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The Norwegian organisations in the UK. Who does what? Page 06

Håkan Frisén, SEB Bank “Global economy resilient to geopolitical uncertainty” Page 09

Wikborg Rein Shipping Offshore update Page

Page 13 We caught up with Gunnar Breivik who spoke to us about how he is settling in as the new country manager for Statoil in Aberdeen and what he sees at the biggest challenges in the oil and gas industry in the coming years.

Gunnar Breivik, Country Manager for Statoil, Aberdeen




A fresh approach to equipment design and manufacture. Petroleum Technology Company AS (PTC) was founded in 2002. PTC delivers a step change in Safety and Barrier philosophy, with focus on Increased Production and Operational Efficiency. The core technology focus for PTC is within production technology; artificial lift, wellhead barrier technology and well completion products. Gas Lift

Gas is the most commonly applied methodology for artificial lifting of oil from a reservoir in the North Sea area. PTC is proud to have developed the only gas lift valve (GLV) in the industry that presently is qualified as a well barrier, which also has passed the additional erosion test – the SafeLift valve. The SafeLift GLV is tested and qualified to the most stringent criteria: The ISO 17078-2 and ISO 14310-V0 in addition to in-house test protocol set by Petrobras in Brazil and Shell in GOM. The inherently simple design of the valve, no moving parts exposed to the flow, no seals exposed an all critical seals metal-to-metal also made the valve pass a test for up to 15 years lifetime. The valve is also available in a version specially designed for injection of chemicals in combination with gas.

Wellhead Barrier Technology

PTC has developed a Surface Annulus Safety valve system to be used in wells currently on gas lift. There are both a fully mechanical system and a hydraulically operated (SAS and M-SAS) which facilitate gas injection whilst working as a surface barrier in case the surface lines is being damaged by a falling object, as the valve is fully inserted in the VR profile in the wellhead.

Chemical Injection Systems

The PTC Chemical Injection System has been developed from our downhole and surface gas lift equipment. As a result, the system uniquely includes both downhole and surface chemical injection valves, which also qualify as well barrier valves. The option exists to permanently install the downhole chemical injection valves (SafeLift™ / ISOLift CIV’s) in our dedicated chemical injection subs (CIS). Alternatively the downhole valves can be installed in any standard side pocket mandrel.

Jet Pumps

PTC offers a family of nominal 3 ½” jet pumps, with a full range of throat and nozzle combinations, capable of producing in excess of 25 000 bbl/d production. The pumps can also be supplied with integral SSSV’s, which are actuated by power fluid pressure. These can provide a primary deep-set well integrity barrier, when the power fluid is depressurized. In common with all other PTC equipment, our Jet Pumps have been designed from a “clean sheet of paper”, resulting in optimized flow path geometries for maximum pump efficiency.

Main number: 44 (0) 1224 57 93 50 Fax: 44 (0) 1224 57 93 51 Email:



Contents In this issue you will find:

NBCC event calendar



Welcome to NBCC Summer parties



“Who’s who?”





Norwegian Organisations in the UK, Continued from article in Issue 2

Interview with Gunnar Breivik, Country Manager, Statoil, Aberdeen

Global economy resilient to geopolitical uncertainty



By Håkan Frisén, Head of Economic Forecasting at SEB

International reach and reputation built through Norway -Aberdeen alliance





Partner-view on NBCC from PTC


Pictures from the latest NBCC events



News about NBCC Member companies



NBCC Welcomes new Corporate Members



NBCC Membership Information



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NBCC Event Calendar

Upcoming NBCC Events

Nordic Thursday Drinks, London 24 April

108th Annual General Meeting, London 14 May

Nordic Thursday Drinks at Strand Palace Hotel, London Register here.

NBCC welcomes you to the 108th Annual General Meeting Register here.

Norwegian National day celebrations, London 17 May

Nordic Thursday Drinks, London 29 May

Welcome to the annual Norwegian National Day celebrations in Southwark park London. Register here.

Nordic Thursday Drinks at Radisson BLU Portman Register here.

