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“How the Bears make their mark”

Bears Shave Hair to be Cancer-aware Jennie Deering ’12 Staff Writer



Bears Beating Cancer, better known as BBC, is a group started by Sophomore Aiden Whalen with advisor Mr. Anastasia. The club’s focus is to get students in NHS as well as the Norwalk Community to become involved and join causes to raise money for cancer research. Recently, the club has organized a group of students to go to the Norwalk

Hospital Whittingham Cancer Center and Sally’s Walk/Run, at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk on May 12, 2012. The annual organized Walk/Run raised over $400,000 last year to help enhance the lives of patients and their families dealing with cancer. Continued on page 3...

Photo Credits: Bill Martin


Caylie Sheridan ’12 Staff Writer

On March 7, the Connecticut General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee heard testimony on H.B. 5389, a bill that could finally provide seriously ill medical marijuana patients with the protection they deserve, according to the Marijuana Policy Project. However, Connecticut is thinking of legalizing medicinal marijuana that does not make it open to all users. On April 20, 2012 a proposal moved to the House of Representatives. “The bill allows a qualifying patient to alleviate symptoms of a debilitating medical condition by using medical marijuana legally, rather than the current system of obtaining questionable drugs illegally,” stated the judiciary committee. If this law is passed, users will have to have strong reasoning to be able to retrieve the herb, and everyone will not be able to get it from a dispensary. “A palliative use of Marijuana has been endorsed by many associations, and doctors have testified the use of marijuana for patients” said Senator Bob Duff who went on to say, “This will be endorsed by medical professionals under certain medical conditions. If it were abused it would come down on

them with the law.”

marijuana will be passed because many medical associations have stated and proved that medical marijuana relieves pain, in other ways that prescription drugs do not.” On April 26, the House of Representatives passed the medicinal marijuana Phot o Cr edit bill, and now it will have to go through :M r. K ar l the State Senate. If and when Senator Bob Duff, signs the bill, then all that has to happen at that point is for the governor to sign it. Relating this topic to Norwalk High School, fifty students were asked a serious of questions about the topic. Thirty-eight out of the fifty believe that marijuana should be legal not just for medicinal use. Also twentyeight students out of the same fifty believe that if marijuana were legal this c e r n country would get out of debt. Students’ that there remain doubts and concern defense to that statement is that it would about the conflict of what this law help decrease the amount of debt, espewould establish with federal law and I cially if there was a tax put on it. don’t think that’s something we should “I feel that students are not really disregard or take lightly. It has less to aware of the proposal, and just go along do with evidence that’s been produced with it. I feel that all kids are going to about the assistance it might provide in think weed is legalized, and not just for certain circumstances for health purpos- medicinal purposes” stated Danny Mues,” noz (‘12). Many officials such as former GovMedicinal marijuana most likely ernor Jodi Rell even vetoed the bill will be open to users that have strong when she ran as Governor according to enough reasoning to use it. A person associated press reporter Keith M. Pha- with horrible migraines for example neuf. will not be qualified to retrieve mariSenator Duff stated, “Medical juana like a person with cancer would.

Students Park on the Dark Side of the Lot Ryan Halloran ’12 Staff Writer

The parking lot at Norwalk High School has become overpopulated as more and more students receive their licenses. With more cars come more violations, and the security staff has decided to crack down. In the parking lot, a yellow line is drawn to separate the staff parking from the student parking. If one comes out of the school and looks at it, to the right of the line is where staff parks and to the left is where students are allowed to park. In addition, students can park anywhere in the three tiers next to the science wing except by the dumpsters near the softball field where the custodians park. Mr. Robin Beavers, the head of the security department, has been handing out tickets to those students who have parked in the staff parking. “You are only going to get a ticket right now if you park in staff parking. If you do not have a parking sticker, I am only going to give you a ticket if we do not have enough parking, but I feel like we do,” stated Beavers. The fines are as followed: a $10 fine will be given if a student parks in a staff parking spot, a $20 fine will be given if a student parks crooked in a staff parking spot, and a $30 fine will be given if a student parks crooked in a staff parking spot without a parking sticker. If a student does not pay the ticket, it becomes an obligation that will follow them all the way to graduation. Mrs. Pat Yarnold, B-House secretary, manages Photo Credit: Lucas Keogh

Medical Marijuana Comes to Ct

VOLuMe Vi, iSSue 5

However, some people are not for this law to get passed. Associated press reporter Rep. David A. Scribner, who voted against the bill, said, “I think it’s of great con-

An NHS Student Reacts to the Tickets She Receives

all of the parking stickers and receives all of the parking tickets that Mr. Beavers issues. She explained, “I get a copy of the ticket and then I distribute them to the corresponding house offices.” If a student does not own up to the ticket, Yarnold said, “We can run the license plate number with the police.” Students have been found repeatedly parking in staff parking, forcing Mr. Beavers to start handing out tickets. He explained, “I started giving them out right before break. I have only given out about twenty, but those students have not gone back [in the staff parking spots].” Students that have received parking tickets are furious. Jon Wilkins (’12), who received a $10 fine, said, “It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I have parked in that spot many times before, and now all of a sudden I have to pay a ticket fine without warning? The school should have been enforcing this rule all year long.” Mrs. Pam Russo, a math teacher who has warned several students not to park in the staff parking, said, “If they are going to have separate parking, then enforce it. If not, then do not have it.” The only way to avoid getting a ticket right now is to park to the left of the yellow line. If it is overpopulated, students can park in the science wing to avoid giving up their lunch money.

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JuNe 2012

Student Graduation Rates Become a Scary Sight Lillianna Byington ’14

Business Editor

As many students desire to finally hold that high school diploma, others choose to drop out before that prestigious paper is at hand. Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, Bridgeport, and more are all competing Fairfield County schools. However, the true competition lies in how many of each school’s seniors actually graduate and why those are the percentages. In some towns, not receiving a high school diploma would be a tragedy unwilling for many to take, and a college degree is next on their list. Though in other school districts, graduation is a huge accomplishment and college is the least bit of a guarantee.

According to Fox News, “Nation wide about 70 percent of the United States high school students graduate with a regular diploma on time while 1.2 million drop out annually.” Connecticut’s overall graduation rate increased from 75.2 percent in 1998 to 79.4 percent in 2003, but it has remained flat since. However, nine thousand of Connecticut’s high school students in 2011 did not graduate. “I think that stereotypes have a lot to do with those percentages but then I also think that Norwalk can do better than that. This doesn’t affect my future because I will graduate and go to college,” stated Susana Herrera (’14). is a website that keeps records of Connecticut’s high school academic progress. According to their website, the graduation rates in 2008 which have flat lined for each district: Bridgeport 55.4%, Norwalk 76.7%,


Fairfield 92.8%, Stamford 75.6%, Westport 97.7%, and New Canaan 94.1%. Estephania Aguilar (’14) said, “I think that the percentages seem reasonable based on stereotypes, but I think that the Norwalk District graduation rate should be higher. It’s pretty disappointing.” Brien McMahon High School had 28% of their students test AP and 17% pass while Norwalk High School had 29.6% test AP and 26% pass. With the economy in demise, not having a college diploma is not horrific, however not having a high school diploma is hopeless. Do not let the percentages define any of Norwalk High’s students, be a part of the solution not the problem; graduate.

Graduation Becomes Just Timing for Graduation Another School Assembly Becomes a Hassle for Some Kylie Coppola ’13

Sports Editor

Graduation at Norwalk High School this year is taking place on June 15th at 4:00 pm. Every year at graduation we have a routine proceeding that has not changed much at all over the past few years, and some people are starting to question if all the unnecessary things are taking away from the graduating class’ glory. At the Norwalk High Graduation each year there are only two students who make a speech through out the entire event, the valedictorian and salutatorian. The rest of the speakers consist of the president of the Board of Education, Principal Mecca, Superintendent Marks, and Mayor Moccia. “I do think they should choose other people to speak other than the valedictorian and the salutatorian. Academic performance should not play a factor in who gets a privilege of addressing the class. It should be someone who the class feels as a whole can represent us and speak about our experiences.” Victoria Price, senior class vice president. As for the tickets, five are allotted to each student for their family members and the proceedings go on for about an hour and ten minutes. It takes place on the school turf and in the school gymnasium if the weather does not permit to be outside. People however are beginning to complain and saying that more students should be able to speak instead of all the nonsense said by the other faculty speaking that the students truthfully do not really care about. Neighboring schools around Norwalk, such as Ridgefield and Fairfield Ward, are a different story. At each school there are two or three more student speakers, and for some there are exclusively student speakers. At Fairfield Ward there are three speeches given. The Valedictorian, the Salutatorian, and a class speaker give one speech each. A committee of students and faculty chooses the class speaker, and anybody

Juliana Cole ’12

can submit a piece. A t Ridgefield H i g h School as well there is a stud e n t speaker in addition to a Va l e d i c torian, but no Salutatorian. There are several administrators who speak as well, but who they are could vary, and each person’s speech is very brief. With graduation getting nearer, many students will not be able to share their feelings about the school with everyone. With the administrators taking up most of the a s s e m b l y, many may forget how special the ceremony is.

