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July / AUGUST 2008

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Have Passion for Your Business

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Luba and Sascha CHARLTON




The Art of Italian Cuisine

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GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


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Have Passion for Your Business Larry Woldenberg

Business Banking

Business Chamber


Do You Remember When? Stephen Frost

Old-style Faxes Become Streamlined Solutions at a Building Association Malcolm Irvine

Publisher’s Choice The Art of Italian Cuisine Larry Woldenberg


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If You Don’t Have a Business Plan Now, You Won’t Need One Next Year Stephen Long

Commercial Real Estate Is Now the Right Time to Buy Strata? George Dolores

Business Advice How Tactical is Your Marketing? Scott Tyler


Psychometric Testing – What are the Benefits and Pitfalls? Rebecca Cushway


The Golden Rules for Success Hugh Kelly


Top 10 Marketing Tips for the SME Market Jacqui Gibbs


Recruitment and Agencies – Time for a New Model? Barry Knowles


“Hey, look what I made! What do I do now?” George Mavros

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2008 Awards Launched in Spectacular Style Roman Dechnicz

IT & Communications Breaking Down the Barriers Between Your Computer and Phone Systems Darryl McAllister

NABIK is Coming Daniel Moiseyev


Business Events



Commercial Law The ATO Comments On Super Fund Borrowing Martin Collins

Is Your Business Protected Against Intellectual Property Theft? Andrew Bland

GWP M a g a z i n e



GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


GWP M a g a z i n e



Editor and Publisher: Dmitry Greku Staff Writer/Cover Story: Larry Woldenberg

Dmitry Greku - Editor and Publisher - GWP Magazine

Dumb or Dumber… I would like to share one story with you. One day, as a good citizen, I brought my lawn mower for a regular service to a repair shop, ready to spend my money at a small local business. When the job was complete, I asked my son to go and pick up the lawn mower. Thirty minutes later he rang me and sounded very frustrated: “They are trying to give me someone else’s mower!” I asked him to give the phone to our “service supplier” who immediately assured me: “Of course it’s your lawn mower, mate, because it has a tag with your name on it!” But, I was not smart enough to understand why my “precious” garden tool that I have regularly used for over 9 years suddenly changed its colour to blue (it used to be red) in just one week. I was also assured that I couldn’t have had a red lawn mower for so many years: “It was definitely always blue and, secondly, the most “obvious” reason was that VICTA did not manufacture blue lawn mowers 9 years ago”. So I could not have owned the lawn mower for 9 years. Yes, that’s why my lawn mower couldn’t be red, and I simply could not have had a chance to buy a blue one 9 years ago. Unless, of course, I purchased a time machine beforehand with the one and only purpose to go back to the future in the past to buy the “Future Lawn Mover”


GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

from VICTA, because I had to have the blue one. Anyway, due to being provided with a newer version of my old lawn mower, I gladly accepted it. But, please don’t become too relaxed here. Our kind “service” provider from the future in the past rang me to announce that HE was right, but there had been a terrible hurricane which had blown away all the tags and mine appeared on the blue lawn mower which my son wrongly picked up. From all the dramas we caused to this guy and his business I now understood - it was all our and the hurricane’s fault. But the question is still with me: “What the heck did I pay for? For my (red) mower service, for someone else’s mower (blue) service, or for some other mower from the future’s (invisible) service?” Please help me find an answer for my philosophical question. You can send your feedback to dumb@ Have a great day. Take care of yourselves and your clients.

Contributing Writers: Martin Collins Stephen Long Andrew Bland George Dolores Roman Dechnicz Scott Tyler Malcolm Irvine Darryl Mcallister Rebecca Cushway Daniel Moisyeyev Hugh Kelly Jacqui Gibbs Barry Knowles George Mavros Art Director: Svetlana Greku Graphic Design: Xabier Goñi, XDesigns Photography: Francesca Surace, Stilz Fotografika Printing: Sony DADC Distribution: Wrapaway Transport Pty Ltd; Geon Ap Mail Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine is published by Norwest Advertising, ABN: 82 096 352 064 Suite 206, 10 Norwest Central, Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills 2153 Nsw Advertising Enquiries t | 02 8831 8313 To Subscribe - See Page 47

The opinions expressed in this journal do not necessarily reflect and are not to be regarded as the official opinion of the editor, publisher or their agents. All information contained within this journal is provided for general information purposes only and on the understanding that none of the content herein constitutes professional advice. The editor, publisher or their agents accept no responsibility for any claim, loss or damages arising out of or in connection with any materials contained in this journal. Readers should not rely on the publications in the journal and seek appropriate professional advice in respect of their own circumstances.



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GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008



GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

great australian business people


Passion for Your Business

By Larry Woldenberg

When Business Resource & Lifestyle entered the North Parramatta business premises of The Advance Group of Companies, we were immediately embraced with an enthusiastic reception and quick tour of the facilities by the blonde mother-daughter team of Luba and Sascha Charlton. Their obvious enjoyment of what they did permeated the entire 2 hours of our stay.

It wasn’t long into the interview when we first asked: “What is your Mission Statement?” The answer: “Excellence in quality and service.” “My father,” Luba explained, “always stressed whatever you do, you might as well do it well.” All her life she followed this advice and it got her to where she is now — the owner of a high-powered Human Resources company that also Consults and does Plant Hire (where you can order both industrial equipment and an accompanying operator).

Luba started her work life as a personal secretary. Today, The Advance Group of Companies (including Advance Recruitments, Advance Hospitality, Advance Plant Hire and Charlton Management Consulting) employs over 25 employees with a multi-million dollar turnover. Not bad for a familyrun company.

In fact, as Luba explained, there aren’t too many family firms around at that level anymore due to the trend “to grow, then integrate”. Companies keep consolidating in order to stay ahead of the competition. But that was never to be the case with Advance Recruitments as the business was first titled. There was just too much

GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


concern on Luba’s part for quality of service. She never wanted to see the firm’s standards deteriorate with growth. But this was not without its challenges.

so much growth early in the piece that we had to ensure that our cash flow aligned with our turnover. So we went back to the bank and re-negotiated the loan, upping its total.

Luba’s qualities made her an ideal employee herself. So it wasn’t long before she graduated from being a personal secretary to working in a HR Department of a large telecommunications plant with 1300 employees. “I’ll never forget my first experience with the former head of the department,” Luba reminisced. “I was interviewed, then told by the boss that he was quitting. He then hired me as his replacement and told me I had the 2 weeks of his remaining time to train!”

“We also had to be very diligent with our collections. But, fortunately for us, we picked clientele who understood our structure and, consequently, they all paid us on time and

When the telecommunications firm was about to be swallowed by a larger corporation, Luba was invited to work as a State Manager of an agency’s Human Resources Division where she set up systems and ran the Division for 4 years. Luba then left the firm. It was at this point that her husband, Gary, told her she should start her own agency. Of course, Luba was reluctant, never having worked for herself. But Gary assured her that she had the talent and know how. He then added that after 12 months, if she succeeded, he would join her. Gary at that time was a transport contractor. Sascha in her “I loved dealing with people,” Luba Parramatta office explained. “So the decision was made easier. Plus, I loved all my Human Resources experience in my prior jobs. Gary also pointed out all the contacts I had already made. Not only this, weekly. Would you believe our turnover grew but people in the industry kept encouraging from zero to around $3,000,000 in the first me as well. So I made the leap and started 12 months. Advance Recruitment in 1993.” “Another problem we had to solve was to put While she had never before started a business, software systems in place to cope with all the Luba took her cash flow projections to a transactions each week. In doing so, our staff Hurstville bank. To her and Gary’s surprise, grew from the 2 of us to 6 people. We were within one week they offered her a loan. Of lucky to find a software engineer who had course, the bank manager would never have developed a payroll system suitable to our dreamed that this loan would spawn a multiindustry. Besides this he helped us develop a million dollar company! database and, a few years later, a swipe-card system that allowed us to keep better track of We asked Luba what were the most pressing our workers on employer sites.” problems she encountered? The answer came back immediately: “Cash flow! We had When we asked about collection problems,


GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

Luba said they were lucky. “We never had a problem with any of our clients.” When we asked how she first chose her clients, she answered: “It all worked out because of our review process. We always check out potential clients to make sure their workplace practices meets OH&S (Occupational, Health and Safety) standards to protect our workers. In the process, we tended to deal with client companies who shared our own vision to have safe-operating procedures, good quality products and excellent servicing. “So we naturally gravitated towards medium to large-sized firms that shared our goals. This, then, worked in our favour regarding collections. “The funny thing is that we have never moved premises in all the time since I first opened my 2- person office. Our North Parramatta location has served us well over the years. It’s probably due to the fact that we started with blue-collar recruitment, which today still plays a big part in our business. “When we were offered a prestigious Phillip Street location in downtown Parramatta I seriously considered it. But, in the end, we decided to stay put, because we felt it might be too intimidating for many of our potential casual workers. Parking access is so easy where we are and people come by on a daily basis saying “so and so sent me here”. We have too much goodwill here to move. Besides it’s been 15 years now.” Just like the casual and permanent people Advance sends out to companies and job sites, Luba demands a high level of service from all her staff. Now, however, her daughter, Sascha, runs the recruitment side of the business. Sascha recalled the long hours her family used to put into the business when it first started. “Mum worked 7 days a week sometimes and often from 5 am until 12 midnight or later. One time I fielded an urgent call at home for someone to come in to fill a vacated warehouse position late at night, so I went myself. When I came to work the next day, Mum asked where I’d been. Once she learned I had been out working a temp

great australian business people

Luba proudly accepts Western Sydney Industry Award for the winner of Regional Excellence – Outstanding Service

position for the firm, she was astonished I was still willing to turn up for work at Advance the next morning. “But, you know,” Sascha mused, “our point of difference has always been ‘whatever you want, we do it 100% every time.’” Luba then added: “In our industry it’s easy to get a bad name and hard to get a good one.” But as far as Luba was concerned: “Today, the person getting a job with us could be a client tomorrow.” And, indeed, that has been their experience.

Advance has the advantage of being a family business in one sense. Unlike many of their larger rivals in the Human Resource industry, casuals are never treated like a number at Advance. In fact, according to Sascha: “We guarantee our people’s pay. So if our payroll department receives a telephone call that one of our temps hasn’t received his/her pay (for whatever reason), we’ll race straight down to the nearest bank with their money.”

business’s early days. Although they were a tiny operation at the time, Luba wanted the firm to be Quality Assured. This involved an expensive and detailed audit of the business and its practices by a large international rating agency.