All Energy, Aberdeen 29 May

Event in relation to All Energy in Aberdeen Register here.


See the full NBCC events calendar here!

Raffle Prizes NBCC Summer Parties


Welcome to the great big annual NBCC Summer Party in London, 10 June! This year the venue will be the prestigious Hurlingham Club in Fulham, London Bordering the Thames in Fulham and set in 42 acres of magnificent grounds, The Hurlingham Club is a green oasis of tradition and international renown. Recognised throughout the world as one of Britain’s greatest private members’ clubs, it retains its quintessentially English traditions and heritage, while providing modern facilities and services for its members. This is the perfect occasion to entertain guests, colleagues and business partners. Haven’t planned your company’s summer party yet? Why not bring your colleagues along?! The NBCC Summer Party is open to members, non-members, individuals and groups. Register here. Does your company want to sponsor the NBCC summer party at the Hurlingham club or perhaps you want to contribute with a prize for the raffle? In return, your company’s logo will be included in all outgoing invitations, on the registration page on our website, in social media updates and on the guestlis/programme handed out on the day. Don’t miss out on this great oppportunity to promote your company. Should this be of interest please contact us.

Welcome to the second annual NBCC Summer BBQ in Aberdeen, 18 June! It is our pleasure to welcome you to the second annual NBCC Summer BBQ in Aberdeen. Bring your colleagues, business partners, clients, spouse and friends to this enjoyable celebration of summer and good food. This event is open to both members and non-members. The BBQ will take place at Kippie Lodge which is situated on the North Deeside Road, between Peterculter & Milltimber, only six miles from the centre of Aberdeen. Register here.

NBCC invites your company to sponsor the raffle in form of prizes. The revenue from the raffle will go to Maggie’s in Aberdeen. Maggie’s is a charity that provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends. If you would like to sponsor raffle prizes, please contact us.


Who’s Who? Norwegian organisations in the UK

Norwegian Organisations in the UK- Who’s Who? We take a look at some of the Norwegian organisations in the UK

In the previous Connections we had a look at the Norwegian organisations that make up ‘Team Norway’ in the UK (NBCC, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Seafood Council and The Norwegian Embassy). In this issue, we present some of the other Norwegian organisations in the UK. These organisations include the Norwegian Church, Anglo Norse Society, Den Norske Klub, Nora, The Norwegian School in London, ANSA and KFUK.

Team Norway

Other useful Norwegian organisations in the UK

Who’s Who? Norwegian organisations in the UK 07


- Association of Norwegian Students Abroad - is a non-profit and independent organisation voicing the interests of Norwegian students who study abroad. Their aim is to maintain and promote the educational, cultural, political “The and economic interests of Norwegian Norwegian students School in London is abroad. “ approved under both Norwegian and English educational regulations for Year Groups 1 to 10. The School follows the Norwegian curriculum. All teaching usually ends at 3.30pm at the latest Monday to Thursday and 2.30pm on Fridays. The same applies to the Kindergarten and the After School Activities Programme.”

“The Anglo Norse Society in London,

Norwegian organisations in the UK

is a registered charity for the purpose of promoting better understanding between Britain and Norway through learning about each other’s country and way of life. “

“Norwegian Seamen’s Church in

London and Aberdeen meet with about 25,000 people each year. Their main attraction is the Sunday service with Church coffee and lunch every Sunday at 11am. The church have a variety of activities for all ages, and is always available if you need someone to talk to. Warmly welcome to visit!”

“Den Norske Klub

was founded in 1887 on 17th May and is a social focus for Norwegians and friends of Norway in and around London. Premises are located in St James’s Square, between Piccadilly and Pall Mall, where they share a building with the Naval and Military Club (The In & Out) in the heart of London’s clubland”.


is a club for Norwegian girls living in and around London, and acts as a network at both social and professional levels. Nora members meet the second Tuesday of each month.”


is a Norwegian YMCA in London and may be the perfect place for anyone who moves here for the first time, whether it is to study or to work. Or you come as a tourist. KFUK is in an old mansion in Holland Park, in a central, quiet neighbourhood in West London.”