Staff Writer

A s opposed to previous years, superintendent the Board of Education has decided to schedule Norwalk High School and Brien McMahon High School’s graduation on the same day, June 15. While Norwalk High’s Class of 2012 will assemble to begin their ceremony at four o’clock, McMahon students will make their way onto their field, weather permitting, just a few hours later at six o’clock. Every other year, McMahon and Norwalk High’s graduations have been on two different, consecutive days, making it much easier for friends from both schools to attend both graduations. The sudden change this year makes it almost impossible for people to do so.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” declared Ashley Balunek (’12). “So many students and parents are associated with both schools in some way. Having graduations on the same day is a big inconvenience to many people,” she continued. Despite students’ opinions of the backto-back graduations, the Board of Education did have a rationale when making the decision. Superintendent Susan Marks affirmed, “The graduations are on the same night due to the fact that we did not have a staggered opening this year, and we need to ensure that we are meeting the required number of days for school attendance.” Because it was NHS’ turn to graduate first this year and both graduations are now on the same day, administrators had to schedule the commencement ceremony to begin on the Testa Field much earlier in the day than usual. Having it begin at four o’clock adds yet another inconvenience to friends and families of the graduates, as June 15 is a Friday, and most adults do not get out of work until five o’clock during the week. The earliness of graduation is bothersome to students as well. “I wish our graduation was later in the day like it used to be. Ours is too early now,” stated Tyler Hiller (’12). Being that he was not involved in the decision that was made, Mr. Mecca is one of many who does not fully support the new graduation schedule. “My preference would be to have it the way it was set up. We were originally scheduled to have ours on the Thursday and McMahon’s was just going to be on Friday, but we’ll just have to adapt,” he commented. Mrs. Koroshetz, principal of BMHS, seemed to be in full support of the change, however. She stated, “I do not foresee any problems with the ceremonies taking place the same day. This was a long-standing practice in a district I worked in before Norwalk. We may be lucky because now everyone will be keeping their fingers crossed for sunshine on the same day!” Since there is nothing that can be done about it now, it seems that both classes of 2012 in the city of Norwalk will have to accept the change and graduate within a five hour time frame on June 15.





NEVADA (50.5%)

MAINE (87.6%)



Norwalk High School Graduation Rate: 86.6%

Her 18 Year Dedication


June 2012

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Obama for Gay Marriage austin Boger ’12

After being transferred to Norwalk High eighteen years ago, Ms.Verel is more than excited to cross a new path as she enters her retirement. Not only is this D House Counselor a dedicated worker, she is an active member within the community. Her latest project that she is proud to take part in Norwalk Grows, which is a program that is encouraging to put organic vegetable gardens in all nineteen of the schools within the district. “I’m more than excited for these gardens because obesity is a huge problem within the country and being able to be a part of something that will steer children into a different direction is amazing,” stated Ms.Verel, who added, “To see the gardens come into full circle is wonderful.” Aside from her volunteer work, this grandmother of a beautiful baby girl plans on spending as much time as possible with her family as well as traveling. Throughout the years, Ms.Verel has come across numerous situations, but at the end of the day she enjoys the lessons she learns from her students. “The best thing is being able to watch students grow and develop over the four year course at Norwalk High. Watching kids overcome difficult situations and become successful is so rewarding and

On a May 9 interview with ABC News, President Barrack Obama announced his support for the legalization of samesex marriage, becoming the first sitting president to hold this view. He told ABC’s Robin Roberts, “At a certain point I’ve just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that same-sex couple should be able to get married.” The announcement came after Vice President Joe Biden revealed his support for the issue a few days earlier on NBC’s Meet the Press. “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men marrying women are entitled the same exact rights.” According to White House officials, Obama had planned to make this announcement on May 15th episode of ABC’s The View, but was rushed by pressure following Biden’s comments. After the President’s announcement, the Vice President apologized to the President for putting him into an uncomfortable position. The President elaborated on his comments at a New York City fundraiser. “I want everybody to be treated fairly in this country.” He concluded that marriage equality “strengthens families,” which counters the opposing belief that the

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

worth my time,” Verel commented. One student who intends to make Ms.Verel proud is Farrah Marin (’12) who wrote her college essay on her. “I am really happy for Ms.Verel. She is like a second mother to me and I am excited for her new start. She deserves to play in her garden everyday and I will miss her so much,” said Marin (’12). As the warm-hearted counselor is set to say her goodbyes, it has become a bittersweet subject for her as she ends her career on a positive note. “Being transferred to Norwalk High is the best thing that has happened in my career because it has been a pleasure working with the dedicating staff within the building.”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Gonzalez

homosexual community is a n t i - f a m i l y. T h e P r e s i d e n t ’s view on samesex marriage has changed over the years. During his presidential campaign four years ago, his position was, “marriage is a union between a man and woman.” Throughout his presidency, he has been a supporter of civil unions for same-sex couples. In recent years, he has constantly said that his views were “evolving.” However, in a 1996 interview, when Obama was running for Illinois State Senate, he stated, “I favor legalizing samesex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” This was eight years before same-sex marriage was legalized for the first time in Massachusetts. “It’s politics,” says Zach Stack (’12) “Obama thinks it will help him win the election.” With the 2012 Presidential Election nearing it is still unclear whether or not this position will be beneficial to his reelection. Recent polls regarding same-sex marriage show that a slight majority favors same-sex marriage. The stance will most likely be favorable to most of his base, but there is no doubt that it will alienate some independent voters.

grade, and we had the same musical style,” stated Szwec, who added “When I met Graham Jackson last year it seemed stupid not to start the band.” With all these bands in the school, it gets harder to write original songs. Some musicians look hard get ideas for songs. “The one thing that I really look for in music is melodies and lyrics,” stated Kyle Capone (’12), bassist and vocalist for the band Until Euphoria. “Lyrics are one of the most important things in music, and melodies provide value and really give the song some meaning,” he continued. No matter if someone likes death metal or ska, chances are that if they have the drive, they will find the people and the motivation to start a great band. These people have gone through the hardest part already, and they all plan to stick with it until the end.

Clockwise from left: Forgetting Fame (Alex Figueiras, Justin Ramirez, Luis McElaney, Juan Velasquez);Until Euphoria (Kyle Capone, Tyler Telesco, David Ely); Vienna (Graham Jackson, Will Szwec, James Luchessi)

Photo Credit: Vienna

If there is one thing Norwalk High School is known for, it is its music program. Teachers in the department have made a name for themselves in the city, if not the state. However, many students have found musical success outside of the classroom. Teen bands are a very common theme throughout the school. Many NHS students have gotten together to form their own bands, ranging from grunge-funk to post-hardcore. “I just love how it feels, the whole atmosphere,” stated Justin Ramirez, NHS senior and guitarist for band Forgetting Fame. “Rocking out is mad fun,” he continued. These bands but extreme amounts of work and effort into their music, and it shows as well. Most of the bands at the school perform almost all original songs written by them. “Every song we have is original. We write all of our work,” stated Will Szwec (’13), who is the drummer for Vienna, another band at NHS. These students also look at other bands for direction and influence. Almost all of them have written music through inspiration of other bands, such as The Beatles, Nirvana, or even Four Year Strong. These motivating bands all started the same way, with a group of friends starting from the bottom to make it big. “It all started when I met James Luchessi in eigth

Photo Credit: Forgetting Fame

Lucas Keogh ’13

News Editor

Photo Credit: Until Euphoria

Teen Bands Rock Out at NHS

Photo Credit: http://obeygian

Stephanie Gonzalez ’12


Bears Shave Hair to be Cancer-Aware (continued from page 1) to have as many people as they can donate money, and the volunteer will then get his/her head shaved. Some of the volunteers include NHS’ very own, Mr. Anastasia, Mr. Harbolis, Mr. Foldeak, Mr. O’Shaughnessy, Mr. Karl, and Mr. Seaburg. “The BBC organizing the St Baldrick’s event is just another example of how awesome and involved the NHS community is,” said advisor, Mr. Anastasia. Whether a person wants to volunteer, donate, or just come and support, be there on June 9 to help BBC raise money for such an important and wonderful cause. See Mr. Anastasia for more information on how to get involved. BBC along with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is shaving the way to conquer kids cancer.

Photo Credit: Bill Martin

BBC’s newest project is to raise money for the St. Baldricks’s Foundation. The foundation is a ‘volunteerdriven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.’ The foundation raised over $136 million since it started in 2000. The official St. Baldrick’s website states “With these proceeds a new cure for Neuroblastoma (the most common kind of children’s cancer) was found, the cure rate for the most common type of childhood cancer was improved, the cure rate was raised from 20% to 70% for rare type of childhood leukemia”, and they have accomplished much more. Now the BBC club is taking on the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and holding a volunteer event on June 9, 2012 at NHS from 12 PM to 3 PM. The job of the volunteer is

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June 2012

The Deadliest Text kylie coppola ’13

Staff Writer

Recently in Norwalk a devastating event occurred, where a sixteen year old girl from New Canaan, fatally hit a pedestrian who was jogging on the side of the road, and killed him. This catastrophe is causing people to be much more aware of the dangers of texting and driving, and causing authorities to be much more strict when it comes to catching people doing it, This accident caused the death of Kenneth Dorsey, a 44-year-old Norwalk resident. The girl who hit him is being charged with negligent homicide with a motor vehicle, using a cell phone under the age of 18 while driving a car, and failure to drive in the correct lane. Normally you would not expect to see a young girl get charged with such things and sent to prison over a juvenile delinquent facility, but the point of this was to make an example to show people how connect they are to their phones and the consequences of it. Not only for new drivers, but adults as well.