She then commented: “You must have the passion. You have to ‘add value’ in everything you do.”

To accomplish this, she had to apply for an $18,000 government grant which was also funded. The audit procedures and compliance took over 8 months to accomplish. During that time, Luba and her staff had to initiate and install numerous systems into the business to standardise their procedures.

This concern for adding value came from the

“Over the years we keep constantly adjusting

GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


Sascha with her daughter Charli

our systems,” Luba explained, “but we always need to meet SAI Global (the quality assurance institution) standards. I suppose this really grew from my own work experience earlier in my life. I was on the employer side of the fence and had been a client of a number of human resource agencies. “What I discovered was that very few agencies offered quality service and personnel. I wanted to do things differently — to introduce the kind of service I would expect. My philosophy hasn’t changed. We’ve only improved our methodology to continue providing the highest possible quality of service.” To give an idea of the level of service Advance offers its clients, one need only look at their procedures. Firstly, any job applicant is thoroughly grilled about their reasons for seeking employment, their skills

10 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

seeks permanent employment, is in the process of changing careers and just looking around, or just seeks casual work for whatever reason. Whatever their situation, we need to understand what it is. “We get calls at 1 am in the morning asking for 35-40 people in one hour for warehousing, so we need to know who we can depend on.” To totally serve their client needs, Advance is available 24 hours a day. and their references. “We want to not only assess the level of skills in the potential casual/employee of our clients, but we also want to ascertain the needs of our employees. We don’t want to be phoning our casual employees to go to work at a time that is not suitable to them, when they clearly outlined their suitable availability at interview. “We also need to determine if the applicant

Another aid for both workers and company clients is that Advance first inducts, trains and even has uniforms for its workers. The level of service is adjusted to fit the client’s needs. But, at the same time, Luba stressed that their Quality Assurance Certification (ISO 9001) means they guarantee that a standard level of service will always be reached or exceeded by whomever they send to do the job.

great australian business people Advance has the advantage in New South Wales of being local and only serving the same. So they visit their company client’s sites regularly and are totally familiar with every situation. Contrast this with other Human Resource companies, and you can see why large companies want the personalised service that Advance delivers. Today Advance has over 15,000 casuals registered on their books. While Luba’s company started in manufacturing and warehousing, supplying only blue-collar workers, it soon branched out to whitecollar workers as well. In fact, it did so at

pharmaceutical warehousing to offices and executive sites. Recently Luba and Sascha decided to apply for the prestigious Western Sydney Industry Awards for 2 categories: 1) Business practices and customer service 2) Regional excellence with outstanding service. Like the Quality Assurance qualifying, this was similarly difficult. With each category they were visited by a separate panel of judges and grilled for a couple of hours. In

blessed with 3 lovely grandchildren.” Community Service is another cornerstone of Luba’s life. “I love Community Service. Anything I can give to the Community I’m happy to do.” Presently, Luba is the Parramatta City Rotary Club President, a service that takes up 1012 hours a week which she fits around her work life. She also is very active in promoting her two favourite charities — the Salvation Army and its Red Shield Appeal plus the Champions of the West run by De La Salle Brothers for the homeless and refuges.

Parramatta City Rotary’s lunch for the staff and doctors of Oncology units for the Western Sydney Health Region.

the request of its clients. Now most companies use Advance for both white and blue collar workers.

one category there were 4 finalists and in the other 8 finalists. All different types of industries were represented.

In fact, as the company grew, so did its expertise. This prompted the addition of an executive recruitment branch and a management consulting division. The latter is headed by Luba, herself, who now works a more ordinary 8 hours a day, even taking days off here and there except when working on special projects.

“In May of this year at Sydney Olympic Park in front of a crowd of more than 550 business people, we were announced as the winners of these two categories by the State Government’s Minister for Western Sydney,” Luba proudly commented.

The consulting division, Charlton Management Consulting, helps client businesses to improve their performance through upgrading their policies, procedures and staff. The Advance Group now has some 300 company clients. Advance supplies from 5 to 250 casual workers a day to companies throughout NSW. The range is right across the board from food manufacturers to

The subject then turned to children. Luba has been a career woman all her working life. So how did she cope with raising her children? “Family for me has always been important. In my early work life we always had childcare for our children. Once school started, I was always with them in the morning and Gary in the afternoon. Between Gary and myself, we always made sure they had home-cooked meals assisted with their studies and sport. “By the time I started Advance, they were both out of school and now I’m

In addition, the Rotary Club she represents organises a yearly barbeque for the workers in Westmead Hospital’s oncology unit. “The staff work so hard all year and deserve the recognition,” Luba commented. Towards the end of our time together, we asked Luba what advice she had for start up businesses? “I would say the most important thing is to understand what your goal is. Then stay absolutely focused on it and always deliver a quality service or product.” As we left, Sascha had the last word: “Remember passion. Have passion for whatever you do. You’ve got to have fun. You have to enjoy what you do.” Taking into account the family atmosphere of the business and the smiles on everyone’s faces, we had to admit that Sascha and Luba’s company exemplified what they were trying to instill in others. G

GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


Commercial LAW

Martin Collins, Cumberland Frank Commercial & Litigation Lawyers

The ATO Comments on Super Fund Borrowing Since the changes were made to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 in September, 2007, everyone has been waiting for the Australian Taxation Office to give its view on what is acceptable borrowing by a superannuation fund.

What were the changes made to the law? Previously super funds were prohibited from borrowing so as not to endanger fund assets in the event of a default. Under the new rules, the trustee of a superannuation fund can borrow to acquire an asset. The asset subject to the loan is held in a trust separate from the other assets of the superannuation fund until the loan is repaid and the fund then has the option to acquire the legal interest. Under what conditions will the ato approve borrowing by a fund? The four basic conditions the ATO will recognise are: 1. The borrowed monies are used to acquire an asset, being an asset the fund is not prohibited from acquiring. 2. During the period of the borrowing the asset is held on trust with the fund holding a beneficial interest. 3. The fund has the right to acquire the legal interest by making payments. 4. In the event of a default, the lender is limited to recovering monies by enforcement against the asset alone and has no claim against other fund assets.

12 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

What type of borrowings will concern the ATO? Loans of concern to the ATO include loans made by a member or related party of the fund at zero or less than commercial rate of interest. Alternatively, if a loan is made by a member or related party at greater than commercial rate of interest, this will also cause concern. There is no prohibition against the fund borrowing from fund members or related parties who have monies available. Complete loan documentation should be prepared and care should be taken to charge at a commercial rate of interest. This will also require a commitment to ongoing maintenance of the loan agreement to ensure interest rates are adjusted as market rates rise and fall. Interest capitalisation has also been identified as a concern. The ATO considers this as an indication the money has not been applied for the acquisition of an asset, since the debt is substantially increased by such an arrangement. Personal guarantees and super fund borrowing. Lenders are likely to require personal guarantees for loans to superannuation funds and members of a fund will agree to benefit the fund. However, the ATO is concerned such an arrangement may expose other fund assets. Once a guarantor pays a debt on behalf of a defaulting borrower, he/ she/it may claim against the borrower for the payment that has been made. If a claim were made by the guarantor against the trustee of the superannuation fund, that trustee would be indemnified by

the fund thereby exposing the other assets. Where to from here? The first consideration for any fund wanting to benefit from the new laws is to review its own rules to determine whether it is allowed to enter into any instalment warrant type arrangement. If there is no authority, then no borrowing can be entered into and so amendments to the rules will be required. Then consider whether borrowing is consistent with the investment strategy formulated for the fund. A bare trust will then have to be set up to hold the asset to be purchased by the fund. Source the funding and confirm the correct documentation is in place especially if members or related parties are to make the loans. Finally, identify the asset. Ensure it complies with the legal requirements and does not breach the rules against purchasing from a related party. It must also satisfy the requirements of the lender and, most importantly, be of ultimate benefit to the trust. Please seek financial and legal advice before entering into these arrangements. G

For further advice or information regarding the above, please contact Andrew Frank of Cumberland Frank Commercial & Litigation Lawyers, Parramatta on 9687 2155

†˜ƒ…‡ ‡…”—‹–‡–• Delivers Excellence in Quality & Service “Our passion is to deliver quality service consistently.” 


—•–‘‡”Ǧˆ‘…—•‡†ǡ”‘ˆ‡••‹‘ƒŽǡ‘•‹•–‡–ȂService ‘‹––‡†ǡ‘—‹…ƒ–‹˜‡ǡˆϐ‹…‹‡–ȂPeople –ƒ–‡Ǧ‘ˆǦ–Š‡Ǧƒ”–ǡ”‘˜‡ǡ ‘˜ƒ–‹˜‡ȂSystems ƒŽ—‡ǡ‘ϐ‹†‡–‹ƒŽ‹–›ǡ‡•’‡…–ȂPartnership

”‘—†™‹‡”•‘ˆ–™‘ʹͲͲͺ‡•–‡”›†‡› †—•–”›™ƒ”†•

Excellence in Business PracticeȂ—•–‘‡”‡”˜‹…‡ Regional ExcellenceȂ—–•–ƒ†‹‰‡”˜‹…‡

‘” ƒŽŽ ›‘—” ˆϐ‹…‡ ƒ† š‡…—–‹˜‡ǡ †—•–”‹ƒŽǡ ‡”ƒ‡– ‘” ‡’‘”ƒ”› ‡‡†•ǡ …ƒŽŽ †˜ƒ…‡ ‡…”—‹–‡–• ‘ (02) 9890 2099 ‘” ˜‹•‹– –‘ •‡‡ Š‘™ ™‡ …ƒ Š‡Ž’ ›‘—Ǥ

Providing outstanding customer service for both clients and candidates

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GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


Commercial LAW

Andrew Bland, BlandsLaw

Is Your Business Protected Against Intellectual Property Theft? In an environment of narrowing industry players and decreasing employee retention rates, client portfolios are prized and business secrets all important. Consequently, restraint of trade clauses, notice provisions and confidentiality clauses are being utilized by businesses more and more in an effort to protect their competitive position and prevent intellectual property theft.