Interview with Gunnar Breivik, Country Managar Statoil, Aberdeen

Interview with Gunnar Breivik Country Manager Statoil, Aberdeen We caught up with Gunnar Breivik who was recently hired as the new country manager at Statoil in Aberdeen.

How did you start your career? Completed my education as MSc Chemical Engineer in 1981 and started with Phillips Petroleum in 1982. The choice of company was easy as Phillips had a training program for young engineers including a oversea stay in USA. In addition, several of my student colleagues and friends were working in Phillips and they were very positiv about the company. How does cultural differences affect your business? As a manager you always need to know the people reporting to you. Every person is different and will react differently in different situations. To motivate each individual person you need to be close and understand how each person will react. This is the same in UK and in Norway on the individual level. At the company level, the way of doing business in different countries can be quite different. It is how you use different contract models, how the cooperation normally is between the operator and contractors/vendors, understand how the contractors and vendors are pricing the risks involved etc. In order to handle this in an efficient way, you need employees with local knowledge that understand the business.

What is your favourite part of working in an international environment? The favourite part is to get to know different people, see how our company standards can be used (or not used), experience transfere both to the UKSC and back to Norway, understand how politicians influence and interact with the industry.

“As a manager you always need to know the people reporting to you. To motivate each individual person you need to be close and understand how each person will react.”

What are the biggest challenges within your industry in the coming years? The biggest challenge is the high cost. As an industry we need the reduce the cost level in order to keep developing the difficult oil fields. This is a challenge both within the operator companies and within the contractors/vendors.



Global economy resilient to geopolitical uncertainty SEB’s economists have projected a moderately strong recovery for the world economy during 2014 and 2015 as their main scenario for some time. The global picture is still mainly unchanged and downward adjustments in GDP forecasts are relatively marginal.


he US economy will accelerate, but its contagious effects on other parts of the world economy will be less than usual due to structural weaknesses in the euro zone and in several key emerging economies. Over the past year, the picture has been remarkably stable, both with regard to SEB’s forecasts and the consensus view of global growth. Various risks such as a deeper euro zone crisis, broader instability in emerging economies or the adverse effects of tighter US monetary policy have put the main scenario in question at different times but have then faded in importance. Since SEB published Nordic Outlook in February, the forecast picture has come under challenge for a wide variety of reasons. For example, to what extent can weaker US sentiment indicators be explained by the adverse effects of weather? But above all, how will the Ukraine crisis and increasing tensions with Russia affect the global outlook? “In recent weeks we have posted country reviews (see link). Although the geopolitical situation may change quickly, our current conclusion is that the global picture is still mainly unchanged and that downward adjustments in our GDP forecasts are relatively marginal. However, it is reasonable to tilt our risk scenario slightly in a negative direction,” says Håkan Frisén, head of economic forecasting at SEB. In the February Nordic Outlook, the economists’ assessment was that risks compared to the main scenario were balanced, with a 20 per cent probability of both stronger and weaker performance. Events in Ukraine and Russia’s response have undoubtedly added a further element of uncertainty.

Håkan Frisén

Head of economic forecasting at SEB

Meanwhile discussions about whether the world economy is in a prolonged period of (secular) stagnation have become even more topical. For example, International Monetary Fund (IMF) economists have emphasised that the growing wealth gap in many countries poses a threat to consumption and investments. In this context, the IMF raised the question of whether carefully selected tax increases might be one step towards dealing with these problems. “Overall, we believe that the risks of poorer economic performance than in our main scenario total 25 per cent. As earlier, we estimate the probability of a more favourable scenario - including clearer contagious effects from the US upturn - at 20 per cent,” Frisén says.