“I don’t know much about the case, but the charges that were given were fair. I think it will send out a strong message to kids about distracted driving.” Said Officer Fitzmaurice from the Norwalk Police Department. Everywhere recently there has been frenzy about finding ways to keep people from doing such irresponsible things from behind the wheel. Insurance companies are looking into lowering the rates if you have a cell phone blocker in your car, or even a device that shuts your phone off completely when it is in motion. “People get the impression that they can divide their attention, but when you need to drive, you need to drive.” Said Officer Haggerty, from the Norwalk Police Department. Currently the driver of the vehicle is in trial and is facing prison time, with the amount currently undecided. She could receive up to 6 months for negligent homicide charge if she gets convicted, and also a $175 fee for license restoration.

Color War Lost Its Colors matt brown ’13 Opinion Editor

has upset  so many people through out Norwalk High School.” “Color War last year was a fun experience in high school. They (Students) showed their creativity and it was easy to get extra credit.” said Nic Zuniga (‘12). Last years Student Government President Ricky

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

On May 21, 2012 Mrs. Forte held an induction ceremony for students entering the Universidad Salamanca Chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society, a first for the school.

NHS Holds First Bear Fair anastasia phillips ’14 Staff Writer

The Norwalk High School’s first Bear Fair was held May 12th in the NHS parking lot. Bear Fair is an event where booths are set up and run by members and advisors of NHS clubs and activities. The event was planned and created by Nicole Chairmonte (12’). Attending the fair were many clubs, including Bears Beating Cancer, Painting For Puppies, the Gay Straight Alliance, and the Guitar Club. Also at the fair were KG cupcakes and ROTC. Bear Fair was considered both a success and a disappointment. “Half of the booths that were supposed to be there weren’t,” said disappointed NHS senior Jared Phillips (12’). Jared is a member of Academic Club, which had a ring toss booth at Bear Fair. He spent from 9 to 2 at his booth, working hard to convince people to contribute to the club and play a game of ring toss. However, much candy, which was given out as prizes, was left over from the event when Academic Club packed up their booth around 2:30. Only an estimated 150 people visited Bear Fair, which to some people seems like a large number, but to others is too low. “We should have advertised more. Put up posters around town,” said Jared. “We had posters up in school and

ads in the Paw Print, and I think we had an ad in the town paper, but not everyone has time to read the paper.” Groups like the Paw Print and Bears Beating cancer barely raised any profit after deducting costs for the event. The Paw Print raised $2 and BBC raised $1. Along with raising money, many Bear Fair volunteers also raised sunburns. Rachel Hara (14’) gained scorching sunburns across her shoulders and back. “I got it from spending all day Saturday outside.” Rachel was another volunteer at the Academic Club booth, which unfortunately did not have a tent overhead like the Paw Print or Painting For Puppies. Some students wonder if the pain and time were worth the little money their groups made. However, this year Bear Fair was in its experimental first stage, and many hope that next year Bear Fair will be bigger and better.

Data Match Uses Math to Find the Perfect Love tyler brown ’13

Staff Writer

Data Match and the students were matched according to their responses on the survey. The finished matches were then distributed to the students,” Elkas continued. When the students were handed their matches some first reactions were very funny and some were very true. “First of all, it’s kind of funny. Personality wise some of us matched up very well and I even have classes with some of my matches. I think its weird because one of my matches was my cousin and another I actually dated!” Ny-Aja Boyd exclaimed. Since this fundraiser is new to the current students at NHS, there was not a large amount of participation. The fundraiser profited just about $100, after paying the company for their services. “We didn’t make as much as I had hoped but now that more people know about it I am confident that next year will be more profitable,” Elkas added. Even though this year’s fundraiser was not a huge success, money was still raised to help the junior class pay the expenses for prom.

In early February, 75 students at Norwalk High School participated in a junior class fundraiser. This fundraiser was a special version of Match. com that would help students find that special someone within the school. “There were about 10 different surveys to choose from. Once I found the one that Norwalk High students would like the most I made 100 copies and sold them for $2 each,” Ms. Elkas, Junior Class Advisor explained. Many students were timid about filling out the surveys, but for Michael Bonebrake (’13), the need for a prom date drove him to participate. “I did not know who to ask to prom and I was getting nervous. I then saw terrifically advertised signs telling me how I could find my prom date. I did not get my match until today and it was too late so I just played it safe and asked my girlfriend,” Bonebrake stated. “Once the fundraiser was over, I sent out the results to

From left to right the candidate inductees are: Jeremy Falcone, Ana Galarza, Steven Gasparini, Mackenzie Gross, Nicholas Lampman, Kali McGown, and Michael Morabito. -Congratulations

Photo Credits: Kylie Coppola

Joslyn (‘11) stated. “Well, I think it’s really unfortunate that Color War won’t happen this year. It has always been a really positive and overall enjoyable experience for the students. We found it increased school spirit, cooperation between students of different grades, and became a true cultural icon that students appreciated.” Mr. Von Arter was also in favor of another group or after school club to take over Color War. “The student desire is there, if we can have kids come to the gym one day, then we can do this.” added Von Arter Color War was something that most of the NHS staff and students enjoyed doing. If Color War went on a hiatus there are rumors it is not forever. Photo Credits: Emily Roddy

For the first time in many years is the annual weekly tradition of Color War did not tak place this school year. “This is complete tomfoolery. I am utterly disappointed  that they took Color War.” explained Sam Genovese (‘13).  CW was a weeklong event that took place towards the end of the year. The student’s would be split up into two teams the Freshmen & Juniors vs. the Sophomores & Seniors. “It was enjoyable to see people show their personality. It was a fun and exciting week and the current freshmen would have loved it” said Nate Cutting (’14). Last Year, “Color War” was operated by NHS’s Student Government. One of the advisors of Student

Government, social-studies teacher Mr. Von Arter explained. “We as a student government had given Color War over to another organization to do this. “The Group” did not go through with it and dropped the ball”. This unfortunate  reason for to end of Color War









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June 2012



D.A.R.E. Needs a More Resistant and Effective Meaning

If you were a student in the Norwalk Public School system, you may recall a friendly police officer coming to your class to talk about drug use. Chances are that he was involved with a program known as Drug Abuse Resistance Education, better known as DARE, which is an international education program that helps seek out the prevention of drug use in teenagers. DARE is an important program in the world, but unfortunately it is a program that is not as effective. DARE is used in nearly 80% of the school districts in the United States, in 54 other countries around the world, and is taught to 36,000,000 students each year. It is safe to say that the DARE program is popular throughout the entire world. The problem with the DARE program is the effectiveness of the program. According to Alcohol Abuse Prevention, “The U.S. Department of Education prohibits schools from spending its funding on DARE because the program is completely ineffective in reducing alcohol and drug use.” The ineffectiveness of DARE has become a huge problem for everyone in the entire

Photo Credit:

Matt Brown ’13

Opinion Editor

world; it has even been a problem to the people who are involved in DARE itself. Some students believe that DARE does not influence students away from drugs.

“I think the DARE program tries to help, but can only give advice and facts about drugs. The only things that can actually do are help students make good choices,” explained Gabriel Allum (’15). DARE’s ineffectiveness has also prevented drug use in itself. According to the Alcohol Abuse Prevention, a study showed a 29% increase in drug usage and a 34% increase in tobacco usage among students participating in DARE. According to the National Academy of Sciences, scientific evaluation studies have consistently shown that DARE is ineffective in reducing the use of alcohol and drugs and is sometimes even counterproductive. “DARE is doing a good job, but they need to prove things more,” says Chris Denke (’14). With all the evidence that shows the ineffectiveness of DARE, hopefully some day the program will be able to change their curriculum and prevent teenagers from taking drugs.

NHS Dodgeball Tournament Helps Coyne’s Organization

Hayley Gola ’12

The third annual Norwalk High School Dodgeball Tournament came to a close when Julie Coyne received a check for about $4500 for her organization: Education and Hope. As you all know, on March 30, the 3rd annual Dodge ball Tournament took place, with Principal Mecca’s team, Mecca’s Ninjas, taking home the gold. The real reason everyone was there was to raise money for Coyne’s organization, Education and Hope, which improves access to education among impoverished children in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty. Over 200 kids and 25 teachers participated in the giant tournament, lasting almost three hours until the

Photo Credit: Hayley Gola

Staff Writer

top team was crowned. “We are really proud of how it turned out,” said National Honor Society copresident Melissa Rojo (’12). “It was a really nice connection between the kids here and the kids in Guatemala,” said Julie Coyne. Coyne went on to say that there was nothing on this scale when she attending NHS, but it is awesome that it is here now. “The fact that it was an alumni made it more meaningful,” said Mecca. In previous years, the Dodgeball Tournament raised money for the Norwalk Shelter

Julie Coyne receives her check from National Honor Society co-presidents, Alex Libre and Melissa Rojo.

and for refugees in Haiti. “Each person who attended represented one person that would be touched,” said Coyne. “This tournament makes us a special unique place. Where else can you get 300 people throwing things at each other with 300 people watching?” commented Mecca. “We are already working on next year,” added Mecca. It does not seem like the tournament will stop anytime soon, and who knows where the money will go next.


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JuNe 2012

artS & eNtertaiNMe Nt


Aer Floats to Fame with Ease Tyler Brown ’13

Staff Writer

Visit their website for information about tour dates, lyrics, merchandise and more.

