covers various classes of Insurance, i.e., Building, Contents, Loss of Rent, Machinery, Liability, etc, or through an all-encompassing policy or ISR (Industrial Special Risks) policy, which covers everything except what is excluded. Almost all property insurance is arranged based on a replacement basis, so it is paramount that the Replacement Cost (and not the depreciated value or the market value) be insured.

Contained in property insurance policies, there are two clauses that will potentially affect your Insurance Claim: Average and Co-Insurance Clause. The Average clause is probably the most crucial when a loss occurs and is applied in the following manner: ABC Company has a building that has a Declared and Insured value (based on either Market Value or Depreciated Value) of $1,000,000. It was determined by a Certified Property Valuer that the replacement cost of the building with the same like, kind, quality and materials was $1,500,000. The building then has a fire loss damaging half of the property and the repair costs amount to $750,000. Due to the building being insured for only $1,000,000, the insurer would apply the average provision/clause and would affect the claim as follows: Declared Value: $1,000,000

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Replacement Value: $1,500,000 Claim cost: $750,000 Insurer would apply the Average Provision and the claim would be reduced in the following manner: Declared value = $1,000,000 = 2/3 or 66.67% Replacement value $1,500,000 Claim costs to repair = $750,000 x 66.67% = $500,000 The provision of the Average Clause would result in the insurer only being responsible for $500,000 of the repair costs. Fortunately, insurers are aware of the fluctuating costs of materials and the varying replacement costs and thus a clause called the Co-insurance or a “Provision” Clause is applied and built into most Property Insurance Clauses. We have all seen the advertisements for Homeowners Insurance offering up to 25% of declared value as additional cover. There are provisions in Commercial Property Insurance such as extra expense, increased cost of working and Co-insurance clauses that act in a similar way. A Co-insurance clause is applied as follows: Usually an average Co-insurance clause in most policies varies from 80-90%. Hence for this example, we will use 90%. In simplified terms, a 90% Co-insurance clause allows a 10% variance of the declared to replacement cost. Using the prior claim example, a 90% Co-insurance clause would be applied as follows: Declared value: $1,000,000 Replacement value: $1,500,000 Claim cost: $750,000 90% Co-insurance provision means 90%

of the True Replacement Value:$1,500,000 x 90% = $1,350,000 (maximum insured for at a minimum) Average clause still applies due to under Insurance of Replacement value of the building. Declared value = $1,000,000 = 74% Co-insurance/ $1,350,000 Replacement value Claim costs to repair = $750,000 x 74% = $555,555 The net result would be at a cost to the Insured. The Insurer, however, would only pay a proportion of the loss, which is why it is prudent to insure for the true replacement cost of a building. Provisions under some strata acts require Replacement Valuations to be conducted every 2 to 3 years and most financiers/bankers in their loan agreements require buildings be insured for the replacement values. This ensures that commercial property owners do not suffer a claim reduction due to the “Average” or “Coinsurance” clause. Market or depreciated value (as an accountant would depreciate) of commercial properties often does not provide sufficient coverage’s for replacement costs in respect for insurance coverage. G IC Frith & Associates p | 02 8853 9100 w |

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Scott Tyler, Managing Director - Brightblue Marketing

7 Ways to Increase Website Conversion A lot of people invest a lot of money attracting traffic to their website without considering what they should be doing to convert that traffic into enquiries or sales.

proposition. This is often referred to as a “Good-Better-Best” pricing strategy. This type of pricing strategy will also ensure that your products or services appeal to a broader set of consumers.

The correct techniques to use to increase website conversion will differ, depending on whether the traffic is being driven by pay per click advertising or natural search engine ranking. In this article I will focus on how to convert traffic derived from natural search engine ranking.

4. Offer some value in return for contact details Not every site visitor is ready to engage or make a purchase. As a result, it is important that you try to build trust and credibility immediately. This is often achieved by offering some perceived value in return for the contact details of a site visitor. Once you have the email address of a prospective client, you can continue a dialogue via email.

1. P  lace the most important information “above the fold” Place your most important information “above the fold”. This is the information that will appear within a page’s initial viewable area. The web space above the fold is more valuable for attracting and keeping site visitors’ attention. Site visitors will scroll. However, they do prefer sites that get to the point quickly. It should go without saying that your content must be relevant and of high quality. 2. Make them an offer they can’t refuse In order to convert traffic you must give reasons for people to engage you, and not your competitor down the road. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Grab their attention. Examples include offering free shipping on certain orders, or free gifts if they spend up to a certain value. Even the most powerful call to action won’t work unless your offer is practically irresistible. 3. P  rovide a “Good-Better-Best” pricing strategy An effective strategy to increase website conversion is to provide a pricing strategy that changes the decision making from a “Yes/No” proposition to an “Either/Or”

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7. Use Web Video Online video is engaging and is the perfect medium for communicating and educating prospective clients on your products and services. It is also a great way to boost brand awareness to new levels. You Tube recently released statistics indicating that web video is now responsible for a quarter of Internet traffic. In order to turn your web site into a genuine lead generator or sales machine, it is absolutely critical that you optimise your website for web traffic conversion. It is important to understand and fine tune the design of your website and the way that website visitors interact with it. G

Examples of common strategies used include “sign up for our newsletter and get 15% off your first purchase”. Or “Join our VIP Club to enjoy our monthly specials”. 5. Testimonials, customer reviews, and case studies There is no better way to reduce the barrier to engagement than to provide a testimonial, customer review or case study relating to your products or services. It is important to remember that this type of web content is powerful only if the source or example used typifies the prospective client you’re looking to engage. 6. Ask for the order. I am often surprised at how often I see a website that has very weak calls to action. Your site should be focused on either driving an enquiry or sale. As a result you should be telling site visitors exactly what action you would like them to take. Everywhere that you feature a product or service for sale, ask for the order. Use strong call to actions such as “Buy Now” or “Enquire Now”.