International reach and reputation built through Norway-Aberdeen alliance Oilfield technology leader PTC celebrates five years in the UK

OILFIELD technology specialist Petroleum Technology Company (PTC) has expanded its UK North Sea operations team to more than 30 and boosted turnover to more than ÂŁ8m, as it marks five years in the region. PTC, a long-standing supporter of the NBCCC, has built an international reputation and client base focussed on major operations through its twinned operations in Stavanger and Aberdeen. The company is a leading developer and supplier of gas lift and wellhead integrity products, working with global supermajors

and niche operating companies across the UKCS and Norwegian North Sea sectors. Its products meet industry concerns by increasing safety, asset integrity and reliability while reducing operating cost and offering potential for increased production. Founded in 2002, in Stavanger, the company expanded into the Granite City in 2009,

in response to growing market demand for direct involvement in projects in the UKCS, acting as a launch pad for sales bases in Houston and Rio de Janeiro. PTC launched into Aberdeen in 2009 with a team of 10 in offices at Great Western Road. Initial turnover of ÂŁ1million has now doubled year-onyear.


It has significantly expanded its operational HQ in Aberdeen, trebling its office and engineering design spaces, and doubling its industrial workshop base at South Wellheads, Dyce with the acquisition of a new warehouse. PTC has also brought manufacturing of its products to the UK, with specialist services to build and commission its technology taking place in central Scotland and England. Norway’s leading private equity fund, Herkules, acquired a majority share of PTC in 2013, providing a strengthened capital base to significantly grow the company internationally. Tom Norland, managing director of PTC UK, says: “We continue to invest in Aberdeen on the back of significant North Sea basin activity – operators of all scales are investing in technology to secure asset integrity and maximise recovery offshore. “Trebling our staff, investing in expanded and additional premises, and significantly increasing our product stock in the city has been crucial to our ongoing success. “Product research and development is a focus of our operations in Aberdeen, we’ve become known as problem-solvers to the industry in gas lift, chemical injection and well integrity assurance, which comes down to the capabilities of our engineering team. “Manufacturing in the UK is an important element of the business now and we carry out a

significant amount of our precision machining, product coatings and general product manufacturing work both in the north-east and also Lothians.” An example of PTC’s business focus is the evolution of its Safelift range of gas lift valves, which were developed jointly by the UK and Norwegian offices, to meet a challenge from major operator Statoil – to develop a gas lift valve that could be also be relied upon as a well barrier valve. Those valves, which use an erosion-resistant metal / metal seal, have now been deployed within assets across the globe. Norland, who relocated permanently to Aberdeen when founding PTC’s UKCS base, says industry links between Stavanger and Aberdeen are as strong as ever. “The relationship is renowned worldwide thanks to the outstanding capabilities both regions have in oil and gas exploration and production at all levels,” he says. “Norway and Aberdeen set the standards for the industry – globally, the industry performs better today than ever thanks to the shared expertise working across those two locations, and that’s certainly the case at PTC. “We invite our engineering colleagues in the industry to challenge us through our website – that alone has been a


springboard for several major new product designs, as operators seeking a solution to issues have come to know us as the team which can deliver a reliable piece of technology.” And Norland says that PTC has ambitions targets in terms of breaking new ground in technology, fuelled by further international expansion. Herkules’s 2013 share acquisition saw almost £14million injected into the business as growth capital, ahead of expected total global revenues of approximately £20million, which have now been achieved. “We forecast significant growth when we opened in Aberdeen and that has been a consistent trend for us – we are now targeting new work in the international energy marketplace, specifically in North America and the Middle East,” he says. “The capital investment made by Herkules has strengthened our position and we expect to see revenue rise as we bring in new contracts from overseas, where technologies developed in the North Sea offer major benefits to operators.” PTC is readying itself for further growth and is currently recruiting in operations and sales functions for its Aberdeen base. The company is headquartered in Stavanger with offices in Bergen, Houston and Rio de Janeiro.


The Importance of NBCC

The importance of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce By Tom Nordland, Managing Director at Petroleum, Technology Company UK Ltd.

Tom Nordland, Managing Director at PTC

NBCC has a crucial role to play – it fosters relations between companies and people working in business across the North Sea, encourages debate and works to positively influence public policy. At PTC we are proud investors in the NBCC. The board are passionate people, who articulate the concerns of member companies operating in Britain and Norway and channel them to local and national authorities, informing the debate and pressing for change when it’s needed. Chambers of Commerce offer forums for professional networking worldwide, and the NBCC provides real support to its membership, offering a strong calendar of events across the UK and Norway. Its social offering is of great importance, providing members with the opportunity to network outside of a formal business environment. The NBCC’s mission statement is to be the most important organisation for Norwegian-British business people in the UK – the organisation has more than achieved that aim.