There are thousands of new artists in todays music industry and it is becoming very difficult to become successful, but for Aer (pronounced “Air”) fame was an easy task to accomplish. David von Mering and Carter Schultz of Wayland, Massachusetts have created a sound of their own. Mixing reggae, acoustic pop and indie rock with heavy hip-hop influences, the band has created a type of music similar to that of Slightly Stoopid, yet still maintains their own unique style. As of now, the band has released three mixtapes. After releasing their first mixtape entitled “Water on the Moon”, many college music blogs

picked up on the band and began spreading their name around. Soon enough, Aer was lined up for performances at colleges such as Lehigh University, University of Vermont, and Syracuse University. Their next mixtape, “The Reach,” was sponsored by their biggest college music blog supporter, Good Music All Day, and has been downloaded over 50,000 times since its early 2011 release. “Feel I Bring,” the band’s first iTunes single made the front of the Reggae category when iTunes placed it in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the program. The most recent mixtape that the band has produced is “What You Need.” This four-song mixtape has made it to the number one album on the iTunes hip-hop

charts and has been placed in the top ten iTunes overall album charts. Aer has come a long way from producing music in their basement to now touring the United States with artists such as Cisco Adler, Shwayze, and Hoodie Allen. They are going to be performing on the first day of The Bamboozle Festival with today’s big artists such as Skrillex, Mac Miller, and Casey Veggies of Odd Future. Aer has made it big even though they are just “Comin’ from a Basement”. This style of music is something that people of this generation just do not hear often and once they listen they will be hooked right away.

Norwalk’s New and Nautical Clothing Line Photo Credit: Tyler Brown

Dertbag. Front Yard Staff Writer Funk. Now, Sound Clothing Company. Students from Norwalk High School and St. Joseph High School have teamed up to start a clothing line of their own. Sound Clothing Company is a nautical-themed clothing company started by best friends Tyler Brown (’13), A.J. Aitoro (St. Joseph ’12), and his brother Mike Aitoro (St. Joseph ’13). The three boys have been tie-dyeing plain white T-shirts as a trial run in the Aitoro’s garage. Once they get it down to perfection, these shirts will be on the market for anyone who wishes to purchase them. “For about three years now we have been planning on making shirts. I have many design ideas on my computer at home, so the future of the company can be bright,” stated Brown. The shirts that are being made will have the words “Sound Clothing Company” on the front of the shirt, with the area code 06855 and a lighthouse on the back of the shirt. These shirts plain will sell for $15 and the tie-dyed shirts will sell for $20. “I wanted to start a company that has a sick design that everyone likes,” said Mike Aitoro.

Ryan Halloran ’12

Along with designing shirts, the boys are also planning on making tank tops and shorts in the summertime. They plan on getting an artist sketch of the Norwalk Islands for the back of some of the clothing to replace the lighthouse. To do this, a silk-screen will be purchased to transfer the image onto the shirts. A.J. wanted to start the company to represent his hometown. “We just wanted to make shirts that expressed the Long Island Sound and where we live in the 06855,” he said. “I am not expecting it to be as big as other Norwalk companies. We just like to make the clothes that we like to wear and if anybody else wants to wear it, they know where to get it,” stated Brown. Although the boys’ shop is only in a garage, they are looking to transfer their location. “There is a vacant building that my grandfather owns in Cove Marina. We are going to try to set up the shop in the summer,” explained Brown. This new location will serve as a pop-up shop where people can visit to purchase the clothing. The three boys are optimistic that once they get the basics down, their company will be represented all over Norwalk.

Unlikely Duo Proves To Be Comedic Gold Matt Brown ’13

Opinion Editor

Academy-Award nominated actor, Jonah Hill, and rising star, Channing Tatum, bring together one of the most-action packed thrillers and laughout-loud comedies to the big screen last March. 21 Jump Street is an action-comedy film that was a based on the 1980’s crime drama TV series of the same name. In the film, two undercover cops Morton Schmidt (Hill) and Greg Jenko (Tatum) are sent back to high school to take down a drug-ring that is taking place through the students of the high school. Movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes referred to the movie as “a smart, affectionate satire of ‘80s nostalgia and teen movie tropes, 21 Jump Street offers rowdy mainstream

comedy with a surprisingly satisfying bite.” 85% of critics gave the film a positive review on the website. The film also received over $127 million dollars in the box office in North America and over $39 million dollars in other countries. The film was able to earn over $166 million dollars in the box office all together throughout the entire world. The thing that made this movie click with audiences was the fact that it was one of the funniest films that have been shown in theaters in a long time. It also showed great action sequences, great scenes of high school life, and it would simply entertain you from the beginning to the end. All of the actors had great performances through out the movie. Ice Cube had a stand-out performance during the film and was a big surprise, as well playing the funny but serious Captain Dickson. This movie was able make you laugh out of your seat, amaze you by the great actionshots and sequences as well as entertain you throughout the one hour and forty-nine minutes. Hill and Tatum were no doubt one of the best comedic duos in recent memory and 21 Jump Street was able to give much laughter, much amazement, and it worth each each penny you spent on seeing it.



artS aND eNtertaiNMeNt

Shoes can be worn for more than a mere fashion statement, and costumers of TOMS are wearing their shoes to represent a greater cause. “Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at play, doing chores or going to school, these children are at risk,” states the TOMS website. Based on these unprotected feet, Blake Mycoskie decided to start a movement to help children in need.


The TOMS motto is “one for one”, meaning when a customer purchases a pair of shoes, a child in a foreign country receives a pair as well. The program began in 2006 and in that year alone, 10,000 pairs of shoes were delivered to children in Argentina. This number has multiplied and now, “Thanks to our amazing customers, as of September 2010, TOMS has given over 1,000,000 pairs of new shoes to children in need around the world,”

announced the site.

TOMS currently provides shoes in over twenty countries worldwide, finding communities that will benefit from their shoes due to health, economic, and educational needs. TOMS relies on the guidance of “giving partners”, which are humanitarian organizations that have experience in the countries they serve and who order the sizes of shoes that the children in their community need. Explaining their choice to supply shoes, TOMS emphasizes that children develop disease transmitted from the soil as well as cuts or sores that become infected. More significantly, many children cannot attend school because shoes are required as a part of their uniform, and therefore lose out on the crucial opportunity to receive an education.

To ensure that children are allowed to attend

Haunting the Screen to the Stage Lillianna Byington ’14

school, TOMS most frequently gives black, unisex canvas slip-ons, since according to their webpage, “Black shoes are required for school in many countries, and the sturdy sole allows children to run and play with their feet protected.”

Many celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Mila Kunis, and even Zac Efron and The Jonas Brothers have sported these shoes. If you would like to take part in this worldwide movement and enjoy the simple style of a classic TOMS pair of shoes, purchase one on www.toms. com and help the children in need realize they do have a future.

Nicole Dunsmore ’13

Executive Editor

Translation from a movie to a musical is difficult to do, but the great concept of Ghost made the switch definitely worth seeing.



it: pla


of Oda Mae Brown. She was captivating in her scenes and left the audience wanting more. Her hilarious antics and side jokes kept the audience loose and laughing. Another impressive role was played by Bryce Pinkham, portraying Carl Bruner. In Ghost, he was the character that indirectly caused the star’s death. His portrayal of Carl was believable through his intensity and fear when actions of a ghost were being done to him. Other important roles were played adequately and contributed well to the story’s plot as a musical, but were not worthy of individual accolades. Going along with the play’s name, Ghost, their special effects and illusionary set design were not only exciting, but also could have the audience forgetting it was a stage. One impressive scene included the star, Sam Wheat, played by Richard Fleishman, walking through a closed door, an allusion deceiving to the audience. Ghost is certainly worth a seat inside that theater. Being able to achieve the same element of surprise in a musical on Broadway as a movie is an accomplishment worthy of recognition.

Page 9


Staff Writer From the big screen to Broadway’s stage, the famous 1990s movie Ghost has had a big transition. Ghost has turned into a musical playing in New York City on Broadway, which is a huge accomplishment for the musical director, David Holcenberg. The show is about Sam Wheat, a man who is stuck in between worlds after having his life taken as he tries to find his killer and protect his love as a ghost. Taking this on was indeed a difficult task especially with the movie’s major success. The hit movie starred Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg and won two Academy Awards. After watching the show, the alterations done to make the movie a musical seemed to be overall a success. Despite the fact that some scenes’ vocals may have been a tad over done and elaborate. This gave the audience a sense that the director was torn between staging a musical versus a drama. The actress Da’vine Joy Rudolph played the role

JuNe 2012

Repetitive Movies Continue to Attract Fans Lucas Keogh ’13

News Editor This April, moviegoers across the world spent millions of dollars to go see The Hunger Games movie, except it seems as though the movie has come out many times before. Every year or so, a new movie comes out in theaters that seems to have a redundant aspect to it. It will most likely be a movie based off a book that was directed towards teenagers or children, but attracts people of all age groups. This movie ‘genre’ includes the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, and the brand-new-to-theaters The Hunger Games series. Children and adults alike go as far as camping outside of their local movie theater in anticipation for this new blockbuster. One may wonder why people are so excited for a movie if they do not even know how good it is. For some, it is because they have read the book and they already know the quality of the story. For most of the audience, however, it is almost as if they are subconsciously attracted to the movie because they have already seen many movies like it before.



All the previously mentioned series have very similar aspects. It stars a teenager who is unhappy with their life, but then is introduced to a new world full of either futuristic culture or supernatural characters. Suddenly they are deemed ‘the chosen one’ and are put in the middle of danger, while they balance staying alive and being in a confusing love triangle. This type of movie/book has been written and rewritten over and over to eventually gross billions of dollars in the box office. This genre has not been around forever. It all started with the very first Harry Potter movie in 2001. There was certainly hype for the movie, but it was mostly from fans that read the books. After the movie came out, the whole world was introduced to Harry Potter. In fact, the movie series has grossed almost 130 million dollars more than the book series in total sales. Production companies everywhere are taking this idea of making movie adaptations to a new level. Surprisingly, all ten of the top grossing movies of 2011 were based off of another piece of work. Only time can tell if the cheap medium will one day die out.