Is your website generating leads or sales for your business? Is it time your website was optimised? If you would like a free website assessment, please contact Brightblue Marketing on 9762 1255 or email At Brightblue Marketing we’re reshaping business. Brightblue Marketing Suite 710, 12 Century Circuit Norwest Business Park NSW 2153 p | +61 2 9762 1255 e | t | w |

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John Watters, Executive Officer - Parramatta Schools Industry Partnership Inc

Congratulations, You’re a Career Adviser If you ever have trouble revising or bolstering your resume, consider your role and experience as a career adviser. If you’re a parent, family member, relative or simply an adult interacting with the world at large, consider the impact you have had on advising or influencing others about their respective career pathways.

While such a proposition may appear convoluted at the outset, career advise is simply not the role or practice of the career or guidance counselor found within most educational institutes. We all play an important role in influencing others and in particular young people about the value we place upon professions by our actions, interactions, commentary and descriptions. Take for example a scenario whereby a tradesperson is running late to an appointment. Innocent comments such as ‘they’re always late’, ‘typical’ or ‘I’ll probably be charged an arm and a leg for this’ often reflect our frustrations and may be forgotten as quickly as it was raised. Look at such interactions or commentary from a young person’s perspective such as small child who hangs on every word their parent utters. Immediately, the child has already formed an opinion of the person and possibly profession before their arrival. Recall this situation whilst having dinner, and the perspective is reinforced. Without knowing it, you have already become a significant career adviser. The beginning of the New Year is always a tumultuous time for parents of children who are starting another year of school or have just finished. Too often we ask young people what they want to do or

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why they are not doing it. While to some extent these queries are expectant, they are also value-judgments. Most young people do not want to intentionally upset or disappoint significant adults in their lives. Too often though, facial expressions and body language in response to a person’s career thoughts can be derogatory and intimidating. The ensuing result is that many young people are vague and noncommittal about their future. There is growing empirical evidence to suggest that approximately two-thirds of all children have made up their minds about seventy per cent of jobs they have no interest in by age 12. In essence, this in turn means that by the time a child starts Year 7, the majority of students have quite a narrow career focus. This advice has emanated from significant adults; not ‘career advisers’ per se. For decades the focus of many businesses attempting to build their brand and awareness of their industry has tended to focus on the latter years of high school and in some instances in tertiary settings. While this has valid operational outcomes, a strategic opportunity is being overlooked. Students first choose some elective subjects not in Year 11 or 10, but in Year 8. The 18-year-old leaving school bears a strong resemblance to the 14-year-old who chose elective subjects in Year 8. Their knowledge and perspectives already having been formed before entering high school has been consolidated in their subject selections. Against this backdrop, does this mean that the decisions made by a 14-year-old places them on a set of parallel tracks destined to never meet or deviate into the future? Of

course not. The point is for businesses and industry bodies wishing to expand their profile and improve recruitment intakes, such activities can be limited in scope if they are left to last ditch piecemeal efforts in the latter years of school. Engaging young people in education through partnership brokers can be strategic, cost-effective and, most importantly, drive business. This could include a partnership engaging young people in an activity building bridges (demonstrating engineering concepts), vegetable gardens (sustainability and health), city models and maps (urban planning), etc. People don’t know what they don’t know. Subsequently, the earlier the broader engagement, the more substantial and sustainable the final results will be. G


Parramatta p | 9633 7100

Blacktown p | 9853 3247

Penrith p | 4725 0310

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Steve Sebbes, Director - Telstra Business Centre Hills/Northern District

Managed Security and Backup Keeping data safe and deterring online threats are two of the main concerns for business. Fortunately, simple protection is available.

As any business IT manager will tell you, computer security is no small matter. A recent Australian survey of small to medium enterprises conducted by security software and services firm Symantec indicated that 56% of them had tackled some kind of cyber security threat in 2009. According to the survey, 22% of all email received by those businesses was spam. Globally, Symantec’s State of Enterprise Security 2010 report revealed that of 2100 medium and large enterprises surveyed, 75% reported experiencing some kind of cyber attack in 2009. Given the scope of the threat, it’s no wonder that so many IT managers are moving to the cloud to protect them from the various threats the internet poses to security. These solutions protect business from the effects of cybercrime; data loss, downtime, information theft, reputation loss and more. Cloud-based solutions are quick to deploy, update automatically and require no on-premises infrastructure management. T-Suite® from Telstra offers a number of cloud-based solutions for businesses looking to protect themselves from the effects of cybercrime, without the heavy investments in infrastructure or continual maintenance. McAfee® SaaS Endpoint Protection provides comprehensive security against viruses, spyware, adaware, hackers and identify thieves. MessageLabs from Symantec Hosted Services blocks email threats like spam, phishing and viruses, as well as web threats like spyware and internet viruses before they reach your network. And the new Remote

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Back Up MozyPro service (launching on 27 September) keeps all your essential business data safe and secure in case disaster strikes.

can monitor and control settings, capture alerts and control outbreaks. T-Suite’s




A Look At McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection ®

What it Does McAfee® SaaS Endpoint Protection provides comprehensive security for your business computers that is always on guard and always up to date – not just in the office, but also when employees are connected remotely. It works much the same way that a desktop security suite does (providing anti-virus, anti-spyware, browser protection and firewall defences) with the important difference that you can manage the installation, configuration, reporting and updates from a web-based console. Another important difference is that product upgrades are automated over the internet, so they don’t need to be manually downloaded and then deployed to all desktops. How It Works Typically, desktop security is managed in one or two ways. The first is to install offthe-shelf consumer-style security suites on every PC. These tend to be quite large and require a good deal of local management – that is, trips to the physical computer to deal with alerts, popups and problems. The second common model is the enterprise security solution, where instead of being locally configured on the PC, it’s managed through a server that the business has set up. Through this server, the administrator

