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By Shayla R.Schackow

Imagine if y" are a Native Ame!can.

Y" w"ld be # fir$ person to live here in No%h Ame!ca.

The First People to Live

Native Americans never wasted any part of an animal. All of the groups didn't waste,they were all very similar. They all shared the same celebrations.

Caring for the Whale A whale hunt is very dangerous to the Native Americans. Native Americans kill the whale then tow it home. They use every part of the animal. Even the sinew,bone,meat,oil,and other useful things.

Eastern Woodlands People Some Eastern Woodlands live in Long houses. The houses could have a few family's live in there. Eastern Woodlands hunted and fished. They grew corn,squash,beans,and other foods. They trapped eels in a basket-like trap.

Buffalo Native Americans have a jump called a Buffalo Jump. They would get meat,hide,bones,teeth,sinew,hoves,and horns. They would eat the meat and carcass in many ways.

New settlers Settlers from Europe came to the North America around 1500. One group of settlers died in the first winter because they didn't have a lot of food. Squanto(a Native American) helped the pilgrims with what to use to make soil heathy and how to make more crops grow.

&e Native Ame!cans lived in No%h and S"' Ame!ca.

dan)r"s adventures.

&ey (d many

&ey lived to be

very $rong and brave peopl+

&ank y" for rea(ng my book. y" read my book again.


Pa) 1. Cover

Table Of Contents

Pa) 2. Introduction

Pa) 3 &e Fir$ People To Live Pa) 4. Ca!ng For &e Whale

Pa) 5. Ea$ern Woodlands People Pa) 6. Bualo

Pa) 7. New Se.lers Pa) 8. Conclusion Pa) 9. En(ng

Pa) 10. Table Of Contents

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