Page 10


JuNe 2012

Heard in the Halls

What do you expect for high school?

“I am looking forward to new friends and the sports programs. There are so many new opportunities.” Connor D’Amico (‘16)

Freshmen “I feel prepared now. I am definintely ready for my sophomore year.” -Jenna Thomas

Senior to Freshman “I have become a more mature and respectful person.” -Eddie Patenaube

“I am really excited for marching band. I have heard it is like a big family.” Maeve Bustell (‘16)

“It is a new step and a new stage in our lives.” Johnny Bloise (‘16)

“The next four years are going to result in the rest of our lives.” Priyanka Thakkar (‘16)

f o n o luti


“I will miss Mr. Mecca and being an athlete. I will miss going to all of the games.” -Andrew Fitzgerald

Freshm Sopho


t S l o cho

S h g a Hi

“My attitude has changed for the better. I feel that I am ready for life outside of high school.” -Daniala Ortiz


“Mostly, I will miss The PawPrint and being adjusted to a high school setting.” -Lydia Krenicki

“I feel that I have become much more behaved over the course of the year.” -Antonio Gourdet

Junio Sen

A Farewel

What are you expecting fo

“The experience will be scary, fun, and a chance to expand outside of Norwalk. I am really excited for the college.” -Carly Mammoliti “I will be able to experience new things and expand my knowledge in my studies.” -Kendall Sturges

“ c m b


JuNe 2012


man to omore

t n e d u

“I feel that I am a lot less shy than I was at the beginnning of this year.” -Christian Cornejo

I believe that I have matured since September. I realize that school is extremely important and gives you a boost in life.” -Sonya Palma

Sophomore to Junior

or to nior

“I have definitely changed my work ethic. My work is getting done now.” -Billy Alexander

“Honestly, I do not really know if I have changed or not. I know that I am ready for my senior year though.” -Roggerd Quiroga

Page 11

Heard in the Halls

What do you expect for high school?

“There are going to be a lot of new things. The music and chorus programs are really big and look cool too.” Zhanya Wrentz (‘16)

“It is a new year and everything will be different.” Micah Cardamone (‘16)


ll to the Journalism Seniors

or college and what will you miss about Norwalk High School?

“I am expecting college to be more difficult but not impossible.” -Nora Blake

“College will be a chance to start over and have new experiences.” -Caitlin Monahan

“The college I am going to is 70% girls. I am going to miss our diversity.” -Devin Long

“I will definitely miss Ms. Delong’s class. I have had her since my sophomore year.” -Nicole Chiaramonte

“You get to meet a lot of new people. There are a lot of new opportunities.” Juliet Bonsangue (‘16)

“ It will be pretty interesting because there will be more things to expand on.” William Caragine (‘16)

Page 12


JuNe 2012

Staff Box

executive editor Nicole Dunsmore

the Paw Print

___________Design team___________

Norwalk High School 23 Calvin Murphy Drive Norwalk, CT 06851 (203) 838-4481 ext. 1808

News editor

The Paw Print would like to thank all Journalism students for their work in the creation of this newspaper. The following names are the students who worked to produce the paper.

Lucas Keogh arts & entertainment editor Erin Kelly Feature editor Mikayla Beckwith Opinion editor Matthew Brown Sports editor Kylie Coppola Business Manager Lillianna Byington

THE PAW PRINT Staff writers Nora Blake Austin Boger Tyler Brown Kyle Capone Nicole Chiaramonte Juan Colon Chloe Cappo Juliana Cole Emily Crosby Jennie Deering Taylor Demarco Andrew Fitzgerald Ana Lucia Galarza Hayley Gola

Stephanie Gonzalez Taylor Greene Ryan Halloran Zoe Harris Devin Long Carly Mammoliti Brian Manby Great McConnell Caitlin Monahan Daniel Muñoz Anastasia Phillips Jennifer Sanchez Caylie Sheridan Jared Smith Kendall Sturges

advisor Mr. Karl

A special thank you to Father’s Club, with out their support, The Paw Print would not be possible.

Norwalk High Bears Truly Do Care

cause such as Education and Hope, which was supported this March to help children in Guatemala. Countless students joined teams and played Executive Editor each other to raise money to help those in need. Prospective students and parents for some reason believe that Norwalk Recently added to Norwalk High’s extensive list of clubs was Bears High School is not a suitable place to attend. Thus they are sent to schools Beating Cancer, or BBC. They are currently involved with St. Baldrick’s in surrounding areas such as AITE, Fairfield Prep, or even to the other Foundation and various students and teachers are volunteering to shave high school in town, Brien McMahon. their heads. What do those schools have that Norwalk High does not? Sometimes A community service club at Norwalk High named BROWN, which it all depends on coverage and the press. Norwalk High School students stands for Bears Reaching Out Within Norwalk, along with BBC and the and teachers plan and hold events at the school that rarely seem to get track team, attended the Whittingham Cancer Center and Sally’s Walk/ noticed by the local media. Run on May 12th to raise awareness for cancer patients. On May 19th, Norwalk High’s Beautification Committee organized the In a matter of months, Norwalk High School arranged an assortment annual Campus Cleanup. Over 150 students participated by voluntarily of events that a great number of students contributed to and organized. freshening up the school, which included picking up garbage, pulling out If people outside of Norwalk High would only look beyond the exterior, weeds, and planting new flowers and trees. (Check out page 20 to view they would see a caring community of high school students who love to their hard work.) give back, just as much or more than other schools. Another yearly event is the Dodgeball Tournament run by Norwalk Next year the Paw Print hopes to continue representing the school in High’s National Honor Society. Each year the tournament sponsors a new a way that shows its true colors.

Nicole Dunsmore ’13

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: creative services print • web • imaging contact: ian kelly p: 203-613-4105 f: 203-846-6943

A note from the Principal: Dear Students,

After 39 years in education, 10 as teacher, 4 as assistant principal, and 25 as a high school principal, I know I’m ready to retire…to sleep a little more, travel a bit more, golf a little more, and see my wife, two daughters and grandkids a lot more. For 20 of my years in education, I was a Principal at a small high school in Westchester County, Alexander Hamilton High School, which in the 1990’s was recognized as a National School of Excellence and garnered me a visit to the White House. So things were really good for me, my staff and my students there. Then the position of Principal at Norwalk High School presented itself. After early reluctance to apply for the position, I did so and got the position. Wow! After spending five years with the students here, I realize that my educational resume is now complete. Because of whom you are and what you do, it didn’t take me very long to bleed green and be so proud to do so. I will truly miss meeting and greeting you every day. These have been probably my best years in education – great students and housemasters, a terrific secretary, good teachers, supportive staff and parents. Thank you. You know that you will be missed and will always be close to my heart.

Sincerely, Mr. Mecca



Page 13

June 2012

Immaturity Causes Infection

Does Hard Work Pay Off?

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Some schools such as Texas University, and Ohio State University, make a revenue over a hundred million dollars. There are also over one hundred schools making over twenty two million dollars. In college there are over a hundred people on a roster and most are on a scholarship of some sort. Why should they get a scholarship for a sport to sit on the bench? Around thirty of the people on the a hundred man roster will actually see the field, so why have seventy extra players on the team. If the teams gave fewer scholarships to less people they would have enough money to pay the athletes that are on the team. These young rising stars deserve to be paid. They have to deal with school, sports and have no time for a job.

Linda Dunsmore Realtor

Connecticut Realty 124 East Avenue Norwalk CT 06851

Bus 203 899 3221 Cell 203 722 5445 Fax 203 857 7842

An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

~OR~ email us:

Some of the most well known athletes will be having some issues with money if they stay under their current contract. College athletes are some of the hardest working people on a college campus having to balance practice, games, school, friends, and family. Most people find college hard enough with a sport, having a commitment to a team and schoolwork. These kids barely have any time, as it is to get a job. To make the situation even worse the athletes cannot get a job because of a contract they sign with their schools. Even if the student athletes could get a job they would not have time. Around 50% of people drop out of college before they graduate and most do not play a sport. Having all the work, practices, and a job to worry about would be too much to handle. The sports are basically like a full time job considering the amount of time it demands from a student. Rules for college sports say coaches can only use twenty hours a week for practice but some players say they double that. Division 1 Football players say they spent an average of around 44 hours working for football. Most people say that athletes should not get paid because they already go to school for free. The athletes have no money to spend on food, clothes, and transportation. The athletes that play do sometimes

go to school for free but sports make a lot of money for the schools. Fans buy tickets to game, jerseys, food at the games, and anything else to show their school spirit. When fans go to games and buy food there or drinks that money is going to the school.