Protection service is most like the second solution – except you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up and maintaining your own server. Telstra nad McAfee® have done that for you. Client PCs can be set up via email and they are managed by you through a web console. The site has all the tools you need to set individual client and group policies, such as what applications to allow and disallow and what to do in the event of an infection. It’s also where alerts come. If one of your desktop clients has had an infection, there will be a notice via the weekly summary report and options for action here. From the one web console, you can manage all the desktop agents linked to your account, just as if you were sitting in front of the PCs themselves. G

Telstra Business Centre Hills/Northern District operates Monday to Friday Norwest Business Park H137, Ground Floor, 24 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153 p | 1300 721 400

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John Hagerty, Business Coach and Corporate Advisor - Be Business

If You Love Your Business Set It Free Why, When And How to Exit Your Business If done correctly, executing a good exit is in fact one of the ultimate achievements in business. But success or failure can be judged by whether you leave via the fire escape or the front door.

Why Should You Do It? This may sound facetious but really, why not? I hear many people say “I love my business too much to sell it” when the truth is that selling your business (strategically) is the only real way to let it love you back. If you don’t know what to do with yourself outside of your business, then you probably need to get a life. Alternatively, you could always buy or start another business with the proceeds of the sale. When Is The Right Time? Every business has “Ultimate

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Tip 3: Focus On What You’re Good At If you stop running your business to go out and sell it, pretty soon it’s going to show up in the financials and not in a good way. Skilled people are ready to help you get the best possible result with your chosen path to exit. So, who helps with what?

G Bu row sin es s t tar y/S ess u B sin Bu

The Serial Entrepreneur Life Cycle

S Bus ell ine s

red Bo d me rate t co Be Frus &

There are 4 main types of business exits. Probably the best known but least attainable is a stock exchange listing. One of the most common (but least attractive) is to close the door and walk away. A “Financial Sale” is where the value of the business is typically determined on asset value and/or a multiple of profit. A “Strategic Sale” is where the sale price is a reflection of the business’s strategic value to the buyer. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and in a strategic sale the most important question to answer is: “Who can make the most from my business and therefore pay the most to get it?” Simply put, a “Financial Sale” is about your business’s past and a “Strategic Sale” is about the future the buyer can create.

Tip 2: Build The Business Of Someone Else’s Dreams And They’ll Buy It Know as much about your potential purchaser/s as you do about your own business. The more you’re set up for an easy integration into the buyer’s existing operation, the more valuable your business is.

Moments” that are governed by market opportunity, buyer readiness, your own expertise and experience in your sector as well as your current circumstances and personal ambition.

Get A Life

Copyright © Be Business 2011

How Do You Ensure The Best Sale Price? Here’s 3 Tips To A Strategic Sale Tip 1: Do the Due Diligence Yourself The harder it is for a buyer to get all the right information, the bigger a discount they’ll want and the longer they’ll take. Due diligence is the responsibility of the purchaser; however, if you do it in advance of the sale, it demonstrates transparency, reduces risk of purchase and increases value.


Exchange Listing: Investment Banking Firm Wind Up: Business Liquidator, Administrator or Insolvency Specialist Financial Sale: Business Broker Strategic Sale: Corporate Advisor (that’s me by the way) G If you’re curious to find out how ready you are now to exit your business, then come to our website and complete our online Self Assessor. It’s free for a limited time: www. Be Business p | 1300 987 567 e | w |

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Are You Safe To Buy A Diamond Online? By Robert E Cliff F.G.A.A., JP`

The growth of purchasing over the internet can’t be denied and should not be ignored as an option. It can be convenient, it can be the source of a good price, and it can allow you time to reflect without any pressure. Although it may seem a risky endeavour, buying over the internet can be safe. You must do your due diligence, however, be well informed and, most importantly, have a trusted professional third party – the most important part to guarantee your success.

When I began in business nearly 40 years ago, only the very rich could afford to buy the big Diamonds. Times have changed and many realize their ‘want’ and are quite prepared to invest in a magnificent stone. Searching for your stone online is convenient; it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can browse around in your swimmers or in your PJs, and in the comfort of your home if you want. There are literally millions of Diamonds available to purchase online, all apparent qualities, sizes, clarities, cuts and colours with

various ‘Certificates’ of guarantee. Of course there will always be shonky dealers who are looking to rip you off and, yes, there can be a good chance of this. Yes, it will be confusing and daunting; however, there five tips that you should follow that can reduce your chance of being defrauded and ensure you acquire what you really want. Tip 1 Research what it is you are going to buy. I am sure you know all about the 4 Cs

(Carat, Cut, Colour, and Clarity). Carat – the weight, Cut – the shape, Colour – how much colour or tint in the stone (white stones are actually colourless and the most prized) and Clarity – the amount of blemishes or internal markings. However, the proportions of the stone need to be taken into account, as it can determine how much your stone will sparkle. Tip 2 This is a very subjective area and can be the area in which you will find your most confusion and mistrust. There is a standard pricing guide, Rapport Price List, used

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Award winning

Designers & Manufacturers Since 1984 by all buyers of diamonds. This is not available, as a rule, to the general public. If you do manage to acquire this Report, any diamonds that are available cheaper than the guide are not necessarily a good buy, and likewise for any available that are more expensive may actually be much better as they have other characteristics. Remember, every Diamond is unique!