What is a Restraint of Trade clause? Restraint of trade clauses in a contract of employment can be used to protect employers from former employees competing with your business post employment. A carefully drafted restraint can act to prevent an employee soliciting customers or poaching existing employees after their employment ends. As a general rule, restraint of trade clauses are anti-competitive in nature and, therefore, void. However, in New South Wales, the general principles relating to restraint of trade have been modified by legislation. A restraint of trade covenant may be enforceable if it can be established that the restraint is reasonable. Generally, a restraint runs for a limited period of time ranging from 3 months up to 12 months. An identified geographic area within which the restraint operates also assists in being able to enforce the restraint. Most importantly, however, any restraint drafted into a contract of employment ought to be tailored to the circumstances of the employer/employee relationship. For example, attempting to impose an Australia-wide restraint in respect of a small local business operation will be unlikely to stand up; however, this may be more than

14 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

appropriate in respect to an executive employee working in a large multinational corporation. What are Notice Provisions? Notice provisions have long formed a part of employment contracts. However, a greater concern for how such provisions will impact upon your business may act to better protect your business interests in the long term. Commonly, notice provisions present two options — either having employees serve out their notice or by making payment in lieu of notice. Regard should be had for the circumstances of the particular employee rather than applying notice provisions generally. Consideration should be had for the role and responsibilities of the employee and what impact their resignation or termination had on your business. This will assist in determining a suitable notice period which can range from 1 week to 12 months depending on your circumstances and whether payment in lieu of provisions should be made. The concept of ‘gardening leave’ has also grown in popularity amongst executive levels of employment. An employee who is put on gardening leave is kept on the payroll but is instructed not to present themselves for work after notice of termination has been given. The advantages for employers include having a potentially unproductive or disruptive employee kept out of the workplace and preventing an employee from commencing competitive employment until the expiration of the notice period. What are Confidentiality Clauses? Trade secrets and the intimate workings of your business are often imparted

to employees in the course of their employment. Confidentiality clauses drafted into employment contracts can act to protect employer-sensitive information being disclosed or used by former employees post employment. More restrictive clauses are likely to be imposed as the level of employee seniority increases. Such employees are more likely to have access to more sensitive business information. Again, it is important that such clauses are drafted to reflect the protection necessary to restrict the disclosure of confidential information which a particular employee may have or may have access to. Overview Increasingly, restraint of trade and confidentiality clauses now feature in preemployment negotiations often contained within employment contracts. Greater consideration is also being given to notice clauses in an employment relationship. Without such clauses, your business may be vulnerable to losing vital competitive information. The careful drafting and combined use of such clauses in contracts of employment are important in assisting to protect your business interests in a competitive market. G For further assistance with employment contracts, please contact Andrew Bland of BlandsLaw on 9499 9900 or

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GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


business BANKING

Stephen Long, NAB Managing Partner - Norwest Business Banking Centre

If You Don’t Have A Business Plan Now, You Won’t Need One Next Year It is a universally acknowledged truth in business that success does not happen by accident. While in recent times a booming economy has meant businesses have enjoyed some success without a great deal of planning, this is set to change with the inevitable slowdown of the global economy, rising interest rates and fuel costs. Recent research reveals that over 50% of Australian business owners do not have a documented business plan. The haphazard planning techniques that have become the bad habit of many business owners in recent times may soon become their greatest downfall.

Why you need a business plan All businesses that have endured the tests of time are linked by one common factor - a good plan. Before you sell your first widget or serve your first customer, it is essential that this is documented. It is your blue print for success, so refer back to it frequently as it will help keep you on the right track. A business plan will help you make decisions in the best long-term interest for your business. A good business plan should act as the seed from which your business will grow – it need not be long and complicated, but it should provide your business with a direction, taking into account all the variables and external factors which affect your business. What’s in a good business plan The best thing to do before you start planning ahead for your business is to do your homework and get advice. A professional can help you to develop your plan, to make sure nothing is overlooked, and to implement achievable and measurable strategies to achieve your business goals.

16 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

When you are setting your business goals, make them clear, measurable and time specific. Ask yourself: What am I selling? Who will benefit from my service? What will make my business different? What returns do I want? Where do I want to be in six months/ one year/ ten years? It is important to gain insights into the economic, geographic and business environment you are entering. This will also help you establish and refine your goals. Undertake a SWOT analysis of your business and seek the advice of a business planning professional, such as a NAB Business Banker, for more thorough research and insights. When developing your plan consider the operational side of your business as part of your plan. Who will you employ? Will you need suppliers? What equipment and processes do you require? It can be difficult to pinpoint every detail of the dayto-day operations of your business, but the more you plan, the more successful your business operation will be. Imagine your ideal business set up and what it involves. While you might not be able to start with 100 staff and state-of-theart offices, you can most certainly plan your way there by setting goals to allow you the growth to get there. How a business plan will help grow your business Without a business plan, the chances are your business will struggle to see out the year. A business plan that incorporates financial planning and succession planning will help your business grow, as you will have identified your business’s strengths and used them to your advantage. Costs,

cash flow and any pending crisis will have been planned for, making your business much more resilient and prepared for the challenges of the market. It is important to get support and advice from your business peers and experts who have an in-depth knowledge of finance and business. Planning for the future is the only way to ensure you get there. G

For more information contact Stephen on 02 8831 9336 or at Stephen.Long@nab. About NAB Business and Private Banking The National Australia Bank employs over 5,650 business banking specialists and 450 financial planners and specialists at over 158 business banking centres Australia wide. It is one of the market leaders in providing business banking services to Australian business. For further information visit Business_Solutions

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real estate

George Dolores, Director - Coldwell Banker Commercial Hills, Norwest Business Park

Is Now the Right Time to Buy Strata? Since development in Norwest Business Park (NBP) began in the 1990s there has been a steady stream of strata office developments built within the park ably meeting demand. However, land availability is diminishing meaning strata office demand may soon outstrip supply, potentially driving up the price of commercial property in the area.

Strata office accommodation within the park has always been a popular choice for small-to-medium sized business owners and investors. Evidence that demand for this style of accommodation exists is demonstrated by the recently completed Nexus Norwest on Columbia Court which had 97% of the 96 units available sold or leased prior to completion.

The soon-to-be-completed Versatile on Lexington Drive is also proving to be popular with over 70% pre-committed. With the project due for completion in July, 2008, it’s anticipated that the remaining available accommodation within this development will be secured within months. Norwest Land, developer of NBP, recently released the master plan for the remaining business land. Whilst limited land remains in the final release, the recently launched Circa Sydney does not include strata office accommodation at this time.

A very different type of strata office accommodation is coming to NBP. Atlas Norwest by Capital Corporation is a prestigious development suited to businesses looking for a quality address and a new, secure building to support their own premium brand. This exclusive development will be located at the northern gateway to NBP. Is now the right time to buy strata? With supply diminishing and land running out, perhaps now is be the ideal time to buy strata office accommodation. G

With no new strata office accommodation coming onto the market within the next two years, it’s fair to assume existing office space will be absorbed by businesses entering NBP. So what options are available? Versatile


18 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

Therefore, if you’re thinking of buying an office suite either for your business premises or as an investment (especially with the new advantages of the superannuation laws), then don’t hesitate to call me on 9912 4501 and I will be happy to discuss your property requirement.



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A great opportunity to market your business! Focus on your vision to achieve business excellence! A great opportunity for businesses across all industry types to enter the Awards with a select range of business principle based categories. Finalists will be announced at a Cocktail event in September with the Gala Awards Presentation Evening to be held at Woolworths Corporate Headquarters in Norwest on Friday 31st October.

B44 7>F 50A H>DA 1DB8=4BB 20= 6> F8C7 >?CDB F8A4;4BB 1A>0310=3 Entries close on Friday 11th July! This year sees the introduction of a streamlined On Line entry process. Log onto to review the categories and download the PDF interactive entry kit. For further enquiries contact the Project Office on 9680 8088.

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The Excellence in Business Awards provides a wonderful opportunity for business to acknowledge the past, consolidate the present and cement a vision for the future.

CTa\bP]S2^]SXcX^]b)8mX`cXYc\kfXggifm\[jdXccXe[d\[`ldYlj`e\jjZljkfd\ijXj[\Åe\[YpFgklj n_fj`^elgkfFN9 ]fi)+dfek_j%FN9`jXmX`cXYc\`eXi\XjZfm\i\[Ypk_\FgkljDfY`c\*>&?J;G8Xe[>JDe\knfib#jlYa\Zkkfe\knfibXmX`cXY`c`kp% 9ifX[YXe[jg\\[jefkXmX`cXYc\`e>JD$fecpZfm\iX^\Xi\Xj#`eZcl[`e^EKXe[K8J%I\]\ikfnnn%fgklj%Zfd%Xl&Zfm\iX^\%6T]TaP[) =fidfi\`e]fidXk`fe#i\]\ikfnnn%fgklj%Zfd%Xl&jkXe[Xi[X^i\\d\ek%@e]fidXk`feZfii\ZkXjXk(=\YilXip)''/%J`e^K\cFgkljGkp C`d`k\[89E0'',)/**)'/% F9;VGXiiXdXkkXV(*.()'-V'*&'/

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✔ Gas and Hot Water Systems ✔ Boiling Water Units ✔ Drainage ✔ Sewer Plumbing Installation and Service ✔ Commercial Kitchen Strip Out and Reinstallation



✔ CCTV Inspection and High Pressure Water Jetting

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business ADVICE

Scott Tyler, International Institute For Business Excellence

How Tactical is Your Marketing? Some businesses fall into the mentality of “I’m ready to sell – I hope you’re ready to buy”. They are focused on making offers designed only for those ready to buy and ignore those prospective clients who are in the market but not yet ready to part with their cash. As a result, these businesses let many opportunities slip through their fingertips reducing their rate of client conversion. These businesses are not tactical in their use of marketing. So: “How can I be more tactical in my marketing?” I hear you ask. Let me take you through a proven process.

The secret is to employ marketing and sales tactics that move prospective clients through their buying journey. Don’t “warm them up” to have a competitor convert them into a sale. What most people don’t understand is that by only focusing on clients who are ready to buy, you are predominantly competing on price. Buyers are in their “shopping mindset” and will be focused on achieving the best deal. The answer is to focus on building relationships with prospective clients who are not yet ready to buy, but who will be in the future. The top Sales Professionals live and breathe this concept. They identify their ideal clients, look to develop long term relationships with them and then help them through their buyer journey. The benefit? When the prospective client is ready to engage, they are no longer competing on price. In addition, the Sales Professional’s conversion rate is also higher. Let’s now look at the first step in developing a tactical approach to marketing. The key to the success of any tactical marketing plan is to first accurately profile the target market. How do you reach them?