BUY AN AD! Go online to

Jared Smith ‘14

Photo Credit:

Every year, April is National “Get Yourself Tested” Month or GYT, in which students are medically tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The School Based Health Center and state offer services to get tested, because STDs often go unnoticed. The Health Center’s Manager, Dale Ford, stated, “The truth is, students are having sex and some even with multiple partners. Burying your head in the sand and thinking it could never happen to me, is a real issue. When you have sex with someone you are also having sex with everyone else that your partner has been with, if you don’t use protection.” Unfortunately this year was different, due to students ridiculing each other for STDs. For a month, I frequently wore a GYT shirt to promote the program as a volunteer for the Health Center and as a believer in the program. Students would constantly say to me sarcastically, “Hey! Let’s go get tested!” Some students come to me laughing, asking if I had an STD and others even came up to me yelling inappropriate jokes like, “You get mad booty!” The worst situation was in class when a student saw my shirt and looked at me and said, “If you have an STD you should not be allowed in school.” This is offensive because there are actually students in this school, in colleges and others around the world that unfortunately have an STD or even worse and because they have one they should not be allowed in school? “Students that show bias or immaturity towards someone who promotes health

and safety, often lack the knowledge to understand and comprehend the seriousness and prevalence of STDs in today’s society,” stated Mrs. Ford. Lela Shuler (’12) has faced the same bias. As another volunteer for the Health Center she wore stickers to support GYT. One day she came into class and her teacher saw the stickers and made a joke to the class and everyone laughed. She told him it was not funny. The teacher then replied if she did not want to be made fun of, “then do not wear the stickers!” This is an unnoticed problem in this school and world. People unfortunately do not know the seriousness of an STD, not to mention HIV as well as AIDS. One out of two people in the USA will be diagnosed with an STD by the age of twenty-five and each year, nineteen million new STDs are discovered in students from the age of thirteen to twenty-four. In 2009, over 400,000 women from ages fifteen to nineteen gave birth, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Awareness is always the key and knowing what one is dealing with is just half the battle.


Kyle Capone ‘12

Page 14

June 2012


The Policy is Not Fair, So Why Should We Care? Business Editor

At Norwalk High some feel the consequences of arriving late. Students are marked tardy and “H”, but teachers are carefree. Left to sit outside a locked door, waiting for the teacher’s arrival to the classroom in the morning, is most definitely worse than one student running to class a little late. It is unfair to know that students should be held accountable while teachers can be let off the hook. It is especially true when teachers should be the role models, setting examples for those students, helping to mold them as adults. Students and teachers most definitely do not have the same consequences. Waiting outside a classroom at 7:35 awaiting ones teacher to show up is worse than a Students waiting for their Late Teacher. late student. It is inexcusable the punishment of student tardy versus the carefree attitude teachers may have when it comes to arriving at school. When one student shows up a tad late the only person that is detriment by their delay is the student. However, when a teacher is running late, the class suffers and losses the benefits of the scheduled full learning time.

According to the, Norwalk Board of Education and Norwalk Federation of Educational Personnel of the Norwalk Federation of Teachers Local 1723, “the normal work week consists of five (5) seven and one-half (7 ½) hour days, for a total of thirty-seven and one-half (37 ½) hours per week. (Time of work is eight (8) hours per day, with onehalf (½) hour for lunch, or eight and one-half (8 ½) hours per day, with one (1) hour for lunch” These rules cannot be abided by without showing up to teach their classes on time each and every day. Since teachers cannot “H” how can they be punished or will their superiors even find out? When a student is late the only one that suffers is that student, due to the fact that they will miss work but when a teacher is late the entire class misses out. With no written punishment for teachers, the only consequences come to a breach of contract and students left without the appropriate and deserved time for education. Photo Credit: Matt Brown

Lillianna Byington ’14


Lucas Keogh ’13

News Editor

When a Norwalk High student walks into their classroom to find out that they have a substitute, they are immediately filled with joy, due to the expected free period that they will have. However, some students cross the line over what they can do when the usual teacher is not at work. Teachers at NHS are not absent very often. In fact, a student may go an entire month without having a single substitute. Having one causes some to overstep their bounds with what is right and wrong. Instead of sitting in class and doing the assigned work, they tell the substitute they have a band lesson, or say they have to go to the bathroom, and proceed to roam the halls until the end of class. Other students, if they find that they are unable to leave the class, decide to spend the period doing nothing and occasionally disrespecting the substitute. Many substitutes who work at NHS choose to teach because of their love for children. They love to help students learn, but the students refuse to do so most of the time, which makes the substitute look bad. It almost seems like it is the average student’s quest to be a hindrance towards the substitutes’ careers. They curse at the subs, insult them, and try to push them over their limit just for their own amusement.

Photo Credit:

Substitutes: The Hardest Job in America-

In fact, the only way for a substitute to get the students to like them is to act like students themselves. Some substitutes tell the students to neglect their work just so that they can talk the whole period. It almost seems that the substitutes are trapped over what to do. They can both be strict to the students and look good for the faculty, or they can be extremely leisurely to the students and look like they are not trying hard. In the end, no matter how good or bad the substitute is, the average student will always be excited to have nothing to do in class. The substitute can never Students Taking Advantage of a Substitute Teacher. have a good relationship with the students along with a good reputation from the faculty. As for getting the work done in class, however, that is just a lost cause.

Law & Order SVU is Guilty for Being Entertaining Nora Blake’12

Staff Writer

Photo Credit:

A deep and ominous voice slowly narrates the opening titles to each variation of the Law and Order television franchise, some of the most famous opening lines ever on television. As unique as each beginning is, the last lines always read, “These are their stories.” However, many of these ‘stories’ may not have the chance to be told by any of the detectives from the Special Victims Unit or the Major Case Squad. Law and Order, in all of its enthrallment and excitement, has a possibility of not returning on air for another season. With the ending of Law and Order: Criminal Intent last year, many of the other variations of the crime drama have lost their flair for reeling in audiences. Law and Order SVU, one of the more popular spin-offs of the franchise, has completely changed in regards to the kinds of cases documented on the show. Even with a change in casting, the ‘new’ SVU has not been effective in its influence on

the adoring fans that watch the show every USA marathon at a time. Regardless of the unpleasant status associated with new Law and Order episodes being released, many also argue that there is simply no need for new shows. would be impossible to not find at least one episode of Law and Order on TNT or USA each day. And, with the ending of most of the other franchises, this has led to other channels like Cloo and Oxygen picking up the excess shows that are not already playing on repeat throughout the day. Making more of the same addicting, continuous programs that loyal viewers watch both day and night would have an overbearing outcome on viewers. Nevertheless, since its inception in 1990, the Law and Order franchise has been hailed by such varied viewers as CNN news correspondents to televison critics as ‘the most influential show ever on television.’ Even if new shows were not made anymore, the past shows still have lasting value and effect. They often directly correlate to the major headlines that shook the world around the time of their

The Current Cast of Law & Order SVU

airdate. The characters are full of depth and personality. If Law and Order were to say its final goodbye this season, it would be okay. The detectives and attorneys, along with their respective ‘stories’, will forever be fresh in the minds and televisions of the American public.

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June 2012

Oh, The Places Matt Goes: His Perspective on Life

Photo Credit:Catlin Monahan

Matt Brown ’13

Opinon Editor

I like to do a lot of different things. I like to hang out with friends, go to the movies, talk to people, and go on long walks on the beach. There also things I do not like to do, such as take out the trash, read joke books, or eat Twinkies. Their things I want to do or not want to do. Boys and girls may have different things they do and do not want to do. Girls and boys may also want entertain themselves in many different ways through TV, music, and movies. Boys may go out and watch a taping of “Two and a Half Men” and then go out to a hardcore Green Day concert. As for the females, they may decide to go to a taping of “Live with Kelly” then go to a glorious Katy Perry concert. Now guess what situation I went to… If you have not figured it out yet. I have not been lucky enough to head bang at a Green Day concert or witness the comedy genius of Two and a half men. It is true I watched Katy Perry perform on a cotton candy stage as well as sit in a live audience where I saw the great Kelly Ripa perform a live taping of “Live with Kelly”. Going to these events was something that I did not want to do, but simply my mother invited me to these shows and after watching these things you learn that it is not that bad. Katy Perry did a great job showing her talent at Madison Sqaure Garden while Kelly Ripa was one amazing host of her television show. My parents and I also to go see a taping of “The View”. After going to that show, I learned that the hosts of those shows could really entertain you as well as teach you something. Besides going to see Katy Perry, I have also done other fun and manly things such as go to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden and go to a Bon Jovi concert, go to Yankees and Mets games. I still plan on one day go to a New York Giants game, go to a Saturday Nigh Live taping, a Conan taping, and a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon taping as well.

Matt Posing with Katy Perry & Kelly Ripa

After going to all these shows I finally feel the importance of it. I was as simple as trying something new and you learn to like it along the way. It is almost as learning the concept as “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. That one saying is no doubt something you can put into perspective in you’re life. It happened to me and it can happen to you.

What’s My Age?

You Only Live Once

Feature Editor

Staff Writer

Mikayla Beckwith ’14

Being a teenager encourages society to believe that one is mature and too old for childish routines. Age does not bring maturity and as teens approach their adulthood, they should be able to act like they are a kid again without intervention. There is a saying that goes, “You’re only as old as you feel.” If a person feels young, they are young. Age is just a number. When people were kids, they would play outside on swing sets, depend on parents for rides and scheduling, and imagine up new worlds to explore. These days, school and extracurricular activities take up free time, parents have stepped down from their managing positions, and the most imagining teens do is what

Taylor Greene ’12

There is no room for the ways life used to be. It is assumed that because our ages have two digits and are classified as mature years that teens must change their lives to coincide with these social appeals. “The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy,” stated Oscar Wilde. There is no need to age or mature quickly. Every person can celebrate how they want, act how they want, be the age they want to be without having to worry about the looks they get or the opinions deposited on them. Age does not bring maturity, and acting like a grown adult in your teens does not appeal to Photo Credit:Matt Brown

Students Acting Immature.

their next task is. If a teenager has any free time, they are criticized and told to get a hobby such as a sport or club instead of sitting around reading a book or chatting with friends. When teens need to get places, either they have to find a ride or work to get a license. School systems, standardized testing, and syllabuses control our thoughts and style of thinking and drown imagination out.

everyone. Even though the teen years are a social checkpoint for maturity by most standards, it can be whatever the person wants it to be. Everybody has different tastes and preferences, so their style of celebrating existence reflects their personality. Whether it is the general public’s preference or not, people will always have their way of doing whatever, no matter their age.