NBCC Event pictures


Pictures from NBCC events Advisory Board Dinner 25 March

The Norwegian Ambassador’s Residence, London

From left: Kim Traavik, Norwegian Ambassador, Sidsel Ostad Halvorsen, General Manager NBCC, Martin Falch, President NBCC

It was a lovely evening at the Norwegian Ambassador’s Residence.

Nordic Thursday Drinks 27 March

Hyatt Regency Hotel, London

Yet another great evening at Nordic Thursday Drinks! This time at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. You can join the next Nordic Thursday Drinks here, or have a look at the NBCC calendar on page 16.


News about NBCC Member Companies

News about NBCC Member Companies SAS launches services between Stavanger and Houston

“SAS is launching services between Stavanger and Houston on 20. August. This fulfils the wishes of leading players in the oil industry for better connections between Norway, and the rest of Scandinavia, and Houston, Texas”. Read more.

Wikborg Rein Shipping Offshore Update April 2014 “Financing is a vital part of the shipping and offshore industry. This issue covers the business practice of Chinese banks involved in ship and offshore finance as well as quiet enjoyment letters and how a mortgagee may protect itself through a mortgagee interest insurance. Legal disputes is another topic that players in the shipping and offshore industry will inevitably come across. This Update contains both an article on alternative dispute resolution, and an article on the importance of securing contemporary evidence. You will also find articles on tax, LNG as a marine fuel and interviews with Wikborg Rein’s new faces in Japan and Singapore”. Read the update here.

News about NBCC Member Companies


Dorsey & Whitney “Bitcoin - Calls for Regulation - Part Eight”


David Richardson, Partner at Dorsey & Whitney.

Alesya Tepikina,

“Virtual currencies”, and bitcoin in particular, continued to attract a lot of attention. The sudden shutdowns of Mt. Gox (Japan), a large bitcoin exchange, and Flexcoin (Canada), a bitcoin bank, led to renewed and intensified calls for government authorities from around the world to start regulating virtual currencies. This eUpdate is the eighth part in a series of eUpdates on bitcoin-related topics”. Read the full Bitcoin series here.

Associate at Dorsey & Whitney.

The Eastern Airways 4-4-3 Route Pass - Flight for you for less

“The sky’s the limit with the new Eastern Airways 4-4-3 Route Pass! Offering you up to 25% discount when you purchase four return flights for the price of three. Fares are fully flexible, no change fees. Escape the airport hustle and bustle with access to airport Executive Lounges*” Read more.


News about NBCC Member Companies

EQT Mid Market new majority shareholder in StormGeo The EQT Mid Market fund (“EQT Mid Market”) has agreed to acquire 57.5% of the outstanding shares in StormGeo Holding AS (“StormGeo” or the “Company”) from Reiten & Co, a Norwegian private equity firm, and TV2. DNV GL, the world’s largest ship and offshore classification society, management and employee shareholders, will partner with and invest alongside EQT Mid Market to continue to grow and develop the Company. “We are pleased to have EQT Mid Market as a new majority investor in the Company. EQT’s international standing and experience with global expansion, licensed based business models, both the offshore and the software sector and their extensive global network of Industrial Advisors will help support our continued growth internationally,” said Kent Zehetner, CEO of StormGeo. StormGeo was established in Bergen, Norway, in 1997 as a spin-off from TV2. The Company pioneered weather centric services for the growing offshore Oil&Gas industry and through consistent organic and acquisitive growth StormGeo has developed to become a leading global provider of weather-based, software-enabled decision support for operations at sea. Today, the Company has a global reach with 22 offices in 14 countries and more than 320 employees. Weather is the most frequent cause of business disruption – StormGeo’s services help, among others, rig and vessel operators manage risk, improve planning and reduce down-time and thereby improve operational efficiency while also reducing fuel consumption and increasing onboard safety. The market for weather-based decision support is growing driven by several strong underlying megatrends including climate change and more extreme weather, technology development enabling more advanced products, health, safety and environmental requirements as well as operators focus on operational efficiency.