20 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

How do they like to be communicated to? Identifying prospective clients who meet your target profile might be as simple as purchasing a list of names from a reputable mailing list broker. However I believe that the best lists are custom-built in-house. They take a little longer to develop: however, you learn a lot about your market as a result of the process. The second step in developing your tactical marketing plan relates to commanding the attention of your target market. In order to get the attention of your target market, you need to position your brand appropriately. Your marketing message must resonate with prospective clients. Your marketing message should be consistent and repetitive and take many forms such as advertising, public relations and web-site copy. Your objective is to have prospective clients acknowledge that you are in the business of solving their problems or addressing their needs. Hugh MacFarlane once said: “Marketing’s role is not to tell the world about your products and services, but to create a market keen to hear about them”. What he meant was that businesses must get prospective clients to accept that they have a problem or need that only they can solve best or address. This is the third step in the development of your tactical marketing plan. Adopt marketing tactics that anchor the key problems of your prospective clients and leave it to your Sales Team to tell them about the solution. The key to the fourth step in the development of your tactical marketing plan is to have your prospective clients accept your solution as valid, and then be willing to promote your proposal to other

key decision makers. Tactics to adopt to achieve this end include testimonials, industry association memberships, and a list of existing or previous clients. The last step in the development of your tactical marketing plan is identifying the potential barriers a prospective client may have in engaging your services or purchasing your product. Do you need to consider tactics such as credit card payments, payment plans, hedging, interestfree periods or guarantees in order to get prospective clients to engage? The key to the development of any marketing plan is to ensure it is tactical in nature. The clues to which tactics to adopt can be found in understanding the buying journey of your prospective client. Ignore this advice at your peril. G

At the IIBE “we make your business work for you”. If you would like to fine tune your Marketing Strategy, contact the IIBE on 1300 309 171 or email to organise a free consultation.


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arketing two hour m



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Do You Remember When? • You only went to 6th form (year 12) if you intended to go to Uni? • Most students left at 4th form (year 10)? • Most students sat the railways, public service or bank entrance exams, getting jobs and training in these large organisations?

Well, haven’t times changed!

The exciting prospect of this change is that students who elect to undertake VET subjects as part of their HSC studies obtain a dual accreditation. That is, they complete an HSC subject which counts towards their UAI, but they also complete a nationally recognised Australian Quality Framework (AQF) Certificate I, II, or III (depending on their level of study) in their chosen vocational area of study. This gives them advanced standing and potentially reduces the length of their

By participating in the programme and taking students into their workplace for a one-week workplacement, these employers play a vital role and have the opportunity to shape and mould the students into what is wanted by industry. It allows the students to apply in a practical way the theory they have learnt in the classroom. From an industry perspective you get to see how the students perform in your

The government has privatised, corporatised and/or sold off many of its departments and, together with the banks, they are more interested in the bottom line and their return to treasury and/or their share holders. In the 70s and 80s these large Departments and Corporate entities undertook a major social responsibility of training the youth of the nation. Once trained, many of the youth stayed as loyal employees making a significant contribution to their business, but many youth left the organisation going into the private sector as well-trained and experienced young employees. Is it any wonder that we have a Skills Shortage? No one wants to train our youth. Many companies are happy to take on a 2nd year apprentice, when they start to be productive from a bottom line perspective, but they are not willing to invest their time in a 1st year apprentice. The school system has recognised this and in 1999 the Government changed the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and has been increasing its emphasis on Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a legitimate HSC option. Today, students are able to undertake VET framework subjects as part of their HSC and these subjects can count towards their University Admissions Index (UAI) should they choose to go to university.

22 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

Stephen Frost Managing Director of BREED LCP TAFE or Uni courses once they leave school. These courses have been recognised by peak industry bodies. In NSW there is a mandatory requirement that the students undertake a minimum of 35 hours in both year 11 and 12 of industry experience where the students have to be assessed as being “competent”. If they are not assessed as competent in industry, they do not pass their HSC or attain the AQF qualification. Thus, the training that used to be undertaken by government departments and large organisations is now being undertaken by schools in partnerships with local businesses.

workplace for one week at no cost to your business. Even the insurance is covered by the school. Many of the students undertaking their work placement have proven themselves to the host employer as being a valuable member of the work team and have been offered part time employment or a full time position when they complete their schooling. In recent years the vocational component of schooling has expanded where students can elect to undertake schoolbased apprenticeships and school-based


traineeships. There are different models in different schools. Most schools are flexible and are able to adjust the delivery method to suit the employer. Essentially, the students attend school three days per week studying their core electives for the HSC, TAFE one day a week studying their chosen trade, and work one day per week learning the practical skills of their trade. By the time the students complete year 12 and their HSC they have also completed the first year of their apprenticeship. Local Community Partnerships (LCPs) are the link between schools and local businesses, matching student needs to industry opportunities.

LCPs look at the local situation and the services already being delivered in the community, and then focus on the best ways they can support schools and youth service providers to build on and improve these services. CTS services and activities being facilitated by LCPs include: • Career expos

• Projects with industry specific hands-on learning • Competitions and games If you would like to get involved in any of these programmes to offer the benefit of your experience to our local youth, contact your LCP who will be happy to work with you and link you to a local school and youth who can benefit from the valuable opportunities you can offer them. G

• Mentoring programs • Parent information evenings • Excursions to local industries or businesses • Interview and résumé workshops

What are Local Community Partnerships? LCPs are community not-for-profit organisations funded by the Australian and NSW governments to assist all young people aged 13-19 years to gain the skills, experience and professional guidance to help them achieve a successful transition through school, and from school to further education, training and employment. Currently there are three general programme areas being administered by LCPs: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) The SWL programme can help youth organise a useful work placement in a local industry or business, or in a simulated work environment. By taking part in SWL, young people will have a chance to find out what it’s really like to be out there in the working world. On top of that, they will have the chance to build up technical skills and general employability skills. During most work placements, students will also have the added bonus of being able to achieve real qualifications while they train and learn. If they achieve all of the competencies, they will attain an AQF qualification.

• Guest speakers Adopt a School Program (ASP) The ASP is all about giving young people a hands-on learning experience in a specific industry sector. The program works by connecting young people in schools to the businesses and industries in their local area. By working together, these groups find out more about each other and about how they can help each other in the future.

Small Top T Teams with some of the Year 10 students at Seven Hills HS with J and S Screenprinting owner Jaime and the T-Shirts they designed and sold

Businesses gain more experience in working with today’s young people and students get to find out about possible career pathways and the kind of skills their future employers are looking for.

Blacktown p | 9853 3247,

The ASP also gives parents, carers and teachers the opportunity to get involved in activities, so they have a better understanding of current career pathways and can assist young people in making career decisions.

Hills/Hornsby p | 9639 7999

ASP projects can be based in business or industry, in the community or in schools. They include activities such as: • Building a product

Career and Transition Support (CTS) The CTS program is one of the important ways in which LCPs help prepare young people for their move through school and on to further study, training or work.

• Planning an event

Parramatta p | 9633 7100

• Tours, site visits and excursions • Speakers and demonstrations

Under the CTS program, LCPs work closely with schools, industries, businesses and community groups in their region to make sure students have access to a range of career and transition support services.

• Student research and enterprise projects • Mentoring by industry specialists and local businesses

GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


IT & Communications

Darryl McAllister, Managing Director - NetCare HelpDesk

Breaking Down the Barriers between Your Computer and Phone Systems It’s a dream as old as the paperless office: one inbox for all your messages. In business, it’s often the simplest ideas that deliver the greatest results. For example, ideas like combining your company’s computer and telecommunications systems into a single network. This is known as Unified Communications (UC) and was one of the main topics covered in Bill Gates’ final speech as a full-timer at Microsoft in early June. We believe Unified Communications has the potential to transform your business in the same way that the fax did in the 80s and email did in the 90s. It’s all about merging telephone tasks (such as phone calls, voicemail and conferencing) with the work done on computers (such as creating and sharing documents, exchanging instant messages and email, and scheduling appointments). One of our clients has invested in a technology solution that has integrated their phone, fax and computer systems. This enables staff to receive all “messages” in their Outlook Inbox – not just email, but also faxes, scanned documents, and voicemails. Today, even their inter-state sales staff who have a home-based office have a “direct-line” phone number that doubles as their fax for incoming sales orders. And everything goes to their inbox, where messages can be prioritised, filed and forwarded in the same way as regular email. It works very effectively.

24 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

5 WAYS UC DELIVERS ROI: 1. The flexibility to make VoIP calls from wherever you are using a PC

The hub of operations is Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 – a piece of software that enables all employees and external parties to communicate in the way that makes best sense at any point in time. For example, you might read an email from a colleague and note that colleague is currently in the office and available to speak with you, because of his “Presence” status in Outlook. You might then start an Instant Message conversation with him, that, at the click of a button, turns into a VoIP based phone call, and which during the conversation brings in a third person who is seen to be available because of their Presence setting. G

2. Reduced hardware costs, both at a server/PABX and desktop level 3. Streamlined IT administration and support 4. H  elps increase staff productivity, regardless of their physical location 5. Helps lower business travel expenses as conference calls replace meetings Most people assume that to achieve these results, you need to “rip and replace” your PABX. But that’s no longer the case - now you can keep your hardware: your PABX, your gateways, even your phones. The key is to choose a UC solution that empowers your employees to do more using the hardware and software they’re already familiar with. Today, it’s all about the software. And we believe that Microsoft has come up with the best solution for UC. Not only does it integrate seamlessly with existing Microsoft applications, it also means you can keep your existing telephone systems.

If your business is intent on working smarter not harder, combining phone and data networks into a Unified Communications system could be one of the simplest business decisions you ever have to make. On May 8th 2008, NetCare was awarded Gold Partner status with Microsoft. This means we are now in the top tier of Microsoft service providers worldwide. To discuss how we can help your business work smarter using Microsoft solutions, please call Darryl McAllister on 1300 00 77 36.



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Publisher’s CHOICE

The Art of

Italian Cuisine U


Business Resource & Lifestyle recently had the pleasure of dining at one of Parramatta’s best-kept secrets — Peronis Restaurant on Station Street.

label and was excellent. Dmitry asked for herb bread, which came nicely toasted and buttered while we considered our choice of lunch entrées and mains.

It was midday in the middle of the week and the sun was shining as we entered the tastefully decorated foyer of Peronis.