There are many quotes in the world about only living once, so one should live it to the fullest but none that have truly become a motto. In November of 2011, Drake came out with a song, named The Motto. It quickly became a favorite of most high school students. When asked to finish the quote, “Now she want a photo, you already know though, you only live once…” the guess is that most teenagers will go on to finish the quote as “that’s the motto n**ga YOLO” and when asked to finish this quote, “Oh my god Becky, look at her butt…” more than a few teenagers would answer tunechi! The song has become very popular making it to the top of both the US hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs and US Rap Songs carts as well as the fourteenth spot on the Hot 100. The quote “YOLO” means you only live once. Which to some just means life is to short to waste time on things, kind of like an initial response now. It is suppose to mean something. To others however “YOLO” has become an excuse to act horribly. To experience things before one is too old to do so. Meaning doing things most people would look down upon and not caring because “You Only Live Once”. People are using it as an excuse, which does not make sense to some others. In certain ways the “YOLO” phenomenon is drawing to a close, but this recent generation seems to think there is not a lot of time left to do crazy things. In many ways, these kids are right because in only a short few weeks, they are going to be in college where the actions they do effect if they stay in school or not. It is not like high school where there are a bunch of warnings and consequences. In college, one is paying to be there and the colleges have people who would love to be in the school. So they are not going to keep one bad seed, when the money could just come from a kid who follows the rules. So the teenagers, who are always stating “YOLO” like it is there job, better figure out what is worth getting kicked out of school for. As for the younger kids who are stating “YOLO”, they are not even aware of its true meaning. For

some, it is just something they heard in a popular song. These actions they make need to be corrected soon because if they are not then it is safe to say the fate of the next few generations is completely screwed, because if YOLO means wearing revealing clothing and acting promiscuously, well it is not that great. That is not to say that every person who says “YOLO” is turning it terrible but still this generation needs to stop spinning it into a horrible saying. The meaning of “YOLO” is not bad, it is meant to be inspiring. People need to stop tainting it.



SAT: Not So Important

Nicole Dunsmore ‘13

Page 17

My Personal Space Please? Andrew Fitzgerald ‘12

Staff Writer

it ed Cr

w.american . co : ww m

Any airport security pat-down is uncomfortable and embarrassing for travelers. Passengers have the right to privacy and the TSA should not violate that rule in any way possible. Recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been forcing travelers to give up their privacy during a patdown to ensure their safety. Citizens have the right to their privacy, but when it comes to airport security, they are forced to give it up and some feel uncomfortable. Many pat-downs occur when any passenger alarms the metal detector or the Advanced I m a g i n g Te c h n o l o g y (AIT) unit. S i n c e 9/11, security has become very strict at airports all over the world and the TSA has updated security procedures. Passengers have numerous rights during a pat-down. You may choose to have a pat-down performed in a private room or to be witnessed by a person of your choice. The same-gender officers always conduct pat-downs. Some TSA officers go beyond the privacy line during a pat-down, which is rude and uncomfortable for the passenger. There have been many cases across the nation where officers have forced travelers to take their

clothes off in front of thousands of people, which is very embarrassing to the passenger. Many can say that a pat down at any airport security checkpoint can be a form of sexual harassment and assault. TSA officers should be arrested if they begin to sexually harass or assault the passenger in any form. With the new security procedures, TSA officers should eliminate the pat-down because it is not necessary anymore. With the new AIT units, officers are now able to see every object on a passenger’s body and are notified of what that object is. Some intelligent passengers bring notes from their doctors to show TSA officials of any health issues. TSA officials should be clearly notified of those health precautions so they know to eliminate pat-downs. P a t - d o w n s should be eliminated from airport security. It makes the passenger feel uncomfortable, it is embarrassing, and it invades a passenger’s privacy. Airport security checkpoints now have Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) units, thus pat-downs should be eliminated because it is embarrassing to the passenger. With new technology, the pat-down should be completely eliminated so passengers can have their privacy. Photo Credit:

startling amount of money. Parents may spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on SAT prep How a student performs in four years for their children, and others cannot of college should not, and cannot, afford this additional cost. Thus be determined by a four hour test. students with test prep may score Numerous colleges and universities higher than other students who missed have begun to realize the insignificance out on the opportunity. Although, the of the dreaded SAT. money may actually be a waste; “Some According to FairTest, The National tutoring services guarantee a 300 point Center for Fair and Open Testing, “At increase, but some studies show that least 386 U.S. colleges—about onescores increase only by about 30 points fifth of all those granting bachelor on average,” informed the Ledgerdegrees—now do not use SAT I or Enquirer. ACT scores M a n y to choose “You’d find a lot of them equate people seem significant these tests with intelligence. It’s not to forget is portions that the SAT an intelligence test.” of their is merely an entering - Lawrence University enrollment assessment classes. The vice president, Steve Syverson test. Steve institutions Syverson, on this list vice president P represent a sizeable movement around ho to for enrollment the nation to go ‘test-score optional’”. at Lawrence Other factors determine a student’s U n i v e r s i t y, ability and character in a more realistic asked, “What way, such as the courses students do tests help enroll in, their grades and GPA, and you predict? other academic achievements such You’d find a as being inducted into the National lot of them equate Honor Society. These feats portray the these tests with intelligence. It’s not an students’ diligence and intelligence intelligence test.” over their high school career, visibly Times have changed since the representing their aptitude and effort. 1920s when the SAT was created, and Some students may have academic it is time to adjust the way in which talent but unfortunately do not test students are assessed and accepted into well, not allowing their true intellect college, starting with SAT testing. to be revealed. Because of this, many students turn to preparation or tutoring. These review courses, like the Princeton Review or Kaplan, require a Executive Editor

June 2012

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Spo rts

June 2012

Even After Troubles, Girls Play Tenacious Tennis Greta McConnel ‘14

Staff Writer

cause they have stuck with it for all four years and stayed together, most athletes quit after one or two years,” says Mr. Hariton. Not only has the tennis team struggled with losing players; the team has also had a match of its own with Mother Nature. In tennis if the court is even a little wet, the teams cannot play on it because the court gets very slippery. “Matches have to be canceled or postponed, which means less practice time,” Coach Hariton explains. Finishing the season with a record of 2-14 it seems that the tennis team had a pretty good season, considering the lack of players and practice the girls got.

Boys Tennis Racks Up Wins Staff Writer

never beat.” Everyday after school they are on that court working hard to get some wins. Coach Papadopoulos stands there helping students become better players in everyway in teaching them in techniques or skills. Even Coach Papadopoulos was a legendary tennis player himself that the players can look up too. “Out coach is fun, funny, interesting, and just generally a good fit for our team.” stated the captain, Alex Libre. The team has had some wins and loses as just as all other teams but in the end Norwalk High School cannot help but to support the great boy’s tennis team. Make sure to support Norwalk High School sports and its great

Softball Hits Hard

Juliana Cole ‘12

Staff Writer

As the softball team approaches its first FCIAC game, the talented group of girls is continuing to work extremely hard as it has all season. With twelve wins and only five loses in the FCIAC and twelve wins and six loses overall, the team is confident that it will be successful as it makes its way into the post season. Senior captain, Eleni Petridis (‘12), who was featured in a recent issue of the Norwalk Hour, confirmed that they are looking to make a long run in both FCIACs and States. She stated, “Two of our best games recently have been against Westhill and Darien which are the top two teams in the conference.” She continued, “We're just as talented as every other team. At this point

Matt Mason sets up a serve.

in the season, it's just a matter of getting things done.” ¬ With their first FCIAC game on May 20 and States beginning the week of May 29, Coach Cundiff is convinced that the girls can play with anyone. “I’m proud of the team as a whole. They’ve shown the ability to come back in the face of adversity,” he stated. “They’ve played together in every sense of the word ‘team’.” It seems that all members of the team can agree that their success has been a result of their ability to work together. Laura Vallejo (’12), who has been a member of the team since her freshman year, commented, “I’m most proud of how well our team gets along and picks each other up.” As one of the team’s most valuable players over the past four years, Katie Schmidt (’12) is very pleased with the

Norwalk Girls Lacrosse Captain Jennifer McCarthy (‘12) scooping up a ground ball at their last away game at Joel Barlow.