“We are honored to welcome EQT as new majority shareholder of StormGeo and at the same time expand our current strategic partnership with DNV GL. StormGeo provides its services to very capital intensive industries across the globe, and EQT’s strong track record and longstanding experience in taking mid-sized companies to the next level will help us meet future customer demand. The offshore Oil&Gas and maritime industries are at the cusp of a technological transformation driven by easier access to bandwidth and big data. With our current risk avoidance systems and focus on efficiency, we are very well positioned to benefit from an increased focus on reducing fuel consumption and emission levels and improving onboard safety,” says Erik Langaker, Chairman of StormGeo. “We are deeply impressed by the quality and entrepreneurial mindset of StormGeo’s employees. They have managed to build a strong business on reducing the shipping industries carbon footprint and improving health and safety for the personnel onboard oil rigs. We can only expect the global demand for sustainability and risk management services to increase going forward. We look forward to embarking on a journey to realise the full potential of StormGeo together with management,” says Jannik Kruse Petersen, Partner at EQT Partners, investment advisor to EQT Mid Market. The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction value. The transaction is expected to be completed during Q2 2014. About EQT EQT is the leading private equity group in Northern Europe, with portfolio companies in Northern and Eastern Europe, Asia and the US with total sales of more than EUR 25 billion and over 550,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership. For further information please visit

Read more about StormGeo here.

News about NBCC Member Companies


Aberdeen-Stavanger Gateway - 3rd June

A Scottish company is calling on Norwegian businesses to join with it in exploring the business links and opportunities between two of Europe’s leading energy hubs on June 3rd.

“The inaugural Aberdeen-Stavanger Gateway will be led by key industry speakers from both countries, and will focus on four key themes, namely: operations/production, drilling, subsea and marine. In addition will be advice on finance, tax and legal issues relating to the two key locations. Using the latest technology to provide live video and audio links between the Marcliffe Hotel & Spa in Aberdeen and the Radisson Blu Royal in Stavanger, the lunchtime event will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and exploring opportunities between companies in Scotland and Norway. It is also hoped that it will act as a springboard to strengthen the bonds between the locations, as well as facilitating and expanding opportunities between participating businesses. The Aberdeen-Stavanger Gateway has been created by Granite PR which has an established track record in linking the world’s energy capitals by staging specialist events and networking opportunities. “ Contact

Event Manager Business Plus Scotland (01651) 891790 or email To find out more about Granite PR or any of its services or events, visit or call Granite PR on (01224) 576070 or follow the event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brett Jackson,

Managing Director, Granite PR


News about NBCC Member Companies

NBCC Welcome new Corporate Members NBCC Welcomes Granite PR as a new Aberdeen Corporate Member “Local and proud, global in reach” – Granite PR is the ideal solution for local and global PR requirements. From a laptop on the kitchen table to an international organisation in just five years, the company’s growth has been both consistent and considerable. Offering flexible, bespoke and tailored services delivered by a team of experienced professionals, the company works with a wide range of clients with a particular focus on oil and gas, property and professional services. The importance of working with clients at a strategic level to engage stakeholders and adding value for clients are married with the importance of the synergistic effect of successfully combining PR, networking/events and strategy. Successful value added ventures to date include Granite Networks, Granite Expo and the Aberdeen-Houston Gateway – all of which are to be repeated and/or expanded as Granite PR looks to the future”. Read more abour Granite PR here.

NBCC Welcomes Malmaison Hotel Aberdeen as a new Corporate Member “Looking for a hotel that rocks in the granite city? Right between the Don and the Dee you’ll find the Malmaison Aberdeen. It’s easily the most exciting hotel in Aberdeen, whether you’re there on business, enjoying golf, or simply seeking a romantic city break for two. The Aberdeen hotel puts you at the heart of Scotland’s most surprising city: a place where history and culture co-exist with some of the most stunning scenery on earth. So start your day off with 18 holes, and maybe take in some of the city’s baronial splendour, before cocktails in MALBAR, dinner in our stylish brasserie and perhaps just a wee nightcap in the heavenly Whisky Snug. Och, a wee dram before heading for that incredible bedroom never hurt anybody…” Read more about Malmaison here.