The menu revealed a splendid choice of Australian and Italian cuisine, so we took our time ordering as we sat bathed in sunlight in an enclosed courtyard setting. For wine buffs, the inner dining room had an entire wall stocked with assorted wines all easy to inspect with their labels forward. The wine list offered wines ranging from Italian White wines to a 1994 Penfolds Grange. There was plenty to choose from.




By Larry Woldenberg

Bill, the owner, was extremely friendly. In fact, he was a great person to talk about the food trade with, as he had 20 years of experience in the industry. Our waiter, Shah, was also very gracious. We felt very relaxed and at home.


I ordered a house Chardonnay that turned out to be the Jane Brook of Swan Valley

26 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | May/June 2008

The entrées offered were all enticing with items like seared scallops with Parmesan herb polenta, onion jam and citrus butter sauce. After much deliberating, Francesca, our photographer, went with the marinated duck livers, which turned out to be a hidden gem. Absolutely scrumptious.

Publisher’s CHOICE

Dmitry, our publisher, was quite proud of his choice when a plate of 12 fresh oysters natural arrived which he later said were succulent and delicious. They appeared to me like a full meal, but Dmitry assured me that he still had plenty of appetite for the comfit of duck which he ordered as a main. As for myself, I sampled the delicately grilled quail saltimocca which was a worthy predecessor to my veal scaloppine. Francesca liked natural game, too. So she ordered the kangaroo fillet in cabernet wine jus as a main. Upon arrival, it looked absolutely beautiful, so I sampled it myself and it proved to be quite tender. Novice that I was to kangaroo, Francesca kindly explained that game must be cooked just right or the meat can toughen. Obviously, the chef, Steve, knew his way around the kitchen. Dmitry was true to his word as he finished

an abundant serving of duck for his main which he declared to be cooked to his liking as well. As for myself, the veal scaloppine in white wine with creamy bacon mushroom sauce reminded me of my favourite home-cooked meals that my late mother used to supply. She was a gourmet food buff, herself, and always made wonderful sauces for most of her meat dishes. Too bad she couldn’t be with us that day at Peronis. She would have praised the veal I ordered.

When we left, we thanked Bill and his staff for a wonderful dining experience and walked out into the Sydney sunshine vowing to return again. G

Peronis Restaurant 48 Station Street, Parramatta For bookings please phone 02 9633 2889

When it was time for dessert, I was pleasantly full but Dmitry insisted I have a dessert, so I ordered the crème brulee which was the perfect touch to a delicious lunch. Francesca went with the vanilla bean ice cream with butterscotch sauce and Dmitry had the winner — tiramisu in expresso flavoured savoiardi biscuits with Italian cream mascarpone. It looked and tasted divine.

GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | May/June 2008



Malcolm Irvine, Lanier Australia

Old-style Faxes Become Streamlined Solutions at a Building Association The Challenges • Client using inefficient bulletin system and outsourced supplier to update its members • Two systems of faxes and e-mails proving expensive and laborious • Documents not personalised to each member One of the oldest building industry associations in Australia has been a client of Lanier for over five years. Representing the interests of 23,000 member companies nationwide, the association needs to communicate with this membership – on issues such as training and current legislation – on a regular basis. Originally, a document was created in a variety of formats, and a file of the distribution list exported from the database. The two files were then sent to an outside faxing company for distribution via fax, which comprised the majority of communications. Then the remaining email distribution list was added manually to a group email, a process that proved to be costly, inflexible and time-consuming. The Solution • Lanier staff visited the association to examine the bulletin system • Problems of distribution were reviewed, including outdated technologies • Customised mail merge devised centralise flow of information


Once the Lanier team visited the building association, they identified the problems by talking with IT executives and departmental managers. They found that e-mail was the preferred form of communication for all members, but also established that some recipients still favoured faxes.

28 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

Lanier developed a customised electronic software solution for the client, and brought the whole system back in-house to the association. Firstly, a soft copy document of the bulletin was prepared. Then the tailor-made software looked through the database and selected the correct name and company. It searched for an e-mail address, and if found, sent a bulletin automatically. If no e-mail was found, a fax number was searched for, and a bulletin sent. If neither e-mail nor fax were found, the company details would be dropped into a folder for review by a coordinator. Measurable Results The effect of Lanier’s elegant news distribution process is such that association staff are freed up from time-consuming work and able to optimise productivity. The revamped system brought about: • Savings of up to $1,000 per week with distribution brought entirely in-house; • Streamlined information flow to the members and communications enhanced; • Staff freed up for other duties, increasing productivity and ROI; and • News distribution tailored to the differing needs of each member company

The Lanier Difference Lanier’s uniquely tailored software was designed only for the association’s needs, which encompass a large membership and differing modes of communication. Through consultation and asking the right questions, the Lanier team understood the issue from the ground up. This consultative process cemented an excellent supplierclient relationship, and unearthed the key issues of information dissemination. This unique and innovative business solution added a new dimension to the working practices of the company and provided an innovative tailored business solution for one of the largest building organisations in Australia. G

For more information about our Business Solutions, please call 1300 362 345 or visit

To improve your workin

You too can have a relationship like ours, with rapid response technicians. Having reliable service and support for your printing devices is vital to the running of your business. At Lanier we offer an excellent comprehensive after-sales-service. Our team of highly trained, dedicated technicians are on call to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and your printer, copier or multifunction device is always running smoothly.

For any copier, fax, scanner or printer needs call 1300 363 345 or visit

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business advice

Rebecca Cushway, Workplace Psychologist - Careers Excelled

Psychometric Testing – What are the Benefits and Pitfalls? Psychometric testing is one of those things most people either love or hate using. These sorts of extreme reactions to testing are based on misunderstandings about the benefits and pitfalls of the tools.

First let’s dispel a few myths: Myth 1 – You can easily fake responses on a test. Good psychometric tests have built-in scales that allow the psychologist to detect when people are responding in an unusual way. In addition, psychologists are trained to pick up inconsistent response patterns in testing. Fake responses are often best picked up by psychologists rather than lay users of tests. Myth 2 – Psychometric tests will tell me if my employee has a “good attitude”. Most testing does not actually assess “attitude”, or whether a person is likely to take “sickies” or be lazy. Instead, testing will provide information about a person’s personality traits or temperament. Attitude is something that is learned and changes with knowledge and across situations. Good interviewing and role-playing in selection can often be more effective at uncovering attitudes in potential employees. Myth 3 – Psychometric tests should be used as the decision maker if you are deciding between two candidates. Psychometric testing is best used to validate things we see in interviews or in work samples. When unfavourable results come back from testing, it is important to evaluate these in light of your other evidence.

30 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

Myth 4 – Practicing on similar psychological tests will improve your performance. Practice does not make perfect when it comes to psychological testing. The best preparation if you are going to be “tested” is to have a good night’s sleep, stay calm and focused, and read questions carefully. Getting used to a testing environment will make you more relaxed and able to concentrate, but is unlikely to make an “average” score become a “high” score. Types of Selection





Personality tests are used to better understand a person’s normal patterns of behavior and preferences in working style. These are highly effective in predicting behavior and add a great deal of value to decision making. Personality tests evaluate people using descriptions like dominant, social, anxious, structured, conscientious, optimistic, rule-following and a multitude of other factors that describe a person. This information is useful as it will help you understand whether a person is a fit for the role and your environment. The secret of using personality testing is identifying tools that are most relevant to success for the position to be filled. Cognitive ability tests are basically used to assess our “mental abilities”. Things like how quickly we learn and apply new information, our memory, numbers and comprehension as well as spatial abilities are all forms of cognitive tests. Cognitive tests are most useful when the role we are recruiting for has specific requirements. When using psychometric testing it is important to:

• Make sure the test you are choosing is relevant to the level of role. Front-line staff, in particular, are more likely to try and present more positively on personality tests making results unusable. • Ensure the test has been used on the types of employees you are looking for. If you are looking for a pilot, make sure the test producers haven’t only tested entry level accountants. Norm groups in testing should reflect the type of employee you are targeting. The test should have a solid sample size and should have independent research published about its validity. • Make sure the test is in a language your audience can understand. • Let candidates know that you are planning on asking them to complete psychometric testing upfront and ask them if they have done this type of thing before. For some tests it is important that candidates have not completed the test for at least six months prior to the date of testing. Psychometric testing can be a doubleedged sword. When used effectively, it is proven to increase the likelihood of choosing the right candidate. However, when used by untrained people, as the saying goes, “a little bit of knowledge is highly dangerous”. G

Careers Excelled P: 9899 9674

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9Wbb/,+/)),,[dgbdgZ^c[dgbVi^dc# GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


business chamber

2008 Awards Launched in Spectacular Style

Roman Dechnicz, President Parramatta Chamber

The 2008 Suncorp Parramatta Regional Awards for Business Excellence were launched last month in spectacular style with a magnificent event sponsored by Parramatta Park. Signifying Parramatta Park’s 150th anniversary year, Lord Mayor Paul Barber and naming rights sponsor Suncorp’s Executive General Manager, Business Customers, and Mr Gary Harvey recalled Parramatta’s heritage by arriving at the riverbank function venue by rowboat. This was courtesy of Sydney Heritage Fleet and manned by top rowers from St Ignatius College Riverview.

(l-r) Awards Chairman Paul Ogilvy, Chris Levins Parramatta Park Trust, Lord Mayor Paul Barber, Brian Morris and Gary Harvey Suncorp, The Hon Tom Uren Chair Parramatta Park Trust and President Roman Dechnicz.

Chamber President Roman Dechnicz, in welcoming the guests and VIP’s, said: “Not only is the row boat symbolic of river transport from the early days of the park, but also what may be in store for our river in the future if the RiverCat is cancelled.” What Roman was of course referring to is the Chamber’s current campaign to prevent implementation of a recommendation to the NSW Government to discontinue Rivercat services to and from Parramatta. In each of their addresses to the gathering of over 140 people, both the Lord Mayor Paul Barber and The Hon Tom Uren, Chair Parramatta Park Trust, congratulated the Chamber on their running of the Suncorp Parramatta Regional Awards for Business Excellence, now in their 18th year. This year the Awards were officially launched by Mr Gary Harvey, Executive General Manager of Business Customers Suncorp. The declaration of opening was followed by a spectacular fireworks display which brilliantly drenched the sky above the park in a rainbow of colours, creating an equally magnificent silhouette as shadows airbrushed the gum trees and river’s surface. The gathering of business and civic leaders heard from 2007’s winner of the prestigious Excellence in Customer Service Award, Mr Paul Maher of Loxley on Bellbird Hill: “Loxley owes a lot of its success to the Parramatta Regional Awards for Business Excellence over the past 3 years. They

32 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

We thank all our sponsors especially our Major Sponsor, Westpac Business, for their support. We would also like to thank our student volunteers from Arthur Phillip High School and McArthur Girls High schools, kindly arranged by ParraSip, who helped with filling our sample bags and also on the day with our fundraising games. Also, thanks to the volunteers from the Millennium Foundation.