all rough diamonds to be accompanied by a certificate. There are 75 countries represented; thus, when the cutting process is undertaken, we as purchasers of a cut stone are ensured a legitimate trade in diamonds. Diamonds from Liberia or Cote de Ivoire (West Africa) say their stones are conflict free; however, this is a false label.

stone to you from your trusted third party. If the company you are dealing with is not comfortable with sending your stone to your reputable, professional third party so you can view before you pay, my advice is – keep clear! Tip 5 If you are to keep your stone as an investment, ensure you have firstly insured it and then, secondly, it is boxed securely and professionally. Then have it kept/ stored in a very safe and secure place. If your intention is to have it set, do so immediately. This may be a very expensive purchase, but its cost has nothing to do with its size. Small items are easily lost! All diamonds are meant to be worn, viewed, and admired. They are a beautiful natural adornment – ensure you are able to enjoy yours and that it is admired by all, as it should be.

Change is a wonderful thing; it is a natural evolution, don’t be frightened. Like all good things worth having, ensure you make educated decisions, have choices and seek professional support that you trust! G

Tip 3 Ensure the company from which you choose to purchase your diamond from is reputable. Just like all businesses that are good and bad: keep to the well-known sites, look for years in the business, information on their home page and history, contact availability (telephone numbers), feedback from other purchasers, a good, clear unconditional return policy and purchasing options that are secure, safe and well known. Ensure they can guarantee that your Diamond is ‘Conflict Free’. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme requires

Tip 4 – the most important tip of all A good reputable company will be quite happy, and this is the most important tip I can offer you, to ship your choice to a third party for you to view before purchasing. This may incur a small fee, but for peace of mind it will be well spent. Your third party must be a Certified Professional Diamond Valuer, someone you trust. Here your third party can do a basic appraisal for you, so you are assured you are acquiring what has been offered to you. You look, feel the romance of the stone and, if you are happy, all you then need to do is contact the seller, pay and have them release the

Make an appointment to sit with Robert to create your exclusive jewellery design. Robert Cliff Master Jewellers Shop 380A Castle Towers Castle Hill, NSW 2154 p | 02 8850 5400 e | w |

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There’s More Sizzling than just the Temperature at Leonay Emu Sports Club

by Larry Woldenberg

Michael Ekert and his Team just keep pumping it out at Leonay. The local citizenry are lucky to have such a social dynamo in their midst. The events just keep rolling out like the clouds over the Nepean River. And it just keeps getting better and better.

This month I asked Michael what he had next up his sleeve. Like a magician pulling out rabbits, he informed me that the first Saturday of every month was now Live Band Night. Sure enough for the 6th of March he had lined up Eric Grothe plus the Gurus. If you don’t happen to follow NRL (and that’s not very many of us), Eric recently retired as a player with the Parramatta Eels. So this is bound to be a fun night. I asked Michael if this was a first time event and he said: “No, actually it’s the second Live Night. We had the first one in February and 120 people showed up. So for this one we’re offering $3 schooners and $3.50 house spirits. There’s no entry fee and the dance goes from 9 to 12:30am. There will be a house DJ between acts and for those wanting dinner beforehand they can eat from our normal dinner menu.”

38 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

Not one to sit on his laurels, Michael’s team has devised another great Festival night too. On March 26 they will hold their first ever Greek Night. This will be modeled after their sellout Oktoberfest. The costs will be $30/person and includes a Greek dinner with an entrée, a main and dessert. There will be a DJ playing Greek music

Speaking of bookings, Michael also informed me that his two Function Rooms are booked out until mid-May, so plan ahead and book if you have a Twenty First, a wedding or a Corporate Function coming up this year.

and Greek dancers. It happens to coincide with the State Election Night and there are already 120 bookings. With a capacity to serve 250, Michael informs me that the event will sell out.

membership growth. Michael says the membership grew from 2400 to 3000 over the last 12 months. He also says their new Gym now has 250 members all paying $10 a week (which includes personal training). You can still get a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership with discounts being offered to Leonay Emu Sports Club members, the Fire Brigade and Paramedics. G

Of course, people can come after dinner. Over 850 came to the Ocktoberfest. Another rock solid event is the monthly Seafood Platter Night which is the first Friday of every month. The costs are phenomenally low: $69/2 people and $139/4 people. Up until now the Club didn’t take bookings and you could just rock up for dinner. But February was the first time they had to turn away potential diners for too many people showed up. So now you must book in advance to attend. Dinner is served from 6-9:30pm.

Evidence of the Club’s success is its

Emu Sports Club Ultra Fit Studio | 02 4735 1192 Golf Memberships | 02 4735 5300

Corporate Parties at

Emu SportS Club

Corporate and Private Parties

minimum 60 people includes the following No Room Hire Free Courtesy Bus to designated venue for pick up & return 2 Course Buffet Meal Beverage Package – unlimited for 5 hours (draught beer / house wine / champagne / soft drinks) Tea & Coffee DJ

Plus decorations on the tables

PACKAGE $60.00 per person

Emu Sports Club home of Leonay Golf Course Nestled in the lower Blue Mountains

(Leonay Room)

1 Leonay Parade, Leonay NSW 2750 Ph: (02) 4735 5300 Email: OR

Special Offer to GWP Magazine readers only $35.00 PER PERSON - DINNER PLUS 18 HOLE GAME

Special Offer to GWP Magazine readers only 9 544670 788931


9 544670 788672

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2011 - A Great Year to Develop Your Staff Are you planning your year ahead? Why not make room for a business workshop for yourself or your whole team? The Hills Shire Council has a new calendar of business workshops and events for you to choose from. There’s no longer any need to travel to the CBD or Parramatta for seminars – all workshops are held locally, within easy reach of your business.