News about NBCC Member Companies


NBCC Welcomes Helly Hansen as a new Corporate Member

“Helly Hansen is a producer of textiles and gear for sports and work on the ocean and in the mountains, headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Today, the brand is recognized for its outdoor sports gear as well as the foul-weather fishing gear that can be seen both on television (Deadliest Catch)and in movies (The Perfect Storm, Touching the void), but is used in all levels of industrial workwear, survival and rescue, and performance outerwear. On the consumer side, Helly Hansen sells to the sailing and snowsports communities, as well as producing apparel and footwear for casual and active use.” Read more about Helly Hansen here.

NBCC Welcomes London Regency Hotel as a new Corporate Member

“The Regency Hotel is situated in a leafy street close to the Royal Albert Hall and just a short walk from Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Harrods and the chic designer boutiques of Knightsbridge. The shopping, theatres, sightseeing and nightlife of the West End are just 10 minutes away by bus or tube”. Book at the London Regency Hotel or find out more about the hotel here.


News about NBCC Member Companies

NBCC Welcomes Tomax UK as a new Corporate Member “Tomax is a privately owned company focused on development and supply of new technology adapted to advanced, modern methods for drilling of oil and gas wells. Formed in 2005, Tomax is focused on developing technology for preventing drilling vibrations and stickslip in cooperation. The work was initially funded by the two largest offshore operators in Norway at the time. Based on the success with the resulting Anti Stick-slip Tool (AST) Tomax has expanded its business to make the product available for rental from several major oilfield hubs around the world. Tomax has won several international prizes for its innovative product as well as for entrepreneurial qualities and business expansion. Tomax objective is to grow the business based on the achieved results on each individual job. By having our sole focus on mitigating vibration problems we can provide a unique level of attention to your well. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a presentation of our capabilities or to discuss your particular challenge”. Read more about Tomax here.

NBCC Welcomes Mercuri Urval as a new Corporate Member “As an organically grown independent company with worldwide spread – Mercuri Urval is a unique consultancy partner to international companies. The Mercuri Urval Global Client Services division meets the special needs of international clients. If you need a global partner that can offer best practice and international consistency in Talent Management, Business Transformation and Executive and Board Services, Mercuri Urval could be your partner. Mercuri Urval’s dedicated consultants work with specialised international business consultants to deliver on your needs. The companies approach combines simplicity with sophistication. Their global partner clients get one point of contact, together with a global network of unrivalled consulting capability with professionals operating from 25 countries in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. As an international company, the integrated solutions are tailored for different cultures, business processes and needs. Through a close relationship with their clients, they are able to match the people and solutions to the unique challenges of each client”. Read more abour Mercuri Urval here.

News about NBCC Member Companies


NBCC Welcomes Stork as a new Aberdeen Corporate Member “Stork’s vision is to be the leading global provider of knowledge based asset integrity services focusing on the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical Sectors. Stork help clients to reduce risk, assure safety and improve environmental performance, and enhance profits through innovative solutions, and integrating ‘Thinking and Doing’. Stork is dedicated to improving asset integrity for clients throughout the asset lifecycle. For clients operating in the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Process, and Power industries, Stork aim to be their ONE partner for life. We are ONE team delivering ONE level of service to our customers from concept through to execution. We offer a wide range of seamless solutions and specialist services across all areas of asset management and maintenance, while always seeking to reduce risk, assure safety and improve environmental performance. Stork key service areas are: • Asset management consultancy • Asset optimisation • Project management • Asset life extension • Maintenance engineering • Design, hook-up & commissioning • Asset integrity management • Relocation & decommissioning • Asset maintenance management” Read more about Stork here.