Golf day, members of winning team. have increased staff pride at every level and boosted our credibility and branding across Australia and overseas. We have also formed some incredibly profitable partnerships with government, other businesses and in our own community.” Information can be obtained by downloading the registration of interest form and questionnaire at BUSINESS HELPING HANDS The Chamber’s major charity fund raising event, our Charity Golf Day, was also held last month on a perfect autumn day at Oatlands Golf Course and was an enormous success. A full field of golfers joined us on the day for an ambrose competition together with an even larger audience for our lunch and charity auction.

We are still to finalize the amount raised, but with the help of an anonymous donation of $20,000 from a chamber member, the total raised should be quite significant. We look forward to announcing the result and presenting our cheque to the Millennium Foundation as soon as possible. As Business Helping Hands will be and is on ongoing initiative of the Chamber, other charities will also benefit throughout the year. G

Parramatta Chamber of Commerce PO Box 139 Parramatta 2124 Level 1 Suite 2, 8-10 Palmer Street Parramatta Phone: 9683 6655 Fax: 9683 6644


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Balloons PBBalloons

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Plastic 'Fatty' Pens ROP987 Qty 250 = $1.00 each

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Embroidered Caps - 4199 Screen Printed T-shirts Q001 Screen Printed Safety Polo Qty 50 = $5.40 each

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Clack Mint Tins - G234 Qty 500 = $2.10 each

Umbrella - RBAUG

Qty 24 = $15.50 each

DISCOUNTS APPLY FOR LARGER ORDERS All prices are excluding GST, Set Up & Delivery. Prices are subject to change without notice


FREECALL 1800 433 888 Ph: 02 4736 2900 Fax: 02 4736 5108 Mob: 0407 702 900 -


$100 OFF



Promotional Code:

Conditions of use Limit of one voucher per customer. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or special. Copies not accepted. RAVE ON Promotional Products reserves the right to reject or cancel this offer at anytime without notification.



GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


business advice

Hugh Kelly, Bella Vista Executive Centre

The Golden Rules for Success!!! Anastasia and I first conceived our idea for a Bella Vista Executive Centre in 2004. Since those early days our journey has been loaded with the many ‘ups and downs’ a new venture experiences trying to build successful business. Now, after opening a second BVEC in the heart of Norwest Business Park, I’m asked how did you succeed when others have failed? Well, here’re some pointers that worked well for us.

Have A Dream Your dream is your future. Hold on to it and never let anyone (even those with the best intentions) steal your dream. Whatever you can conceive and truly believe in can be achieved! You will need to look back to your Dream in difficult times. Stay true to your Dream as it fuels your business vehicle. Have passion and enjoy the journey. Start at your goal and work backwards to see what’s necessary to achieve your Dream. Have a business plan and set goals. It Will be Tough... Know This Business isn’t easy, it’s hard. To have a successful business, considerably harder still. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Think of the competition! Successful sports men and women aren’t winners because they cut corners, looking for the easy way. No, they know it takes hard work, discipline and commitment to achieve their goals. No Olympic gold was earned by halfhearted efforts! Never Give Up Just don’t quit! A boxer is not beaten because he is knocked down. On the contrary, he is beaten if he doesn’t get back up. Keep your smile, your passion and your positive attitude. If there is a market for

34 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

your goods or services, you can succeed. Victory may just lie around the corner. The future is your gift! Use the Experts Leverage your time by employing the services of professionals. Don’t struggle with the aspects of your business that aren’t your strengths. For example, outsource such services as Graphic Design, Marketing and Accounting. These are important aspects of your business. Most business owners are educated well enough to ‘get by’ in the many and varied demands their business places on them. However, how much of your time (not including headaches) is lost doing an ‘adequate job’? Association... A Template to Your Future If you want to be a big drinker, go to the local pub and hang out with the drinkers. If you desire to be a better golfer, join a golf club and mingle with the better golfers...and so on. The same in business. If your goal is to succeed in business,

guess what? Associate with successful business people. Whoever you associate with, their attributes — either positive or negative — will ‘rub off’ and impact you and your business. G

Locations: Suite 206,10 Norwest Central, Century Circuit Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Suite 608,12 Norwest Central, Century Circuit Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 p | 02 8831 8300 f | 02 8831 8399



• Do you work from home? • Are you seeking a professional image?

• Need a fully equipped boardroom or meeting room?

• Would you like to hold meetings in a professional environment?

• Require after hours access or a catered meeting or seminar?

• Would you like personalised telephone answering?

• Are you seeking a professional meeting space?

Bella Vista Executive Centre is the answer!

Meeting Facilities Available at Norwest Business Park

We provide you with an excellent and effective alternative to having a permanent office.

Our facilities are suitable for:

• Establishing a regional or state office?

Work from home or any other location and still have the support and service of a professional business environment.

• Interviews • Theatre/classroom style seminars • Sales conferences and offsite meetings

Locations: Suite 206,10 Norwest Central, Century Circuit Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Suite 608,12 Norwest Central, Century Circuit Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 p | 02 8831 8300 f | 02 8831 8399

an extension of business...


GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


business advice

Jacqui Gibbs, Director - On The Mark Marketing

Top 10 Marketing Tips for the SME Market July 1 often heralds a time to reflect on your business achievements over the past financial year. Have you grown? Gone backwards? Or are you treading water? When the economy is growing fast, it’s easy to succeed without much attention to marketing. However, the economic future today isn’t looking rosy. What do many businesses do when there’s a downturn? They try to lower their costs, of course. In theory this is fine, but often the first thing to be cut is marketing, particularly advertising and promotion, and that’s a great way to ensure your sales go down! So, how do you develop effective marketing strategies to sustain you during these times? 1. Start with a marketing plan Small and medium businesses often see the development of a marketing plan as a waste of time and energy. They rush into the implementation of their ideas in an effort to be “doing something” often wasting more time and money communicating with prospects that don’t have a need for their service or product or are not as profitable. 2. Analyse your market Your market is the overall industry in which you compete. You need to analyse your market, so you can gain an understanding of your business’s full market potential and identify new areas of opportunity. Ask yourself: • Is my market growing or declining and why? • Which segment of my market is most advantageous for my business to compete in? • Which factors are changing my market (e.g. seasonality/trends) and how will they affect the future of my business?

36 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

3. Know your competition Thoroughly investigate your competition. Find out their strengths and weaknesses and how they compare to yours. Write their marketing plan. This will give you the intelligence to anticipate their moves and pre-empt them. 4. Focus on the customer Effective marketing strategies begin and end with the customer. Ensure you maintain existing customer relationships. It costs far less to conduct business with an existing customer than to attract new ones. Develop a profile of your most profitable customers. Know their needs, business pains and media habits. You can then use this profile to attract new customers and communicate with them more effectively. 5. Perform a SWOT analysis on your business Assess your strengths and weaknesses from your customer’s point of view. Then look at the opportunities and threats those things outside your control that will have an impact on your business. From this analysis develop a list of key issues that need to be addressed. 6. Identify your key points of difference Do you have a compelling customer value proposition? You can gain a competitive edge in your market by knowing and communicating your key point of difference to your target market. Ask yourself, “What do I offer that makes me unique?” 7. Set realistic objectives Be realistic about what you need to accomplish and how long it will take. Your marketing objectives should be relevant to your current marketing and business issues and move you towards achieving your financial goals.

8. Think geometrically The best way to grow your business is geometrically – by enlarging the size of each transaction, engaging in more transactions per cycle with each customer, tapping into the enormous referral power of each customer and, of course, getting new customers through traditional avenues. By focusing on all four directions at once your business will grow. 9. Track and measure your marketing Measuring your marketing tactics will save you valuable time and money. A simple way is to ask every customer: “How did you hear about us”? 10. Learn from your experiences Continually speak to your customers, research your competitors and analyse your business and market to ensure you are taking advantage of all opportunities available. If something doesn’t work – don’t be put off – chances are you will know what went wrong and why, so your marketing activities will only become more effective and improve your business results year after year. G

To discuss your marketing requirements, call Jacqui Gibbs on 8860 9415 or complete our online enquiry form.

THE PEOPLE HAVE VOTED Zaaffran’s new menu is a winner

Announcing our exciting new Winter menu... …with all the delights that you have come to expect at Zaaffran. Succulent Ocean Trout & Spatchcock are some of the new mouth-watering additions. For diners with gluten, yeast or lactose intolerance, we have many mouthwatering delights, such as Soft Shell Crab & Chicken Tenderloins.

see the full menu at 18, The Piazza, Castle Towers, Old Northern Road, Castle Hill 2154 Ph: 02 9634 2133 Also at Darling Harbour


GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


business advice

Barry Knowles, Sydney @ Work

Recruitment and Agencies – Time for a New Model? Recruitment agencies are not the world’s favourite. I knew that when I started my business 5 years ago, and stories I hear regularly help to confirm the opinion, but businesses can get excellent value out of agencies by working with them in a structured, professional partnership. Perhaps even get to like us!