Council’s Industry Development Consultant, Nick Keyko, said 2011 is a great year to take a workshop and increase your business capacity and productivity. “We’re excited about the range of business workshops we have to offer this year,” Nick said. “Council is encouraging you to take a look at our website and choose a workshop that will inspire you to set new goals in 2011.” Tempt your team According to recent figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, unemployment figures are at an all-time low in The Hills and local jobs have increased from 44,000 in 2007 to 51,000 in 2010. The local labour force stands at 100,480 - up by 2,597 in just one year - and wages have increased from $2.4 billion to $4 billion. “When unemployment rates are low, competition for your staff naturally increases,” Nick said. “One way to retain staff is to provide training and development opportunities – and Council supports this by offering a wide range of free workshops.” Workshop topics You can choose from a wide range of workshops to suit your training needs. Just some of the topics already on offer are: • Business Profitability Seminarshop Series – including Planning for Profitability, Mastering your Business Numbers, Marketing for Profits and Mastering your Sales Process • Give Your Business the Edge with Social Media Secrets

40 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

Try a free business workshop with Council • Effective Online Business Strategy - do it right and see your bottom line grow • Business Valuation - The Ins and Outs of How to Get a Realistic Value for What Your Business is Worth • Natural Leader with No Formal Training? Then the CEO Program is for you • The Seven Key Numbers that Drive Profit and Cash flow - the new rules for business profitability and control • Getting the business ready for sale preparation prevents poor price paid for your business • Fine tuning your business model for better profit, better cash flow and growth • When to sell - timing is everything • How to sell - to use a broker or not? That’s the question. How to register Interested in attending a workshop or two? Go to Council’s website, click on the ‘Business’ tab and select ‘Business Workshops’ from the drop down menu to select from the full range on offer. You can register quickly and easily online by clicking on the workshop that interests you and submitting your details in the online form found at the end of the workshop description. Keep in touch with our Business e-newsletter New business workshops are regularly added to the website, so why not keep informed

about upcoming events by subscribing to Council’s business e-newsletter? As well as workshops, the newsletter will keep you updated with current business facts, news and information and what’s on for businesses in the Hills. To subscribe, simply click on the Business e-newsletter link found on Council’s homepage, or select E-newsletter from the drop-down menu under the ‘Business’ tab. G Would you like a business visit? Are you interested in local business information and demographics? Would you like to discuss ways Council can assist you to plan for business growth? Are you planning to expand locally and would like to know more about the area? The experienced team at The Hills Shire Council can assist you with free research and information. Contact Council’s Economic Development Team on 9762 1108 for a confidential business visit. Did you know you also keep in touch by following The Hills Shire Council on Facebook and Twitter? p | 02 9843 0555 e |

Head for the Sydney Hills

Our experienced team can help you understand the local area with free research and information

Six great reasons to consider locating your business to the growing Sydney Hills:  World-class business parks  Commercial and industrial sites  Skilled local workforce

 Global companies  Growing population  Competitive real estate

THe HillS SHire CounCil 129 Showground Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154 Phone 02 9843 0131

For a FRee confidential appointment contact Council’s economic Development Team GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®



New Development Set to Eclipse Benchmarks In a major boost for future investment in Parramatta, construction of the landmark Eclipse Tower has finally commenced after pre-commitments were received by QBE Insurance Group and Deloitte Australia.

The Australian Financial Review reported in February that QBE and professional services firm Deloitte have agreed to move into the new tower and will occupy 70 per cent of office space or about 25,660 square metres. Eclipse Tower at 60 Station Street is the first major new commercial development to begin construction in Parramatta since 2008 and will go some way towards quelling demand for office space in the sixth strongest economy in the country. “The tenancy commitments are a ringing endorsement for business confidence, the project and the financial and delivery capabilities of the joint venture developers,” Mark Gray, the Managing Director of Leighton Properties, said. Eclipse Towers, which promises to be one of the tallest buildings in Parramatta, follows on from the city’s most recent addition, Sydney Water, which set high environmental standards when it was completed in early 2009. Eclipse, a striking 19 level elliptical shaped tower, is targeting a 5 Star Green Star Rating from the Green Building Council of Australia and a 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating. It will have panoramic views and large, flexible floor plates with each floor being 1,320 sqm. Other features include a low temperature VAV air conditioning system, low thermal co-efficient solar glass and approximately 193 bicycle racks to encourage staff to cycle to work. Eclipse is also adjacent to the Parramatta Rail & Bus Transport Interchange, providing ready access to transport.

42 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

Parramatta City Council Lord Mayor, Cr John Chedid, said the spin-off effects from this development will have a positive influence on the local economy and encourage further private sector investment in Parramatta.

“Given the current shortage of A-grade office accommodation in Parramatta, construction on this highly anticipated project is a great sign for our commercial sector, and I’m sure will provide plenty of confidence for other potential investors,” he said.