NBCC Welcomes Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP as a new Aberdeen Corporate Member “With specialist teams in eighteen different services Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP consider themselves a ‘one stop shop’ for accountancy and business advisory services As one of the leading independent firms of Chartered Accountants in Scotland we pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with an exceptional level of service through our extensive knowledge base, our progressive approach and our innovative thinking. We also assure you of personal service delivered by a team committed to you and your business with access to a partner, as you need it. At AAB our business is focused on providing the services that you need, when you need them, to help you grow and improve your business. It’s not about us - it’s about you. You’ll receive a personalised service geared to your business and delivered by a team of professionals seeking to add value. We offer a very wide range of niche advisory services which fully complement our core compliance activity. It is the quality and diversity of this service offering which enables us to provide clients with an all-round solution, tailored to their needs. “ Read more about Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP here.


Membership information

Membership Information

The Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) is an important organisation for the Norwegian-British business community in the UK. NBCC is an independent non-profit organisation with a membership consisting of more than 100 Norwegian and British companies, as well as a large number of personal members. NBCC was founded in 1906 and welcomes companies and individuals from Norway, the UK and other countries, who wish to be part of the business community. Since its creation more than 100 years ago, NBCC has played a significant role in strengthening trade relations between the two countries.

Membership information


Why join the NBCC


BCC connects business people and businesses and facilitates new business opportunities. NBCC membership gives you access to a network of 3000 contacts, including hundreds of Norwegian and British companies.


he benefits of a membership with NBCC are multiple, no matter which type of membership you hold. We have listed some of the benefits on our website. If you want to further explore the opportunities, please contact us to discuss.

NBCC membership gives credibility and opens doors NBCC membership can add credibility and function as a door opener vis-Ă -vis other members of the network. As a non-profit membership organisation, with a more than 100 year long history, NBCC provides a professional and neutral platform for companies and individuals seeking new opportunities.


Membership information

Join Today or Renew If you would like to join as a member or to renew your membership with the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce, the easiest way of registering is to do it online. Below you will find information about how to join.

NBCC Partner: £3300 +VAT All NBCC partners hold a corporate membership with NBCC, but they enjoy many additional privileges and gain stronger visibility through the Chamber. The MD/CEO of the partner company will be invited to take a seat on the Advisory Board. Its formal role is to guide NBCC on its strategic and policy directions, as well as constituting the Norwegian Ambassadors Business Council. The company will be presented as a NBCC partner in the annual Trade Directory and partners’ logos will be used on all external communication. NBCC partners can list 10 managers/ staff members with contact details in the Trade Directory. Partner agreements are renewed on an annual basis unless otherwise agreed. Join as a NBCC Partner

Sole Trader Membership: £200 +VAT / Aberdeen: £150 +VAT Norwegian sole traders with business or business interests in the UK and UK sole traders with business or business interests in Norway can obtain a sole trader membership with NBCC. Sole traders are entitled to purchase events, products and services at membership rates and to receive invitations, e-newsletters and other information from the Chamber. The sole trader's business information and full contact details will be included in the annual Trade Directory. The sole trader will receive the Trade Directory.

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Corporate Membership: £450 +VAT / Aberdeen: £300 +VAT Norwegian companies with business or business interests in the UK and UK companies with business or business interests in Norway can obtain a corporate membership with NBCC. A corporate membership entitles all employees of a single business unit to purchase events, products and services at membership rates and to receive invitations, e-newsletters and other information from the Chamber. 5 managers/staff members can be listed by name and contact details in the annual Trade Directory, in addition to the corporate member’s business information. The listed members will receive the Trade Directory.

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Personal Membership: £50 +VAT Norwegian nationals resident in the UK or individuals of any nationality having an interest in the Norwegian-British community can obtain a personal membership with the Chamber. A personal membership will give access to all social events, but there will be limited access to B2B events. Personal members will receive invitations, the Trade Directory, e-newsletters and other information from the Chamber. Personal members will be registered by name only in the annual Trade Directory.

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Connecting people & businesses

Connections issue 3  

The regular briefing from the Norwegian-British chamber of commerce

Connections issue 3  

The regular briefing from the Norwegian-British chamber of commerce