But before we can get to how to do that, we need to look at some of the reasons for the uncomfortable relationship between agencies and businesses. Spending money with a Recruitment Agent is a “grudge purchase” without a doubt. You didn’t want to lose the person who is leaving, and you resent the re-training, business disruption and time it is going to cost you, let alone agency fees. So are agents necessary at all? If you needed a new kitchen, would you buy the wood and build it yourself? If you want your super well invested, do you invest it yourself or rely on experts to manage your fund for you? If you need your car serviced, do you employ a qualified mechanic? Well, perhaps yes, perhaps no, but in each case you assess your capability in the skill area, assess whether that is the most effective way to spend your time, assess the risk of getting it horribly wrong, look at the cost and then make an informed decision. Applying this same logic to whether to use an agency or not is equally important when hiring. Risk reduction is one reason to use an agent, but there are others. People almost always use an Estate Agent when selling a house, because he can get to a much wider target audience, and recruitment agents can get to

38 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

a much wider candidate base by accessing their database of previous applicants and also by knowing the advertising market. Seek isn’t always the answer! There is also the time it saves you, that indeterminate “lost opportunity cost”, and the formal process and background checking. Many companies, having decided to use an agent, then brief 3 or 4 in the hope that a bit of competition will “keep them honest”. There is no parallel for this approach to a professional service. Get 3 or 4 quotes certainly, but to expect 3 or 4 companies all to try and do the job and only one of them to get paid? This is where much of the bad feeling comes from. Recruiters have gotten into bad habits as a result of this “competition model”. Speed is of the essence, quality of candidate a secondary consideration, if a consideration at all. No win, no fee, so get in first, hassle the Client, “sell” the candidate, and hope like hell there is no backlash or “replacement”. And the fees are high to account for the need to run a viable business whilst too often doing a heap of work for no reward. So companies experience the worst of the recruitment business and recruiters forget, even when they are the “preferred supplier”, that they can act in a more professional, customer service-oriented way. So how do we fix the recruitment model so companies feel it is worth engaging a professional (as they do in all other peripheral aspects of their business), and good recruiters get paid for providing a good service? My suggestion, as I said at the start, is

“Partnership”. Companies need to stop treating the Agency as a pariah who is an unfortunate but necessary evil to be treated with a high degree of suspicion and skepticism, and Agencies need to provide a proper and fully professional service in the knowledge that if they do a good job, they will get paid for their expertise and time. But to do that, we need to break the mould. Try offering your recruitment agent a “sole agency” fee based on success and insist on an agreed level of service covering regular progress updates, candidate assessments, candidate comparisons, and “personality fit” analyses. Or suggest an “hourly rate” the way his accountant charges, irrespective of the final result, and then work through the candidates and issues as a team. Playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in the background might be appropriate as you try to change the world. G

Sydney@Work Suite 201, 12 Norwest Central Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills 2153 Tel: (02) 96802051 Fax: 02) 96803051







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Ergonomic Ice Pen “Skinny”

2. Choose Quantities 250 500

3. Create Printed Text Write down each line of text you would like printed on your pens

4. Contact Details





Satin Style Pen “Fatty”

$0.56 Each

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Line 1: Line 2: Line 3:

First Name :

Phone :

Surname : Business :

Mobile :

Address :

Email :

We will contact you with Artwork Layout & a Tax Invoice for your approval before we proceed.


FREECALL 1800 433 888 Ph: 02 4736 2900 Fax: 02 4736 5108 Mob: 0407 702 900 - GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


business advice

George Mavros, Patent Solutions Pty Ltd

“Hey, look what I made! What do I do now?” A look at Intellectual Property – in plain English! What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property, often referred to as IP, is the product or outcome of your ideas, your thoughts, and mind (your intellect). It can be many things from an Item, a Design or Logo, even a way of doing things or a process. Who owns it? In some cases, ownership is automatic. i.e., the written word or a paper you have written is automatically covered by copyright once you have written it. This is not categorical as some written words cannot be copyrighted, but, as a broad statement, if it is a prose or drawing or artwork type thing there is probably a good chance you have automatic copyrights to it. Whilst you do not have to, in many cases it would be prudent to formally register Copyright. Circuit layouts are also in most cases deemed to have copyright as soon as they are created by the originator. Most other things are likely to have to go through the IP registration process, if you wish to claim Intellectual Property Rights to them. There is a distinct differentiation legally between the owner of the IP rights and the Inventor. The creator is the inventor of “the widget”, but someone else could have the ownership of the intellectual property. It is not uncommon for organisations to have an agreement with employees that any invention they create during their employment is the property of the organisation.

40 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

Where do you get the protection? The greater majority of countries throughout the world have an IP protection system, and a substantial number of them recognise the same system. In Australia, IP Australia deals with Patents, Trade Marks and Design registrations; they can also be your vehicle for international patents. However, in most instances I would recommend that you have a reputable Patent Attorney as part of your IP strategy.

value for money in the initial stages. Patent searches only tell you of Published Patents, they do not access Provisional Patents and Patent applications in the early stage of a PCT application. This is because any lodged within up to the past 18 months previous to your search date will not be disclosed in a Patent Search. Where to from here? This information has been provided as a general guide. Due to the nature of IP Law requirements, each case needs to be reviewed on its own merits, both from a Commercial and legal perspective. G

What is an IP Strategy and do you need it? An IP Strategy is exactly what it sounds like; it is your plan or strategy relating to your IP. Some people have a strategy of invent, seek provisional patent, and Patent in my own country and no where else. Whilst with others it is invent, patent and sell to the World!!! When it comes to trade secrets and “the way we do it processes” in many companies, there is no knowledge or realisation of their IP and, therefore, there is no IP strategy. If you don’t have a strategy, it doesn’t guarantee failure, but it makes success more about luck than good management. To search or not to search? Patent searching is one of the great debate starters. In my opinion, for many inventors who can either search the internet themselves or have an associate that is competent on internet searching, paying more than $2,000 for patent searching is not

For further advice specific to your needs, contact George Mavros of Patent Solutions Pty Ltd, Parramatta 02 9633 5333.

We commercialise people’s ideas Commercialisation of New and Patentable Ideas Sales Marketing and Distribution Consulting and Solutions Training, Development and Motivational Speaking OUR 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE COVERS 100’S OF COMPANIES AND INDUSTRIES • Roadworks • Confectionery • Pharmaceutical • Hardware • Stationery • Electrical

• Catering • Grocery -General Merchandise, Frozen foods, Seasonal, • Service industries

1,000’S OF PEOPLE • Import / Export • Manufacturing • Wholesale/Retail • Multi Level and single tier direct Marketing • Sales by Tender

• Business to Business • Business to government • Franchising

Product Development Business Strategies Business Building Sales Marketing & Distribution advice So whether it’s a new invention or just a business challenge for you... ask us for the SOLUTION!

One of my favourite sayings is –

“You’re dead a long time so don’t waste oxygen!” So who am I? Why have me as your next speaker, trainer? I’m George Mavros - Patent solutions who also loves speaking and training. Do you like plain English answers to complicated questions?

perspective of someone who has “Been There Done That ?”

Do you appreciate a quick, analytical mind coupled with a pragmatic and down-to-earth disposition?

Could you benefit from someone who is forthright, a bit cheeky but knows his stuff?

Do you need to train or motivate people in business from the

Could you benefit from someone who has been influential in the success of a variety of household

Patent Solutions Pty Ltd Suite 6, Level 4, 20 -22 Macquarie Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 PO Box 277, North Parramatta NSW 1750 Ph: 02 9633 5333 Fax: 02 9635 6233 Mob: 0408 621 736 E-mail:

brand names like WD 40, Armor All, Pampas Puff Pastries, Alcan Aluminium, Artline Marking Pens and Barilla Pastas and Spaghetti to name a few? As a speaker or trainer on your behalf I am able to deliver: an inspiring and educational business talk, a rousing motivational life

values talk or just a good old fun story that delivers your desired message. Where to from here? Ring, email or fax me to discuss your challenge and I’ll tell you if I’m up for it.

IT & Communications

NABIK Is Coming...

By Daniel Moyseyev, Norwest Advertising

Norwest Advertising is currently working on a project that will soon be launched in Norwest Business Park. The project, codenamed NABIK, will take business information services to the next level - it will serve the Norwest business community and the public like no other technological innovation has ever been done before.

NABIK is an acronym for Norwest Advertising Business Information Kiosk. The Kiosk has been in development for over a year and Norwest Advertising has conducted numerous studies and research to find out the most efficient way to exploit the touchscreen technology for the benefit of both advertisers and the Hills business community.

How Does It Work? Each NABIK unit is a specially developed kiosk designed to be both rugged in construction as well as looking visually appealing and is designed to attract the passerby into looking through its range of offerings and features. A large 32 inch LCD monitor is affixed to each NABIK unit. Inside NABIK is a specially designed computer with custom-developed software set to provide 24/7 maintenancefree interaction via the touchscreen. The monitor size was chosen specifically to maximise presentation of content. Each NABIK unit will also be stocked with the latest issue of the GWP Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine. Norwest Business Park visitors, employees and business operators can all take advantage of complimentary magazines.

42 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

The Touchscreen Technology The touchscreen technology is a relatively newly embraced concept. Looking back just a few years ago, it is evident that touchscreen technology was just recently a technological marvel and very few businesses could afford to exploit it commercially.

Nowadays, touchscreen use in Australia is still not yet quite widespread. Touchscreen kiosks are generally restricted to use in some of the major shopping centre outlets and airports - the technology has not yet quite caught on with general business use. This is most likely explained by the difficulty of obtaining touchscreens in Australia and the difficulty of their implementation in a complete solution. There are a lot of software issues associated with touchscreens that contribute to the difficulty of their use.

IT & Communications

What Does It Offer? Norwest Advertising has planned a large range of information services offered by the NABIK unit. The centerpiece of the services is the Norwest Business Directory - based on the current online Norwest Advertising Business Directory (see au). The unit will offer an effortless search by categories to quickly find any particular type of business as well as a simple way to search by details such as “Product/Service Type”, “Company Name” and “Location”. The details may be entered via an on-screen keyboard developed with accessibility in mind. Some other services planned to be offered by NABIK units include a directory of businesses in the building where the unit is located, real estate information, advertiser and sponsor material, local events and other information relevant to the Hills Business Community and surroundings.

Perspectives for Norwest Business Park Companies

of advertising opportunities, starting from directory listings for smaller businesses to complete sponsorship options for larger corporations. Every NABIK unit after a minute of no interaction will revert to a movie which alternates between sponsor advertisements. Advertising spots will be available on almost every section presented in the NABIK unit. The Real Estate section will offer listings of commercial, industrial and residential properties in Sydney North-West. These listings will be effectively matched to their real estate agents for easy contact. NABIK units will also provide information regarding current business-related and community events planned in the Norwest Business Park. These events may be provided by organisations such as the Baulkham Hills Shire Council and other community institutions.

Lastly, each NABIK will have a listing of businesses located in the same building as the unit. A special page “In this building” will provide a list of businesses by floor levels as well as offer an ability to see the businesses in other NABIK-equipped buildings.

Planning and the Future One of the major features planned is the linking of NABIK units to the Internet, which will allow the serving of live content - such as news items, weather reports and even sharemarket information. The NABIK units are also planned to be later expanded into other commercial districts and independent businesses. G

Would you like more information? Would you like to implement similar concepts in your business?

If you would like more information regarding the Norwest Advertising Businesses Information Kiosks, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (02) 8831 8313.