“With our lower rental rates, access to skilled workers and central location, Parramatta has become a preferred option for the public sector, and we’re now starting to see more commercial businesses realising the potential of our city. “This major development is one of many that will take place over the coming years, and with the impending start of Civic Place, we are starting to see the commercial landscape of Parramatta beginning to take shape.” Cr Chedid said that the effect of Sydney

positive sign that local businesses are in good shape and continuing to grow. “These types of big developments not only bring with them thousands of new workers, but also positively impact surrounding business in the areas of retail, hospitality, banking and health, to name just a few,” Cr Chedid said. “The direct economic effects are estimated to be in the millions and will add even more value to our CBD which continues to grow at an impressive pace.”

building (Brand Smart Outlet Centre) for $36.5m last year also creating significant interest. It is understood that Council has had positive talks with Meriton to discuss options for the site, which is adjacent to the Council-owned David Frater Car Park, and opportunities for the creation of an improved riverfront public domain, including a healthy mix of retail, commercial and residential uses. In the meantime, work across town at

Station Street continues to progress and Mark Gray, the Managing Director of Leighton Properties, believes that Eclipse will set a new benchmark when it comes to premium office space. “The iconic building will set new standards for office accommodation in Sydney’s west. It is the first commercial building in Parramatta to go through the design competition process under Parramatta City Council’s new City Centre Plan with architectural firm Fitzpatrick and Partners creating the winning elliptical design,” he said. Leasing agents CB Richard Ellis, which are acting for the development, have confirmed that the building has also drawn significant interest from Government agencies and existing Parramatta tenants who are considering upgrading their office accommodation. G

STANDING TALL: Parramatta Lord Mayor, Cr John Chedid, at the site of what will be one of the biggest buildings in Parramatta.

Water’s move to Parramatta was an example of the impact workers, residents and visitors to the city can expect once Eclipse Towers is completed. He added that it was also a

Eclipse, which is expected to be completed by August 2012, is not the only development on Parramatta City Council’s radar, with Meriton’s purchase of the Old David Jones

GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®



Connect 2011 - Crowne Plaza Norwest, Sydney Hills Business Chamber and Telstra

G.Carlo Fogarin, Local Area Sales Manager, Hills and Northern Districts, Sydney

Come and find out what does communication mean to your business? Can you imagine a world without a phone, let alone without a mobile phone? Come and find out what does communication mean to your business? Can you imagine a world without a phone, let alone without a mobile phone? It seems that mobility has been around forever, but has it? Remember the first mobile phones with the attaché case battery which took up to half the table at business lunches which were then in vogue before the fringe benefit taxes became reality?

system or sun roof.” He just grinned. Mobiles today are no different. They are a business tool, and if you are not using it as such you may be ignoring reality. Mobile phones and similar devices now have features that can connect you to anywhere in the world by voice, text or Internet. The latest “Smart Phones” provide access to your Email and APS (applications) that can be loaded onto your mobile at a low or no cost. The main ones I use are my card reader when I meet someone new, the weather map, and the Navman to get me to my appointments. I have many others, such as Google, Around me, Mobile Foxtel and a few that I use from time to time.

When I started with Telstra in the Mobile area about 16 years ago, Analogue phones were being phased out and digital mobiles started their existence in Australia. The mobile choices were Nokia, Motorola or Ericsson.

However, I still meet many people who own these mobiles, but have little understanding of their capability and what it can do to make their lives easier.

In 1999 I saw the first mobile with a pinhole window that turned out to be a camera. Try buying a mobile today without photo capability. Bluetooth was introduced in the early 2000 era.

Did you know that if you are on a Telstra mobile plan that is $69 per month and above, you can call one of our Mentor staff who will come out and spend one hour with you to show you how to use these features.

How far and fast have we progressed in regards to mobility and Internet capability? I read somewhere recently that out of a world population of 6.5 billion, 5 billion people are now registered as owning a mobile. In Australia we have over 20 million mobiles registered, no doubt with some people owning 2 or more units using sim cards.

In the same vein, there have been many great improvements in computers and associated services. Faster speeds and lower prices are now an every day occurrence.

I spoke to a business customer, in fact, a business owner employing 20 people a few weeks ago who wanted to upgrade his old Nokia, and he told me he didn’t want or need a fancy phone, just one that could send and receive calls. Knowing him quite well, I asked if when he recently bought his new car is that what he told the car sales person: “I just want a car don’t care about the electric windows, safety features, the air conditioning, the sound

44 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

There are many new Software products in the market. Did you know that you can gain access to most of this software through Telstra T-Suite and just pay a monthly rental, so there is no capital outlay and upgrades are provided automatically at no extra cost? That is why we are partnering the Sydney Hills Business Chamber hold a one-day IT and Communication information day called Connect 2011 on 30th March at the Crowne Plaza Norwest in Bella Vista. The day will start with a breakfast at 7am at

which a major guest speaker will present on Technology and Communication in today’s world and where it is heading. From 9am onwards, half hour presentations sessions will be held in several presentation venues at the Crowne Plaza Norwest. All these sessions are free. All we ask is that you register before or on the day. Telstra will hold sessions on • Which Broadband? - BigPond, Business Broadband or Wireless? • Social Media - How can business utilise this new method of reaching out to potential new customers? • T-Suite - How can your business benefit from this service? Other companies joining in on the day will present their products in allocated booths and will run half-hour presentation sessions during the day with many new products on show. The following are some of the brands that will be represented: Telstra, Microsoft, Apple, LG Aria, Nokia, Blackberry, Sierra Wireless, Netcomm, Acer Computers and HTC. So why would you not be there? If you can not attend all day, you are free to join any session you are interested in and visit the booths all day. Netcomm will set up free access to Telstra Wireless Broadband for you to use if you have a need to keep in touch. Morning/afternoon tea and lunch will be provided with drinks after the final session finishes at 4pm. G Come and find out and visit Connect 2011, 30 March, Crowne Plaza Norwest. Registration free to all business owners and staff. p | 0418 244 412 e |

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Panthers Announce New Stadium Naming Rights Sponsor – “Centrebet Stadium Penrith” Shannon Donato, Marketing Manager - Penrith District Rugby League Club Penrith Panthers have announced Centrebet as the new naming rights sponsor of Penrith Stadium, formerly known as CUA Stadium Penrith.

this booming region of Australia offering the wider community and Panthers fans a better service and product for Rugby League and Racing alike.