Emily Crosby ‘12

Staff Writer

teams! Come support the rest of the Norwalk Bears

Kyle Capone ‘12

Another year, another win as they say as with Norwalk High School’s Boys Tennis team this year. With Dr. Papadopoulos and some great captains the team is great this year. The Norwalk High boy’s tennis team is out once again in the court facing some devastating opponents. The team had played various teams from other schools like Staples, Trumbull and New Canaan. Alex Libre (’12) the captain of the boys tennis team this year and also of last year’s team stated, “The season is not completely over yet but overall it was a satisfying season. The highlight was when we beat Danbury in a close match, a team we almost

Girls Lacrosse Moves Fast

Photo Credit: Kylie Coppola

The girl’s tennis team has had a rough season so far, with weather and losing players, but through all that they the girls are staying competitive. “We struggled more than I had hoped we would in the beginning of the year… we lost some players due to injuries, and academics,” says Head Coach Mr. Hariton. The team is composed twenty girls five of which are seniors. These seniors have led the team since they were freshman, Gabby Espinosa, Shanya Marko, Arianna Quadrini, and captains Alexis Noonan, and Ellie O’ Hara. “These five seniors are really special be-


Despite the rocky start in their first few games, the girls’ lacrosse team is pulling through and is looking to come out strong by the end of their season. Their first five games were tough, with losses against some of their rivals like New Canaan and Staples. They came back with their 14-8 win against Bethel, followed by Trumbull, Westhill, and Fairfield Warde. “The teams been working really hard and been coming together nicely,” said co-captain Thenya Taiyanides. The girls work hard during practice and on the field. They show initiative and dedication and play hard during their games. One of their best games and biggest wins this season was their game against Brien McMahon. The team beat McMahon for the first time in the programs history and secured the hour cup for Norwalk. It was a great win for the entire team and a great way to close the season. On top of winning one of their biggest rival games the lady bears have

made it into states for the third year in a row. “We really think we can go far this year,” said Taiyanides. “The team definitely works well as a whole. I think overall the season was okay and my girls played well,” said coach Morgenthaler. Even though the team did not make FCIACS this year, making states is still an achievement for the team. “I feel that the team tends to play up to some of the harder schools and play down to some of the easier ones. I have a great group of strong athletes and know what they are capable of,” stated Morgenthaler. Even though the team did not come out as strongly as they wanted they are recognized for putting in their time, effort and hard work. “Its unfortunate that we had the potential to be such an amazing team but we're glad that we have an opportunity to show our skills in states and I really think we could go far,” said co-captain Victoria Price Overall the team had a solid season. They are capable of doing great and best of luck to the lady bears in states!

Photo Credit: Erin Kelly

success her team has produced this spring. “Our season has been going really well, seeing that we’ve qualified for FCIACs and States. We’ve pushed through some really tough games, which shows we can accomplish anything if we work together.” With an impressive record and a

team that has proved it can keep up with the best teams in the region, the NHS softball team has every right to believe it can make it far into the postseason and be the most successful NHS sports team this spring season.

Congrats to Mr. Seaburg on winning coach of the year!

There is No Re’lax”ing

Jennie Deering ‘12

Staff Writer

Even with an intense schedule to start of the 2012 season, with dedication and hard work the varsity boy’s lacrosse team was able to come off with a winning record. Lead by coach Chris McGee and captains Tyler Hiller, Jon Wilkins, Cameron Prescott, and Patrick Whalen, the boys keep a positive attitude as they journey to states. “This year started off slow due to key injuries and we were having a hard time playing like a team. Once we beat New Fairfield we really started to come together and play how we should. We finished the season 9-7 but with two overtime losses and a one-goal loss to Wilton that easily could be 12-4. States should be interesting now that we have the

Spo rts

June 2012

chemistry we lacked earlier," said Jon Wilkins ('12). Both NHS and Brein McMahon boy’s lacrosse teams had the same amount of points required to get into FCIAC's. To decide who would go, a coin was flipped and NHS made history by getting into FCIAC's for the first time. Although they faced Darien, one of the top teams in Connecticut, the boys still went into the game with positive attitudes and high hopes. The seniors ofstates. the Norwalk High Varsity Lacrosse team on their home boys turf, Testa Field, on theirwill senior night, 16,each 2012. lacrosse team surly goMay into Due to their difficult "We're really excited to win the game with positive thinking and a strong schedule to start of the season, the boys coin toss to get into FCIAC's and we're drive to play their hardest. feel that it has actually worked positively hoping to get a home game in states and in their favor. The challenging teams make some noise in the tournament," said they faced early on only made them more Patrick Whalen ('12). prepared for the remaining games as well As they prepare for States the as preparation as they make their way to

Bears Roam the Links

Battle in the Diamond

Staff Writer

Sports Editor

Lydia Krenicki ‘12

The golf team end their season on a high note with a current record of 5 and 9 with wins against teams such as Westhill High School, Saint Joseph’s High School and Bassik. The team was a young team this year, with many players playing golf for the first time however, many seniors stepped up by posting good scores. This showed when Norwalk lost by just four shots to Brien McMahon High School and posted their best score in seven years. Captain James Henderson said, “The best moment of the season was playing McMahon at Shorehaven. We played very well. We posted our best score in 7 years. We come up just shy of beating them. We couldn't have played any better.” The players really tried to work as a team and went into every match with a positive attitude. “The

Page 19

Photo Credit: Sharon Cadden


biggest thing we focused on this year was playing smart team golf. We focused much on use irons, hybrids, and smaller woods off the tees. We also work much on our short game in practice,” continued Henderson. The team is making a continuous effort to improve their skills by getting more experience and playing in the summer and fall. Next year, Henderson has high hopes for the team, “I am looking forward to having another good season. I'm hope that we keep improve and keep posting good scores. I also hope that our young players can step up and post some good scores. All in all the Norwalk High School golf team made Norwalk High proud this season with their strong performances and positive attitude.

Kylie Coppola ‘13

This season, the Norwalk Bears baseball team has gotten off to a rocky start with a record of three wins and ten losses. The team is supervised by head coach Mr. Tucci and varsity captains Mike Parlanti (’12) and Matt Ederle (’12). Expecting more from the season this year, they are all less than pleased, but have high hopes to end the season with flying colors. “Our record does not reflect our talent or the hard work we put into each game and practice. Almost every game has been a close score going into the last inning, we just need to finish the game off hard,” said Ryan Halloran (’12). So far against the team has won against Bassick, Ludlowe, and New canaan, three very good teams. Each victory pumping up the team to move forward with intensity and optimism, “Our season has been pretty rough so far, but we are starting to come together as a team and hopefully we win our share of games and make it to States,” said Co-Captain Matt

Ederle (’12). While the season has been rough, there has been some success. “the team had a really big win against New Canaan, who is a very good team. I hope they build their success and carry it into the games to come,” said Principal Mecca, condoning the team for their effort. At this point being halfway through the season, the fans and supporters have nothing but faith in this team. Athletic Director, Wayne Mones, is excited to see them finish out the season. “To their credit, they continue to push forward every single game and approach each with one hundred and ten percent effort,” he said. “The one constant has been the effort put forth by each player. The team’s refusal to give up is commendable and should help them leaning forward,” said Junior Varsity coach Mr. Segers. The student body is looking forward to seeing the team go as far this season as they did in the last. Hopefully the intensity will get picked up and the Norwalk Bears baseball team will do big things once again.

Boys Track Run These Girls Know How to Dash Brian Manby ‘12 For the Gold Staff Writer

Danny Munoz ‘12

Staff Writer

This years NHS track team is doing pretty good this season. They have got six track wins and four losses so far and are feeling really comfortable. This year’s track team is a relatively young group of both juniors and sophomores with some outstanding seniors such as Adam Robertino, Isaiah Bell and Teddy Faroni who has been currently injured for the season, who play a huge part to the team. “This year we should do pretty well in the FCIAC meet between our distance team and our sprinter team and our field specialists,” said Michael Bonebrake (’13), “ I hope everyone can do their part to achieve success this season.” With FCIACs just around the corner, the track team has been training real hard to compete this year against other teams and come out victorious. Due to their hard work and positive attitudes toward training and coming out successful for FCIACs it is not question whether or not the team will make it. May 22nd is the day of FCIACs, with the right attitude and awesome skill level NHS will stand out at Danbury High School for the meet, which is where the FCIAC meet is located this year. Now finishing the school year the team is going to go into the meet strong, students are welcome to come and cheer the NHS track team on for the win.

The 2012 Norwalk High School girls’ track team has made tremendous strides toward success this season by way of exceptional coaching, extraordinary senior leadership, and a speedy batch of promising underclassmen. Led by senior captains for distance running and sprinting respectively, Jessica Sebastian (’12) and Alexa Connors (’12) have had the luxury of also being anchored by a quick-footed group of sophomore and junior girls who have accomplished a great amount in such little time at Norwalk High. Coached by Mr. Moffett and Bill Martin, the girls came into the season expecting nothing less than their best results. “Everyone’s goal heading into the season was to qualify for both FCIACs and States, as well as set new (personal records) and maybe break some school records,” Sebastian explained. Fortunately this spring, the girls’ have not fallen short of their goals despite some stumbles along the way. A

major highlight of the season was when Claire Turner (’14) qualified for the FCIAC meet in the first meet she ran after coming back from an injury. Likewise, nearly every other girl on the team has set a personal record in some event along the way as well. The team continued their success with promising victories over Brien McMahon and Ridgefield, two powerhouse teams that surely pushed the girls in the right direction. “We felt very confident going into FCIACs; a lot of people ran well under the qualifying times. (The state meet) is going to be very competitive, although we are confident that we will get good places and maybe more (personal records),” Jessica added. Since the track season began toward the end of March, the girls have never lost sight of what they hoped to achieve by its end. With a more than a handful of postseason qualifiers and a plethora of personal records set in stone this spring, the girls are blazing past the competition aboard the fast track to success. Photo Credit: Sharon Cadden

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June 2012



Thank You:

Over 150 students and 20 parent and teacher volunteers came together to make this school a better place. It could not have happened without The Fathers’ Club, L&L Evergreen, Village Bagels, The Divine Bros., Robeks, Mr. Seaburg, Mr. Karl, and Mr. O’Shaughnessy.

Campus Cleanup 2012

Photo Credit: Anastasia Koskorelos & Hayley Gola

June 2012 Issue  
June 2012 Issue  

This issue features- Evolution of a Student, NHS BBC, End of Color War