NABIK units will also have capacity to present video material.

Norwest Business Park businesses have a unique opportunity to advertise and promote their material through the NABIK units. There will be a wide range

GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008



Sydney Hills Business Chamber

Western Sydney Business Connection

Parramatta Chamber of Commerce

Business After Five

State of the Region Address

Wednesday, 23 July 2008 5:30pm

31st July 2008 12:00am - 2:30pm

Cost: $20 members - $50 non members

The Waterview Convention Centre, Sydney Olympic Park

2008 Suncorp Parramatta Regional Awards for Business Excellence Lunch

Celebrate the First anniversary of Westpac Banking Corporations Norwest Branch, and take this opportunity to ask questions of the nations leading economists and Mr Bill Evans.

Guest Speaker The Hon Morris Iemma, Premier NSW

25th July Courtyard By Marriott Parramatta Speaker - The Hon Alan Cadman

Family Business Australia

Department of State and Regional Development

Ryde Business & Technology Expo

Taking Your Business Global

Pitfalls in Negotiating Commercial Leases

Stamford Grand North Ryde

Thursday, 28 August, 2008 7:15am - 9:15am Crowne Plaza Norwest, 1 Columbia Court, Baulkham Hills This breakfast will address some of the fundamentals for businesses looking to expand overseas include managing IP, securing distributors & considerations for entering new markets. Hosted by Coleman & Greig.

44 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

Thursday 10 July 2008 8:30am - 10:30am Western Sydney Business Centre NSW DSRD Level 2, 470 Church Street, North Parramatta, NSW 2151 This event is free

6 August 2008 12:00 - 7pm The 2008 Ryde Business & Technology Expo will showcase a broad cross-section of companies from all over Ryde. Entry is free to visitors, so put the date in your diary and join us at the Stamford Grand North Ryde from noon.

This seminar will arm you with the fundamental information you need when initially negotiating leases.



Creating Atmosphere Maximising



Cater to

Other key points

- Painting, Interior and Exterior

- Office

- Fully Insured

- Anti Graffiti Solutions

- Government

- HIA Member

- Commercial Renovations

- Retail

- Professional

- End of Lease Make Goods

- Hospitality

- Ethical

- Residential into Commercial Conversions

- Accommodation - Industrial

- Heritage Conservation

- North West Sydney

- Educational

- Office Fitouts

CML Commercial Building Pty. Ltd.


0421 665 111 Fax: 02 4577 8448

Email: GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008







We can’t help with rising interest rate payments... But we can help you

SAVE ON POSTAGE Earn a whopping 17% ROI on your every day standard mail.

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If you bulk mail 300+ letters you could be eligible for Australia Post’s bulk mail pre-sort discounts




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* Same state. Off peak delivery.

Call: Roger


0432 577 054

Lesav Pty Ltd | 24 Bass Street | Colyton NSW 2760 email |

46 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

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BUSI N Reso urce& ESS Lifes t









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$4.95 (GST inc.



Get 6 issues of the Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine for only $29.70 p. a.

a Your B ssion for usiness



Art of Ita lian Cui sine H


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Never before has a business publication been so close to business people. Only in the Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine, you will find quality articles provided by real business operators and skilled professionals.


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Busines s Events SYDNEY - ISSUE 16 | JAN/FEB 2008

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BUSINESS Resource&Lifestyle




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18/2/08 10:09:24 PM


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State: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postcode: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Norwest Advertising

Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

PO Box 7519, Baulkham Hills BC, NSW 2153

GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008



ACCOUNTING 1800 Taxman

1800 829 626

Superannuation, financial planning, business registration, family trusts, tax returns.

COMMUNICATIONS Optus Business Direct



Active Personnel & Consulting

1300 139 023

Recruitment, Temporary and Permanent, All industries, Administration, Industrial


02 8824 9100

Let’s Go Water Systems

mclean charge partners chartered accountants p (02) 9630 7144

ADVERTISING Norwest Advertising

02 8831 8313

GWP Magazine, Norwest NET TV, Norwest Advertising Business Directory, Norwest Advertising Bulletin

DRY CLEANERS t. (02) 8853 7838

Lindus Dry Cleaners 02 8824 8385

Link Recruitment


PHOTOGRAPHY Corporate Psychology Phone: 0418 684 982

02 9836 4919

Customised Staffing Solutions

FINANCE Commonwealth Bank - Norwest 02 9895 5405

WSFM 101.7 Radio

Finesse Finance Group

0410 637 975

02 9635 0011

Key Benefits: • Time efficient – significant reduction in recruitment lead times • Cost effective – significantly reduce recruitment expenditure • You only read relevant CVs of the “best fit” applicants • All applicants remain in your talent pool • Global reach if required

tel: 02 9894 9648

National Australia Bank

02 9659 3366

02 9683 6655

Specialist for Vehicle Maintenance Equipment, Trucks Washing Equipment

Covered In Ellegance

Hills Chamber of Commerce

Parramatta Chamber of Commerce

02 8507 4200

02 9609 2322


02 9678 9335


02 9757 4794

The Inflatable Event Company

02 8831 8300

Cumberland Business Chamber

02 9837 3726

Hartex Engineering

Bella Vista Executive Centre

Stilz Fotografika

PLUMBING Chips Plumbing

REAL ESTATE Coldwell Banker Commercial Hills 02 9680 9200

t 8824 3726 m 0412 233 977


GIFTS Pia’s Gifts

02 9837 6104

Stylish Gift baskets and hampers, fabulous flowers, scrumptious cakes

John F. Law & Associates 02 8850 4477 Specialists in Discrimination matters, Employment Agreements, Unfair Dismissals

GRAPHIC DESIGN byDesign Graphics

Specialists in Annual Report Magazine Design

SKY CITY Suite 218 20A Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153 Ph: 02 8824 3063 Fax: 02 8814 5797


02 8831 8331

VHR has economical packages containing

Incredible Art

02 9680 1860

X Designs

02 9980 2974

48 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008

02 9604 6166

IT SERVICES Highpoint Computer Solutions 02 8824 5169

Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Branding, Printing Solutions, Flyers, Posters, Signage


Place Your Business in Classifieds for $297 per year

02 8831 8313

Virtual Human Resources

Chegwyn Insurance

02 9680 3508

International Institute For Business Excellence

INSURANCE Business insurance, commercial insurance, small business insurance, sole traders, family owned businesses

Imagination Hair and Beauty

02 8850 5533

all the HR tools.

02 8824 5135

Pre-Purchase Inspectors Registry NSW-Qld-Vic

02 9621 1960

Commercial & Industrial Plumbing, Hot Water & Heating, Gas Fitting, Drainage, Installation & Repairs, Water Filter Systems. All services at a very competitive rate.

02 8831 9336


02 9680 9823

Corporate Events, Head Shots, Products Shoots, Location Shoots

Your IT Support Partner We specialise in PC, Server 1300 792 225 and Network repairs and maintenance


02 9634 7736

We will “own” every IT problem you raise with us.

LAW Cumberland Frank Commercial and Litigation Lawyers 02 9687 2155

MAIL DELIVERY Budget Mailing Services 02 9729 1900 Mailing list, Plastic wrapping, Folding & Inserting, Database Setup & Management

Property Inspection Specialists  Repairs & Alternations  Pre-Purchase/Sale Inspections  New Construction Inspections

TRAINING Australian Ind. Productivity Centres 0408 228 773

TRAVEL Elite Business Travel 02 9843 3500

TravelManagers Australia

02 9614 8288

WEB DESIGN Norwest Advertising

02 8831 8313

Web design, newsletters, database integration, custom statistics, web hosting

Web Fundamentals

02 4340 4025

Web design, Search Engine Optimisation, Domain Names, Premium Hosting







02 8850 5533


GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


Let us create

Beautiful Gifts

that are sure to please

Local electricians providing a personal service... SERVICE DATA



• Corporate Gifts • Gourmet Hampers • Christmas Hampers • Baby Boxes • Fruit Baskets • Wine & Nibbles Boxes • Pamper Boxes • Gift Vouchers • Boxed Soy Candles • Thank you Gifts

A Baskets Delight M: 0417682763


02 9879 6184

Fax: 02 9802 1620 Email:

50 GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


p| f | e| w|

02 9894 0896 02 9680 8332

Castle Hill - Lic No. 83976C

To book an Electrician call

1300 535 846

t di g iaL all made in

get your all-weather

banners from


Are your Commercial Insurance arrangements due for renewal?

ď ľ

Do you want to see what value currently exists in the Australian insurance market?

Speak directly with Russell Chegwyn Phone 02 9604 6166



The right structure of your covers, the right price, and a principal level relationship

solvent inks wide-format for OUTDOOR full colour longevity! printing (02)9678 9108

0416 190530

Suite 105, 119 Newton Road, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

Banners - Billboards - Wall mounted banner signs - Aframes



What is the cost of Winter Chills & Absentees to your business?





Avoid them bothâ&#x20AC;Ś



The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Family Cellfood Power Packâ&#x20AC;? provides â&#x20AC;˘ Energy â&#x20AC;˘ Balanced Nutrition FAMILY CELLFOOD POWER PACK 2 MONTHS SUPPLY â&#x20AC;˘ Protection COMPLETE NUTRITION POWDER & CELLFOOD

An economic way of obtaining the added benefits of two of the finest nutritional products the world has to offer. One complements the other in defining the optimum in your health supplementation. Over 132 freeze dried vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs and nuts to balance your nutrition which will be fully metabolised through the consumption of the Cellfood to provide the extra oxygen and minerals at the cellular level to â&#x20AC;&#x153;fuel the fireâ&#x20AC;? of metabolism...


Call Ultimate Health 1800 681 611 NOW!! 41 Panorama Cres, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782

SAVE $30 Postage and handling included





  $)3#/5.4 $)3#/5.4



-%.3 "53).%33 3()243



-%.3 "53).%33 3()243







-9$29#,%!.%2)3/0%.(23$!93!7%%+ m0EOPLELIKEYOULIKE,INDUSn GWP Magazine | Issue 19 | July/August 2008


Websites $880 for Corporates and SMEs from only

> Web Design & Development > Graphic Design

> Database Integration > Search Engine Optimisation > Custom Statistic Systems > Updatable Newsletters > Touch Screen Solutions > Administration Systems


02 > 8831 8313

GWP Magazines Business Resource & Lifestyle - Issue #19 Jul-Aug 2008  

GWP Magazines Business Resource & Lifestyle - Issue #19 Jul-Aug 2008

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