The stadium will be known as “Centrebet Stadium Penrith” and is an extension to the existing sponsorship the club holds with one of Australia’s most respected gaming and wagering operators.

“With a significant seven figure investment over a 5 year term we are clearly demonstrating our commitment to Rugby League and continuing contributions to community support through a very proud club with clear plans for future success.

Centrebet, an approved betting provider by the National Rugby League (NRL), has existing sponsorships with 4 other NRL clubs; however, this is the company’s first undertaking of stadium naming rights. “Centrebet has been a responsible corporate partner of the Panthers since coming on board with the club in 2010,” Panthers Football Club Chief Executive Officer, Michael Leary, said. “Our stadium has become a centre of excellence by not only hosting high level rugby league in the national competition but through its ability to be community centric in accommodating several community organisations such as Panthers on the Prowl, the Western Sydney Academy of Sport, the NSWRL Western Sydney Academy and hosting free community events such as Carols by Candlelight and the Australian Ballet. “Panthers and Centrebet share many of the same community values and aspirations that is a perfect fit for our businesses.”

“Naming rights of Centrebet Stadium Penrith is the first of its kind in the sports industry, and we’re proud and excited about what will hopefully be a fantastic era for the Penrith Panthers and as we both strive for success.” There has been some debate whether the sponsorship with a business in the wagering category should have been accepted considering the current publicity surrounding professional sports’ link with betting agencies. Wagering is a legal and lawful activity in Australia in which advertising for betting providers is displayed at almost all Australian sporting venues. The advertising of interstate-based gambling agencies across all Australian states has been lawful since 2008, making such sponsorship (e.g., Venue Naming Rights) and advertising platforms both permissible and legal.

Michael McRitchie, Centrebet Managing Director, is delighted with the partnership saying, “We are extremely excited and proud to launch our sponsorship of Centrebet Stadium Penrith.”

Currently, betting agencies have a strong presence in all major forms of media including TV, print, radio, online – iit will be more advantageous to partner with a responsible betting agency so Panthers can control the messages that are communicated to the Western Sydney region.

“Centrebet sees the Panthers and the wider western Sydney region as an area that is synonymous with Rugby League. We see 2011 as a great time to further engage

Centrebet is a publicly listed company and part of a heavily regulated industry. They are required by law to strictly abide by requirements to the public and their

46 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

shareholders and to maintain their licence provided by the government. Centrebet has its own code of conduct on the promotion of ‘Responsible Gambling’ which they also stringently abide by, as do the Panthers. A partnership with a credible organisation as is Centrebet provides an opportunity for the Panthers to promote a responsible gambling message to Western Sydney and the wider community. Panthers have previously run educational initiatives with senior partners in the Western Sydney region to positively inform the community with controlled messages about responsibility. For example, the ‘Where Do You Draw The Line’ campaign was an educational initiative driven with Jim Beam to provide useful information and tools to enable people to know what is right for them when drinking. This initiative utilised Panthers Captain Petero Civoniceva in various pieces of collateral (incl. TVC’s at home games, POS and coasters throughout the corporate areas and Licensed Club) to promote key alcohol safety messages. This is an example of how a controlled message can be used to benefit the wider Western Sydney community. G If you’d like to join our great team of Penrith Panthers Sponsors, please contact Scott Hudson, Corporate Partnerships Executive, on: p | (02) 4725 6413 e |

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How to Safely Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home or Workplace Areas

by Bruce Gow

areas near a water source, so identify and frequently inspect your home around these potential nesting areas.

“Y U C K... is that a cockroach?” “Phewwww!” These are noises someone makes when they are sighted at your home or workplace.

Read more tips at: Stomped on cockroaches bring even less joy.

There are many species of these pests, such as the German cockroach, American cockroach and Australian cockroach.

Just the sight of one cockroach can make friends and clients shiver and make a pact never to come over to your place again. And what’s even worse is that they will tell lots of other people about their unhappy experience. So how do you make them go away permanently? These ugly looking critters normally rest during daylight and come out in the night. But when their numbers multiply, they are forced out of their hiding places and do tap dances on your sink during daylight hours too. Way before the problem gets really serious, you need to plan to make sure they don’t get to breed and cause havoc. Although sanitation and hygiene matter a lot, even the cleanest offices and homes are at risk. And once they enter your home or office, they grow rapidly and will contaminate your food products and utensils with their droppings, urine and cast skins. However, this is not all they do for you. Asthma and other health-related problems multiply. That includes 32 bacterial and 17 fungalrelated diseases, three protozoa - related illnesses and two viruses. The common ailments caused by cockroaches are: dysentery, typhoid and poliomyelitis, as well as gastroenteritis.

48 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

Cockroach Tips: • Don’t leave food out overnight. • Store all food in the refrigerator or in insect-proof containers. • Don’t leave pet food and water out overnight. • Clean all countertops, tables and sinks with soap and water every evening before going to bed. • Wash all dishes, pots, pans and eating utensils as soon as you’re finished using them. • Sweep or vacuum any food particles on floors. • Vacuum all nooks and crannies where food may have lodged. • Take all garbage out daily in closed containers. • Clean and wash waste containers frequently. • Repair all leaking or dripping faucets and pipes. • Rinse and recycle cans and bottles regularly. Harborage Reduction Reducing the places where cockroaches can live and reproduce is another strong preventive strategy. Here are some ways to eliminate some of their favourite spots: • Caulk to seal up cracks and places where cockroaches hide. • Remove newspapers, bags, and boxes, especially corrugated cardboard boxes from the house or commercial premises. • In offices seal spaces that have plumbing or electrical wiring going through walls. Cockroaches generally like warm, moist

So, are you ready to share your beautiful home with these ugly cockroaches? No? If you want to throw these insects out of your home, hiring the services of a commercial pest control company is the best option. If you are looking for a commercial pest control company, we, at A1 Pest Control, offer you the best. With over 30 years in the pest control industry, we are specialists in residential and commercial pest control in Sydney. We provide a complete range of services including termite control, Thermal termite inspections, ant and rodent control and use environmentally friendly methods. By using our services, we can not only eradicate pests from your homes or offices, but we can also make sure that they do not reappear in the future. So if you have any sort of cockroach infestation in your premises, all you have to do is call the pest control experts who have been getting rid of cockroaches for the past 30 years. G

Call Bruce Gow on 0417 251 911 or email him at for more information.


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PO Box 70 Strathfi eld NSW 2135 P: 02 9736 3500 Suite 57/23 George Street North Strathfield NSW 2137 P: 02 9736 3500 PO Box 70 Strathfi eld NSW 2135 Suite 57/23 George Street North Strathfield NSW 2137 PO Box9736 70 Strathfi eld NSW 2135 P: 02 3500

John F. Law & Associates 02 8850 4477

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Specialists in Discrimination Matters, Employment Agreements, Unfair Dismissals

and De Facto Disputes. Centrelink Problems. Wills and Probate. Leases, Retail & Commercial. 02 9736 3522 Divorce, Property, Employment, Taxation and Debt Recovery. Criminal and Traffi c Residency Offences. and De Facto Disputes. Centrelink Problems. 02 9736 3522 Wills and Probate. Leases, Retail & Commercial.

Centrelink Problems. Leases, RetailTaxation & Commercial. E. Employment, and Criminal and Traffi c Offences. Centrelink Problems. E. Leases, Retail & Commercial. Criminal and Traffic Offences. Leases, Retail & Commercial. E. E.

P: 02 9736 3500

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and De Facto Disputes. Wills and Probate. PO Box 70 Strathfi eld NSW 2135 F: 02 P:9736 02 9736 3522 3500 Suite 57/23 George Street Divorce, Property, Residency Debt Recovery. North eldDisputes. NSW 2137 and DeStrathfi Facto F: 02 3522 P:9736 02 9736 3500 Suite 57/23 George Street Wills and Probate. PO Box 70 Strathfi eld NSW 2135

Debt Recovery. Debt Recovery. Criminal and Traffic Offences. Suite 57/23 Street North Strathfi eld NSWGeorge 2137 Wills and Probate. PO Box 70 Strathfi eld NSW 2135 Wills and Probate. Leases, Retail & Commercial. F: 02 P:9736 02 9736 3522 3500 02 9736 3522 North Strathfield NSW 2137 02 9736 02 9736 3522 F: 02P:9736 35223500 P.O.Box 3333 North Strathfield

F: 02 97363522 E:

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retail/POOl Service Clark Rubber - Blacktown 02 9831 3000 127 Main Street, Blacktown NSW 2148

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David Borg, General Manager - Fuji Xerox Printers

Bring Your Business to Life with Solid Ink Colour Presenting marketing collateral in vibrant colour invokes a sense of professionalism and helps organisations stand out from the crowd. To help businesses achieve superior colour results while keeping printing costs under control, Xerox’s exclusive solid ink technology is ideal.

Introduced in 1991, solid ink is not only a viable, affordable option for those customers looking to add colour to their business documents, but it has also become a competitive force in the industry. Other companies have tried to compete with Fuji Xerox’s long history of colour expertise, but none have come close to matching the convenience and quality offered by solid ink technology. The new ColorQube 8570 Solid Ink printer is designed especially for small and medium businesses that produce highvolume printing and need exceptional print quality without expensive running costs, while keeping an eye on the environment. The only consumables required are solid ink sticks and a maintenance roller. Traditional consumables such as cartridges, fusers and fuser oil usually required on other laser printers are not necessary in the ColorQube 8570. The ColorQube 8570 produces a fast print speed of up to 40ppm for both colour and black-and-white and has a superb resolution achieved with 2,400 FinePoint™. Admirably Eco-Friendly Solid ink is the only technology that produces 90 percent less waste than other inks. With a low entry price and cost per page, it gives customers the most value

50 GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 ®

The ColorQube 8570 produces a fast print speed of up to 40ppm for both colour and black-and-white and has a superb resolution achieved with 2,400 FinePoint™

for their money – helping SMBs embrace colour printing while keeping printing costs under control. Every business should have a good quality colour printer that produces high-resolution printouts at a fast speed. This means a print job can be sent and ready to leave the door just as employees dash out for their next appointment. Colour printing will also add considerable value to marketing collateral. Offering outstanding print quality, consistent printouts and rich, saturated colours, solid ink printing produces vibrant results every time. Expensive super-white paper stock is not necessary when using solid ink as the output quality is not dependent on paper quality. Solid ink achieves highly consistent levels of colour quality across the broadest

range of paper types. It does not spread on the paper so anything from plain paper to card stock and glossy paper stock will achieve perfect results. Therefore, SMBs can save money and help the environment by choosing cheaper recycled paper options without affecting the quality of their work. G

For further information, please visit or contact 1300 793 769.

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Thai Massage Yoga Remember when you need a bus... Call us! ©


Traditional Thai Massage is a unique healing art that combines gentle stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and energy lines


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Comprehensive range of new Toyota vehicles on site. Huge selection of quality used vehicles including commercials & AWDs. Competitive finance available through Toyota Finance. Massive service department, supporting Toyota Service Advantage with fixed price servicing on most used vehicles. Spare parts with huge range of factory accessories.

155 - 161 Main St Blacktown GWP Magazines | Issue 35 | March / April 2011 52 LNT0018. MD20304. 速

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